Hosea 2013: Day

His discipline is loving


Today's Text: Hosea 10, Galatians 6:7

Hosea 10, Galatians 6:7

It’s so easy to read through the list of wrongdoings in Hosea that Israel has committed and think, “Wow, these people were awful. I’m glad I’m not like that.”

Sisters, we need to keep in mind that sin is sin. God grieves over our sinful nature no matter what it looks like to the human eyes. We all have idols in our lives, we all stumble, we all put human capability before our God’s sovereignty at times. No matter how sweetly it’s packaged up and delivered, it’s still sin.

God is a God of honesty. We see in Hosea that the words He speaks about what will befall Israel happen, and he also speaks of turning away from them for a time. As long as they continue being unrepentant, He will not commune with them. (Hosea 11:7 ESV)

What happens when Israel repents and turns to Him (as He knows they will)? You might be surprised to read that they have to still endure the punishments.

“Do not be deceived: God is not mocked, for whatever one sows, that will he also reap.” (Galatians 6:7 ESV)

It’s not that God wants to see us suffer or endure hardship, but often that’s what life hands us back when we choose sin. If God intervened on every wrongdoing of ours, would we ever learn a lesson? Or would we simply learn that we need to just tritely apologize and all is back to being lovely? God knows our hearts. He knows that when we suffer the consequence of our actions, we have a chance to turn to Him again. To use that pain and those uncomfortable moments to bring is closer to His steady love for us.

Being disciplined is never pleasant. You can see Israel learn this again and again as God waits patiently for them to turn to Him in the midst, where they are able to see how they’re actions caused what is happening. He’s there to stay true to the vows He made for the consequences set, and there to guide our hearts back to Him during that time.

Praise God that He loves us enough to take those risks and have His Father’s heart hurt for us again and again as we stumble, all in hopes we draw nearer to Him.

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  • Jamie BIshop

    I love the book of Hosea. I stumbled upon your page when I signed up for Tumblr earlier today. What a great, convenient way (your reading plans) to stay in the word!

  • I so agree! What a wonderful word and message once again in this study of Hosea! As Carolyn wrote above how wonderful the Body of Christ would be if what breaks the heart of Jesus not only breaks our hearts but moves us to be JESUS!

    Forgive me for my inconsistent visits here. If I come here I forget to check YouVersion and if I go there I usually don't have time to come back here and comment in the am but I try to come and read at least before pm (and give y'all a "thumbs up")!

    Thank you all that regularly add your insights and caring thoughts to accompany these great messages!

  • I am reminded of a song that says, " heal my heart and make it clean. Open up my eyes to the things unseen. Show me how to love like you have loved me. Break my heart for what breaks yours." Challenging.

    • Carolynmimi

      What a wonderful world, hey! How wonderful the Body of Christ would be every heart was broken by what breaks the heart of Jesus!


  • Ellen MR

    Praying for all my Sisters who need it! I ALWAYS feel your prayers, I hope you feel just as blessed when everyone prays for you when in need!
    Thank you for always responding, for always caring!
    Praying blessings and peace for all of you today and always!

  • Carolynmimi

    All these comments made me remember when I first really turned my life over to God, after years of running from my childhood conversion. I had oodles of Big Sins to confess. Once those were acknowledged, I began to notice promptings from the Holy Spirit about little stuff, well, little compared to the big stuff, I had already confessed. So, again and again, from the big to the medium sized, to the little, and so on, I began to see myself in God's light. You know what, I still feel dirty when God says " Did you wash your hands, before coming to the table." I still pamper some of my "little sins" and am not entirely free of some of the larger ones, but I know the cleansing power of confession and Acceptance of His forgiveness. When I start to judge others, the HS nudges me and says look at your hands, they are dripping with the blood of Jesus.

