A Fresh Start: Day

A fresh start: introduction


*Don’t miss the super important announcement at the bottom of this post!*

It’s a new year. A new day. If you are in Christ, you are a new woman – made clean and redeemed. And yet, just because the calendar declares a new beginning, we don’t always feel renewed, do we? Sometimes our fresh start doesn’t seem so fresh.

We have a proposition for you:
This year, instead of resolving to finally get it right,
let’s resolve to walk with Him as He makes it right.

Instead of determining to get better,
let’s determine to get closer to Him through His Word.

Instead of making a list of all that we will do on our own,
let’s notice all that He is already doing and let’s join Him in it.

During this first month of the new year, we are going to spend a few weeks searching the Word for fresh starts, the kind only God can provide. Our prayer is that, as we study the ways that He is making all things new, He will be working out and growing new things in us for His glory. We’ll look at the marvel of creation, we’ll walk with the Israelites through their redemption, we will read stories of personal restoration, and we’ll end with the fresh start we’ve yet to see – Revelation.

Are you in need of a fresh start? We’d love for you to join us.



The Fresh Start reading plan will be available through the SheReadsTruth web site only!

This particular plan will not appear on YouVersion. There are two reasons for this:

1. It is indeed a new year and a fresh start! We want to begin it with you – all of you – right here in this online space you’ve made our home. We love that each and every one of you will be walking through these virtual doors each day to gather around the Word together, and we are so excited to see you here.

2. It’s time to break out those Bibles, Sisters. Technology is wonderful, and it is largely how we gather here in the first place. But the printed Word of God held in our hands, and laid on our tables, caressed with our fingertips – there is no substitute for it. If circumstances allow, we encourage you to read the daily passages in a hard copy of the Bible. (But don’t fret! There are still digital options – keep reading. :)

So, how do I read the plan?

There are a few options:

1. Here on the web site. Each post goes up daily at midnight. Simply come to shereadstruth.com and click the latest post (the top left square). And if you prefer to join us via a smartphone or tablet, the mobile version of our site is very user-friendly!

2. Via email. Simply subscribe here, and the daily posts will arrive in your inbox each morning. I get mine around 6am CST. If you want to jump into the conversation on the site, simply click the post title in the email and it will take you there.

3. But what about scripture? If you still find that reading the word is more approachable on your computer or device, no worries! We are super excited about a new feature on our site that allows you to read each scripture passage by either clicking it (which takes you to biblia.com for the translation of your choice) or hovering over it with your computer’s mouse. Try it out! It’s pretty fun, if we do say so.

And that’s that! We will see you here tomorrow when we start Day 1 of A Fresh Start!
We can’t wait.


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    if the Bible Studies are supposed to be posted at midnight and this was already posted; does that mean we have to wait until the 6th to start the new plan?

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  • I'm going to start this today. Crazy late but I plan to do this at my own pace. This is something I need in my life and it's going to take some time. I can't wait to follow in my actual "hard copy" Bible. Loved the youversion plans I used at advent but it was a lot of pressure when I got emails saying I was behind or I missed days. :)

  • Hello everyone I was just informed about this site and I'm excited about joining. I have the app on my phone but I'm unable to find the fresh start plan. Can someone please help me????

  • I have to say… I’m very disappointed that you’ve discontinued your partnership with YouVersion. You’ve lost a reader.

  • You version, Bible on cell phone, ipad, print versions or computer, these are tools. One medium is not necessarily better than the other. Some are easier depending on circumstances. Thank you that we have choices. We need to manage our distractions. With God’ s help we can do it.

  • I am
    Really excited about these devotionals. The new year is definitely a time for a new start, but renewing ourselves n Christ is where it begins

  • i sort of fell off the wagon towards the end of the year BUT am excited & encouraged by your message to Walk with Him, Get Closer to Him, Join Him in Work :) Will be playing catch up for a couple of days but Happy to be once again back… Thanks!

  • I am excited about this new study! SRT and the ladies here are a part of my every day life now, and I thank The Lord for that!

