1 Peter: Day

A living hope


Today's Text: 1 Peter 1:3-12, Romans 8:16-17

Text: 1 Peter 1:3-12, Romans 8:16-17

“Life is uncertain.  Eat dessert first.” – Ernestine Ulmer

“In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” – Benjamin Franklin

They’re secular quotes, but there is a lot of truth to them. If you or I sat down to make a list of all of the sure bets in our lives – all the things that we absolutely, positively know will not change, it would likely be a short list. And it’s also likely that some of the things we listed aren’t as sure as we think they are.

In fact, if there’s one thing any one of our lives-to-date has taught us, it’s that life is fragile. Uncertain. Volatile.

Just about anything we do has some degree of risk to it. From our responsible efforts to plan for retirement, to starting the car in the morning, to assuming a positive pregnancy test promises a healthy newborn baby 9 months down the road – there’s no guarantee that any of those will have an expected, safe and sure outcome.

Maybe that’s why I love the language Peter uses in this passage so much. He knows life is uncertain (though I doubt he took that to mean that he should eat dessert first…). He talks with us about our inheritance (as believers, we are co-heirs with Christ according to Romans 8:16-17), using words like “imperishable,” “undefiled” and “unfading.”

It’s. Not. Going. Anywhere. But really.

This inheritance of “living hope” is more than wishful thinking. It’s different than hoping our team wins the championship or that the paint color we picked for the kitchen won’t dry too dark. Hope is a confident expectation of future blessing based on facts and promises. And that Peter refers to it as a “living hope” means that it is undying and permanent. It’s solid.

What is this future blessing we are confidently expecting? It’s salvation – complete and final future deliverance from sin and full enjoyment of eternal glory.

There’s no guarantee that our husbands will make it safely home from work or that our children will ever be truly safe at school. We can plan all we want for the future, but history tells us that even financial security has its great uncertainties. We can and should take precautions, but when it comes to certainty, our living hope is our shared inheritance with Christ – the salvation of our souls and the souls of those who believe with us.

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  • In a world of unknowns it is refreshing to know we always have a constant God. Who has and is and will be forever!

  • Amy Barnes

    God is so very merciful! I loved the wording “unfading”, “undefiled”, “imperishable”!! Wow! It made me think of when I try wear white & try to stay clean-impossible for me. However our salvation is guarded by God!! How praiseworthy He is!! My heart breaks for the persecuted church around the world that struggle & face imprisonment & death for your name.

  • Nordia B.

    I absolutely loved this devotional. Reminds me of a lot .

  • elizabethfstewart

    I love 1 and 2nd Peter anyway, but I know God purposed for me to be revisiting them at this time. His timing is perfect!

  • this is one of my favorite passages in all of scripture. in my darkest days, when i read this and am reminded of the truth of the gospel, i think – what more could i need? 1st peter 1 tells me i already have everything. praise god!

    i want the gospel to affect my daily life. to constantly remember and live in light of christ's sinless life, substitutionary death, forgiveness of sins, resurrection from the dead (verse 3!), ascension into heaven, and imminent return. verse 6 is so comforting, how it says "in THIS your rejoice, [even] though…" even though, fill in the blank. no matter what comes my way, i can rejoice in that. love all the truth packed into these few verses!

  • eradical84 (EllenMR)

    A Living Hope.
    "In this you greatly rejoice, though now for a little while you may have had to suffer grief in all kinds of trials."
    So. so true. But I don't think I would rejoice or appreciate this Living Hope if I had not suffered. It would be as all else in this world- taken for granted. Expected. That attitude that i should be given grace and salvation because, well, I'm human too and God wouldn't NOT give me these things because deep down, aren't I a nice person too? HA! These are the misconceptions soo many believe. As did I, even when i was first "saved" back in '94. I didn't really get it yet. I just knew He meant business and the little I did understand also meant changing my life COMPLETELY- I knew i couldn't be just a" little christian" and that would be good enough for God- just so I could save my soul and get my heavenly "rewards" by acknowledging He existed. No faith or works required here! Walking by faith, living by faith were still alien to me. That truly believing that Jesus died for MY sins didn't become real to me until SRT and Holy Week- talk about being wrecked!! Wow! And the notion that His promises were some vague comments written down long ago by His secretary just for us to ignore or take lightly went right out the window after that! I AM forgiven. I AM the daughter of the King. And just like anything else in this world worth having, you must work for it, earn it. Jesus did all the hard work, but faith is still something I am constantly "working" for. When you get knocked down by something unexpected or tragic and the Enemy is trying to talk you out of having faith and is trying to get you to blame someone for that particular issue. Or when a non-believer tries to talk you out of having faith that there IS a reason or a purpose for events in your life, and they want to chalk it all up to chances or coincidence…it would be easier to just give in, but I choose to have FAITH that God is at work in my life. Not chance… "These have come so that your faith- of greater worth than gold, which perishes even though refined by fire-may be proved genuine(!) and may result in praise, glory and honor when Jesus Christ is revealed.
    A Living Hope
    "This inheritance of "living hope" is more than wishful thinking…It's solid"
    Just like faith. It's solid, lived out everyday. Just like our living hope that Jesus IS coming to deliver us from sin and death. He is our salvation!
    "Though you have not seen Him, you love Him; and even though you do not see Him now, you believe in Him and are filled with an inexpressible joy, for you are receiving the goal of your faith, the salvation of your souls."
    And even more powerful to me is '…and into an inheritance that can never perish, spoil, or fade-kept in heaven for you, who through faith are shielded by God's power until the coming of the salvation that is ready to be revealed in the in the last time."
    I'm excited to get into these books- Awesome! :)

  • This might seem strange, but I'm going to share it anyway. While meditating on today's passage, I kept getting this image in my mind's eye. I don't think I could call it a vision, but more of a visual "imagining." I think very much in pictures and images so I hope I can properly describe this.

