Hosea 2013: Day

Weekly truth


Today's Text: Hosea 12:6

Today, as a body of women, let’s meditate on and memorize God’s word. Not for our own glory or honor, but for the joy of our Father and the growth of His Truth in our hearts.

So you, by the help of your God, return, hold fast to love and justice, and wait continually for your God. Hosea 12:6 ESV

  • T Thomas

    Thankful that He left with us His Holy Spirit that guides us to return to the place where we belong when we go astray. Im going to continue to pray for Him to help me in the area of patience and longsuffering. My husband and I found a church home last year where we were later married and attended on a consistent basis. His job now requires him to work on Sunday mornings and on evenings where he is not able to attend weekly services. Since Ill go by myself, with our daugther, or just not go at all. I pray earnestly for my husband for God provided the job that provides for our family but it bothers me that his job interferes with our time that is suppose to be set aside for us to fellowship with others. I get frustrated for I know he misses being there with us and does not do any independent reading like he knows I follow here on my own time. I pray he finds something to spiritually nourish him when he cant attend church and that we pray more together.

  • Sisters, please pray for me to discern God’s voice as I grow in a relationship with Him. Sometimes I’m not sure whether or not its His or my desires. I keep having thoughts about starting a couple’s teen ministry (with my ex boyfriend as my future husband & partner) and Pray that I discover His will for my life so I can serve others and exhort them to salvation all to glorify the mighty name of Jesus! Amen & Thanks

  • Wendy, know that what you’re going through will not last forever! He loves you so much and He is with you during this time. But be careful not to give up trusting in His perfect plan in His perfect time! It will be worth the wait! You always have these SRT ladies to pray for you! I pray tonight that you will find peace in His presence knowing He has His loving arms wrapped around you!

  • When I first got this scripture a few days ago I was just thinking about waiting. But honestly I am tired. I am frustrated. Tonight I broke down because all I seem to do is WAIT. I know I have to. God is doing something but waiting and having patience is so hard. My heart hurts Lord, you hear my cries. I seem to swing from having patience to simply feeling like I am loosing it. I am coming 33 in a few days and I think why must I keep waiting. The world seems to laugh at me. Trying to trust. But trust has been so difficult and I try to get through it. Sorry this seems melodramatic. Then I think…what a pants Christian girl I am. If my pastor could hear the words I am speaking over myself. But honestly, years and years of waiting and disappointments hurt. Loving and having someone love you but it not time. Hurts. Friends who turn jealous. Hurts. Having no one to speak to. Hurts.

    • Carolynmimi

      Lord, only You know why Wendy is in your waiting room, but Lord reading her post compels me to lift her situation up to you. Sometimes, Lord and you know us all so well, sometimes we think just put an end to the waiting even if it is not your best, but Lord, encourage Wendy to continue to wait, to hope, to anticipate Your best in her life. Lord, she speaks of hurts and having no one to talk to. Oh, God, I cry out to you to provide her with a friend to wait with her, to listen to her, to keep her steady. Hear her cries, dry her tears, wrap her closely in your arms, let her glimpse the other side of waiting and while she waits let her look beyond or even around the waiting room and bring comfort to others who wait. In Jesus name, Amen.

  • Soliciting your prayers this evening over our business and the team God has brought together to do marketplace ministry in the earth. Praying for God’s wisdom, insight, guidance, and direction. Thank you!

  • My patience has been wearing thing lately. You see a month and a half ago my husband told me he wants a divorce. When we said our wedding vows we made a promise to god to not allow anything to separate us. There has been no adultery on eithe part so there is no biblical reasoning behind a divorce. But he stands firm saying he is just done and doesn't want to try counseling. So what do I do? I pray. I'm trusting God will work on his heart and it will soften. I'm trusting God will help that he will see that our family and our four children and our covenant to God needs to be treasured. I pray and I wait for restoration.

    This verse today was actually one I read earlier and highlighted in my bible. God speaks!

    • Carolynmimi

      Lord, enable Taylor to tamp down her anger and hurt so that she can discern the true driving force in her husband's decision to abandon the vows they made before God. Help her to remember what she loved about him when they first knew they were in love. Help her to as much as she can from one side of their union to act with love toward him. He says he doesn't want counseling, but Lord send him Wise Counsel, in human form or through the Holy Spirit, counsel that will challenge his decision. I pray God that you open his eyes in such a way that as Taylor loves him, he will see her with renewed passion and commitment, that he will remember the vows he made, that he will see their family as sacred and that in all this, Lord, You will restore this marriage. You are God, nothing is impossible for you! We are trusting you in this family's life. In Jesus precious Name, Amen!

  • Sarah Wood

    I don't post on here often, but today I'd love some prayer. My husband & I are adopting two sweet girls from Africa, but we got word yesterday that there may be some things changing in their country's adoption laws. If they do change, there is a strong possibility that we won't be able to adopt them. Please pray that God would move mightily in the hearts of the people making decisions. I'd appreciate prayers for my heart too, as I'm pretty weary.

    • Carolynmimi

      Lord, change the hearts of the ones who would oppose these life affirming adoptions to support to bless these parents and children. Change their hearts of stone to hearts of flesh OR change the ones in charge now to ones who would see the value of placing orphaned children in the arms of those who will love them and raise them to love Jesus! Amen.

    • JuneBug

      Praying for you and your family Sarah. Praying that those precious girls arrive safe in your arms before any changes are made and that the Lord will give you all rest and peace in His divine timing and provision…no matter what.

