Nehemiah: introduction


Here we stand at the door to the book of the Old Testament prophet, Nehemiah. Some of us have been here before and some of us have not, but God has something for all of us – each and every one – within the thirteen chapters of this book. That is something to be excited about, my friends!

The book of Nehemiah is the story of a wall. Not a metaphorical wall, but an actual, honest-to-goodness wall. But! Don’t close the laptop just yet. The story of Nehemiah is about so much more than bricks and mortar.

It’s about compassion – of a man for his city, and of our God for sinners (that’s us).
It’s about covenant – God’s unbreakable promise to His people and their commitment to one another.
It’s about community – a band of imperfect people linking arms to do the work of a mighty God.

The book of Nehemiah is a remarkable story about God using regular, God-fearing folks – not just the big, impressive leaders – to accomplish His redemptive purposes.

As you study this book of the Bible, it may be helpful to think of it in two parts:

Part One | Chapters 1-7 | The Reconstruction
Part Two | Chapters 8-13 | The Re-instruction

First, God builds up His people as they build up, or reconstruct, the wall.
Then, God re-instructs the people through His servant Nehemiah and through His Word.

And then? A surprise ending. Stick around and see!

Before we dive into Day 1 and Chapter 1 tomorrow, would you pray with us? Together as a fellowship of believers – real women gathered around this virtual table – let’s go to the Lord together.

Pray that God would meet us here,
that our hearts would be soft and open to the truth He has for us,
and that this truth would make us more like Jesus.


Get those study packs ready if you’ve got ‘em (though it’s absolutely ok if you don’t!),
and meet us back here tomorrow for Chapter 1/Day 1 of Nehemiah!

  • Odette Benitez

    This is an amazing study reminding us to seek God always in spite of our circumstances.

  • Stephanie Wilson

    How can I join in the study of the book of Nehemiah…

  • I am excited to start my first SRT study today!! Thanks to my sweet sister in Christ for the info that a new stud was starting today. I don't doubt that the Lord has me here in this study for a reason!! May we all learn how to be world changers for His renown!!

  • I'm really excited about this! I haven't studied my bible in years but I just randomly ended up on this site two days ago and all of the sudden felt really inspired to look at the Word again. I hope it's ok that I participate even if I haven't been really on the ball about my faith.

    • AnnaLee

      Mae, it's COMPLETELY okay!! We're so excited and glad to have you here. Know that you are welcomed and loved just as you are– no matter if you just opened your bible thirty minutes ago or have never before in your life! No matter who you are, no one is better or worse for the "holy things" they do, like reading God's Word– but that the Lord wants to grow and deepen your faith. I'm praying He'd do just that during this study, and that He'd draw you along in it with loving kindness, grace, and continually deeper truths! Be Blessed, my friend! :)

  • This is the second time I've read through Nehemiah since moving to Kampala, Uganda less than a year ago, and again, his story resonates so much with my own. My husband and I are here working with an NGO that brings much needed hope and restoration to imprisoned children. In the same way that Nehemiah is about a "community– a band of imperfect people linking arms to do the work of a mighty God," we are too!! There are so many politics and cultural issues and hiccups when it comes to work we do, but we are still doing the work of a MIGHTY God. And as much as I care about this work and these kids, He cares far more than my little heart could ever hope to. And that is awesome.

  • Nehemiah is one of my favorite books in the bible and I am so excited to do this study and grow in news ways through it!!!

  • LaurenC_

    Praying tonight that God will meet us here, individually and collectively. Praying that our hearts will be soft and open to the truth He has for us; especially my heart, which too often closes itself off and hides in the dark. Praying that this truth would make us more like Jesus; that I will go without fear into each new place The Lord calls me. I'm looking forward to learning again from God's work in Nehemiah and I pray that I am like his wall — being reconstructed and re-instructed. Lord, please make me teachable.

  • Jesus, thank you for the SRT community and the women you reveal yourself and encourage so many of us through. I pray that you meet each of us here in your word and through the words we share with one another. We thank you that in our imperfections you are made so very perfect. We look forward to growing through the study of Nehemiah. Excited!! :)

  • Melody Ochoa

    Got my Study Pack and I am ready to go! So excited to share with you all!

  • Michele Lee

    "The book of Nehemiah is a remarkable story about God using regular, God-fearing folks – not just the big, impressive leaders – to accomplish His redemptive purposes." So true in all that God does. Can't wait to dive into the study with everyone else!