    I was looking up into the heavens with my eyes fixed in one place. I'm assuming they were fixed on God. I could see all the stars and planets in orbit, passing by me and zooming past each other very quickly as days and months and years passed by. Zoom in to earth…all the events in the world happening at lightening speed. Zoom in to my home…and all the events from birth to death, like a micro-second in time. So much activity all around me, yet my eyes stayed fixed. Unmovable.

    There is a bit of comfort in this. Circumstances all around me might seem chaotic at times. The world may fall to pieces. The stars and planets and galaxies are far beyond what I can control. But God's finger is on it all. And I can rest and fix my eyes on Him and KNOW that his promises are true. I can be confident in my salvation if I believe and trust in Jesus, because…He said so.

    "Heaven and earth will disappear, but my words will never disappear." Matthew 24:35 NLT

    "And they were shouting with a great roar, 'Salvation comes from our God who sits on the throne and from the Lamb!'" Revelation 7:10 NLT

    • Carolynmimi

      Fix my eyes on Him and Know that his promises are true!!! So true!

    • eradical84 (EllenMR)

      Wow JuneBug! I don't know what I would do if I saw or had visions – He must be sending something important to share thru you!
      That is pretty intense Sister! I do believe in that He is using you to tell us something important, and I for one will take it to heart!!
      I KNOW salvation comes from God and the Lamb, and nothing else matters!!! Praise God and all that He is and does! AMEN!!

  • xanewdefinition

    Our hope is ALIVE!!! That's the thought that seems to be sticking with me the most. Because Christ is alive, so is our hope. I'm in a bit of a rough season right now, and hope seems out of sight. That happens because of LIES, though, and our hope is "based on facts and promises." That's really comforting to me-this hope is alive, and it's here to stay.

  • Tammytoo

    Anon, I can totally relate. I am not a new Christian, but am ALWAYS questioning myself. I have been doing SRT for a while, but have never commented as I definitely don't feel that i have anything to offer. I really enjoy reading all the comments and all the insights you all have to share. Though I desire it, I don't feel like I hear that still small voice like many of you do, and don't have verses jump off the page at me. All of this causes me to doubt and I cant help but think of the verses in Matthew: Matthew 7:21-23 NLT

    “Not everyone who calls out to me, ‘Lord! Lord!’ will enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Only those who actually do the will of my Father in heaven will enter. On judgment day many will say to me, ‘Lord! Lord! We prophesied in your name and cast out demons in your name and performed many miracles in your name.’ But I will reply, ‘I never knew you. Get away from me, you who
    break God’s laws.’

    What if we think we are saved, but in the end He says 'away from me, I never knew you'. There are plenty of beautiful verses in today's devotional… but they only apply if you are indeed saved!

    I realize some of this can be from Satan, but when I don't seem to have the experiences that most Christians have i doubt. I consider myself a Christian, have done many Bible studies and devotionals, serve at church but end up feeling like something is missing. I would appreciate your prayers.


    • tabithahannasmith

      Dear Tammy, I will pray that God would give you peace and assurance about your salvation. I listened to a very helpful sermon by Tim Keller (NY, Redeemer Presbyterian Church) on the passage you refer to in Matthew. It's called Authentic Christianity, preached on 31.1.12 and you can get it free on iTunes at the Timothy Keller podcast. There are many other very relevant sermons available free on the Redeemer website. There's one entitled 'Knowing that we Know' on 1 John 2 (I tried to post a link but it malfunctions!) which is also quite relevant to your issue. I've found his preaching extremely helpful and I hope it might help you too.
      With love

    • JuneBug

      Tammytoo, I'm praying for you. There are always going to be voices that cast doubt in our minds about our salvation. It's so challenging to weed through it all and find the line where our conviction becomes condemnation. The enemy can be so subtle in his deception and rob us of our confidence that we are, indeed, saved. But God wants you to be at peace and not anxious about it. I encourage you to keep seeking and stick with us while we comb through the scriptures here. I'm sure God will speak to your heart as He has mine while in His Word.

      I am certainly not a bible scholar here, but I wonder if Jesus was talking about people who were doing "works" to get into heaven. Or maybe they were doing works for appearances sake. Or to make themselves LOOK all shiny and wonderful. Maybe they wanted to be applauded, even worshiped themselves taking the credit away from God. And maybe, Jesus was warning people that not all supernatural works are from God. It makes me want to dig further into the context of this passage.

      Jesus told His followers what the primary will of the Father is, to believe in His Son. We can DO so many great things and say it's for Him, but He really just wants our hearts. And we can be confident that we are His children, that our names are written in His book, when we accept Jesus as Lord of our lives.

