Daniel 2013: Day

Turning sleeplessness into revelation


Today's Text: Daniel 2:1-30, Romans 8:28

Text: Daniel 2:1-30, Romans 8:28

When we meet him in Daniel 2, Nebuchadnezzar is a man who wants answers and demands them immediately. He is troubled and sleepless. He’s not patient in revelation — if he doesn’t get the mysteries of his life explained and explained instantly, blood will be shed. He’s insecure of his own connection with the One who has answers. He’s dependent and grasping at others, both frighteningly threatening and pathetically desperate.

When we are in a season of clarity regarding God’s path for our lives, it’s easy to have patience. We sleep like babies when everything is going our way. But when our hearts and minds are troubled, that is the time when we must check our hearts for patience. We must trust that He will reveal His mysteries when they have served His purpose for our growth and His glory. We must remember that “in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” (Romans 8:28, NIV)

What are you struggling to understand in your own life right now? What has you tossing and turning, impatient and desperate? Remember, friends, He has purpose. Wisdom and power are His and only His, and He alone can reveal His will.

But we are not alone.
He waits with us.
May He grant each of us His strength and patience and give rest to our weary souls.


  • Sara Villagomez

    Ive been truogh a heartbreak an d trails in where i cant seem to understand it and its just so tough to wait patientlyits become tpugh for me.

  • Sara Villagomez

    Wow so true when everything is what we expect we are fine but when they arrnt you try to figure it out . I say by experience there so many things around me that are confused & hard to understand but God knows why He doea everything Im just such an impatient girl. #Godhelpme

  • Braniff Susan

    How can i ever stop being thankful to Dr. Yzma for what he did for me, what other so-called spell-casters and witch-doctors could not do, that he did for me and i must share to the world the extent of his powers and how he attended to me wholesomely through this short article of my testimony. And not only will i talk about this god but i will also want you reading this, to pick gain and apply it so that you and your lover live a peaceful loving life.
    Braniff Susan is my name and i originate from United States. Well, i am sorry to say that i was a nagging wife to my beloved husband and it wasn't my fault, i just wanted my husband to be faithfully to me because my husband friends were flirts of women and i never wanted them to corrupt my husband. So, anytime he comes back from clubbing with his friends, or from office late i always nag and bring up quarrel against him and i felt i was doing the right thing but it came to a time that i was too over reactive on my husband and a quarrel ensued between us both and he decided we part ways by filing out divorce against me and he meant it. But i never wanted to leave him because he was the love of my life and the father of my kids and i came to know that he was really very faithful when he told me every temptations he received from sexy girls trying to befriend him and his friends trying to lure him to befriend them but because of his love for me and the kids that he always has rebuked them and now i am accusing him of having a lover outside and in anger, he called his lawyer to file a divorce against me and when i knew all these facts he told me, i was ashamed and i pleaded for forgiveness but he never listened to me and told me his actions were final and he left the house that day.
    I was confused at first, the whole thing looked to me as film then the next day, i told my friend {Tiffany} about my husband's action to divorce me and i sought advice from her but she told me not to worry at all, that all what i need do was to contact one Dr. Yzma at [email protected] to help save my marriage from divorce and then she warned me never again should i nag but anytime i feels my husband is going astray, i should just call him calmly and tell him that is action wasn't right and made him understand than enhancing quarrel between we both. After Tiffany was through, i told her that concerning the contact she said i should make was one i will not as when i once had challenges with my health, after contacting 3 spell-casters and sending money to them, my illness was worst than before and whenever i contact others, all what they keep telling me was money, money and i told her maybe the same will still happen if i contact this Dr. Esiendo but she laughed, telling me when her husband deserted her, the same doctor's spell brought him back within 3 days and betted that if i contact Dr. Yzma without help coming forth, that our friendship be over and that i should see her as an enemy and when i saw she was mean to it, i had to check it out and i sent email to [email protected] as she directed me, telling this doctor all what that transpired between me and my husband and how he keep friends with people i don't like and how my friend has directed me to him.
    I started to lose hope as he didn't respond to my mail on-time but my friend told me to be patient that it was a virtue. Three days later, he replied me and assured me that he was going to help me, that he had been consulting his oracle on my behalf and that his gods is pleased with helping me and he said within 24 hours, i should come back with testimony of what i need from my husband. That was all, exactly a day he wrote to me, i was surprised and glad to see my husband come back home and call me "sweetheart, i had forgiven you and i have come to realize that when a wise walk with a fool, he soon will get foolish and he said he will try to avoid his friends and today, we are living happily with our kids.
    And before i draw curtain, i must give kudos to Tiffany for helping me and to every woman out there, please stop nagging as you could trigger your husband to do an undo thing and if you're a man, try to follow your wife advice and make her understand you. And to everyone in need of help to that marital challenges, health challenges, financial challenges or spiritual challenges, whatsoever challenges you're in, i urge you today, to contact Dr. Yzma and i bet you of solution to your problems for i believe if he can help me then certainly you can also be helped.

