Daniel 2013: Day

And if not


Today's Text: Daniel 3:1-23

Text: Daniel 3:1-23

“And if not…”

I feel like that’s the rally cry of my faith. I hold on to the idea that Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego had. I believe that God will show up, that He will show up here on Earth and move in His people and move mountains.

“And, if not…”

And if not, He is still good. He is still the King Most High. He alone is still worthy of our worship. It is still worth it. It would be far better for me to perish than to live a life of bowing down to a lesser god.

We may not live under a government that dictates who or what we can worship, but how often do we voluntarily allow idols to take residence in our life? Comfort, safety, health, wealth. How often do we bow down and sacrifice for those things?

I have hopes. I have desires. If I’m honest, sometimes I hope God’s desires line up with my desires for my life, not the other way around.

But, I believe I’d give up comfort, safety, health and wealth to more fully know God. I believe that giving up those things would benefit me here on Earth. And, if not, I have the comfort of knowing there is glory in Eternity.

Do you have something you are hoping God will show up and do? Do you trust that He is good to grant that desire? Do you trust that He is also good in the “And, if not…”?


  • I'm 16 and sometimes struggle with being motivated to read the Bible regularly. Since I discovered the She Reads Truth plans I am much more excited about digging into Scripture! :) Thank you to everyone who was involved in writing these.
    Regarding this particular devotion:
    I'm a writer at heart, and I feel it's something God has called me to do. Every time I see a verse like "If a man is gifted with teaching, let him teach; if a man loves preaching, let him preach," I can feel God saying, "And if you are a writer, then write!" I'm currently revising my first book.
    The struggle is, I know that deep down I crave earthly approval. I started this fantasy story with the intention of making it accessible to the secular world, but also firmly grounded in faith in God & Christian principles. But as I wrote, I… got scared that people would be turned off by the religious undertones. I found myself suppressing what should have been the heart of my story: my faith. Over the summer, as I was getting ready to edit what I'd written, God impressed upon me: "What will you have to say for yourself when you die, if all you ever did was write a story that people loved? Isn't it better to touch one life than to make hundreds happy?"
    I want to be brave in how I present elements of God, faith, and purpose in life, but I also don't want to alienate those who don't believe in God. I'm on the verge of entering a major writing contest that could be a big deal if I win, and as much as I want to do well, I want to want God's will even more. He knows what is best for me! I have a chance at this contest, I hope… and if not? HE HAS SOMETHING BETTER. I know God has promised to give me the desire of my heart, and I truly believe He will do something with my love of stories — but if He decides to do that in a way CONTRARY TO MY PLANS, I want to be open to that. I don't want to look back on my life and say, "I was successful. What a waste of time." I want to look back and say, "I honored the Author of my life, and I'm proud of that."
    So… (well, this post ran away from me!)… I'm needing prayers that God aligns my will with His, and that He doesn't let me get in the way of what He wants to do. Thanks! :) God bless.

  • I think sometimes I can use these words "and if not. . ." in a unhealthy way. In a way where I am really not showing faith, but somehow giving God an "out", or making an excuse for Him (if what I'm praying for doesn't happen). It has been a journey for me to recognize this and to realize God doesn't need my "out", He wants my faith. My faith saying like Shadrack, "He can rescue us. . . .(this is the faith part, absolutely believing that HE CAN do what I am asking) but even if He doesn't rescue (not because He can't) I TRUST His soverign plan for me-I don't have to understand it and probably won't most of the times, BUT like the "boys" I CHOOSE to trust him no matter the outcome. It's the same words either way, but in my heart there is a huge difference.

