Prayer in the Bible: Day

Prayers of praise


Today's Text: Psalm 8

Good morning, friends! And, happy April! I know this might feel like a whirlwind, but we are so excited after wrapping up the amazing Holy Week plan yesterday that we’re going to jump right in to our next plan: Prayer in the Bible.

As always, we invite you to join us right here and to share with the community in the comments, but for your convenience, we also make all of our plans available on the YouVersion Bible app and site. You can subscribe to this Prayer plan by clicking here (if you don’t already have a YV acct, you’ll need to create one first).

We are very much looking forward to this unique plan with you all for the next 21 days. Join us!


I pray because I can’t help myself. I pray because I’m helpless. I pray because the need flows out of me all the time – waking and sleeping. It doesn’t change God – it changes me.  – CS Lewis

All relationships require communication. As any friend, parent, spouse, son or daughter knows, communication does not always come easily. It takes intentionality. Vulnerability. Understanding. It takes practice.

Communicating with our heavenly Father through prayer is a blessing, a privilege, and a gift. But it also takes practice. Over the next 3 weeks, we will examine the power and practice of prayer together as a body of believers. We will identify five types of prayer – praise, confession, petition, intercession and kingdom advancement – and look closely at instruction and examples of each in Scripture. Then, we will discuss the Who/Where/When of prayer and challenge ourselves to put what we have learned into action.

Will you join us as we search God’s Word for His truth about prayer?

“Let us then with confidence draw near to the throne of grace, that we may receive mercy and find grace to help in time of need.” (Hebrews 4:16, ESV)


Day 1:

Prayers of Praise

Text: Psalm 8

Do you wake up praying? Giving thanks and praising Him for who He is and what He’s done?

I admit, it’s not my first conscious action. Generally, I wake with a grumble at the sounding alarm, not a prayer (except maybe for it to stop). I drag myself from the warm covers, make a promise to myself that tonight I’ll take my makeup off before bed and stumble to the kitchen to start the coffee and pull open the blinds.

And at that moment, most mornings, I gasp.

The sky is perfectly painted in layers of icy blue, pale yellow and fiery pink leading to a burst of orange. The sunrise.

He’s gifted this intentional reminder of “glory in the heavens.” This evident, majestic work of His hands.

And despite my weariness, my to-do list, my need for coffee and obvious need for grooming, I forget myself completely. It all becomes about Him. In an instant, my gasp becomes a prayer—a prayer praising His greatness.

Psalm 8 is David’s gasp at God’s majesty, though it’s far more eloquent than my smeary mascara-eyed admiring.

Yet, this is what I long for my first prayer of every day to be – a prayer of praise:

For His perfect creation (Psalm 8:3, NIV), seen in a sunrise that a million painters could never come close to replicating.

For His unfathomable love for each and every one of us (v.4, NIV), despite our grumbles and sinful ways.

For the dominion over all His creation, given to us in the garden and restored in Christ (v. 5-8, NIV), the undeserved redemption we find in His son.

Nothing could be more praiseworthy.

These prayers are not expectant, not tinged with our own self-interest, or a laundry list of problems we want rectified. These are prayers of pure praise, thanksgiving and adoration that our Father receives so gratefully, like the crayon-scrawled thank you note we get from a child. He’ll take our gift and cherish it anytime, anywhere.

Let your first prayer today be one of praise. Forget yourself completely. Share with Him your gasp at His greatness, singing a prayerful song of praise:

“Lord, our Lord, how majestic is your name in all the Earth!” (v. 9)

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  • divabonita88

    "Lord, our Lord, how majestic is your name in all the Earth!” (v. 9)"

    So i had a general understanding of what majestic meant, but decided to look up the meaning. Which is: a) Sovereign Power (supreme excellence, freedom from external control) , authority, dignity

    b) greatness of character

    so…God is Supreme, God is the creator of our existence, God is matchless ..he is MAJESTY!!

