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Today's Text: Jonah 3&4

Morning, girls!

It’s Friday again! We loved reading all of your #SheSharesTruth blog posts and such last week. You guys make us so happy – the Lord truly is blessing the hearts of the women who gather here.

If you aren’t familiar with our Lenten #SheSharesTruth experiment, we explain it a bit more here. In short, we believe that one of the best ways to learn is by teaching. So every Monday during Lent, we assign a portion of Scripture (this week we assigned Jonah 3&4) for you to study and write about. And today is the day we share what we’ve learned by writing in our own spaces and linking to that here.


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She Shares Truth

Here’s the plan:

  • Write your devotional/reflections/response to Jonah 3&4 on your personal blog. (If you don’t have a blog, use Instagram, Facebook with the hashtags #SheSharesTruth and #SheReadsTruth; or even write the comments section here.)
  • Link to this post so your readers can know about the #SheSharesTruth experiment too.
  • Share the link to your post/Facebook update/Instagram below in the LinkyTool below.
  • Visit each other’s links – at least one or two (maybe the two people who linked up before you?). Comment there – tell them you see them and hear them! Let’s talk about the God of Jonah together!

    **Please share your heart, sisters. Our desire is not for this to be a time of comparison or sizing up writing abilities or spiritual maturity. Eloquence and insight are lovely, but we know that is not the thing our God calls us to. So, let’s not call each other to that either. Sister, if you feel ill-equipped – GOOD! If you feel like you have so much to learn – GREAT. SO DO WE! Every single time we sit down to write. And if we don’t, are hearts are not in the right place. Let this be a safe place to learn and share and love each other WELL.

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  • the-goodsoil

    I cried writing this(I'm too emotional) I hope you too can relate to it ladies. #41 Another Chance, Look under Friday, 28th

    Thank you and I enjoy reading others perspectives too! xoxo

  • 780albertagirl

    Excited read the reflections and thoughts written by others. I already feel guilty about complaining to God about all the snow he won't stop sending us, IN SPRING! But imagine what it would be like to complain to God because He saved a whole city from destruction. No, Jonah, you don't have a right to be angry :) http://780albertagirl.wordpress.com/2014/03/28/go

  • I love reading the different perspectives!

    #76 Loving Sinners like Me

  • teawithsb

    I wrote my thoughts out in my journal and posted it in Instagram under the hashtag. My user name is teawithsb. My main thought from this is : NOTHING can separate us from God (not even our bad attitude) and even though Jonah was a pouty child! he understood that and was honest with God and kept the lines of communication open. The act of God changing out hearts is easier if we are completely honest with ourselves and Him, and keep communing with Him.

  • http://themanymusingsofalexa.blogspot.com/2014/03/oh-mercy.html?m=1 My post for the week!
    I have been so encouraged by reading others posts today!
    So much rich truth in these two chapters.

  • the-goodsoil

    I cried writing this(I'm too emotional) I hope you too can relate to it ladies. #41 Another Chance http://the-goodsoil.com/the-daily-seed/

  • Rachel Nordgren

    Dear SRT ladies…I love this whole #SheSharesTruth thing. It's just the most marvelous way to connect with other sisters in this community. Can this continue after Lent??

    I'm #54 above or http://ouryellowdoor.wordpress.com/2014/03/28/rid

  • Kristina M.

    Hello SRT sisters!! Reading these entries have become a highlight of my weekend!! I'm # 28 above or click here: http://kristinanicoleblog.blogspot.com/2014/03/sh

    I looked at pride. Xo, Kristina

  • the-goodsoil

    I cried writing this,(I'm too emotional) I hope you too can relate to it ladies. Another Chance http://the-goodsoil.com/the-daily-seed/
    Love you with the crazy love of God. xoxo

  • Janee White

    Again, I love this! I love being able to come back later this afternoon, with a cup of hot tea, a blanket and my laptop, and gain insight into my sisters hearts.

    I was struck by the fact that God changed His mind…my post is number 44 or you can link to it here.

  • Back to grad school Jonah: after a brief intermission in the belly of a large fish…