  • Bolivia girl

    Must admit, I agree that it is so important to know the bible and hold it, but I live in Bolivia and am here as a volunteer this year with a Christian mission til June. I love SRT, it is so precious but my access to Internet is very patchy and I used to hunt down Internet cafés and download the whole sequence of readings in one go…I'll miss being able to do that and read daily with the rest of you :(

  • I'm so excited to break in my new bible. After a few years of straying away from God, I think I've finally turned to him with faith and confidence. My life had a feeling of voidness and I was not at peace. After some long and hard thinking, I realized what was missing and look forward to rediscovering my faith and to grow in his love. This fresh start plan is just what I need.

  • Lisa Figueroa

    It is so exciting that in Him all things are made new and in Him restoration comes. So glad He watches over His Word that He shall perforn it in my life.

  • Deb Thompson

    I could echo every word spoken in the other comments. Thank you so much for this Fresh Start!

  • i just love this!!!! so beautifully stated. excited to walk with God and really take notice of what he is doing!

  • Rachel N.

    Tentatively excited for what this new year will bring, in terms of this study and in my life. I’m always a bit hesitant at the beginning of new things, because I know my tendency to slack off after a while.


    God is not hindered by hesitancy. He is faithful when we are faithless. And I do firmly believe that if I show up everyday, with Bible and journal in hand and open ears and heart, He will do a work in my heart this year.

    Looking forward to walking through this plan with you ladies!

  • Nothing like writing little notes on post-its or index cards and sticking them right in the binding on a particular page, only to find them the next time you open up to that page. Noting how you feel and what you were thinking at that particular time, the hardships that came and went, they only add to the experience. How lovely.
    Books were not written to be held gently, read once and put away to collect dust. They were made to have their spines cracked, to have highlighting, writing, and creased pages everywhere. The Bible is no different.

  • Joanne Sher

    Ohhh! New is scary, but good. Looking forward to this!

  • This is a great beginning. I believe we need to touch the Bible itself. God’s word is what we have to stand on and trust and grow. Let this year be a “flower” year. Matthew 6. Flowers are beautiful but they need to be taken care of so they can grow. Let us allow God’s word to help us be beautiful flowers for Him.

  • Celisa H.

    I’m so excited for this! I’ve got a new notebook and some awesome pens. So I just wanted to know if you read His word first then the devotional or the other way around?

  • Christina M.

    Looking forward to starting this journey tomorrow.

  • I’m excited the Scriptures will be directly on this site via biblia.com because within there I can get definitions of words I need further explained and I don’t have to flip from youversion to the SRT site to reach the community posts as well; it’s all neatly in one place. Thanks ladies!

  • BufordGirl

    I am excited to get started too! I need something to keep my life centered with God! I truly think this will be very helpful!

  • Hannah C.

    I have always read these plans in my physical Bible, because I engage best with any text when it's on paper in front of me and I can write. For me, digital highlighting doesn't have the same effect.

    However, I do not think one format of the Bible is better than another, as you are indicating. I think that for different people different ways of reading the Bible are effective — whether that's on one's phone, on a fancy Bible application on one's computer, or via an audio Bible. While some of us may be more affected by a physical book, that is NOT a universal truth and I don't think it's right to make it sound like one. Not to mention, so many Christians through the centuries heard the Bible only as it was read aloud, or perhaps read parts of it on scrolls!

    The important part of Bible reading is to read the Bible and engage with it on a deep level. If the best way someone can do that is by collecting their highlights and notes in a digital fashion, I think that's wonderful. I've thought of doing it, because there's almost no limit to the amount of notes, unlike most physical Bibles. But for me, I need a pen and paper and a physical Bible, with wide margins if possible. Both ways are equally good, I think.

  • Abby (Father's joy)

    I agree… Physical Bible is still different. Can’t wait for that FRESH START. Thank You Lord that in You we always have something new and fresh.

  • Sammybeth88

    There's something so intentional about physically opening your Bible to spend time with God!

  • RachelKelly

    Thrilled to be starting tomorrow! I’ve never really enjoyed reading thru YouVersion, and have always tried to read along with my bible. It makes it more “real” somehow.

