Give Thanks 2013: Day

Give thanks in joy


Today's Text: Luke 17:11-19, Psalm 30

Welcome to Day 1 of our “Give Thanks in All Circumstances” plan, friends! If you missed the intro to this plan on Friday, it may help you to read that before you begin here.

Also, here is a direct link to this new plan on YouVersion if you prefer to follow along using the Bible app. 



Text: Luke 17:11-19, Psalm 30

In Joy

There are moments in our lives that define all the others, events so rich with joy that they divide our time on earth into that which came before and after.

These moments can take many forms. A gift, an accomplishment, an answer, an engagement. A marriage, a meeting, a miracle, a birth. Often the longed for thing sits ahead on the horizon, far out of reach. We place God in our sights between the thing and us, and we pray. We see Him as the pathway to it, the gatekeeper to what we want, what we need.

And when we arrive, what then? Do we dwell there in the gratitude, do we sit and savor? Do we offer up a “thank you” to correspond to each “please”? Or do we shift our gaze to a new horizon?

When Jesus healed the lepers, only one of the ten came back to give thanks. One of the ten saw the moment as more than just a blessing received. He saw it as an opportunity to turn toward the Giver.

“Where are the others?” asked Jesus. “Where have they all gone?”

When I look at the trajectory of my life, these defining moments are like dots on a map, places which orient the rest of my story. But when God looks at my life, He sees the whole. He sees the big and little moments and all the in-betweens, moving together seamlessly like notes in a lovely, intricate song. He wrote the melody and knows it by heart. It has never been a mystery to Him.

My joy is His joy, but it is more than that. It is a part of a story that is wholly beautiful and beautifully whole because He is in it all.

He is in the wanting, He is in the asking.
He is in the waiting, He is in the receiving.
He is in and before and beyond it all.

Will we turn to Him in joy just as we turn to Him in need?

Let us not be silent, Sisters, but let us give thanks to the One who is not just the means, but who is Himself the beginning and the end. Amen.


For an added layer of worship and study, we chose a beloved hymn for each day of our Give Thanks plan. Today, we invite you to listen to “New Doxology” as we dwell on the truth of God’s word together.

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  • SaraiJoy

    Thank you for this post. This is my first time using She Reads Truth. I have been praying for a devotional~something that will allow me to connect to Jesus for 10 minutes (I am a working mama of a 10 month old, so I don't have a lot of time), and I came across your website. Wonderful! I was able to get into scripture with a plan, and I also have the added benefit of connecting to the community. Thank you so much! Jesus, thank you for providing this site. :)

  • Loved todays reading! In sadness AND joy!

  • T Thomas

    “Let us not be silent, Sisters, but let us give
    thanks to the One who is not just the means,
    but who is Himself the beginning and the
    end. Amen.”

    My prayer is to become more like the one who came back to praise you. Oh how many things you have cleansed me from. Leprosy in that day and time, but so many “ailments” in this present time. There were times I thanked you and times I did not. There have even been times when I thanked everyone else and have forgotten You. Help me to not be selfish and know that You deserve all the glory and praises for the things you have done in my life.

  • Catie, I am so, so sorry for your loss- praying for you and your family in the days ahead…

  • in love with #shereadstruth and so excited for this plan. thank you so, so much!

  • One part of this devotional that really stuck out to me is the part about what we do after we “arrive” at that place or milestone we’ve been looking to for so long. I’ve struggled in the past with this. After reaching an accomplishment or celebrating a longed-for day, I often become a little depressed. I’m embarrassed to say that I often put my faith and joy in the circumstance or event, instead of God. Then after the thrill has worn off, I’m left feeling empty because I’m not giving my thankfulness to God. I’m thankful that I’m realizing this and am praying that God helps me out of that cycle and helps me turn my eyes towards him in thankfulness in all circumstances. Excite to see with at this study brigs!