  • sarabling

    Well I jumped into this tonight and before I started a new plan in YouVersion I prayed he found me something that I could relate too. I have been feeling the distance with the Lord more than usual lately and I know its because I haven't had my daily time with him as I should. Its amazing how quickly you can loose him without keeping up with his word. When I sat down this evening I prayed with him for while and just pleaded he found me something and lead me to where I am supposed to go with him next. I am being baptized this Sunday and just want this to be something he is so proud of me for. Just feeling a little discouraged because of the distance I have felt when doing something so wonderful for him this week. He has a plan and I know it means something so I am powering through, with Him by my side. _In this first day we speak of prayer and how we do need to realize his majestic ways, everyday all day! God is good, even when you may feel distant there is always a part of your day where you get a glimpse of all majestic he really is….

  • StarrShine

    I LOVE this She Reads the Truth! I was straying from God for awhile, being 19 and in college away from home, you tend to get a lil more than independent and think that you can take on anything and everything. Well something told me that I need to get back to God, and although I was hesitant because I immediately thought of rules rules and more rules of what I can’t do! Anyway, I decided to get into a new devotional and I recall She Reads Truth and with the first day, I was instantly touched. I live in Hawaii and I just took for granted the beauty I am surrounded with everyday by worrying about school and money and fun. After I read I immediately began to praise God for His creative hand! Ah! It’s AH-MAZING! After I felt so full of good energy! Yay! :-) God bless ladies! :-*

  • I am starting late on this plan but I do believe it is not a coincidence that God led me to do this study. I thank God for His love, grace and mercies that endor forever. I am looking forward to becoming stronger in The Lord.

  • Every morning and every night I try to pray. If I forget I feel terrible. I just want to thank him more and ask for less. He already knows what I need.

  • Lumeliana

    I have just discovered this site through youversion. I am behind because I just started today. Better late than never! I look forward to putting God first in my life in all I do and reading your thoughts on this journey. I will probably read more than one a day to catch up.

  • Praying before I even check my alarm and just giving thanks for a new day or my husbands kiss or the cry of my babe is something that excites me when I get up tomorrow and all the days after! I am excited to go on the journey of deeper prayer!

  • Symone R. Horton

    I’m so happy I have found a devotional on prayer that I actually like. I want to make prayer a priority, not just when I’m down and out; teach me to be selfless Lord in prayer. I look forward to finishing this plan and applying it to my life immediately!

  • I can get lost in my thoughts of the miracle that is the universe. Only GOD could have made everything that works in perfect harmony. How waves connect with the moon, the solar system and the sunrise. THE HUMAN BODY – just the systems that we use to live. SO AMAZING. He is worthy of all of my praise – I don't do it enought.

    Obviously I loved this reading – looking foward to this series and hoping to comment and interact more.

    God Bless!

  • Struggling sibling

    Oh I too gasped at the beautiful day The Lord has made. I love the sky and I frequently take pic with my phone of beautiful sunsets & cloud formations. But I am also excited that I started this plan only a day late. It will be great to focus on God almighty & prayers to praise …. I am blesses to find you ladies to accompany me on this journey. Thank u Lord

  • I am glad and honored to join this new way to stay prayerful! I’m expecting new things to be learned!

  • Grateful for this plan and the reminder to praise our God – for He is an awesome God. Thank you for the heart and soul and effort each of you put into crafting these plans. I'm am so looking forward to walking through this study of prayer!

  • I am so excited for this study with all of you SRT sisters! Through the years, I have done studies on prayer with other sisters, and on my own. Probably more so on my own.

    Many years back, in dealing with some painful issues raising a very difficult son, I yearned to pray effectively and purposely. Praying kept me sane during that time! I had/have a very dear friend who shared with me that when she prayed, she would visualize The Lord approaching her, holding her hand,and waiting for her to share her heart. I so loved that idea and have done it for about 8 yrs now.

    Jesusgirl71, thank you for sharing with us. I agree with Carolymimi that you could give all of us a new perspective of praise in another way.

    Tina, from New England, welcome! So cool to think that we sisters are connecting from all around the world!

    I give praise and thanks for all the blessings The Lord has given me in my life. Some of my most powerful blessings I have received have been through some of the most difficult circumstances in my life. I am learning (a work in progress) to praise HIM in ALL circumstances, which has been totally through HIS grace.