      "Jesus told them, 'This is the only work God wants from you: Believe in the one he has sent.'" John 6:29 NLT

      "When people work, their wages are not a gift, but something they have earned. But people are counted as righteous, not because of their work, but because of their faith in God who forgives sinners." Romans 4:5 NLT

      Hope this helps. Blessings!

    • jesusgirl71

      Oh Tammy! I have been there and still go there sometimes. I can say there have been moments when I have heard that voice and had a verse jump out at me, but it’s not often. I used to doubt my salvation but don’t anymore. Praying for you! I have so been there!

    • Edlynn

      Might I recommend Renee Swopes book A Confident Heart. The first chapter is all about doubting. One thing she says comes to my mind. Do we believe in God or do we believe God. Study His word, lean on His promises. Our Hope and strength come through the study of the inspired guide book he has left for us to devour, chew on, feast on, internalize with the helper he left to lead us into all truth, the Holy Spirit. As you grow on the meat of the Word your confidence in Him will grow stronger and stronger. Hallelujah what a Savior!!

  • I’ve read this devotional twice (once in the morning on my way to work and right now on my lunch break). What sticks out to me in this devo Is “Hope is a confident expectation of future blessing based on facts and promises.” MAN! Isn’t this so true!

  • Hi ladies,

    I am struggling right now with the concept of salvation. There are many opposing viewpoints on Heaven and Hell and whether to "believe" means simply believe, or that it means more than that (in his new book author David Platt argues that "believe" means much more than just believing and says millions of Christians think they are going to Heaven when they are really going to Hell.)

    I guess my question is, there are SO many interpretations of the Bible from so many pastors, etc, so how do we know who to believe?

    • Carolynmimi

      You know, Anon, for a lot of years I struggled with all of those questions as well. I really think if you will hang with this group as we study 1 and 2 Peter together that you will find your footing. When talking about belief, I always go back to Hebrews 11–commonly called the Faith Chapter…but there at verse 6, I find some of the answers…And without faith it is impossible to please God, because anyone who comes to him must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who earnestly seek him. (Hebrews 11:6 NIV)

      Faith pleases God ….belief first that he exists…belief second that he keeps his promises and rewards those who keep seeking him.

      Accepting Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior means trusting God's promises that include among many, adoption into his family, he will never leave you or forsake you, your sins are removed as far as the east is from the west, and on and on.

      And on top of all the other, He gives you himself, as his Holy Spirit enters your being and helps, teaches, guides as YOU EARNESTLY SEEK HIM.

      All Chrisitians should be seekers, but not on our own, with the HS, with the scripture, in prayer and with other believers.

      I think this study will help all of us GROW in our Belief! But once Jesus enters your life at your invitation, HE WILL NOT LEAVE YOU!

      I look for others more grounded than myself to add to this and better answer your questions.

    • tabithahannasmith

      I can't really put it any better than Carolynmimi (and I am definitely not more grounded!) but i'd add the following thoughts:

      Jesus himself pointed out that just believing in God or Jesus (i.e. that they exist) is not enough because even Satan believes in Jesus and knows exactly who he is. So belief that leads to salvation is about recognising our need for a saviour, accepting Jesus as that saviour and then choosing to change the whole orientation of our lives to be about his glory, not our own.

      As Carolynmimi says, once you have truly accepted Jesus as the Lord of your life and the only one who can save you, he won't ever let you go. The results of a saved life become more and more evident over time but these good 'works' are not the means of salvation but the consequences.

      There are some things in the Bible that can be interpreted in different ways by different pastors and teachers, but there are also key truths that are fundamentally important and understood the same amongst those who are Christians – i.e. the identity of Jesus, the meaning of his death and resurrection, the reality of life beyond this world (with or without God) etc.
      It is also worth remembering that not everything that is taught publicly by fallible humans is always absolutely spot-on and that's why we need to carefully and faithfully study the Bible as our ultimate source of truth (with the help of the Holy Spirit).

      Stick with this study and ask God to help you with the things you struggle with. It's so important to be able to question and admit where we have doubt. God intends us to love him with our heart and soul and MIND and strength. So we need to use our God-given brains to wrestle with the tough things, not just blindly accept.
      Right, I'll stop waffling on now!

  • It's extremely hard for me to fathom what God has in store for me not only in this life, but in the next. What I love most about this scripture is that the idea of hope, when coming from the Lord, has nothing to do with my plans; they are always much more surprising and wonderful than I could even try to imagine.
    This reminded me of something I wanted to share. When I gave myself to Christ again after a darker period in my life, I told him that I wasn't afraid of or hesitant about the places He was going to take me anymore- that as long as He was there, I would go there, too. Since then, I have experienced abounding joy and some of the worst sorrow I have ever felt, and my life is on a completely different, uncharted course. I am adventuring with Him, and this is His story for me- Our story, together. It is the most exciting thing I've ever been in, and I am wooed daily by His promises of hope and His plans for my future. How great is His hope! How great his inheritance! Be blessed, guys. :)

    • Ellen MR

      Awesome AnnaLee!!
      "I am adventuring with Him, and this is His story for me- Our story, together."
      I can see why this would be so exciting, so hopeful! That you turned your fear over to Him and wasn't afraid of where He would take you- as long as He was there…. How liberating!! Exciting! Hopeful! And beautiful. That it IS your story- Together.
      This just speaks volumes to me. VOLUMES!!
      Thank you AnnaLee. Be blessed on your adventure! :)

    • rocknitat55

      Oh Anna I know what ya mean.
      God always does MORE!

