Let’s build an APP!


You guys, we feel so at peace.

These past weeks have been a whirlwind of securing quotes for merchandise, wrapping up video edits, finalizing designs, and doing the math over and over and over again.

And now? We sense the Lord calling us to be still. The labor is over, the stage has been set, now we get the privilege of a front row seat to what happens next.

And we want you to sit here beside us.

We’ve talked before about callings. We’ve even talked specifically about our universal calling as believers and humans to every day “put forth Jesus Christ as the Son of God and the Savior of Man.”

That’s for all of us.

We believe our unique calling – mine and Amanda’s – is to accomplish this partly through the ministry of SheReadsTruth. We feel called to this website, and we feel called to develop a Bible + devotional app.

Of this we are sure.

As you can imagine, building an app costs a lot of money. By our estimate, a designer, a developer, and all of the expenses associated with launching a crowd-funding campaign with lovely incentives brings us to a fundraising goal of $35,000.

It’s a big number. And yet, it’s really not.
I believe that if the Lord wills it, we could fund the app in a day.
I also believe it’s entirely possible that we may not fund at all. That will be through the sovereign Lord as well.

In either case, we feel so peaceful today as we invite you to join us in this front row seat to God at work.
We’re calling on you to pray.
We’re asking you to give.

And for now – and for the next 30 days – our prayer comes from Matthew 6:10:

Your Kingdom come,
Your will be done.

Come see what we’ve been working on, loves! There’s a lovely video, a whole host of handpicked giving incentives, and the hope that come July 1, we will all have been a part of launching a SheReadsTruth App in the app store* for the furtherance of the Kingdom and for our own personal spiritual growth!

View the SheReadsTruth Kickstarter campaign HERE.

Grace and Peace,
Raechel & Amanda and the SRT Team

*To our beloved Android users – we haven’t forgotten about you! Be sure to check out our plan to include you, too,in the text of the campaign page!

**We fully anticipate that you may have questions. We’ve tried to answer most anything you’re wondering in previous posts. The quick answers are here:

  • the app will be FREE to download (see all the details of what the app will offer on the campaign page)
  • the SheReadsTruth.com website will remain free – even as new plans are developed and shared
  • new plans will be available for in-app purchase on the app (again – can’t swing the pay option? Join us on the site instead!)
  • some reading plans will also be available on the app for free!
  • charging for new plans on the app (without affecting the SheReadsTruth.com experience) will finally make this ministry sustainable! And not only sustainable, it will afford us the ability to finally do more of what we’re already doing – only better!
  • if you never pay for a single plan on the app, we don’t mind one bit! We still warmly invite you to use it as your go-to Bible app with lovely bookmarking and journaling features, as well as several of your most-loved Scripture translations.

Share this image far+wide! Invite your friends to join us in this next step for SheReadsTruth. xo


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    it was really great and amazing to engage with. i am having fun while I am reading the blog that you've published. It was very interesting.

  • justemmahh

    "I believe that if the Lord wills it, we could fund the app in a day." —- AMAZING. You spoke life into the situation and it came into fruition! I'm so proud to be a part of a community so devoted and moved by God. Bless you sisters! <3

  • angel[a]

    "I believe that if the Lord wills it, we could fund the app in a day."

    I almost feel like He saw this and thought, "challenge accepted." So excited to see all the amazing things that this community will continue to do!

  • Brendasan01

    I'm so excited! I can't wait until it's available on the android system. God bless you SRT sisters that are giving to this wonderful project and who are also praying for this.

  • Ashlee Chu

    Extremely excited for you ladies and for this community to grow God's word!

  • This truly is fantastic, because most of the world is very tech savvy. I am not, yet. I am still trying to figure out how to get my Friday thoughts onto the #shereadstruth. I however, am not a quitter. I will figure it out.

    I'm so happy for you and your new addition.


  • I just woke up (over here on the other side of the world) and I was confused at first when I looked at the kick start fund because it had $35,926 out of $35,000. Wow! We have an amazing and great big God.

