Lent | Jonah: Day

Father and child


Today's Text: Jonah 4:1-11

Text: Jonah 4:1-11

We like to laugh at Jonah – he’s such a child.

Even if we don’t have children, we can see our own 5-year-old-selves in his angry outbursts.

God, I told you this would happen!!!

He stomps off, angrily assembles a feeble pout palace, and when his unconditionally loving Father gathers a shade plant around him to help him cool off, Jonah can’t help but crack a smile of thanks.

This passage – these final verses of the book and story of Jonah – has such a classic parent/child dynamic.

Maybe you can think back to when you were five or fifteen and your world was very you-centric. (Heh. Because that’s super behind us now, right?)

Over and over, the Lord grants mercy and provisions to His undeserving child – and Jonah is exceedingly glad! Yay for Jonah!

Over and over, the Lord grants the same mercy to His other (also undeserving) children. And Jonah is so ragey, he could die. He literally asks the Lord to take his life.

Jonah is furious that God let the plant wither, and the irony that God just saved a great city of PEOPLE from destruction is completely lost on him.

Friends, I think this is where we leave the narrative to begin reflecting on the message. We’ve read – really examined – Jonah’s story, and we’ve seen how sovereign and powerfully merciful our God is.

Let’s now ask the Lord to examine our hearts, to show us where we are prideful, where we are angry, where we are running away…

Lord, where have we been children, pouting when things don’t turn out the way we think they should? When have we not trusted you in your sovereignty  thinking our ways are much better? And where have you been our steady, unconditionally loving Father?

  • .. Oh phones :) I need to be slow to anger and abounding in love, and thankful for His blessing.

  • jojoparks28

    i guess we all have a "jonah" moment maybe once or twice (several times) in our lives, I did! while reading the book of Jonah i had the same question – why? why did God save these people? they've been making those mistakes for a long period of time (maybe) and just needed to do one thing to change how God feels for them…
    truly God's love is unfathomable….Jonah said " I know that you are a gracious and merciful God…slow to anger and abundant in loving kindness…One who relents from doing harm…."
    i honestly think they don't deserve forgiveness…but I know I'm not supposed to judge them in that manner…
    God was able to forgive them, he did so they can be saved.
    We can all do that…be humble enough to admit our sins, repent, ask for forgiveness…we all have an assurance, God will not let us down…God will be there and with his arms wide open for us.

    i love the book of Jonah :D

  • I’m not one to comment, but tonight, oh how convicting the Holy Spirit is!! I was just so incredibly frustrated and angry with my husband. We’ve out grown our 2 br home, with our two little ones. And in our small country town there is nothing on the market, unlike last year. He works so hard at home, with the kids and being a church elder. And after reading this, I was so convicted about my anger. I need to be sl

  • Tonight I was talking to a friend and explaining to her the story of how I lost my job and talking about it made me angry all over again. And she asked how I felt and I said "I'm so angry. All the time. At everyone." And I heard God whisper "Lindsay, do you do well to be angry?" And the answer was a RESOUNDING NO! (Thank you CamillaBering!!)

    And I said a prayer for God to take this anger away and in place put happiness, love, and thankfulness for my many other blessings. And before I knew it, I was laughing out loud at something. (Those of you who have ever been angry like Jonah, know that laughing out loud is something to celebrate!)

    Father, tonight remove my anger. Put happiness, love, thankfulness, and contentment in it's place. Help me to see that you have put me on this path for a reason, even though it isn't the path I chose or the path I envisioned. Your ways are not my ways, mercifully and thankfully. Thank you Father for my many blessings!!

  • journalsofavagabond

    I have been here, as recently as this morning. I have been trying to get out of debt and the best way for that is to work 2 jobs. I was being pouty this morning wondering why I had to work 2 jobs, rather than being grateful that God has graciously given me both of these jobs. Epic fail on my part as I had just prayed earlier this week about getting debt free, wow. Short sightedness on my part that's for sure. :) Thanks for the reminder that we all are like Jonah in some way. Needed this today.

