Nehemiah: Day 6

Weekly truth


Today's Text: Nehemiah 8:10

Text: Nehemiah 8:10

We long to be a community who not only reads and studies God’s Word, but also writes it on our hearts so we can lean on it throughout our day, speak truth to ourselves and others, call it to mind and have hope.

Today let’s memorize this gem we’ll uncover a little later in our study of Nehemiah:

“And do not be grieved, for the joy of the Lord is your strength.”
Nehemiah 8:10b

What a beautiful promise! Jot it down a few times in your journal, tape it by the kitchen window or on your desk at work, save the image below as the lock screen on your phone – do whatever works best for you to allow this truth to sink into your heart and mind as you walk forward in this new week.


  • Nikki Falvey

    This is my go-to verse when I am frustrated or grieved or overwhelmed. I just completed the SRT study of the Fruit of the Spirit (I know I’m doing these out of order) and this verse fits quite nicely with what I learned there. Joy is of the Lord, it’s a fruit of the Spirit that God manifests in us, we don’t manifest it ourselves. C. S. Lewis viewed Joy as a glimpse of the eternal, of heaven and all that awaits us there. Since learning the true meaning of joy, I pray daily that the Lord would fill my husband with His joy and I found out after beginning to do this that he was praying he same for me! The Lord is our rock, shepherd, fortress and His joy, which we cannot produce ourselves, is our strength! Praise God!

  • Kasey Summers

    The joy of the Lord is my strength! My strength comes from Christ alone! He is the Anchor of my soul!

  • This could not have come at a more perfect time! I just got home from putting my 16 year old dog to sleep. I open up the devo and am amazed how perfect God’s timing is!

  • Paige Marie

    What stood out to me was what was said directly after Nehemiah 8:10.

    “The Levites calmed all the people, saying “be still, for this is a holy day. Do not grieve.”

    I love that they were told to be still.

    Everyday I am constantly running around, working anxiously and worrying over seemingly small things, yet God commands me (just like the Israelites) to be still.

    How amazing is it that we have a God who commands us to be still, to refocus our hearts, minds and souls upon Him and let Him lead and work through us. It’s never about us or our ability, but it is through our stillness and surrender that God works. It’s about Him, his story, his power and spirit within us.

    So many times I find myself and my soul coming apart at the seams, part of that comes from my need to control situations and part of it comes with my struggles with anxiety. I’m constantly trying, trying, trying yet God speaks and says “be still my child. Let me give you peace and rest.”

    What an amazing and such generous God we serve that It is Him who gives us Joy. God reminds me that he doesn’t just want the work of my hands but that he desires my heart.

    Let’s take time to be still before God and spend time in his presence. ❤️

    • Melissa Aydelott

      This is a constant struggle for me. I am a “do-er” type person and being still is hard. Thank you for taking the time to share. “He doesn’t just want the work of my hands but that he desires my heart.”!!!!

  • This is the verse that helped me through the very difficult delivery of my daughter two weeks ago. I had this as my lock screen and printed it out as an 8×10 and put it in a frame for during labor. Yes, the joy of The Lord is our strength.

    The thing that hit me is that it doesn’t say “be joyful and you’ll be strong.” It says ” the joy of The Lord is your strength.” Basically, it’s His joy! I had been trying to be joyful the last few weeks if pregnancy and totally failed. Once I asked God to give me His joy, to work through me, to change my heart… That’s when I was finally able to be joyful. It’s all from Him.

    • SheReadsTruth

      Emily, thank you for sharing with us! I am so thankful that God\’s Word proved to be a light for you in a hard time! Love to you!

      xoxo-Kaitlin for She Reads Truth

  • I realize I’m super behind, but this is where I am in the study and wanted to comment anyway.