  • Elizabeth Chappell

    I have really enjoyed she reads.

  • This verse was brought to my mind as I was reading today- Habakkuk 2:3 For the revelation awaits an appointed time;it speaks of the endand will not prove false.Though it linger, wait for it;it will certainly comeand will not delay.

  • ladyvel77

    In Daniel, chapter 10, Daniel fasts again, abstaining from "pleasant food," meat, and wine. (Daniel 10)[2] You, too, can gain a healthier body and clearer mind by following this diet "fast" in moderation. _Lots of prayer…we need God's strength and guidance. If for any reason you eat something you shouldn't have during the fast, it is better to ask for forgiveness and continue, than it is to stop the fast. If you are experiencing weakness or headaches, drink at least 8 glasses of water each day. Often, we do not understand just how much our body needs water, especially when fasting. Keep your diet simple. Avoid highly processed foods in favor of simply prepared or raw foods. Set a goal for how long you will do the fast. Ultimately, you may want to continue the Daniel Fast longer than first intended. Be careful not to drink too much water, however. Too much liquid can be as bad as not enough. You may want to supplement your diet with a multi-vitamin_ _http://www.ultimatedanielfast.com/_http://danielfast.wordpress.com/daniel-fast-food-list/_http://www.gotquestions.org/Daniel-fast.html

  • ladyvel77

    drawn. Daniel, chapter 1, describes how Daniel and his three friends ate only vegetables and drank only water. (Daniel 1)[1] At the end of a 10-day trial period, Daniel and his friends appeared healthier than their peers who ate the rich foods from the royal table.

  • ladyvel77

    Amanda, The idea of the Daniel fast is that you eat things produced by the land…no processed food. I pasted some info from wiki here as well as some links for whoever would like more info.__On the fast you can consume-All fruits and vegetables, all legumes, whole grains, nuts and seeds, tofu, herbs and spices._There are two references to fasting in the biblical book of Daniel from which the "Daniel Fast" is

  • Beverly, Ibukun and SRT sista's thank you for keeping it real. I pray that God work on our hearts as we sleep and may we wake up fully confident in God's plan for us.

    If I may I would like to share, I recently moved and have not been in church for about 3 months. Thanks to SRT I am able to continue to study the word with like minded women who are each going through their own season in their own way.

    I started with no job 3 years ago, then God got me into this small place in a small role, and I had serious self confidence issues and felt I couldn't do the job, the opportunity for advancement came and even though I didn't think I could do it God showed me I could. It was during that time that I was saved. I have fallen off the wagon a couple of times when I have taken my focus off of Jesus…that is always the culprit, but I have also learned that God knew I was going to do that. Well to make a long story short God is merciful and gives us GRACE…I have so much I can testify to but I don't want to write a book here…So I will close with Thank you Father God, blessed be your name in Heaven and on Earth.

    Good night sisters:)

    • Sarah

      Thank you for your testimony, Teresa! He has blessed us with you in our community.

    • Ibukun

      Thank you for sharing you testimony, Teresa! It’s so great to be able to come on here and be vulnerable with our sisters.

  • britterquilts

    This so speaks to me too! We are putting our house on the market next week and the amount of work has been crazy trying to do pregnant and still take care of my almost 2 year old, and the biggest thing is that my Grandma is in hospice and has literally been at deaths door for 2 weeks now. She hasn't had water, isn't eating, and every day the hospice center says, "for sure she is going to pass away today" but she is still hanging on. I have been fighting with God because she is an incredible woman of faith and I know without a doubt that she is headed right to paradise with Him, so why isn't he taking her to be in perfect peace and without pain? After reading today and I trying my best to just let Him sit here next to me and comfort me, without bothering Him about the why. There have been lots of "Thank you God" moments through her end days so I am praying for the strength to be grateful for those and to be okay without knowing the whys. Thanks be to God for never leaving our sides, even when we are worn and weary!

  • Charlie H.

    This really hit home with me today. I'm a freshman in college and it's been so hard transitioning for me. I know God has called me to be in this place…but it's this place of waiting. I have felt so alone, but this is great confirmation that He waits with me. And He will reveal His mysteries of why He has me here, etc. in His time!

