Daniel 2013: Day

Bring Him your mysteries


Today's Text: Daniel 2:31-49, Romans 8:31-39

Text: Daniel 2:31-49, Romans 8:31-39

King Nebuchadnezzar’s dream was bizarre, to be sure. Daniel describes it back to him – a bright and frightening image with a head of gold, a torso of silver, legs of bronze and feet of iron and clay, all crushed to a powder with a blow from one supernatural stone. The pieces are like discarded wheat, scattered by the wind until it all but disappears, while the mysterious stone grows until it fills all the earth.

What in the world does THAT mean?

The king was obviously deeply disturbed by it all, and he is likewise deeply grateful when Daniel interprets the dream for him with confidence, with insight given by God Himself. The unsolvable was solved when Daniel and his friends prayed earnestly to God for His wisdom and mercy.

What mysteries are troubling you today? What images have frightened you to the core? What question would you give anything to have answered right now?

God may not spell out the answers for us the way He did for the king through Daniel that day, but He does invite us to seek Him. He does invite us to ask Him for wisdom and mercy, and He delights to give it. The answers may not look the way we’d hoped, or they may not be clear at all. The unsolvable may not be solved after one prayer or thousands. But we know the One who is the revealer of mysteries, and we know that He is for us. Nothing, not even the darkest mysteries, can separate us from His love.

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  • I like the part ‘the unsolvable may not be solved by one prayer or by thousands.’ This spoke volumes to me because we often question why God didn’t answer our prayers when so many people were praying the same prayer. It is all part of a bigger plan and even though it is so hard to see at first, God will find a way to make it all clear in the end. Love this study!!

  • Enjoying this study so much, we are currently going through the book of Daniel in our church. So great to unpack it as our lead pastor says, as a community and personally.

  • Janee,

    I get it! The sandals of peace was my first impression but decided not to comment about it because I thought others would think the idea was far fetched.

  • Janee White

    What stuck out to me today was the part about the feet being a symbol of a divided kingdom, and how that is where the stone struck, which caused the collapse of the statue.

    Bare with me here……

    A divided kingdom – weak. What I saw was this: Our feet is where we wear the shoes of peace. For me, that is where the enemy attacks first. If my peace is divided – reliant on man's promises instead of on Jesus' promises, then when the enemy attacks, I will crumble.

    I know that is a little far off from the meaning of the study, but I was so taken by the image of my 'shoes' of peace being divided between trust in man or trust in Jesus.

    Does this make sense?

  • Sammybeth88

    Loving this series on Daniel! It's just what I've needed and it's really helping me to dig deeper into His word.

  • Further proof that God’s Word is living & powerful! Here we have a dream from Nebuchadnezzar’s brain, spoken (by the Lord’s intervention) by Daniel then written by him through the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Every bit of that came to pass historically, and here WE are, waiting for that Stone to roll and crush it all to dust.
    If that’s not a God I can trust in any circumstance… And to tie it all up with Romans 8:31-39, well ladies — N O T H I N G can separate us from the love of our Savior. Anything that is “against” us, well it just doesn’t have any power to wield in the grand tapestry of eternity. Don’t waste energy worrying. Trust His love for you today.

  • "If God is for us who can be against us?" As I read and re-read that this morning I just felt so overwhelmed I have been in this season where I need to know everything, why everything is happening and HOW to make it all better, but the reality is my God is for Me and NOTHING can separate me from His GREAT love. It seems that this study of Daniel is timely in my life and season right now, as I prayed after my study this morning I just felt like I had finally broken, the tears flowed, the praises and prayers flowed and I feel like I am breaking free of something right now.

  • MelodyAnn

    This is perfect! I love God's timing. I was laying awake last night, feeling afraid and anxious about multiple things, but especially one that has been troubling my family recently. And then over all the turmoil going through my head came a declaration, and it was Romans 8:31! "…If God is for us, who can be against us?" And then my mind was able to rest, and I fell asleep feeling safe in that knowlege. Thank you, Lord!

  • This week at my church the sermon was on Daniel. So fitting! (It's a great sermon called "Thriving in Babylon". You can check it out here if you're interested http://marshill.com/media/best-sermon-ever/dr-lar….

    Anyway, at my weekly community group we had such a great discussion about how Daniel was able live his life (in the midst of great evil and terrible circumstances…his community was pillaged by the very King he was now in service to…I cannot imagine what that would be like!?!) with God's Kingdom as his highest focus.