    I love the verse. What I love most, is that the Levites just finished reading the law of Moses and explaining what it meant. The Israelites are mourning and weeping at hearing the law. They know they have not followed it. It is revealing their sin and it is revealing the grandness of God. This is causing them to weep. Nehemiah saiys, “Do not be grieved, the joy of the LORD is your strength.” Once they understand that’s despite their sin, their God is still good. Their God made away to build the wall, to protect and save them, in spite of their rebellion. His joy, the joy of YHWH accomplished this out of love for his people. Then the Israelites go away celebrating what The Lord has done.

    I think a bigger picture of the verse makes the meaning even richer. Despite my weakness, The Lord works for my protection in HIS joy–which he also makes accessible to me so that I might be strengthened. It’s beautiful and freeing knowing that The Lord goes before me.

    • Leslie

      Hi Shannon: I am also late late to this study, but found the Lord asking me to work through this over the summer. Thanks for your comments. I have struggled with depression off and on throughout my life, and I love that I am not the one responsible for generating up joy for myself and my family. He is! I can depend on Him for my joy, He will give it to me, and I will take it. I love that Man. Be blessed!

  • napturallymary

    I am thankful to God for this online community; it has been a wonderful supplement and encouragement to my physical community.

  • Hesaved83


    God is using you on SRT (speak to, encourage, intercede, etc) in so many ways; you remind me of a Chaplain :)

    • AnnaLee

      Thank you, sister. He is so good indeed. The Lord is doing a good work here, that's for sure. Please pray for me, as I get weak and discouraged daily and will need strength today! Thank you sister. Love you.

  • I clicked the link, AnnaLee. It says not valid.

    • AnnaLee

      I made it private for a bit while I finished the letter since I was half way done when I switched over. It's public now if you click on the link. I hope it works now– if not, my email is [email protected] and I can send it that way.

  • LaurenC_

    Praying for you Angela, that you will fly free from your pain and guilt. Give it God. He wants to heal you.

  • LaurenC_

    Beatccr, I feel for you. I know that place you described, am there myself, where it seems like your desires are not God’s desires and your prayers are met with silence. I want God to do what He wants with my life but I also feel quite lost and confused about what He wants. I will pray for you.

  • Need much prayer, Sisters. I suffered horrific sexual child abuse as a child. And I blame myself. Maybe if I had been a good little girl hadn’t dressed like a disgusting harlot this could have been avoided. I feel guilty ashamed and hate with a capital H the person I see the mirror. My abuser committed suicide. I blame myself. Should’ve kept my mouth shut. Then he would still be alive.

    Now I feel God leading me to drop the guilt and shame at His feet. That’s going to be hard especially when I would hate me for eternity and condemn myself forever. Don’t like the thought of praying for myself either. God told me the only key out of my prison is forgiveness. Pray for me that I would have strength His strength to drop this baggage even everything within is screaming at me to hold onto it all.

    • Jami

      Praying for you tonight!

    • AnnaLee

      Angela, I wrote out a comment but 1. It's too long to post and 2. I would like to have continuing communication with you if you would like, and to have you see my comment in a less forum-y, more letter-y form, as I so want it to be. It's a public link, you can see it on google docs:

      I pray you'd see this and read this comment. In the case that you don't track this comment and never see my message– no matter what you do– know that I am praying over you and over this message. I love you, sister… you are loved. Be set free.

    • Emma

      Oh sweet girl I too suffered at the hands of someone, my stepfather. I blamed myself & I’ve felt exactly how you feel. I’ve often been afraid he would commit suicide and it would be my fault. These are all lies. I’m praying that God illuminates the truth to your damaged heart. This happened to you but it isn’t an indicator of your worth & I know sometimes it can be hard to bring it all to God because when we really look at the situation we cry out why? Why was this allowed to happen! I pray that you feel Christs love and redemption. I am praying for you & will continue to pray for you. May you know His peace. Love Emma xox

  • courtneynn

    This Nehemiah study is my first study with SheReadsTruth. I have enjoyed it so much and am so grateful to have found such a wonderful resource and community of women! My husband and I have one beautiful daughter (almost 4 years old) and we've been trying for a second child for the last couple of years. I go through periods of feeling content and grateful for the family God has already blessed me with…and then today at church I learn a dear friend is expecting. Such GOOD news, but man, it sure stung today. My heart was grieved for the children I may never have. Today's truth of the week was exactly what this weary heart needed. Praise God for His truth and His promises!

