One Year and Thankful!


Good morning, sisters! This is the day the Lord has made! And not only that, on this day one year ago, SheReadsTruth became a community! It’s our communiversary!

Er… something like that…

Anyway. It’s a big deal. And allllllllll the credit goes to HIM! He gave us all SheReadsTruth last spring – making all of us stewards of this ministry in different ways. He has used SRT to draw His daughters close, to heal wounds and hearts, to give hope and relationship when none was there.

So… how about you? Whether you joined us first thing last June, or you just jumped in for the Nehemiah study last month – we know Christ is at work in our community, how is He at work in YOUR life?

We’ve said many times before how powerful and important it is to stand up and testify to His work in our lives, and today we all get an opportunity to do just that! Write a blog post, record a quick video, whatever way you want to share your story, we want to hear it! Link up with the widget below (that means add the link to your post in the form) so that everyone in the community can click and hear your story!

And while you’re here, click around and get to know your neighbors! This is an awesome day to celebrate His goodness across the globe through the ministry of SheReadsTruth – join us!

  • Kay Marie

    Happy Birthday #SheReadsTruth! Even though I have only been on here for only 3 months now, it has been such a BLESSING to me!!!!! This whole community is such a blessing! This is my first time posting on here in the comments as I've been a bit shy lol but I'm going to be more active now. Love you ALL! Much love & Blessings!

    • Jesyka

      Kay Marie-
      Don't be shy! We're so glad you are here and thank you for sharing!

      • Kay Marie

        Thank you! & No problem at all! I will definitely be more active now. :) You guys are so wonderful and inspirational!

  • Happy Birthday SRT! What a blessing this group is to me! Look forward to spending time with God and all of my SRT sisters. Thank you God for leading me to SRT, and thanks for all you "Sisters" ! Love you all!

  • Deborah Reeves

    happy Anniversary SRTT This program has been the best thing that I have ever stumbled on that actually removes my stumbling blocks to Christ .But Praise God have found it.I need to to resolve myself right now while I sit here alone with my HEART OPEN. HE touches my heart and life in sooo many ways. I tend to worry about my husband and my grandson so much. But I have and I do leave this situation at the foot of the cross.

  • Tina Blankson.

    Ok. Hello those of you from the united kingdom, theres one more here. I.m in Glocestershire. Hello. It truly is lovely to know we are multi facet!
    God is good. Truly GOOD.
    SRT BLESS YOU AND THANK YOU for these past 5 months. I have been so so blessed in the devotionals, the comments, the general community that is SRT. I pray God continues to bless and equip us all to be kingdom builders for his glory. Amen. And THANK YOU again. . Tina. X x x

  • Amy Barnes

    I loved getting to really “hear” the beautiful voices of the ladies of #shereadstruth!! However what I was so amazed and stood in awe about was how time after time, lady after lady talked about “accidentally” finding the hash tag or stumbling upon #shereadstruth. I thought wow! What an all knowin, all powerful, can do anything God we serve that He brought us all different ages, locations, life challenges, together & knitted us together to make this community to encourage one another, support one another as we grow closer to Him!!!!!!

  • Hey Ladies!! Happy anniversary! A Godly woman lead me to SRT back in January and I made it my resolution to study with ya'll everyday. I've felt so encouraged and challenged, and this is the first resolution I've been able to keep :). God has really used SRT to draw me closer to Him. G has really been at the center of my mind and my first resort instead of the last. I find myself pointing others to Him when they have a worry or concern because His truth has been made so much clearer to me through SRT. I'm so excited to continue this journey with you all and see what the Lord does with us all!

  • Happy anniversary SRT! I've been a part of the community for a few months now, but never left a comment before. SRT has blessed me in so many ways, and to begin my day with the Word gives me strength to go through whatever may come. I love to read your reflections over the Word and see you pictures on IG, so thank you everyone! And it is amazing that we can be in one community, but still live all over the world – I'm from Norway!

