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Good morning, sisters! This is the day the Lord has made! And not only that, on this day one year ago, SheReadsTruth became a community! It’s our communiversary!

Er… something like that…

Anyway. It’s a big deal. And allllllllll the credit goes to HIM! He gave us all SheReadsTruth last spring – making all of us stewards of this ministry in different ways. He has used SRT to draw His daughters close, to heal wounds and hearts, to give hope and relationship when none was there.

So… how about you? Whether you joined us first thing last June, or you just jumped in for the Nehemiah study last month – we know Christ is at work in our community, how is He at work in YOUR life?

We’ve said many times before how powerful and important it is to stand up and testify to His work in our lives, and today we all get an opportunity to do just that! Write a blog post, record a quick video, whatever way you want to share your story, we want to hear it! Link up with the widget below (that means add the link to your post in the form) so that everyone in the community can click and hear your story!

And while you’re here, click around and get to know your neighbors! This is an awesome day to celebrate His goodness across the globe through the ministry of SheReadsTruth – join us!


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