  • Wow;I think God was actually speaking 2 me;Someone I’ve known 4 a vry long tym really hurt me somch dt I cried;I cried all tru d 9t cos I kpt askn God why al d bad thnz kps happening;why I make mistakes..I cud’nt gt 2 forgive ma self or him..I prayd 4 all d bad thnz 2 happen 2 him bt stl askd God 2 forgive him..’Seriously’..Jonah did dsame prayer;Pride…d funny aspect ws dt he askd me 2 pray 4 him n ask God 2 forgive me…bt I wished mre bad thnz on him..how cud I wen God forgives me of evry wrong thn I’ve done..he’s d God dt does’nt rem our sins wen we ask him 4 forgiveness…he told Jonah;”Is it right 4 u 2 b angry”…I ask maself dsame question;Is it right 4 me 2 b angry…God has really led me tru dis study of Jonah;he has opened ma eyes 2 see dose thnz I cud actually wave aside n term nothing;really I’ve bn angry 4 along tym wit evry1 bth ma frndz n family evrythn gts on ma nerves…bt 2day God’s stl asking ‘Is it right 4 me 2 b angry”n ma ans is ‘NO’..So am gonna mk dt call I’ll pik up ma fone n say sorry 2 evryone..thanks SRT n Sisters 4 dis wonderful study..Really dis is my best..Am grateful..Did I say 4 evry 1 ere I say a word of prayer;cos I knw God will surely bless each n evry1 dt has made dis a huge success…Thanks..

    • iamMrsL

      I saw this quote before I came here and read your comment, and what you said reminded me of it:

      'Holding a grudge is like letting someone live rent-free in your head.'

      I'm saying a prayer for you…. We've all got these things we're wound up angry inside with, definitely me too. Praying God teaches us to better walk in the FREEDOM he bought for us!

  • abbymcd21

    "Feeble pout palace." I love it. Oh, how many times have I judged others and pointed out the speck in their eye without acknowledging the log in my own. Lord, help me to speak the truth in love but also to be mindful of the sin in my own life and to be aware of my own sin. You are a gracious and merciful God. Mold me to be more like Jesus each day.

  • emily thomas

    Oh Jonah. I shake my head at him and then find myself nodding in complete understanding of him at the same time. It makes for some very strange head motions…

  • Wow. Asking those questions at the end totally changed my plans for today… Lord, thank you for softly showing me the way in which I should go. How I love and delight in you! Thank you for your all-encompassing grace today in the midst of my Jonah-like mindset; thank you for your love and compassion, your quickness to forgive! The past week, there has been such a plethora of examples where God has shown me how quick to forgiveness and compassion He is toward me. Thank you for humbling and comforting my heart with your Love, oh Lord! Totally in wonderfully awe of God right now. :)

  • God knows what is best for us long-term when all we can see is short-term. We want to be happy and satisfied RIGHT NOW, we'll deal with "down the road" when we come to it. But that is not how God thinks, he sees what is best for our entire life.

    In the past few months, this has been a big point of contention with God and I. I want a new job RIGHT NOW. I want someone in my life RIGHT NOW. I want to be happy RIGHT NOW. I have to trust that God's ways and his plan are perfect. Trust that he has everything under control and that he does not need my help. Nor does he need my ideas.

    Lord, please forgive my selfishness. Help me to see that You and Your ways are perfect. And that my desires are for instant gratification only.
    You will always do what is best for me, even when it's not what I want RIGHT NOW. And thank you for your mercy, that you do not give me what I actually deserve.

  • Janee White

    I could have responded to just about everyone today. These are the times I wish we could all gather 'round the coffee table and speak directly to each others hearts.

    "God is not transactional but relational" "Oh Jonah, your boat, I am in it, I even have my own paddle." "shaking fists outside a log cabin on a serene lake" "His behavior isn't dependent on our behavior"

    So much life lived in these replies – so much wisdom imparted.

    I wrote on a sticky note " I am Jonah – fearful & fleeing – occasionally obedient – irreverent & indignant." for a moment, I wanted to smack Jonah – then I reveled in his punishment (he deserved it I said). Then I wanted to be just like him – immediately obedient. And then, again, I wanted to slap him and hoped he got sunburned. Then I took the fish guts out of my eyes and saw that I was no different than him.

    Oh Lord, that Your behavior is not dependent upon mine. Forgive me…forgive us all. May we all be like the Jonah, that immediately obeyed, and delivered Your message, which saved in excess of 120,000 lost souls.

    • AnnaLee

      Amen, Janee. To all of this. Lord, thank you for your great, patient, forgiving, saving Love. Help us all to submit to you in obedience, not because of fear or legalism, but because of this beautiful realization of who you are.

