Women in the Bible I: Day

Sarai: love says “yes”


Text:  Genesis 11:29-31; Genesis 12:1-9

Sarai. Unspeakable beauty. Wife of Abraham. Obedient servant. Restless waiter and muddler of His plans. Living proof of God’s redemption, His sovereignty and His working of miracles. Join us as we learn from Sarai/Sarah for the next three days. Let’s open His word and our hearts as her story teaches us that, through faith and patience, we too can discover that all things are possible with the Lord.

I hate to say it, but I think I’d have questions.

That is, if my husband came up to me, one day thirty years from now and said, “Hey. I know we’re in our golden years. I know your heart has a hole in it because we have never had children. I know we are settled in this country and my father’s household. I know.”

But there’s this: God told me we are supposed to leave. We’re supposed to walk away from our life. We’re supposed to pack up everything we own, all of our possessions and our people, and we’re supposed to go.”

As he kept talking, I’m afraid my brow would furrow.

“And Sar? The Lord said something else. He’s going to bless us. He’s going to make me the father of a great nation. He’s going to give us a child.”

Then? I’d probably come unglued. Unglued on my husband and unglued on God.

Really? You think this is a good plan? Did it dawn on you that I’m an old woman? Did you just forget that we have a comfortable life here? Did it slip your mind that it’s not even physically possible for me to have children?”

But Sarai didn’t have questions. She didn’t furrow her brow. She didn’t come unglued.

She simply obeyed.

She simply said, “Yes.”

Lord, help us put our doubt aside, to answer your call no matter the questions we may have.  May we make obedience our first priority and submit to Your plan and rest in Your faithfulness.  Out of the greatest and deepest of loves, let us say “yes” today.

  • this lesson ministered to me because I am about to leave my comfort zone and move to SC. Never thought I would move there. After nearly 3 years of caring for my mom, I find myself with no place to go. The Lord used my aunt & uncle to offer me a chance to start anew. It’s a very small town but if this is where God wants me, there will be a job and an affordable place for me to live!

  • Our_garden

    Maravilhoso estudo de hoje, estou me sentindo renovada para obedecer e ter mais fé nos planos que Ele tem pra minha vida, e pra vida de todas vocês! O amor de Deus não falha jamais :)) Deus abençoe a todas!

  • Shashina Brooks

    Sarai agreed to go with Abram with no questions to a land that God provided for them. In addition, God promised that Abram would be the father of many nations so in a sense she would be the mother of many nations. Sarai was surrounded by corrupt individuals who worshipped many idols, but God promised a change & an answer to her most deepest desire. God picked her & her husband! Who would say no to that?

  • Thank you Keliah for your response. Your words ministered to the core of my being. My disobedience, delays my blessings. My family has missed out on so much because I’ve refused to keep a YES in my spirit. Striving this year to be obedient to the Holy Spirit.

  • Cozette Davis

    Sarai followed God’s directions with questions just as you have said in your introduction for todays reading. She did not give an immediate ok to having a baby at the age of 90; in fact she laughed at the thought. I know I would laugh to, I laughed at the thought of having a baby at age 40. Her role in Scripture is important to us as women and is indeed worthy of study and discusion. She was used by God along with her husband. Thank you for your sharing of women’s roles in the Bible.

  • Candacejo, you are not the only “grandma” on the SRT train! Got you beat by over !0 years! I so enjoy reading all the comments on here. My body may be getting old but my mind thinks i’m still young. I too still struggle with obedience. God has gifted my husband of 37 years with a HUGE amount of patience! I’m still learning from God’s Word, & i pray that never stops.

  • Horoella

    I'm going to practice saying yes in this situation

  • Shakira Nicole

    I am now doing this devotional…only on day 3 and I've already been blessed!!!!

  • Reading Sarah's story made me realize how much I doubt God and fail to put my faith in Him above all things. She was such a brave and faithful woman and I pray that we can all follow her example. Another thing that stood out to me was how Abraham continued to show gratitude to God by building altars throughout their journey. This reminded me that even when it seems like God is leading us on a wild goose chase, He does have a purpose and we should trust Him and give Him gratitude for the blessings to come!