  • I wish I could stay up tonight to watch it hit $35,000. Raechel, Amanda, to all the SRT team – God is doing wonders through you – you are reaching women worldwide and connecting us lovingly to Truth. I've come to tears knowing the immense joy you all must be in right now – truly God answers prayers for those who seek Him whole-heartedly – He is a promise-keeper. I wish I could bless you as much as you've all blessed me – may our Father pour His blessings over you!

  • jaustin35

    I can't wait!!!! I too got tears eyed by the video……. I have been a member for only three months but you ladies have changed my life through God….. Thank-you all soooo much and I'll be praying for you all as usual as well as the app to reach your goal of 35,000$…….. May God bless you all….

  • LaurenC_

    p.s., I love the music on the video. Is this the artist I've seen Raechel tweet about lately? Getting ready to travel and need some new tunes!

    • Raechel Myers

      Hey Lauren! Yes- it's Ellie Holcomb! The song is "Only Hope I've Got" from the album "As Sure As The Sun". Ellie was super kind to give us permission to use the video. She happens to be a close friend of Amanda's too :)

  • LaurenC_

    I feel blessed to be able to help with this campaign. SRT has given me so, so much and I am truly filled with joy to be able to give something back. I can't wait to see what God has in store for this community. It's amazing. God is so good, all the time!!!

  • This is absolutely amazing. God is so good.

  • Wow, PRAISE,GOD!!!! $30K! I am blown away

  • Sheri Hooton

    Ladies, I remember the day you started this like it was yesterday! I was sitting in my grandmothers kitchen and I texted my friend to share the news! I was so excited that day for this new opportunity and wow did I ever need you guys!

    Very happy for this great new endeavor for the SRT community. Changing lives everywhere. So proud! Such an inspiration! So grateful to be a part of something so special.

    • Raechel Myers

      Yes – Sheri! You were with us from the beginning! I saw your donation come through this evening and was so pleased to see your name. Thank you!!!! We really are doing this TOGETHER!!

      • Sheri Hooton

        :) We are! I was sharing the news with all my friends. Very happy!
        And now we'll have a coffee date together..Woohoo!

  • so much excitement for this! Praise the Lord!

  • This is AWESOME!! God is so good!

  • This will be a great outreach tool. Much easier to get someone to try an app rather than getting them to log on to a webpage for some reason or to suggest an email sign up.
    I too want to know if we will be able to purchase the shirts and mugs in the future.
    Thanks for all you do.

  • blainecannin

    So stinkin excited about this! I love this community! It has been so neat to see God's hand in all of this!

  • Courtney

    Just checked back after school!!! Ahhhh!
    I am soooooo excited about how God is moving! This is just an example of Ephesians 3:20-21 Now to him who is able to do far more abundantly than all that we ask or think, according to the power at work within us, to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, forever and ever. Amen.

  • Candacejo

    Almost halfway there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YIPPEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    EDITED!! OVER halfway! ♥

    • Raechel Myers

      Candace Jo – you are the BEST cheerleader!!! Thank you for doing this WITH us!!! xoxo

      • Candacejo

        So thrilled to be a part Raechel and Amanda….just wish I were loaded! Hubby's company is going bankrupt, and I can't work because of disabilities right now so I don't have as much to give as I would like, but so happy to be a teeny tiny fly on the wall! (or a pudgy, chubby fly!) Everyone working together…that's what makes this way, way cool!

  • angel[a]

    This is so exciting! :)

  • Steph_Lilac

    Wow! Look what the Lord has done! SRT is soaring to higher heights and a deeper anointing. Pretty soon ya'll will be hosting SRT Conferences and Seminars. The APP is just the launching pad into further greatness. Thank you for your countless hours of dedication to the mission of spreading the Gospel to ALL nations. In the eyes of our King $35,000 is a penny and the favor that is being bestowed upon you will provide all you need and sooooo much more. What I am unable to provide monetarily, I will make up for in prayers and spreading the news. I must say, these front row seats are awesome!
    A Lowly Android User Who's Patiently Waiting for the SRT App to Grace Our Shores (lol)

    • shereadstruth

      Ha! Perfect signature. :) We have NOT given up on creating an Android app!! So grateful for your support and your heart for this community. Much love!