  • Liane Michelle

    I for one am grateful that I am able to come to God and tell him "I'm angry with you". I am grateful that even if it's not warranted or justified, He hears me out and takes the time to show me where I got things turned around. But what I am most grateful for is that He takes that anger away from me so that I no longer am carrying it around inside. This verse also prompted me to think about anger as an emotional outburst vs. righteous anger on behalf of the Lord, but that's a post for another time :)

  • Liane Michelle

    I was also struck by verse 4: "But then the Lord replied, 'Have you any right to be angry?'" Oftentimes I do not. I am pouting and throwing a tantrum because I didn't get my way, things didn't go the way I had planned (emphasis on the "I"). Yet I realized something here. Even if I have no right to be angry, my God loves me and He wants me to come to Him when I am angry or upset. I've noticed that those times where I am so mad are the times that God and I grow closer because I am seeking Him out to talk to Him about how I feel. And isn't that the hallmark of any good relationship? When you can come to the person you feel has done you wrong and have a conversation about the things that have you feeling angry (justified or not).

  • Pouting? Yeah, I've done that. But even more embarrassing are the times I've looked to the heavens and shaken my fist at God in anger for not doing things my way! I remember one time in particular, standing on the porch of a log cabin, on the edge of a serene lake on a lovely spring day. I was so angry I couldn't even see the beauty that surrounded me. I shook my fists in the air and demanded to know when my suffering would end. But oh, my God, with His constant patience and mercy, laid His hand on my head and I was immediately filled not only with His peace, but I saw how silly I looked. My cries of anguish became laughter. I was literally standing there laughing out loud! Thank goodness no one was around to witness this crazy lady behavior, going from bawling to cackling, or they'd have called the medics! Instead, my God lovingly called me back to Him and allowed me to feel His mercy and grace that day on that porch, and to enjoy the gifts of beauty and shelter He'd provided. Me and Jonah. Yeah.

  • Rachel Nordgren

    "Jonah is furious that God let the plant wither, and the irony that God just saved a great city of PEOPLE from destruction is completely lost on him."

    Ugh. Yes.

    Sometimes I feel like God just wants to smack His forehead and be like, "RACHEL! Did you not see what I JUST did?!"
    (I feel like God gets sassy and sarcastic with me sometimes, if that makes sense)

    I have to get over the idea that God should behave in the ways that I want Him to, or the ways that I expect Him to. He has bigger purposes and bigger grace than I could possibly understand. My job is to be His daughter and be obedient, and praise Him for what He's doing…even if I don't initially agree with it! Who am I to tell God that He doesn't know what He's doing?!

  • Steph_Lilac

    God spoke to me while reading today's devotion. At times I can feel self righteous and entitled because I know the Truth and others don't (na na na boo boo). That fact should not make me feel puffed up but quite the opposite. The same boat those who aren't following God's Way are in, I not too long ago was sailing on it also. I had purchased my ticket on sin's cruise ship and it was sinking. But God sent some of my church family to preach to me and reshare with me that God wanted me back on His shore. I ought to be embarrassed that I am not sharing the Good News with the ferocity that others did for me which changed my very existence from darkness dweller to Light bearer. I need to check my family's genealogy tree because Jonah and I just might have been related. Smh "Don't deprive someone of Jesus' blessed hope and salvation because you deem then unworthy." – God Ouch!

  • I am so loving this study. All of the comments are so relatable to what Im feeling! I love Jonah…I love that God showed his mercy and Grace to him…because Im just like him…I run away from the people God wants me to care for…I want some to get what they deserve…bad I know…anyway…God has allowed me to survive my journey to Tarshish…and I'm learning to have compassion for The Ninevites in my world. I admit I need a daily…sometimes minute by minute grace and mercy infusion…but God is faithful. He is working on my pride…and I'm surviving…and thriving! Praise God and thank you #shereadstruth!

  • I like the notes in my bible. I like it that someone said to me recently that my bible is the biggest bible they've ever seen. Ha! I think they must be a young person…. Bless them. ;)

    It's an ESV study bible. The notes on Jonah are so good. The theme of Jonah it says is: The Lord is a God of boundless compassion not just for "us" (Jonah and the Israelites) bur also for "them" (the pagan sailors and Ninevites). Pierced. (My words not the theme)

    I've been such an us and them christian for so long. Not because I want to keep others out. It's that like Jonah, I've been prideful of my "status" wondering why God has mercy on "them" I mean REALLY, why isn't "Nineveh" burning down yet?

    Ugh. God forgive me!!!