  • Today’s devotion really spoke volumes to me. All these sweet, sweet blessing God has given me and all I give Him sometimes is a fleeting “thank you”. He deserves so much more than that. And even at my most grateful it wouldn’t be enough. I really want to show my thankfulness. When my baby girl cries in the middle of the night I won’t think, “why can’t I just get a full nights rest?” I’ll thank Him for another day of having this precious bundle of joy because I know tomorrow isn’t garaunteed for any of us.

    I love what She Reads Truth has done for spiritual growth these last few days that I’ve followed their devos. My first devo was the 5 favorites. I plan to be a lifelong She Reads Truth supporter. Their such a Godsend. You can read my responses to the daily devos at

    • Leenda324

      It's such a blessing, isn't it Lola?!

    • SaraiJoy

      Lola, I am right there with you on the sleepless nights with my little guy. He is older now, so it is a bit easier (thankfully), but every once in a while, we will have a bad night. You are right~these days are fleeting, and we should enjoy them as much as possible. :) They grow up too fast! God understands, though, when we get frustrated/annoyed instead of enjoying the moments. Give yourself grace when you don't feel thankful.

  • LaurenC_

    Never mind I just found it by clicking the new plans in the mobile list. This plan is listed there but not in the main SRT list of plans.

  • LaurenC_

    I can’t pull up this plan in my You Version mobile app using the search feature. This plan is not listed in the mobile app when I search for She Reads Truth or Give Thanks. I can use the link above to access the plan on You Version’s website but I prefer to use my iPhone app. Any thoughts?

  • Andee Flynn

    Wow! I feel like you just entered my heart and wrote about what you found there! For years my husband & I longed for a child and I turned to Him in sorrow, emptiness and looked to Him to fill my heart with the truth of His promises-which He did! But once I got pregnant and baby arrived (praise Jesus!) it's been a journey to find passion when I turn to Him not out of emptiness but out of fullness & gratitude. Thank you for your words today alongside His word. I am on the journey and living in His grace as i walk. He is so good. Yay God!

  • I love the doxology! I love this devo! I love this community of sisters in Christ! Praise God!

  • I am so thankful, just found this app and I think I will love it! After reading all the post I am humbled! How beautiful to see the great love of the Lord through others lives! All glory is “His”! May he bless all of you!

  • What a beautiful image of what God as the Alpha and Omega can look like.

  • Natisha Palmer

    The story of the leper brought me to tears not so much because he was the only one who came back to give thanks, but because Jesus was looking for the others to also come back. I felt His hurt and disappointment in their inaction and at the thought that maybe there are times when I haven't said thank you and left my precious Father and Savior feeling grieved. And yet, He continues to bless me and love me despite my lack of constant gratitude. I want to thank Him in all things and extend grace, mercy, forgiveness and love and deep as He does everyday of my life! God bless you sisters!

  • MelissaRenee

    This is so right on time for me. The message at church yesterday was all about giving testimony to how great God is. The 10 Lepors were referenced and it feels like such a great segue to this message today. I am so thankful for all the Lord has done in my life. . .where He brought me from, where I am, and where He's taking me. Thank you Lord for all that you do!

    Such a great Monday morning devotional Ladies!

  • Leenda324

    Kind of ironic — before I started this morning's devo, I asked the Lord to help me be thankful. Went to put on the coffee and wait a bit so I could come to. Looking out the kitchen window at a beautiful day. I thanked him. I thanked him for his mercies that are new every morning. And suddenly I realized he had already answered my prayer! I thought about the people in the Philippines and my cousin-in-law's family there. And I started to pray for them, thankful that I am living in a relatively safe place, definitely shielded from a typhoon.

    I love the words you wrote, Amanda:

    He is in the wanting, He is in the asking.
    He is in the waiting, He is in the receiving.
    He is in and before and beyond it all.