    I am too often concerned with my own "kingdom" so to speak. My own life, my circumstances, my desire to know the answers and have the "mysteries" revealed to me. But God is our perfect Father, and like a good earthly dad, He is concerned with all the big stuff (providing for us, taking care of things we…the kids…may not understand because we're too young, etc.) but He is also very much concerned with and involved in the little stuff (fixing our broken toys, spending time with us, wiping away our tears when we get hurt). Visualizing God in this way has helped me to realize that ultimately, I know God is looking out for the good of His children. I may not understand all that He allows to happen, or how He handles some situations in my life, but I can trust that He is good because His Word proclaims it, and He has revealed Himself to be good throughout my life, and in the lives of others.

    I'm praying for a heart that is consumed with trust in our God. We already know the ending of the story: Jesus Christ is victorious!!!! He conquers satan, sin and death. And our reward is eternal life with HIM! I am sure all of the mysteries we face will make sense, if not someday here on earth, surely when we come face to face with our Creator in the life to come.

    He is our perfect Father and our Victorious King! So thankful for this series on Daniel, and the way God is using your words (SRT ladies) to encourage all of us to know, love, seek, and live for God more fully.

  • charmaine fritz

    LaurenC. Praying for you and your family that God’s peace and strength will cover you from head to toe. That the Holy Spirit will be their to comfort you.

  • Good morning women of God! Sometimes The Lord doesn't reveal everything at once to me…He's teaching me in the 'in between time' of waiting. I've learned to keep my focus on Him, be in His Word and be with His people. One thing I do know…He loves me to the core. Have a blessed Thursday ladies. Xo

    • Sarah

      Thanks for sharing, Pam. You articulated something I have never been ale to fully figure oit. i have those times where I feel like I am maintaining faith rather than growing, or just waiting indtead of going somewhere. i sometimes wonder what He is teaching me during those times or what the benefits are, but as you stated, sometimes it is important for us to be in that in-between time still being faithful. Sometimes that faithfulness in spite of feelings, that long walk together instead of the high mountaintop experience, is the lesson. When I think of my most fulfilling human relationships, they aren't all "highs" and growth all the time. Sometimes they are just companionship and that meets a deep need too. Thanks!

  • Courtney Morris Dean

    Whatever is unclear to us is always very clear and fully known by our loving God!

  • A much different look at this passage then when I studied it two years ago. Here we're stepping back and looking at our God and what relationship we might have with him based on the historical attributes we see of him here. Never once when studying this statue and what each piece historically meant etc.did I see my God as personal (truly my head spun trying understand the studies) and the one who has the power to reveal current mysteries in my life to me. Understanding all the historical applications is important to see where we are in redemptive history; however, bringing some application home to me right now is comforting. If the God who allowed the ungoldy Nebuchadnezzar to have kingdoms, power, strength and the glory from God. He causes the ungodly to rule –weather they acknowledge him — their being is from him, how much more does he want for his redeemed children. We have a much deeper relationship with our heavenly father then I personally claim. I am challenged to draw so much closer to him.

  • LaurenC_

    Good morning sisters. As a (trying-to-be) reformed worrier, I praise God that I don't have to have it all figured out. Praise God that His omnipotent power can never be overthrown and nothing in this world or beyond this life can ever separate us from His love, His grace, His mercy, or His forgiveness.

    Sisters, my mom's memorial service is this afternoon at 4:00 PM EST. I've had a pretty sleepness night, feeling anxious about the day and running around in my mind with so many thoughts that have tried to crowd out the truth: God is here, He loves me, He works out everything for good, and mom is living a beautiful life of eternity with Him even as I type. Will you please pray for me and my family today, especially as we begin the service at 4:00, that the Holy Spirit will be near and that I will feel His comfort & peace. I want to be an instrument of His peace and His strength as I eulogize my sweet mom. Thank you so much.

    • Carolynmimi

      praying for you and your family that His comfort and peace will surround you and his grace will be made manifest in you.

    • Dea

      ABSOLUTELY! I think you are an incredibly strong woman of God for taking in such a task! May God’s strength cover you with his comfort & peace…praying for you!

    • Diana

      It is a very trying day… but the Holy Spirit will comfort your heart and the hearts of your family… I pray that peace and comfort will surround all in attendance and that the Holy Spirit will make Himself obvious.

