Titus: Day 1

The gospel and godliness: introduction to Titus


Today's Text: 2 Corinthians 7:2-16, 8:16-23

Text: 2 Corinthians 7:2-16, 8:16-23

This is why I left you in Crete, so that you might put what remained into order…”
Titus 1:5a, ESV

Welcome to the tiny book of Titus – or, as I like to call it, Titus’s Big To-Do List. Titus was a member of the very early Church, a believer led to Christ by none other than the apostle Paul. This 3-chapter book is a letter from Paul to Titus, his spiritual son. While it does indeed contain a long list of do’s and do not’s, this book is so much more than an instruction manual.

Paul’s letter to Titus is about godliness, but it is also about the Gospel. In fact, each and every item on Titus’s Big List is rooted in, established on, and fueled by Paul’s knowledge of and hope in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Some things to know about Paul and Titus as we begin our study:

Paul was a traveling church planter and preacher (emphasis on “traveling”). A quick look at a map of our man Paul’s missionary journey and you can easily see, Paul covered a heckuva lot of ground with the Gospel of Christ. Carrying this Truth and Hope to various cities and establishing local churches was, you might say, Paul’s jam. It was his life’s ultimate calling, and he gave himself to it fully. As you can imagine, he couldn’t do it alone. He needed other missionaries to come alongside him, others who were equally sold out to the Gospel. He needed people like Titus.

Titus was Paul’s co-laborer in the cause of the Gospel. Paul calls Titus his “partner and fellow worker” (2 Cor. 8:23), and he has only good things to say about his spiritual son and brother. He expresses his confidence in Titus’s calling and his ability to further the Gospel (2 Cor. 7:14).

Titus’s obedience was a blessing. His dedication to the Gospel is described as a comfort to the people and even to Paul himself (2 Cor. 7:5-7). Comfort must have been a welcome respite for a man like Paul, tirelessly enduring travel and tribulation in his work for the Lord.

Crete was not Titus’s first assignment. Titus only appears a few other times in the New Testament (Galatians 2, 2 Timothy 4, 2 Corinthians), but it is enough to see that he is instrumental in the establishment and growth of the early church.

So how did he do it? He had a change of heart (2 Cor. 8:16, ESV).

Our hearts for the Gospel come from the Lord. (Just like Titus and Paul’s!)
The hope of the Gospel comes from the Lord.
Godliness in the Gospel comes from the Lord.

Today, let’s pray together. Pray that God will meet with us as we read this divinely inspired piece of mail between his servants Paul and Titus. Pray that He will soften our hearts to receive His instruction. Pray that we will seek Him in the words that make our hearts soar and the words that make us squirmy and uncomfortable.

May our study of His Word bring Him glory and honor. Amen.

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  • I am ready to jump in and get started with Titus!

  • I am excited to start this! My Church is about to dive into Titus so this will be good to prepare my heart for that.

  • Hannah Byler

    I’m so excited to start this study!

  • So excited to start this! Titus is my favorite NT book but I’ve never done a study on it other than my own readings.

  • When people ask me to name books of the Bible, Titus is never really one that comes to my mind. I am excited to look at this book and find the purpose and beauty that God has stored in it!

  • I recently studied Titus with a new small group and really enjoyed it. I’m excited to really dive into this plan!

  • Melissa

    I’ve just started doing the reading plans on SRT, and I’m loving it already! I hope to experience the depths of Christ through my Bible studies, and this is definitely helping!

  • Falecia

    Amen Sarah, I agree with you.
    I just started this Bible plan and can wait to see how rewarding this study will be. Studying God’s word is always rewarding.

  • Excited to dive into Titus! I was simply craving to go deeper into the Word and She Reads Truth came to mind. I love the simple and beautiful plans and the room and space for the Spirit’s leading and divine touch.

  • Shelby Nordyke

    I’ve done many SheReadsTruth Studies before, but after I had my baby, I kind of fell of the wagon completely. I have used her as my excuse to not dive into the word daily. My husband does HeReadsTruth and he has kept encouraging me to get back into it. I think Titus is a good place to start! I pray that the fire inside of my heart becomes lit again to be apart of Gods word each and every morning.

  • Alexa Davis

    I am starting this study in a hard place, starting bible college in a few days. I went through a program and shared things with the people here that I’ve never shared before. Some of which weren’t true and there are things I still don’t feel comfortable sharing. Gossip is huge around here and I don’t want to share because of the judgement I have already endured here already. I want to grow from here on out but I feel like the I’m stuck

  • Starting this today. I’m fairly brand new to She Reads Truth, although I’ve been a Christian for 4 years now. Super thankful for this ministry and all of the devotionals online, whether it’s a physical copy, or simply reading it off of here! :)

  • I am just starting, I’m excited to learn with you all

  • I am started this study today. Is there anyone else who is starting today or soon?