    And I just have to say to everyone who has voiced concern about the plan not being on YouVersion… Remember that you can still read the passages online!

  • Pulled out a bible – the one with the soft cover that feels good in my hands. I also prefer reading things online – so this is a good way to shake myself and see how it works. It is going to mean an intentional shift in routine instead of fitting it in where I can. I'm not sure I'll succeed, but following Jesus isn't always easy. And I can try and be nice to myself if it doesn't work. That will be a discipline in and of itself. Excited and glad to have found this place.

  • So excited to be starting this tomorrow! Love SRT, love this sweet community, LOVE getting more familiar with the Word of God!!

  • I started several reading plans last week on my phone, but I quickly realized to my kids it appears I'm on a gadget and not reading the bible. I was wondering what God really thought about my reading on the gadget all the time. I adore the shifting between versions. You guys gave me my answer. What we do reflects to those around. I can still flip to another translation but having the hard copy WORD is important!

  • I have been reading srt Bible studies off and on for over a year now and have found them encouraging and uplifting and helpful to keep me on track. I am ready for a fresh start with the Lord! I'm expecting a baby in a few days and this will help me to stay plugged in to a community of women when it's difficult to attend the women's Bible study at my church. My goal is to get more involved in the daily conversations on here and I think the new format will help with that.

  • jesusgirl71

    To Whom It May Concern,
    I'm writing in response to the special announcement regarding the Fresh
    Start devotional Plan which appeared at the bottom of a recent email which I
    recently received.
    As most of you know, I am blind. I'm disappointed to discover that this plan will not be available through
    the Youversion platform and app.  You might not be aware of this but that
    platform not only serves as a convenient means by which many access various
    devotions such as yours along with God's word but it is especially
    advantageous to blind and visually impaired users who can access it through
    various mobile devices which feature text to speech output.  This leads me
    to my other and more substantial point of concern.  the announcement
    featured the following phrase which I'd like to address specifically:
    the printed Word
    of God held in our hands, and laid on our tables, caressed with our
    fingertips – there is no substitute for it….."
    While I understand the sentiment which you were trying to convey I feel that
    it should be noted how that phrase can come across as quite exclusionary to
    many such as those who are blind and visually impaired or other wise print
    disabled I.E. Dyslexics or those for whom dexterity prevents the turning of
    the page.  In the case of the blind braille bibles are extremely cumbersome
    and prohibitively expensive therefore often more technologically oriented
    options are not just a preference but rather the key to which access to
    God's word becomes attainable.
    As I said I'm certain that the author of this announcement meant no offense
    or harm but perhaps when crafting future announcements and constructing the
    means by which future plans will be made available focus could be broadened
    to make sure that no one is left feeling excluded or slighted therein.  I'm
    glad to know that at the foot of the cross we are all equal in our
    brokenness and in the wonder of the knowledge of our redemption in and
    through our loving tender shepherd, savior and lord.
    Thank you for your thoughtful consideration.

  • I don’t want this to sound negative, just some feedback. I do my devotional on the train on my commute to work. There is often no internet connection as the train travels through rural areas. With you version I can set up an email to arrive before I leave the house so I definitely have the reading for the day. This new system means I don’t know if I will receive the study in time and I won’t have the easy access to the readings. I completely understand your reasoning, but wanted to let you know in case you were thinking of always doing this in the future. It would make continuing with your studies difficult for people in similar situations to me. Thank you for all you do for us and your dedication to this. I rally don’t mean this as a criticism, I just wanted to let you know and ask that you consider this for future devotionals. Thank you.

    • Hannah C.

      Mary, I agree with your point, but in the short term: the posts are all posted at midnight, either EST or CST. If you subscribe to them via email, they should probably hit your inbox before your commute if you are in the US. Hope that helps!

  • pictureperfectcooking

    I am looking forward to this study and I really enjoyed your Advent study on YouVersion. I am a little disappointed that it won't be online since I loved to read on my phone if I have a little downtime during my day especially at lunch. Even though it is not a paper book, it is still the Bible and I wouldn't have found your group if not for YouVersion.