  • Lord, I thank you for meeting here with me this morning. I thank you for carrying me throughout my life and upholding me when I was in danger of falling. Father, I pray a blessing over all of these girls, as well as the ones in my life; I pray that my presence would point to you in their lives, and that my praise would not only be heard, but seen- Lord, show me how to live like I am thankful that you've saved me!
    Psalm 30 has been an amazing psalm for me in the past, in that it's drawn me closer to the face of God. So often, I find myself asking to see his hand in a situation- asking for him to move in it (preferably in the way I want)- instead of asking for just his face- just his companionship and closeness. Verse 7 says it all:
    "Lord, when you favored me,
    you made my royal mountain stand firm;
    but when you hid your face,
    I was dismayed."
    When I read that for the first time, I was struck by how lovely and dear those words are for God. Father, I don't just want to see your face so that it blesses me; I want to be near to you, no matter what that means for my life. Don't hide your face today. Show me where you are, and draw me ever closer to you. Praise you, papa!

  • Janee White

    We are told to find joy 'in' all circumstances, but not 'for' all circumstances. I think that is sometimes hard to differentiate. Even in times of sickness, tragedy, loss and death, there are things to be thankful for. A card from a friend, a hug, the prayer of a stranger. These are the times we need to draw closer to Him. 'My Joy is His Joy!' When you cant seem to find it on your own, its not that there isnt any to be found, we are just looking in the wrong place. Our joy is found in Him alone…..He is present in every circumstance we find ourselves in. He didnt cause them all, but He is there with us. I pray we all see Him there, waiting for us to turn to Him.

  • Jeusgirl71

    Sometimes, I have trouble finding things to be thankful for. Like so many, I have my share of undesirable circumstances, and I have trrouble getting past them, but I love this plan and am determined to be more thaankfuul. Joni Ericson Tada’s short podcast really spoke to me today. She started with small blessings when she had her injury. She was thankful for family support and that she could sit up in her wheelchhair and not have to lie in bed. I think that is a good place to start, with the small things.

    • DebBates

      Amen. Sometimes we don't feel like being thankful. Especially when we are in the midst of a trial. But if we can find something to be thankful for. Even a small thing, it I will start us on the road to recovering.

      I'm praying for all of you today. Ladies be blessed.

  • iheartvegetables

    I love thinking about joy as an opportunity to "turn to the giver" and I think that's a great reminder of how to keep God at the center of all blessings!

  • journeyingwithhim

    Our pastor (my husband, haha) recently preached on the Luke text, and something he pointed out was that we don't know what the other 9 ran to do. They probably didn't feel "neutral" about their healing…they were probably ecstatic and ran to reunite with the families and communities they had been isolated from for years. But in doing so, they missed the opportunity to thank the giver of all of those things. Oh, how quickly we get distracted from God by even good things–things He has given us–families, jobs, fun hobbies, friendships. They are all wonderful and He wants us to enjoy them. But as we enjoy them…praise His name and honor Him by remembering who they came from.

    "We see Him as the pathway to it, the gatekeeper to what we want, what we need." <–so challenging!!

    Thanks for a great devotional!

  • I tend to find myself wrapped up in the dailiness of diapers, picking up toys, and my never-ending ToDo list. And somewhere in the midst of it all, my spirit tends towards grumbling instead of thankfulness — I'm asking God for the sensitivity to see and respond to the smallest blessings; to keep in the forefront of my mind that every good and perfect thing comes from Him.

    • Jennifer

      Your response is exactly what was on my heart as well. Lord, help me to see the blessings that You have given that allow me to serve my family each and every day. The tasks aren't drudgery to be grumbled about; they are opportunities to serve, be thankful, & give You joyful praise!

  • ahhhh Psalm 30 has been my go to chapter since I discovered it at a weekend retreat when i was 15 years old. God showed me that passage when I was feeling lonely and done and since then it has been such a bright spot in my life and constantly one I keep referring to. It always makes me see how God will always be there and I continue to keep giving thanks to him.

  • Thank you father for giving me faith…thank you for bringing me right here…right now…thank you for our Savior your Son Jesus Christ, thank you Jesus for sending us the HOLY Spirit! SRT- Thank you for putting this together, may the Lord continue to bless you with discernment and wisdom as you work to find ways for us a group of worshiping ladies to move forward adoring our Father, GOD!

    Be blessed:)

  • I am so thankful for this devotional this morning.

