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Hello, She Reads Truth friends! I am so thankful for the invitation to share with you here on the She Reads Truth site today. I love this community, and I love that what brings us together is a desire to seek Him more and live out His truth.

One of the amazing blessings I’ve experienced as part of the She Reads Truth community is the rhythm of scripture reading I’ve developed and how as result of seeking Him more intentionally, I am able to more clearly discern His voice and hear Him speak directly to certain things I’m going through, praying about, etc.

Recently, I’ve been thinking a lot about the idea of being fruitful in my faith and how I can live my story more courageously, gratefully, and faithfully.

One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned over the last few years is that every season has its own value and purpose, and it’s freeing to be able to trust Him enough to embrace the story He’s written just for you.

For me, that means embracing my current season of singleness and trusting Him to bring growth and fruitfulness in the midst of the waiting and the wondering. Hope can be bittersweet — especially during times like these, as we turn our precious prayers over to His care and look to Him to guard our hearts in patience and peace.

After years of praying for marriage and waiting in delicate and hopeful anticipation, I am, for perhaps the first time, truly feeling as though I can hear His whispers about the value and purpose in this current season. He is showing me that He has plans for me right now, that He is using me right here. Dreams are being developed and nurtured, and my faith is being lived out every day, in sometimes small, but always significant ways.

“For we are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.”  (Ephesians 2:10)

Sometimes, I think it’s easy to look at where we are and see what’s missing, or compare our story with someone else’s. But His truth reminds me that I was created for my own good works, adventures, and experiences, and He has prepared all of those things in advance. I want to trust Him so deeply that I question and complain less about where He has me and instead praise Him for it.

Recently, as I was reading The Message translation of the Soul Detox plan, I came across this verse from Romans 12: “Embracing what God does for you is the best thing you can do for Him.” That truth challenged my heart in mighty ways, because if I’m truthful, I had allowed some bitterness to take root.

Honestly, I don’t like even typing those words, but sharing them is important, I think, because they are an illustration of how His truth brings renewal, refreshment, and a fresh perspective. And they show how willing He is to meet us right where we are, speaking to whatever we are experiencing.

In my current season, I want to praise Him for engaging my creative heart and encouraging me to chase after dreams and grow as an artist and a writer. I want to praise Him for teaching me about discipleship and friendship and marriage and for showing me what it means to live out this verse from Hebrews 10:24: “Let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds.” When I truly take the time to reflect, I am humbled and amazed at His goodness to create this story that is unique to me.

I won’t stop praying for the desires and dreams I believe He’s placed on my heart — like marriage. But with faith, I will embrace where He has me right now, abiding in Him and finding joy in the moments He’s scripted just for me.

And as my trust in Him continues to grow, I will keep committing my deepest hopes and desires to Him, believing He will develop them, as He wills, and bring about a harvest at just the right time.



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  • Elizabeth

    "I want to trust Him so deeply that I question and complain less about where He has me and instead praise Him for it." AMEN! I just started reading 1000 gifts and I think you would really enjoy it and be blessed by it as well. It is about finding Joy in the now and focusing on what we have not what we don't have :) I loved hearing your heart Katie and I am checking out your blog now!

    • Katie

      Hi, Elizabeth! Thanks for reading! I read 1000 Gifts over the summer, and I LOVED it. In fact, I think I need to read it again this summer. So many wise, encouraging, inspiring thoughts in her book. Happy to connect with you here. :)

  • Ellen MR

    Beautiful story Katie! You’ve blessed many with your testimony. May the Lord bless you with the desires of your heart! :)

  • Lauren C

    Thank you, Katie for taking the time to read the comments & respond to me. How very kind! Thank you so much for that sincere, earnest prayer. My heart felt it & I am grateful. The Holy Spirit really is working here on SRT with these daily testimonies. It’s truly amazing, I’ve never experienced anything like it!

  • Lauren C

    …. Your desire to live courageously really convicts me because I know I haven't been doing so. It's been more like – making do and keeping busy UNTIL…. (I get married, I become a mother, I get a new job, etc. etc.) I'm learning more every day that God has special plans for me, for all of us, and though it may not look like I thought it would – my life is still beautiful and will be as long as I give it to Him. Having said that, it's still difficult some days to accept that my singleness may not be just a season. I would appreciate your prayers. Thank you.