  • DonnaMarie Murray


    Abram told SaraI
    God said GO.
    She didn't hesitate
    didn't say no.
    I would have argued
    probably whined
    Abram are you out of your mind?
    I'm an old woman
    and you want me to leave
    not even knowing
    where God Will lead.
    But Sarai obeyed
    she passed that test
    and in the end
    she was truly blessed.
    Lord forgive my stubborn ways
    I want to follow, to just obey.
    so take your child by the hand
    lead me to your promised land.

  • Danielle

    I completely agree with what Sarah wrote. I am a little late in joining this discussion, and I have always enjoyed reading the She Reads Truth plans.

    I too didn’t want to say anything but the Sarah didn’t ask questions and just said yes also didn’t sit right with me. There are other passages which would support the thought of trusting God with immediate obedience. I don’t however feel this is one of those.

    In chapter 18 Sarah laughs at the idea of her having a child in her old age. I don’t think that was no questions asked. Sounds like she too struggled with what was being said to her husband, she probably laughed as it sounded crazy. Trusting God came after her initial reaction.
    This was also the woman who gave into what was culturally acceptable and had her servant sleep with her husband to provide a son. Not exactly no questions asked and blind faith.

    I think this text shows us more about Gods covenant with His people and the way He kept His promise in a way that would show they couldn’t have done it on their own.

  • After 8 years of teaching I have left the field to become a homemaker. When my husband first presented this to me I blew it off. Within a few weeks of that school year the Lord spoke to me. I finished my contract and sent in my resignation. This came right on time. I said ok God I am going to put my trust in you and put my cares at your feet. Working on being like Sarai. No questions ask, putting her faith in the Lord.

  • GigiBrown1

    Here's another spin on this….I am barren. I've just gone thru menopause, I'm only 49. The greatest longing of my heart is to have children. Were I still married and my husband came to me and told me the same things that Abram did…I would have lept for joy! A promise from God, spoken over me through my husband. I would have gone anywhere done anything! Of course, I would like to think that I wouldn't do the foolish thing that Sarah did later!

  • Wow. How in the world did she do that? I'm not married yet, but I have a pretty serious relationship and if he came to me one day and said, "The Lord is telling me we need to leave." I would freak! I would remind him of all the work I have already put into college and my career, I'd remind him that our familes lived here and our church home is here. I would not even think about the fact that GOD told him to pick up and move, to take me with him. This would be very hard for me if I were in her shoes.

  • LaurenC_

    Sarah has long been my Biblical hero for the amount of faith and patience she displayed throughout her life while waiting to become a mother. After reading this day's scripture and Sarah M.'s beautiful devotion, she is now also my hero for the willing obedience she demonstrated. After all that has happened in and to my family so far this year, followed up with some news I received this week, I know that I am being called to this same unwavering obedience. Lord, my earnest prayer is to make obedience my first priority, to submit to Your plan for me, and to rest in the confidence I have of Your faithfulness. You've given me a blessing this week to see just how much You truly are in control over my life and I will forever be grateful. Amen.

  • Reading all the posts today reminded me of a song that has encouraged me through many trying times. I pray it blesses you as much as it has blessed me. http://youtu.be/BQVmR0jV52A

  • elizabethfstewart

    I'd love to have insight into what was going on in Sarah's mind and heart. We know the happy ending of her story, but she sure didn't at the time. The fact is, God had her best interests at heart, even if she couldn't see it, and He has mine too, even when I can't see it. My part, like Sarah's is to trust and obey.

  • I guess sometimes I struggle with knowing I’m confident that I’m hearing from God; I even ask Him to remove things if its not from Him. I get the obedience part but how can one tell if it’s a human heart desire or REALLY from GOD? Please anyone reply because I’m confused with this! Thanks.

  • monique(forgiven)

    praise the lord sisters. saying yes in an unthinkable situation. I once heard that the safest place on earth is in the will of God. sometimes I may fear but because the Lord said so I will hesitantly do it. Lord help me(us) to be more like sarai and just say yes. the situation to us may look like a no but when the Lord says go then him I will follow. I have decided to follow Jesus I have decided to follow jesus no turning back,no turning back. though none go with me yet Ill still follow, no turning back no turning back. Blessings this evening ladies.