    I think for a while, although I was prideful, I was also ashamed of the gospel, because I do have compassion for others to the point of weeping. But I don't want them to see that. That makes me a cry baby for Jesus without any real substance of why I believe. So I take the hard core theological route, well that makes me a lunatic. And if I were just real and authentic, people might see that I have chinks in the armor, it might expose my soft underbelly and I could be hurt. And I've been hurting for a long time. Then I realized the kind of "hurt" (if you will) God is calling me to isn't the kind I'd experienced in the past. He promises to take care of these things when I live authentically.

    At the IF:Gathering. Jen Hatmaker said something that stuck with me.

    Clue #1 that your life is off mission. It is costing you NOTHING!

    For a long time it's cost me nothing. Serving safe people and blessing blessed people. It's time to make the three day journey to Nineveh! Amen!!

    • Steph_Lilac

      Your post sliced me up (in a good way) and echoed my heart. "For a long time it's cost me nothing. Serving safe people and blessing blessed people. It's time to make the three day journey to Nineveh! Amen!!" I too have been preaching to the choir for sometime now. I pray the Lord endows us with strength and wisdom on our journeys to share Him. May we stay focused on our task and not end up in the belly of a fish. In Jesus' Name. Amen. As I pray for you, please pray for me.

    • Rachel Nordgren

      "For a long time it's cost me nothing. Serving safe people and blessing blessed people. It's time to make the three day journey to Nineveh! Amen!!"

      AMEN, Shelly!!

  • Oh, Jonah. Your boat, I am in it. I even have my own paddle.

    I'm so grateful to have spent this time studying Jonah and his responses. I'm grateful for the opportunity to see God's mercy despite my continual human response. It gives me such comfort when I have my own 'pout palace' moments.

  • My take away is to never forget verses one and two. I will become that entitled childish women, many more times. BUT when I am angry, where am I to turn? Surely it says that I'm to run to my lady friends and moan and cry my injustices — NOT! I'm to put my big girl pants on and turn to prayer, laying my silly (sometimes not so trite) woes before my Sovereign Lord. God's goodness will teach and show me what is best, just as He did with Jonah.

    He showed me just last night during prayer an area where I had been missing the mark. It was a time of repentances and excitement because he cares enough to not let me be ignorant about my sin. Thank you Lord.

  • Nafisa A.

    This is my favorite part of the Jonah story lol. I actually laughed. I loved it. I was also delivered from disbelief of God not loving me. He knows me better than I know my self. He knew Jonah. And Jonah… Lol Jonah Jonah Jonah. I am truly grateful for this story. Thanks so much for this study. God is truly amazing. He loves each and everyone of us more than we can imagine.

    • Rachel Nordgren

      Hahaha I was laughing out loud at Jonah (and, in turn, myself) during today's reading. He's ridiculous. I'm ridiculous. God is still ridiculously good to the both of us.

    • iamMrsL

      Thank you for making me smile! x

  • JessicaLoves___

    To me, Jonah comes across as being very entitled. And I know I come across that way to God sometimes. I've been a Christian for a long time, and done this or that to serve and be faithful, so don't I deserve God to hold up his end of the bargain? But the thing is, God does always hold up his end. He just doesn't always agree to the bargain that we told ourselves was our reward for complying.
    Lord, may I seek relationship with you for that end purpose only – to be in relationship – and not think about what I can get out of our partnership. You are not a transactional, but a relational, God. And I'm too often guilty of making our relationship about me, instead of you.

    • Rachel Nordgren

      "He just doesn't always agree to the bargain that we told ourselves was our reward for complying."


      I had an ugly moment last year where I fairly blew up at the Lord…I called Him quite a few nasty names and I was kicking and screaming about a situation He put me in because I didn't feel like I deserved it because I'd done x, y, and z.

      Wouldn't you know, His behavior isn't dependent on our behavior? Thank goodness, because if it was, none of us would know a thing about grace! I agree with your prayer – that we would be concerned about having a relationship with Him for His sake, not because we can get anything out of it.

    • Lbug56

      Can I just say "WOW"!! Such insight! God is not a transactional God but a relational God. AMEN! Thanks for brining your thoughts and prayer to the table. I am praying this along side you.

    • journeyingwithhim

      Amazing insight. Thanks for sharing.

