Women in the Bible III: Day

Abigail: speaking words of life


Today's Text: 1 Samuel 25:2-44, Proverbs 15:1-4

Text: 1 Samuel 25:2-44, Proverbs 15:1-4

“Words that do not give the light of Christ increase the Darkness.”—Mother Teresa

As we’ve studied the Women in the Bible so far, we’ve all been struck with the characteristics we see in these anointed women (and perhaps even more so, those characteristics we ourselves lack).

Love and honor–for themselves, for others and for the Father.

But when we study each of these women, we must be mindful of where her strength comes from. Where her wisdom comes from. Who is guiding her actions, shaping her heart and in some instances, even forming her words.

Nowhere is this more evident than in the story of Abigail.

Abigail was gifted with beauty and intelligence, but had the misfortune of having a fool for a husband, the surly and mean Nabal (1 Samuel 25: 3). His foolishness, anger and impulsivity, left Abigail scrambling to try to prevent disaster on her household at the hands of David and his men.

Yet, when Abigail became a vessel of Truth for David and allowed God to use her to speak to David’s heart, David was able to see the life and potential in the situation. David was able to be the man that God was calling Him to be. Abigail was key, in her humble, honest and life-giving words, to preventing destruction and aiding His will (1 Samuel 25:34).

And the same will be asked of us.

Who are we being called to speak life to? What situations could we respond to with anger rather than fostering a gentle tongue? (Proverbs 15 1:-4) Who would we like to shy away from in defeat, cower from in fear or allow to walk right past us without providing His direction?

Sisters, we’ve got to get out of our own way. We are created to be vessels to serve, to speak Truth, to see others the way Christ sees them.  Like Abigail, and all the other amazing women we’ve studied thus far, He can use us in helping our husbands, our children, our family, our friends, our neighbors and our brothers and sisters in Christ become all they are called to be.

Praise be to the Lord who guides our actions, shapes our hearts and in some instances, even forms our words.

  • Candacejo

    Praying with you friend. God is surely able!

  • Inneedofprayer

    Talk about a timely message! I request the prayers of everyone that reads this. I had an employee of mines quit today, and not under the best terms. In short there were some performance issues that I'd been trying to work through with her. Every time I'd correct something she'd either continue doing the same thing or she'd begin messing up in another area so in having to speak to her so often, it made it seem like I was attacking her or at the least she's been able to convince herself that's what I was doing, not seeking to work with her to avoid terminating her job.

    She's into Satanism to some degree, what degree I do not know but any degree is plenty and she also recently shared with me the fact that she suffers from depression. I believe Satan is ultimately attacking me via her, when she shared the fact that she suffered from depression I prayed with her and didn't give a full out gospel message but essentially let her know Satan wants to destroy her, Jesus wants to save her. And I believe it's for that reason that she feels as if I was personally attacking her not because that's what actually happened. She believes that everything I've said to her has been personal and I have something personal against her.

    The good thing is when she told me about her depression I went up to have a discussion with our HR department. Letting them know the situation and the issues I'd been having and asking if there is anything I need to do that's different now that that's a factor. HR told me no and based on what I'd shared with them, she could be terminated at any time. I still wanted to work with her because it was of benefit to her to stay at our place of employment for various reasons. In working with her and not having success, I had a few less than patient moments in the way I responded to her which is why I say this is timely, because my lack of patience is allowing her to have something to use against me. Where she was wrong is still evident and I never called her out her name or anything of the sort but I could have spoken more patiently and this is in email form. I don't know if she'll go so far as to try to sue the company but she had a discussion with our HR department and although they said they didn't read the emails she'd shown them, only printed copies, they're going to pay her for the period of time that she'd planned on resigining and also asked her if things could be patched up would she come back? Not very wise considering this is a person that should have been fired and is possibly trying to sue the company it essentially makes it look as if I indeed was the problem and they want to quiet her as much as possible vs. using the facts and presenting them in event something were to surface.

    Sorry so long I ask for prayer in various areas, as a supervisor I pray to be able to handle these type of difficult situations, always with grace and using wisdom to know when some positions simply need to be terminated and given limited changes. I'm still praying for her salvation, I ask that everyone prays with me in that respect as well and that the holds Satan has on her will be destroyed, and that just overall this evil will not be successful. I'm confident that no weapon that's formed against me shall prosper. I pray that my place of employment doesn't face any lawsuits and that they'd use wisdom in handling the situation as well.

