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Fasting from shame


Today's Text: Psalm 32:1-7

Text: Psalm 32:1-7

The Lenten season can be long. It can be heavy and somber and crushing even, if we let it be so. But, as we fast and draw near to the Lord, we can also lay our whole selves down in confession before Him, in an act of intimacy and a rejection of shame.

Have you ever had a time in your life when you felt hopeless? When you felt utterly wrong and dirty and ashamed? Did you keep quiet because somewhere deep inside you heard a voice whisper that this secret would ruin you?

In Psalm 32, verse 3 we can almost hear the cry.

“For when I kept silent, my bones wasted away through my groaning all day long.”

When we keep our sin to ourselves, we can become buried under the weight. We can dig a hole for ourselves so deep that we barely see the Light. But, when we push away the shame and we steady ourselves on the Rock that we know to be hope—we can be in right relationship with Him.

When we confess, turning away from our sin and towards God, we must also fast from shame. What God has pardoned, let Satan not re-condemn.

In Galatians 5, Paul reminds us that it is for freedom that Christ set us free. He begs us not to be yoked again to slavery. Before we believed the Good News, we were tethered to sin. Paul is asking us not to be chained to sin any more, but to walk in the freedom God has pardoned us for.

So, dear one, Christ has already broken the bond between sin and your heart. He has declared you free and clear, pardoned by the Highest King. Do not let you shame chain you again to your past sins. Be intimately bonded to Christ instead, the Hope of Glory.


  • Ashley Lynn

    I think this has been my favorite devotional so far of this Lenten season. First off, the Psalm reading is such a great reminder of how important it is to TALK to God and to especially ask for forgiveness. __I feel guilty if I don't confess my sins. Jesus died on the cross so our sins could be forgiven!!!! If we aren't asking for forgiveness, what was that for?! It's so important. Not to mention, I feel closer to God every single time I know that he has forgiven me of my Earthly sins…and that's an amazing feeling. What a great reminder that we are so, so blessed and loved unconditionally.

  • Sherismom

    I love SheReadsTruth! I really like to print the page……which sometimes are 'pages'…….so that I may underscore pertinent thoughts, and also, write a prayer at the bottom of the page. However, the (beautiful) pictures that are posted with the daily devotional take A LOT of ink! Is there a ' printer-friendly' version anywhere, or can you tell me how to do that……understanding that I'm not very 'tech savvy'.

    I have really been blessed by SheReadsTruth, and was thrilled to see a familiar face…..(Nancy, I recognize you from GriefShare.)

    Blessings to you all.

  • Janee White

    I woke this morning, hiding from God, ashamed of my actions less than 24 hours before. I wonder how you knew that I would need to hear and pray the words of Psalm 32:1-7. I didnt know – I am not sure I have ever read it. But each verse was written out – spoken to me as if by God – and responded to with the cries of my heart. For the first time ladies, I stained the pages of my bible with tears. I heard God calling to me "Janee, where are you?" I approached Him with my head hung low, and confessed the sin that was separating us from one another. He graciously lifted my head, said there was nothing to be ashamed of, and tossed the reminders of my sin as far as the east is from the west. We walked in the cool of the day, hand in hand, and with each step, He stitched the thread of hope into the frayed edges of my heart.

    Ladies, I can't begin to tell you how extremely intimate this moment was. I dont know what the day would have looked like, had I not decided to do my devotion and land on this specific scripture. Thank you She Reads Truth Sisters for your obedience to God for your dedication to us all. His timing is always perfect – literally.

  • Hiding. That's something I'm writing about currently. You are a hiding place for me, you preserve me from trouble; you surround me with shouts of deliverance! …..cue the ugly cry…..

    The KJV really sets this up well, Thou shalt compass me about with songs of deliverance.

    Can you imagine it?

    Instead of hiding in the garden, instead of God asking "where are you adam?" Instead of shame. Instead of hearing the lies of the accuser of the brethren (sisterhood) He surrounds you, this means in the Hebrew, He is walking around you surrounding you constantly, it's a never ending act, with songs (or a ringing cry, a shout for joy) of deliverance.

    God is constantly surrounding you, covering you with grace, while shouting out You Are Delivered! If that doesn't make you believe in your freedom I don't know what does!

