Hosea 2013: Day

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Today's Text: Hosea 6:1

Today, as a body of women, let’s meditate on and memorize God’s word. Not for our own glory or honor, but for the joy of our Father and the growth of His Truth in our hearts.

Come, let us return to the Lord; for he has torn us, that he may heal us; he has struck us down, and he will bind us up.
Hosea 6:1 ESV


  • geraldine

    Come, Let us return to the Lord; for He has torn us but He will heal us. For He has struck us, but He will bind us up.

  • Carolynmimi

    This has been a devil of a week and it is only Wednesday. I have been reading the scripture and all your comments, but really need to go back and do it again when my head clears. I mentioned sometime back that my brother came to live with my husband and I 3 years ago following a stroke that interferes with his memory and some cognition. On Monday during one of his activities, walking our 2 small dogs, he stepped in a small hole and broke his ankle in 3 places. He had surgery that afternoon and is home, but the break and repair are complex. My brother weighs almost 300 lbs, close to what my husband and I weigh together and my husband is recovering from shoulder replacement surgery. A long rehabilitation is expected. Frankly, I am worn out physically and not doing too hot mentally or spiritually. Sisters, I let the devil get a foothold and now I am having to pry his filthy fingers from my thoughts.

    Back here to seek prayer, dive into the word and stop feeling like "I" have been handed more than God working in me can handle.

    Blessings on you all. Sorry to dump it all on you all, but that's how it is.

    • Stephanie

      Praying for you! Being a caretaker is one of the most taxing times emotionally. If at all possible, take time just for you (maybe a bubble bath and some prayer tonight?) and take some time for your marriage.

      • Carolynmimi

        Thanks, Stephanie. Needed that.

        • Ellen MR

          Carolynmimi, oh how i feel your exhaustion! I have been in your shoes and it's NOT easy. I know that sometimes we are just human and overwhelmed- it's that simple. Praying for you to feel stronger physically and spiritually Sister! I always appreciate your posts and hope you are feeling better soon. :)

        • LaurenC_

          Praying for you Carolyn. My goodness you have a lot on your plate right now. Instead of pushing through, I like Stephanie’s idea of a bubble bath & prayer. Slow down for a little while. Reading your comments here on SRT, you obviously are a giver to your church congregation, your family, & to all of us here with your wonderful written thoughts. It can be too easy to give to everyone else & have nothing left for yourself. Give a little back to yourself now. Find that peace & rest.

  • Hello sis marie I’ve been where you are and I will definately pray for your strength of endurance. Yes this walk can be diffucult but we know we find strength in the LORD when we cry out to Him. Be encouraged in Jesus name. Encourage yourself in the word of God and know that He is the author and finisher of your faith. God bless you.

  • Please pray for me…I am so.lost right now…I know the Word and was an avid reader..years ago I prayed for a forum like this ….but daily I ignore Him drawing me. I am so negative about everything and put on like Im happy and when I go to church Im tired after a long day I get put down that I should show Him more…so really should I be fake…then I’ll m putting on a front….I have no intention of quitting but this is really tough! thanks

    • Allison Neal

      I will definitely be praying. Dry patches are probably the roughest part of living the Christian life but it is so worth it in the scheme of eternity. When you are feeling down or believing lies remind yourself about a truth of God. I know I often struggle with thinking I am capable of doing this on my own and then I remind myself that I can only do things through Christ's strength. I will be praying! Feel free to email me if you ever need to talk: [email protected] lifting you up sister!

    • Carolynmimi

      Don't you hate "putting on a Christian face" while tied in knots and feeling barren, I do and yet sometimes I do. For me it is a bit like fighting in the car all the way to church and then stepping out, slapping on my Christian grin and emerging as anything but authentic. Sometimes the fight is between my husband and I but more often it is a fight within, spirit vs. flesh. Like the apostle Paul our struggles continue, as do wilderness experiences, heartbreaks, illness…good grief! We are not immune to all that even though we are saved. Besides that the mountain top highs come too seldom or so it seems.