  • Happy ONE year to SRT. I have been so blessed by all the studies presented to us and I pray that God will renew our minds and spirits daily and we give HIM the glory. I always feel blessed when i read the studies but must say what blesses me also is to read what the ladies share as i am sure it has a life changing impact on all of us. Just think how blessed we are ….. we are all from different countries (i from south Africa) but we are ONE in Christ. Thank you Jesus for your grace .. you love us just the way we are. Hoping to be part of this Community for all my years on earth.. thank you Jesus.

  • Happy Anniversary SRT!!
    I first heard of SRT earlier this year while reading a blog. The blogger was talking about a new study that had just started. This year, I really wanted to spend some time in God's word. I started a journal for my reading and thoughts and so learning about this bible study, I thought wow! God really is helping me find all different ways to spend time with him. I can't thank you ladies enough for this wonderful website. Having the different studies and then of course everyone's thoughts after has really helped me in my walk with God.

  • Happy Anniversary SRT! What a blessing you have been in my life and in my new walk in faith with our Lord and Saviour. I found God, again, last year in July, but I really should say that he found me. He heard my plea for grace, and He extended his hand and lifted me. And with this newfound faith, I asked for guidance and His wisdom. Don’t you know, but He is always faithful. It wasn’t by coincidence that I found #Srt…it was God’s Perfect planning.

    To say that i have found wisdom here is an understatement. I have been challenged to dig deeper in the Word, to pray with the authority of our Lord, and yes, even felt chastisement as I’ve realized my focus was not where it should be — on Him. But my faith has grown leaps and bounds, and His blessings are continually being poured out on me, and this group, which only says how well you, as writers, are following the leading of the Holy Spirit.

    Thank you to all my #Srt Community. Thank you for allowing the light of God to flow through us all. Blessings and Love. xxx

  • I have only been apart of SRT for the last two and a half studies. It has brought back to the basics of studying the Bible verse by verse. I love it! You ladies have taught me so much and I admire your willingness to share your lives and lessons. I know that I do not always post, but know that I am constantly learning. God has used to all to teach me about the continual love of sisterhood and how God will never give up on me no matter how much I mess up. I am also learning about pushing through fear. I look forward to continuing through the next year.

    Happy birthday SRT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! May the next year be filled with love, joy, peace, and blessings!

  • In December I, for the first time in my life, picked up the bible and started to read it. Not too long after that, I discovered SheReadsTruth through YouVersion and just started to read and embrace everything that I was reading. I am a person that struggles with pride and doubt; however I am still a work in progress and have so much more to learn, I am grateful I have found this community. I am in a season of change right now. God is changing my heart and I am becoming the person that I am meant to be. I am so thankful for the works that He is doing in my life. I love reading His Truth daily because it gives me hope and strength. For He is my strength, my hope, my refuge, and He gives me joy, peace, comfort, focus, and the greatest of all these LOVE.

    Thank you for this community and all you do. As you can see it is impacting a lot of lives across the world.

  • On 24th July last year I stumbled accross this community (actually I think God led me right to it!). I have been so encouraged, challenged and blessed. I am learning to treasure devotional time with God and I have found deep joy and excitement meeting Him through these plans. I am beginning to grasp the depth of God's love and grace and I love being part of a community covering so many miles (I live in Wales). Some particular highlights have been the Proverbs, Holy Week and Nehemiah plans and the screen locks.

    I'm really thankful for God bringing me to this community. Thankful for the way reading His truth has shaped my year. Thankful for the admins and writers who are so faithfully using their gifts to share what God is putting on their hearts. And most of all thankful to our God who has redeemed us and brought us all new life and hope.

    Here's to many more great years!

  • Happy anniversary SRT! These videos are great! I've only been reading the devotionals for a few weeks but they are already such a huge blessing to me and I can't wait to get started in the morning. Thank you so much to the brilliant team of ladies who head up this ministry. Praise God for this great community and for all the ways he is working in the lives of so many women across the world.
    Sending you much love from England,

    • Samantha

      Tabitha, where in England are you? I'm in London!

      • Tabitha

        Hi! I'm in Ringwood, New Forest. It's so great to see women from such diverse places here.