    It reminds me of that song… I'm Trading My Sorrows.

  • Mrscoop62

    "What GOD has pardon let Satan not re-condem" how awesome is that! Words I must say every day and remind myself the enemy tries to take over my joy and makes me believe I'm not worthy to be happy because of my past sin. Guilt and shame is huge I've learned that I have to forgive myself as well. I want to fast from shame! So I can enjoy what the Lord has Blessed me with and not let the enemy take over my thoughts and my present relationship.


  • Very powerful words, what God has pardoned, let not satan re-condemned. Im a firm.believer who embraces my freedom but there are times.when the enemy comes in and try to play with our minds but the Lord rises up a standard that He cannot bare so even in those times God is still faithful. Its our duty to stand for Him and let the enemy knows that He lost it all when Christ said "It is finish". Count it all joy when you fall.into temptations for there is already a way of escape. I love this group and God is in our midst. Glory to the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit.

  • Kimberly

    “For when I kept silent, my bones wasted away through my groaning all day long.”
    When we keep our sin to ourselves, we can become buried under the weight. We can dig a hole for ourselves so deep that we barely see the Light. But, when we push away the shame and we steady ourselves on the Rock that we know to be hope—we can be in right relationship with Him.
    What God has pardoned, let Satan not re-condemn.

    For lent, I have given up a relationship that had become inappropriate.
    Very difficult but I know that God will..IS…honoring the decision.
    Be blessed sisters!

  • Tori Hein

    I lead a worship / teaching service at the local girls detention center here in my town, Carson City, NV. Many of these girls have struggled through drugs, alcohol, abusive homes, and terrible environments. They choose to come to the church services and EVERY week I am so blown away and blessed by their questions and interest in scripture. This last weekend we walked through Psalm 23 after one of the girls asked, "how do I rid myself of anger and shame?"

    The analogy between sin and a broken bone is often used throughout scripture and I believe it serves as a perfect portrayal of what the process of "healing" looks like. When we remain in guilt and are stubborn in our shame our spirit groans and our bodies ache. It effects every part of us. Something is separated in us – an internal brokenness that needs to be mended. But if we never acknowledge that brokenness and continue living and ignoring the wounds, the pain increases. Just like if you kept walking on a broken leg, it would never heal.

    It's not until we cry out to God for divine aid that we are given the ability to rejoice in eternal healing. Let me hear joy and gladness; let the bones that you have broken rejoice. (Psalm 51:18) His promise is sure and His purpose and will is to bind the wound of the broken hearted (Psalm 147:3)
    If we FAIL in rejoice we remain bound in a brokenness that God has already set free. Lift your eyes and lift others around you up with encouragement, lest you fall pray to the traps of the enemy. (Hebrews 3:13) Worship God for what He has done and keep your focus on eternity with Him – all ailment and daily frustrations that come are way disappear in the glorious face of out Savior.

  • It took me a long time to accept Gods forgiveness for something I felt shamed for. And then it took EVEN LONGER to forgive myself! Satan was definitely in my thoughts with this struggle of forgiveness. But now I repent amd move on!

  • Wow. This was so needed today. Yesterday, I asked for God to humble my heart and to test it, to look it over fully, and to show me what I need to repent of. He was quite faithful of that… last night, after reading through Isaiah 15/16 and then Jeremiah 48, I fully recognized that I was very lax in doing the Lord's work of moving away from my past friends/influences, as well as moving past old memories (and re-condemning sins!). I was not obeying Him in it, and it's gotten to the point that I will now suffer shame for it instead of reaping the blessing He initially wanted for me. To say it simply, I am the Lot that Abram saved after Sodom went to war with another country (Genesis 14). I did it myself, I dug the hole, and I refused to get out and move to where God wanted me to… because of that, I'm suffering the war that is in my own metaphorical backyard.

    But just as He was faithful in showing me my sin, He also was faithful in showing me that He will redeem me. I may be Lot, Moab, feeble and unable to save myself, and completely unworthy of saving; but He is the God of Abram, and He is willing to, just as Abram did, passionately pursue, fight for, and redeem me. There is lots of pain and consequence to my actions, no doubt, but He is my Hope in all of it. In the light of all this, pray that I would not hold onto condemnation and shame and use it to punish myself. Pray that I'd cling to Christ all the more, today, and look to Him as the only one who can truly redeem me.
    I'm praying for all of you, sisters. Praise God, that He has shown us our sin, shown us freedom, and set us free all at once.