  • trinahashope

    This devo was just why I needed to read today. Yes here I am tossing and turning and desperate. These last 5 months of this super hard health season and these last two weeks where things have been worse rather than better and more clueless drs has taken a toll on me physically spiritually and emotionally. It is just so hard, I don't have cute little Christian answers for things anymore! But thanks for the reminder even now here He is, He is right here with me. The enemy has been having a blast getting me more and more down but I want to fight to believe Him and His work for His gory and my good. Please keep waiting with me O Jesus because there are days it feels I can't keep going, oh but you are the. Mighty and everlasting one who NEVER grows weary. Help me to trust your heart now when I am not seeing your hand. This is where my patience counts in this trial not in my seasons of comfort and clarity. Help me wait as you work… Like a weaned child. Amen

  • Courtney Morris Dean

    The God who created us and sustains us is that God who understands and knows all things far better than we may ever attempt to do so. Because King Nebuchadnezzar was so impatient, he was selfish and had an unquenchable thirst to be in absolute control. He asked the astrologers, magicians, and sorcerers for the impossible. He not only asked them to interpret his dream, but he asked them to actually tell him what he had dreamed. They didn't know all of the details, and they could not do the impossible. So, why would he ask them to do such a thing. At times in our life, we do the same thing. Why do we consult others before we consult God? Doing so causes us to be self-reliant on what we think we can do or perhaps even that which others have advised us to do. http://www.allgloryishis.wordpress.com

  • Courtney Morris Dean

    Wow! What a great study so far, and it is just day two as we peer into the life of Daniel. God used this morning's devotion to show me the life of another man in this story – King Nebuchadnezzar. The Scripture reminds us that he was a "sleepless" and "troubled" person. He wanted answers immediately, and in his impatience, desperation was birthed. Before we hastily issue forth a scolding thought, isn't that just like our lives though? So many times, we want to understand, know, be known, be understood, and all on our own time-table. It's in those moments of impatience that our lives become chaotic because we have chosen to take hold of what we quickly call 'our life' – all the while forgetting that the life we live is far from our own.

  • kelstoombs

    I have been trouble lately with my career, and I keep praying that the Lord will guide me. I keep reminding myself that his timing is perfect, but I need to remember that He will wait with me. He will not let me go down this journey alone. Praise be to our God who never leaves our side.

  • I literally wrote in my Prayer journal this morning my struggles with comparing my life to others. I am a homemaker and I battle myself daily on my failures. I feel like I should have a college degree! I know a college degree doesn’t matter to my children nor does it help us financially ( we are fine in that area ) it would only be for selfish reasons. I am always seeking direction it seems, so this hit me hard today! Talk about comforting!

  • v. 28 — “…But there is a God in heaven who reveals secrets…”
    Would Daniel have been ready to hear God’s voice regarding the dream & its meaning if he & his three friends hadn’t kept their lives pure?
    I need to keep my heart clean from the delicacies the world offers so that I may hear what He says to me & be available for Him to work through me.

  • "We must trust that He will reveal His mysteries when they have served His purpose for our growth and His glory."

    WHEN they have served HIS purpose…I have to pause and meditate on this today. This is sweet truth. Sarah, thank you. I wrestle with this every. single. day. HIS purpose. HIS glory. Waiting seems way more bearable when I stop trying to force the answers to come. The "Nebuchadnezzar" in me demands and grasps for the answers, looking for them in the wrong places. And when they don't come, at least the way I WANT them to, I am quick in pointing blame and accusation. Even if the target is myself.

    I think trusting and resting in God's provision is a much less harmful, less stressful strategy, don't you? When I trust that ALL that has happened, is happening and is yet to happen is based on HIS purpose, for HIS glory, I can safely put the answers that I THINK I need back on the shelf. Whew! There's a lot more room for all the fruits of the Spirit to rest when I clear the unnecessary "clutter." It is better trust.

    "But the Holy Spirit produces this kind of fruit in our lives: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. There is no law against these things! " Galatians 5:22-24 NLT

    • Sarah

      YES! I was just sharing with a friend this morning how much "easier" it is to trust and rest in His purpose than trying to plan, plot and figure it all out on our own. In theory. But in practice, it's a whole lot easier to turn to our sinful instinct to demand immediate answers. And then we leave little room for His revelation. Happy to share in this with you today, JuneBug. Thank you!

  • As I read this portion of scripture what I saw was Daniel's faith. The first thing he did was gather his 3 friends so they would all pray to the God of heaven and earth. When God gave him the dream and the meaning of the dream Daniel gave all glory to God. He let the king know that he (Daniel) was just an instrument God was using because the Lord wanted the king to know about the coming events.

    I know that many times I act before I pray and things don't work out all that well. I need to take time to pray and ask for wisdom for each test or trial and that God will use all things for my good. Whether it's for growth or to be a blessing to others.