    • ptharrell

      Thank you for sharing! It is a beautiful thing when you surrender your whole life to Christ as you did.

  • Somebody posted in one of the previous devos that hope is just another word for waiting, but with God's blessing. Before my faith, 'I' was waiting to get through life the best I could. And, quite frankly, it was overwhelming me and tearing me down. But now, with God in control, I am finding hope and grace and salvation. Thank you, Rachel, for the phrasing "Hope is a confident expectation of future blessing based on facts and promises" I now have hope in my future, with God. And I am thankful for that blessing of grace.

  • Every time I read this passage, I am struck by the phrase “though you do not see him now – you believe.” There are times when the heartache is so intense, that we are blinded by the pain. Isn’t that faith though? Being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.

    When we can’t see him, we still trust him.

    Also, Peter says even though you don’t see him “now.” We are living in the now, but there will be a then. And then? We shall see him face to face.

    I. Can’t. Wait! Love y’all!

  • mkoentopp

    I am so grateful for the SRT community. And I've been very grateful for the studies that we've had since I've joined. Today's devo was particularly meaningful. I've been going through a lot the last 7 months- i lost my job in November, still haven't found a job, probably going to be ending up moving back in to my parent's house, so many of my friends have had babies this spring (something that I want terribly…), the list goes on and on…and more and more keeps crashing down on me.

    i feel lost, scared, and alone. Even God feels far away at times, though I keep going into His word. Today's Scripture gave me some peace. and hope. a little. not much, because it feels like the world is crashing down on me even though I'm trying so hard.

    • jesusgirl71

      Oh I am so sorry! Praying for you! I’ve been there!

    • Stacy

      I am so very sorry! I will be praying for you!

    • rocknitat55

      My dearest Mk, my heart goes out to you, my prayers go up for you, these words I hope will be a comfort to you.

      You r not alone! God is there and despite your current circumstances he is working things out on your behalf. Trust him when you can’t trace him. I know you say easy for her to say. But it takes practice and that’s okay.

      I have not worked since 2009, lights never went out, rent never missed, and much more. God is not a respector of persons. Warriors are produced in the valley and tried in the fire! Trust him and lean in He has great things instore for you.

    • ptharrell

      Praying for you! I have been there. I went through a divorce a few years ago and felt very alone and scared. I did not know what the future would hold for me and I did not know what to do. Then one night I was listening to Casting Crowns and found God again. God was with me all the time and I never felt so close to him as I did during my darkest time. In him I became strong as was able to go through a rough divorce and eventually was able to move out of my parents house and rebuild my life.

      Pray/talk to Him daily, soak in His word, stay thankful, Trust in Him and He will give you what you need!

    • Candacejo

      Pam is so right, even though this is a dark time for you it can be a very wonderful time in your walk with God! He is so near all you have to do is call on Him and He will be right beside you. Pour yourself into the Word and in prayer and worship. When I didn't think I could go on I would go in my bathroom, I know I have shared this on here before, and throw my hands up in surrender to The Lord and worship Him! All of Heaven would show up in that little room! Tears would flow but His presence would fill the room and my heart until I felt I would burst!

      His love for me would carry me through anything I was going to have to face the next day because I KNEW that no matter what happened that I could come back to this little room and be with HIM all over again and all was right with my world! He was in control!

      He will do the same for you. Find you two or three scriptures that you can hang onto and memorize and then speak them with holy boldness and authority. "Greater is He that is IN YOU than he that is in the world." 1 John 4:4. "I can do all things through Christ who strengthen me." Philippians 4:13

      "The Lord is my light and salvation, whom shall I fear? The Lord is the strength of my life, of whom shall I be afraid?" Psalm 27

      Praying for you Sister! God is FOR YOU! And we are all behind you!

    • mkoentopp

      Thank you, girls for your sweet words. I appreciate it. a little update i can give is that i've gone on a couple interviews in the last couple days and meeting with a couple temp agencies in the next couple days. i'm trying to stay positive and not let the negative hold me down. it only locks me in a trap and satan has NO POWER over me. I've already been claimed. And i am NOT his. I am a Child of the Living Father.

  • jesusgirl71

    Hi ladies! I always get scared when I think about how fragile life is. Raechel is right; we aren’t guaranteed anything in this life. I have a hard time picturing heaven and that future inheritance, since it’s not something I can relate !from anyexperience I have had, yet with things I’ve been reading lately in Scripture and devotions, it seems like God is leading me to try. Have any of you other ladies had this trouble? If it’s not available here and now, it’s so hard to hope in it. Something I am praying that God helps me with.

    • Rhonda

      I have been where you are and I'm betting many of the ladies here have also. Our earthly life is so very fragile indeed. I'm happy to hear you feel God is leading you to pursue understanding through the study of his word and my prayer is that you will find peace in the promise that The Lord will not leave you alone in this process. Your here right? Each and every day I'm sure :)) As long as we are searching we are growing!