    • Katie

      Hi, Lauren, thank you for reading my story and sharing your heart here. I will be 30 later this year, so I understand the pressure a woman can feel when it comes to age and fertility, etc. I'm glad you found encouragement in my post. Living courageously and with contentment isn't always easy, but I'm learning that when I really lean into Him, trusting that He does have a purpose for every season He brings me through, that He makes everything work for good, and that He is using me even now, I am blessed with His joy and peace. Praying for you right now! Praying He encourages your heart and blesses you with a fresh perspective on where He has you. I pray that you would know how precious you are to Him and that He is using you to further His Kingdom in beautiful ways. Praying that He'd give you abundant joy in your current season, but also sweet hope for the future He has planned for you. :) xoxo

  • Lauren C

    Thank you Katie. I got a little behind yesterday & just now reading your testimony today and all the great comments. Your blog description says you are a 20-something; I'm older than you but feeling many of the same feelings. I've always assumed I would be a wife one day, be a mother one day… and I'm in a relationship but unmarried. I hate to talk about the ticking biological clock, but fertility isn't meant to last an entire lifetime and I'm approaching the age where motherhood may not realistically happen for me. When I think about it, I feel extremely sad and confused. I try not to think about it because those feelings often overshadow the positive aspects of my current (long-term) relationship…

  • Heather Disarro

    I loved reading this Katie! I too am working on just being thankful for where God has me rather than complaining about what I don't have. Hearing it and seeing it in others' is such a blessing!

    • Katie

      Thanks so much, Heather! :) So glad we can all come together here and spur each other on! Turning discouragement and complaints into praise isn't easy, but it's definitely worth it! Encouraged to know that you're working through that in your life, too! Praying He blesses your efforts and that we both continue to grow and bear His fruit in that area!. :)

  • Katie, thank you for sharing your story. I too struggle with the concept of why I am still single. I have had several long term relationships but never seemed to find the one. I want to get married and have children and build a family but I am realizing that even though I think I am ready, God has different plans for me. I struggle every day to just leave my life in his hands and trust that he will guide me in the right direction. Thank you again for sharing your story, it really touched my heart. Good luck with everything!

    • Katie

      Hi, Missy! Thanks for reading. :) So glad that you found encouragement in my story. Praying that He would help you to keep surrendering your desires into His Hands and trusting the story He's written just for you! :)

  • iheartvegetables

    I think for me, the hardest part was, when all my friends were getting married, they made me feel like God just dropped some guy in their lap. I couldn't help but think "why not me?" but now that I'm a little older and my friends have been married for a few years, I can totally see that not only was I not ready for marriage, but I also had TONS of growing that I needed to do. Now I'm so happy with the person I've become and I feel like I'm truly ready for that next step. Its HARD because trusting God isn't easy (even though people make it seem like it is) but you must be on the right track :) Thank you for sharing your story!

    • Katie

      So encouraged by your story! What a great place to be. Praying that you keep learning and growing and praying for His fruit in your life. It sounds like He's doing amazing things in your life! :)

  • I love, love how you wrote that every season has its own value& purpose. . Isn't there so much truth in those words? Thank you for your testimony, thank you for sharing God's grace with us.

    • Katie

      Hi, Susie! Thanks for reading and for your sweet comment. So happy you're a part of this community. :)

  • Hi Katie! Thank u so much for ur story, I totally relate to that. I have been single for 8yrs nw and to b honest am tired of being single!!!!! I have been praying for marriage for quite sometime up to a point where I feel like God can do everything else apart from him giving me a husband. Don’t get me wrong I know there is nothing impossible with him bt bcause it has taken too long sometimes I just feel like giving up. Ladies I really nid ur prayers

    • Katie

      Hi, Susan! Thanks for reading and for sharing your heart and story. I have been single for about that long, as well, so I definitely understand! I will be 30 later this year, and I certainly thought my life would look differently than it does! ;) I have thought the *SAME* thoughts you have — that God can pretty much do anything but bring me a husband. But you have to fight those lies with truth! :) For me, surrendering my desire for marriage has been one of the hardest areas of my life to surrender, but when you work through that and surrender it He really is faithful to bless you with joy and contentment. (And I know it's an area I will have to keep surrendering, as well!) Blessings to you today! Praying that He would encourage your weary heart, give you abundant joy in the present, and give you hope for the future He has planned for you! :)

  • Thanks for posting this. It's a beautiful testimony about being content, waiting on God and praising here where you are. I struggle with this and am working on it right now!

    Thank You!

    • Katie

      Hi, Kaydee! Thanks for reading and for your sweet words. May He bless your heart and encourage you, as you continue to work through what you're learning. I'm so thankful we can all come together here on the She Reads Truth site and encourage one another to keep pressing on!

  • Wow this is exactly what I needed to hear! I've been struggling with contentment as I find myself in a "limbo stage". It has taken me quite some to realize that even though this place isn't where I want to be, it is exactly where God wants me. He has spoken to me and worked in me so much in the past 6 months that I am learning to be grateful for this in between time. Romans 12 is a passage I keep coming back to through She reads truth and each time a new nugget of truth ministers to me. Katie, thanks for highlighting the verse about embracing what God is currently doing in our lives because I definitely needed to hear it!

