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Fasting in secret


Today's Text: Matthew 6

Text: Matthew 6

Have you noticed not much is sacred anymore – as in, separate or set apart? The digital age has created a world of oversharers and I (who was an oversharer to begin with) am the chief offender. We don’t keep much for ourselves these days, few moments left uninterrupted and unfiltered, few thoughts stored up in our hearts instead of in our social feeds. These ways of virtual connection aren’t a bad thing in themselves (ahem, hashtag SheReadsTruth!), but the nonstopping-ness of the internet can be a hard thing to resist.

Marinating in the magic of a singular moment without making it a multitasking event seems to be a lost art. 

Jesus says in Matthew 6 that fasting should be done in a way that runs counter to our internet culture. He says it should be done in secret, done for the only One who sees in secret.

He says the same of some other things, too:

Do not make a loud scene when you give to the needy.
Do not be intentionally conspicuous when you pray.
Do not look sad and sick when you fast.
Collect eternal, unseen treasures; not temporary, tangible ones.
Focus on me, He says. Let it be our secret.

Then, in verse 25, He moves on to this: “Do not be anxious.” And it seems unrelated, doesn’t it? Let’s think on this a moment while I give myself a little pop quiz.

When I do something good and right because others are watching, does that stress me out? Well, yes.

When I act like a “good Christian” (one of my least favorite phrases, by the way) so that others will notice, does that make me anxious? Um, YES.

When my performance is motivated by the knowledge that I’m life’s stage (and the spotlight is on! everyone is watching! and I can’t mess up!) does that bring me peace? Nope. Not a chance.

Jesus knows our hearts, Sisters. His command for us to “be not like the hypocrites” is not just a directive; it is Him guarding in love the heart that He knows. A hypocrite is not honest with herself or others. Christ is saying to us here, You don’t have to be that way. Don’t worry so much about everyone else. Concern yourself with Me. Do these things for Me and with Me.

When we direct our eyes to Jesus rather than scurrying around, jumping through hoops to gain the favor of sinners just like us, we give up what is fleeting for what will last. We receive so much more in these sweet, secret, unnoticed, unannounced moments with our Savior than any other could in a lifetime give.


  • I honestly just read this and im amazed because ive been doing things like social media freeze to keep out distractions and get closer to God. Its amazing, I know God is working in me. Thank you Lord for everything. You are worthy to be praised.

  • Sindy.Millington

    The title attracted me because our local church is embarking on a 21 day fast and this will challenging in my workplace environment.

  • I've always thought Matthew 6 was one of my favorites. Thanks for sharing with us a whole new way of looking at it. Matthew 6:34 is a daily reminder for me…but really, why should I worry?! If I'm one on one with my creator, I have NOTHING to worry about. Thanks, SRT & sisters!

  • Oh girls, I have a confession. I just revisited this post (today is technically day 5 of the study) because I remembered thinking, "I didn't spend much time there that day and I think it might have been good." Well, turns out I didn't spend much time here on Day 2 because I was too concerned about writing my own blog post and reflection on Psalm 130. And the irony of it all is not lost…here we are on Day 2 reading one of the most poignant of Jesus' teachings about not seeking to please men, and I'm worried about Day 3 and perfecting every word of my blog post so that others will think well of me, my writing style, my blog, etc. And now I know why I was reminded to reread Day 2. My prideful heart and soul needed this so badly. Let go and focus on our savior. Do not be worried about the things of this world. Amanda, thank you for this reminder!

  • Marcella

    Wow, this is a huge eye opener for me. Social media has really taken up so much time, and I do love it, but I enjoy too much what others have to comment about my post. If I had as much focus on God as I do with social media I would be in a much better place and probably a lot happier! I am definitely going to work on this! I read Matthew 6 in the message bible and wow, really smacks you into reality and that is just what I needed as I go into a weekend spent with my husband. Thank you!!

  • That is so true! There’s nothing like worshiping in your own way on your way driving to work singing your heart out to him or the silent prayer at night. I feel so much closer to Him and feel so much joy. I agree, trying to show what a “good Christian “, which I also don’t like saying, isn’t too easy or fun.