  • I am so ready to start this study. My life has gotten further and further away from God and His Word, because you know, “Life happens.” But my heart is hurting. I cannot be who He created me to be without HIM, instead I can be anxious, joyless, stressed, unhappy, etc. So I woke up this holiday morning, in a quiet home, and decided not to stand him up today. I grabbed a cup of coffee, crawled back in bed, and came to a place I love to spend time with the Lord – She Reads Truth. I pray I can continue to choose this day after day. <3

    • DeAnna

      I’m with ya there. :)

    • Melissa

      Me too. Life happens. Same here. But I miss the Lord. Praying I choose Him everyday through the study. Praying the same for you.

    • Kali Bryan

      Yes! Yes! Yes! I’m a week behind you Kadie, DeAnna, and Melissa, but your words are my thoughts! Thank you for being so transparent! This is my first SRT study. I’ve had the app, followed the social media, heard about it from friends for a while and decided that today, July 13, I wasn’t going to run from it anymore because not running towards Him is ultimately running from Him.

  • I love Titus! SO excited to do this study!

  • Anyone starting this study right now? :) I know I’m way behind many others, but I wanted to study Titus this summer, and now I have a resource to use!

    • Nicole

      Hi Lindsay! I am starting this study today, because I am so far behind on the Acts study. Plus, I have been wanting to read Titus, so it’s perfect! :)

      • Lindsay

        Thanks for responding! It’s nice to hear that there are other ladies out there studying the same thing I am.

  • katrina evans

    just started this bible study study today and wow did I need it! xx

  • Our ladies group that meet in homes on Tuesday nights is called Titus 2. We endeavor for the older ladies to learn and teach the younger ones. Even though in my home church I am considered one of the older ones at 46. I have learned as much as I as taught from the book of Titus. I’m looking forward to learning more. #shereadstruth

  • Latesia Brown

    I have on and off, joined in on these Plans. I always enjoy the way that SRT is involving many women all over the World in the Word, so meticulously. I love coming together with all women who all have a common Purpose, which is to serve God and his people.

  • Caroline Betz

    So so so excited to see a study on Titus! SRT, i am very interested to see more studies on the more obscure books of the Bible–especially from the Old Testament!!! thank you for your writing and dedication to the Lord :) it has blessed my life tremendously! <3, Caroline

  • Joanna IA

    Excited to dig into Titus!

  • Beginning this study of Titus now that my summer neighborhood Bible study has come to an end. Interestingly, this past week’s sermon at church was on 2Cor 7:2-25. Perhaps there is a strong message here for me! Lord, I am ready to hear from you. Speak, your servant is listening.

  • Claire V

    My first study. So far feeling refreshed, challenged, and ready to ignite some discipline into my relationship with Christ. Excited to study Titus!

  • Jamecia, what a tremendous encouragement it is to see a college student commit herself to God and the study of His word. You are blessed in His sight and will be greatly increased by sticking to this study. Gods word does not return void and where there is life it always produces fruit. There is definable Life in you sister be encouraged and stay focused on God! Blessings

  • This was the perfect timing for me I think it’s hard to keep going when you are set part and specially me being a college student in usually alone because I’m not interested in the same but I rather spend my life loving and living in my destiny and I just need the encouragement

    • Katelyn B

      I’m also a college student, and I totally agree with you and I’m going through the same thing! I pray that you will be surrounded with friends that encourage and push you in your faith!❤️

  • This is my second study on sherreadstruth, and I could use a buddy to encourage me to stick to it for 11 days in a row…

    • SheReadsTruth

      So glad you are here, Juditch! We love having you in our community!


  • SarahVanZandt

    I have had this app for awhile and decided tonight I’d pick one. We just started a study on Titus at church and since its a book I haven’t spent time in I’m interested!!

    • Juditch

      Hi sarahvanzandt – I see you just stared as well. I hope we can be an encouragement to one another.

  • LauraRose

    I’m excited to start this study! I have always loved Titus’ story so it was an easy choice for my first study on my new app!

  • This is my first study in the app and I love it! It is so refreshing to study the Word, rather than just a topic. There is a season for all studies, and it is definitely time for the power of The Lord to come through His Word in this study! Thank you SRT!

    • SheReadsTruth

      Hi Megan! We are so glad you joined us today! Welcome to our community!

      xoxo-Kaitlin for She Reads Truth

  • Kristina

    I am a late starter too. This is my first with the app even though I’ve had the app for ages.

  • Praise God

  • Carmel Elizabeth

    Thank you so much for such a wonderful app! ❤️

  • Start in this as my first study on the app! Very excited!

  • This app has been a GOD SEND!! I’ve learned so much!!

  • So excited to be doing this study on the book of Titus!

    • SheReadsTruth

      Welcome, Brandi! We are so happy to have you!

      xoxo-Kaitlin for She Reads Truth

  • So glad I found your app. So well done and just what I needed to kick my butt back in gear this fall. Excited to do this study.