  • Samantha B.

    This verse has been close to my heart for a long time. And it comes as a weekly truth in such perfect timing to my life right now.

  • Christie Olson

    Thank you Valorie for the reminder that The Lord should be our JOY. I have been lost… Not in the word. I have been depressed… Like an erratic storm, inconsistent joy in my fortunate circumstances. I’m a stay at home mom to a beautiful 9 month old, my hubby suffers from stress and anxieties about our one bed apt and low income and waiting to get back into active duty with the Navy. And my poor body image and feelings of being unproductive… UHH! I am starting to get clarity but need these reminders. I have to ask myself. If I lost it all… Everything but my life could I still look up to Heaven and praise Him? Or is my joy only in His blessings? I’m surprised I even have the courage to ask myself this and am saddened by my initial response. But I know He is changing my heart. I’m learning all over again how to draw near to Him, what it feels like to love Him and desire Him above everything else I love. It’s challenging, but His work in me continues!!!

  • This morning, I realized something hard…
    that I had to give up full control on this life.
    I've been searching around for a church to be apart of, looking forward to apartments and jobs, to college, and most of all,
    to be used and to be served within a body of women, of people. To once again have that community. And I've been doing this so much, putting so much weight on this, that I've been trying to do it within my own power.
    Because I still don't have a regular church. I still don't have a community of people. I don't have a stable, reliable job. I don't have that independence and self-reliance I want.

    But the thing is, I do. I do have all those things… just not in the way that I've imagined or in the way I would like. And more than this, I've completely forgotten that the Lord told me this blessing He's promised would have NOTHING to do with me… that like the Israelites leaving Egypt, I'd be free and provided for without any effort on my own part to show His own glory and strength. I haven't been content for awhile… I'm always chasing that idea of myself when I know that on basically every level, it isn't what the Lord truly wants for me. Father, please forgive me. For having this continual idea of who I should be, what my life should be, and getting oh-so angry and discouraged when I don't have that. Forgive me for still comparing myself to those women in my life who I've seen being independent– who I've seen having the life I've pictured. How foolish, how frail (I'm not them, and what I think about them is not reality!)

    Giving all of me up to the Lord… giving up this picture of myself, of my life, to the Lord… really hurts.
    I will never be independent. I will never be what I want me to be, or even who I've pictured myself to be.
    I'm Yours, God. I'm dependent upon You. Here, in this "low," seemingly empty place… You're my strength. And you always will be.
    Change me, Oh God. Get rid of the picture. Replace it with your face, instead. I love you.
    Let Him be close to you today, Sisters.

    • Brendasan01

      Oh sweet AnnaLee! Your heart is so honest and open. I pray that you can find a good church and for you to be connected with a body of believers. I don't know where you live but if you're in Alabama I would love to have you in my church.

      God has a plan for you and He will reveal it to you. One thing I do know about you is that you are an encourager. I see you comment on others posts and you always have an encouraging word. That is a gift that not everyone has. God has blessed you with that gift.

      God bless you my sister in Christ!

      • AnnaLee

        Sweet sister! You make tears well up inside of me, here. :,) I live in Colorado… Alabama sure sounds great though! Thank you for your prayers. I know that the Lord is faithful and will continue to lead and guide me towards a community. Though I may have no consistent church as of now, SheReadsTruth has been a big part of where God is using/blessing me right now and I'm so thankful that He's brought it to me… may He forgive me for not really appreciating that He's brought me to this site for a reason!