  • teawithsb

    I,too,struggled with the thought that Saraj said yes without argument or complaining. However, after reading a little further in the chapter I see that she trust Abram enough to follow his plan, even though it was wrong and stupid, to lie to Pharaoh in Egypt about their relationship. Later on, she also talked to Abram and discussed their future together (the suggestion about Hagar), I think Abram listened to her in her opinions about things. I struggle with encouraging my husband in something that I know God has called him to do. Unfortunately I look more like Job's wife than Sarai or Noah's wife (though they seemed a bit silent in the Bible). My discouragement and mistrust to my husband even though for a moment makes his walk with God more difficult because I become another obstacle. I pray that I can be the helpmate Eve was to Adam (the majority of the time) and the trusting wife Sarai seemed to be. Christ called us to take up our cross and follow him; after watching the Bible series, I am again reminded that the task is no simple one, but I know it is worth it.

  • I can’t help but think of the parallels of this Old Testament “yes” to Mary saying “yes” in the New Testament when told that she would be the mother of Christ. I think this is an important reminder of the great blessings that come from following the Lord’s plan for you… Where would we be today is Sarai or Mary had said no? Our purpose in Gods plan for the world may be much larger and effect more than just us!!

  • I am pondering all of the comments on faith and obedience… And wanted to share one thing. In my recent experience, the obedience doesn’t have one little bit of impact on the path I walk… It changes nothing as far as my circumstances are concerned. But it DOES change me inside. Instead of railing against my lot, and crying out in frequent frustration over what God has permitted in my life, when I chose to obey/submit to what had already been done in me/to me, the difference was HUGE.

    You see, I can in NO WAY change what God has ordained for me. He has a plan – a good one, for my benefit and for the advancement of His Kingdom. My obedience, or submission, to His plan allows me to GROW, and no amount of digging in my heels or stomping my feet will change what IS. But those negative responses to God’s plan, His commands and His Word only affect MY peace inside and my ability to grow and be useful as a Servant of the Master.

    I guess you could say that I had to learn the hard way… But the Victory is so much more sweet, given the years of resistance. Nothing has OUTWARDLY changed: I am still suffering greatly from a very painful and debilitating disability, I still have very few financial resources, I still struggle with trying to balance my pain levels with what NEEDS to be done… But INSIDE is where the fruit of my submission to The Lord makes the biggest difference.

    I decided to say ‘YES’ to The Lord; yes, I will endure this FOR YOU, JESUS. YES, I will cease fighting against what seems unfair – FOR YOU JESUS.

    I’m not perfect. I don’t have it all down. There are days when I want to say NO NO NO!! I DON’T WANT to suffer anymore!! But slowly, gently, He is changing my heart.. And all because of the times that I do say ‘YES’.

  • I like that line ‘rest in Your faithfulness’ that is so true and what we need to do. The road is paved for us and we don’t need to doubt or worry. My sister has been struggling with her career choice and the only thing I can do to try and help her is to just keep reassuring her that God holds her life in His hands and his plans far exceed anything she can imagine!

  • jesusgirl71

    I have a story that happened to me recently about obedience. i and my half-sister have had our issues. She’s done things to hurt me and I know I’ve done things to hurt her. She tried to add me to facebook sometime back, and I hid the request because well, she hurt me; she’s a basket case, I don’t need her in my life, etc. Sunday, at church, our pastor quoted the Scripture about having something against a sister ora brother. I knew he meant sister or or brother in Christ but God impressed uponme I needed to forgive my sister as well. I felt God tellingme to add her to facebook as a first step. Yes, God, I will do this. Then, later that day, I felt a nudge again. God, I’m tired. God, it’s going to be hard to find her. ButI did it. And I felt such peace! She hasn’t posted since I accepted it, but I did what god asked of me and felt so much peace after doing so. It always pays to obey.