  • Thank you to all of my sisters in our Precious Lord Jesus Christ ! I am praying for you !

  • Alexandria Thornton

    Excited to begin this Journey.

  • Im excited to continue this study.

  • Appreciate you taking us to the “back story” first

  • Catching up with this study while away on holiday :)

  • I’ve never read Titus before & am eager to see what God has to say to me. The study pack is incredibly helpful, thank you for putting it together.

    • SheReadsTruth

      Hi, Brix! We\’re so happy you\’re here! Thanks for joining us!

      xoxo-Kaitlin for She Reads Truth

  • Aubri Marie Foster

    I am excited to dive into Titus this week! I have been struggling against the idea that Christianity is a list of dos and don’ts, but maybe I need to take a deeper look at the dance of the followers of Christ. As I suspect, and as is hinted at in day one, the gospel is the the motivating factor that changes every step. I’m praying that my heart will be encouraged to keep dancing for the right reasons, even if the music fades and the lights are dimmed.

    • SheReadsTruth

      Hi, sweet Aubri! So excited you\’re studying Titus this week! Praying for you and that you will continue to dance in all places, in all seasons. Love to you today!

      xoxo-Kaitlin for She Reads Truth

  • Brooke Breed

    This speaks to me…..
    Pray that He will soften our hearts to receive His instruction. Pray that we will seek Him in the words that make our hearts soar and the words that make us squirmy and uncomfortable.

  • To The Philippines

    As a wife, mom, and friend, am I viewing life with eagerness to obey Gods commands and seeing Gods gospel work played out in the lives I touch? As Paul, though Titus, encouraged and exhorted lives with obedience so as to be shining lights for God, may You, God work this same obedience in me. Life is to short, my time with my kids is to fragile, my commitment to love my husband is real to be lazy with my obedience. God may you do this work in me…

  • Kimmi Lyon

    Just started this study this morning & already LOVING IT! My heart needed those words about Godly sorrow VS worldly sorrow in 2 Cor.

  • Montana Moxie

    I just started the Titus study tonight…at nearly 2 am. It’s one of those nights where I can’t sleep. I’m brokenhearted and feeling the weighty “crush” of it…but God is near. And He bids me “come.” I’m thankful for His word – which proves true – and for my God, who saves and delivers me, time and time again. Goodnight SRT world. :) p.s. The new app is lovely!

    • Heather1011

      I just downloaded this app and wasn’t sure where to start. I chose this plan since my son’s name is Titus. I pray that these words speak to me.

  • jessiehjohns

    I'm starting this late, but it is so relevant to my life right now. I've always struggled with obedience in God's plan, and I know that this will help to push me where I need to go.

  • Anastasia

    I've been working on my leadership skills and these passages really helped! Seeing the example Paul set for Titus and Titus' leadership and eagerness to serve really helped me set expectations for myself and for my leaders.

  • Justina Veloz

    This made me want to retrace and think about who helped lead me to Christ. Also, to keep praying for a changed heart that strives for godly grief.

  • Very excited to have found "she reads truth" while looking in Life Beautiful magazine. He so knows what we need when we need it and surrounding ourselves with godliness like magazine, music, books etc is awesome how He works through those.

    P.S. Two weeks ago I created a pen pal group on Facebook, Shine HIS light, for all ages. I felt very lead to share it with all you as I know He created this group as a safe place for us to connect with others. http://ashleysartcloset.blogspot.com/2014/05/pen-

    Fist pump for Titus !

    Much love to all,


  • Stinav…good word. I just love you group of gals. I do. Rhe more I spend time in srt. ..I jus feel more a part of something larger than myself. I live that I come here and I dont get some sally la la pretty flowery words….I love that i come here and see the word of GOD. I READ it. I need it. And I have a bunch of women who are willing and ready to live it out right along side me even if we are all somewhere else in the world.

  • I am serving overseas in a closed country this summer and our team is studying Titus. This study could not have come at a more broken time, as I am coming out of a season of apathy and lack of joy in the gospel. Thank you.

  • Day 1 was a good start for me! I actually looked forward to reading my bible. I pray to be more like Titus… That I don't lose focus and remember the blessings in being obedient. Worldly sorrow vs Godly sorrow…. I don't regret the worldly sorrow because that's what brought me to salvation. Repentance unto salvation. (I hope that makes sense!) good night and I look forward to tomorrow!

  • I’m excited to start this study plan! I see many others are as well! :))

  • I'm new and very excited to begin! This was definitely spirit-lead. I thank God for the experience I'm about to have and the things I will learn that will draw me even closer to Him. Like so many others, this plan is right on time, because my life needs ORDER! God bless you all and I'm so excited to working with an extended family in Christ.

  • EssieJean,

    Thank You for your Holy Spirit inspired words! It’s exactly what I needed to hear & confirmation! Praise The Lord!