        As for being an encourager, this makes me well up too. I've heard it from others before, but just knowing that it's a central part of who Christ has made me really encourages me in and of itself. He's used it before, and it's apart of what makes me want to be a counselor… no matter what I do, I know it's a gift. Praise Him. Thank you for YOUR encouraging words, Brenda! Be so blessed this coming week, my friend. Love you. :)

  • I am so thankful to have been pointed towards this community! I work on an oil rig, and therefore don’t often make it to church or find myself in a community of women. What a blessing you ladies are to me! Joining in prayer with all of you today.

    • AnnaLee

      So happy to hear of you, Annelle! I pray that the Lord would continually guide and strengthen you with his Love, his faithfulness, and His promises through this site. I love you, sister. Be blessed in the Lord this week.

  • This is helpful sometimes when I study… word study helps break down and dig deep.

    And do NOT (no more, not at all) be GRIEVED (altered, impaired, overwhelmed), for the JOY (high hopes, trust, promise anticipation) of the LORD is your STRENGTH (steadiness, vigor, stamina, courage, stability).

    • tabithahannasmith

      I really like that Steph. There are times when I feel overwhelmed but I need to remember the great anticipation and hope of our God is more than enough to restore my courage!
      I reckon I might need to get me a thesaurus!

    • AnnaLee

      Praise God for this, Steph. I now see how often I've been living out this verse without even realizing it… that's encouraging. Lord, I pray you'd help me to put down all my idols and do this once more. Praise you, Father God. Praise you. Be so blessed, Steph… may this be used throughout your week. <3

    • Kylee

      Yes, Steph! Word studies help so much! Thank you for that

  • I’m praying with you KMT! I have been in the same situation, several times. Yet, 14 years later we are still together and our relationship is stronger. You cannot control what he does or decides but you can look to the hills, for your help comes from The Lord (Ps. 121)!

    • AnnaLee

      Amen Lee! Our Lord is mighty to hold and to save, to finish what He's set out to do. Praise Him for that. <3

  • Olufunmilola.


    Really glad I found this community this morning. I have been so down lately like God isn’t even paying me attention and this verse and d comments just helped lifted me a little. Couldn’t even go to church. I’m that unhappy.

    But now, am getting encouraged.

    It is well with us all in Jesus mighty name. Amen!!!!!!!

    • AnnaLee

      You are beautiful, friend! I too am really comforted by all this honesty, as I got on this morning really downtrodden… praise Him for bringing us all together and agreeing that in all of our situations, the Lord himself will carry us through with His joy. Beautiful.

  • Remember sisters, it's not the joy of our situations it's the joy of The Lord. His salvation, his never forsaking, his walking by our side even when we feel lost, his love, his faithfulness. Those are the things that make up our joy. I know it is so hard to focus on those things when a situation is bad. At least for me it is. Then I have to give myself a pep talk and point out all of my blessings. Don't let satan steal your joy! Even if your not sure what to do…just stop! Be still and know that he is God. Rest in him and wait. We can't always figure it out and sometimes we think we are in athe wrong place because it's bad, but God may need us there. Look at Joseph. So those of you who are discouraged please don't lose hope. Hope is not unrealistic….it's what gets us through. Keep pressing on. Show your husband you are loving God no matter what and love him no matter what. It may take a while to chip through the ice but God can do it. I can understand the job thing as well. But maybe your ere to be the light. Or learn to totally lean on God. I have faced these situations and sometimes I don't get why until it's over. Mostly I just see how much closer I am to God. And maybe I am so thick headed that hard situation was the only way to break me. Keep on! he will never leave you! He is our joy so rest in that!

    • Saundrs

      Thank you, Valarie, for your post. It spoke directly to my heart. Strength is found in God alone, not in marriage, work, friends, etc. May we focus on Christ and quit allowing satan to discontent us. Thank you again and may God bless you for your words of wisdom and comfort.