  • I have been going through a dark season in my life. I have so many blessings in my life but I have this constant internal battle going on in my head. Fighting some serious anxiety that makes it hard to even leave the house at times. I feel like I've been fighting for my own life my own sanity. And because of this fight to even *make it* through the day I've been feeling so depressed. I'm just tired. I'm not whining and I don't mean to come off as complaining. I have so much to be grateful for I just don't understand why I can't see it, why I can't feel it. I'm hoping there is at least one sister out there that at least can understand.

    Today I am choosing to try and start again. I've been waiting on God. He must have a purpose for me. He has to. At the end of the devotion it says "He waits for you" Maybe its not me who is waiting on God to help. But God is waiting on me to be ready for HIM?? I've been waiting to feel better for me but really I should be ready to serve for HIS glory not my own. What a revelation!

    Dear sisters, please pray for me that I can start over today and find God's Glory!

    • Sue:)

      Praying for God's courage and strength in your life. I too, have suffered with issues of anxiety, and I have learned, through grace, that we just need to take that first step, one step at a time, and He will be right there next to us. It always amazes me how much He loves us! XX

    • Candacejo

      Sweet Caitlin, God has not left you, He is near and ready to help. My first advice would be to run to Him! Have a good old fashioned prayer meeting! Sometimes we think things can be fixed with a little feel good prayer when there are deep settled issues that we need to pray through. So pour your heart out to God! He knows what is in there and He wants you to tie it to Him! Find a place where you can get alone with Him and let the tears flow. If you need to repent, that is, have sin in your life, let it go, tell Him about it, get it all out first.

      Now it's time for praise! Thank Him for taking away your burden! Don't pick them back up! Don't let the enemy beat you up either! Stay on your knees, or in prayer for a while just giving God praise. Worship Him for who He is. Love Him, thank Him, give Him the highest praise, Hallelujah! Let it come out of you like a river, this will defeat the enemy like nothing else can! You are taking authority over this fear, anxiety and depression by praising God! There is power is praise! Wen praise goes up to God, glory literally comes down! The enemy is defeated!

      Fill your home with godly things. Turn on praise and worship music. Nothing will make you feel better than some Israel Houghton, Hillsong, Chris Tomlin, whatever YOU like, just anything giving glory to God. Just remember, GIGO…garbage in, garbage out. S what you feed on through the day is how you a going to feel all day…soil you fill your mind with the things of God your outlook is going to be totally different!

      Then start every day with prayer and the Word. A great devotion doesn't hurt, lol, wonder where you could find one of those?? :) and spend time with The Lord. Start and end with praise. And don't forget Him throughout the day. Talk to Him as you would a friend,

      Hope this helps dear friend. We are all praying for you. God is for you! http://youtu.be/2s1b4DQn1Rs

    • trinahashope

      Will be praying for you sister. I have gone through hard long seasons of an internal battle in my head too. I've is not finished and you are not done with your Psalm yet… Maybe it's only half-way written… May He carry you. Jesus I pray that you would lift my sister Caitlin from the pain and struggles and anxiety she is battling with. May you draw near to her in this season. May you show her your face and lift up her countenance. May she believe you even when she doesn't feel like it. Thank you Lord, Amen

  • I love how bold Daniel is in this passage. He trusts God and his timing instead of focusing on the circumstance of his impending death. God comes through and he gives all the thanks and praise to him. When he comes to the king, he doesn't do it timidly. Rather, he speaks boldly into his life, saying that sorcerers and magicians do not have the power to interpret these dreams. But God in heaven reveals mysteries. He is confident in the power of God and shares the reality of God's presence in this world. Let's do that. Lets speak boldly about Christ.

  • I am moving soon and it has been really hard! But going through this study even just for 2 days has helped me so much! I can’t wait to see what more is to come!

  • Wow! This devotional was right on time for me! For the past week, I’ve been tossing and turning in my sleep! Worried about the things that I’ve prayed for….worried that they will never come. Even last night/this morning, I kept waking up from my sleep, worried and praying to The Lord! Praying that I continue to trust him and the plans he has for me. To surrender all and rest! Can’t believe how applicable this devo is to my current situation!

  • You have no idea how god is using you! The post today is exactly what I needed to hear. I truely believe it is god talking to me thru you. Thank you for this. I haven't been taking the time to stay faithful to my daily devo with you all and today I decided I needed to and once again God is waiting patiently for me to turn to him …waiting patiently with exactly what I need. Oh how do I not stay close to him when he is always wanting me and loving me?!

  • Anxiety is a terrible and powerful tool of the Enemy used to derail and demoralize — if given a foothold, a simple seed of doubt, fear, or what-if can set in motion a series of thought processes that take the subject, standing tall and firm in God's purpose and peace and render her ineffective for Kingdom-building and Kingdom-protecting work. Satan has used this method (quite effectively) against me in my most powerful role, yet — not one as a brand builder, not one as a musician on a platform, but as a mom and home maker. I have allowed anxiety (and accompanying sleeplessness) and fear to dominate my heart and decision-making…I have allowed fear to overshadow Christ's infinite power and have not done my part to ask for wisdom, discernment, or even at the very least protection.