  • Everything is about Him, we were put on this earth for His glory, so my prayer this day is that as His children we will be concious of His presence (Holy Spirit) and allow Him to direct our path in order to ultimately reflect Him even as we 'secretly' fast in order to grow in Him.

  • Jenny Austin

    This whole Bible devo and reading all of Matthew 6 tonight convicted me once again that I can not let people's feelings or thoughts run my life – all I need to please is God! What Amanda said toward the end of the devo; " don' concern yourself with others, concern yourself with Me, do things for Me." That was sooooooo what I needed to hear and post on my forehead while I'm at it……..

  • jojoparks28

    this is such a beautiful reminder…He knows that this is exactly what I need right now…be reminded of what is more important, focus on Him…do things for Him and with Him…reading Matthew 6 (wow!) it is such a relief, it is absolutely heart warming…thank you, thank you SRT, this is really a "spot on" message…thank u sweet Jesus!

  • Amanda Bible Williams… Love it!

  • This perfectly and succinctly explains what I have been trying to achieve with fasting. Thank you!

  • I have started a fast as of yesterday and I prayed I would have clarity. Confirmation yesterday and just now through this post. Amen, I hear you Lord!

  • Wow.
    "For the pagans run after all these things, and your heavenly Father KNOWS that you need them. But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well."
    "And when you pray, do not keep on babbling like pagans, for they think they will be heard because of their many words. Do not be like them, for your Father KNOWS what you need before you ask him." (Matthew 6:7-8, 32-33)

    'Your heavenly father knows that you need them… your father knows what you need before you ask Him.' Today, I broke what I'm fasting, not because of breaking its' rules (it happened within the perimeters I tentatively set), but because of my heart towards it. I was not trusting God, and I was not seeking Him in what I did. But He knows absolutely everything I need before I even ask Him. He is strong and able to give me what I need. Lord, help me to completely rely on you the rest of this day. Let not an ounce of condemnation hold me back from loving you anew. Lord, help me to be more and more attentive of your call when you say "Focus on me. Let it be our secret." Thank you for guarding my heart as Amanda said so well: "Jesus knows our hearts, Sisters. His command for us to “be not like the hypocrites” is not just a directive; it is Him guarding in love the heart that He KNOWS."

    You are so sweet, so compassionate and forgiving, O Lord; only YOU KNOW me, and only YOU can bring me closer to you. I surrender all. I want to know you more today and during the time ahead.

  • Tyne Swedish

    What a beautiful reminder! I actually had forgotten how much I love the gospel of Matthew! This just lifted my soul even higher! This is my first year of celebrating Lent and I am loving it so far. I feel rooted in Christ and my cup is overflowing and i love it! This sisters is exactly what I needed to read today. So often I have to remind myself not to judge and not to envy, but to walk with the Lord and be myself. This just reminds me, like my Jason is always reminding me, to enjoy the moment and not look like a tourist snapping photos and constantly on IG. But to be still and enjoy the moment and do somethings in secret (even though I love snapping photos and #shereadstruth -ing them!!!).

  • When fasting it can be really hard and I can get "hangry" But the Lord reminded me of the verse, "the joy of the Lord is my strength." When I fasted from food for a day I had a headache and I became irritable. I was relying solely on food to give me strength. But God says, look at it from another perspective. He is our strength, the joy of knowing Him is our strength.

  • In the last few weeks I have found myself either praying with, trying to encourage, giving counsel or simply hanging out with different women. While I pray with them my intentions are pure and true, kind, and humble and yet I constantly battle the prideful spirit of- "Did they hear me quote that verse?, Did they hear me mention that 'in my devotions' comment, did they hear that prayer I just prayed, it was super "spiritual"!
    I hate this. I HATE IT.I HATE HATE HATE IT!!
    I find myself constantly praying- God may they see you, may they hear from your Spirit when I speak, may I encourage them IN THE LORD. It is a constant spiritual battle to be the aroma of Christ without bringing in the stench of self righteous pride.
    After crying with and praying over a friend who is crushing under the weight of family struggles yesterday I found myself begging God to show me, teach me, point out to me how I can work through this pride so that I can put all pageantry aside.
    WOWZA!! This morning- obviously His word is for us all, but LADIES, this morning, this was for me! lol. I know we could probably all say that, right!? God heard my cry, he saw my hearts desire, his ear was leaned in and he has answered. God, may I constantly remember every answer to every struggle is in your WORD.
    Thank you God for answered prayer; May I be a sweet aroma of God's grace and goodness today, to God be the glory, now and forever. AMEN!