    • Katie

      Hi, Ashley! So happy you were encouraged by what the Lord has been teaching me. I am blessed by what you've been learning, too! I'm so encouraged to hear that you are seeing the ways God has been working in you these last 6 months. Even though in-between times can be challenging, I'm thankful that He gives us joy in the midst of them. I wrote this in my journal a few months ago: "Even seasons of preparation and planting can be beautiful." Blessings to you today! May you continue to see and be encouraged by the amazing things He is doing in and through you!

  • Thank you for sharing your story. Its so relevent for my life, my season of singleness and what I think God is teaching me. I was so blessed, encourage and challenged when I read your testimony this morning.Contentment and not comparison. Embrace what God has called me to at the moment. I pray that you will draw closer and closer to God and know more fully His love for you.

    • Katie

      Hi, Hannah! So glad that you found my story and found encouragement in my words. Thank you for your prayers and for sharing your heart here. :) I pray the same for you — and I pray that in the midst of your singleness He would bless you with abundant joy and peace, as well as hope for the future He has planned for you!

  • Oh what beautifull testimonies I’ve read Katie you are such an inspiration there’s a reason for every season and God is taking me to higher places I’ve been through so many seasons in my life and onlu now do I reaslise why I had to go through all these changes These storms to be able to share the word of God of His Love and Grace that He bestows on us so graciously Thank you for confirmation that this is where I am suppose to be Thank you for in spiring me to carry on dreaming in the midst of all my trials and tribulations Praise God.

    • Katie

      Hi, Glenda! Thank you for such a kind comment. I'm blessed and humbled to hear that my story was an inspiration. I'm so glad that you feel encouraged to keep dreaming and trusting. :) Blessings to you today!

  • Candacejo

    Beautiful written today Katie. I am no way near your season of life but I was reminded reading it of the times in my journey I would pray "I want to be in the will of God, I want to be used by the Lord…" Over and over I would pray and one day it was if He just smacked me upside the head and said "Hello! You ARE where I want you right now! You are in MY will, look around and get busy. Wherever you are until I move you somewhere else IS my will for your life."

    And ever since then I know that whatever season I am in is just that….it is a SEASON….thank you for sharing yours so sweetly today.

    • Katie

      Hi, Candacejo! Thank you for reading and for your sweet words. I love this: "Wherever you are until I move you somewhere else IS my will for your life." Amen to that! I just love that. Also love what you said about whatever season you're in is just that — a season. What encouraging thoughts! So glad you shared them. :)

  • Hi, Mish! Thanks so much for sharing your experience. I love your phrase "go blissfully." Yes! That's just the perfect way to follow the Lord. I love that. :)

  • Such inspiring words, Katie! Like so many have stated, I too, am waiting for God’s direction. Or perhaps, I AM right where he wants me to be, in this season, absorbing his truths, learning his beautiful words anew. For “We are God’s wormmanship…” Eph 2:10. A other new verse to journal on.

    Perfect words at the perfect time. And isn’t that God’s timing?

    • Katie

      Hi, Sue! So happy to hear that you were inspired by what the Lord has been teaching me. It was such a blessing for me to share my story here and then hear from the community about what God is doing in others' lives. I just love banding together with my sisters in Christ and learning and growing. :) And I love that His timing in perfect. I know that to be true, but I'm blown away every time I see just how perfect it is. Blessings to you! :)

  • The idea that we can only see what is missing is so universal and so relateable. Thank you, Katie for writing this. We are in different places in our life journeys, but I wrote a post recently about envy and seeing what others had and wishing it for myself. Your post is so timely for me because we need to see what God has already done for us and IS doing for us. Great post.

    • Katie

      Hi, Katie! Thank you for reading! I'm so blessed to hear that my story came to you at the right time. I've been praying God would lead people to this site today who could be spurred on and encouraged by what He's doing in my life. :) I'd love to take a look at your post on envy. Blessings to you! :)

  • Michaela

    Katie, this was so inspiring to me! I need to remember to not only live in every moment, but also to relish in what God has planned for me in that moment. I all too often find myself being a “what’s next?” girl. Thanks so much for sharing!

    • Katie

      Hi, Michaela! As a dreamer and a planner, I know exactly what you mean! But you're right, there are so many beautiful blessings to see and appreciate right now. Thanks for reading and commenting. Your words are a blessing! :)

  • mindykim

    Wow that's so true. Amen! Hey sista Katie, I am so grateful to hear where you are in your season and you are fully embracing God's grace,mercy and gifts in and around you. Hallelujah! I'm pretty much in a similar season of life. God always give me one word of describing how the next year is going to be. This year, the word was "preparation". Wow and this scripture you shared (i know this verse but this time the revelation was greater. “For we are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.” (Ephesians 2:10) wow. IN ADVANCE?! Wow… This is just… PTL! Honestly, last week, I've had many fear and doubt as I saw myself comparing to others (which I don't normally do) and convicted by the Holy Spirit but, I feel like God intended to pinpoint my fear of failure in divine ways and on top of that, he gave me prophesy saying he is going to use me not enough to produce MORE than enough! Hallelujah! Lets go ahead and keep abiding in Him as He abides in us! Love you sista!