  • EssieJean

    I am so so so humbled by reading everone's comments on this intro. When I first read the intro, I was over-joyed at the idea of not having it on YouVersion. I've always struggled with the idea of making online versions or apps our one primary way of reading the Word. Of course they are useful and helpful and I've used them quite frequently when I'm in a pinch, but there is something so intentional and giving of ourselves to Him when we sacrifice convenience to spend time flipping through pages to find the passage we're looking for, and when we sacrifice space in our diaper bag or purse to carry around an actual paper copy of scripture. Personally, I have had many instances where I "accidentally" turned first to the "wrong" place in my Bible, but then found that the Lord blessed me in an even greater way through something on that page than He did through what I was originally looking for!
    I have to admit, I hemmed and hawed about even joining SRT at all because there seemed to be such a focus on reading the scripture online.
    Then I came and read comments from ladies who seem to have learned how to use online reading in a very God-honoring way, and I realized that I have so much to learn, and no room to say how anyone should or shouldn't read the Word. So thank you so much to the ladies who are having trouble with this idea, because you've opened my eyes a bit. My prayer for you is that through this you may learn, as I have, that reading actual pages is not a "superior" method to any other way that you could read the scripture, but that it is equal, and a source of new and different blessings and lessons.
    Looking forward to my first reading plan with this beautiful community!

  • Rhonni_l

    I am also excited to be going back to the hard copy of my bible. I love re-reading passages with their notes & highlights from a different time/perspective. Great idea SRT team

  • Tonya Moses

    I’m new to this. I didn’t know about this site until about 10 minutes ago. It’s as if God led me here. My prayer is that I’ll hang in there. I’m really bad about not finishing what I start. What a great title for the New Year… Fresh Start… I need that! Remember though, ladies, God loves us unconditionally wherever we are and whatever we’re doing! His love never changes no matter what we do or don’t do…no matter where we are, where we’ve been or where we need to go. That is something God has to remind me of that OFTEN. I need to be reminded often. No matter where we are, WHO we are, where we’ve been, rich or poor, book smart or not, whether we’re in the center of His will or trying to do things by our own strength… He loves us and pursues us! That excites me! Does it not you?

    • EssieJean

      "Wherever we are and whatever we're doing" – I love that, and definitely needed to hear it. Thanks!

  • love this!

  • Samantha

    Excited for starting back with you guys this year!
    Would it be possible maybe in future to have the whole study available as a PDF or something so we can print out and be able to truly have quiet time Internet free?
    I find when I’m reading online, notifications etc get in the way sometimes and I find myself sidetracked from what should be number 1 for me!

    • EssieJean

      Don't know if it would help Samantha, but when I'm doing the SRT portion of my morning, I make sure it is the only tab open on my browser. (Not sure – this may be too simplistic an answer to a harder question.) It helps me, though, to learn self-control by not checking on other things, even though it would be possible/easy to do so.

  • I have been reading on YouVersion, but also sense a great intentionality when I have the word open and journal ready with pencil in hand. It is like His power flows from my heart through my fingertips. Then when I re-read it later, I cannot believe it is I who wrote that.

  • This sounds very exciting. Looking forward to it.

  • So happy to be starting a fresh new SRT plan with y'all. And I love getting my bible out…it's the only way I can do it :) hehe.

    And I don't know about you lot but I NEED a fresh start and new perspective to start this year right.

    Bring it on! :)

  • Excited to start the new year back with the SRT family!

  • leenda324

    Fresh Start is how I found SRT last New Year’s. What a blessing you all have been to me this year. Thank you ladies and thank you JESUS!

  • Lori_Ann

    I am new to shereads truth, and I am so thankful to join in this study! Looking forward to the fresh start that the Lord has for me and getting to share in that with fellow sisters- in -Christ!