  • jesusgirl71

    Thanks all for your comments. They really mean a lot. I use words like see all the time, so that doesn’t bother me, just so you know.

  • I am thankful for this study. I never felt like I prayed right. I do pray before I read and eat, but I never feel like I praise God enough. (well is there ever enough praise for Him). I am excited to really get into the foundations of prayers.

  • Ellen MR

    I found it, but the link to SRT isn’t “automatic” anymore?? I had to go back to a previous study to link up here?! Not tech savvy either, I do it all on my phone!
    Anyways!! So glad to be doing this plan too. I picked up on one of our studies before that we need to praise more and took it to heart. I don’t ever want to neglect all the wonderful things He’s blessed me with! No matter how small or maybe to others it’s not much to be thankful for, but I am! And dealing with medical issues too, I am soo thankful for each day- even when I don’t feel very well, I’m still here with my kids- PTL!! :)
    That’s why Holy Week was just so profound for me. I’m just so grateful I don’t know what to do or say! What perfect timing to learn how to express that gratitude with appropriate prayer and praise for all He has done for all mankind.
    Jesusgirl, it must be hard for you, we always throw around expressions about “see this”, “look at that” without thought sometimes, but I hope you FEEL the beauty of the breeze, the smell of spring and the love of your Sisters here at SRT!
    Hope you all have a blessed day! :)

  • LaurenC_

    Hello! Yesterday was such a euphoric day of praise. Wouldn't it be amazing if every day could begin and end like it? But we are human living in a very human world. After such a powerful Lenten season and Resurrection day, I know the enemy is going to buckle down and try even harder to control me. What better way to rise above his lies by recommitting to prayer and staying in God's word. Yesterday was just the beginning; I still have my problems, my pain, my grief, my stress, my worry. The difference after yesterday is that I also have a risen Lord in my heart. He has always been there, I've just chosen to serve my problems more often than serve Him. I'm grateful we are starting right up with a new plan, and really excited about this plan. We all need support to stay connected, to keep our fires lit. All too often, my prayers can become just another to-do list whether it's petition, remembering who to pray for, or remembering what to thank God for. Praise can become just a quick – "Yay God!" – rather than an intentional focus. Others have commented above that God is worthy of our praise not because of what He can do for us, but just because He is. He is. Couldn't agree more!

    • Carolynmimi

      My husband said something yesterday that has really stuck to me, "each new day is a mini resurrection." Reading Raechel's introduction this morning reminded me of that…take time to gasp in awe. What you said, LaurenC about serving your problems rather than Jesus really hit me in the gut…I do that. Thanks for sharing…looking forward to more mini resurrection days with SRT Sisters.

  • What a wonderful community. This reading today really made me focus on those first few moments in the morning. When I am sitting in the quite of the house, before the coffee pot is on, before the morning news is on. There is a moment when I can take a deep breath and be filled with the peace that God's grace gives me and let it empower me to the live life I have been gifted and to do so in his image.

  • Candacejo

    They have finally added it on YouVersion :) Go to Browse Plans, then to Devotions, then She Reads Truth, then Prayer in the Bible.

  • jesusgirl71

    Charmaine, I am with you. I want that back too. Praying for you.

  • Charmaine

    Well I have to admit I don’t wake up praising God every morning. Sometimes it’s why did you wake me Lord? Lord I’m in too much pain to get up. And sometimes it’s we Lord thank you that I can feel the pain. Doing this study will help me in so many ways. I am better now which means I dont complain about my medical issues as much. There was a time in my life where I did nothing without praising God. He was my life but I made some mistakes and left him. But I can praise him now for allowing me to return to him. I want that feeling back where I knew he was there and I could handle everything. It’s like knowing the lion can’t hurt you in the lions den.

    I’m struggling to get that closeness back and I think this study will help me do just that as long as I stick with it. I ask that you ladies pray for me.