    • eradical84 (EllenMR)

      That's great Jesusgirl71! I too, have a brother that has reached out to me after 14yrs of no contact. I'm still torn on this issue, and my sister does not speak to him either. He relayed a message to me thru my other brother, whom he has had some contact with these last few years (against our wishes, worried that Bro#1 would do something to Bro#2! Bro#1 has a loong history of this…)
      Anyways! I've been feeling that maybe I should take a tentative step in that direction. Imagine my surprise when Bro#2 said emphatically "NO! Don't do it!" Turns out Bro#1 has been up to his same old tricks, with Bro#2 now paying the price. The sad part of this is #1 ALWAYS had it out for #2 and treated him worse than ANY of us! Yet it was #2 who said "it's all in the past, let's just move forward…" and took #1 in when he lost all in his divorce. Helped #1 get a car, then get a place too. How awful! And I have NO IDEA what to do about reconciling or forgiveness… Time will tell, I guess. I'm glad it all went good for you Jesusgirl! Blessings Friend! Happy you followed those nudges! :)

      • jesusgirl71

        Will pray for you on this! Well, I feel peace but haven’t actually communicated with her yet so will see what happens then.

        • eradical84 (EllenMR)

          Thank You for praying!! I am so conflicted about this. I truly hope all will turn out well with your sister Jesusgirl!

  • I am concerned that today’s devotional doesn’t accurately refelct the larger context of Abram and Sarai’s story and God’s character in the chapters ahead. We can enter dangerous waters when we only read a tiny slice of the story and then make applications from that fragment. I see that many of us are sharing how we struggle to trust God’s radical plans…from what Genesis shares later about Sarai’s behavior, I think we are not alone in this struggle. I think the emphasis of this story about Abram and Sarai is on God’s faithfulness even when both characters were untrusting or tried to help God along with their own solutions. We can’t make Sarai out to be a saint, but we can see our own weaknesss reflected in her actions and find God’s grace and faithfulness to complete His plans despite our sin, as He does throughout this account. This is our hope and confidence–His faithfulness–His grace. Please also read Genesis 16:1-15, 17:15-22, & 18:9-15. Let’s be careful to place our emphasis on God’s character and to look at the larger context of the very human mistakes Sarai and Abram make…only in light of both do we see the power of God’s faithful plans for humankind.

    • rocknitat55

      Hi sarah I must say that I completely agree with you.
      Normally I post daily but since we have started this seris
      I’m not quiet sure where its going. For fear of sounding cynical and negative
      I am reading only.

      Thanks again for your comments

  • This is a Hard one for me – Submission. And yet it is a lesson I need to learn; to grow in faith and humility. I can never be a true believer or follower of Christ without submission.

    Yet, ironically, this is where the true blessing of God comes in. This is where we can actually gain the most knowledge and freedom. Submitting and really listening to the call of the Master Planner.

    Father God, may my heart and my eyes be only on you as I learn to submit daily to your plan for me. Amen.

  • Kendra H

    Everywhere I have looked recently I see the same theme…..a plan fully surrendered to God. Sarai had to surrender what she thought was the plan and let God move. Proverbs 19:21 says we make our own plans but its the plan of The Lord that will prevail. It's this same theme I see everywhere. Showing me I need to fully surrender to the plan of God and not make it happen by my own hand. Hmmm I've got some studying and praying to do!

  • Obeying w/o grumbling and complaining.

    Just a week ago, a pastor helped me see the gravity in grumbling and complaining.

    If God allows all things to come to pass that do,
    And if God never gives me more than I can bear,
    Then every grumble
    And every complaint
    Is a flat-out
    Against God.

  • Oh, how I could just linger in all my sister's comments today and pray blessing over all of you. Admittedly, I haven't been able to read through all of them yet, but I will! I just wanted to start out by letting you all know that you are such a blessing and are important to me and to this community. All of your voices are valuable and necessary.

    There are some of you we haven't heard from in a while, and some that we have never heard from. If you are one of those, I want you to know that you are so valuable to this community too, even if you are silently reading along and not quite ready to interact. You belong. <3

    I am looking forward to studying more about Sarai/Sarah. Some of the things she says "yes" to in scripture are mind-boggling to me. I'm pretty certain that God was tilling the soil of her heart in preparation of what was to come. Still, I wonder what sort of reasoning was going on behind the scenes, if any.

    Looking at a map of the length of their journey from Ur, to Shechem I am floored at how much travel was involved at a time when there were no modern vehicles around. Walking is a good quiet time for God to speak to us, right?

  • This is a true reminder of how, sometimes, we just need to say "yes" to that quiet voice in our hearts. I did that recently – a huge move for me – when I realized the voice in my heart was telling me it was time to find a new church home for my worshipping experience. That was a hard decision, but I am already seeing the rewards of saying "yes" to Him and moving forward!