        • Samantha

          That's awesome! You're the first UK'er I've come across :)

          • tabithahannasmith

            Check out Claire's vlog too, number 11 above!

          • Wendy

            Hey girls, I'm from Northern Ireland so it lovely to see other UK'ers on here :)

          • Samantha

            I can't even explain how excited I am that there are FOUR of us!!!

  • elizabethfstewart

    HAPPY ONE YEAR SHE READS TRUTH! I thank God for the joy and privilege of reading God's Word with this great community!

  • Charmaine

    Happy Birthday SRT!!!! I have only been here for a couple of devotions and still trying to find my place back to God. He has blessed that I has seen myself in Hosea and Nehemiah. I have been trying to make some changes with how I do things. My desire for certain things have been under control and for that I give God all the glory. Still unsure about something’s but trusting and believing the God will make things known.

    Although I am grateful for the opportunity to watch the videos of my fellow sister.. I will admit I am so ready to get back in the word with you all… LOL

  • Lynda Clarke

    HAPPY COMMUNIVERSARY SRT thank you so much for all you have poured into my life. I started reading SRT last tear when it begin. I never write anything I just read other post and and gain insight on God's Word.

    Well this morning, I feel led to share. I have gleaned so very much from the daily studies of SRT. My study habits and prayer life has went to another level. Since coming to SRT I'm up bright and early praying, reading SRT and studying…praying and allowing God to direct my day. Having the privilege to read others comments and how the word impacts their lives helps me to better understand sometime what God is trying to say to me. Just to be held accountable to others has given me so much confidence.

    This journey has had some trials but I can always go back reread something I've read earlier or the Holy Spirit brings something to my rememberance. Many times I find just what I'm going through or thinking about I find an answer in a comment or in the study for the morning. I send out daily inspirations and the receivers of those text tell me how my inspiration have changed and are blessing them. To God be the glory for that, SRT have so much to do with that blessing. Only by His Grace and Mercy

    I really don't have a lot to share right now, emotional and blessed to be part of this great move of God through SRT. I pray and bless the name of Jesus for another year of His Will Being Done in the lives of mine and my sisters. I am just so grateful for SRT and the blessings of God that comes from being apart of SRT glory to God!

    To all the writers of SRT again thank you and may God continue to guide your fingers as you daily type SRT for so many sisters to be blessed by. This Community is a blessing to so many of us out here. I know it has hanged my life for the better. Motivational is not a big enough word for me to describe the blessings I daily receive. I determined now, I'm consistent now, I'm diligent and so much more. The grace that's on SRT ministry is beautiful.

    Well taking my grandson to carnival this morning, will certainly be back to read watch and listen to others. God bless and keep SRT and may He make His face to shine on SRT and give us peace

    In His will,

  • LaurenC_

    Happy anniversary to all of the SRT writers, stewards, and my fellow sisters! God’s divine hand has brought us all as strangers into a community, His community. I am so grateful for what I have learned here & the accountability I’ve gained. The Word has given me hope when I had almost lost it, taught me how to extend His grace for probably the first time, and has shown me that I loved completely and forever right here, right now – just as I am.

    I’ve also gained a tremendous amount of insight from my sisters’ comments along the way. Oftentimes I am comforted to read another’s typed words that are so similar to my own thoughts. Other times my eyes are opened to an awareness I wouldn’t have if I wasn’t a part of this amazing community.

    I’m heading out of town now but plan tomorrow to sit and watch everyone’s videos, read the comments & blog posts, and hopefully figure out how to link a quick video myself. Hope everyone has a joyful day in The Lord!

  • This year I vowed to daily read my BIble and pray and to hold onto the joy. In January I began early morning visits to devotions on the Youversion app. I found SRT in February and haven't stopped. I'm SO thankful for this community. Thankful that I can redo the prayer devotion as often as I need/want. I've been encouraged and directed and blessed. Our Father wants me, you, all of us. No matter what we've done, He wants us back. Come. Just. As. You. Are.

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