  • Kristine

    I rarely comment on posts, but this study has been so powerful to me. I am struggling now with some things, not huge things in the grand scheme of life but things that would have a big impact on my family. I am not good at waiting and I want so badly to have a faith big enough to say "and if not…" Yes many times I also pay that God's plan matches my own. And when it doesn't I am disappointed. I am struggling right now because we are in a situation that has some time constraints as far as having to make some decisions. I want to fully trust that God will reveal His plan for us, but at the same time I know that we need to be proactive and need to start preparing for whatever choice we make. In all honesty I find myself worrying more than trusting some days. I worry that we will have to make a decision without knowing which way God wants us to go. I want so badly to hear his voice and be able to move forward with the confidence in knowing we are following his plan.
    I just read back what I wrote and was tempted to delete it because I feel so embarrassed by my thoughts compared to all the strong and faithful posts I see. But perhaps someone will have words of wisdom for me. How do you know when you hear God s voice? How do you know? I think I will be spending quite some time on my knees today. Thank you God for this study and the powerful words of these ladies.

    • Tammy

      Kristine, I am like you in that I don't think I have ever commented before. When I am faced with situations like the one you have described it helps me to remember Proverbs 16:3. "Commit to The Lord whatever you do and he will establish your plans." Have faith that he will not allow you to choose the wrong path if you are seeking his will. I find that sometimes one choice is not necessarily better than another, but the most important thing is to do His will, to serve Him, in the thing that I choose. I will pray that if God doesn't want you to proceed with something he will close those " opportunities" to you.

    • Jesyka

      Thank you for commenting, Kristine. I really appreciate your honesty. I’m glad you didn’t delete it. :)
      This isn’t gospel or anything, and I don’t know what you are trying to make a decision about, but when I’m in the situation of needing to take a step without confidence or peace from The Lord, I have to remind myself that in most situations, if I take a step in the wrong direction, He will let me know so I can correct it. I can about face. He knows my heart is to do His will and He wants to help me do that.

      But sometimes, He just wants me to choose-there isn’t a wrong choice in that particular matter.

      It’s just discerning what type of situation I’m in.

      You’re in the right place on this, seeking His will…spending time on your knees.

      Praying for peace and discernment for you!


  • What an amazing message! Reminds me of the song ‘Unanswered Prayers’

  • I trust that God is my deliverer. I trust that He is sovereign. I trust that He will align my heart, my desires, my hopes and dreams, with His plans and purpose for me to further His kingdom and for His glory alone, should I dare ask. I pray God aligns my heart with His.

  • I come back and come back to this simple truth "I will not be forsaken".

  • Samantha

    As I've mentioned previously in commenting, I've had a number of issues in the past; domestic violence, loss of an infant and depression being the biggest parts. God pulled me through all of that and He walked beside me through my desertland. He brought me through to the other side and is still walking with me today.

    Even when I have a bad day, or something doesn't go my way (how frustrating is that?!) – I know that He is GOOD and is watching over me and has a specific plan for my future.
    It's on these particular days that I lean heavily on Jeremiah 29:11 and Habukkuk 2:3.
    He HAS a plan for my future….and they will SURELY happen.

    Wholeheartedly saying "and, if not" is difficult. I know it deep in my heart but feeling it on the darkest days can be difficult – these moments make me feel so ashamed.
    I recently had an interview for a promotion – the biggest thing I've opened myself up for in a long time. I'm at a place in my life where my depression is kept stable with medication and therapy and my anxiety and self loathing is kept at bay with leaning hard on His love and I just KNEW that this was something I had to do.
    Even if I don't get this promotion, I tried, I put myself out there which is something I needed to do. I asked God to be close and He was and I know even if I don't get the position, He will remain close and I will still praise Him!

  • Jay, I’m where you are right now in life. Probably not exactly but oh how I’m praying for a baby. My husband and I got pregnant in April but I miscarried a few weeks later and we’ve been trying since then with no luck. I pray and pray and pray for a baby and nothing. I want so badly to believe “and if not He is still good” but it is so hard for me. It’s a daily battle. Because my thoughts are usually why would He allow me to get pregnant, lose it, and watch me miserably fail time and time again? And friends who aren’t trying are getting pregnant right and left? Because how is that good? I know His ways are better than mine, but in the day to day failures of trying to conceive it is so hard to believe that and live that out in my life.

    • Misce

      Hi Ali! I totally understand how you feel. I too is in the exact same situation that you are facing right now.. I had my first pregnancy and miscarriage last year after almost 3yrs of trying to get pregnant… I'm still in the process of waiting but God is STILL good! He will show Himself and His purposes in His perfect time.. Praying for your comfort today… Sharing to you my blog post about my miscarriage.. God bless sister!