  • Angela I can relate to to the shame and guilt that comes from having an adulterous sexual affair. I was once in that place. It is not an easy burden to bear. There was times where I felt paranoid every when people looked at me, like they saw right through me-expossing my dirty shameful secret, worthy of death. There was a process. Even though I confessed and knew that God promise to forgive me. I had problems believing it because I didn't think that I deserved forgiveness for what I did. But God is faithful and just to forgive us of ALL our sins not some and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. God's grace was more than enough to cover me then, and is more than enough to cover you and your past today. Believe what God word says and receive it. You deserve it!!
    What God has pardoned, let Satan not 're-condemn.

  • rightpurelovely

    Oh, I SO needed to hear this today. My husband left our home 8 weeks ago and in that time the Lord has moved mountains in my heart. I grew up in a Christian home, attending Christian schools but until 2 months ago I never truly understood just how much God loves and desires my heart. That he CAN change and save a wretch like me and that there is no condemnation in him. That my worth + value come from him and him alone.

    But where God is, the enemy attacks and the last couple days the enemy has been playing tricks on my mind. "Can you really change in 2 months? Are you a fake? A fraud? Do you really think God can transform you that quickly? You're still the same old selfish wife that you were before and B will never believe you've changed" GET BEHIND ME SATAN! I can be transformed and renewed in mind and heart as quickly as the Lord wants me to be. I will not be chained to my old shame and self-doubt. The God of angel armies is on MY SIDE.

  • Thank you Lord for the wonderful gift of forgiveness.

  • I struggle with shame almost every day. I had an adulterous sexual affair with a married man in 2011 and 2012. I confessed my sin to God. And repented. But I keep confessing the same sin over and over. I committed the big sin adultery sex before marriage. At times I wonder is God's grace enough to cover me my past?

    I have a way easier time praying for and forgiving others when they hurt me. But it's hard really hard to pray for myself and forgive my own past myself. I pray that I will cast aside the shame and free fall into His arms of grace and love.

    • Linda

      God's grace is powerful enough to wipe away any sin-even adultery. Claim the truth of 1John1:9. "If we confess our sins, he is vfaithful and just to forgive us our sins and rto cleanse us from all unrighteousness. 9 uIf we confess our sins, he is vfaithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness." Amen and hallelujah!

  • the gates of hell have been opened for us. Let us leave there and enter into God's kingdom. His mercy has offered us redemption from sin. He can, I can't. I must remember that

  • Amen! A million times Amen!! Such beautiful and wonderful words that my heart needed to hear, though I did not know it until I read them. God's forgiveness of our sins is so empowering and uplifting. I remember how burdened I felt with my wrongdoings before I knew Christ, I know the feeling in verses 3-4. But I also remember the moment I realized I didn't have to live like that any more and that Christ would carry me if ever I grew too weary, and that he would always forgive.


  • tarafromtexas

    What a beautiful, uplifting truth to understand; we have been set free through Jesus' sacrifice. To know that those heavy, weighted chains of shame and guilt are not meant for our shoulders…it's amazing! Our father is so deeply good to us!

  • {sammi jo}

    this aligns so perfectly with a song i woke up to this morning: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Cr5tgdLkSw
    such a powerful reminder that where the Lord is there is *always freedom, never bondage!

  • wiscogurl

    Today's lesson touches on one of the areas I truly struggle with. I carry guilt and Satan knows this. I beat myself up if I make mistakes or sins. Even if I've repented for my sins, I still struggle to forgive myself. Let me give you an example:

    Last week, I took a few days off of work. My university was on spring break. Since I work full-time and attend graduate school in the evening full-time, it was my intention to take advantage of the days off. When Sunday rolled around, I analyzed how LITTLE work accomplished. I started to feel ashamed. I started to regret decisions I made to go for walks outside or spend a few hours catching up with friends on the telephone. It's like all of a sudden I recalled every thing I did and began to regret I didn't dedicate it to my school work. Immediately I stopped and prayed, which is something I never did in past times. I acknowledged my reaction and said "Lord, Satan is trying to make me feel guilty about what I failed to accomplish. I managed to finish two papers and take care of myself by getting more rest. I will not feel guilty about that!"