  • T Thomas

    I agree. I also woke up this morning being more excited that it wasn’t just any other Monday. It is Nehemiah Day! This will be my second time reading Nehemiah with SRT. I also want to look back at my old notes from last time as well as being open to new things He will bring out of the study this time around. Thank you for committing this day to prayer before diving in to this study. I will join in prayer for the team and community as a whole as we are brought back to Nehemiah or introduced to Nehemiah for the first time for this present time in all our lives. To be reconsructed and re instructed!

  • Nehemiah prayed for God to give him success in approaching the King. So I pray
    11 “Lord, let your ear be attentive to the prayer of this your servant and to the prayer of your servants who delight in revering your name.” Give us open hearts to be changed as You direct, give us focus to be strong against distractions and give us a desire to learn beyond what we could imagine. I am she who reads truth. AMEN!!!

  • RebekahMann91

    Dear heavenly Abba,

    Thank you for a continued chance to study with this on fire group.
    Help me to see what you would have to see in your book of Nehemiah
    and help the others to also have their eyes opened as we study
    about your people, your city, and your servant Nehemiah.

    And all these things I ask,
    In Jesus Christ's name,

  • Jenny D.

    Roughly this time last year, I recall studying Nehemiah with you girls. And it was at that time that the Lord uprooted my husband and I to "do a great work" elsewhere. We left our home, our family, our friends, our church, and our livelihoods to pursue this new call. I wish I could say that it ended with a pretty bow on top, but instead, we left six months into our journey after complete mistrust and emotional abuse within the leadership that oversaw us, all of which was compounded by the miscarriage of our first pregnancy. To say we are broken right now is an understatement. We are back in our home community trying to pick up the pieces of this confusion, not even sure if/how they will all fit again. I cling to the hope that this study will bring about a reconstruction that both my husband and I so desperately need in this current season of brokenness. Thank you, SRT ladies, for doing this study at this time so that we can believe that the same God who spoke these words to us a year ago still holds a future that is being rebuilt in the palm of His hand.

    • NicolaL

      Oh Jenny what a rough year….. I'm so glad you're here, I'm so glad we can hang out and read His word together for a bit.

      Sister hugs and mugs of coffee and a slice of fruit cake over the internet….. Lifting you up in prayer right now. So glad you said hi today. Take care, and see you in Nehemiah! x

    • AnnaLee

      Jenny, my heart breaks for you. I don't know you or your story, but what I do know is that the Lord is preparing all of us. He's prepared us to do this study, He'll prepare us for further unfathomable, countless things using this study. I pray you'd take to heart that the God of this universe, the God of this real man, Nehemiah, is the same God who cries with you during your distress, vows to bring about justice, and already knows EXACTLY how your entire life will turn out. Know this: No matter how horrible or completely opposite it feels, your whole story is beautiful, and Christ's mighty banner over you is nothing but LOVE. I pray He'd do a huge redemptive work in you & your husband's life through this season, and that He'd continue to strengthen your hands to do the work, big and small, that He's called you to do. I'll continue to pray for you, sister. Love you.

  • wiscogurl

    I'm lost. I thought we were starting today. I did the reading and everything! Can you tell I'm excited?

  • So excited to begin my first study with SRT! Can't wait to see what the Lord has planned for all of us as we uncover His Word daily.

  • Lisa Bass

    This is the first time doing one of your studies and I am excited to get started. I will be doing this with my four daughters. Looking forward to all God has in store for us these next 17 days :)

  • Samantha

    Excited to get stuck in with SRT again, I've let life take over the past few months and am completely ready to fully participate this time rather than just reading along.

    I studied Nehemiah with Beth Moore's blog a few years ago and fell in love with the book then and am praying that He will break my heart for what breaks His all over again.

  • p.s. – That scrumptious-looking teacup dessert is totally calling my name right now. I read so many cooking/baking blogs that I am dying to know what it is and how I can make it ;o).

  • So excited to start this study! I read through Nehemiah last year, and I remember being blown away. Can't wait to see what God will show us this time :o). Blessings, sisters!

  • So excited to join the SRT community and study God's Word together!

    • AnnaLee

      So excited to have you, Jordan!! I can't wait to see what God brings about here :)

  • I am so excited to start this study and hope to keep pace with my fellow SRT sisters this time :-) Although I am familiar with the Book of Nehemiah, I actual don’t have any parts marked in my Bible. Excited to dig in!

    Prayed for us all this morning :-)

  • Krista Wilbur

    I have never, in my whole life, been so excited for my alarm to go off at 6 am. I'm far more excited than usual when it comes to doing a #SRT study, too. I feel like this is going to be a study God uses to rock my world and change my life. Sisters! I'm praying for us to grow together, to dig down deep, to get our feet and hands muddy, to shed tears that need to be shed, and to build each other up. God is faithful, God is true, and God has brought us here together in this time and place. I cannot wait!