  • Not everyday, because some days I forget, but quite often, when I’m doing devotions or praying or talking to someone, I’ll catch myself composing my next tweet. I’ll think of where the light is best to snag a picture. And, if it’s a good day, I’ll pray “help me not to do devotions for Instagram”. I still post lots of things, but I try to do it from that heart.
    Often I’m unsuccessful though.
    Matthew 6 is so relevant. It’s like this whole theme of “He knows”. He knows our prayers, our tithes, our fasts, our needs, our worries – He even knows how we should pray in order to receive Him more. His knowledge of me is so good.

  • Choose Happy

    Wow! Have you guys read Matthew 6 in The Message? It is sooooo good!

    • Sue:)

      Yes!! The Lord's prayer in the Message….WOW! Especially the finish — "Yes. Yes. Yes." I'm so glad you thought so too. The whole chapter becomes so straightforward. Loved it!

  • Crash777

    Thank you so much for this post today! I am in a new old relationship that many of those whose opinions I respect are not thrilled about-however the guy I am dating has grown into a strong man of God, something those who doubt it have not seen. I am happy to be with him until I think about their opinions-which is confusing since I felt it was God ordained. It was such a comfort to read these words and realize that in ALL we do-not just fasting, it is about our personal relationship with God.

    Such a beautiful reminder that God speaks to our hearts and we should act on things for that reason alone. Thank you.

  • If I focus in on Christ, I will see all that is true, noble, right, pure, lovely, and, admirable–if anything is excellent or praiseworthy–think about such things. (Phil. 4:8 NIV) It is when I zoom in and only focus on Christ my vision is made perfect and my perspective is in the light of his truths. In his truth there is no need to be anxious for anything. "Whatever you have learned or received or heard from me, or seen in me–put it into practice. And the God of peace will be with you." Phil. 4:9 NIV

    Really enjoyed reading everyones comments this morning–lots of good stuff.

  • Here's a great link on a challenge to "REVERSE LENT" http://www.karenehman.com/2014/03/the-reverse-len… Great ideas to be done in "secret" or with God!

    LOVE all the comments in this SRT community! Many blessings in Christ's love.

    • claire

      I heard on the radio someone doing siLENT spending more time quietly with God. Think its a great idea!

      • mazmagi54 (Peggy)

        Oh Claire, LOVE THIS!!! siLENT … I'm sure God would love me doing more of that kind of special, intimate moments with Him! Really GREAT idea! Thanks!

  • There were so many things that spoke to me in the passage this morning, and it has been a long time since I read this passage. Many of you have already brought up what the scriptures spoke of this morning, and I love reading all of your comments. I am a very anxious person (even according to my doctor) and even though I ultimately know that GOD is in CONTROL, I don't always focus on that. I first read the passage in the ESV version and then in the Message and here are the 2

    34 ESV
    34 q“Therefore do not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble.

    The Message – 34 “Give your entire attention to what God is doing right now, and don’t get worked up about what may or may not happen tomorrow. God will help you deal with whatever hard things come up when the time comes.

    This passage sums up my prayer for today.

  • Janee White

    I saw this theme running through the scriptures this morning:
    WHEN you give to the needy – WHEN you pray – WHEN you fast… not IF but WHEN.

    But then we get to verse 14 – IF you forgive others – BUT IF you do not forgive others.

    We can pray, fast, and give – BUT if we do not forgive others their sins, our Father will not forgive our sins. Our actions (praying, fasting and giving) are meaningless if we do not forgive. It struck me so…

    I want to be forgiven – I NEED to be forgiven – my eternal destination is more important than a temorary-earthly grudge. My forgiveness is more important than my pride of image. So today I begin the search, not on earth, but in my heart, for the names of those I have yet to forgive. And though I do not normally 'give something up for lent', maybe this year, I will give up unforgiveness and pride of image.