    Jonah already had to have outstanding credentials if God was going to send him into the large city of Nineveh to preach against its wickedness. But as we found out in chapter two, Jonah goes back to college, a refresher course shall we say, in Trust and Obey at Fish University of the Sea.
    Once Jonah’s education is complete and he sees the errors of his ways, he’s ready to tackle the career job that God has provided for him. There’s no pomp and circumstance at his graduation ceremony, he’s simply vomited up and ready for action; which leads us to chapter three.
    Being a fresh graduate of FUS, Jonah is quick to obey upon receiving his post-grad assignment. It’s a recycled position, but God knows that Jonah is now ready to proclaim the message that He has given Jonah.
    Jonah haven taken his recent training to heart heads off to Nineveh lickety-split. He warns the King of what will happen to him and all his people if they don’t repent and turn from their evil ways. Much to Jonah’s surprise—they listened.
    Jonah witnesses God’s great mercy and love for the Nineveh people, and even though he himself has just received God’s salvation and rebirth through the miraculous deliverance from the fish (where he should have died), Jonah won't accept the same miraculous salvation for the Nineveh people.
    Has his FUS education let him down? Why all this fussing Jonah? Why so angry? It’s time for Jonah to go take a CE course. He needs a little continuing education to help his new career thrive. God, via this refresher course, shows Jonah that his thoughts about wanting the Nineveh people destroyed (not saved) are prideful, and extremely wrong.
    But I’m not so sure that Jonah is awarded his CE credit. This refresher course brings in a tree, which Jonah promptly has great affection for and excessive anger once it is taken away from him. This tree brought Jonah shade and comfort, and God is once again, able to educate Jonah on where his affections should be. This tree that made Jonah so happy because his discomfort was assuaged is a miracle (he didn't plant it and take care of it for years while it grew) from God (it grew up overnight). God explains to him that what brings the Lord joy and pleasure is what Jonah should take up as his delight—this is where his affections should be. When God takes away His gift (the shady tree) we only see angry Jonah again. His true happiness was not in God but the things God was doing for him. God’s question about should Jonah be angry sheds light into where Jonah’s affections truly are. He just can’t seem to come to grips with the fact that God should delight in His creations. Jonah can't stand that God declares it is perfect and holy for Him to have compassion on the Nineveh people.
    I don’t know where this ends. Does Jonah wonder off in a forever prideful pity party? Why does God leave us hanging like this? Is it an ever perpetual story of our walk with the Lord? No, I don’t have the answers, but I do have my focus thanks to Jonah—my heart affection is to be on God and Him alone, not what he does for me or the nasty person in the next town over. HE IS GOD and HE CAN DO AS HE PLEASES.

  • This is my perspective on Jonah…I got a little carried away and generally spoke about the whole book because i missed my post last week. Please excuse the blogger design update currently underway! http://clmowl.blogspot.co.uk/

  • As we have begun Jonah I am always a little surprised and taken back by chapter 4. It's hard for me to understand why he really wouldn't have wanted them saved at all, not even in the slightest, rather He die?!? I read one of the blog, Amen sisters, that mentioned his idea of justice within Gods grace. And how that can inhibit out perspective and feelings on Gods grace extended to others. However unlike Jonah, we know that justice was done. Christ died sinless for our sins so that we may be saved by his grace. God is still just but merciful and full of grace. His justice was served and he is and will still be the Judge in the end. So maybe this can humble us when we need.

    Thanks for sharing everyone!,,

  • Jonah 3-4
    Whooooa!! I can just picture Jonah walking through the city square, stomping his feet, mumbling to himself about the "chore" God has just asked him to do for the second time!!! Once the duty is done, he take his seat to watch it play out and is devastated when it doesn't turn out his way.

    When I read these two chapters I was surprised fist with a "HUH?" How can he (more or less) say "No" to something God wants him to do. Especially, if he was a believer of the Lord and His work. Then I remembered how Jesus had a disciple turn against Him and thought "God's will be done." My second surprise was "OH!" He was acting as we all do. Sitting on the sidelines to see what happens next. When it doesn't turn out his way, he is angry at the One who sent him there. We get that way at times.

    He truly is hour Father. Like a parent He has to ask more than once to get the chore done. hen when things don't turn out the way we expect them to, He sits with Jonah and explain to help Jonah understand what is best. It's that unconditional love a parent has for their child.

    Blessed are we who have a God who allows us more than a second chance so we can see His reasoning. Blessed are we for a Father who continually gives us His unconditional Love when we (knowingly or unknowingly) go against Him. Thank you Lord for these and all of the blessings you provide for us and our families.

    Bless you all Sisters and have a great weekend.

  • colshefski

    Without much time, there isn't much to it. But I hope it brings some insight, anyway! http://sojournersmilestogo.wordpress.com/

  • JessicaLoves___

    Just so thankful that God's such a great redeemer! And that he loves us in spite of ourselves!
    I Told You So: http://alabamaheartindianasoul.blogspot.com/2014/

  • I wish I had more time on Fridays to read through everyone's thoughts – what a blessing my sister's words are today.

    These are my thoughts that I've posted on Instagram (@katsmith1026):
    During my study of this book, I've really struggled with Jonah's anger. He had JUST received God's mercy himself – he clearly knows God's character & loving-kindness – so how can he then be so angry when God this extends it to the Ninevites as well, as they'd also repented? Perhaps it has to do with Jonah's idea of justice – he'd surely heard stories of the great evil in Ninevah. Jonah likely thought they'd deserved God's wrath. (Honestly, we all do.) But, in God's great mercy, He continues to call us up out of Sheol to be with Him. Have I been angry when I've seen God's mercy extended towards others? Do I feel entitled to His grace, but only me and no others?