      • brodie1805

        "May we focus on Christ and quit allowing satan to discontent us."

        Wow, what a powerful statement! I feel I am just coming out of a long period of allowing satan to cause discontent and anger toward the Lord in my life. I'd never thought of it in that way, that it wasn't just that I was going through some tough times but that I was allowing satan in to show me how bad my life was. Thank you for posting your thoughts!

    • AnnaLee

      Ah, Amen, Valarie… thank you so much. Nothing has to go right. We don't have to have anything together. Our joy is found in the fact that right here, right now, our savior Loves us, and that He will never leave us. Let that be our strength, even if that strength is not the kind that makes us go out and jump for joy, doing those valiant things. May His identity and ours in Him be our strength for getting up and do what He's called us to do. We love you, Lord… and you love us. Let that alone be our comfort a midst whatever comes our way. Amen. <3

  • My marriage is falling apart. My husband is thinking about leaving and I find myself already grieving. I need to see this verse this morning.

    • Benay

      Dearest Sister! God is pushing me to respond to you — I hope I do Him justice :).
      Let me start by telling you my husband and I have been married for 26 years. Sometimes good, sometimes bad, — but always married. I think the most difficult part of being married for longer than a month is accepting that we continue to grow and change. People do not 'grow up' and then stay that way forever. We are always growing up — and we should — but we have to allow our spouse and our relationship to grow also. I don't say this because I've done this and I'm good at it. I say this because I'm constantly trying to do this.
      But if you both are focused on God then, like the sunflower turning toward the sun, you will both be facing and growing in the same direction. If only you stay focused on God, the you will grow towards Him and He will be faithful and use you to reflect His light toward your husband. It may take longer than you want it to. Your relationship may not be beautiful and perfect all the time (or even very often). But what God wants is for you to focus on Him. Not on your spouse or on your relationship.
      As I read back over this, it sounds like I'm an expert or I'm good at this or something. It's often a struggle. And to be honest, I have often failed in my focus. Sometimes the only thing that kept us together was pride – we are the few, the proud, the still married!
      Even if my words aren't helpful, at least know I'm thinking about you and praying for you.

      • AnnaLee

        kmt, my heart goes out to you this morning. I don't have perfect words… but I pray crying for you today. He is near to the broken hearted. He is faithful to finish what He started. Do not forget these two things, sister. I pray you'd turn your face towards Him today and give up control in this situation; that you'd trust in the Lord to do His good will of reconciliation and restoration, no matter how long that takes. I'll be praying for your husband, that the both of you would look to Christ and give this marriage to Him. Father, don't let your people be sheep without a shepherd. Don't let them be dashed upon the rocks. I pray that this horrible time would be the time they decide to trust in you completely… and I pray it'd be the reason they sing praise in your courts after all of this has passed by them both. You are the Lord. And You do not forsake your children. Comfort and strengthen them both today, Oh Lord. I pray He'd hide you away under the shadow of His wings today. That He'd bring you near and whisper of His steadfast love and promises to the both of you, and if your husband does not know the Lord, that today would be the day of salvation, the day He realizes that Jesus has never given up on Him… and that He'll help your husband never give up on this marriage, either. Be comforted, sister. I love you.

    • Melinda

      Praying for you this morning, kmt…..

    • Elizabeth

      praying as well. God is bigger. And I completely agree with Benay. Praying, big prayers.

    • Erin

      I will pray for you today. I lift your life to the King of Heaven to restore, repair, and heal the brokenness.

    • sillybutprayingmama

      kmt, I'm behind in my study so forgive my late response. I've just finished up a class called Love & Respect. It's biblically based and helped me in so many ways. You'll be in my thoughts and prayers.

    • Kylee

      I prayed for you again today! Whatever has happened since your initial comment, that God would smooth out rub in your marriage & work it out for GOOD, regardless of where that relationship stands today. He can work with our messes if we invite him in to do so. Prayers abound, friend.