  • YES I am thankful…YES…. I questions and have doubt…YES….I need to trust him more in all things…. YES I NEED YOU LORD!

  • Candacejo

    Just a couple of years ago, at the ripe age of 49, I was presented with an opportunity to give up everything I had ever known and go halfway around the world to a country in the former Soviet Union to help begin a new work there. My beloved husband wasn't even going to open his mouth because he knew the mountain of fears I faced, having never left this soil and many, many other "things". But before I knew what was happening I was the one who said "YES" and my life was forever changed.

    Please don't misunderstand! I am only telling you this to say when God is in it, it's a whole different ball game. If Sarah felt anything that day when things were presented to her as I felt, she couldn't help but spill out the words I did, "I'll go!"

    The presence of God was so thick in that restaurant that I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt God was not only IN IT but He was going to be with me every step of the way.

    He did not disappoint.

    So I see where Sarah was, if it was anything like my experience, God was THERE….so doubt was not a problem…..she could say "Yes" because Jehovah was going before her.

    We are in the States now because of health issues, or because it if His will, and I still have to trust Him for things I do not understand…maybe this is even harder. I gave up everything I had, sold my home and all of my furniture believing it was to be permanent.

    Now I am back here wondering what is this season in my life all about? But if He was BIG enough to take me halfway around the world and calm every fear I ever had, give us "babies" in Christ I never dreamed, then He is BIG enough to calm this storm and show us the next step.

    He isn't finished with us yet.

    Thank you ladies for your encouraging comments!

    • Melinda

      Thank you for sharing this testimony of how you followed both away and back again. Thanks too for sharing about the present. I am saying a prayer for you now for continued guidance and peace as you live in your present un expecyed circumstances.

      • Candacejo

        Thank you Melinda, much appreciated! God is always, always faithful. This too has a purpose!

    • JuneBug

      Oh, what a blessing you have been to this community and to me, dear friend! I am so thankful (a bit selfishly, I confess) for this season in your life that I have had the opportunity to "meet" you here in it. God is not finished with you yet! But you already know that. :)

      I pray it doesn't embarrass you, but encourages you when I say that you are a real example to me. Of grace, of compassion and of encouragement. Those "fruits" cannot be bought with earthly possessions, but are developed through (sometimes painful) experience as one lives trusting the Lord.

      Praying for you sister Nannette that you will always determine, like David Livingstone (19th century Scottish missionary), "Nothing earthly will make me give up my work in despair."

      Blessings and love!

      • Candacejo

        How sweet of you, I am truly humbled. You have blessed me more than you will ever know. I am surely the grandma on the SRT train, or at least feel like it. I do feel out of place sometimes, not that anyone here makes me feel that way AT ALL, just outnumbered. But I enjoy this group so much and get so much out of it I stay with it until they put an age limit on it! LOL!

        You didn't embarrass me at all, experience is a great teacher, that is one thing I am thankful for. I just hope I am learning what the Lord is trying to teach me. I loved your quote. Thank you so much.
        Love you too Junebug ♥

    • Ktowngirl

      What an encouraging testimony Candacejo! Thank you for sharing! It isn't over 'til it's over!! Isn't that great to know! More adventure is on the way, even if it is in your old digs.

      • Candacejo

        Thank you so much!! So thoughtful of you to say. I love that, it isn't over til it's over! Or it isn't over til the fat lady sings and I'm not ready to sing!! LOL! I am ready for adventure though. Blessings to you friend…

  • Faith and obedience. What's standing out to me over the last 3 days is that they go hand in hand. Obedience is the outworking of faith. Then what or who is my faith in? What and who am I believing? Where is my focus? Who am I listening to?

    I have been truly convicted this morning of my belief that God has not given me enough. For years i have believed that i am lacking in
    Who i am
    In the husband He gave me
    In the childreb he gave me
    In the parents and family he gave me
    In my life circumstances
    In physical posessions.

    I have believed that when it came to me God held back and didn't and hasn't given enough.
    I confess my unbelief.
    I change my focus and place it on Him.
    I place my hand in God's and let Him lead.
    I submit to the husband He gave me.

    God is enough. He has given me enough. Sara knew God was enough and what He gave was enough.

    Thank you for pointing us to Him!