    Today's truth has reminded me — I may not know all the end answers to my questions and fears right now, but I know the One who is truly orchestrating it all — I will rest in His power, purpose, and peace. God, thank you for this perspective shift — would You meet and wait with me each evening? Cover me with a protection that no fear or darkness can touch and bring words and thoughts of truth, love, and life into my heart as a replacement. Let this shift permeate my thought-life and change how I approach my responsibilities as a mama and home builder. Amen.

    • Misce

      "I may not know all the end answers to my questions and fears right now, but I know the One who is truly orchestrating it all — I will rest in His power, purpose, and peace. "

      Amen to this!

      • Dea

        That was a POWERFUL statement!! I may have to Instagram it! Thank You!

        I too have tossed & turned about numerous things in my life, even after praying about it over & over! But todays devo was right on time reminding me that He is Still in control!


  • Colleen, I and so many others feel your pain. I'm in a very bustling time of life right now, and it seems that I've refused to just enjoy the presence of God in the present moment- I'm all about plans and trying to figure things out, so that somehow, I can grab hold of the situation and make myself feel better about it. But these situations, and every situation, was not mine to dictate or hold. Lord, help me only to plan for what I need today. Show me what you want from me instead of what I want- I can feel that a lot of what I've planned is probably going to blow up in my face, so Lord, just be with me here. Help me to truly enjoy your presence and to be led by your peace.

  • I love how Daniel is so confident in the power of Christ! I pray that I too would stand that confidently and firm in the truth of Jesus, willing to do whatever it takes to make his name known. I wanted to take a minute to present a prayer request to you all for my younger sister who is wavering in her faith right now. She’s been dating a nonbeliever and it is starting to get serious and I continue to watch her justify her actions and claim that she is just unsure of what she believes etc. well, I am not willing to sit idly by and watch her forsake all that Jesus has done for her! I am praying that her eyes would be opened and her heart would be softened-would you join me in this prayer? I would absolutely love to see her return to her faith and regardless of the relationship I would love for her boyfriend to come to know the unconditional love and grace of Jesus as well, thank you all in advance! I am daily blessed by this community,

    • Misce

      Prayed for your sister today Kelly!

    • Erin

      Praying for her today! That can be such a hard thing but you are right, Christ has the ultimate power and we need to speak that boldly into our own lives and the lives of others.

    • Candacejo

      I am committed to pray for her Kelly!

  • This morning I felt like I could relate to Nebuchadnezzar to a degree, sometimes I feel like I am disconnected and that I don't know that I trust that God can give me all I need so I am desperate for the approval of others, for the strength of others and for the wisdom of others, even when I know deep in my heart that I should be seeking the Lord 100% and that He is sufficient enough for me.

    I also really needed the reminder that He is never going to leave us alone, that He is always with us. I find myself in a very unsettling season in life, with some health issues that have come up, and with my relationship and I realized this morning that God is in every circumstance, and I need to trust His purpose and plan.

    Today my prayer is that I can truly believe those words in my heart, and allow those words to rule my life, to allow God to be my strength, and allow God to be my comfort in this time of confusion.

  • '…check our hearts for patience.' eek. oh Lord, help me to be patient, and trust you completely. that i may live for Your purpose + for Your glory. thank you for waiting with me!!

  • V7 I was touched by how we can tackle big things as long as we do it with discretion an discernment. I prayed that I would be obedient to God on my way to work yesterday, and I was able to speak truth to my boss on a ongoing issue, as there was great discernment and discretion used in my words. So thankful that God continues to mold us and shape us every single time we spend time with him and his word.

  • I loved Daniel's prayer of thanks to God, for the wisdom given him. How often I am quick to want yet not eager to praise. As my husband and I are in the process of a major decision in which we need God's clear path for His will, I prayed this prayer today, thanking Him for being the Great I AM and His power over all!

  • God has recently blessed me with a new job. It is one where on paper I know what to do and experiences from different areas add up to make me qualified. But it is is a huge change. I am going from teaching high school history to being an instructional coach in an elementary school. Very different. It is obvious that this has been God's will as all the things that have fallen into place over the last two years to make it happen can only be Him. However I have often felt like a fraud over the past few weeks as I have tried to guide teachers and answer questions and train them on a new reading program I am learning myself. I have to remember that God brought me here. To say I am up tossing and turning is an understatement. The Romans verse has been constantly playing in my mind. I am reminding myself that even if I fail at this He is working it out for good. That his plan is bigger and higher than what I can see. There is a purpose for these feelings and for the circumstances.