  • “This year, instead of resolving to finally get it right, let’s resolve to walk with Him as He makes it right.”
    Sooooo needed to hear this; I constantly make resolves to be better, but with God it’s all about relationship! All I really need to do is be relational and walk with Him while He works in my heart. CAN’T WAIT to start fresh with y’all! :)

  • I always am excited about a new #Srt plan, this one included. And I am happy to grab my bible and really use it. I was doing a Beth Moore dvd bible study last fall, and I was mesmerized by her bible; so much so I made a comment on it. It was so well-worn, dogeared, with notes everywhere that I realized that I can't wait until my one year old bible becomes that — well loved, used constantly, and the true foundation to my life. Thank you #Srt, I know God is using you all to make us stronger followers of Christ.

    Happy New Year, sisters!!

  • I wish I could post a picture of my much loved bible, with its highlights, markers pictures ext…. going to the good old hard copy will be like coming home to comfortable s……so looking forward to coming home….and getting tucked into God's word with you all….

    The Lord has promised good to me/us , His word my/our hope secures, He will my/ our shield and portion BE, as long as life endures……Chris Tomlinson…

    See you tomorrow.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Love, love LOVE!!! I'm totally tracking with you SRT! There is nothing like peeling open a "real" bible and hear the sound of real, tangible pages crinkle under my fingers as I study. Looking forward to doing Fresh Start again and getting back to the basics with you all!

    • RaechelMyers1

      Yay!!! So glad that you share our excitement!!! This is going to be a great time in the word!

  • Carla Janzen

    Thank you SRT for bringing God's word to us . This past year has been so amazing for me, as I have looked forward each day to reading God's word through your plans. It's the first time in my life that I have been excited to open my Bible each morning, & when I miss it just feels like my day is not complete until I do. The other day I found an old journal I had kept. Reading my prayers from a few years ago brought a smile to my heart. I don't think I would look through my notes as easily on YouVersion. So maybe going back to hard copy is a good idea?
    Blessings & looking forward to what God will bring into our lives this year!

  • I am so excited! This is my first official devotional with SRT! (I did a past plan last week when I found this site) and I loved it! I fell away from God for a while and this site has helped me come back and I feel closer to him then ever! Thank you!

  • wonderful!! #SRT continues to inspire and motivate me to walk with Christ. i am overjoyed to begin this plan with all of you!!

  • I'm so excited to see a bunch of seemingly new names on here!! So so excited for what God has in store for all of us during this plan. :)

  • Erin Bassett

    Bummed this is on YouVersion this time. Thanks to that site I have my Bible with me always & I’m able to fit my quiet time consistently. Praying I’ll be as diligent off of their site/app.

    • RaechelMyers1

      I hear you, Erin. I too pray that this tangible experience will benefit you in your study! We are so grateful that you are joining us!

  • I love this! YouVersion is very convenient and easy, but walking with Him takes focus, commitment, and effort, so using the written Word feels like I'll be making the committed effort He asks of me. Thank you for this!

    • RaechelMyers1

      Yes, we agree, Lori! Looking forward to seeing how this stretches all of us!

  • Can't wait to start. I will admit, I love the Youversion, but maybe God really wants me off my phone or Kindle and sit with his written word in my hands!!! I got a new study bible for Christmas from my mom, so this is really God's plan for me to really put the techno gadgets down and read the Bible!!!

    • RaechelMyers1

      We are feeling this challenge, too, Jari! And what fun that this coincides with the gift of a new Bible!! xoxo

  • Joyce Belvill

    O am very excited about this study and using my Bible. Seems like God has been talking to me about getting my Bible out and putting it in my lap and reading it.

  • I am excited also. Been following you for awhile also, signed up for the emails & your plan blesses me. I look forward to them every morning! Blessings! Carol

  • This is so exciting! I can’t wait to start!

  • Janee White

    I just love this….thats all!

  • teiradenise

    I'm so excited for this fresh start with you ladies!

  • Like Claire, I have many highlight, bookmarks and notes on YouVersion. We also travel a lot and having just the iPad is so convenient! But…I can be creative with the help of the Holy Spirit and figure out a way.

    I so enjoy the studies and insights to The Word I have experienced this past year though the studies on SRT. I don't comment, but reading the comments from my Sisters makes me feel you all are in my room and we're studying/learning together. Such a blessing!

