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Good morning, loves! Welcome to the first day of the 1 Peter plan! (We will be following with 2 Peter on June 20th.)

As always, we invite you to read each day’s devotional right here on the SheReadsTruth site and discuss amongst each other in the comments section. Or, if you’d prefer, please feel free to subscribe to the plan on the YouVersion Bible app.

Also, thank you all so much for celebrating SRT’s 1-year anniversary with us on Saturday! You can totally still feel free to link up through the end of this week with a blog post or vlog about how the Holy Spirit has been at work in your life over the past year- we’d love to hear!

Day 1: Sprinkled By His Blood

Text: 1 Peter 1:1-2

It was an honor to hear from Peter in those days. First and Second Peter are essentially letters written to a multi-campus church scattered over a huge area – Pontus, Galatia, Cappadocia, Asia and Bithynia. The people who made up these churches were under trial and pressure from a culture that didn’t quite want them to be Christians. In this New Testament setting, these cities found themselves with believers who no longer ate too much, drank too much, and participated in sin joyfully. The response of the culture was frustration and persecution – the Christians were surely under trial.

It’s still such an honor for us to hear from Peter, right ladies? He walked with Jesus, talked with Jesus, messed up big and still had his Savior call him the rock – the foundation of the Church. Even though it’s thousands of years later, we’ll find we’re not so different from those New Testament believers. We are sprinkled by the blood of Jesus just as they were. We are set apart, forever made different, unable to return to our previous thinking and acting without seeing everything through the eyes of His sacrifice and our redemption.

And yet, our hearts wander just like theirs might have. Let’s dig into this gentle and tough love letter from Peter together. I pray we aren’t scared of His words and I pray we don’t shirk away from the eternal truths found in these verses. Holy Spirit, sanctify us as we read and seek Truth. As we stand here, in the midst of our trials and persecution and life and culture, still sprinkled by the blood of Jesus like those believers thousands of years ago – still set apart as Holy, for the work of the gospel.

Grace and peace to you, Sisters.

We are delighted to dig into this letter with you.


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