    • rocknitat55

      You are so right. I don’t know your age but I don’t mind telling mine. I am in my 50’s.
      I say that to say this while growing up it seemed that the church had a preoccupation with eternity. Sermon after sermon what it would be like to live there what it took to achieve getting there. I remember having dreams about eternity. But somewhere around the time that I went to college the focus changed. The focus became prosperity and self-fullfillment.
      We have forgotten that this world is not our home. Jesus said that if he went then he would prepare a place for us. And as much as I would like to stay with my son, and grandkids, my family I can’t. We are only sojourners here.

      Thanks for sharing and bringing this up. If anyone out there has any sites or blogs on this topic please share.

      • jesusgirl71

        Thanks Nita! I am actually 41. I have had dreams about eternity, but they have been rare.

        • Edlynn

          I guess I might be unusual, but I don't even try to picture a physical place when I think of heaven, I just imagine the peace, freedom from pain and sorrow, singing songs of praise to our God, asking those many questions of the saints. Enjoy, joy, joy. Physically I know it will be so wondrous and beautiful because even though our world is a fallen world, God has provided us with such beauty for our eyes to behold, our ears to hear, to taste, to touch, and those to love, love, love. I could go on and on, but it will be glorious. I look forward to that day when I will behold His glory and enjoy what he has prepared, perfectly just for us.

  • First Peter 1:7 got me through a very difficult time when I had to put my mom and dad in an assisted living facility. Now they are both home with Jesus and have received their inheritance. Mom just passed on May 18. I got a card from the facility yesterday that brought me to tears, but very comforting. The nurse who discovered my mom had passed had gone in to give her her meds. She said my mom looked beautiful, that her skin was flawless and she had a glow. They even thanked me for allowing them to share in her life. Even though mom wanted to be in her own home her life touched many people toward the end. She was 90 and I’m so blessed to have had her for that length of time.

    Our inheritance cannot be corrupted or stolen. It’s kept safe in heaven. Thank you Lord for your Holy Spirit who assures us of our inheritance. And thank you that even tho we are here on earth we are already seated in heavenly places with you.

  • mslesley

    What was most awesome to me, was the fact that it is unshakeable. Since our study in Nehemiah, I have been so enraptured with the idea of God's faithfulness. This to me is another example, of just how faithful our God is, even when we aren't and even when we don't deserve it! The Lord is so awesome in his love and kindness toward us!


    "Hope is a confident expectation for future blessing based on facts and promises."
    I love this. There are times I am going through junk, and because of the circumstances, I forget who's in charge and that there is always Hope to lead me through to the end. Jesus is my rock, I need to be better about remembering to cling to it! When I go through a tough day or a difficult trial, I will remember this verse. I'm thankful for these verses, God's wisdom, everything!

  • ptharrell

    Good morning ladies!!! Beautiful scripture today. It is amazing to me that we have such a wonderful inheritance just waiting for us in our eternal home and that it is not going anywhere and will never fade away and die…. it will remain strong and beautiful. What a living hope!!!! It gives me such peace and strength to know how much God loves me, loves us and gives us so much! We are truly blessed children of our Father! In such a scary and uncertain world there is one thing that we know for certain…. we have a wonderful inheritance and a Father who loves us and protects us. Comforting indeed!

  • My hope is built on nothing less than Jesus blood and righteousness. I dare not trust the sweetest frame, but wholly lean on Jesus name. On Christ the solid rock I stand all other ground is sinking sand all other ground is sinking sand. This song keeps running through my mind this morning. Praise God for this Hope, of his promises and an eternal home in heaven in his presence eternally. Peter knew our Savior and share this hope with fellow Christians then and to us today. I'm thankful for Gods word.

  • hikerchick68

    Sometimes my trials are major. My mom just passed away two weeks ago. That was a huge struggle. Spent many hours in the hospice with her and the other families that were there too. As hard as that was there was a major blessing her on earth during that time. My family is slowly coming to know the Lord. Just think what we have to look forward when we are with Him!

    Other times the trials are slight. While getting ready to go to my mom's service I bit down on some food and PAIN! Now today I need to get a root canal. I have missed so much work over the past few weeks and now I have to miss more. Sometimes I feel that the little things trip me up more than the major ones do. For me it is easy to trust God when big things are going down but I often think I can handle the little stuff on my own. I keep swatting at the flies of life being annoyed and all the while forgetting that God is God even in the pesty stuff.

    I have so much to be grateful for here in this life, and so much to look forward to in the next.

    Phx, AZ

    • Carolynmimi

      OUCH! Praying for you, Becky.

    • Candacejo

      So sorry to hear of your loss Becky….praying for you! And for the root canal. You had great things to say today!

    • hikerchick68

      Thanks ladies for your prayers and comments

    • jesusgirl71

      Becky, you are so right, I think. It’s those little things that get us! What a great reminder that God is even in the little things! Thank you!