    Yesterday was a hard day for my entire family. My 23 year old cousin, who is only 6 years older than I, suddenly died. She waa having some health issues this weekens, but no one expected this outcome. Yesterday, I realized how short life really is and that it could end in an instant. This makes me hungrier to be with God and to live my life to the fullest. Her parents are having a very hard time with the death though. I am not sure, but I do not think they are very happy with God at the moment.

    Ladies, please pray for my late cousin Lori and her soul, but also pray for her parents and the entire family. This is a very hard time, and it is hard to accept a death of someone so young. I know that God is there though. When my sister explained the situation to her four year old, she said Jesus needed an angel like Lori more than we did, which has a lot of truth in it. Thank you for your suppoet, and thank you God for being steadfast. You are there through the joyful moments and the hard times!

    • Jesusgirl71

      Praying for all involved! Hhow tragic!

    • Janee White

      Oh Catie, I am so sorry for your loss. May your entire family be Comforted by Him. May you all find Peace in the midst of this chaotic time.

    • AnnaLee

      Praying, Catie!

    • tina

      Praying Catie. What Tragic news. Praying God's loving arms around you all. X

    • Candacejo

      I am a day behind Catie but will pray for you and your family today. So very sorry for your loss. Hard to understand these things but God is sovereign over all. We must continue to trust Him. You can be a light to your family, just be patient with them in their stages of grief. Show them the love of Christ. God bless you dear one!

  • amykelly213

    Oh my! How timely this is!!! I host a weekly link up called Monday Praises. I am going through a lot right now, and today's post was all about praising God through our trials (or at least through mine… I've got a lot going on, yo!) God is so good!! He never leaves us or forsakes us. He sends us small messages to let us know that He is with us– sometimes big ones too– but if we are too deep in our wallowing we are sure to miss them… and this miss out on His abundant blessings!!

    (and I am in love with this song!! Thanks for this post from beginning to end!!)

    I would love for you to stop by and read the post for yourself… I would even love for you to link up your own praises!

  • Racheal Adebayo

    Thank you o LORD JESUS ,YOU are our ressurection and life, today we praise THEE,everyday of our life we thank THEE. None as our God, none like YOU LORD JESUS CHRIST thanking YOU for FAITHFULNESS , LOVE AND MERCIES. FOREVER AND EVER WE THANK YOU OUR GOD.

  • Sorry, for some reason the link did not take…it was “10,000 Reasons (Bless this Lord)” by Matt Redman.

  • Thank you Lord for all you do. Yes, thank you for Your joy and reminding us that You are always there for us. We can depend on You always and without fail.

    Bless The Lord oh my soul and all that is within bless His Holy Name!

  • Bless you Amanda, for this. Psalm 30 , is one I hold close to my heart, in times when I can praise you will often hear me with this psalm in hand, on lips, or just open …….
    GREAT hymn…..and one worth of revival……

    Thank you, Lord God. Thank you. Thank you.
    Thank you that you are in the wanting… and the asking
    Thank you that you are in the waiting ….and the receiving
    Thank you Lord, that you ARE in it ALL. Yesterday, today. Forever.
    Lord, I will praise you today, in All circumstances. I will lift up the name of the One who never changes, the One whose name is above ALL names, the One, who is faithful, just and true…..Jesus.
    I love you Lord, and today, today I will lift up my voice in praise and thankgiving……Thank you Lord for this new day ….New mercy….New Grace…. New me…

    Lord. I pray your BLESSING S abundant over my sister's, wherever they are, whatever they do today. AMEN.x

  • My joy is His joy! Love that statement. This morning I. Am taken with how much my God loves me and wants me to be inimately relating to Him each day. Coming to Him with and in everything going on . I praise Him and exalt Him this morning because He does not leave me to my own devices. He heals, He binds up, He turns mourning into joyful dancing, he grants us His favor and makes us secure. He offers protectection. He listens. He speaks. He guides. He holds. He carries. He strengthens. He abides. Thank you God for the story you are writing in my life!

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