    Sisters, I tattled on Satan and it felt good! Sometimes we have to stop and say NO! I will no longer let you make me feel guilty about this [task/sin/relationship]!

  • leenda324

    Began thinking of a song from back in the day by Honeytree. The first verse goes like this:
    Clean before my Lord I stand
    And in me, not one blemish does He see
    When I placed all my burdens on Him
    He washed them all from me

    Why did I wait so long
    To learn, such a living song
    And how could I stay so close
    Without seeing Him, Never seeing Him

    Taken from http://lyricstranslate.com/en/Nancy-Honeytree-Clean-My-Lord-lyrics.html#ixzz2vf0ewhAS

  • Sin.
    Repent. (Confess and TURN AWAY)
    Walk in the freedom of knowing God doesn’t keep tract of your past.

    God is love. (1John 4:8)
    Loce keeps no record of wrong. (1Cor 13:5)

    ANY voice in your head telling you that you are being punished for a sin that you have confessed is from Satan. NOT God.

    Therefore, recognize it for the lie that it is.
    Rebuke it in Jesus’ name.

    And walk in the freedom of God’s endless love and grace. (Rom 6:14)

    Whew….I needed that today. Thank you, Lord.

  • Amen! Love the reminder we need in fighting shame.

  • leenda324

    Funny, I just checked last night to see when Easter is and I thought “that’s a long time…” (In a slightly whiny inner voice) … Yes it’s a long time to wrestle with what I’m wrestling with, my particular fast, my need to cry out for help in maintaining it.

    But fasting from shame is a brand new concept to me. Shame is a life long issue for me. It’s huge. I will be pondering this word today.

    • Mrscoop62

      I'm right there with you I struggle daily as well, but we must not let our past define who we are today.

  • Candacejo

    Guilt is NOT from God! Amen!

  • This is the remedy for shame. "What God has pardoned, let Satan not re-condemn."

    What a prescription!

    Thank you Lord that this is one Rx that we know really works, and there are no side effects, just your sweet protection and deliverance.

  • This had me singing one of my favorite songs: "Glory glory Hallelujah, you threw my shackles in the sea. Glory glory Hellelujah, Jesus is my liberty. I'm goin' FREE!"

    Beckey http://www.etsy.com/shop/queenbsbusywork http://reallyreallyrealhousewives.blogspot.com

  • abbymcd21

    I love how after David acknowledges his sin, he says, "You surround me with songs of deliverance." Acknowledging our sin is the first step toward freedom. And then, after admitting our need for a Savior, letting it go. Letting Jesus cover us. I couldn't help think of Beth Moore today, since that verse from Galatians 5 is her life's message. Loved the devotion today! Such a powerful and needed message. So glad to be here with all of you today.

    • AnnaLee

      I love this! "And after admitting our need for a saviour, letting it go. Letting Jesus cover us." Your words ring so true to me today. As I've recognized and repented for a big chronic sin in my life recently, the Lord made it clear to me that HE'S done all the saving and will do ALL the redeeming; that I only need to keep understanding my complete need of Him, that I only need to abide in Him, trusting in Him and waiting on Him for full deliverance from it. Praise our God, that He loves to redeem us despite who we are, always.

      • abbymcd21

        I've been there too, AnnaLee! Glad what I said spoke to you and yes, He is all you need! Blessings.

  • justemmahh

    Definitely needed this truth today. I am determined to fast from shame; shame is bondage and I am free by the name and blood of Jesus! Thank you Lord! <3

  • "For you are my hiding place;
    You protect me from trouble;
    You surround me with songs of victory!" Psalm 32:7

    Feeling blessed.
    Feeling safe.

  • Thank you. I needed this.

  • Pray confess and god wipes us clean through the blood of Christ!! Keep it to ourselves and Satan uses it to make us miserable or destroy us like a Cancer! I choice life in Christ and his peace!