  • jesusgirl71

    First of all, ladies, it is in Youversion. Go to browse plans and type in SheReadsTruth and look through all of them and you will find it. That’s what I did!
    You know, the comment about God cherishing our praise, I thought, “I don’t feel very worshipful today, yet I am still saying the words, trying to praise.was So I think because I don’t feel it, God won’t cherish it. But then, I realized, He does! What a revelation! my prayer life definitely needs improvement, so ow am looking forward to this plan withrt anticip,n4

  • Praising God today, following the beautiful gift of resurrection. My gasp is quiet as I contemplate the majesty of my Lords name! Sooo thankful.

    Ladies, the new SRT PLAN in Youversion is under NEW PLANS….SRT, not in individual plans yet. Blessings to you all.

  • Madeline C.

    I love thinking of prayer as communication with God. That helps me to relax and listen to him, as well as make it a priority. So excited to see so many ladies looking forward to this plan!

  • jesusgirl71

    Steph, thank you for those lyrics. That song is my favorite right now, and I have been feeling far from God the last couple days, numb, not in awe. This was what I needed! I have also been feeling bad because when talking about the sunrise, etc., being blind I can’t marvel at that. I can’t see the moon and the stars. So how can I marvel at God’s creation when I can’t see it? It’s hard sometimes. I know thereare ways,but it’s hard to find them sometimes.

    • Carolynmimi

      Jesusgirl71, I did not realize you are blind, but knowing that started me thinking about our senses and what we can grasp of the wonders of creation without vision to fall back on. One prominent sense is smell, scientists say it is the sense that sparks the most vivid memories.

      When I was a kid, I loved early summer days, lying on a pallet in our yard, eyes closed, breathing in the grass, trees, flowers. Eyes closed, I could imagine myself anywhere in the world, so even the familiar sounds, the next door neighbor's dog barking, the wind sweeping across the landscape–we had a lot of wind–, voices indistinguishable but human and comforting…so many sounds. And the feel of the blanket, the warmth of the sun, the grass as I ran my hands across the blades, all marvels of creation.

      Sometimes when I would open my eyes, the wonder diminished, for my world was not as pretty with my eyes wide open.

      I perceive that you, jesusgirl, could help those of us with sight "See" God's creation in new and wonderous ways that will prompt a whole new level of praise for us all. Blessings!

  • "Praise is befitting to the One who died!" – Will Reagan

    I will tell my soul, you will praise the Lord.
    Jump out of bed and prepare for the Lord has made this day for me!
    Gasping at the sight of His marvelous works.
    He makes beautiful things. He makes beautiful things for me to see.
    God You are beautiful. May my lips forever praise Your Holy Name! //

  • I live on an island in the Chesapeake Bay on Maryland's eastern shore. Most mornings when I look out my window I do pause, maybe even gasp. I'm not sure it is a gasp of praise per-say but one of "oh my, how beautiful the water is today!" I will intentionally make my gasp one of praise…even before my first cup of coffee!

  • I found She Reads the Truth yesterday and I can not wait to start this study! Ahhh! Yay!

  • As I walked into the main living area of our house and saw the mess that I forgot about from the weekend, thought about the load of laundry in the washer that I need to rewash since it's been sitting there too long waiting to be moved to the dryer, remembered we still haven't done our budget for April, and that I need to start packing to move out at the end of April, I was feeling a bit overwhelmed and was asking myself where to start on this Monday…

    I decided to stop for a few moments to read and do my devotion, and here my question is answered: PRAISE! I need to start today and every day with praise for our wonderful Creator. The one who made us and all the beautiful things around us. The beauty in this world is too much to wrap my my mind around sometimes, and I just want to get lost in His creation…thank Him for creating such a wonderful place for us to live. HE IS GOOD! Thank you, Jesus for this wonderful day!!

    • claire

      Amen what an awesome testimony! Great way to start your day, hope the rest of the day continued well! If not, there’s always another day!

  • Is this plan on youversion? The link on your sidebar is for the last one.

  • "I love you Lord and I lift my voice to worship you all my soul rejoice."

  • Candacejo

    Here is the plan following Holy Week that the ladies put out but it doesn't answer the question as to whether there is a YouVersion app this time. I haven't seen one pop up either so I am guessing this is the format but we can look again in the morning to be sure!