    • jesusgirl71

      Faith and obedience go hand in hand! Wow! Never thought of that one before. i usually chastise myself for not always being obedient and don’t think about it being a faith problem. And I know that is something I struggle with. Thank you for this!

      • Jennifer

        I had the same thought as I read the comment. "Obedience is the outworking of faith". How often I think obedience is just an act of willpower, but it's rooted in faith, and is my expression of trust and faith in the Lord. Thank you for sharing your perspective!

    • Ktowngirl

      Thank you for sharing your heart Melinda! God is truly enough and His love is everlasting and abundant!

  • Graphics

    I have always thought that the Sarah that laughed when the "visitor" told her that she would have a child would probably have at least "discussed" this move with Abram. I think one of the reasons that God gave Adam a wife was to complete his life-to make it more fun. Isn't that what we do? In my marriage my husband depends on me to see things from a different angle, to challenge him, and to help him in decisions. I really don't think that Sarah was that much different. At the point at which the decision is made, even if I don't like the decision, that is when obedience enters. Just saying yes and yielding.

    Much Grace Ladies

  • We can’t miss the fact that Sarah had the benefit of a strong spiritual “head of household” in her family. Abram’s faith and obedience was most likely inspiring and comforting. I believe Sarah went willingly due to what she saw in her husband.
    I pray daily for my husband to be strong in his faith when I am weak in mine. Together we walk in obedience and build one another up. It is certainly a constant struggle because excuses are easy and temptations are many.

    • McKenna


      I know I am a day late, (better late than never!) but I also feel strongly about the comment you posted. I do not want to disregard the fact that we are called to be obedient to our husbands, but I greatly appreciate your daily prayer for your husband to have faith that moves mountains. I will pray for him and for you!

  • I can relate to your story Allison! I guess every Christian wife struggles in that area as well.. The enemy wants to steal these beautiful blessings that God has prepared for us and so he makes every possible way for us to delay our obedience to God through pride, selfishness, laziness etc.. Thank you to God's Supernatural Grace that is always available for us! Prayed for you just now :)

  • I was waiting for you ladies to start posting your comments because I am participating from the other side of the world so it's like 7pm here! :) Anyhow, here are some of my reflections from this beautiful devotion:

    ♥ How many times did I hear God's instructions through a still, small voice, and yet delayed my obedience? Every time I delay my obedience, I am also delaying God's blessings for me.

    ♥ How many times did I doubt my husband's decisions thinking that my ideas are better than his? Half-hearted obedience? Laziness? Disrespectful thoughts? — Not submitting and respecting my husband's decisions also cause hindrance to God's blessings because it is disobedience to my God-given role as a wife. (Ephesians 5:22-23)

    ♥ When God called me to be a full-time wife (just a few months ago), it was a struggle to obey due to my PRIDE. But by Faith, and GOD's GRACE, I am now starting to reap the blessings of my obedience which are: Joy, Peace, Stress-free life, Deeper Love and affection from my husband, and Deeper intimacy with God and Spiritual Growth… I know there's MORE TO COME in JESUS NAME! :)

    (I wrote a detailed story about my struggle in obedience and the blessings of it: http://steady-myheart.blogspot.com)

    • Allison

      I loved these insights, Keilah…especially "every time I delay by obedience, I am also delaying God's blessings for me." So true! I, too, am a new wife and struggle with submitting and respecting my husband's decisions above mine. I am a very independent woman and sometimes I like to make that known, despite what I know to be God's will that I obey and respect my husband, allowing him to be the head of the household. It's new, but I love the role and am looking forward to making small steps to show my husband that I honor and respect him as the Lord intended!

      • keilah

        I can relate to your story Allison! I guess every Christian wife struggles in that area as well.. The enemy wants to steal these beautiful blessings that God has prepared for us and so he makes every possible way for us to delay our obedience to God through pride, selfishness, laziness etc.. Thank you to God's Supernatural Grace that is always available for us! Prayed for you just now :)

    • Carolynmimi

      Loved reading your blog and your story. Thanks so much for sharing.

    • Ola

      Hi Keilah! I am also on the otherwise of the world and a stay at home wife and mother and yes Pride has a hold on me. I was so use to working and feeling like I contributed and now I feel lost outside of the mommy and wife roles.