  • biolaleye

    I'm mighty glad I found this community yesterday, please keep up the good work on here. His joy is really our strenght, no more grief for me as I victoriously march on into this new week. Halleluyah.

  • This is a great verse for me right now. I had a rough week largely because of where I put my focus… Oh that I will focus on Him and let Him be my strength.

    • AnnaLee

      Amen Melinda. Praying for you this week. May the Lord redirect your focus and may you find rest and joy in Him. Love you sis.

  • This is one of my 'go to' verses…..I love it…

    Thank you for the reminder of how powerful that verse is….it's come at a good time too….it's my daughter's birthday next week…..and I'm feeling a tad low…..prayers for the joy of the Lord to indeed be my strength would be a true blessing…..Thank you Sisters……

    The sun is out, the sky is blue…..Thank you Lord…..Sister's God bless you this beautiful Sunday…..with His love, joy, hope ,peace…..XXX

    • AnnaLee

      Will be praying for you, dear friend. Love you. Know that though this week may be hard, you can be honest here! You are loved here. May the Lord lift you up in His arms and bless you abundantly this week. xoxo.

  • Ah. I needed this verse tonight/today. Something that I've been praying about for, well a long time but pretty much non stop this whole week, it didn't happen. And I'm having trouble with having hope because every time I want to have hope, I always feel like I can't because I have to also be realistic. And even though I trust that God will work things out the way he wants it to, right now I also feel like nothing I want, is what he wants. And so it's been making me really sad because I feel like my desires are not lining up with his desires no matter how much I pray for them to. I feel like I have no idea what God wants for me because nothing is turning out the way I'd like for them to go, but I have no direction other than trust him. Which is great…..but I feel so lost.

    So this verse…I needed this. Even though I've read it before, thank you for making it stand out. I actually was crying in bed and couldn't sleep so I got up because I felt really sad and got on here to see what today's Weekly Truth was going to be and I'm really glad it is what it is.

    • tina

      Beatccr, praying that you rest in the Lord, who has a plan and a purpose for your life……this may not be what you want to hear right now….But God…..
      Dear sister, "do not grieve, for yes indeed, the joy of the Lord is your strength… His plan for your life…..whatever it is, you know it's gonna be the very best He will give TO YOU….
      Blessings and love being prayed over the net your way……x x

    • chery

      I ma in the same place as you. I have been praying for 3 years for my situation and still no answer. I, too, have no idea what I am to be doing and trust cames and goes with the day. I am sitting here reading and preparing to go to a job that I hate and has pulled me so far away from where I want to be and changed me so much that I don't like who I am, yet God hasn't provided a way to leave. I will be praying for you today and ask you to pray for me: Lord, I lift up my sister in Christ, Beatccr, and ask that You provide her with the peace she needs to face the coming week, that You work things out in her life according to Your will, that You supply answers for her about what You want for her and open doors so she can find answers. I ask that You bring her wants in line with what You want for her and that in all of this, You are honored, You receive all the praise and glory and that she knows how awesome our God is!!

      • Sheri

        Hi chery, I wanted to let you know that I understand completely how you feel. I hope I can give some insight standing on the other side of those emotions (most of them, some are still a work in progress).

        I worked at a job I didn’t like for a long time. I was absolutely miserable. I hated going in every day and every night I would come home and complain about my day. I was bitter, negative, tired, condescending, there was really nothing good. I lived my life based on my emotions and at the time they were all wrong.

        It caused me to leave bad impressions on people and some people even turned away from me. In the end I ended up deeply hurt because of the pain I caused.

        There’s not a day I don’t look back and realize how thankful I am that I finally found a new job after 5 years of searching. My demeanor has changed thanks to my work situation, yet I still tended to have a negative outlook on life, always waiting for the bad news to come after something good. I realized I thought this job would change things. But I was so wrong. Only God can change things.