    • Ellen MR

      Becky I really liked what you had to say- "Sometimes it's the little things that trip me up more than the major ones do. For me it is easy to trust God when big things are going down but i often think I can handle the little stuff on my own. I keep swatting at the flies of life being annoyed and all the while forgetting God is God even in the pesty stuff."
      W.O.W. So true, so easy to relate to!
      Sorry to hear you lost your Mom. I lost mine in 2003 and that hole is still there in my heart. But it IS getting smaller as Jesus fills it in.
      Good luck with your root canal, and
      Thank you for your comments today- they really blessed me! :)

  • Graphics

    What an amazing passage to celebrate our inheritance as daughters of the KING! We have access to things that angels long to see. I hope, like me, this makes you overflow with joy. This joy is what the world can see. My prayer is that those of us that have secured our inheritance go out into our worlds and let our joy overflow all over the fallenness.

    Much Grace Ladies!

  • I Love these verses I am so excited with joy just reading and thinking how Great Gods Love is! I am so Blessed

  • Jeniffer Smith

    I love the phrasing of verse 6 in the NKJV: “though now, for a little while, if need be, you have been grieved by various trials…” I have indeed been grieved by trials, but praise God that there is a verse 7! “That the genuineness of your faith, being much more precious than gold that perishes, though it is tested by fire, may be found to praise, honor, and glory at the revelation of Jesus Christ!”

  • Courtney

    Good morning ladies!
    I feel so blessed to have found She Reads Truth! I just finished Songs of Ascent and look forward to traveling through 1Peter with you.


    • Ellen MR

      Welcome Courtney! Doing the new plans along with everyone's comments all at the same time really brings the fellowship into SRT! :)

  • The word of our Father. What better Dessert is there? There was a point in my life when hope was such an empty word. But no longer. The hope I hold today fills me with such joy! Have a blessed day everyone!

  • "These trials will show that your faith is genuine. It is being tested as fire tests and refines gold…" 1 Peter 1:7 NLT

    To me, this is talking about your witness to unbelievers (and even as an inspiration to fellow believers) – your coworkers, friends, and family, etc., who watch you as you go through trials and are drawn to God as you trust in Him.

    And I'm always up for eating dessert first!

  • Candacejo

    My best friend in the whole world DOES eat dessert first! Any time she goes out to eat she will order something chocolate and several spoons and proceeds to pass it around the table…she says you just never know when you won't be ale to get to the entree'!

    Wonderful beginnings to 1Peter…there are no "for sures" in this life and that is why my hope is not wrapped up in its treasures! As the Word says, "And if our hope in Christ is only for this life, we are more to be pitied than anyone in the world." 1Corinthians 15:19. NLT

    My hope is built on nothing less
    Than Jesus' blood and righteousness
    I dare not trust the sweetest frame
    But wholly lean on Jesus' name

    On Christ the solid Rock I stand
    All other ground is sinking sand
    All other ground is sinking sand

    We are up Ibukkun! praying for you Melinda! Blessed Tuesday!

    • Carolynmimi

      Your friend is my Kinda Gal…Enjoyment, a few spoonfuls of chocolate, shared with friends…not only celebrates Life, but lowers the overall calorie count. :)) Consider ENJOY–Joy within–JESUS, OTHERS, YOU..at the table together..COMMUNION>>>

      Love to you, Candace on this fine new day!

      • Candacejo

        She is quite the lady, just left today on her third missionary trip to Haiti in a year! And she is a Pastor's wife too! Had two suitcases stuffed full of Croc sandals for the little kids. She is amazing. She was like me, an introvert, homebody who had never left the country and after I went overseas she was convicted, knowing my fears she said if Nannette can go….so off she went. I told her I went to Europe! Not a 5th world country! God is blessing them like crazy! Like you said, Jesus, others, you….

    • Leah Sherwin

      I LOOOOOVE that hymn!!

  • Praying for you, Melinda! I too have been in a similar situation with my boss this week and I understand the frustration that it can bring, but your heart is absolutely in the right place and I’m sure that The Lord is using you to soften the heart of your boss! (As difficult as that can be for us sometimes! ) praying you will have the right words when it’s time to speak and the ears to hear when it’s time to listen.

    Psalms 139:5-“you go before me and follow me, you place your hand of blessing upon me”

    Even though it’s difficult sometimes, it’s so reassuring to know that the testing of our faith through various trials is used to produce steadfastness in us, in order that we may be glorified with Christ! Trying to keep this thought in the forefront of my mind today.

  • Carolynmimi

    "There’s no guarantee that our husbands will make it safely home from work or that our children will ever be truly safe at school."

    As a planner, one who likes having her ducks in a row, every possible continguency considered, you can imagine I DO NOT like uncertainity…And am not really fond of interruptions, either. The roots of this are in my childhood, living with an unpredictable Dad who was an alcoholic. BUT I can always picture God shaking His head and thinking

    "She is a real "Piece of work" and then lovingly, "But she is My work and I am not finished with her yet."

    Yes, Life is uncertain and we get blindsided, but we have "living Hope" and our faith, well the passage makes it clear that through all the twists of life,

    Genuine Faith

    doesn't perish when refined by fire

    is of greater worth than gold

    brings praise, glory and honor

    So, just on the off chance, life doesn't go Exactly according to my plan for the day, I am planning to eat Dessert for Breakfast as I contemplete His Word with All of you great Gals at SRT.

    Have a Terrific Tuesday!

    • jesusgirl71

      Oh I love that! “She’s my piece of work!”

    • Ellen MR

      Love it! "She is a real "piece of work" and then lovingly,"But she is My work and I am not finished with her yet" Beautiful Carolynmimi!!