  • MelodyAnn

    This was just what I needed today. The "and if not" really resonated with where I am right now and facing some uncertainties. This story always amazes me, though. The level of faith required to not only head to the furnce, but to declare, "hey guess what?? God's gonna save us." To step out in faith and claim that… wow! But this story also makes me examine my own heart condition and faith. What would I have done if I were in their circumstances? Of course I want to think and hope that I would have had a similar response, but there is that underlying fear that my trust would fail me. I think that says a lot about my need to really meditate on the true character of God and my need to understand Him as the definition of Love and only being capable of good. It's a fact I know in my brain, but I constantly have to keep my heart in check.

  • The longer I walk with Jesus, the more I realize His ways & plans are far better than mine. When I rest in the knowledge of that; circumstances I (would normally) consider devastating don’t have the power to shake me. These three amazing young men simply trusted that the God they’d been serving all along would come through for them — either by salvation or glory through their deaths.

  • Sherrill

    As I read today's Scripture in Daniel regarding the response of Shadrach, Mechach, and Abed-Nego, I thought of Job's response to all that was happening to Him: Though He slay me, yet will I trust in Him. The three young men were alike in their faith of the one true God and like Job were going to trust God regardless!
    Daniel and his friends were determined to walk as God wanted them to do. They didn't let anything or anyone stand in their way. Many believers in foreign lands are doing the same thing and often it means their lives.
    Today I read this in the BCP. Here is a portion of that prayer: "And, we beseech thee, give us that due sense of all thy mercies, that our hearts may be unfeignedly thankful; and that we show forth thy praise, not only with our lips, but in our lives, by giving up ourselves to thy service, and by walking before thee in holiness and righteousness all our days; through Jesus Christ our Lord…….Amen"
    I am aware that those three young men did not know Jesus as Messiah, but they walked with God in faith! Praise the Lord!

  • Praise The Lord Sisters,

    In his life Christ is an example showing us how to live; in his death, he is a sacrifice satisfying for our sins; in his resurrection, a conqueror; in his ascension, a king; in his intercession a high priest (Martin Luther)

    So if not…God’s grace is sufficient! Amen.

  • Leenda324

    This is faith. This is why non believers think we are crazy and deluded.

    But we know better…from experience…that our Father God is good. I would rather follow him (weakly, humanly) knowing He is good than take the chance that believers for over 2,000 years have been duped.

  • As of right now, I:
    Have a head cold. It's annoying.
    Am anxious and excited about new relationships that are starting up in my life.
    Am (still) unsure of what church I should go to, and where God wants me most.

    Lord, you know my desires. You know how much I want this cold to disappear by the end of today so that it won't hinder my plans tomorrow; you know how much I want these relationships to grow, and to grow in a way I would like. You know that I would like your word to me Right Now about where to go to church and where to develop my fellowship with others.
    But Lord, you also know YOUR plans for me. You know that in this time of being unsure and expectant, I am trying my very hardest to cling to you and to seek your face. You know that now, more than ever, I need to truly learn what it is to just ENJOY you. To ENJOY your presence, no matter where I'm at in life.
    So God, help me. To enjoy you more fully, even in this groggy mood. To trust in you, even when I do not hear your voice or you say, "I love you, come back later." To put your plans before mine. I love you, papa. Praise your holy name.

  • ShelbyDee

    The "and if not" turn reminds me today so much of part of a hymn that's stuck with me lately, "Even so, it is well with my soul." And if not. Even so. I will still trust in him.

  • Ibuken, I love how you brought out the idol aspect of this in this mornings devo. It's so true…the pleasures of this world…my husband and I have been talking about this a lot! Who is Lord of our lives? Jesus Christ or things of this world? We're to live in this world but not be of this world. Oh the idols in our lives and we don't even see them. Lord have mercy.