      • keilah

        Hi Ola! I am happy to hear about my fellow Christian sisters who are also experiencing the same struggles that I experience. I just prayed for you right now, by God's grace I know that God will walk you through the process.. and don't let pride steal the beautiful blessings that He has prepared for you :)

    • Candacejo

      Your blog story was beautiful! I couldn't find the comment section on there so I will just tell you here! Proud of you for following the leading of The Lord! He will truly bless your marriage! We are getting ready to celebrate 34 years in a couple of weeks. I couldn't be happier with the one who treats me like a princess since I was 18, lol. Many blessings to you…

      • keilah

        Thank you for speaking the blessing to my marriage Candacejo, and for taking time to visit my blog.. I don't have a comment section since my husband still has not allowed me to put one in my blog (I have to submit to him to that decision), but please pray that he would allow me soon.. I really want to connect with more matured Christian women like you to guide me in my walk with the Lord.

        I am happy to hear about your marriage! Advance Happy Anniversary to you and your husband! May God continue to bless you as you obey Him! :)

        • jesusgirl71

          Well Keilah! I admire you! I really do! When it comes to computer stuff, if my husband tried to tell me not to have comments on my blog, I would not be submitting. I am not saying this to say you should not; in fact, quite the opposite. I am ashamed of this! There are some friends I hang out with on skype that he thinks are “silly” and beneath me in intelligence. Yet I continue to hang out with them and chalk it up to him being too picky and cynical. Your post makes me question my my response to this. I really need to pray about thi now. Yes, my husband is a godly man with a lot of wisdom. But he’s not perfect. So again, I need to pray.

    • JuneBug

      I can relate! I'm a little slow to obey God's call. Often it is because of fear of failure…and sometimes even fear of success. Oh yes, and PRIDE! But the joy and freedom flows from taking the risk (which is only a risk to ME) is so worth the blessing of following Jesus.

      Looking forward to reading your blog Keilah. I added it to my reading list so I can take it all in during some quiet time later today. Blessings sister!

      • keilah

        Thank you JuneBug! :) Visiting your blog right now as well :) Excited to learn from your posts :) God bless you too! :)

    • Dahlia

      Thank you for sharing your blog post!
      I'm not a wife, but I felt like you were right on.

      A phrase came to mind that I've heard before and won't ever forget:

      What is on the other side of your obedience?

      For you, it's clear that increased unity in your marriage was on the other side of your obedience.

      There is always something (or someone) on the other side of our obedience.

      Thanks again for sharing :)

    • Ktowngirl

      Thank you Keilah for your insightful words of encouragement! I am really moved by "every time I delay my obedience, I am also delaying God's blessings for me."

    • Amy

      Thank you for your comments and sharing your blog post!

  • Letting go of the furrowed brow, and saying yes. I need more of this in my life.

  • Vanderbilt Wife

    Am I showing my cynical nature if I say we can't really KNOW she just obeyed without arguing? Being a woman I find it hard to believe. Just because it's not there explicitly doesn't mean it didn't happen, right? I get the sentiment, but I am guessing Sarai didn't have a whole lot of choice in the matter given the times.

    Although God does give us glimpses into Sarai's own cynicism when she laughs after hearing she'll have a baby – so maybe it would have been included here, too, if she was skeptical.

    Or maybe I just have an overactive imagination.

    In any way, I definitely want to say YES.

    • Ruth Rouchard

      I feel I do try to obey and have followed Gods bigger plan, my issue is that I don’t do it joyfully. I struggle with the fear attached to the complete loss of control. Trust is at the core of Sarah’s heart I think, she trusted her husband. We need to trust God our heavenly husband that even through our flesh and blood husbands can make mistakes, He is the one who will ultimately protect us in His leading.

    • drkt

      I has the same sentiment, maybe it's my strong headed nature and my inability to just accept and obey. I think you have a wonderful point about God letting us know that Sarah didn't always just believe and go with what was going on (I.e. the whole pregnancy thing in her old age). That being said, even if she did initially question it, she ultimately obeyed, leaving her extended family (somewhat) to follow her husband with obedience. If I could only have some of her obedience…
      I think my take away is truly the attitude of her heart. She clearly got it and was living in rightness with God, with or without questioning the sudden uprooting of her life. I pray I get to that point.