  • So so so thankful for this community. I wish I could make my donation today, but it will have to wait until pay day :-) You all are the best, & I'm so thankful that you are taking a step of faith in this. Praying for God's will in this campaign!

  • Nice. Im exited. With the technological world itll be helpful and convenient. Ill be praying n God's will will be done.

  • Am I the only one BAWLING while I watch the video!! Money Pledged!! Can't wait to see this thing through with you, y'all!! Amanda and Rachel and Diane and Haley – you have changed my life profoundly. Yea yea, it's Jesus, but He's used you to pour into my life more than Coffee and Words. Love you much!! Coffee soon!! EEEEEKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I just recently started visiting your site and love it! I’m so excited you are taking this step. I’ve made it a goal this year to do daily devotions and to memorize scripture more than what I have been in the past and I love coming to this site to do such. Keep up the awesome work! Ps- As others have said, I’d love to purchase some of the products that are out of my donate range if you are able to make that available to us!

  • journalsofavagabond

    So is there a way that we could buy just the coffee mug or t-shirt? And will that option be availible later? I'm just curious either way I will be helping out with what I can, but was just wondering if that was going to be an option. :)

  • I. AM. SO. EXXXCCCIIITTTED!! It's amazing to be able to see God grow people, grow a ministry, and watch how He will sustain and use it for His glory!! Thankful for SRT and y'alls hearts!

  • Courtney

    How do you select your shirt size? I'm hoping I didn't miss that step… lol! SO excited!! :)

    • Candacejo

      Courtney, I read where once they meet their goal they will send out an email concerning the rewards, etc. That's when they would ask for sizes and such. :)

    • Raechel

      Hey Courtney! Once the campaign is over (and if it is funded!) we will send out an email through kickstarter to gather that information. You didn’t miss anything- it’s not clearly stated anywhere. Xoxo

  • Praise God for all He has done and all He is doing! So excited for this community and so thankful for y'all and for you allowing yourselves to be used by HIM.

  • BeverleyRg


  • Nikkilooch

    I'm so excited! I just pledged and may do it again soon. Can't wait y'all!

  • thecatwalkoffaith

    Praise God for this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thank you sisters for your devotional and love of the Father….
    I sit on the front row seat with you both and my sisters across the world and I believe that His will shall come to pass. Worry about nothing but in everything give thanks, with supplications of prayer. it's all for His glory and this site has helped to grow the spirits of women across the world and I believe God will use the app to reach out to those who are yet to meet Jesus Christ.
    The app isn't the goal, people knowing and growing in their love with Jesus is…and because of this God is with you and He has prepared the provision for His kingdom to advance! In Jesus name AMEN

  • Christie Elkins

    Go girls go! To God be the glory!

  • Christina

    OK, so I just now was able to watch the video, and I LOVE having faces with the names behind this site that I've grown to enjoy so very much! Beautiful ladies! I'm excited!!!!

  • Christina

    Excited about this new adventure, ladies! I just have a question…. Are any of the gift items (t-shirt, mug, journal, decal) available for purchase if we give but are not able to give at the level at which they are given to us? You have probably answered this somewhere, and I'm sorry for asking if you have. :)

  • So thankful for you ladies and your hearts!!! Thank you!!!

  • Wendy Mann

    Ladies!!! I love love love that video :) and super duper excited for this venture. Thank you for bringing this about and all your hard work and dedication. We just want “more Jesus”!!!!!!! <3

  • I got teary-eyed just watching the video and reading the details! I imagine how many more women around the world will experience Jesus more through this App! So blessed to be a witness of what God is going to do in this amazing project!!!! Thank you so much SRT team! You ladies are such a blessing from the Lord!!! Thank you for obeying God's call! Love you!!!!!!! <3

    • shereadstruth

      Thank you for your encouragement, Misce! And for being such a light in this community. xo!

  • Candacejo

    Amazing! Stupendous! Fantastic! I will run out of adjectives to express my happiness! So thankful for the WORK you all have put in on this…I cannot imagine the hours logged. But we thank you. ♥

  • GO SRT GO! #shebuildsapps


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