    • Shelly


      I worked for several years as an instructional coach an found that it was so important to balance the leadership and friendship aspects of the job. My situation was similar to yours, I was supporting the implementation of a new math program that I had never taught in the Elementary grades. I fould success by reaching out to other schools and districts who were using this curriculum,reading/ studying a lot, and going into classrooms to teach or coteach math so that both the teacher and I would have new insight.
      Hang in there…you can do this!


  • Wow… talk about a post that speaks right to the heart! God took me out of a work situation two weeks ago and my husband and I haven't been able to make sense of it. It was the strangest thing! Everything was fine and perfect, and then BAM! It wasn't. I haven't been working for 2 weeks, and I'm the sole provider for us and our baby boy.

    Day 2 really hit me hard and reminded me that its not about me and my situation. Its about HIM. So today I choose joy, I choose patience, and I choose Him. One day I'll look back and I'll be able to see clearly why everything happened the way it did. For now, I will fully trust in Him.

    • jesusgirl71

      Praying for you.

    • Sarah

      I had a similar work situation a few years ago. I am now happy to say that it was definitely the right thing for me to be out of that environment but at the time I was so confused. I knew God was in control but His plan seemed very unclear. Keep faith! He is working it all out for your good and He will not leave you! Praying for guidance and peace during this transition.

  • This is just what I needed to hear. After two years of being in a relationship that I should have walked away from long ago, I am staring reality in the face. How could I get so wrapped up in myself and the things I thought I "wanted" …

    While severing ties is never easy I pray God will offer me peace and comfort in His arms – where I really belong and where I find all I want and need. May I be satisfied in Him alone without questioning what's next.

    • colleen

      Jill I am praying for you and with you. I find myself in a relationship now that I am questioning, is this really what God wants for us? It's extremely hard for me to decipher right now between what God wants for me and what I might want for me. This is a tough one… hugs for you my friend!

  • Janee White

    What am I struggling to understand in my life?

    I struggle with the 'why's'? Why can't it be 'my' time? (Pride)
    When? When will it be what I want? (Ungratefulness)

    So, I am struggling with pride and ungratefulness. Then I realized this:

    I am the one standing in between who I am & who I am called to be!

    If I could just see the gifts and blessings around me, I wouldn't look at someone else's lot to compare.
    If I could appreciate how far I have come, I might be able to move to the next destination.

    Lord, forgive me…..forgive me for my unselfishness, laziness and complacency. Move my heart Lord, in Your direction, for Your purpose, for Your Glory. May I never find myself stuck here again.

    • Barbara

      Wow! I could have written this myself! Thank you for sharing.

    • Alle

      Oh, Janee — I struggle with that, too and when you put the "sin names" on it, oof. It hits home that these are the heart issues that must be addressed if I am ever to overcome and be an effective warrior in His Kingdom.

  • Whew! Day 2! And God has really been speaking to me through this study! I couldn't help but burst into tears! I was so overwhelmed by God's love!

    I saw myself in King Nebuchadnezzar before. When I lost my first pregnancy, I immediately wanted answers from God. Why Lord? After almost 3 years of waiting to conceive? Have I not been obedient? All sorts of questions, I wanted instant answers and explanations… until now, I still don't understand why He has not given me what I have been praying for for the longest time, still don't know the answers, but I am waiting… God gave me a new heart, and a new love for Him! He gave me more than what I have been praying for in this season of waiting — Himself!

    The last part hit me the most… HE WAITS WITH ME! I am not alone! Oh how He has been patiently waiting while I was rushing Him for answers! He waited when I was so stubborn! He waited when I was so busy loving other things, loving my sins, loving the world! He waited for me to understand His GREAT LOVE for me! It may take a lifetime for me to fully understand His way, His love, His Grace and mercy… but He will patiently wait!

    Thank you SRT! Thank you Sarah for this beautiful devotion! God bless us all today sisters! :)

    PS: The song **Through it All** by Hillsong spoke to me in a much deeper level today!

    • Sarah

      I am so glad the Lord spoke to you today. Thank YOU!

    • ang

      i recently read Resurrection Year…some of what you mention in these comments reminds me of things I spent time reflecting on while reading that book and found it helpful in not being alone in really wrestling with circumstances that don't make sense and developing a new heart:)

  • Good morning SRT! Wow day 2 of fasting and studying Daniel and I hear God speaking to me through a megaphone. We must trust and obey and a major part of that is to be patient in the Lord. Daniel did not have super power, he had super Faith and God blessed his obedience.

    Let’s TRUST today sisters- those fasting do not be weary and take the moments of hunger as other times to pray to God…may each of you be blessed today!

    Thank you SRT.