      But, although we live in the world, we are not of the world with its pick yourself up by your own bootstraps or slap on the Victim label and whine. We don't have to do this alone. In fact the "dry patches" come to accentuate our need for the Living Water and the Bread of Life. We also need a safe fellowship where we can open our hearts and pour it all out, where we can embrace and encourage while receiving the same and frankly that may not always be inside the church building, but as we can we need to carry it in there.

      I have three close Christian friends who hold me accountable and this site, these women have blessed my life in the short time I have been coming here. I think you will find it a safe place, a sanctuary, Marie.

      Praying for you and knowing God will fill your emptiness with His Grace.

    • LaurenC_

      Praying for you Marie. Praying that you feel some rest in your body, mind, & soul. Praying that this rest will center you and make you quiet, and give you time to move through this dry patch to find yourself. And hear His voice again.

  • LaurenC_

    Thank you thank you thank you for your kind hearts praying for Megan today. I heard from her a few minutes ago & the biopsy went according to plan. The doctors were able to easily get the samples they need & Megan recovered quickly from the grogginess of the local anesthetic. She said she felt very calm and at peace throughout the day – thanks to the wonderful prayer energy you all created! Diane, the prayer you wrote was so thoughtful & I will share it with Megan.

    I’m really feeling the fullness of our Lord tonight. Although the process of being torn and ripped is painful & heartbreaking, we must hold tight to our hope in His promises that our binding up again will make us stronger than ever. Just one look out the window each morning reassures us that He does not make mistakes, He will not abandon us, & His promises never fail. Praying for those of you who have felt crushed & heartbroken lately. Praying for your mission trip Allison. It sounds like an incredible opportunity to change many lives, especially yours. I read a quote yesterday that comes to mind (I love quotes!) — “I won’t put a cap on what God has in store for me. Anything is possible.” It may take being broken down & torn apart in order to be rebuild, but with our Savior anything truly is possible. Bless you dear friends.

  • Tina blankson

    From my lips to Gods ears….. I.m praying for Megan and her family. I pray God be in,on, around every situation. Blessings . Big blessings. AMEN.

  • melindawatters

    Thanks for choosing this verse. I have recently committed myself to memorizing scripture regularly. It is an exercise that I now wish I had done more in my life. As I endeavor to 'keep my thoughts captive' nothing helps more than having scripture ready in my mind to think on. This verse really speaks to my heart over heart break and loss I experienced over the past 6 years. I will commit it to memory and it hadn't jumped out to me in my reading, so thank you for bringing it out in this way.

  • anngoerz

    Just looking over chapter 7 and thought I'd share again what jumped out. In verse 13 it says: "…I long to redeem them." Even when reading of His wrath, we can see His true heart is for their redemption. Beautiful.

    Also, I am so thankful that you had us re-read and memorize Hosea 6:1. I don't think I gave it much thought yesterday when I read it but today it has much meaning for me. My husband Mike and I have gone through a real breaking of our hearts together in the last few months..One dream crushed after another. But in this breaking God has been molding us anew..binding us up and healing us. Thank you Jesus for your plan. For your purpose. For your love and your healing!

  • praying for her Lauren!! and praying Allison for your trip & the hearts of those you come in contact with.

  • LaurenC_

    Good morning SRT friends! I'm jumping on here quickly this morning with a prayer request. My friend Megan, the one I told you about who has a large mass in her back, is finally having a biopsy this morning at Duke Medical Center. She has seen several doctors & is now working with the sarcoma team at Duke. She will have a CT guided biopsy to ensure the correct locations for the samples taken. Please keep Megan & her family in your prayers. God's got this, but Megan needs our prayer energy. Thank you & have a great day.

    • Elizabeth

      Praying for her now!

