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Today's Text: Psalm 38

Good morning, sisters!

It’s Friday again! We loved reading all of your #SheSharesTruth blog posts and such last week. What a sweet time to watch the Holy Spirit speak so uniquely to each of our hearts through the same God-breathed passage of Scripture.

If you aren’t familiar with our Lenten #SheSharesTruth experiment, we explain it a bit more here. In short, we believe that one of the best ways to learn is by teaching. So every Monday during Lent, we assign a portion of Scripture (this week we assigned Psalm 38, another Psalm of Penitence) for you to study and write about. And today is the day we share what we’ve learned by writing in our own spaces and linking to that here.

She Shares Truth

Here’s the plan:

  • Write your devotional/reflections/response to Psalm 38 on your personal blog. (If you don’t have a blog, use Instagram, Facebook with the hashtags #SheSharesTruth and #SheReadsTruth; or even write the comments section here.)
  • Link to this post so your readers can know about the #SheSharesTruth experiment too.
  • Share the link to your post/Facebook update/Instagram below in the LinkyTool below.
  • Visit each other’s links – at least one or two (maybe the two people who linked up before you?). Comment there – tell them you see them and hear them! Let’s talk about the God of Psalm 38 together!

**Please share our heart, sisters. Our desire is not for this to be a time of comparison or sizing up writing abilities or spiritual maturity. Eloquence and insight are lovely, but we know that is not the thing our God calls us to. So, let’s not call each other to that either. Sister, if you feel ill-equipped – GOOD! If you feel like you have so much to learn – GREAT. SO DO WE! Every single time we sit down to write. And if we don’t, are hearts are not in the right place. Let this be a safe place to learn and share and love each other WELL.

  • When I initially commented I clicked the -Notify me when new feedback are added- checkbox and now every time a remark is added I get four emails with the identical comment. Is there any approach you’ll be able to remove me from that service? Thanks!

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  • sallyannmoyer

    This psalm had a lot for me to process. It was depressing my first go around but I knew there was so much more to it. I've written my reflection almost a week late (http://sallyannmoyer.wordpress.com/2014/03/20/where-is-the-hope/) but I have enjoyed the words of so many of you other ladies and sisters in Christ. I am continuously thankful for this online community that has been the best way to get me in the word every day. Thank you #SheReadsTruth for encouraging others in faith!

  • So…I'm a little behind, but Psalm 38 is sure a good one, isn't it Sisters?

    We are all like David. It's sometimes hard to imagine, but we know we are….at least I am! But I also can relate to only being able to find comfort through the Lord & his word, because I've had many moments like that. When anxiety hits, I know this is all that calms me down.

    Thank goodness for that and thank goodness for our unwavering, loving relationship with our God!!!!!

  • myrosecoloredshades

    Hi there! First time joining in. This is a great way to be inspired by one another's wisdom gained from the Bible. I'm hoping to join every week.

    Cynthia http://myrosecoloredshades.com

  • JessicaLoves___

    Have enjoyed reading your posts today! A link to "BUT for you, O Lord": http://alabamaheartindianasoul.blogspot.com/2014/

  • anonymous

    the link for #38 should be

    there are many that are not linked right; some I've found later on added again correctly … forgive me if this is one

  • the-goodsoil

    Choose To Be Quiet http://the-goodsoil.com/the-daily-seed/
    I pray this inspires you sisters all around the world.

  • Christina Vickers

    Happy Friday, ladies! Thank you all for sharing what the Lord has been teaching you in Psalm 38 this week! I don’t have a blog and shared #23 above this morning, but I can’t tell if the link to my post is working, because that link takes you to where I posted on Facebook. Sooooo…… Here is the link in case the one above didn’t work. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ekXeM1B0bL6wC9W2qCEsiOJJz0QGlTOLBanIPDnxh6o/mobilebasic

  • I’m sharing my lesson on Psalm 38. The entry below is copied from my diary entry. I use May Diary not only as a journal but also as a prayer journal. Anyway here is my lesson.

    Dear God O Lord, rebuke me not in your anger, nor discipline me in your wrath! For your arrows have sunk into me, and your hand has come down on me. There is no soundness in my flesh because of your indignation; there is no health in my bones because of my sin. For my iniquities have gone over my head; like a heavy burden, they are too heavy for me. I confess my iniquity; I am sorry for my sin. Do not forsake me, O Lord ! O my God, be not far from me! Make haste to help me, O Lord, my salvation! (Psalm 38:1-4, 18, 21, 22 ESV)

    What are You telling me?

    All that guilt you’re feeling all that condemnation it’s not from Me. It’s not beloved. It’s from the enemy. He’s angry beloved. He’s angry because we’re getting close. And he will not go down without a fight.

    He knows where to attack beloved. He knows. You need to accept my forgiveness beloved. You need to forgive yourself. You can’t move forward if you don’t. I freely pardon. I don’t condemn you. Head knowledge is not enough. You must know it in your heart.

    This a hard lesson especially when I would rather give myself mental torture than forgive. Help me embrace and accept your forgiveness. Amen.

    Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me. (Psalm 23:4 ESV)

  • http://coffeeincardigans.com/2014/03/14/its-you-i

    The compassion of His heart cannot be measured nor diminished. As we feel hope drifting away, our bodies begin to ache with numbness. A pain so silent that it screams and shakes your very existence. There is a sorrow and shame that accompanies the grip of sin. As your situations of sin progress, questions arise to plague your mind into thinking there is no escape, that all you can do is desperately cry to God for the storm around you to disappear because if you try to navigate your way out of the eye, walls of turmoil will swallow you… But fierce and jealous in His protection, we are saved from sin.

  • Elizabeth Belill

    Beautiful group of bloggers! Beautiful Hearst! So humbled to be a part of this group? marymarthaande.blopspot.com

  • the-goodsoil

    Choose To Be Quiet http://the-goodsoil.com/the-daily-seed/

    I pray it ministers to you sisters! love you all around the world.

  • Wonderful to read so many different perspectives from everyone. Isn't it glorious how the Lord can use the Word to give everyone a different message depending on where she is? Amen!

    Beckey http://www.etsy.com/shop/queenbsbusywork http://reallyreallyrealhousewives.blogspot.com

  • Lyli @3-D Lessons

    What a blessing to read all my sister's thoughts on this passage! My heart is full. Thank you for hosting this link up.

    He gives hope to the heavy heart that surrenders to Him.

  • Psalm 38 is a cry of desperation. So shamed and blinded by sin he cries out to God begging him to forgive his sins and take away his pain. I read the message version as well as NLT and the message described his pain of sin a “burning in my gut” and “maggots eating my insides”. Quite a clear picture of how sin eats away at us. But the beauty in all of it, he waits on The Lord in his desperation and longing. He waits patiently and happily for god to answer his prayer.

  • Blessed morning SRT sisters and team!

    I love SRT but SST (SHE SHARES TRUTH) is just as awesome, so I love this also.

    How heart warming to wake up and see, then begin to read your reflections on Psalm 38! Thank you (so far 66 of you) and I've only read the 1st 12 (in my 1st half hour) and a few others here and there (but no comments yet-sorry). I am deeply blessed by each of you and plan to continue soaking in every one of these.

    As I read Psalm 38, I was overwhelmed with David's repentant heart and words; then my own. Yet, briefly (because I'm not writing blogs since I already have a series going for these 40 days on my blog that is unrelated), I see each of the DAYS that SRT has written so far on "fasting" leads us to this place of David's heart today as we read the devotions by our fabulous SRT team on: "why fasting?" then shame; returning; plus the first ones on mourning; in secret; and a holy endurance … ALL are included in this Psalm 38; full of grief from sin and affliction; the cause of what seems like complaints… yes, as someone beautifully wrote … it's not one of the psalms that we go to … for encouragement or chosen reading but one which each of us have been ..that place of darkness that floods your soul and overwhelms you. Just the way it starts out with God's wrath and anger, is enough to keep you away.

    Well, I so appreciate each of you that are sharing and this is definitely a commUnity of sisters growing in God's Word by Reading and Sharing! Thanks!

    Have a blessed and wonderful weekend in Christ Jesus!

    • Peggy

      oh and I forgot in the list of SRT devotions "fasting as interceding" which for me is one of the most important parts and this is what a place like this is all about … encouraging and interceding for one another … and since this psalm is a "petition" from David as a penitent; he shows us that we can pray to God about everything … even when it hurts, even if it sounds like we're complaining to God about our condition or how upset we are … HE IS HERE to hear us and give us HOPE!

      in case you needed a laugh after all this, from Tim Hawkins on one of these verses in Psalm 38

      or you need a instrumental while you read:

      or my chosen song for this week by Kari Jobe: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J29Zf50rzho

      I had one for this earlier in the week but I lost it …

      • Claire

        Love the humorous video thanks :-)

        • Peggy

          Thanks Claire … I'm so glad if it added some humor and you enjoyed it! I had to laugh when I saw a DC Talk song also on just this verse. (don't know if it was really them, but that's what it said).

    • Peggy

      This psalm has began to take a more personal nature as I continue to study and read what you all shared. I guess I don't see this as being an actual illness (or it could me) but more of the anguish and psychological/emotional impact when we get trapped in looking at our "sin" condition, tired of its trappings being repeated and our flesh to not resist; the inevitable consequences if we let condemnation in to torment us or just the burden of natural consequences for our sin, our trying to excuse it or justify our wrong choices and the outcomes on our mind, body and our soul. This is HEAVY stuff! I want to rush ahead to the "good ending" and the victory of the deliverance, and skip the deep, travailing pain of a repentant heart suffering so …

      Here's a good summary I found after reading many commentaries like Spurgeon's Treasury of David, Matthew Henry, etc.

      1) What are the main points of this psalm?
      – Introductory plea for mercy (1-2)
      – The wretchedness of his condition (3-12)
      – The basis for his hope that God will hear (13-20)
      – Concluding plea for help (21-22)

      Pleading for God's mercy and how His grace and love shine through much stronger when we've been to the pit or depths of sorrow! So very thankful that God does not forsake us, or forget us or leave us even in our pain, our sin, our sick heart turned away from Him, our repentant heart seeking Him and surrendering our will to His way.