  • This really spoke to me this morning, as it obviously has to a lot of my SRT sisters! I know that Jesus did not die on the cross for us so that we could walk around this earth with our heads held down in shame. He died for us so we could ask forgiveness and go on to live our lives abundantly for him! We need to stop shaming ourselves, and stop shaming other people, too, for sins that God has forgiven us for.

  • For we are really FREE indeed!!! What God pardoned, let not Satan re-condemn. I'm guilty of it but what a great reminder!

  • Rachel Nordgren

    Amen, hallelujah, thank you Lord!

    What refreshing words to turn to in Scripture today. I love days when we get to study a wide breadth of God's Word, but I also love it when we get to settle into just a few verses and really let them sink in. Such beautiful freedom in these verses today…and David showing us the relief of forgiveness when we acknowledge our sin before God. I love that David doesn't say, "And you kept bringing it up." David says, "You forgive the iniquity of my sin." Period. End of story. Later on in Psalm 103:12, he says, "As far as the east is from the west, so far does He remove our transgressions from us."

    Do you hear that sisters? Our sin is removed. I, you, we, don't need to drag it around any longer. The Lord has broken our chains of sin and shame and we are covered by His grace.

    Amazing Grace how sweet the sound, to hear Him singing over me.

    Yesterday I commented about the horrendous nightmares I've been having lately…sickening dreams that rob me of rest. Well, thank you for praying for me!! Last night there were no nightmares and I woke up at peace! Jesus watches over me while I sleep and guards me from the evil one's attacks.

    • Candacejo

      Wonderful Rachel! So happy you had rest.

    • AnnaLee

      Rachel, dreams have definitely robbed me of peace and rest as well! satan's got nothing on us but silly dreams, lies in our sleep. How sweet and good is our Lord, to smile over us when we sleep, and to let us come to Him the minute we wake up for a fresh dose of truth and reality, even when we do have nightmares. Praise the Lord!! So glad you have rest.

      • Rachel Nordgren

        Thank you, AnnaLee! Yes, satan attacks in silly little dreams…in things that aren't even real. I'm so glad our God is greater!

  • JessicaLoves___

    It seems "re-condemnation" is one of Satan's greatest weapons against Christians. By and large, if we are living by Christ's example, Satan has very little hold over us. All he's got is the same old hand of cards he used to keep us from Christ in the first place: the you-aren't-worthy-card. And the truth is, we aren't worthy! And we know it! That's WHY we need Jesus. But somehow, the enemy is able to use our old failings against us again and again to distance us from God and those who point us toward God.
    I just want to get to the point where I can instantly see the shaming for what it is and say to Satan: That all you got?
    Until then, I have to remind myself: God came to give us freedom. It is not in his nature to re-condemn. In fact, his condemnation comes only once — at the end of a life lived without him. Our Lord holds out as long as he can, hoping to find a way to redeem. It is only Satan who tells us we're hopeless. And we mustn't believe his lies. The truth in what he tells us is: Without Christ, we're hopeless. But in Christ, we are more than conquerors.

    • Rachel Nordgren

      satan plays dirty, and you're so right…he only has his old hand of cards. I am so thankful that, like you said, God gives us freedom and it is not in His nature to re-condemn.

    • AnnaLee

      Yes! Satan's lies and his burdens from re-condemning are all over everything… Let us see all of these things exactly for what they are and call them out! Reply to the lie with TRUTH! Whenever I am brought to where I remember my past hurts and actions, or whenever I recognize something else as a lie, I immediately tell satan to get thee behind me and put it out of my mind. It feels so good to not put up with anything that is not God's Truth. That is the feeling of true freedom! To not be chained down anymore!

  • What God has pardoned, let Satan not re-condemn. I have been guilty too many times of allowing Satan to tell me I am not worthy of God's forgiveness. It would keep me out of God's house, and even dictate who I allowed myself to become really close to because I felt that "Christians" would not accept me with all my past faults. Praise God those days for the most part are gone. He has forgiven me and my chains are gone. Amen.

    • AnnaLee

      Me too, exactly, Shelia. Believing these lies can so quickly isolate and burden us to the point of hopelessness. Praise God, that He has truly set us free.

