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Today's Text: Romans 12:12

Today, as a body of women, let’s meditate on and memorize God’s word. Not for our own glory or honor, but for the joy of our Father and the growth of His Truth in our hearts.

“Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer.”
Romans 12:12

  • I really love what our Father says here. And apart from the Holy Spirit I can’t be constantly living in a day long communication with Him. I find the verse exciting then when the day hits I look back and realize I easily move on, do my tasks, and forget to communicate as I should.
    I’m sure I’m not the only one who gets distracted like this. What do you sisters do to intentionally walk closely with Father each day? Sometimes I put reminders on my phone and I have little notes around my house but really it’s a heart issue that can’t merely take action with will power. I need to submit to Jesus as my leader and guide in the day.

  • Carolynmimi

    And so here we are in our praying…Praising, confessing, forgiving and being forgiven. As the scripture today says (paraphrase) we are cheerfully expectant, patient and expectant during rough times, and praying all the time expectantly. Oh, SRT sisters what a week in the word and in conversation with each other. As one flawed, fragile, and forgiven woman to others in similar conditions, I love traveling with you all. Can hardly wait for more. Blessings!

  • Ellen MR

    Talk about the Lord at work!! Today at my church he was speaking about change in your life- that ALL things are possible IF YOU TRULY BELIEVE!! He will shine thru you and it will be for His glory! But you have to want it, don’t be passive and if you pray in His name you will make those changes…on the way home I was praying about guarding my tongue when I speak, especially to/around my kids….fast forward an hour later, the doorbell rings and a young guy with bible in hand asks to pray for/with me for the Holy Spirit and quotes scripture about the tongue and to speak in tongues …. Ladies, he just left and I don’t know whether to laugh or cry I’m just stunned!!! What just happened?!!
    Wow….I don’t believe in coincidences…and I’m
    literally sitting with my mouth open!! W.O.W.

  • I went through something just this morning. As it was happening, I prayed over and over, God let him be okay..let him be okay. As I was praying, Things calmed down and he seems to be okay. Our God is an awesome God who is full of love and grace. I am thankful for prayer and answered prayer.

  • LaurenC_

    Praising God on this beeeeeeauuuuutiful day for the growth of His truth in my heart! May His promises stand tall and firm in all our hearts, minds, and souls; blossoming like the flowers of spring in the gorgeous sunshine outside my window.

  • Tina blankson

    Hello srt.
    Thank you….
    Today i Will be still and know that my God, our God is God and that Christs message in all its richness must love in our hearts. Teach and instruct one another with wisdom. Sing psalms,hymns, and sacred songs to God with thanksgiving in your heart……
    Lord, thank you for my srt sisters and the way we instruct, teach, guide, help and love each other with your wisdom. Lord, i pray we sing psalms, hymns and sacred songs to you our God with thanksgiving in our heart for all you have done and all you continue to do in our lives.
    May the Lord turn his face to shine on you Today wherever you are, whatever you do. X x x

  • adelineoh

    Great reminder. Be constant in prayer. Thanks!

  • Ellen MR

    Good morning Candacejo! ;)

  • Ellen MR

    Today I can have hope and be patient by praying! Especially on a certain matter so many of you were kind enough to help me with! I go to church with a lighter heart and a hope, all because we serve a mighty God who brings us all together in love, peace and harmony! This is what it’s all about Ladies-
    Praying peace and love to all of you today! :)

  • forgiven:) (formerly know as unforgiven

    Yes Lord:-) rejoicing in the great hope of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! Sisters have a blessed and wonderful day and remember we are redeemed restored and repurchased by the blood of the lamb:-) blessings this day and always:-)

  • Candacejo

    Amy that was just an awesome bog post today, I hope everyone takes a moment to read it! I love what you said here, "Nehemiah was living by God’s scripture and doing God’s good work… and he was a mighty foe to the devil. When you accept God’s call on your life, you will be attacked by the devil. You will be tempted. You will be betrayed. The devil will use every trick in his arsenal to get you to turn from God. But know that God is with you and, Here, I will let God tell you, 1 John 4:4 NCV My dear children, you belong to God and have defeated them; because God’s spirit, who is in you, is greater than the devil, who is in the world!"

    And Harvest Mission Blog has got it going on in India! Wow! As a former missionary I can relate to so much of what they are experiencing. She shares a wonderful testimony today how God shows up and gives them calm assurance! Praying for your work there dear friend! Thank you so much for sharing today! I am in awe of the wide community of friends of SRT, so happy to be a part.

    God bless!

  • This study is definitely one I was needing. Is there no lock screen for the verse today?

  • His_daughter

    Yes I totally agree. I am a nurse and I work nights. I read through these Bible verses and comments on my downtime and it is so nice to see other women going through what I am going through, and seeing women praying for other women by request.

  • Gods word is a lamp unto my feet. I have found that the mroe I read it the more I need it. When I find myself in a difficult situation, I am always looking for God’s word (his promise to me) for comfort. Today, I will set aside some extra time to be in Gods word. Good morning Ladies!

  • AmyKelly213

    This morning, I am truly thankful for this awesome community. Your words, encouragement, and insight have strengthened my faith! We serve an awesome God! I am thrilled and honored to worship Him each morning with like minded sisters! Have a blessed Sunday!!!

  • harvestmissionblog

    Romans 12:12, what a wonderful verse of encouragement. Please stop by our blog to see what GOd has been doing in our midst.

    • Candacejo

      Wonderful blog! Praying God's blessings on your field of labor. As a former missionary I understand the "worry" even though we are not supposed to as a child of God. But He is faithful! He always answers our needs such as in your testimony today!

    • JuneBug

      It's so awesome to see what the Lord is doing in India! Thank you for sharing your blog with us!

  • This interaction with other imperfect women is sooo refreshing

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