      Whew! Thanks SRT sisters for shining so much light into this darkness … love ya'

  • The first time reading psalm 38 I was a little confused. But then I prayed for god to help me understand it and get something out of it, so I read it a few more times and god answered my prayer. And just like last Friday the scripture is what I needed. This morning I didnt go to work bc my throat has been hurting all week and I just needed a day off. But I felt so guilty calling off and feeling like a terrible petson. Than I started worring about money and that was the main reason I felt guilty because I need that money but im being a bad employee calling off. Then I know I will be spending the konry I don't have on things I don't need or eating out, so that made it worse for me. I know thst is silly but thst is how I felt this morning and reading the scripture helped. David felt guilty and let his sin and what he is feeling to take over. It is a good thing to run to god when your feeling down but let god speak to you. Don't let your worries takr over sonmuch that you won't be able to hear god speak to you. God will always be hear for you. #shereadsturth

  • Psalm 38

    This is another desperate cry of David being held down because of his sins.
    When one continues in sin, you distant yourself from God for He is righteous and in Him is no darkness at all. A saint whose earnest and sole desire is to please God will be weighed down by their sins because they know it is not of God and until you see sin like God sees it you will continue in it.
    God is disgusted by sin and David became disgusted when he said "My wounds stink and are corrupt because of my foolishness."
    When we walk out of Gods will we become troubled, we invite the enemy into our lives which is why Davids adversaries are multiplied against him. But God is so merciful that He gave us a conscience and a heart of repentance. This should not be taken for granted because not many who have gone off course returned, for the Word says its next to impossible.
    God is always listening to us, and ready to receive us in our mess. Never hesitate to cry out genuinely, He knows our needs before we ask.
    Stand firm in Gods will, He will take care of you. To sin is a choice, choose wisely.

  • Good morning everyon. Blessings in the name of Jesus. Funny enough I thought the scripture was Psalm 58 and had my piece ready to share n when I got on the site I realised its 38 instead. Just finish writing that one and will be posting it shortly. Im grateful and just want to thank God for everything this morning. God bless u all.

  • Courtney

    Happy Friday All! I sure do love this challenge and love reading all your reflections! It's amazing how many different interpretations can come from the same reading. http://www.lphjkitchen.com/psalm-38-sweet-victory

  • Good morning sisters! I hope you can take some time to read my take on Psalm 38. God bless! http://fenix–rising.tumblr.com/post/79550558793/

  • I look forward to reading the SheSharesTruth posts today :) I must say I erred when I posted for the first time. :$ Ignore Number 43 and go straight to Number 44 (or just use the link below). Number 44 has my actual blog posting, 43 – I posted the wrong link.

    Have an amazing day, sisters! <3

  • I have already been so encouraged by the two blog posts I was able to read this morning! I wish I could just spend all day at my computer, reading the wisdom & insight you sisters bring to today's devotional. My post is 26 – Psalm 38: During the Wait. Blessings over all of you today!

  • Candacejo

    What a Blessing! So excited to read more of these entries today…don't hold back ladies if God has given you something to share. You never know, it might just be what someone is needing to hear. Blessed Friday!

  • Melissa Emma

    When Nothing Is Hidden

    • Janee White

      I was having a hard time commenting on you site – so in case you didn't get it – here it is:

      I want to be a writer as well, and a teacher of His Word – oh wait, that's what He wants. Lord, let me see that Your desires are exactly what You created me for. Lord, let us both take that title, wear it proudly, and may the words we pen be written not in ink, but in the Holy Spirit.

  • heathermkneisler

    So encouraging to read everyones posts!

  • Ladies, we have some BEAUTIFUL writers and hearts in this community. I have been so moved by your words this morning. Thank you so much for sharing! http://learningfrombear.blogspot.com/2014/03/long

  • Excited to read what everyone has written again! I was blessed reading them last week! :) Sharing my personal devotion…

    BROKEN & BEAUTIFUL : http://steady-myheart.blogspot.com/2014/03/broken

    • Candacejo

      This was beautiful Misce…thank you for sharing and praying for your friend.

  • Is that if God can change Things why doesn’t he? “Why “. Is the biggest question I’ve asked. Yet David looked at it differently. He never asked why. Time has shown me that those things I went through only made of realize what I’m missing and I cherish so much that storm that led me to have the relationship with God that I have now! Time has not healed it all completely but I know he will not fail me and he will not leave me!

  • My first weekly response! It may be difficult to see what this passage is trying to say, I can see that David is desperate to be closer to God. I’ve had one of my hardest summers of my life. I can’t express everything I felt. Death totally made me look at life in a different way and losing friends and a special partner due to life’s changes and drifting apart was not easy to understand. He pleads to God to calm the storm he’s going through. ful for what we go through. He cries to God all of his problems. Most people’s mind set (or how mine was )

  • angel[a]

    Friends, I loved reading what was on everyone's heart last week, and I'm excited to see where He led us this week!

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