    Thank you all God is faithful regardless of this situation or any other dart Satan tries to throw to God's people. I won't lie this is hard but I can't help to rejoice for this attack because if I didn't face one after speaking with her about Jesus then I'd have a problem!:)

    I'm don't want to mention names, not even my own due to the nature of this situation but God knows and He will here you so I thank you all for praying with me!
    Grace and peace everyone!!

  • Carolynmimi

    I have loved Abigail since the first time I discovered her in scripture. I even have a granddaughter named Abigail and I can point her to this story in the Bible. Abigail was everything her husband, the fool, wasn't, smart, kind, courageous, and quick witted and yet she found a way to remain faithful to him with all his bravado and foolishness, did not scream like a fish wife once, and save him and the whole community from the wrath of David. She also saved David from drawing innocent blood. Her communication with David is one of the few we have in scripture between David and a woman and he recognized the truth in her words backed up by her deeds.

    That Nabal stroked out and died a week later after learning what had almost happened to him and everything he had at the hands of David and his men, just shows that God has a way of working things out. Just had to throw that in.

  • What a call to action! I love how Abigail does not hesitate, but just acts on what is right and good. This is something I find so hard to do as I stumble over my own fears and insecurities.

    A year ago this week my Husband and I made a bold move away from all of our family and friends. It has been such a difficult change and adjustment to a new culture, which to be honest is not my favorite. For this past year I have been fighting myself and battling through disappointment after disappointment. I am learning though how much this time has prepared me and strengthened my trust in God – that He is in control and has been in control the whole time. I am finally ready to take action – I have been unemployed for the year – and make something happen. To get back up and keep going even when I fall. Please pray for me. I am terrified of being hurt and rejected all over again. But God is bigger, His plan is greater.

    I have to get out of my own way, to make room for Him to work and to take care of my family.

  • This was the cry of my heart upon waking this morning. Lord, let my actions and words represent You well today.

    I have really struggled with feeling frustrated and overwhelmed this week. It all started with a challenging doctor's appointment. Being discouraged can set me right off. My brain has a hard time switching gears when I get into a mood-rut. I know all too well how chippy my words have sounded coming out my mouth with my family…and even with strangers.

    And then I read today's scripture…perfect timing. And such a perfect quote from Mother Teresa. It stung me. In a good way.

    God, You've got my attention now and I'm listening. Let me use the influence you have entrusted me with in my home and in my community. Help me to speak words of life to all the people I come in contact with for Your glory. In Jesus's name. Amen.

  • In all the years I've been reading the Bible, I have never read this story for some reason. I absolutely love it and am shocked that I haven't heard anything about Abigail up to this point. What an incredible woman! She definitely let God lead her and speak through her in this situation. And because of her obedience, God definitely turned this situation from evil to good. I pray that I would get out of the way and let God lead me and speak through me in every situation in my life!

  • mamajudes

    I am in my own way all the time. Help me Lord.

  • Father, forgive me for trying to follow my own will in my daily situations! I am SO guilty of getting in the way and letting my personal emotions towards others affect how I love and treat them. Going through Matthew, I'm at the point where Jesus is being crucified, and everyone who sees him hurls insults at him and challenges him to prove that He is truly the Son of God by saving himself… Jesus was not called to "prove" himself to anyone, and he didn't. Rather, He just simply did the will of God, which was to be crucified for the sins of many, regardless of who was hurting him. Both of these stories have shown me that I have been in definite wrongdoing by complaining and getting frustrated with God because of social conflict. Lord, I am a sheep for the slaughter! I am YOUR bride, YOUR servant, and YOUR follower. Forgive me for trying to act as if I am my own!!! Today, Lord, let me be an Abigail- help me to be Your vessel for truth, love, and servitude towards everyone- especially those in my life that are hardest to love and bless.
    "Who are we being called to speak life to? What situations could we respond to with anger rather than fostering a gentle tongue? (Proverbs 15 1:-4) Who would we like to shy away from in defeat, cower from in fear or allow to walk right past us without providing His direction?
    Sisters, we’ve got to get out of our own way. We are created to be vessels to serve, to speak Truth, to see others the way Christ sees them." Lord, I know who I'm called to speak life to in my daily words and decisions. Father, let Your Words for me mine, today! Guide them and form them for the perfect timing and to please your perfect will.