    • amber

      Teresa, please don't think I am crazy, but I have some questions if you don't mind?! Fasting has recently been laid on my heart and although of course I know the definition of fasting, I am wondering how it looks lived out, today. When you say 2 days of fasting, does that actually mean 48 hours of absolutely nothing to eat or drink? Can you tell me more about how you fast?

      • ang

        i have not started to fast with this study, but was thinking of doing so. my church does a daniel fast together once a year and this is one link they provided with info http://www.wikihow.com/Do-a-Daniel-Fast
        we have done 5-7 days together this way, and some folks continued…and during those days we also had specific prayer time as a community each day. it has been very restorative whenever i have done it. and as far as eating goes, you DO eat:) fruits, veg, nuts, seeds, some whole grains – but cut out processed foods, meats, dairy, caffeine.

  • What struck me were verses 17 & 18. Daniel called his friends together to pray while Daniel was also praying. How many times do I struggle alone instead of asking others to pray for me?

    • Valanne

      Bingo Twila. Daniel immediately went to his closest confidants. He had complete faith that they would be his prayer warriors. I desire to have this group to run to.

      • Valanne

        ^Should have said, I desire to have such a group to run to. It's still being built. Waiting on God to help me build this little prayer warrior group.

    • ann

      I noticed that, too! we need to reach out to other believers more often.

    • Sharitza

      That was the same verse that stuck out to me as well. I have heard time and time again that the relationship with God is personal but not private. This is something I need to work on as well.

  • I’m one to initially read things like this and stand behind the walls of “there’s nothing in today’s devo for me” but today I desperately want to see myself in it. These past few days I have been going through some sort of dryness and lack of zeal in my spiritual life, I’ve been jealous with every fibre of my being for you girls that can be at Influence Conf. I have been depressed because I can’t even start a fundraiser on my blog to get me to Influence next year because Paypal did not list my country as one it can be used it. And because of this, I can’t join the network either

    And I’ve been discouraged because evn if I saved from this time till September 2014 it wouldn’t be enough.

    Coupled with all of this, I’ve felt horrible because I’m bothered about this when people have REAL problems that they face everyday. And that just makes me sink faster into depression. I don’t know what to pray so I just cry. I guess I need a lot of soul searching to do about why this got to me so much. Prayers are welcome with open arms

    • amykelly213

      Prayers, Ibukun! Your honesty is beautiful!! I've been there (although with different circumstances), and I know God will see you through.

      • Ibukun

        Thank you, Amy! I felt so prayed over on my way to work today. You mean a lot to me, sister. Thank you!

    • Misce

      Prayed for you today Ibukun! I guess every Christian does struggle with spiritual dryness from time to time… Let's just trust in the Lord's perfect plan and will. He will be the One who will restore us. :)

    • Lakeisha Bing

      Praying for you Ibukun, so many times I've gone through this very thing but one thing we all know, it always works together for our good! Just like today's verse says. Your honesty is refreshing and your prayers are being heard!

    • jesusgirl71

      Oh Ibukin! I am so right with you here! i don't have the money for that kind of thing, nor do I feel comfortable, even if I did, as a blind person going to a strange place all on my own and a strange hotel and even if all of you offered a bunch of help, hwich I'm sure you would, I don't know any of you. so I can't make it either. And I am so trying to find something in today for me, but I am having trouble too. And I want to as well.

      • Ibukun

        I guess we are both having one of those days. Just knowing that you understand is comforting for me. *hug*

    • Erin Nausin

      So thankful for you today Ibukun. Your vulnerability and honesty is so needed in community. We need to be open with each other to witness how the Spirit works in and through us. You are a true light, whatever your circumstances, and any kind of worry or problem is never too silly or small to bring to the feet of Christ. He's a good listener and rest for your soul.

      • Ibukun

        Oh sweet, Erin. Thank YOU and all the women on here that allow me to be vulnerable with them.

    • Candacejo

      Ibukun if I had the money I would fly you up here and you could stay at my house! Even though I'm going to be on a missions trip during the conference, I only live an hour away…

      But friend of mine, God knows your heart and He cares about the things we care about! And even though you may not get all of the answers to your problems, or the "wants", you may find if you ask Him what it is HIS plan is for you at this time in your life, (which I know you will), He will reveal to you a bigger plan than any conference, a bigger influence in YOUR community, YOUR world.

      He may need you to be where you are NOW for a reason that you cannot see…

      I am sure these are not the words you were looking for :) we have all been there….but we are praying for you sweet friend. Paying God will encourage you and give you a new ministry that will rock your world!