  • When I read today's verses, I wanted so badly to keep reading. To get to the end of the story…to find the resolution at the end, and praise God for delivering them (sorry if that's a spoiler to any who have never read this story before). And I actually did read on before realizing that today's reading stops at verse 23. I know it's not bad to read more of the Bible, but I also know after reading your words Hayley, that you stopped us at verse 23 for a very important reason.

    I'm often (if not always) wanting to get to the ending, where God answers my prayers with a big YES, and preferably after a short time of waiting. But focusing today on the "And if not…" was so convicting. What if the story ended with these three men burned up in the furnace? Would I still think that God is good?

    In my own life, there are a few prayers that I have been praying for a few years now. Big prayers. Life changing desires. Things that I know are in line with God's Word and would glorify Him SO MUCH if He would choose to answer them with YES. "And if not…" I'm sad to say I have often questioned His goodness. In the waiting, I have let myself go to that place, and most often find myself feeling bitter and resentful.

    Jesus please change my (and our) heart(s) to believe FULLY in your goodness. Even if our circumstances don't change in the way we might hope. Even if you choose to answer our prayers with a "not yet" or even a "no". You are our perfect Father and I am so thankful for the reminder this morning that even in the "And if not…" moments, ESPECIALLY in the "And if not…" moments you are GOOD. Please help me to trust in this Truth today. You are truly working all things out for our good and your glory, even if I don't understand it all right now. Amen!

  • This is the question I've been hashing out with God this week: What happens in my heart when God doesn't do what I WANT Him to do?

    This morning I woke up cheerfully and asked God, "What do you have for me this morning?" I thought it was a perfectly valid question since I was about to crack open my bible and join you ladies in studying the Word. But the answer that was impressed in my heart was, "What do YOU have for ME this morning? Do I serve YOU? Or do you serve ME?" Ah yes. There it is. The truth. And it hit me square between the eyes again.

    There are no coincidences when it comes to what God is speaking into our lives. It's no coincidence that this reading was waiting for me at the computer this morning. God is faithful to give us exactly what we need each day. Choose you this day whom you will serve JuneBug.

    • Beverly

      Thank you for this, JuneBug! Wonderful reminder to serve Him, not expect Him to serve me.

    • ibukun

      Thank you for this, Junebug! Ahhhh how easily I forget that I live to serve and worship Him! Not the other way round!

  • I came up with a whole list of 'and if not' (20 to be exact) and placed them at Jesus feet this morning–ending with and if not He is still good. People on my prayer list may not be saved or healed of cancer, but when they die out of faith, or a believing sister dies of cancer in faith — I have to remember He is still good.

    Hebrews 12, that the Lord afflicts those whom He loves, that we might share in His holiness. He loves us for He gave His dear Son to us.

    • JuneBug

      Good word Valanne! What a great idea to write our our prayers and expectations at His feet. I might just do that myself.

  • Morning Sisters,

    Thank you ALL for sharing your stories, I am ENCOURAGED by them all.

    Todays Q, hits home…I never want to think that God won’t do something that I feel I need. And when it doesn’t happen that way, I think it wasn’t meant to be or in His will.

    But this time, I’m counting in God to move in my life so that I can finish my degree, pay my mortgage & other necessities. In my heart of hearts I know that this relationship I’m in w/my son’s Dad isn’t fitting quite so well. It’s a painful process along w/everything else.

    I just need prayer, strength, & an increase in FAITH…I echo a sister’s earlier post “help my unbelief”…I have mustard seed faith right now, BUT I want even bigger faith!

    One day I’m going to tell this story to someone and transition into “BUT God…”

  • When you finally open your ears to listen He really does speak loud and clear. I'm at my fiery pit right now. I'm having a very difficult time getting pregnant and prayer led me to stop using medicines that were not right for me and try a more holistic and natural path. But right now I'm facing my "And if not…" moment and I don't know if I could really live my life without at least one biological child. I really want my desire to line up with His plan. I want to have the strength and faith in Him to say I would be ok if that didn't happen…I'm not there yet. Can I ever get there?