    After that, beginning on April 1st we are going to do a neat new format for a Prayer Plan. We willl study six types of prayers, and with each type, we’ll take a day to study study scriptural instructions, a day to find Biblical examples, and then there will be a day for us to practice what the Bible has taught us. (You should see our pages of notes and Bible references – it’s going to be an amazing scripture bath and hopefully a game-changer in the way we commune with our God!)

    After the Prayer Plan, we have a strong desire to really Dig Deep. Like Old Testament, huge-chunks-at-a-time deep. Even whole books at a time. We’d love to find God with you all in the major and minor prophets – and perhaps elsewhere. We may write accompanying devotionals, or we may just soak it in each day with y’all and join the conversations in the comments. We are still praying about the format, length and resources for this time, but we trust that the Lord will reveal Himself to us in brand new ways and we’re seriously looking forward to this!

    Finally, we’d love to spend some time this summer studying Women in the Lineage of Christ. This will allow us to take time to study more Old Testament stories from a slightly more conversational perspective. It’s always a rewarding challenge to see the way every story in all of the Bible whispers His name.

    • Carolynmimi

      So excited to see this unfold. I know it takes an enormous amount to prepare, but so blessed. Do wish the link with youversion continued..very convenient.

      • Candacejo

        I see they have added it ! They have edited the devotion and it has been added to the Youversion app but you have to go to Devotions then She Reads Truth and then Prayer in the Bible. ;)

        • Carolynmimi

          Found it and so glad…another praise to God.. Unfortunately or maybe fortunately, all my concern about a format for this Bible study took precious moments when I could have been praising, praying, reflecting on His word or digesting all the posts that have come to fill me. I am reminded again of my inflexibility by the HS, confess it and allow Him to work in me so I can bend. Still, I am thrilled it is linked to youversion (LOL)!

  • I’m so excited to start this plan. I’ve been hoping we would do a plan soon that focuses on our communication with God because I struggle with listening to Him. Loving this plan already!

    Even though we may feel useless and unworthy, God created each of us with a purpose. I was reading a book by Victoria Osteen last night, “Love Your Life” and she said something really great: “Remember, God did not create a failure when he created you. He did not breathe His life into a mistake.” Wow, that is something I need to remember.

    I have been doing the plans for SRT for quite awhile, but I usually don’t comment often. I hopele to change that starting today!

  • Welcome Tina! It’s so exciting to be sharing God’s word across the world! I praise God this morning for a new breath, a new sunrise, a new start, and a new heart Every morning! He makes all things new! AND a New Bible study to start this morning with all of you!

  • what a great follow up to holy week. PRAISE! simply praising God for who He is after we've tried to grasp what He has done. Puts everything into perspective. Praying for this study to impact us sisters in BIG ways.

  • Yes, I gasp too! The golden hue of the sun is rising through my window as I type. It fills me with giddy wonder to think that God created this moment…and the ones my SRT sisters are having too. And we get to share in it wherever we are.

    I am so looking forward to focusing on the topic of prayer. This ethereal connection we have with the Father that keeps us rooted and planted and growing in Him. Where "deep calls to deep." And, I love what rocknitat55 described as "breath prayers," those faint morning whispers to God as we creep back into consciousness.

    Have a blessed day!

  • Good morning sisters! I am so very happy be here with you all :) I'm looking forward to diving into this study and all your insights. Yesterday was indeed glorious wasn't it. Praise! Praise! Praise! He is RISEN!

  • Encouraging read today!

    Is this plan on You Version?

  • Sherry_H

    My new goal, take time to gasp! Thank you, Raechel.

  • Carolynmimi

    Communication, the building block of relationship, involves the totality of our senses, our minds and our bodies. Using scripture to communicate with God as well as directing us to the substance of our prayers is like choosing to speak in the language of the listener. With The Holy Spirit's guidance I hope to learn more of God's language, His Word to breathe the "five types of prayer – praise, confession, petition, intercession and kingdom advancement". Not only because I want Him to hear me, but because I want to hear Him and understand.

    Father God, I praise You with all my being, search me, enable me to praise You more. Enable me to Pray with these wonderful women! All praise and glory to you as we embark on this quest to learn your language and speak your words and Precious Jesus to Listen and Hear your voice. In the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, Amen.