    • rocknitat55

      Pray n for meagan, God bless u also lauren for your intercession.

    • Diana

      Prayed for her as I read this post. Will continue to pray as the Lord brings her to mind. Keep us posted.

      Lord you are the God of of hope. I pray that you would fill Megan and her family all joy and peace as they trust in you, that they may be filled with hope by the power of the Holy Spirt. I pray for wisdom for the doctors, that they would find the location of the mass quickly and that the biopsy will come out negative. We give you all the praise and glory. In Jesus name. Amen

    • anngoerz

      I echo Diana's prayer for Megan and her family!:)

    • Carolynmimi

      Praying for Meagan and her family.

    • Allison Neal


  • rocknitat55

    Hosea 6:1 NIV
    “Come, let us return to the Lord . He has torn us to pieces but he will heal us; he has injured us but he will bind up our wounds.

    When I think about the events that have transpired n my life in the last 2 wks, I can truly say that I have felt torn into pieces. But through prayer and mediation I acknowledge my part n the calamity It is so easy to take your eyes off of Christ and put them on man. Expecially in Ministry.

    Oh, but his word, his promise to heal us, to restore us, to bind up those gushing wounds. Run, leap, hop, limp, crawl. By any means necessary move! Physically some may not be able to move, but your mind can, your heart can, your spirit will.

    Lord, Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done n my life.

    Sisters giving THANKS this Tuesday morning. God bless u all.

  • Allison Neal

    Hi sisters! I first of all want to let you all know just how thankful I am for this community! I am a college sophomore at Illinois State University and I am involved in Cru (formally Campus Crusade for Christ). As I prepare for my last two weeks of class I wanted to share with you women what I am doing with my summer! I will be going to Berlin, Germany for five weeks to evangelize to college students on the campuses there. I am currently raising support and as you can imagine it is pretty stressful. I have to raise about $5,700 to go on this trip and I am currently about 50% there. Anyways, as I am putting together my support team I would love to have some of my lovely sisters from She Reads Truth be in partnership with me. There are two ways you can do this. The first way (and most important) is in prayer. I will need tons of prayer as Berlin is a very tough place to do ministry. Many people haven't even heard the name of Jesus. Also, there are so many international students that come from closed countries that are difficult to get the gospel to and we have the opportunity to do that!!! It is such a huge blessing!! My team of about twenty other college students and I are gearing up to go and we could all use your prayers. I ask for prayers for boldness, trusting in the power of the Holy Spirit, and for team bonding. I know God is going to use this trip to bless my life and grow me. The second way you can support me is financially. It is a very scary things to raise support for a trip like this and takes more trust and reliance on the Lord than I can tell you. It has brought me through periods of major anxiety and combating lies from the enemy but I know it will prove to be a positive experience. I would also love to have your partner with me in this way. If you are interested in doing this you can give online at https://give.cru.org/0684541 or you can email me [email protected] and I would love to send you a paper copy of my support letter and would love to give you more information. I pray through this process of support raising and partnering with some of you that I can grow some unexpected friends and mentors. I am excited to see the way God uses you women in my life and for your support and the way your prayers are answered. If you are interested in keeping updated with the work God will be doing in the future and other ways you can be praying my blog link is http://godislightallisonneal.blogspot.com/ Nothing fancy just growing with God in college! Thanks for taking time to consider sisters. I pray I get to be in contact with some of you soon!

    God bless you all! I couldn't be more thankful and blessed by this community already!

    Allison Neal

    • rocknitat55

      Allison may God continue to bless u as you endevor for Christ. When God gives a vision, there is provision. The way has already been made.

    • anngoerz

      I wish so badly I could afford to send some money your way but I WILL pray. I will pray for your team, your heart, and the hearts of those you come in contact with there. I pray for you to be filled with peace and for fast provision for this trip! God bless Allison! Thank you for sharing some of your heart with us and for being bold enough to ask for help:)

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