    • Michele

      I was thinking the same thing. The Bible doesn't say she said yes. It says that Abram "took his wife". I think I like filling in the blanks with a woman who was a person. Who maybe grumbled, maybe wasn't sure of this plan, maybe questioned Abram but ultimatley went with Abram. Sometimes we have to work through our own attitudes before we can follow God's plan and I'd like to think that God is ok with that. After all, he created us!

    • Melinda

      I had this thought to. Thanks for bringing up this discussion.

      We don't know what those conversations looked like. From the future glimpse of Sara perhaps she did have her misgivings. Maybe she held them in. I like here though that whatever her feelings and thoughts were, she followed.

    • Valanne

      You are not alone in your thought. As I had this thought, I concluded, "it's just not important if she rebelled or complained (I don't need any encouragement in this behavior), the main point, that I'm to understand is the end result –she obeyed." Am I on track here?

    • Kimm

      I don't necessarily think you're being cynical. I think you're being thoughtful and realistic. After all, in this time in history, women didn't have a lot of freedom to make their own decisions. Your comment actually made me feel better about the fact that the verse that struck me was Gen. 12:5 where they left with "all the people they had aquired there." I know that there was slavery back then, but I was unsettled by this phrase. Do you think it was referring to slaves?

      Anyway, thanks for being a thoughtful believer. God bless. (:

      • eradical84 (EllenMR)

        I always wonder too, about the slavery in those days. I know throughout history whoever conquered would take captives and regularly bought/sold/traded those captives. I also know 1Peter 2:18 says "Submit yourselves to your masters with all respect, not only those who are good and considerate, but also those who are harsh." I just cannot imagine doing that! Especially to "harsh masters"! I guess it comes back to the whole submitting and obeying thing… and a way of life that I just don't understand! I often wonder about it being mentioned in the bible too that God would enslave these people or those people, so does that mean He condoned it, or it served a purpose?? Just wondering out loud about things I know NOTHING about (as usual!) and any thoughts my sisters may have on this?

    • jesusgirl71

      Vanderbilt Wife, I have thought the same thing. Glad I’m not the only one. I of course see the point in saying yes to God, but yes, I wondered if the times had something to do with it, or any discussion that took place just wasn’t included.

    • Prisoner of Hope

      I'm with you. I do not read evidence that Abram even told her what God had said. I suspect he just said, "Woman, pack your things. We're moving." And she did. It isn't until several chapters (and years) later that Sarai over hears Abrams conversation with the visitors that she learns of the full plot. And she responded with cynicism.

  • This summer I have been struggling to train up my sweet little ones in obedience. They simply will not obey, from wrestling to sneaking snacks out of the pantry to lying to my face. It has been frustrating. Everyday is full of tiny battles of the will. I find a parallel to my struggle and frustration. How I must remind the Father of a toddler and preschooler sometimes as I refuse to obey Him or muddle up His plans fixing things my own way. Small battles of will. I am thankful and blessed that He responds with much more love and patience than I do with my two boys. Why is obedience so hard sometimes? For me or my three year old? We both need to practice the simple yes of Sarai.

    • Kimm

      Carrie, as a mom of 20 &16 year old girls, I just want to encourage you to persevere and to keep God in the center of your life as you bring up these two precious children. With love and patience, God will use you to mold them into Godly men. I thank God for moms like you because you (and moms like you) are the reason my daughters will hopefully be able to find suitable husbands one day…who will continue the struggle to teach our gradchildren obedience! Lol!

      My point is, all parents go through this struggle. The reward for your perseverance will be well worth it one day. (:

  • Oh how I struggle with letting go of control and just saying yes. When I have, God has been so faithful and proven his ways are better than mine. I am a work in progress, trusting more and more every day. Looking forward to learning more from Sarah’s example.

  • Oh, how I have to work on this. Particularly now, when my significant other (who lives on the opposite coast as I do) and I are trying to figure out what we're supposed to be doing. Lord, let me hear your voice and say "yes". To whatever you may call me to do.

  • DrShanWalks

    Lord I am working on saying yes without all the questions.

  • Through faith and patience all things are possible to the Lord. Thank you for these words, Sarah; they spoke to my heart this morning. I am feeling so blessed by this study!

    May the grace of the Lord be with you today, sisters.

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