    • Candacejo

      A special place in Heaven is surely reserved for parents of adoptive children…praying for you and your husband that you will find favor with those in control. Dear Lord give Sarah strength and sweet peace and relief in her mind and heart as she turns all of the worry over to YOU. You are going to be up all night anyway Lord!! In Jesus' name! ♥

    • Melinda

      Echoing the others' prayers for the peocess and for your weary heart. Waiting in adoption is TOUGH and then all the uncertainties get thrown in…

      Jesus, may sarah be flooded with your peace as she continues this journey!

  • anngoerz

    Thanks for your prayers yesterday ladies, as things change (hopefully they do) I will update you;) Thank you Jesus for this community and for the ladies who started it!!:)

  • scripturesque

    In studying this verse, there are some really interesting things going on. First, as we all saw yesterday, nothing happens without God's help. We can't do anything good without Him. In looking into the greek, the words hold fast or maintain in some versions implies putting a hedge around something or guarding it. We have to fight for love and justice-nothing passive here. Third, waiting in some versions is hoping. This is a very active verse. Return. Guard. Hope.

    Much Grace Ladies

  • I want to thank all of you for praying for me yesterday. I found this community by "accident" and feel so blessed to be part of it. Still praying for God's wisdom concerning mom. It really all comes down to financial right now. If you would pray that the VA would release the money that she is entitled to I would be ever grateful. Thank you sisters.

  • Elizabeth

    I've been hearing the Lord telling me to be patient for a while now, and this is just hearing that further. At least when it comes to waiting on God, we know that there is always something wonderful coming.

  • I actually put this on my lock screen earlier thus week! I’ve found if you google a verse via “images” there’s usually a good one you can put on your phone. :)

  • I just love the part about waiting continually for your God…I have been feeling the urge to do the Lord's work in my life and all these radical big moves keep coming into my head. I was praying over the weekend for God to keep these plans in my head if they are His plan, or to remove my desire for them if they are not. I think today's verse is a perfect answer from God…wait continually. I am in probably the busiest time of my life right now (graduating law school, bar exam, buying a home, and starting my job) so to hear "wait continually" was a breath of fresh air. Whatever God's plans are will be revealed in time….I must return to my God, maintain love and justice, and wait continually. Such a great devotional today!

    • coffeeanddreams

      Congratulations on graduating and I send good prayers your way for studying the bar :-)

  • Good morning, sisters! Glad to be a part of SRT. This has been quite the devotional! Had never read Hosea before, it has been so enlightening both in pleasant–and some not-so-pleasant ways. But TRUTH is sometimes not fun to hear. But it is oh so necessary AND freeing. Thank you Father God! Have a blessed day everyone!

  • Praying for you Megan. So glad you’re apart of SRT! I started in January and I look forward every day to studying His Word. It’s also such a blessing to have the support, prayers, and encouragement from other ladies around the world that love Jesus!

  • This Hosea plan has been an amazing blessing. I am still pretty new in my sincere relationship with God ( notice I said “sincere”), and this book has opened my eyes. Every day I am so excited to get on the train so I can get out my Bible and read the Word. The community here at SRT is absolutely amazing and I don’t know where I would be without it. Since starting to follow SRT, I’ve become stronger in my effort to pray daily and I’ve grown much more familiar with my Bible.

    I have one prayer request, and that is that you pray that I find a spiritual home, a new church, soon. My husband and I moved to a new state in February and I am struggling to find a new church. Thank you ladies, you are truly a blessing!!

    • LeahTvt

      Praying that God leads you and your husband to the church He wants you to be a part of.

      • Diana

        Lord I pray that you would lead Megan and her husband to the body of believers you want for them. A place they can be fed and be a blessing. We are many members but one body and I know Lord you have a place for them. Thank you, in Jesus name. Amen

    • Candacejo

      Oh Megan that can be so difficult sometimes! As a Pastor's wife I know how hard it is for people to find a church that they like, how hard it is to be the "newbie" and get adjusted…it is like being the new kid in school all over again! In your case you just want to find the school! I will pray the Lord will open the door, literally that He wants you to walk through to your new church home soon. Feel free to message me on my blog @ http://www.hopeinthehealing.com or my email [email protected] if you would like some help. I travel extensively with our ministry now teaching revival seminars and may know a pastor in your area. Blessings friend!

    • Carolynmimi

      Father God, Megan and her husband are seeking a new place to worship, grow in Christ and to serve. Lord, the unique spiritual gifts your Holy Spirit has given Megan and her husband are needed within a community of believers so they may flourish and build up the whole body of Christ. Lead their steps to not the "perfect" church, but to the right spirited church for their spiritual nourishment and where they can connect and find kingdom building ministry. May there be a sense of homecoming when they enter the doors, may they be drawn by your love, may they hear with your ears the message and teachings, give them discernment,and Father, if You are still preparing a place for them let them not tire as they seek, but instead find purchase and begin to serve, even if later they are led elsewhere. We love you, God, but know our love cannot reach the heights of your love for us. So grateful,, Lord. Amen.

    • anngoerz

      I echo their prayers for you Megan! So glad you are apart of this community and I pray you will soon find also a physical community/church to grow, bloom, and engage/serve in.

  • Thankful for all your prayers yesterday! Praying that all of you would have a blessed day as we meditate on this scripture.

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