    • Lori B

      Thank you, Janee. This is exactly what I needed to hear this morning. I had pretty much decided not to give anything up this year, but giving up un-forgiveness is perfect. I know there are people in my life I choose not to forgive. I know I can, beacuse I've managed to forgive some pretty awful stuff. I've simply made a choice not to forgive. I know this has no affect on them at all… It just serves to keep me in bondage to the event, situation, words, actions, etc., that caused me pain in the first place. One of the people I need to put on my list of those I need to forgive is myself. I tend to bring out the bat on a regular basis and punish myself for wrongs I've committed… Some even from my childhood, which was decades ago! These, too, keep me in bondage to the past. If God can forgive me, then I should be able to. Maybe the theme for Lent has always been "I have sinned. I am forgiven!" But this is the first year I've heard it… Both here and at church. That will be my fasting this year… Working to give up un-forgiveness.

    • Valanne

      Janee, I noticed that too and now have red inked "WHEN not if" in my bible. It a call to take action!

      Praying as you search your heart to let go of grudges and forgive through the strength of Christ.

    • AnnaLee

      Praying for you and Lori! that the Lord would be faithful in showing you who you have yet to forgive for things big and small– and that He'd strengthen you and give you courage, boldness, and grace to do such a thing. Be blessed this lenten season, sisters.

  • Good Morning ladies!

    It feels so good to be back and to buckle down for some quality time with the Lord this morning. I really enjoyed focusing on one chapter, a chapter full of so much goodness! As I was reading, I noticed several life-applicable examples of character that honor God, and also questions to ask myself to check my heart:

    -'Do' and serve for the Lord. Be intentional about it and search my heart for the root of my motives. Whether it be on social media, serving within the church, or reaching out to somebody, ask myself if it is to honor God or to glorify myself.
    -Be purposeful in prayer.
    -Be aware of where my treasures lies because my heart resides there too.
    -Check my eyes and be aware of what I am allowing in. Am I allowing light (or darkness) to pour in? Ask God to illuminate the things that He wants me to see, and to discern the things that are attempting to extinguish the lightness.
    -I cannot fully give of myself to God if I am giving parts of myself to idols. Recognize the things that pull me away from giving my all to Him, and rid my life of them.
    -Do not worry. Trust that God will provide and meet my needs right where I am.

    'Seek first the kingdom and his righteousness…" (v.33)

    I am praying that you ladies have a light-filled day and are able to center your hearts on what matters most. I am excited to walk through this study with you! :)

    • AnnaLee

      Kyla, this is so great! May God continually edify and build us up with this passage and with these points in the days to come! "Checking my eyes" and "Being aware of where my treasure lies" are both really big in my life right now. Lord, guard our hearts against anything that takes us away from you.

      • Kyla F

        Thank you AnnaLee! We are all in this together and I am excited to see where he guides us during this season :)

  • Courtney M

    I am hoping to find quiet moments today between words and actions during which I seek Gods guidance and love.

    • Janee White

      Oh how powerful those few words are. I hope you dont mind, but I wrote the in my journal. I pray now that you see clearly those moments He has set aside for you to abide in Him, and enjoy the tender moments of refreshment and direction.

  • journalsofavagabond

    This… This was precisely what I was thinking the other day, and am so glad that you reminded me of it. Thank you for that. :)

  • Matthew 6:33-34 But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness! Love this starting point!

  • This is just convicting and encouraging all at the same time. We do live in a world of over sharing and (I believe) the reason is not so much because we are seeking to brag but that we are seeking affirmation. We post a picture of a dinner we made (not me because, well, I can't cook!) so that others will ooh and ahh. We post something that we have done for our kids or spouse because we want people to think we are good moms and wives. We just want to be loved and appreciated. We want people to affirm what we are doing.

    What your devotion has reminded me of is Galatians 1:10.

    "For am I now seeking the approval of man, or of God? Or am I trying to please man? If I were still trying to please man, I would not be a servant of Christ."

    Maybe, what we share isn't as important as why we are sharing it.

    Thank you so much for the time and heart you put into your words here, Amanda.