    • tabithahannasmith

      Dear Jay, I've been in this same fiery pit for 4 years. I've pleaded with God, bargained with God and just sometimes got plain angry with God. All our tests are normal and it's hard to understand why it doesn't happen when all around seem to get pregnant at the drop of a hat… But God has taught me far more about myself and about Him through this time of my life than through anything else that I have ever been through. And I have only recently been able to say with absolute conviction "but if not". I recently read a helpful comment in another devotional, that God can demonstrate his power just as much in his ability to prevent things from happening as in making them happen. I have to choose to believe that He is always good and always for me. And His plans are so much higher than my ways. So I choose to join in with Habakkuk in his song of faith:

      17 Though the fig-tree does not bud and there are no grapes on the vines, though the olive crop fails and the fields produce no food, though there are no sheep in the pen and no cattle in the stalls,

      18 yet I will rejoice in the Lord, I will be joyful in God my Saviour.
      (Habakkuk 3)

      I will pray for you in your struggle.

  • jesusgirl71

    "And if not, He is still good. He is still the King Most High. He alone is still worthy of our worship. It is still worth it. It would be far better for me to perish than to live a life of bowing down to a lesser god."
    amen! Let me fully get this today!

    "We may not live under a government that dictates who or what we can worship, but how often do we voluntarily allow idols to take residence in our life? Comfort, safety, health, wealth. How often do we bow down and sacrifice for those things?"
    I admit I do so much more than I'd like. My comfort is very important to me. i don't like pain or discomfort of any kind.

    "I have hopes. I have desires. If I’m honest, sometimes I hope God’s desires line up with my desires for my life, not the other way around.

    But, I believe I’d give up comfort, safety, health and wealth to more fully know God. I believe that giving up those things would benefit me here on Earth."
    I really hope I would. sometimes, I wonder at my own loyalty and commitment. lord, let me fully realize this one and feel this way. you are all in all.

    • Diana

      Jesusgirl, I remember saying that same thing to my pastor once…. I hope that if my life is threatened that I can stand up and not deny the Lord…. what he told me was…. You are not in that situation right now, but God will give you the grace to lay down your life if and when that time comes… you don't need that right now you will have what you need when you need it… God is good..

      • jesusgirl71

        You know, I heard a variation of that once, but the way you stated it really hit home. thanks.

  • What an important lesson in this world where we are constantly searching for happiness, peace, wealth, fame, etc, etc, etc! We are so used to "yes."
    Even though God may have different plans for our lives, when we have Him in our hearts he will give us joy and peace no matter our circumstances and we can praise Him even "if not." That's a great lesson for me today.

  • Do you have something you are hoping God will show up and do? Do you trust that He is good to grant that desire? Do you trust that He is also good in the “And, if not…”?

  • ladyvel77

    I have prayed for the Lord to increase my territory and within a week I have had 2 amazing job offers both dream jobs. 1 would be immediate and the other is to start in January and my potential far outreaches the potential than the job starting in 30 days. I want to do God's will please pray that God grand me wisdom, discernment, and mercy as I continue to pray for a decision.

    Thank you sisters, you are so inspiring. Melinda- what a great interpretation. Today's reading is a great reminder of how quickly WE forget and fall back into doing things OUR own way, trusting ourselves, not Him, and for that we seek His mercy.

    May the Lord bless each of you with health, mercy, and discernment as we focus on Jesus and his suffering on the cross today.
    He gives strength to the weary! Those who wait on the Lord – he will renew our strength!

  • Katie Shannon

    This makes me think of the blazing fires of today. Maybe nothing that government is causing. But the type of trials we will go through. And to have faith like this that God is in control and will save us and even if He doesn't save us from whatever mess we end up being in that He is still good. So good.

  • I agree with Janet. "And if not…" isn't easy to say. I "say" that I believe it, but when faced my my own fiery furnaces, do my actions truly reflect those words? I think of the words of demon possessed boy's father found in the ninth chapter of Mark, "I want to believe, help my unbelief!"

  • Honestly, this is not a response that comes easily to me. It's one thing to read about these bold young men, but it's another to feel challenged to respond in the same way. I am going through a tough situation right now. It's easy to pray for a miracle. It's not to easy to say, "And if not, He's still God…."
    And yet, some how, I don't think it's a coincidence that I read this today. Hmmm….

