You have influence.


Friends, I believe a drumroll is in order. But alas, we are a sans-sound-effects blog so you’re going to have to use your imagination. Are you ready? . . .

She Reads Truth is going to Influence! 

And boy, are we excited. [insert happy dance here]

The Influence Conference is a gathering of women with one simple goal: to make much of Jesus and the gospel through our gifts, our work, our influence, our everyday. The Influence Conference site describes its purpose this way:

If you’ve ever wondered how or why the Lord was going to use you in your home, work, community, or online – Influence is a fantastic place to connect and learn. We believe that God has given you influence right where you are, for one purpose: to make much of Him. At Influence we’re going to dig into the common thread that connects of all of us – the Good News. We plan on doing a little teaching, talking, sharing, and celebrating concerning the ways He might want to use you on the individual platforms He’s given.

Equipping women with encouragement and resources to make their online lives mean something? Check.

Fantastic speakers ready to impart their wisdom on matters of both life and strategy? Yep.

An amazing community of women to talk, learn, laugh, pray, dream, grow and worship with? YES.

An ongoing community that remains vibrant long after the event is over? Right again. (The Influence Network online community is growing by leaps and bounds!)

A refreshing, inspiring, uplifting and FUN way to spend 2-3 days? Absolutely.


And you guys, it doesn’t stop there. The conference is wonderful in itself, but here is the kicker for me – We get to meet each other! A part of the SheReadsTruth community will come to real-life that September weekend in Indianapolis, and I am positively giddy at the thought.

How would you like to roll out of your (posh hotel) bed, meet one another face to face, and read Truth together – really together! – coffee in hand and sleepy smiles on our faces? In addition to at least one (maybe two!) morning devotionals, we will have an evening meetup where we can just hang out together, get to know each other, get a sneak peak at the SRT plans for fall and maybe even dream up ideas for winter.

Did I mention we plan to preview some SheReadsTruth merch that weekend as well? It’s true.

Will you join us? Oh, how we would love to see you. 

The 2013 Influence Conference will take place September 26-28, at the Westin Hotel in Indianapolis. You can find more information on the conference location here, the speaker lineup here, and tickets here.

And if you’re wondering if you’ll fit in, let me spare you the angst and go ahead and tell you the answer is yes. Artists and businesswomen, extroverts and introverts, online newbies and online ninjas – you are welcome and you are wanted. As author and speaker Emily Freeman said in her session at last year’s conference, “Show up and be who you already are.”

Yes. Let’s do that. 


PS: Be on the lookout tomorrow (Wednesday) for a super important SRT survey. We want your feedback! Stay tuned.


  • This is what will happened if you would have to take part. It will be something that we would not be able to think off rather than fight for a much amazing change. I hope that such things will improve for a greater change yet to come.

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  • Kevin Right

    Give our gift wondered newness is our destiny as we all are birthed gifted by the God. Thank you for your inspiring post. It is wonderful.

  • ecenockson

    Can't wait..see you all bright an early!!

  • I so love to meet all of you… Sadly i live in the Philippines. If God permits. Next year! I hope i could save so I could meet you all. Please pray for me. Thank you.

  • Sybil Brun

    Morning devos and evening meet-up sounds so dreamy-wonderful! Will there be updates later with details? I'll be there and so looking forward to it!

  • this just made my day!!

  • This sounds amazing! I'm praying about coming to the conference and asking God gives me a clear answer! It would definitely be a leap of faith, but it may be just what I need.

    • Amanda Williams

      That's wonderful, Andrea. Let us know if you have any questions, need help locating roomies, etc. Just email us at the hello {at} shereadstruth {dot} com address and we'll help you as best we can!

  • Amanda, I just want to cry so hard cos I can’t make it :( as you probably already know, I live in Nigeria. I’m off to buy a piggy bank for next year’s conference (or the year after)

    Praying the conference goes well!

    • Amanda Williams

      Sweet Ibukun, whether we meet on this or the other side of glory, there is a big hug waiting for you from me!! You'll be missed at the conference! xo

  • Meg McIlvaine

    this is so so exciting!! i just learned about the influence network and conference this year and i wish i could attend! i'm hoping for next year :) praying the Lord blesses your time there and your interactions with all the other precious hearts who will be attending.

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