  • Gonegarcia

    I am not good at prayer and tend to shy away from studies about it. This is something that needs to change, so thanks for doing this study. Not excited, but ready.

    • Jesyka

      Thank you for your honesty…praying that the LORD would stir up excitement and anticipation through this study and help you to connect with His heart through prayer…He LOVES to hear your voice!

  • All glory, honor, praise and thanksgiving to God the Father, God the Savior, and God the Holy Spirit! Now and forever! My God and my King!
    This is my prayer. Easy and powerful. Always appropriate.
    Blessings to all my sisters today!

  • Absolutely beautiful. Thank you for this encouraging devotion. Can’t wait to read more!

  • Is there a plan on youversion for this or are we just doing it by email?

  • I’m excited for this devotion. I can’t say that my prayers aren’t for my needs and wants more often than not, but I always try to remember to praise Him and thank Him for my many blessings every day. I’m hoping this will help me with my prayer life tremendously =)

  • I need to memorize that verse at the beginning and the Ed of the psalms. An anthem and exclamation of praise at God’s beauty and worth. A declaring of His greatness.
    Alesha <3

  • rocknitat55

    No gasp this morning! Maybe because we get new mercies. I love the sunrise. I love being able to see it. I’ve been blessed to live n places where u can see it. No smog or tall skyscrapers.

    I must surly begin the day with breath prayers as I roll over to find my brussels staring me in the face . I announce to him This Is The Day That The Lord Has Made and We are surly glad! He replys with a yawn, a wag, sometimes a lick, but Mostly a demand to be taken out side, fed, and the blinds to be opened so he can sit infront of his favorite window. Oh the simplicities of life. Lol

    Then I get to open up my phone and begin my prayer time with SRT. I am so excited to see what thus saith the Lord.

    Good morning Tina! Breath prayers, praise, I could not exist without it

    God bless u all on this Marvelous Monday!

  • “…like the crayon-scrawled thank you note we get from a child. He’ll take our gift and cherish it anytime, anywhere.” LOVE the image and feeling this conjures up! Glad to be starting a new devo with y’all. Blessings, all!

  • saowapkch

    It’s like a wake-up call. This morning I actually turned off my alarm clock and went back to bed :p Didn’t even look out the window and see how amazing God has painted the sky.

  • I've never commented before, but I've been with y'all since Advent. I am super excited about this plan and cannot wait to see how it enhances my prayer life- because far too often, my prayers are mumbled cries for patience throughout the day and not the deliberate acts of praise they should be.

  • AmyKelly213

    I am so very excited about this plan! So excited about exploring prayers in the scriptures!! I am hoping to see it linked to YouVersion… But I am just so thrilled at the posts and conversations started that I will happily switch from app to app for as long as I need to! ;)

  • Candacejo

    What a Friend we have in Jesus, all our sins and griefs to bear!
    What a privilege to carry everything to God in prayer!
    O what peace we often forfeit, O what needless pain we bear,
    All because we do not carry everything to God in prayer.

    Couldn't help but think of this old hymn this morning with Raechel's lesson. It has taken me years to learn that I am the one missing out, I am the loser, if I miss my time with Him each day. It clears my mind, refreshes my soul, calms my fears, releases my anxieties, and gives me a peace that passes all understanding. Why would I NOT want to start my day with the Lord?

    We are cumbered about with the cares of this life and the enemy of our soul does everything in his power to make sure he puts a stumblingblock in our way to keep us from praying. We have to be diligent about it because it is our very lifeline!

    The eternal rewards are incomprehensible, the earthly benefits we can't live without! Can't wait for the rest of this study!

    • JuneBug

      Amen! So true. Starting my day by being with the Lord, my Creator, is the best medicine I can give myself. Awesome!