    • JuneBug

      I agree Janet. I don't think it's a coincidence either. I'm praying for you today, that no matter how your situation plays out, you will know God's love and affection for you. Blessings!

    • Diana

      Hang in there Janet…. God hears and answers all of our prayer but not always in the way we want or expect… He sees the BIG picture and loves you unconditionally…. And if not in the way you expect then in the way that's the best… praying for you!

  • The extra thing with wanting to be loved, accepted by other people that I’ve learned for Nebud (and even by looking at my own life) is the whole world could love me but if 3 Hebrew (or Nigerian lol) boys do not like me or validate me, It just makes me unstable. I could go days and days just thinking of how to get them to like me! It’s ridiculous, but this is something I consciously have to fight; wanting to be validated by others. I never thought I’d see myself in Nebudchadnezzar. Those are my false gods right there: I think, “If I have more this and that THEN I’d be more loved and accepted” Consciously pulling down those false gods and choosing not to bow (again) is difficult, like being thrown in the furnace. But it’s comforting to know that He WILL be with me.

    • amykelly213

      So true!! I am a people pleaser by nature and can totally relate to trying to make others please me… Never being satisfied with those who already do, I want them ALL to like me!! Great insights today, Ibukun!

    • jesusgirl71

      Oh Ibukin! I am so with you here. I say soemthing or do something and rthen worry, will this person be mad at me? I obsess over this so horribly! And if the person doesn't react the way I have in my mind I want them to, then they're definitely mad at me. It's a vicious cycle. Let's pray each other through this one. We both need it.

      • Ibukun

        You are SO right on this! You, Annalee, Beverly are on my prayerlist for the rest of this week. We’ll pray through and stand in the gap for one another. So so nEeded

  • Today’s reading was beautiful. I had a tough night last night with cramps and couldn’t sleep till very late when I finally decided to take Ibuprofen and a valium.

    So I’m still pretty groggy but I can’t help but notice that the idol Nebud erected was similar to the one in his dream (like Melinda sighted) and he must have thought and thought about the dream before deciding to erect the statue. He might not have planned for it to become a god. He must’ve figured, “Since the head made of gold in my dream was me and it was huge and fearful and strong then I’m going to set up a physical reminder of that so other people can recognise my worth!”

    Now these are speculations. I’d give anything to have been a fly on royal babylonian walls right now lol.

    It might have been an insecurity issue for him. God who had revealed the meaning of the dream even validated him by describing him as the gold head in the dream but that wasn’t enought. He NEEDED to be validated by more people.

    For me this means that when my heart is not fully centred on God, one false god will eventually lead me to worship more false gods (acceptance to materialism to wanting approval, etc)

    My God, the one true God, is the only one capable of delivering me from fiery furnaces and the false gods of acceptance and materialism I’ve erected in my heart. For the times when I refuse to bow, he will go through the furnace with me like he was with the Hebrew boys.

    Thank you for allowing God to use you to write today’s devo, Hayley. You have blessed my little heart!

    • Misce

      Great insights today Ibukun! I didn't see that! :) Thanks for sharing! :)

    • amykelly213

      I agree!! It makes perfect sense! And such easy traps to fall prey to!

    • jesusgirl71

      Ibukin, you and I have so much in common. I didn't sleep well either last night. Praying for strength to get through the day for both of us, sister. And yes, those idols do like to raise their ugly heads.

    • JuneBug

      Yes. How easily the insecure heart can fall into this. Good food Ikukun! Thanks!

    • Beverly

      Oh, Ibukun, me too! It is so easy for me to idolize all of those things, especially the validation or approval of others. Love the beautiful image of God walking through the furnace with me. Thank you for speaking Truth into my heart this morning.

  • kristi1521

    As I was sitting at work tonight, looking at my paycheck, at the bills I must pay, and seeing that there is little leftover I thought to myself, "I hate being broke." I forget that I have God's love which is worth far more than I will ever know. I know that he is there beside me, and that he will not let me fall, and if he does… I know he will be right there to pick me up again. God is Good.