    • AnnaLee

      Amen Stacy. That verse has long been one that convicts me. Being a servant of Christ frees us from having to be servants to anything else in this life. So beautiful.

  • Jennifer

    “Marinating in the magic of a singular moment without making it a multitasking event seems to be a lost art.”

    May honoring Jesus be my only task today.

  • Sweet Amanda….. Love Love Love the connection. I've read these verses and never made that connection. I'm also read Matt 5 and tried to follow the rules…. Yea I'm that girl, who thought I (personally with all my might) can be poor in spirit… not realizing for a moment how depraved I was.

    Who thought I could be meek. That as long as I was reading my bible (read: finding the rules to follow) that I was being filled. Who thought that if I was merciful, I'd receive grace, peace, rest for my worried heart. If I was pure in my intentions, and made peace with everyone, that I would "be still and know" And God only knows how I was persecuted…. yea, cuz I'm the girl who'd bludgeoned anyone to death with the bible (read:rules)

    I'd pray and pray and pray. read and read and read. fast and fast and fast. Nothing would keep me still or peaceful or blessed.

    But something happened, I don't know when, but it happened. All these years of striving have fallen away and beauty has arrived. Not perfection, not floating on a peaceful cloud, not a life less ordinary lacking stress and bills and arguments and well…. life.

    When I let go of "I gotta be" and Let Him Be I live in peace. Even if its for a moment or 5 minutes or 2 hours. Cuz there I go again striving, realizing I'm running ahead of God. I'm not keeping pace. I look around and see I'm alone. Oh yea, God He's back there and I make the loop back. It's an ebb and flow. It's not perfect and we're not called to be perfect. Only to abide.

    • Lbug56

      Love that! I can so relate to getting ahead of God. Then having to loop back. We aren't called to be perfect. Only to abide. Yes!

    • AnnaLee

      Shelly, I too became very reliant upon rules and righteousness outside of abiding in Christ for a time. When I thought I was doing the will of God, I was really only listening to spirits of condemnation, fear, and chaos. A feeling of never being sufficient and always being in fear and anxiety towards God completely ruled my life… I was positive that He didn't actually love me at all and that I had to prove it to Him, make Him less mad at me… until Christ broke through and said, "NO MORE. Did you forget what LOVE is? Only I can make you what the father asks you to be. STOP." When I finally let myself be submitted to, humbled by, and held in the hands of God– of Christ– He changed this cold, proud, pretentious, fearful and weary heart to one that sweetly seeks Him out and loves him. Not because it's a rule, but because I can't help but Love Him when He's loved me so much more first. Praise God for letting us truly realize the vastness of His grace, love, and mercy. Be blessed, sister. Sit in the reality that you are His beloved Daughter today.

  • I just love the idea of sharing something secret with Jesus. It brings to mind images of myself as a little girl, whispering and giggling with a dear friend. To be best friends with my redeemer….I can think of nothing sweeter.

    • dearlyl0ved

      Amen! It's so sweet to think of the intimate moments I get to share with Jeaus, the same way I have intimate moments I share with just my fiancé or close friends. They are our little 'secrets' (although that sounds negative, I just mean things shared only between us) and they build our relationship. I think of Mary and how she treasured the things of God in her heart. I have to wonder if the very things she was treasuring were those intimate moments between her and her creator!

  • Rachel Nordgren

    Matthew 6 is one of the sweetest places in Scripture for me. The Lord put Matthew 6:19-21 in my lap just after my house had been robbed, and Matthew 6:33 is a "top button"…if you're putting on a button down shirt, you have to start with the top button in order to all the other buttons to line up and not have your shirt be caddywhompus. Likewise, Christ says to seek God first – THAT'S your top button – and then everything else will fall into place. You can't start in the middle.

    But, what stuck out to me this morning is all of the times Jesus talks about the hypocrites and their actions, and then He says, "Trust me. They've had their reward." I'll admit…recognition doesn't bother me. I rather enjoy it sometimes. It puffs up my pride. But if that is my attitude, then my little pride puff is my only reward.

    I need to fade into the background and put Christ in the spotlight, and be far more concerned about people giving Christ recognition. I am praying that the Lord would humble my heart and help me be concerned only about the business of His business.