  • So excited to be starting my first study on Titus! Just reading the first verse of the text, "Make room in your hearts for us", felt like God is actually speaking to me. I attempted to start reading the Bible but I was only able to follow through for a few weeks. I pray for motivation and to be able to overcome laziness. I really want to have a deeper, more personal relationship with God and I pray that by stumbling upon SheReadsTruth, I may be able to do that.

  • EssieJean

    Although I know I was supposed to be focusing on Titus in these 2 Corinthians passages, all I could pay attention to was the Corinthians themselves. My church has been studying 1 Corinthians on Sundays, and, let me tell, you, that is not an easy book. There's some serious scolding there of some serious faults, and I was beginning to get a little bogged down in the Corinthians' rough start.
    Imagine how encouraging it was to read 2 Cor. 7:16 where Paul proclaims his perfect confidence in the people of Corinth!
    Looking forward to actually focusing on Titus in the future with you ladies :)

  • LaurenC_

    To paraphrase Amanda's beautiful words:

    Praying tonight that God will meet with all of us as we read these divinely inspired words from Paul, Titus, and the SRT writers. I pray that He will soften our hearts to receive His instruction, no matter what the instruction is. Please Lord, give us ears to hear and a mind to accept Your instruction, knowing that You only have wisdom and blessings in store for us if we'll simply hold fast to You. I pray that we will all seek Him in the words that make our hearts soar and the words that make us squirmy and uncomfortable. As someone else commented above – so often we have to get squirmy and uncomfortable before we can soar! Help us, Lord, to not be afraid of this! May our study of Your Word bring You glory and honor. Thank you Lord for the blessing of this community. Amen.

  • Today's readings made me think about how to be a missionary and a comfort to those around me, something I shy away from a great deal. I am very private about my faith, but am looking forward to thinking and praying about that a bit more in the coming weeks.

  • AnnaLee,

    I hear you regarding obedience but I think I need to go a step further & seek how to surrender all so that I can be obedient, it’s hard in my own strength! Yet how do one surrender to the authority of the Holy Spirit, anyone know?

    • Ashley Churchill

      Pray for strength to be obedient to God. Pray that God changes your heart. Put to death the deeds of the flesh. Once you do your part in sanctification- the Holy Spirit will change your heart and before you know it- it will just come "natural"

    • EssieJean

      Sweet Andrea, surrender is truly a life-long process, but every step in the Christian walk begins and ends with relying on Him, and loving Him by praying constantly and being in the word.
      Don't stress about reaching one milestone, then the next, then the next. Read His word, meditate on it, and try to live your life before Him, starting anew each and every day.

  • One of my favorite books; which I’ve read several times. I’m elated to learn from SRT writers & the insight of everyone!

  • RebekahMann91

    Amen! This is a perfect book to study after re-submitting one's life to God – again. He is so merciful to take us back again and again!

  • Alysa (InspiredRD)

    Excited for this study!

  • laura_lynn

    My heart is thrilled to be in the word! Thank you for a great start! Anyone else struck by the contrast of Godly sorrow vs. worldly sorrow in 1 Corinthians 7:10&11? It seems strange that God would want us to experience sorrow of any kind, but when I read about the result, it makes sense. Godly sorrow "leads us away from sin and results in salvation." The fruit is so tremendous, that God is willing to let us experience the emotion of sorrow.

    • AnnaLee

      Amen Laura. It's such a beautiful concept, to be heartbroken for Him, so that He can heal us up :) blessings!

    • Krista Wilbur

      Sometimes I think we should also be far more grieved for the world and the way people life – and that our Godly sorrow will bring repentance in us, which in turn will allow us to influence others for the sake of the Gospel, and that in turn will give us the opportunity to share the Gospel with others!

    • EssieJean

      Such interesting thoughts here! I guess if we take it all back to the beginning, God really had no desire for us to ever experience sorrow, but, with the fall came sin, and with sin came sorrow, so God instituted Godly sorrow to be a better option than worldly sorrow, since it resulted in the good fruit you mentioned.
      I was definitely struck by that verse too, and made a doodle about it in my journal :)

      • laura_lynn

        Thank you Essie for your insights! You brought more completion to my thoughts. :) Be blessed!

  • Steph_Lilac

    I love, Love, LOVE the Book of Titus!!! I am so excited to dive into this Study!! I already know that this journey is going to be ah-may-zing!! Sisters, let's buckle up and enjoy the ride. *does a happy Holy dance*

    • NicolaL

      Wooohoooo!! You've got MOVES! Got to teach me some of those ;-)

      See you in Titus!

    • EssieJean

      I don't actually remember ever reading Titus, and am doubly excited to study it now that I see so many other ladies on here who love it already!

      On an entirely different note, you are such an encouragement, Steph! I always love reading what you have to say :)

  • So excited to join the "She Read Truth" family! I have a sweet friend who has been doing the studies and has been an inspiration!!