  • scripturesque

    One thing that I saw in this section was that God is unchanging. He can't look at sin, He cannot be unjust, and He cannot be unloving. It is way too much to get my mind around. But, even though God's discipline can be excruciating, and feeling the weight of my own sin can be truly unbearable, God cannot be any other way. A changeable God wouldn't be God, but god, and in fact all of the god's I choose to often too follow. I am so thankful for these words in Hosea. Challenging, revealing, and so necessary. I wrote a post on my blog about sanctification and I think, from all of the comments, we are all in that process. http://scripturesquegraphics.com/process/

    Much Grace Ladies

  • Yeah–“My sin is not as bad as their sin.” Guilty. That’s a sneaky one–that attitude. Lord, help me! I pray for humility. Help me to see my sin–all my sin–so I can confess & repent. This devo sure is making me dig deep. Thanks SRT! Blessings, ladies!

  • It is so easy for me to get caught up in the "my sin is not as bad as theirs" attitude. Oh how I need to work on that! When spending time in prayer with the Lord I am always up front about my sin but in the back of my mind I always think…it's really not that bad right?! A little gossiping, cutting corners at work, cursing, being quick to anger, etc. can't really be the worse sin right? WRONG! Sin is sin in God's eyes and God is grieving over these "little" sins even if they seem small to my human eye. What an eye-opening devotional today. Today I am going to start fresh. Lord, let my eyes be open and my heart honest with each and every sin that happens throughout the day…big or small, let me take heart of it and stop and focus on You in that moment so that I may be truthful about my sin and work on cutting ALL sin, down to the itty bitty small sin, out of my life! Have a blessed Saturday, sisters!

    • anngoerz

      exactly what I needed to hear! Thanks Allison!

    • Margie

      Thank you for your prayer Allison. It is so easy to justify sin, if it's just a little sin right? Sin is sin.

      Just as I was reading your comment, right then, I was convicted about a situation this past week that I hadn't thought too much about.

      Father, God! Forgive me; show me those areas that i justify. Create in me a pure heart.

      Lord, bless each and everyone of these sisters in Christ that yearn to draw closer to you. Be with those that are anticipating a move in their lives; those who struggle with leadership as opposed to assisting (I too can relate [email protected] and I am praying for you!) Thank you for all of the comments posted this morning that has given me the opportunity to search my own heart and be honest about my sin. Have a blessed day, sisters!

  • Another thing- Ladies, tonight I need your prayers. I made a big move about a year ago, and I recently found out that I will most likely be making another big move in the near future. my emotions are quite mixed and I’m not sure what to think. Already I see God’s hand in this. I need to rely on Him more to depend on Him in all things, to trust that He will take care of me wherever I go. But, I can’t help but be worried about my future. There are so many things that I want to take into my own hands and worry myself silly over, but i need to let God take control- making new friends, keeping old ones, a new house, neighborhood, and school, finding the right church, etc etc. It’s a huge and abrupt change that I wasn’t expecting. It’s very easy for me to read the comments and scroll through blessings and smiles and halleluias, but tonight I am sad and worried and in need of prayer.

    • Diana

      Hi Jeann, just stopped to pray for you. I pray that you won't be anxious for anything but in everything with prayer and petition with thanksgiving to let your requests be known to God and the peace of God will guard your heart and your mind in Christ Jesus. Also Father I pray that you as the God of hope will give Jeann all joy and peace as she trusts in you that she would overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit. Blessings to you and your family in your move.

    • LeahTvt

      Prayers for you, Jeanne. God, give Jeann peace in the midst of all this change. I pray that she turn to You and rest in the knowledge that You have everything under control. I ask these things in Jesus’ name. God bless you, Jeann.

    • Carolynmimi

      Pausing to pray for you. Change is so frightening for we long for stability. If this is of God, I pray He will reveal his purpose for you. If this is of man, God still is in control and can bring good out of it. In whichever case, I pray to the One who is the same, yesterday, today and tomorrow, that He will give you peace in the storm that lights up the darkness. Already, He goes ahead of you to prepare the way. "When you cannot see his face, When you cannot feel his grace, Trust His Heart." He is with you now and He is with you in your future, wherever that may be.

    • anngoerz

      I echo Diana and Leah's prayers for you Jeann. It must be so hard to just get adjusted and then be whipped into a whirlwind of change again. I pray you will see God's providence and peace through this whole process<3

    • jesusgirl71

      Praying for you and your move. Praying for peace for you as well.

    • Elizabeth

      Praying for you now Jeann.