  • I imagine a heavily chained person… All the locks holding them have been broken…but they (I) continue to sit with the chains holding them, heavy chains. Jesus has already done the work. I need to remember that (daily) and stand up…the chains fall…

    • tina

      So true Kellie….the chains are broken….AMEN and thank you Lord God…x x

    • theregoesmollyrose

      I really like this, and really needed this. Thanks for your thoughts

  • Joanne Sher

    What an amazing reminder. He had already forgiven. It is Satan who tells me I should hide my sin – that I should be ashamed. Lord, let me confess, and remember that, once I have, the chains are gone.

    • tina

      Joanne, praying along with you, dear sister….x

    • cas

      Good on ya Joanne….I decided today Im not going to let Satan remind and re condemn me of my past sins…I have been beating myself up over my past and the so- called shame of it! Gonna sit on Daddy Gods lap and receive His grace and forgiveness instead of listening to the enemys lies!

  • Ever heard of the phrase "institutionalized mentality"? It's being so used to your cell, you fear living outside it.

    I have that sometimes. I am afraid of taking off those chains because of what changes it means in my life. Living with an eye to the sins of my past means I can wallow in them; acknowledging and repenting of my sins means choosing to change, and there's fear there… If I let it be so.

    Praying for the strength to see, to accept, to repent and to CHANGE.

    • Rachel Nordgren

      Drash, I have it too. Like you, I stay in a prison of my own making. Like you, I fear freedom because freedom means drastic change.

      Praying that we would not let the fear hold us back, but that we would know beyond all shadow of a doubt that there is no fear in freedom. Jesus tells us to "fear not" because His perfect love casts out fear. In His arms, there is nothing that can cause us true harm.

      • Janee White

        So many of us here are living as free slaves. One question I have ask myself is this "Do I fear change more than I fear staying the same?" When I see where I am and how miserable I am, I truthfully fear NOT changing more than I actually fear change. This is the motivation that drives me. That and whether or not I want to call God a liar. He tells me I can do all things – my doubt tells Him 'I can't'. When He tells me that I am free and the chains are gone – I show Him the chains I have placed pretty crosses on and make excuses for them as my burden to bear. One thing that keeps me going is the knowledge that not only do I need your testimony, but others need mine. We need to accept the freedom that has been granted because others eterities rely on it. Our families, our friends, our co-workers and fellow congregants. Jesus needs us to live free so others can find the same freedom. Rev 19:10 says "The testimony of Jesus is the Spirit of Prophecy". When we live free and speak of freedom, we are testifying to others what Jesus has done, wants to do, and will do in their lives.

        Sigh…Im with you girl. My new life frightens me. But I can honestly say that the going back to the old one frightens me more.

        (Stepping off the podium now) Sorry for the tangeant. I love your words and how they inspire me so. I love the freedom you have found and am encouraged by the the fruit of your obedience. God bless you my friend….

        • Rachel Nordgren

          Yes…we live in freedom to show others that it is possible to live in freedom. Janee, people need to know the freedom that Christ has set loose in your life. Even if we don't know what the heck to do with our freedom sometimes. But, like you said…going back to the old way scares me, too.

          Thank you for the kindness of your words…it sort of floors me that I could inspire and encourage anyone, but I am really thankful that God uses my meager words to do so!

          • Janee White

            Oh girl, I must protest a little here. Your words are not meager. The Lord tells us that our words have the power of life and death in them. Your words, Rachel, breathe so much life – their fruit is sweet and the aroma is enticing. You are a blessed and highly favored Child of God – called by the Most High to deliver His message. I pray you find comfort in knowing that your words hit the hearts of the women God has placed in your path. They are accomplishing what He sent them forth to do – they are not returning void my friend.

          • Rachel Nordgren

            You're far too kind, Janee, and YOUR words are sweet to me. Sometimes (heck, oftentimes) I forget the good things that the Lord says about me, and the good purposes that He has for me. Thank you for the reminder, even if it's hard for me to wrap my mind around ;)

    • AnnaLee

      I share it too, ladies. I used to be so afraid of living outside of my depression that I held onto it; I was so afraid of who I'd be without it that I let it define me. But GOD. God showed me that, as Rachel said, I don't need to fear anything when I am in His arms, and that when He defines me, there is NO insecurity as to who I am there! Now, as I face other things holding me back (fears and definitely past sin), I pray that the Lord would sweep in and show me that I can live without the things that I've let myself be brought under for so long. It's scary… but He tells us to fear not. Let's cling to Him, so that He can truly transform these lives. Praying for you, Drasch, and for everyone. Let's be truly set free today. xo

      • Rachel Nordgren

        "Let's cling to Him, so that He can truly transform these lives." Amen, AnnaLee!