    • NicolaL

      Hello and welcome!! I love that you are joining the party/group hug/coffee time/cake break/meditation/honesty box that is She Reads Truth :-) I love it here, hope you do too. Lots of love x

    • Amanda Bible Williams

      Welcome, Whitney! We’re glad you’re here. xo, Amanda

  • Jenna Hermle

    This is my first time joining the SRT community, officially, and I am thrilled to be here! It's been awhile since I've read Titus in any detail, and I am looking forward to what God will teach each of us as we spend this daily time in His Word. God bless your week, sisters!

  • Krista Wilbur

    Something I really struggle with is obedience to God. I know that it is my "reasonable service" to Him, yet I am stubborn and think I know it all. God has taught me some hard, painful lessons in obedience over the last few years. You would think I'd've learned my lesson but I still fight what seems "right" and what God is calling me to do. I love reading that Titus's obedience was a blessing. I can't hear that enough!

    • Steph_Lilac

      Krista girl, my head is as hard as they come. I heard a few of the older saints at my church say "Obedience is better than sacrifice." and it put everything into perspective for me. I am living right now in the abundance and overflow from being obedient. It's tough at first but the key is to train your thoughts to follow the voice of the Lord no matter what.
      2 Corinthians 10:5b "…bringing every thought into captivity to the obedience of Christ…" I'm going to be praying for you Sis.

      • Krista Wilbur

        Ahhh, thanks, Steph! Love how God is bringing so many different women together – praying God will bless you during this time!

    • AnnaLee

      Krista and Steph, I agree– obedience has been hard for me, and I've definitely just thought "sacrifice" was enough and disobeyed while giving time/money, etc. Thank the Lord for sacrificing all we'd ever need to sacrifice, so that we can learn to obey Him. Praying for all of us, that we'd continue to learn how to obey and walk with Him, every step of the way! Praise Him for that. Thank you Jesus. Be blessed, girls!

  • Ashley Churchill

    I am a girl who loves order. So when Paul left Titus in Crete to "put things into order"- I can understand why. Our God is a God of order and there are certain ways God wants things done. I also want to point out that the in 2 Corinthians 8:16- the doctrine of election is again confirmed- our hearts for the gospel come from the Lord- everything comes from the Lord. This also ties in with the Sovereignty of God. Im so thankful I found this study and Im thankful I get to do in along other women as well. Keep those Instagram pics coming. I enjoy seeing how you all are studying. God Bless.

  • lynda clarke

    Such a timely study. Just played this morning about setting some things in order. Open my email and here is SRT. I love you guys and so true Amanda obedience being served.

  • Looking forward to this study, ladies :) I love seeing updates on Instagram! So fun and cute. Good bless!

  • katherine Laughton

    Looking forward to this study of God's Word. SRT has been a wonderful fulfilling way for me to get into the word of God and open my mind , heart , and life to what he has planned for me.

  • coffeeandbooks2014

    So excited to start my second reading with this group. I loved how you approached Nehemiah. Can't wait to dive in to Titus with you wonderful ladies!

  • Excited to begin this study in Titus!

  • Gema Muniz

    This study sure does come right on time. I'm going through a moment in my life in which I need to put many things in order as well as put my thoughts in order. I pray for God to speak to me and reveal to me exactly what things and I need to put in order and how to do it. Looking forward to having this study with my SRT sisters. God bless you all!

  • Reading this post this day is a God directed gift. I am praying for divine intervention within relationships of those closest to me.
    to be able to pray that there will be Godly grief over past actions will lead us all to victory! There have been many fleshly grieved moments, so now,I am praying for resolution in or hearts.

    • EssieJean

      Praying for and with you, Diane!

    • Stacy

      One of the Lord's greatest gifts to us, as believers — is that since God cannot be in the presence of sin, and desparately wants relationship with us – is that He gave His Son over to death for us. God sees us as PERFECT through the filter of Jesus Christ. I was born again when – via the Holy Spirit – I began to LIVE THAT TRUTH – and could then forgive myself! If God doesn't see my past sins – then I could finally "LET GO" of all that guilt! Hallelujah!!!

  • I'm so excited that I came across #Shereadstruth! What a blessing – looking forward to studying Titus! Thank you so much for all the hard work that goes into putting these studies together. :-)

  • So glad to be studying a book I guess I never paid close attention to. I am excited! The reading today is a reminder that when we are in distress, we can either turn things around with God or allow it to drive us away from God. The passage today is a mirror of our lives today, so many leaving God….I pray that each of us can glean direction to help those who desperately need to come back to God or to meet Him for the very first time. Have a Blessed day, ladies.

    • AnnaLee

      "When we are in distress, we can either turn things around with God to allow it to drive us away from God." Praise Him for you, friend… I needed this. Lord, I want to turn everything happening around with You. Praise you, Father.

  • brodie1805

    Very excited to learn more!!

  • J. Martin

    This is my first study with SRT — couldn't have been more perfect for me today! I am excited to continue!