    • Orenda Smith

      Praise God!! Thank you for this wonderful reminder. God Bless

  • The sun comes up, it's a new day dawning. It's time to sing your song again. Whatever may pass and whatever lies before me, let me be singing when the evening comes. Bless The Lord oh my soul. Worship His holy name. Sing like never before, oh my soul. I'll worship your holy name. –Matt Redman

    • Alesha

      I love this song! And so fitting with today’s devotion. =)
      Alesha <3

    • Allison

      Thank you for reminding me of this song! I need to remember this song each morning as I wake and praise our Lord for all he does and will continue to do in our lives. I am a member of a praise team at my church and love this song, but have never thought of it in this way to praise our Lord each morning! Thank you for this lovely comment :)

  • Was so enhanced by the Holy week study we just finished that I wondered what was to follow. And now I give ,for what better way to follow but with how to praise and communication better with our Lord! And yes I do find my days begin with grumbling, but when I take time to begin with praise and thanksgiving the day always seems brighter! Happy Monday y'all!

  • I love following along with your reading plans. I have been thankful for the gasps I get in the morning. Starting my day with reading Gods word is the only way I can make it thru my day. Is this reading plan on You Version? I was unable to find it.

  • i def need that “gasp”! though not grumbling but my mornings usually welcome me with the desperate cry for god’s never ending future grace. lord have mercy on us today. help us. i forget to praise; i forget to give thanks!

  • Singing “Oh Lord how excellent, how excellent, how excellent…is thy name. In all the earth, in all the earth, in allbthe earth…Jesus excellent…is thy name!”

  • Our LORD, our God is worthy to be praised. Not only for what He has done and is going to do but just for being God!

  • Tina Blankson

    A very good morning tp u all out there from a little village in England. I have gasped this morning because i have found you on day 1 of studies. I am usually 2/3weeks behind. Do yes i am praising God right now fir the beauty in his timing. The beauty in my hopefully, being a sister from afar and yet being there with you in spirit. I have loved your sharing. your honesty. Your testimonies. Your love of each other, though( i.m guessing ) never met.
    I gasp. I gasp in praise because i found you, my sisters. Thank you God for everything.

    • Carolynmimi

      Oh , Tina. I gasp in praise that you are here on the first day of this study. To my knowledge few if any of us have met, but I have started following some of the Sisters in Christ on individual blogs. Welcome, welcome, welcome! Looking forward to reading your posts as we go forward.

      • Anita

        Carolyn…..Hi! can I ask you how to locate the blogs others might have? Is it just through talking with them? I'm not real tech savvy and didn't want to be poking around for things that may be private. thanks for any help.

        • Carolynmimi

          Hi Anita, I am not Tech savvy either, so kinda lucked into some of these. I sign in with intensedebate to do my comments…don't know if that makes a difference. I tap on the poster's icon and it often takes me to their blog..I then can choose to follow. Also, I follow if someone posts the blog address in their posts. Hey, those of you with blogs, please post them for all of us. I haven' t set up a blog yet…as I said not too tech savvy.

    • Anita

      Tina….GOD is so good to have led you to this place at this time. I was excited also that I am getting started on day 1. I have done a couple of plans after coming to them a little late…but found myself drawn back each time by the Word of GOD and the warmth and "realness" of the women here. So glad you are here now too!

      • April

        Yay! Finally get to start a study from day 1!! I praise God for this, wholeheartedly, because I receive the e mails and knowing there was a study going on I would delete quickly, and today something told me to open it!! What an encouraging study this is going to be! Thank you! Can’t wait to get to know you all!

    • Jesyka

      Welcome! So glad you are here and are a part of this community!

    • LeahTvt

      Yes, so glad you've joined us! Blessings!

  • Autumn Dawn Leader (aka Songmistress)

    The prayer that is birthed in praise, the praise that comes out of prayer. The response of the grateful heart. I’m not a morning person either. But, I’m so glad my Heavenly Father is. His mercies are new this morning for me. I begin each day with prayer out of necessity: I cannot face the day without His grace. Looking forward to doing this plan with all of you!

  • I totally get that gasp!!! I felt it this Easter morning as I felt my whole being, mind, body and soul were reaching heavenward praising God for His resurrection power!!!! He is risen! He is risen indeed!!! O LORD, how majestic is His Name in all of the earth!!!

  • Amen- what a great way to start each day!

    Ps. Is there a bible plan as couldn’t find it on you version?

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