    Also…Amanda…I didn't know Bible was your middle name! ;)

    • AnnaLee

      Amen Rachel! "little pride puff." You are great. Praying that the both of us would only become more and more concerned about the business of His business. It's too special to miss out on.

    • Amanda Williams

      It's my maiden name. :)

  • Focus on me, He says. Let it be our secret. Intimacy that enriches the very essence of life.

    • AnnaLee

      Yes. That place of intimacy with God is a place where nothing and no one else in this existence can go, not even my future husband and I. A place just for Christ and I, for you and Him. When I think of that place where only God knows about and meets up with me, that place that is so secret I am in awe of it, I can't help but want to spend more time there. It's such an intimate concept, to do more things for God in secret. Reminds me of the song No Cars Go by Arcade Fire.

      • Steph_Lilac

        Yes AnnaLee just thinking of that intimate place gives me chills! We were wired, made, and created for worship so when we discover that hidden place within that allows us to be with Him only, it's breathtaking.

  • I've long loved Matthew 6:33-34, but I've never drawn the connection between these verses and the previous verses as you do here – what a beautiful, meaningful picture. Thank you for all you do, SRT!

  • JessicaLoves___

    Humility. That is what I need more of to safeguard me from these pitfalls. Humility to give secretly, pray privately, fast furtively, trust in the Lord wholeheartedly and not be caught up in wanting worldly things. May the Lord find my spirit teachable and my heart willing to become humble in this way.

    • Rachel Nordgren

      You and me both, Jessica! Praying that our hearts would be willingly humbled.

    • AnnaLee

      Amen Jessica and Rachel! Praying this very same prayer– and that Christ would show us how to let our relationships with Him be more personal while allowing His holy spirit to make us the aroma of Christ naturally.

    • Steph_Lilac

      Ladies this is my heart's prayer as well: authentic humility that shines in a proud world. If Matthew 6 could be summed up in one word it would be humility. From praying and fasting in secret to not serving two masters, and seeking His kingdom first all carry the common thread of humility. I pray that we be utterly drenched in it, for there is no better place to be.

  • Such an appropriate reminder at this time of Lent as well as all through our lives! So pure and simple and true. Thank you! Thank you! :)

  • I don't think I would have made the connection between "Do not worry" and the verses about not putting my religion on display. Thanks Amanda – it all comes together now. Peace and lack of worry is all about trust and a relationship with Jesus. And that relationship is a personal thing. Praying and fasting and giving are all meant to bring me into a deeper relationship with Jesus, not to impress other people.

    • shelly

      and not to stress us out. :) I love the connection too. This really hit home for me today.

  • Man, such a good word and reminder. I needed that today, "Don’t worry so much about everyone else. Concern yourself with Me. Do these things for Me and with Me." Will be my mission, focus, and challenge for today.

  • Joanne Sher

    Do I ever need this reminder. I am also an oversharer. Love to tell, whoever will listen about what I’m doing – and to seek their accolades. But I need to do with and for Christ.

    Nobody in my “local world” knows what I am giving up for lent – which is very uncharacteristic of me. I plan to keep it that way, and wait for the eternal blessings. Thank you, SRT!

  • I'm always in awe of the way God puts words nto my hands, when I can't find the words to share what's on my mind, He hands then to me in the most unsuspecting ways. My husband and I went in a date last night (maybe the third since our 8 month old was born) and we talked about how so much of the internet and social media has turned to a stream of consciousness without thought. Many of our friends overstate, but more so, they share without a filter, without thought of how their wires may affect others. I love that this passage reminds us to hold our relationship with Christ close to our hearts, to guard it and not boast about or seek approval from others for our actions. We have, and only need, Christs approval, love, and support in our daily walk with Him. He is enough, He is EVERYTHING!

  • Sarah Keller

    I'm fasting from web surfing, blogs (other than this one, ha!), and endless social media browsing, all of that being FULL of the trappings and temptations of pleasing men rather than God. Thank you for this encouragement and reminder to take a step away from that, to slow down, to remember that a relationship with God isn't something that can be multi-tasked. As always, SheReadsTruth is a wonderful encouragement to me in my walk with Christ! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    • shelly

      I'm doing a little of the same. I'm also reading Notes from a Blue Bike. It's about being intentional. I see how it's really coinciding with things going on in my life right now. You said it, we can't multitask relationships…. with God or each other. :)

      We implemented a web rules at our house. All phones and PCs off by dinner time. Which has also made me intentional about what I read, how many Facebook friends I have, how many blogs I read.