      • Ibukun

        Amen! Thank you, Candace. I do know that nothing escapes Him but I really really REALLY wish this could happen for me. But He knows exactly what He's doing (even when I cannot for the life of me understand it). Praying for grace to just REST in that. It's difficult for me

    • cecilycharles

      This gets me through when I can do nothing but cry, I hope it helps you too!! Psalm 56:8 with a cool visual
      –> http://pinterest.com/pin/287737863665650843/

    • Beverly

      Sending prayers your way, Ibukun! Your gentle, open heart inspires me.

    • amber

      I can hear you sister, I can feel your hurt. I had recently planned on attending a Beth Moore, Living Proof conference. About 48 hours before leaving I became extremely ill and while still sick had a major demon rear its head in my family. I cried for days, not understanding how it could possibly be God's will for me to miss out on such a wonderful opportunity to grow my faith. However, while at home, some much needed healing took place in my body and in my family. I still wish I could have experienced that gathering of Christian women, but I am trying to stay present in the moment of what God is currently doing. I believe when the time is right, I will be fully present for the conference that is right for me. I pray peace, wisdom, and rest for your weary soul over you this moment!

      • Ibukun

        Thank you for sharing this, amber! It made me feel a lot better and encouraged to hear that. Thank you for praying over me, friend!

  • Autumn Dawn Leader

    Beverly, I’m praying for your job interview, that God would give you favour like He did Daniel; that you would walk in peace, wisdom and grace and if this is the job for you, you’ll get it, but if God has something better, it will be revealed to you, for He is working on your behalf.

    Very encouraged by your testimony, and today’s devotion.


    • Beverly

      Thanks so much for your encouragement, Autumn! Resting in His peace and trusting in His will are where I am camping out these days. :)

  • Autumn Dawn Leader

    Rest for my weary soul: just what I need.

  • Ladies, I am on the cusp of gaining understanding about circumstances in my life. Just over a year ago, my Husband and I moved to a new city where we knew no one. Battling loneliness, being jobless, and feeling disconnected in this new culture – I struggled (and still do at times) with disappointment, hurt, and rejection. I could not understand WHY God was not orchestrating the details in my life and giving me good things as He had done before this time.

    As I look back, I can see God was breaking me so that He could restore me. He wanted to give me a new heart. All of my brokenness has brought me closer to Him. I wish I could say that this year was peaceful, and I meditated and prayed on God's word with 100% faith. But that would not be true. The waiting is hard. Having patience is tough especially when things you desire in your heart do not seem to be coming about.

    My redemption story in this season is in the process of unfolding. As of recent, a new Young Adults group was formed at our church (yay, new friend opportunity!) AND I have a job interview on Thursday with the organization I have been waiting (with hope though small at times…) to work for! But I think through it all – learning to trust His will and to desire to do good for Him (not myself) and to be grateful for ALL good (no matter how big or small) that He places in my life – are the greatest lessons.

    My mantra these days: Take heart, His timing is perfect and His grace IS sufficient.

    • Beverly

      In addition… would appreciate your prayers for the job interview. :)

    • Melinda

      Beverly, i can so relate to what you wrote this morning. Just over two years ago we also moved to a new city and our experience has been much the same, one of loneliness and seeming like God was not providing very real needs (though we did have jobs as that is what brought us to this place.). Ihave come to similar conclusions as to His purposes in all this. I really feel that God has used this time to cause me to truly grow up. Thankfulness in all things has also been one of my big lessons in this season. Anyhow, thanks for sharing your story, it is always comforting to know we are growing together with others. I will pray this interview goes well.

      • Beverly

        Thanks, Melinda. I feel the same way, and it is comforting to know that we are not alone in our struggles. God is good. :)

    • Misce

      Praying for you today Beverly! :)

    • colleen

      Beverly, I am praying for you this morning!

    • Lakeisha Bing

      Praying for you Beverly! And your mantra blessed me today I had to write it down and I will meditate on it today!

    • Sarah

      Beautiful, Beverly. Adding you to my prayers as well.

    • Sammybeth88

      Feeling like a kindred sister right now Beverly. I just recently moved from North Carolina to Minnesota and though I was blessed with a job, I'm struggling with loneliness and disconnection. I know God will get me through this; it's been an extremely emotional time for me with tears shed almost daily, even for unexplainable reasons. I know God is my strength and in my weakness he is strong.

      • Beverly

        Yes, I feel that way too. Thanks for sharing. It's a comfort to know we each go through similar struggles. I agree, God is strong and He is enough always. :)

    • Stephanie

      Hi Bev, I can relate to what you're going through. The only way I got through these struggles were by reading HIs Word everyday and thanking Him for the little things I have. It definitely takes patience to get through this, but reading the bible kept me in a calm state the entire time I was waiting for a good change. Also, I will be praying for you!

      • Beverly

        Thanks for a wonderful reminder to get in my the Bible more! His Truth, path, and plan prevail always. I also appreciate your prayers!

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