      • Janee White

        "show me that I can live without the things that Ive let myself be brought under'"

        Such a powerful prayer my friend. I often find that the enemy will whisper a lie to me, but then I rabbit trail from there and begin to believe 15 more lies. So much of my guilt is self imposed. My habits are not a result of what others have done to me, but what I have done to myself.

        "When He defines me, there is NO insecurity as to who I am"

        I laugh at myself when I begin to think as if the lies were true. Not even 48 hours ago, my peace got bumped and I flew off into a fit that sent me right into a downward spiral. I was ready to give everything up – EVERYTHING! I just couldnt take anymore. I imagine now, the enemy sitting on the side-line, eating his popcorn, telling his minions 'Hey, watch this….look what I can do!"

        A stupid mistake plucked me from a place of peace and grace and propelled me into a state of confusion and chaos. It was ugly. I was insecure for a moment, and when that happens, I run right back to the old place of self preservation. One single moment of insecurity ruined not only my day, but my husbands as well. Like you said, there is no insecurity in who I am – there is also no insecurity in what I can do. If Jesus says we can live free – we can life free. If Jesus says we can do all things – we need to determine if we believe His Word to be truth. When we are told our hope is found in His Word – we need to bannish the disappointing things of this World that we sought hope in.

        I hope this makes sense sweet girl. Your words are engraved upon my heart right now. 'No insecurity in who we are – show me that I can live without the things I let myself be brought under". There is so much freedom in those two simple phrases. Thank you girl…

        • AnnaLee

          I COMPLETELY understand, Janee. So many times in life, I find myself in a place of peace and steadfastness one minute; in another, one whispered lie is multiplied by my own doing, and I become this person who comes before God as timid, unworthy, relentlessly guilty, frustrated, alone and scared to come to Him. I end up fed up with life and with feeling like I've just been doing circles. I've come to realize very recently– as in, these past 2 days– that a lot of the time, the chaos, guilt, and condemnation– and sometimes, a heinous need to just "figure all of it out, figure out what's wrong with me, to repent"– is only satan simply lighting the match. That most of it is just me and my self-imposed shame. It's been so difficult to come to grips with. Praying that there'd be breakthrough and healing here, for all of us.

  • SweetDes

    What God has pardoned, let satan not re-condemn!! This is powerful to me!! This includes my insecurities and fears! Those things that prevent me from moving forward and have me standing in the lane of "do nothing." BUT "There is power in the name of Jesus, to break every chain, break every chain, break every chain." Praise God my sisters … "I hear the chains falling!!"

  • I'm sitting here with chills…thinking of the power of our Lord Jesus who has already overcome death so that we might LIVE! But Satan does not go down easily. Though already defeated, he's fighting for every last bit, and he knows how to play on our insecurities and to feed us those lies. Knows how to get us to play into the comparison game, the negative self-talk that paralyzes. I think he is most smug when we do NOTHING because of our fears (of rejection, hurt, etc.). Ladies, we are EMPOWERED and we are heirs with Christ, empowered to defeat Satan. Take hold of truth and STAND, DO, REFUSE to remain still in our chains. Praise the Lord!

    • Morgan

      Also, I think it's interesting to note that the word "yoke" when used metaphorically can mean "submission to authority" as well as "bondage." We see both throughout the Old Testament, especially in reference to the yoke imposed by kings (submit to the king), and if the king were cruel his subjects surely felt they were in bondage to the king. In Psalm 2:3, the application is that the condition of man is to shrug off the authority of God and the dominion of his anointed Son as king (the "bands, fetters, cords" refer to a yoke), but I love that our KING comes and tells us his to put on His yoke that is light (Matt 11:29-30), and we are able to submit to that authority and no longer be in bondage to sin.