  • Steph_Lilac

    I just love Nehemiah!! I fully plan on naming my future son after this mighty man of valor! God is about to move like never before in revealing the divine blessings that are in this sometimes overlooked book. I pray that we get ready for the Nehemiah journey that lies ahead. That any plots of distraction or disruption the enemy has set forth would be utterly cast down in the name of Jesus. May the Lord be well pleased with this group of dedicated and passionate ladies who hunger for more of His Word.

  • mazmagi54 (Peggy)

    Father God, Thank You for the book of Nehemiah and all the treasures that we will encounter as we follow along and listen to all that Nehemiah has set before us … more than the "bricks and mortar" of the wall. Tear down any walls in our own thinking, anything that is keeping us from digging into Your Word. Build our foundation with hearts of prayer like Nehemiah seeking more of You.

    Come Holy Spirit, open our hearts, our minds and our attitudes to receive as a community. Soften our hearts, O Lord. Create in us a clean, a pure heart ready to hear the Truth being spoken to each of us wherever we are at …in our life's journey.

    I thank You and await what You will reveal in a new way to hearts that are like clay, waiting to be molded by You, Holy Spirit! May we be made more in the image of Jesus by the words of Nehemiah, with our hearts being changed and our thoughts filled with Your glorious Truth as we read and study and share! Fill us with more compassion for others, commitment to You and one another in this community and our own.

    Thank You for this "community – a band of imperfect people linking arms to do the work of a mighty God." Looking forward to Your Redemptive work in us!

    Thank You for Your promises … that are unbreakable as a covenant as we enter into Your Word, into the Holy of Holies …in Your beautiful Presence … may we seek more and more of You being revealed through Nehemiah. I give You praise for the Reconstruction and the Re-Instruction as You renew, restore, reawaken, revive, rekindle, or re-do whatever we may need or can take into our daily lives from this time with one another and You! You are Mighty and so worthy of our praise, our time, our thanks and our waiting for more of You!

    Do a new thing this spring in us and as we gather, build walls or tear down walls, so that our lives will be molded by You … for eternity … we ask this in Jesus' precious Name … lifting each sister in Christ and their situation to You as You complete Your work in us! Thank You Lord, we love You with all our hearts, our souls and our minds … fill us as You prepare us…

  • Liane Michelle

    I am so excited to dive into this new study!! I loved Jonah and it was a book I had never thought of focusing on before. Same with Nehemiah. I can't wait to read through the book today so that I am ready for the days of in-depth study ahead. Praying for God to fill your hearts and mind with his wisdom and Spirit; praying that He will open our minds to the truths that he wants each of us to gain from this study.

  • So is it starting today Monday or tomorrow Tuesday?

    • Steph_Lilac

      Hi Amy, it's starts tomorrow Tuesday. This is gear up to prepare our hearts and minds to receive the blessed truth that lies in Nehemiah.

  • I was just thinkingb this morning about how I need to pray for you amazing women that provide us with these truths wrapped in such a lovely package. May Gos bless and protect you and guide yu throughout this journey. And thank you for the reminder to prepare my heart today.

  • I opened my Bible to the words I had written the last time we studied Nehemiah, including what you said above that it's more than a story about brick and mortar, "it's a remarkable story about God using regular, God fearing folks, not just the big important leaders-to accomplish His redemptive purposes ". God prepared in advance the good works Nehemiah would do. (Ephesians 2:10). This story is a great reminder that we are not here for ourselves but for God's purpose and that he can use any one to complete the task. I am looking forward to gleaning more insight the second time around. I have also appreciated what I learn from the comments section! You go girls!!!!!!

  • I have to admit I'm just now began to study the bible and I had never heard of this book. It will be interesting I'm looking forward to it and all the comments.

    • kristawilbur

      That's so exciting, Estela! Even if you've never heard of it before, you're hearing of it now, and that's what matters. Excited to get to go through the book with you. It's one of my favorites (although if I'm being honest I've only read Nehemiah once and it wasn't that long ago, so it still feels very new to me, too). Love how God brings us women together!

  • Oh, let it be so! Thank you Father for bringing us here, at the page ready to be opened.

  • Courtney

    One more thing!
    "a band of imperfect people linking arms to do the work of a mighty God"
    That is SO what we are here at SheReadsTruth.
    Did anyone else catch that? <3

    • Raechel Myers

      Yes!!! For sure!!! It has been so apparent among us as writers that THIS is so reflective of our community! xo

  • I believe my first time with SRT was a study of Nehemiah. I' looking forward to what God has for me in it this time. I pray I will have an open mind and heart to receive it, believe it and act upon it.