    • Tracie

      Thank you so much for sharing this – it really spoke to my heart today. I have never really thought about it in light of Jesus not "proving" Himself to anyone, but rather doing what He was called to do. That is really powerful.

  • Nicole Roswarski

    I pulled out my copy of Women of the bible and re-read Abigail. Wow….some great things. Without a word to her husband, she acted and did the right thing..notice she didn’t tell him what an idiot he was or scream and yell at him before she left, but rather quietly obeyed before The Lord. Then with honest truth informed her husband in the morning as to not “go behind his back” She also spoke to David..”let the blame be on me alone” and took responsibility! What an honorable example of submission, wisdom and obedience. WOTB also states that Abigail rose above her circumstances to change the course of events; perhaps her virtues were not inborn, but developed in the midst of a difficult marriage. Or perhaps her marriage was actually the catalyst for her character! Amen..being a woman who has been in this exact same situation and is now married to my David, this is such great advice. Ladies, always in every circumstances..react in a way that is honorable for your relationship with The Lord and how it pleases him, regardless of the other person involved. Ahh, just loved this today! Thank you lord for the character you instilled in me and THANK YOU for my David. :)

  • jesusgirl71

    Continued… Then, too, she was happy to become David's wife! Sure, David was a great man of god, and I can see why it would be an honor to be his wife, but then, to be a second wife? to not be the only one? I don't know about you, sisters, but I'd be like no thank you! sure, this was the culture of the day; I understand this, but still, us women do have that inner desire to be the only one, to be loved and cherished as the one and only. Such humility! god has been speaking humility to me in all my devotions today! Lord, help me with this trait of humility. it is so needed!

  • jesusgirl71

    Sisters, we’ve got to get out of our own way. We are created to be vessels to serve, to speak Truth, to see others the way Christ sees them. Like Abigail, and all the other amazing women we’ve studied thus far, He can use us in helping our husbands, our children, our family, our friends, our neighbors and our brothers and sisters in Christ become all they are called to be.

    the first thing I need to say here is I have sat there and thought to myself, "man, I wish my husband wasn't so short-tempered." but I cannot say that he is so hsort-tempered that I can't talk to him. Usually, even if I can't talk to him in that moment, a few moments later, he will come down enough and I can takl to him. to not be able to talk to him at all? Well, it just makes me appreciate him more after really seeing what Abbigail had to put up with.

  • What an eye-opener! I pray for the Lord to use me, use me, but I really need to get out of my own way!

  • Candacejo

    Love this!! Abigail was brave, to be sure. She did what needed to be done to save her household in spite of her "spiteful" husband! I pray I can have the courage to speak out life-giving words where needed and be bold enough to make a difference!

    I wrote about Abigail just a few weeks ago and the Sure House that the Lord was building for her both at the present and in her future. http://www.hopeinthehealing.com/2013/06/13/a-sure

  • Lord, guide me, shape me, form my words.. and let them be life-giving words. Use me to help my husband and children, and everyone I meet… for Your glory.

  • “Sisters, we’ve got to get out of our own way. We are created to be vessels to serve, to speak Truth, to see others the way Christ sees them.” Thank you for this reminder!!

    LORD, forgive me when I intrude and try to take over. Use me! Fill me! May I be your vessel today and every day!!!

  • I am currently reading Greg Laurie’s marriage connection daily devo book. He has Abagail’s story in this book. As a married woman I think of her everyday. How can I help my husband do and say the right thing? How can I seve my family the way God wants me to serve it? How can I lift up my husband in the eyes of my children so that we are proud of his accomplishments as a family?

    Greg also puts this passage in Ana’s perspective. A man should be the head of his home as Christ is the head of the church. He is under and in authority. Therefore one of the best ways any one of us can make the best decisions possible is to seek wise council. In a marriage perspective, the husband should be able to seek council in his Godly wife!

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