      • tina

        Refusing today and forever to be in those chains…..ever again…THEY ARE BROKEN, NEVER TO BE WORN AGAIN…JESUS, HAS SET ME FREE….PRAISE THE LORD!!!!! X

      • Rachel Nordgren

        What a fantastic point!! I love getting nerdy with words and their definitions in the Bible :)

    • Morgan

      Me too…we get such a deeper understanding of the Word when we take the extra time to dig into the language and context! I used to read always with "me" in mind (how does this apply to me? What can I take away from this? How is this relevant?) and now I'm seeing that it is sooo much bigger than me! I love the sweeping story of redemption from genesis to revelation!

  • At times it can be so easy to have our past over shadow the present… The guilt and shame of past sins, self condemnation and worst of all SHAME. We serve a forgiving God who removes all sin and cleanses us from every trace of past sin. He breaks those chains to set us free, but sometimes we trap ourselves in mental slavery disregarding our freedom already exists.

    Ladies the chains are already broken. We are already free through Jesus Christ. Un chain yourself, free yourself, embrace your freedom.

    I must join in the theme song for today:)

    There is power in the name of Jesus to break every chain!

    • tina

      AMEN Anieka….. holding on to the fact…no TRUTH that the chains are ALREADY broken….Blessings dear Sister x

  • What God has pardoned, let Satan not re-condemn…… I love those words….I love them!!!
    I have walked with the sentence/ chains, self imposed, I guess, for so long…..that actually, it has become a safety blanket….a mechanism to get through the days….you carry things so long, they become a part of your existence……who you are……I'm a sinner, a bad egg, no one would want me, as a friend, a lover, to be honest, I sometimes wouldn't want to knuow me, not because of something I've done, but because of things others have said or done……rejection of any sort, can play tricks with your head….and I am guilty of believing these lies……..I am gradually getting there….. Thank you Lord…, but those words today had me jumping, it was like the light had come on…..and I had been set free from a dark place…..the picture I had was of men in those protective suits bursting in, finding me in my shame, taking off the rags shame and chains and giving me new clean cloth to wear before I faced the world……forgiven, pardoned, FREE…. AMEN.
    Only Jesus can do that…..has done and will continue to do that for me, for us, for all….as Brenda so reminded us of that great song, now to be my anthem throughout this Lenten time…THERE IS POWER IN THE NAME OF JESUS, TO BREAK EVERY CHAIN, BREAK EVERY CHAIN, BREAK EVERY CHAIN….
    Praying the power of Jesus over you all today, sister's….xxx

    • Morgan

      AMEN! The great deceiver knows how to play to our insecurities, doesn't he? Praying for POWER in the Holy Spirit to set you free indeed!

    • megan w

      I too once felt as though no one would want me if they knew my past. But God will always want me, and even though all I need is Him, he gave me a husband who loves me too despite my flaws. God is amazing, and his grace is overflowing.

      • tina

        Thank you Megan for that…..it is encouraging and I do know there is a plan for me…..for sure… our Lord only has good in mind for me, that I believe…Thank you again….Megan, God bless you and yours…x x

  • "What God has pardoned, let Satan not re-condemn." — This struck me!

    I love this quote from Jennie Allen's book, Anything:

    "There is something so beautiful about people aware of their sin and their need for God. That is beautiful to God. He can work with that, enter into that."

    — I love that when we realize that we cannot cover up our sins with our own fig leaves, that's when we allow Jesus to cover our sins for us! .. and that is where true FREEDOM is found! Thank you God for setting us FREE from shame and guilt!

    • Lou

      I needed to hear that quote this morning 'that is beautiful to God. He can work with that' I'll have to check out her book.

    • Altara5

      What a powerful quote. It reminds us that people see what we present, and they know only what we feel comfortabe shaing.
      We tend to keep the acknowledgement of our sin tuck away.

      There is something beautiful and freeing as we humble self before God confessing our sin and asking to be forgiven. We rise feeling lighter, happier, thankful and free because Jesus covered our sins. Hallelujah!!

    • Ashley Lynn

      I also love that quote! It really is a beautiful thing…we are so blessed. Thanks for sharing!

  • Gal. 5:1 – Stand fast in the liberty wherein CHRIST has made you FREE!!!!!! Hallelujah!!!!!!

  • Brendasan01

    Praise God we can be free! There is power in the name of Jesus, to break every chain, break every chain, break every chain!

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