    • Brandi


    • AnnaLee

      So excited to have you here!! :)

    • Krista Wilbur

      Awesome! Welcome. It is one of the best things in my life. :)

    • NicolaL

      Hello!! Welcome welcome…. I've been here about 5 months, totally changed my life. Hope you're ready ;-) Lots of love xx

    • LaurenC_

      Adding another welcome to you. SRT is truly a great place. It has given me a clear pathway to a personal relationship with Christ. Had to laugh when I read NicolaL's comment "…totally changed my life. Hope you're ready." It's so true! Welcome!

    • Amanda Bible Williams

      Yay! Welcome!

  • S. Pipes

    Just want to send a shout out to the SRT Team. This site is allowing my closest friend & I to study the Word together across the world. She is serving our King in a closed country & we haven't studied Scripture together since we were roommates in college!!! Thrilled & thankful.

    • AnnaLee

      That's beautiful, friend!! I'm so happy for you!! May the Lord bless you both as you press into His word!!

    • NicolaL

      That's so amazing!! Praying for you both….. loads of blessing on you :-)

    • Amanda Bible Williams

      LOVE this so much! Thank you for telling us that, S. Women reading God’s Word together makes us do a happy dance. May this be a sweet time for both of you and may God meet you across the miles. xo, Amanda

    • heather

      Thats do awedome

  • Liane Michelle

    Excited!! I love how SRT does the more obscure and overlooked books of the Bible! These smaller books often pack quite a punch (at least they have for me through this devotional community!) and I am always left feeling in awe that I learned so much. I had replied in a comment above about being "intentional". I am excited to start this study off that way! Intentional about praying about this study, intentional about praying for you ladies, intentional about reading daily — especially Saturdays & Sundays as those are usually my "skip" days — , and intentional about connecting on here!

    • Steph_Lilac

      Yes!!! Intentional actions lead to awesome revelations from God! I'm with you intentionally seeking His face to gain more wisdom from the Book of Titus! Amen!

    • EssieJean

      Oh girl, I'm with you on using Saturdays and Sundays as skip days. Hoping to learn not to so that over the next few studies. I miss so much when I don't get to actively participate in the discussions!

  • clothdiaperrevival

    This is just what I needed this morning. Paul's description of Titus is hitting home today as I struggle to get through each day. Lacking joy, grace and honorable behavior. Praying for joy and patience today. Praying to be more like Titus with my family and less like myself.

  • Really needing to become more like Titus right now. I have been a bit burned out lately, but I want a new heart for the Gospel, I want hope (I need hope) through the Gospel in Christ, and I want to be full of Godliness that comes from the Gospel of Christ.

    • Jenny D.

      Claire – be encouraged that I would bet that Titus spoke those same words. Who knows if it was out loud or simply within the confines of a heart's prayer, but know that the same heroes and heroines we read about in Scripture were easily (and often!) broken before the Lord, confessing a burnt out heart and a desire to know Him deeper. You are in good company, sweet sister.

    • LaurenC_

      Been there Claire, many many times! God will take your hope and magnify it to its fullest, filling you up with His grace! Praying for that to happen!

  • I am really excited to begin this new reading plan and to connect with y'all on here. Over the past couple of months, I have not been reading consistently and I have not been connecting and commenting on here either. When I first found SRT and began reading the Fresh Start plan in January, I was intentional about beginning every day with the devotional here and the community of women gathering around it. I am excited to be back and praying that God will work within each of our hearts over the next few weeks. I hope you have a happy Monday! :)

    • Liane Michelle

      Hi Kyla! I like how you talk about being intentional!! That word has come up a lot for me lately so I'm taking note and listening to what God is trying to tell me! I struggle with the connecting and commenting as well. Perhaps you and I could be accountability partners of sorts? You can look for my posts and I will look for yours and we can comment on each others. No worries or pressure if you do not want to do this :)

    • AnnaLee

      So glad to see you back on here, Kyla! I just randomly went to your blog through the link and might I say, I love it! I'm praying for you as you go through this season– may God use this study to further root you in God's word and guide you in His ways! Be blessed, friend!

    • Krista Wilbur

      Hello Kyla! I love your name – so beautiful. I knew a Kyla in high school. :)

      I love #SRT because it totally helps keep me intentional about my reading, too, and I love that we have been going through entire books recently. God is so amazing how He changes us through his word! :)

      • Kyla F

        Absolutely! God does such great things through our time spent with him in the word. I am excited to see how we grow during this study :)

  • Hi, this website is very new to me. (And great by the way!) Do I read the 2 corinthians text & Titus 1:5? I know it seems like an elementary question, I just want to make sure I start off right! Thanks in advance.

    • Liane Michelle

      Hi Rosita! Every post, the selected reading will be in blue next to where it says "Text". So yes, the 2 Corinthians text :) You had it right girl!