  • Autumn Dawn Leader (aka Songmistress)

    How comforting to have something so certain in this uncertain world. Today’s devo reminds me of the first verse of the Jesus Culture song “One Thing Remains”:

    Higher than the mountains that I face
    Stronger than the power of the grave
    Constant in the trial and the change
    One thing remains, one thing remains

  • Good morning ladies! I don’t have much time this morning so I haven’t read through everyone’s comments yet–Looking forward to doing that later in the day or evening. Today’s devotional just piggybacks on something I was reading prior to logging on. Love it when God does that! I was just finishing the book Beautiful Outlaw by John Eldredge. An AMAZING book! Anyway, the following excerpt really struck me and is so fitting with today’s devotional:

    “Your suffering is neither pointless nor isolated. Somehow Jesus’ sufferings overflow into our lives; somehow ours are linked to his. This is a great honor. It grants our sorrows an incredible dignity; it invites us to know an intimacy and connection with Jesus in them, BECAUSE of them. The sufferings of Jesus are the noblest part of his life story; the cross, the crown of thorns. What an unspeakable honor that he would share even this with us. This fellowship is a treasure we have not tapped into but one we will need.”

    Blessings all!

    • Carolynmimi

      Have not read that book, but have read others by John Eldredge. Gotta get it!

    • ptharrell

      Thanks for sharing that by John Eldredge…. Beautiful!!!!!

    • jesusgirl71

      Oh Leahtvt! Love this quote! I am going to check and see if this book is available to me in any accessible format. It sounds like a book that might bless me!

      • LeahTvt

        Sure hope it is, jesusgirl! I have no doubt that it will immensely bless you, and anyone else who reads it. Just finished it this morning and wanted to immediately start reading it again but gave it to my husband asking him to read it first because I believe it can so help and bless him too!

        • Margie

          Thanks for sharing this quote from John Eldredge's book! Extremely powerful! A must read for sure!

  • Leenda324

    Boy isn’t this so timely. This weekend I spent time with two friends, one if whom just lost her husband to ALS, the other who lost her leg last year in a horrific boating accident. I was struck by how the longer we are here on this “rock” we call Earth, the more we can see how seemingly random tragedies occur to people –including us. Thanks be to God for his unspeakable Gift!

  • I love the idea of gaining an inheritance. God is our Father, Jesus is our big brother, and we are adopted into Their Family. I also love that as women, 2,000 years ago- that earthly "inheritance" for us would have been unheard of. The men were the ones who gained that kind of control. I love that we serve a God who sees past all those cultural/gender boundaries. Even today. :)

  • Our faith has a goal, and we are reaching that goal -our salvation. 1 Peter V9
    Living hope!!!! Amen ;)

  • Good morning, ladies!

    "Hope is a confident expectation for future blessing based on facts and promises." That one is getting taped to my desk at work!

    What really spoke to me in this passage, and ties in nicely with Rachael's quote above, are verses 4-5 (I'm using Max Lucado's devotional Bible, which is the New Century Version): "(4)Now we hope for the blessings God has for his children. These blessings, which cannot be destroyed or be spoiled or lose their beauty, are kept in heaven for you. (5)God's power protects you through your faith until salvation is shown to you at the end of time."

    Wow, right?? Not only do we have this living hope to get us through these uncertain times, but we have God's protection. It's easy for me to get so wrapped up in the trials of my life that not only do I lose sight of that eternal hope, I have a hard time remembering the fact that God is with me, and he is protecting me through my faith in whatever may come my way, "until salvation is shown to me at the end of time." Praise God!

  • Hope is a confident expectation of future blessing based on facts and promises.
    You love Him though you have never seen Him. Though you do not see Him now, you trust Him, and you rejoice with a glorious inexpressible joy.

    May all I say, do, think be marked by this confident hope and trust. I embrace Jesus and all He has for me no matter what this day holds. I will be glad and walk in this hope rather in fear of the enxt trial that maybe around the corner.

    Ladies i would really appreciate your parayers this morning as i have a meeting with my boss, not a believer, regarding a dispute we are having over my work contract. I have been told she is in fight mode right now. I would just like prayers that I can go in with a humble heart and speak only what the Holy Spirit puts on my tongue.
    Thank you ladies i really appreciate this.

    • amykelly213

      Prayers lifted up for you, Melinda!!! God's got this!

    • Holly

      Praying for you, Melinda! I have been there before, and it's NOT fun! Praying God holds you in His hands. I can already tell your heart is in the right place! Good luck (although I know "luck" has nothing to do with it…I hope you know what I mean)! :)

    • brandi

      Melinda, praying for you today. Praying that you will be filled to overflowing with His love and grace today. Praying that You are so full of Him that it spills over onto your boss and she wants what you have! Praying that He will make the rough places smooth for you today and will anoint you with joy and with favor with those in authority over you!

    • rocknitat55

      Praying for you Melinda, as you go forth in Victory.

    • Carolynmimi

      I have been in situations like that, Melinda. Praying for you to let the Holy Spirit lead and Praying for your boss that she will listen and not be combative so that this can be resolved without bloodshed….LOL…Oops! without either of you coming away from the meeting feeling defeated.