  • The lesson today was a great reminder of how we get so focused on our will that we totally lose sight of God's Will. Just like the other ladies, I too have been guilty of pouting, and it's not only in those times when I don't get my way, it is in those times when God says wait. I am not a very patient person. This study of Jonah as taught me so many lessons and given me much to ponder. FIll me Lord with your mercy and grace, patience for those situations where you have told me to wait, and empathy for those who I deem are unworthy of your forgiveness and mercy.

  • Andrea G.

    As I read the entire story of Jonah these past weeks, I was mad at Jonah. How can he ask for his own forgiveness without being joyful and accepting of the forgiveness of an entire people? I mean, REALLY mad at this guy. Then I prayed and God showed me just how like Jonah I am with the people around me. How I can pray for forgiveness for my own sin, even pray to be a light in places like my work, or with my unbelieving sister, and yet be so judgmental and harbor so much anger against the very people I have been praying for! I pray God will continue to work on this with me and give me true compassion for the "Ninevites" in my life.

    • iamMrsL

      You're right! I recognise that judgement and anger too….. But it hides so quietly behind good deeds etc that it has hidden from me too. Praying with you Andrea that He will give us true compassion.

  • Joanne Sher

    He is our loving Father, and often, we are His whiny children. Lord, help us to extend the same mercy to others that You extend to us. And let us loose our pride.

  • I don't think there is any lady that can honestly say she never has pouty moments. Sometimes things don't go according to plan and as women we can be very youcentric and have some very distasteful fits at times.

    For me I accept my guilt. And I can't help but remember yesterday's message, we just need to be patient at times. Accept that we have a perfect God in control of His perfect plan for our lives. And though His timing does not always fit into "my very youcentric plan" we just need to not be Jonah and control the drama. No being pouty and asking to die because things didn't go his way.

    I am going to try my utmost best to curb my fits of anger and pouting and not be a Jonah.

  • Ok, confession time. I recently finished Jennie Allen's, "Anything," and have been praying my own "anythings." Of course, yesterday morning was about our house. "God, I hold out my house with an open hand. It's yours to do what you want. Sell it? Ministry? Let us always have open doors and lovingly welcome friends and neighbors and strangers in. Finish an apartment in the basement for temporary housing?" So you get the idea. Coincidentally, we have 2 friends living with us right now, and one of them had worked until 5 AM that night and needed to sleep. Well, with 3 toddlers needing to run and jump and scream, that just didn't jive with MY plans for the day…keep kids quiet so friend can sleep in basement (I know, irony of my prayer NOT lost on myself.)

    LONG story short, I took the kids to the library and had a good pout fest while I was gone. Even KNEW I was being sinful and pouty. Knew exactly what I had prayed that morning, but I still couldn't help but FIGHT BACK! I prayed later, "Lord, I have a feeling you and I are going to have some good games of tug and war. I 'give' you something and try to take it back, then give it to you, etc." So I confessed and recommitted my house to the Lord.

    And it's 5:45 AM and my one friend is still not home from work, so we'll see what my heart is like once my monkeys are running and jumping, and I'm trying to keep them quiet. Say a prayer for me? :) So Jonah buddy, yeah, we're two peas in a pod.

    • Brandi

      Praying for perseverance. Such a testimony to me today, a reminder to be mindful that all I have belongs to Him and I need to be willing, even eager for Him to do with it what He pleases. Thank you for this.

    • LaurieEW

      I'm with you, sometimes I think I'm a martyr. Yeah right!
      Will lift you in prayer,I know you have a servants heart, I pray it will be a joyful one.

    • Rachel Nordgren

      I can't help but laugh at your post, Morgan. (I promise I'm not laughing at you, I'm just laughing because I've done the exact. same. thing.) There are points in my journal where I've written things like, "God, I really don't want to pray for this because I know you're going to stretch me. But here goes anyways…" and then I get pouty and angsty when He does exactly what I knew He'd do – grow me through a bit of discomfort.

      Your heart is beautifully in the right place, Morgan. Keep handing over your struggles and your commitments to the Lord – He'll take care of both :)

    • Candacejo

      You are normal, Morgan :) and real and we love you for that! We all see ourselves in your story. Praying for you today…and put a fan in your friends room, turn it on high! If you don't have a fan there is an app on the ipad called White Noise…it is awesome. ♥

  • Stephanie Onguka

    I also loved "And do you do well to be angry?" Jonah 4:4. I can hear God saying to Jonah (and me), "How's that working out for you?" May it make me pause and regain my focus (and breath) in bouts of ridiculous anger based on my self-centered perspective.