    • Katie

      Hi, Mindykim! I'm so blessed by your words! So glad to hear that you were encouraged by my story and that He is leading you and teaching you such great things in your season. :) I have chosen a word the last few years, as well, and this year, my word is "further," as I want to go further in my faith, further in my art and writing, just further — becoming more of the woman He created me to be. I love that you've chosen "preparation." Such a great, hopeful word. :) Blessings to you!

  • Bridgette

    Thank you for sharing Katie. I can relate to this so much as I’m experiencing the same thing. For most of my time I have desired to get married but God knew I was not ready. He is doing great things in my life right now and my focus has turned from marriage to Jesus. This is exactly where I’m supposed to me. Thanks!

    • Katie

      Hi, Bridgette! So glad to hear that He has given you new focus! And I love hearing that He is doing great things in your life! :) I'm blessed by your story, so thank you for sharing! :) Blessings to you, as you continue to press into Him and go where He leads.

  • Autumn Dawn Leader

    “Every season has its own value and purpose.” Like I just heard my for year old son say, “sometimes good things come from bad.” He’s wise beyond his years. The thing about seasons is hard for me…because the bad ones seem to last so long, while the good ones are far too short, in my opinion. I struggle so with this living/life thing. I long for heaven and home. But, every season has its value and purpose. And, so do I.

    • Katie

      Hi, Dawn, I truly understand what you mean. I read a book once called The Beautiful Ache by Leigh McLeroy, and in it, she talks about the ache we feel here on earth — an ache and a longing that can only be filled by The Lord. It's a beautiful book. And what a blessing that we can find Him in all seasons — even those seasons that prove difficult.

  • Thank you for sharing Katie! Although it can be hard at times to see and understand, God's plans for us always make sense in the end. Someday you will look back on this season and completely understand what God was doing. It may not come on our time, but with God paving our paths, it will be so much sweeter in the end!

    • Katie

      Yes, so true, Allison! Thank you for reading and for sharing such encouraging thoughts! So often we fear the unknown, but knowing that God holds the future and is paving our path, you are so right that it will be so much sweeter in the end! :)

  • Sweet Katie!

    Your testimony hit home for me. Though I’m younger than you sometimes I worry about the things you worry about lol. Thank you for reminding me that God wants me to flourish in every season of my life. Go, girl! Now following your blog

    • Katie

      Hi, Ibukun! You are so right that God wants us to flourish in every season — even those where we are being pruned and prepared. I love your word choice of "flourish," too. Such a beautiful word choice. :)

  • thanks for sharing Katie.. i needed to hear this today. i have been so worried that the hopes & desires of my heart are for my own self-glorification.. but he has placed them there, and i want to live in trust that, as you say, He will develop them as He wills. bless you :):)

    • Katie

      Hi, Julia! So glad my words spoke to your heart today. I prayed the Lord would bring people to the site today who could be encouraged and spurred on by what He's been doing in my life. He is faithful in planting dreams and desires in our hearts and developing those in His perfect time. Saying a prayer for you right now — that you would rest in the knowledge that your dreams are in His hands and that He would continue to develop them, as He wills. Blessings! :)

  • AmyKelly213

    Although you and I are in very different seasons, I can totally relate to what you said about seeing what's missing or comparing my story to someone else's. I have seen God give others direction for their lives and wondered when God was going to show me mine… Only to find out (through hindsight) that I was right where God needed me for that season (and- ha!- people were comparing their stories to mine!). God's timing is perfect. We just have to trust Him!

    • Katie

      Hi, Amy! It's so true that we often see things differently in hindsight! :) I am definitely learning how to experience the joy we find when we trust Him in the moment. There's such freedom in that!

  • Mish @ MishmarieG

    I so get what you're saying. I dated for about 8 months after a relationship fell apart three years before. I wanted to be in a realtionship, but I wasn't ready. It was ONLY when I had 'casted it to the wind' and felt OPEN and comfortable with who I was did I find who I'm currently with. I think it's absolutely essential, as you wrote, to maintain the goal in your life to share a marraige/partnership with someone if that is what your heart desires AND to be open to all that God brings you into your life, even if it isn't marriage.right.now. I have grown so much being in a relationship. I know it happened when it did because I wouldn't have been able to give my man what he needed, my heart wasn't over the last one, I wasn't mature enough or ready. Even though I wanted a comitted realtionship for a long time previously..I wasn't ready. He has a plan…go blisfully with it…there's NOTHING more attractive then a woman who is blissfully enjoying life, open to new experiences and following God's plan.

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