    • BettyMcB

      Rosita, if you are on your computer, put your cursor on the blue and the scripture will show up. If on a smart phone, click on the blue and it'll take you to the scripture

    • AnnaLee

      So glad you're here, Rosita! May the Lord bless your time here and may you continually growing in the knowledge of His grace and purpose for your life. Praise Him :) "And may you have the power to understand, as all God's people should, how wide, how long, how high, and how deep his love is." -Ephesians 3:18. Be blessed! Praying for you.

      • Rosita

        Thank you AnnaLee. I'm looking forward to tonight! It's easier for me to start it at night, after my kids are in bed! I didn't purchase the Titus study guide because I knew I wouldn't get it in time, so I made a section in my planner for it. I'm looking on Instagram and saw journals that others made for themselves! I'm excited and I plan to purchase the Ruth study guide. It just looks so beautiful!

        • EssieJean

          Welcome, Rosita! We're so happy you're here :) You're absolutely right – the Ruth study guide is beautiful!

          Your original question may have already been answered, but just in case, what usually happens is that there is a main text or two right after the word text, which you read, then various other texts (Titus 1:5 today, for example) incorporated throughout the segment for the day. Looking forward to learning from and with you, sister!

        • LaurenC_

          Hey Rosita, I'm a nighttime reader too. It's such a peaceful way to end my day and helps me sleep well. SRT is a wonderful place! Welcome!

  • Writeous Babe

    I don't think I've ever really deeply studied the book of Titus so I'm looking forward to this.

    What stood out to me in today's reading: 2 Corinthians 7:10 — This verse is a reminder that once you have repented and are saved there is no need for regret. God will take everything in our lives, even those things that seem horrible or shameful, and use them for good.

    • AnnaLee

      Thank you for this, friend. The Lord is speaking through you. May all shame, guilt, regret and condemnation leave! May we be equipped even more to fight/ignore the enemy because of this study. I praise you for that, Lord! Amen.

  • stinav96

    I'm not really sure how to connect these two thoughts, but two things just today have stood out to my heart. First, 2 Corinthians 7:10~ "For godly grief produces a repentance that leads to salvation without regret, whereas worldly grief produces death." No need to regret the past when we are penitent with a godly penitence, because we know the past is part of how God is using us for His glory. Worldly grief, however, is less about relationship with the Lord, and more about why *me*, how could *I* have done this, *I* can never be good enough, etc. I don't know if this has anything to do with this study of Titus, but it stood out today.

    Second, Titus' change of heart. To look at a people, astray in their own thinking and culture, and instead of giving up on them, loving them with a love and desire only God can place in the heart. Godly grief, not worldly grief, so to speak. I'm so looking forward to another great study! Thank you, SRT team and fellow SRT ladies!

    • Kyla F

      Thank you for sharing your insight here! I really needed that to read both of those thoughts, they met me right where I'm at :)

    • AnnaLee

      Agreeing with Kyla! Thank you for these insights. The godly sorrow stuck out to me too– I had much to repent for and talk through with God last night, and differentiating between the two sorrows is so important. So often, I get stuck in the ungodly sorrow, mistaking the condemnation and regret for some kind of piety. Pssh! No more of that! Lord, give us all discernment in knowing what sorrows, wisdoms, and ways are Yours and which ones are of the world/the enemy. Let us be firmly rooted in your truth, this study! Make us to know it more deeply and solidly so that we can fight against whatever the enemy comes to us with.

      The community portion is really important, too… not giving up on a community of rebellious people, but love-love-loving them until it hurts, and then some. Lord, help me to love those people in my life that are trying and difficult to love. Make me to not point out their failures and flaws, but rather to encourage them in You. Help me to love them even when it hurts! (I run from pain and discomfort whenever I can– that's not what Paul did!) Work in us this study, as you're already doing, Lord! I praise you for that. Amen. Praise God for you, sister– this insight is needed. Praying you'd be encouraged and admonished as you continue in Him! Blessings!

      • Mukasha

        "Lord, help me to love those people in my life that are trying and difficult to love. Make me to not point out their failures and flaws, but rather to encourage them in You." – Let me join in this prayer with you sister, it is very much a need for me these days. Thank you for this prayer that has resonated in my heart! Much love!

      • Kali Bryan

        Thank you for the beautiful prayer! God uncovered these places in my life for me this week to prepare me for these words! Loving and encouraging, for me, sometimes turns into judgement and pointing out flaws, even with my best intentions. I don’t always see what I’m doing, but the ones I am supposed to be loving and encouraging always do!

    • Krista Wilbur

      I totally see the thread that connects these two things! God changing our hearts is what changes our perspective from worldly grief to Godly grief – we don't experience the Godly grief that leads to repentance and salvation without God first stepping in and saying "Let me squish your heart into a place where you can see Who I am!" <3

      • EssieJean

        I just really love the idea of God squishing our hearts back into place – mine needs some major squishing pretty regularly!