    Father – forgive me.

    Also, below is a link to a diagram in my ESV Study Bible. It's helped me to understand the structure and Jonah's overall story even better. This is NOT my blog – just a link to the diagram! I posted a picture of it in my Bible for my Instagram post, but it's a bit difficult to see. Check out the link below! It's a PDF of the introduction to Jonah – scroll down to page 1686 for the diagram :) http://esvstudybible.org/wp-content/uploads/excer

  • I'm loving the chance to read and comment on these fantastic blog posts today. Thank you, ladies, for the time and energy you have spent. It's such a blessing.

  • Ladies, thanks so much for your encouragement on my comment yesterday. I identify so much w/ Jonah in these passages. Self-righteousness is my nemesis! Love reading your words and seeing your hearts as you reflect on the Word! Thank you for the life lines you continue to extend!

    Today I take a look at what it means to consider yourself a "good" person since that's what I've striven for most of my life.

    "I mean, for years I've had people speak more highly of me than I knew to be true because I've always worked to be a good person." http://learningfrombear.blogspot.com/2014/03/livi

  • Jonah 3:1-2 KJV
    And the word of the Lord came unto Jonah the second time, saying,
    Arise, go unto Nineveh, that great city, and preach unto it the preaching that I bid thee.

    How many of us God has to speak to a second time? Many right? Well this should not be the case. As christians we know the voice of God, and when He speaks, we should act immediately. No ifs, buts or maybe just do it.
    If Jonah had obeyed God the first time He would have been to Nineveh and back, but he chose not to because of how plentious in mercy our God is.

    Before God the greatest becomes the least. When Jonah preached against the city, every man yielded because they knew who God was and what He can do to them who are wicked. Even the king humbled himself and made a decree abroad the city to fast, even the animals. Now this is serious business. This is reverential fear. They also knew that God is merciful enough to forgive even a city greatly wicked and so they bowed themselves before Him.

    Mercy was granted when the Lord saw the righteous works of the same wicked city. They caught His attention and He repented of the evil He spoke against it and did it not.
    Thats the forgiving and merciful God we serve. No place or no one is too wicked or deep in sin where He will not meet them and forgive them.

    Jonah 4
    Jonahs displeasure.
    After God repented of the evil spoken against Nineveh Jonah became very displeased and angry to the point that he wished for death.
    God being all kind, prepared him a gourd (shade) to calm him down which he was grateful for. The gourd perished while Jonah slept and he became angry again.

    The gourd was not only a shade but a lesson to Jonah. A simple gourd, which is here now and gone later, he had pity on. Yet he was displeased with God forgiving men like himself who are of more value and are ignorant to morals.

    Never speak evil of any but be meek and show kindness, always encouraging. We all have our days and we all deserve mercy. If God wasn't merciful to Jonah he would have died in the sea.
    Dont forsake grace for as much as our God is all kind, gracious and merciful, He is a consuming fire and will destroy man at His will.

  • Christina

    Good Friday morning, ladies! My link is #15 above, or this… I'm looking forward to reading your entries today!

  • Miranda Hall

    I visited She Reads Truth just a couple of days ago…I love it! Thank you so much for putting a new light on the book of Jonah. I have passed through this book many times and yet did not stop long enough to see the perspective you have brought to this remarkable story. Oh how it grieves me that I too can throw those same temper tantrums when I think someone receives God's mercy when I think possibly they should suffer a bit first. Yet who am I to judge so harshly, did not God forgive me and show mercy to me when I, like Jonah ran from Him when what He expected of me was more than I was willing to give? Did He not forgive me for my own grievance mistakes and sins? Indeed He did and I love Him so very much. A friend shared after reading this weeks devotions how "Mercy" was what stood out the most to her. I agree whole heartedly. I love the mercy God showed to Jonah and the Ninevites. I know that no matter how far we stray his mercies are new every morning. Thank you so much, I am delighted to have been introduced to your blog.

  • angel[a]

    Hi friends! Glad to share again this week with such an amazing and generous community!

    • Sheri Hooton

      Angela, that was so great! I've been reading and so mad at Jonah – I love your perspective. Thank you so much for sharing!

    • tina

      Angela, thank you for your insight into Jonah…..I have needed second chances all my life….praise God for God, and His love and mercy and second chances….amen….

      On a different note, loved your tribute to your parents….had tears in my eyes reading it…..they sound wonderful, wise and amazing…..God bless them as they continue their marriage journey…..with more love, more Grace, peace, joy ……

      • angel[a]

        Thanks, Tina! My parents are pretty amazing and inspiring. I thank God for them and their example daily. :)

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