  • Today’s post is insightful and touching as always. And in light of today’s focus on sin, I have to confess that I have fallen behind in my devotionals this past week. I pray that God will lead me in a fresh start this coming week. It used to be hard for me to realize that bad things don’t happen to us because God hates us, they happen because He loves us so much. Bad things don’t happen because we sinned, they happen so that we will learn from our mistakes and refrain from sinning in the future.

  • Carolynmimi

    Praying for your ministry, Rocknita. Wish I could be there in body but will be in spirit.

    Jesus said, In this world there will be trouble (consequences for sinful or even careless actions, tragedies of wrong time/wrong place, broken hearts and damaged spirits, cancer, multiple sclerosis, and other illnesses, your body will age and break down, your mind might even go), but take heart, I have overcome the world.

    What Hosea tells me is that God, his heart aching, hovers near, but doesn't always intervene to deliver us from the consequences of sin or even the brokenness of the world. Jesus has overcome all this, so why do we keep on sinning, paying the price, getting sick, etc.

    One thought, and there are better ones out there, our lives as Christians are living letters to unbelievers, nothing in life is wasted, In God's economy nothing in our lives is trash for even our sin, our consequences can be used to bring others to Christ. A friend of mine once said, that Everytime an unbeliever gets cancer, a Christian does as well so that person can learn about Jesus. The same is true of sin, ugly as it is to God, He knows an unbeliever struggling to accept Christ may need a Christian to come alongside them who can share how Deep the forgiveness and love of God is!

  • rocknitat55

    I remember explaining to my son the value of 'I'm Sorry'. You may not agree, but I wanted him to learn to think before he acted.
    I taught him that there are instances that 'sorry' just wouldn't fix, would not be enough to repair damages in some instances.
    Redemption is there, but consequences are there too, and that road to redemption can be a long, lonely road. Not because God isn't there but because he is allowing us to learn life lessons. I remember my pastor preaching one time; How long will you go round the same mountain? Some of you started out sprinting now you are crawling. Lol, for some it takes a while.

    Ladies have a safe and satisfying sat in the Lord.

  • rocknitat55

    I think one of the hardest things that I had to learn was sin was sin and that it all grieved God. When I finally received it in my spirit it was enlighting. It allowed me to see how self-righteous I was. How I never looked at "the thing", or worried how it affected my relationship with my holy father. All I knew is that mine was not as bad as theres! I mighta been a lier but at least I wasn't an adulterer. I stole, but I didn't kill. I have ought in my heart for my sister and brother, but at least i'm not gossiping about them.
    Crazy when you step back and look at our thinking. I always say that our God has got to have a sense of humor.

  • rocknitat55

    Good morning everyone. I have missed interacting with you. I have been reading the devotions and praying but haven't had the time to respond. Excuses, excuses. lol. I actually have been pulling things together for a Prayer Breakfast that I am having in a couple of hours. I am stepping out with the ministry that God has given me. Disicipleship thru Hospitality. I am excited, yet uncomfortable. I am more comfortable assisting than leading. I solicit your prayers that this ministry be mightly be used of God.

  • Candacejo

    "If God intervened on every wrongdoing of ours, would we ever learn a lesson?" Of course we think things would be so much easier for us! But we would never grow. We would always be baby Christians, still drinking milk, we could never get to the meat because we had never grown up! We had never learned any life lessons! If we were always running to Daddy to bail us out of trouble, as reprezent said, in reality, she would never have respected her parents nor would she ever have learned anything or grown up to be the responsible parent she is today.

    I remember one of my boys thanking me when they were in high school for saying "no", for being a parent that cared enough to say "no", because mostly rents just did it care at all!

    Thank God He loves us enough to say "no", and follows through on our discipline and let's us experience the consequences of our actions so we hopefully will not repeat them again. Oh how He loves us!

  • reprezent98201

    I can remember times in high school I was so mad at my parents for letting me screw up but now I see they were letting me suffer the consequences of my actions. They never let me fall so hard I ruined my life (of course, which I am grateful for!) and now as an adult, I see why they let their own hearts break as they watched me make mistakes, quite the way that God's heart breaks every time we disobey. As a parent myself now, I can only imagine how much more I will continue to learn so much more about God now that I have a child…

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