    • LaurenC_

      Thank you for sharing this point. It's usually so much easier to give up on people astray in their own thinking, or to just say a quick word of prayer without putting much thought into it, and then moving on. God wants us to love them with His love, His desire. Even though we don't agree or condone their ways, God still loves them and wants us to do so too. I've never read Titus before so I'm really excited to hear that he will provide a wonderful example to me/us all of how to love like God does. Thanks!

    • Wanda

      Love :)! Spoke right to my heart this morning. Thanking the Lord for this!

  • abellimentoviolin

    I've been away a little while. So happy to be back and to be challenged by His truth!

  • sweetdes2014

    What a challenge …to put things in order. A leader challenged to set other leaders in order. I believe I'm being called into a similar position and I'm excited to see the challenges that Titus faced in setting things in order. Looking forward to the journey in Titus.

    • AnnaLee

      Amen, sweetdes… may the Lord put everything in my life that is out of whack back into His Godly order. Father, move here. I submit myself and this study to you. Work in me. I praise you for that, Lord Jesus. Have a beautiful week!

  • joanne sher

    So looking forward to digging in. So much to learn in this little book. :)

  • LaurieEW

    Lord, May me squirmy and uncomfortable that I may soar!

  • Amen. Titus is a book I read and loved. It is rooted in godliness and as Amanda says its a to do list. One I dont mind carrying out with much zeal. Thank You Lord for what you are about to do in our midst.

    • AnnaLee

      Amen sister. Can't wait to see how He moves and changes us through this study! May He draw us near to us and clothe us with encouragement, comfort and loving zeal for His word. May He change our hearts to love one another through this study! Amen. Have a great day sis.

    • LaurenC_

      Wow, I'm genuinely excited to read Titus now Kimone! Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I've never read Titus before. Looking forward to it!

  • Jennifer B

    So timely, always! A reminder of the blessings of obedience does seem in order. And may we not only be readers of the Word, but doers as well.

    • AnnaLee

      Amen Jennifer, Amen! Have an amazing day. Can't wait to dive into the word with you and everyone else tomorrow. : )

  • AMEN….and Thank you, Amanda……looking forward to tomorrow and studying the Lord s word in Titus with you, my sister's…..

    Praying Blessings over you all this God given Monday… with love….xxx

    • AnnaLee

      Praise God for you, Tina! I'm so excited and already so encouraged by today's posting and everyone's comments. Can't wait to dive in deeper! May the Lord bless you abundantly today as you step out. May you walk closely with Him and seek His face, and may you find Him right where you need Him! Love you, friend. Be so blessed. :)

    • EssieJean

      Thank you, precious Tina, for the reminder that this monday was indeed God-given. So grateful for a King and Lord who gives to us only what we are able to handle, even though sometimes it feels He is stretching us a bit much… He came through for me today because the day was already His anyway!

      • LaurenC_

        Right there with you Essiejean — He came through for me also today (this evening) because the day was already His anyway! Praise our merciful Lord!

      • tina

        Amen,….AMEN…AMEN……Essiejean….He is Lord over all…..ALL….Blessings dear sister…..x x

  • thisgalsjourney


  • CarrieLynne31

    I studied Titus 11 years ago when I was in college taking a class on Paul's letters (wow, did I just say 11? Time flies when you are an adult). I am excited to be re-introduced to it as it has been a long time since I've read it as a study. Thank you SRT for this study you put out there for us. I am praying that we all learn something new from it. Blessings!!!

    • AnnaLee

      That's amazing! I want to take some bible study/surveying classes soon. So excited to see what the Lord rekindles and brings to you fresh during this study! :) May the Lord bless all of us with a deeper, more solid foundation in His word, encouragement to build Godly communities around us, and minister to us on what our hearts need. Praise Him. Have a great day, sister! :)

  • Ashley Churchill

    Timing is ironic sometimes. I spent the entire month of May reading Titus and this afternoon I was going to purchase a Titus commentary. Instead, I did not purchase this commentary and tonight my mom told me about #SheReadsTruth. You guys are starting Titus tomorrow! I just ordered the journal- Im getting it a little late- but now I know why I did not buy the other commentary today. I was supposed to buy this one =)

    • CarrieLynne31

      What perfect timing! Can't wait to hear some of your thoughts from what you've learned already.

    • AnnaLee

      That's great! I'm so excited for you, and so happy you're here. :) Can't wait to dive into and fall in love with the Lord's word for us in Titus! Be blessed today, sister. It's so encouraging to know of God's faithfulness to you :) Have a great day!

    • EssieJean

      So happy you decided to join us, Ashley!

    • Stacy

      How very God-affirming when "things" just seem to be so coincidental! None of that with our God of unlimited love, grace and mercy; THE Author & Creator of our lives! I'm so glad you've his experienced his blessings…and realize exactly Who orchestrated this!!! :)

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