    • MelodyAnn

      Praying for you, Lauren! And I'm so inspired by your honest and ardent seeking of Christ through this time of inconceivable grief and trouble. I pray that you'll feel Jesus meeting you in every moment of today, carrying you through the toughest of them.

    • Keri

      Prayed for you now and will continue throughout the day. May God bless you and keep you close this day and every day to come.

    • deirdra

      Lord, wrap Your loving arms around Lauren and her family. Give them peace and comfort at this time. We know that "You give us peace that passes all understanding." I know how difficult this time is, but You know it even more and You can help them through it. I ask that Your hand be upon Lauren as she speaks….may You touch lives during this time…..in Your wonderful name of Jesus we pray..Amen.

  • oh Lord, grant me WISDOM + MERCY. in Your name i pray, Amen.

  • Stephanie

    As I re-read this passage I can't help but think of how great our Lord is as revealed in the meaning of the dream. All the kings that will rule the land will all be destroyed, but soon "the God of heaven will set up a kingdom that will never be destroyed or conquered. It will crush all these kingdoms into nothingness, and it will stand forever." (v44) Our God is the King of Kings, the great ruler and His Kingdom is FAR better than any kingdom made by human hands. It can never be destroyed. It is a comfort to know that we have an unshakable foundation that cannot be destroyed, and our God is full of mighty power. How can we not PRAISE and TRUST this amazing God!

  • I don't have to understand everything! I don't have to solve all the mysteries, I just need to cling to the Truth that — GOD IS FOR ME! And He promised VICTORY over all of my fears through Christ Jesus!

    Good morning sisters! :)

  • Thanks SRT;4 dis inspiring moment wit God;I alwz prayed 2 God 2 gv me an understanding of his word wen I read it;SRT hs given me dt Ability tru d grace of God..(Joshua 1:8)..I meditate on d word of God Day n night I wud neva loose focus again..Am a doer of d word!

  • Clarissa

    I learned when I took my eyes off the Lord and put them on my situation I got off track and leaned to my own understanding. That caused the old woman to rise up again. So now no matter what I'm going through I keep my eyes on Jesus. Have a blessed day.

  • I constantly feel challenged through this devotional. What a convicting and great reminder. That The Lord saved me from an even greater fire. Having been a Chriatian most of my life, I sometimes lose sight of that. Rather than worry or complain etc, i need to daily stop and remember the cross and how I am perfectly loved beyond what I deserve because of my sin. I need to believe what His word declares true about me daily and live in light ot that.

  • ladyvel77

    I have a terrible need of worrying, I sometimes worry because I have nothing to worry about. That is why I am so excited that GOD has brought me back to His word.
    I am working on this devotional with each of you, thank you all for sharing your insight, ups and downs. I have mysteries that have been revealed to me and frightened me to the core, I wish I could ask God if the results of said mystery will be terminal…however, it is by faith I walk so today I choose obey the Lord and trust his path for me, trusting that His will be done. Have a blessed day, friends.

  • Scripture says that nothing can separate me from the love of God! Nothing! I have read that many times but this morning I can feel that truth anchoring my soul in Him.

  • Jennifer

    Romans 8:37 Yet in all these things we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us.

    I must have read this verse hundreds of times since I have my life to Him. More than conquerors. Yes! But today God revealed a part of the verse to me I always glazed over: in ALL these things. WOW. Thank you Lord! How can I fear the unknown when I already know I will be a conqueror through Him?! In every situation! Praising Him through tears this morning’

    • Janee White

      You already are a conqueror….that is what I love about this promise. We ARE conquerors…..

  • amykelly213

    I am loving this study… And the meaning it has for my life right now. God is amazing!

  • kristi1521

    If only I had the answers, at times like these. I say a silent prayer for The Lord to show me what I am supposed to do right now when parts of my life seem so chaotic. I pray for him to show me the way.

    • Dea

      Yessss! If only, right!?!

      I say silent prayers throughout the day to keep me from worrying about EVERYTHING (classes, a new job, mortgage payment, finances, my son in college, my relationship w/my 1 yr old son’s father)

      But I am confident that through prayer, the answers will be revealed…I have to also pray that I have the strength to be obedient as well!

  • Nothing can touch me because Jesus loves me!

  • His timing! Amazing. I'm humbled on my knees knowing my heart is searching for a few; more than a few answers to the mysteries He has in my life. I know in due season they will be revealed. Thank you for this encouragement!

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