    • Ibukun

      Praying for you right now, Kristi. Being broke is a bad place to be (one I’m all to familiar with) but a great place to trust in God. There’s nothing else to do then.
      Blessings on you, sister!

  • I trust that God is good to grant my heart's desires:

    ♥ To have babies.
    ♥ To be financially abundant.
    ♥ To be successful.

    … And if not, He is STILL GOOD! He still deserves my love, honor, praise and service because:

    ♔ of what He did to my life! How he changed me and how he saved me from what could have been my life right now!
    ♔ He has prepared my future in eternity!

    ☆☆☆ Even if He takes away everything that He has given me in my entire life, HIS DEATH ON THE CROSS TO PAY FOR MY SINS AND SAVE ME FROM THE FIRES OF HELL is more than enough reason for me to give Him my love, my honor, my praise, my service, my life!!! ☆☆☆

    Listening to: ONLY A GOD LIKE YOU by Tommy Walker

    "Only a God like You could be worthy of my praise, and all my hope and faith!
    Do I bow my knee and sing, give my EVERYTHING!
    To only my Maker, my Father, my Savior!
    Redeemer, Restorer, Rebuilder, Rewarder!
    To Only a God like You! Do I give my Praise!!!"

  • So i find this story interesting in that in the end of chapter to king N. is declaring Daniel's God to be above all others. He placed daniel in service in the palace and at Daniels request put the other three in gov't positions in Babylon. Then he is back to his own ways building this statue which sounds something like the one in his dream.

    This just makes me think of how quickly I forget and fall back into doing things my own way, trusting myself, not Him.

    I love the contrast between him and A, S, and M, who do not hesitate in their trust even in the sight of a fiery furnace. May I live and step forward in this confidence.

    On a side note, I also just wonder where Daniel is when all this is going on. Just wonder…

    Thanks for sharing again Beverly, your words blessed me.

    Have a blessed day resting in Him.

  • I recently shared my struggles of living in a new city, being jobless, and learning to trust God more fully when I don't understand. I had the job interview today. And although I was not facing a fiery furnace, I am learning that God cares about ALL of my circumstances no matter the size. He provides. He doesn't let me fall when I stumble. And He is with me Always.

    I believe that God is good and that if He wants me planted in the organization I interviewed with, IT WILL HAPPEN. But I am grateful for the perfect timing of the “And, if not…”
    “And, if not…” I will glorify Him in how I handle the outcome.
    “And, if not…” I know that His plans are far greater than I can imagine.
    “And, if not…” He has something better in mind.
    “And, if not…” HE IS STILL GOOD. (Yes!)

    Feeling peace and contentment as I patiently wait to hear word on the job opportunity. Either way, it is well with my soul. God is good and faithful.

    ** By the way, I am so grateful for everyone’s encouraging words, prayers, and sharing of similar experiences. Every comment touched my heart. I thank God that I can be connected with so many women around the world seeking His truth, and who lifted me up during this time.

    • kristi1521

      I pray that God will lead you just where you need to go.
      I can't imagine how hard it would be to live in a new city, without a job, but God will be there with you each step of the way. He must have led you to that new city for a reason!

    • ibukun

      Your “and if not” faith is inspiring, Beverly. I’m backing your thoughts up in my mind so I can draw from it when I desperately need encouraging words from a sister

    • ladyvel77

      Way to go Beverly, you are so right, God will plant you where he wants you. God be with you.

    • jesusgirl71

      Praying for you, Beverly.

    • dardartoyo

      I love the "And, if not He has something BETTER in mind." Sometimes we just need to wait for His will because our desires arent as great as His desires for us.

  • charmaine fritz

    I believe God everyday for healing “and if not” he is still my healer! I tell people that I am walking in my healing and God has not manifested it yet. And if I am never healed here on earth I will be healed when I get home. Just as the three boys believed God for deliverance so do I, and if not he is still God! I serve only one master the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords.

    • ladyvel77

      Charmaine I will claim for you sister, keep your faith, as you know we serve a faithful GOD and he will provide. What is your illness so I may be specific in my prayer? God bless you.

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