        So I’ve been leaning into God to find out just who I am meant to be. You said you didn’t like the person you’ve become and I felt the same way. God doesn’t intend for us to live life this way. Once I started realizing the worth I have in God, it changed my outlook on life. Having faith in him to deliver me THROUGH instead of out of tough situations.

        It’s not easy. I still fail all the time, but I know I’ve completely drifted from the bondage of satan that was holding me down. What I have found is that sometimes God won’t remove a situation from us because he wants to change us. It’s hard. It really stinks. But in the end you will be so much stronger for it.

        I’m praying for you, I hope this gave you some encouragement. I know the feelings you described well and I hope it connects with you an inspiration that seasons do change. Keep believing & praying. God will deliver you.

    • AnnaLee

      Ah, sis… me too. I've realized I idolize "the life" I think I should be having… independence. I always idolize independence, having it all together, that "life" filled with being more of an adult, doing things to sustain myself… but that's not where I am. I don't know where I am, but I'm here. And being independent is ultimately not what God wants for us; He wants us to be reliant upon Him always. Today, it's hard for me too to not grieve this… but ultimately this is not my life whatsoever, and everything I think is dust, just like me.

      Lord, I pray for beatccr, here. You know her life. You know her faults, her desires, her fears; you know just how fearfully and wonderfully she is made. You have her right HERE for a reason. I pray that you'd show her how to let your joy be her strength… I pray you'd make her to know that everything, EVERYTHING, really is right where it's supposed to be… even if it feels so far away from what we think it should be. Lord, let us rest in You. We need you… we need you. You are strong to be what we need here. I praise you for that.

      Be blessed, dear sister… you are not alone in feeling "so far off course." This is an important part of the story.
      You know what I realized yesterday night? I felt so restless. I had to rest in Him. I asked Him to show me what that was… and I cried at the answer. To rest is to not have to be anyone or do anything. At all. It's to just… be. Just be in Him today, just as you are. Love you, friend. I'll be praying for you.

    • Jen

      I've had a similar experience over the last year. The best advice I have heard is that when God doesn't answer your prayers, start praying for more of the Holy Spirit…because He always answers that one =) Kind of goes with that passage in James about asking for wisdom. Hope that helps!

    • Malon Williamson

      One of my favorite scriptures are Psalms 23 and27 meditate on theses and let them minister to your soul Be Bless because God cares and he knows All
      of our struggles.

    • beatccr

      Thanks to everyone who replied. Your prayers have definitely been helping. I feel very encouraged after reading your responses. Thank you again!

    • Sheri

      Hi sweet lady, sorry I’m late for the conversation. I pray at the time of me writing this that you have found your secure footing in The Lord. I completely understand how you feel. I prayed over something for the past year that I believed God was telling me he was going to answer… And now out of the blue, the situation has completely changed out of my favor (not that it was before) and there is no hope in the situation. But there is still hope in God. So I’m leaning on that and trying to trust Him with all the pieces and parts of my heart and my broken dream. And it’s frustrating bc not only did I believe he was going to respond a certain way, it now also calls into question my ability to discern His voice. For the past year I was so sure He was speaking to me. That’s a lot to misunderstand on my part. So I so get it. That moment of loneliness. The moment where Gods ultimate sovereignty falls out of line with our dreams. It’s confusing. It’s been a rough few weeks for me but I believe God is asking me to have faith. Perhaps it’s the same for you. In my study bible it says the people building the wall and were at half it’s height- ultimately had a decision to keep going or to quit. “But the commitment of the people is a sign of likely success, since it is based on faith in God” FAITH IN GOD friend, that’s how I’m going to get through it and I pray you would join me in holding hands against the enemy of fear & unknown and have faith in God instead. Despite the circumstances – Hebrews 11: by faith… When you don’t know how to do it, do it by faith. I counted that phrase “by faith” 18 times in the 36 verse chapter. Strong stuff friend, praying for you!

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