    • molly

      Praying for you today Melinda. God will be with you.

    • Pammaw

      Praying for God-fidence Melinda.

    • Edlynn

      Melinda, my prayer is that you allow the Holy Spirit to lead you how to speak to your boss and that no matter the outcome of your meeting that you will have confidence in Gods promise that ALL thing work together for good to them that are called according to His purpose. I can tell your heart is confident in Him already!

    • ptharrell

      Prayers lifted up!!


      Praying for you Melinda!

    • Diana

      Just lifted up prayers that your speech would be seasoned with salt and that you would have favor with your boss. I pray also that you would be quick to hear, slow to speak and slow to become angry since our anger does not bring about the righteousness that God desires.

    • jesusgirl71

      Melinda, praying for you!

    • melinda

      WOW! I had tears in my eyes as I saw how many of your responded to my request for prayer and read through your words. I cannot express how much your support means to me. WOW! God just completely knocked my socks off today!

      So I went to that meeting this morning and not only was my boss not combative. She was open. She lead the discussion. My husband and I had decided before the morning to lay down the contract issue and just trust God with the money and that the focus should be just honoring my boss and doing what we could to have open communication with her. When the meeting she started she dove right in to the discussion about the contract assuming that I was upset, which I honestly wasn't because I had laid it at His feet. We had a very positive and open discussion ending with her taking the contract and writing all the necessary changes all over it, saying she would give it to her secretary to have it re written and I would be contacted. I couldn't believe it! It was like God just handed back what we had laid down on a silver platter. ON top of this I had the chance to tell her that my husband and I are people of faith and believe it is our responsibility to keep our leaders lifted up in prayer and there for we were praying for her. This was after she said she has had an awful year. After I said this she shared briefly about feeling lead back to the church as she gets older especially through experiences of loss, she recently lost a very close friend who died of cancer.

      WOW, WOW, Wow! God is at work! Thank you ladies for your support. You are all amazing!!!!

  • Wow its nice to be reminded I’m the co-heir with Jesus Christ and also instead of complaining I should praise my Father for being so merciful n loving to me all the times,this reading plan its a testimony for his love me because this days all I was doing was complainning about my situation forgeting what his word says about me.

    Thank you my heavenly Father for your grace and favor!


      I so relate to your comment. Yesterday for me was rough and I found myself forgetting all of the promises and love that God has for me. I found myself complaining about everything…even a blessing God gave me because it caused me to sacrifice something else! When I prayed to God and calmed down, I realized that I was walking by sight instead of faith, and being pretty ungrateful. This mornings verse is a great reminder that we are coheirs with Christ and that there is so much hope in his love! Thank you for sharing, your comment really got me to dig a bit deeper.

  • “…May God give you more and more grace and peace” (1 Pet 2)

    Now this is from yesterday but I can’t get over it. We, sweet daughters of the Most High, are heiresses with Christ. We have the MOST AH-mazing inheritance just waiting to be claimed by us in heaven forever. Now the devil recognizes that. He understands that when we identify with Christ and have His spirit living in us, we get an inheritance that never decays and he tries all that he can to get us “disillusioned” with Christ through persecution and trials but every single trial and trouble the devil intends for evil, God allows for good…that we may be purified as pure gold and that we may come out like Christ, tested, refined, still in the faith by HIS GRACE. The grace that He gives us more and more of everyday! More and more grace. I can’t get over that.

    Waiting for it to be morning in the US so I can come back on here to read more insights from y’all. Praying for all of you today. Praying for more grace

    • Julia

      well said Ibukun! thank you for your prayers. may you be met with more grace too!

    • Carolynmimi

      Sweet daughters of the Most High….Love it. It is morning here, praying for you!

  • rocknitat55

    Thank God for ‘living hope’. Solid, I like the feel, the sound, the knowledge, the meaning of that word. Uncoruptable, Jesus! With all that is happening around us, in our world it is so easy to loose your Godly perspective, as I watch communities to the north and south of me suffer the loss of life and shelter. But there is more happening than the naked, fleshly eye can reveal. I have seen my neighbors lament, tear their clothes, morn their losses, pick them selves up, put their mourning garments away and lift Holy hands to their God. They have come to realize this trial is only for a season. 1 Peter 1:6 KJV, Wherein ye greatly rejoice, though now for a season, if need be, ye are in heaviness through manifold temptations.

    This scripture really stuck out for me. Although we don’t have the capabilities of going back and
    changing things, I wished I knew then what I Know now that seasons change because we have a
    ‘living hope’.

    I’m going to bed with that in my heart….. my my my. Praise you Jesus!
    I’m going to reread this in the morning again.

  • tabithahannasmith

    Praise God! We have a rock-solid, pure, unchanging, utterly dependably living hope! Our eternal glory, our sure salvation, the joy before us. This transforms EVERYTHING. It gives meaning to life, the ability to endure trials and the possibility of joy in all circumstances.
    How much we need to remember this every day!
    Have a great hope-filled day everyone!

  • Wow I loved these two passages because it reinforce that if we want to share in the glory we must share in the suffering. It says it all there and life makes more sense as horrible things happen to people in general. The first book of the Bible tells us of the first sin and at that point the enemy owned us and horrible things started happening. God is so powerful and amazing ………

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