  • Courtney

    Really excited to dig into this. Y'all know how much I loooooove Mondays. I woke up today thinking, "Ugh… Monday already? Oh! Its Nehemiah day!!" Then I did a little happy dance. ;)
    Praying for our community and our hearts! I think the anticipation we are feeling is just a hint of the anticipation God is feeling for us to dig in to this study. I'm 98% sure that there were some heavenly hosts doing a happy dance with me this morning, excited for us to get into this next study together!
    Have a blessed day sisters!

    • Teresa

      Lol I said the same thing " it's Nehemiah Day!"

    • kristawilbur

      Sam here, Courtney! I woke up in the middle of the night because I kept having the same dream and I couldn't go back to sleep. The first thing I thought when I glanced at my phone to check was time was "Woo! It's officially Monday!" Couldn't wait to get started with you ladies this morning! :)

  • Thank you, God, that there is a way for girls all over the world to join together in your living, breathing word. Thank you for giving the leaders at SRT the gifts to bring this all together and to find a passion for an Old Testament book that might be overlooked because it may not seem applicable today. But Every. Single. Word of yours is written for us.
    I pray you bless each and every heart that joins in this journey and that we don’t keep it to ourselves. I pray you give us a heart to share what we learn.


  • napturallymary

    This is my first time reading with this group and I am excited about starting this study!

    • Courtney

      Welcome, sister! I know you will quickly see you are among friends!

    • AnnaLee

      Welcome sister! We're so happy you're here! So excited to dig deep into the word with you these next few weeks :) May the Lord bless you and keep you as you press into Him! Praise God!

  • Carolynmimi

    Hopeful to join in this study. I have so missed participating in this group.

  • Can't wait to start!!!

  • Rusheika

    Getting ready to dive in but just wondering how long this Nehemiah plan is. I'm sure it says it somewhere but I can't seem to find it. Thanks

  • Praying with you. This was one of my favorite studies! I can't wait to see what new things God is going to teach me this time!

  • I love the story of Nehemiah and I pray that as we study it together God will stir something within each of us that He will use to start a huge revival. Let us all take a stand and get busy for Him. May He use us for His glory!

  • tabithahannasmith

    Ooh, hurry up study pack! Praying it wings it's way here this week! Excited to start this study tomorrow.

  • joanne sher

    Looking forward to this! Nehemiah may have been the king’s cupbearer, but everyone else in this story is you and me. And they did a miracle, despite opposition, discouragement, and thwarted plans. Oh, how I need this!

    • AnnaLee

      Amen Joanne! I've never truly read through all of the book before but only bits and pieces. I love all the truths I've already found by reading through the little parts of this book and am so excited to further that!!

  • KellyK(@RNCCRN9706)

    Got my Study Pack! Well done by the way! Absolutely beautiful! Hope they're made available for all future studies!

  • This is my first time to read and study this book! :) I'm so excited for what God has prepared to reveal to me in the coming weeks! I'm blessed to study this book with you all sisters! :)

  • Father God speak to us through your word. Help us hear what You have to say then help us apply and live out what we hear. Amen.

  • This is the third time this year that God has led me to a study on the book of Nehemiah. I’ll admit, my initial reaction was a whiny “Again?!”, but I’m grateful for the reminder today to enter into this plan with an open heart. Right when I needed it.

    • cheekhm

      What a privilege to study the same passage of Scripture so close together. You can offer us great insights from your past two experiences to those entering these pages for the first time. You can also glean so many different things by studying with new groups of people.
      This will be my 3rd time through as well (though it's been a couple years apart). SRT ladies are focusing on a completely different theme and I'm so excited to experience it again with everyone.

      Lord refresh these words for ladies like Emmi and myself who have already encountered Nehemiah. Use us to share truth with those who are looking at this amazing book for the first time.

    • AnnaLee

      Sometimes I get puzzled when the Lord brings me back to a certain passage of scripture over and over again. As I heard once from Charles Stanley and have always kinda believed deep within my heart, one of the biggest reasons the Lord brings me back to a passage of scripture is that He doesn't want me to forget His message for me there, or He wants to instruct me further along the line of the passage. I pray that the Holy Spirit would work in you in entirely different ways while studying this book here, but that He'd also minister to you the old truths as well! Be so blessed as you read through, Emmi! Amen.

  • Candacejo

    Praying with you SRT sisters that the study of Nehemiah will challenge, strengthen and encourage us to be more like HIM! Such a great book….blessings!

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