  • camillabering

    First off, sorry about the novel – I guess I just have a lot on my heart today :)

    It was the shortest little passage that spoke to me today: 'And the Lord said "Do you do well to be angry?" ' (Jonah 4:4).
    I think I can be put in the category of 'short fused', it doesn't take a lot to make me frustrated but it does take me a while to calm back down. I get frustrated with circumstances, with God, with myself, my husband my daughter, and I think most of the time it is when things don't go my way. I have an idea of what things are "supposed" to look like and when they don't, I get frustrated or even angry. So reading this sentence today: "Do you do well to be angry?" It really hit home! Because of course the answer is a loud resounding NO, not in the least.

    And I realized what it is when Raechel said this: Maybe you can think back to when you were five or fifteen and your world was very you-centric. (Heh. Because that’s super behind us now, right?) It's selfishness.

    I get frustrated when I make it about ME rather than about serving, loving and giving up for God, and for the good of my family. The tighter my grip on 'my rights' the bigger the frustration and the longer it lingers, when things don't go the way I expected. What if I, instead, started rejoicing in the fact that God has everything under control and then maybe started looking for what he could be teaching me in the hard times. I feel like this is what I am learning and re-learning and learning again. And I really think Paul had it all right when he wrote "…for I have learned in whatever situation I am to be content. I know how to be brought low, and I know how to abound. In any and every circumstance, I have learned the secret of facing plenty and hunger, abundance and need. I can do ALL THINGS through him who strengthens me." (Phil 4:11-13 with edits)

    This is my prayer for my heart today, that I would leave 'my rights' and preconceptions of how things ought to be behind and start looking to God for strength and what he is teaching me when I am in the thick of it all.

    I also just really wanted to encourage you to go to the kickstarted page (i think there's a link on the left) and help built the android app. I myself am an iPhone user – but how cool would it be to get the app to the Android ladies too?? So, if you haven't already, go to the campaign or if you have consider giving a little more – don't postpone (or at least not more than 25 days) even the smallest gift makes a difference! I am just so convinced that this app can reach so far beyond the 60,000+ women that are already benefitting from She Reads Truth! Let's make sure it does :)

    • Lyn

      I needed to read this this morning! Thank you!

    • bippy1120

      Your words hit home for me!!!!! :))))) just plain simple and true!

    • Steph_Lilac

      Your "novel" hit the nail right on the head! Thank you for sharing.

    • Courtney

      This really spoke to me this morning! I am so frustrated with my students and even more frustrated with myself. I get angry when things don't go my way or when they act out and disrespect me and I suddenly sink down to their level and become a 9th grader. The worst part is, I actually believe I deserve to be respected and have it my way. Yes, there should be a student/teacher respect, especially in south rural Georgia where everything is yes ma'am and no ma'am, but when it comes down to it, I am a sinner undeserving of mercy and grace just as much as they are. Just as much as my students, as Nineveh, as Jonah, and as the little worm. Whew. I needed to vent that!
      I wrote "Do you do well to be angry? -God" on my little desk calendar today. Maybe when things don't go my way I will be reminded of God's grace and stop acting like the 5 year old Jonah I sure can be!! Pray for me? :)

      Thank you for your post!!!

      • Krysta

        I'm a teacher too Courtney, and this is very convicting to me today. The only thing is that I teach first graders, and it's so easy to respond as if I'm also six or seven years old. I guess maybe it's not that different than what you're saying about "becoming a ninth grader". But anyway, the point is…I need to write that same verse on a sticky note and put it on my desk. And I need to remember that I don't "deserve" any respect, but have been given so much grace.

        I'll be praying for both of us today as we interact with our students that we would be filled with thanksgiving for the grace and mercy that God freely gives us…and that we'd extend that to our students!

    • Rachel Nordgren

      First. Never apologize for novels. They are welcome here :)

      Second. YES. I completely identify with you about being "short-fused", and getting mad when things don't go MY way. You're so right, that things go so much better when we just sit back and rejoice that God is God and He knows what He's doing!

    • Gema Muniz

      This is so true, is amazing how we can get easily angered or frustrated when things don't go our way. We even question God why he is allowing certain things to happen in our lives. The nerve! why do we focuse on this one thing and forget about how God has showed us his mercy and grace so many other times. Let's not focuse on the things that don't come out the way we though they should, becuase as godly women we should know God is in control.

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