    I am especially looking forward to drawing closer to God through His Word. I don't ever want my time with Him to become routine. I'll face the new challenges of notetaking and see what He has in store for me.

    Bless each and every one of you sisters in Christ whether you be writer of the study, one who comments, or a quiet absorber. The Holy Spirit is speaking and working though each of us.

    • RaechelMyers1

      Hi Diane! Thank you so much for your great feedback! I absolutely hear you. Perhaps if having a physical Bible on hand isn't possible (and it isn't always!), the new hover text and links will be a good solution. Looking forward to hearing how this goes for you and if the adjustment is conducive to study!

    • Hannah C.

      If all my highlights were on YouVersion I'd probably pull up #shereadstruth in one window and YouVersion in the other. All that is important, and keeping it all in one place has a lot of value!

  • Excited for what God has in store for us!

  • Whilst I will still be doing the study I think its a shame its not on you version- all my bible notes and highlights are on you version doesn’t make sense to me to have a paper version any more but also being on you version allows new people to find this community… still excited though!

  • Yeye Cantero

    Oh! Sorry for my redaction but I’m learning English..I’m live in Mexico!! Blessings!!

  • Yeye Cantero

    I’m so excited to start the study..I’m believe that Jesus has new promises for me and my handsome little boy!
    Happy new year for all of you…
    And I’m can’t wait too!!

  • So excited to see what The Lord has in store for each of us! Fresh Start!

  • Candacejo

    Fresh Start is how I found SRT in the first place, it is special to me too! Looking forward to getting out my highlighters!

  • You say that this is not going to be available on YouVersion, but I already started this devotional on YouVersion. How is that?

    • Claire

      There was a srt study called fresh start last year. ..it might be that one?

      • RaechelMyers1

        Hey girls! Yes – there was an old study from last year available until recently (it may not have been taken down yet on YV). They are removing it this weekend and this new study (with many similar days) will only be available here. Sorry for the confusion!!

        • mskymharper

          Oh great. Thanks for the heads up. I can still get to the old study this morning, but I'll make the switch to here. : )

  • I too, don't post that often, but I love this site.and am inspired everyday by the readings of all of you. I want to have a deeper and closer relationship with our Lord, and I know the only way to do this is read, study and meditate each and every day in His Word. Thank you for bringing this to us. She Reads Truth is a blessing!

  • Caroline Elizabeth North

    I’ve always preferred opening my hard copy of my bible. It’s always felt more intimate. I love that you aren’t doing the reading plan on you version. I feel like a lot more people are going to comment and there’s going to be a greater sense of community.

  • Nikkilooch

    I don’t comment as often as I visit this site (nearly everyday!) but I just wanted to let you ladies know what a blessing y’all are to me. I love this site and I love what you’re doing. Since the launch of she reads truth I have consistently been in God’s word and it has changed my life.

  • So- if the Bible Studies are supposed to be posted at midnight and this was already posted; does that mean we have to wait until the 6th to start the new plan??
    Thanks- Chelsea

  • Rusheika

    I'll be joining! Thanks

  • Yes! Can't wait to start my first srt plan with all of you!

  • sandramusgreave

    Gr8 idea ladies,looking forward to tomorrow :)
    Walk with Him
    get closer to Him
    join Him – as you reminded us yesterday, He is our Shepherd.
    Thank You

  • So excited! My first FRESH START in SRT! See you all tomorrow! <3 -xoxo-

  • Gema Diaz

    I love how you are encouraging us to open up our hard copy bibles. It feels more of a intimate conversation with God that way. Im very excited and expectant to begin a fresh start with the she reads truth community.
    Be blessed!

    • Courtney

      I agree! I think there is something about sitting there with a pen and circling or underlining things that pop out and analyzing the text of the Word is critical! After all- a well used bible that is falling apart usually belongs to a person who isn’t!

  • Chrystina Chase

    Maybe this will get me to concentrate better in the Word. This is a great idea :)

  • Amanda Carol

    I was just saying I needed to stop reading on my phone and read His word. Thank you for this — I can’t wait for a fresh start :)

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