  • Sweetdes

    To many, my situation could justify the right to worry…..But God's Word, Matthew 6:25-34 cancels all of that! For my Heavenly Father knows just what I need!!!

  • Lakeisha

    Gods Word is awesome and always relevant and on time! A wonderful reminder to seek Him and not be anxious as He knows a I am. Just what I need at this moment.

    • AnnaLee

      I'm right there with you, sister. Praying for you! That the Lord's great love would flush out all anxiety!

  • Matthew 6 has indeed put a spotlight on my life this morning. It's basically shouting, don't make your your Christianity a reality show. Shouting prayers, letting everyone know you are fasting by looking sorrowful, or shouting to the world you are helping the needy. All we are required to do is pray in secret and our God who sees and hears in secret would bless us openly.

    So let us not worry to put ourselves on display as the hypocrites and focus on the one who first loved us. Don't worry about money or clothes (note to self) the Lord would provide ALL… ALL… ALL… or needs according to his riches in glory.

    Have a blessed day ladies.

    • shelly

      Wow, that's a great revelation. Don't make you're Christianity a reality show. For all intensive purposes that used to be me. I was the mouthpiece God didn't want. And I was worried, anxious all the time. Thank you for sharing this today. :)

    • Steph_Lilac

      I too loved the comparison to a reality show. I can see it now "Who Wants To Be The Holiest Christian?", complete with who can pray the longest + loudest and who can fast for the longest time without fainting. LOL!! All jokes aside though, often it seems we're already playing this game of trying to outdo each other. God doesn't require everyone to publicly see and hear the instructions He privately whispered to us.

  • Our father in Heaven
    Hallowed be your Name
    Your kingdom come, Your will be done,
    On earth as it is in Heaven..
    Give us this day our daily bread,( your word to sustain us) and forgive us our sins, as we ( by your guiding and Grace) forgive those who do against us,
    Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil…

    Lord God, as we go through this Lenten time, I pray you walk even more closely with us…leading us, directing us in the ways to go……open our eyes to the enormity of the sacrifice of this time, but also the Love that went alongside it….the great love you have for each and everyone of us Lord…. Thank you….Thank you….I could sing of that great love forever……..forever…..Thank you….

    For those fasting Lord, I pray a nearness, that cannot be mistaken, a sufficiency that can only come from you, in your word, May we draw close to you in these days, as you draw close to us…..Give us the Grace and wisdom to hold fast to You, Lord….let it be so…..for always.

    For thine is the Kingdom, the power and the glory…forever and ever….. . AMEN.

    God be with you, Sisters, whatever you are doing today…..x x xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Matthew 6 just rocked my socks. Wow.

  • Lord god u inspire me time n time again I luv to set my eyes on u because u take care of all my needs

    • Malon

      My word today to you ladies is to Let go and Let God be and guide you through All…. Life journeys even though we may stumble upon rough patches along the way always keep in mind God will never leave you or forsake you his promise is true so be true to your Heavenly Father when you go before the throne of Grace and watch what he can do to turn things around for your good Matt 6 was awesome words to my soul so keep looking up toward the hills from whence All our help comes from… Be Blessed and Have a Wonderful Week Ladies

  • I so often find myself doing so much for other people that I have nothing but pennies and no time for me and God or my husband but this year is a way better year for us and it’s going to be about me and God. This was TRULY A WAKE UP CALL FOR ME!!!

    • Gema Muniz

      Wow, amazing! I can totally relate to your post because I am guilty of the same thing. I'm actually struggling with this right now and I'm asking God for guidance to find that intimate moment with him every day.

  • megkwhit

    Wonderful reminder this morning! I catch myself doing things just to get the praise too often than I should. But God is ALWAYS there when I come crawling humbly back to His feet. Amen!!

    • Rachel Nordgren

      I'm so glad that we don't serve a God who condemns us when we come back!

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