Fresh Start 2013: Day

Worship with us


Hey ladies!

We are super bummed to share we had something kind of cool up our sleeves planned for today that we’re not going to be able to share YET.

One of our super talented team members had recorded some worship music for you all to download for free so that we could all worship together to finish off our Fresh Start plan, but we ran into some copyright and legal sharing issues. Rather than move forward and not do things totally right – we decided to keep things legal and running on SheReadsTruth. :)

In the meantime, we thought we’d provide some totally legal links to YouTube so you can all have a little bit of worship time with us.

We pray this plan has been as impactful for you as it has been for us.

And we pray you have some precious time today to praise the Lord for the fresh start He’s given you.

This is What You Do by Bethel Music
Beautiful Things by Gungor
Bones by Hillsong United
In Christ Alone by Owl City

Enjoy ladies. We’re singing with you today!

  • Thanks for the Fresh start devotional, ready to start a new one!!! I love the worship songs that you have provided, especially "In Christ Alone"!!! Love that song!!!


    Lord, thank you for the ladies who have created these awesome devotionals! With each one, I find myself learning and growing. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    Thank you Heavenly Father for all that you do. You hold me together when I am broken, you lead me through dark places. You are my savior and I love you so!

    <3 Gungor…and that is my favorite song by them.

  • Yes, I would like to continue with this ladies. I am very grateful to have something to go to like this in the morning. I have been motivated to work on the blog for my son, Tim Pittsford. I have no followers, but I think it would still be good, as its an amazing I story. He witnessed a killing and was able to catch the killer. Which led him back to Christ just a few days before he died. It's a story that needs to be told.
    Let us know where to go next :D

  • Ellen MR

    Ill be doing Ephesians also if there’s not a new plan- I have plenty to catch up on! Just started with Advent thru this devo. THANK YOU for a wonderful Fresh Start!! Not just for the New Year, but for the rest of my life!!
    Thank you my Heavenly Father, for my Saviour, your Son Jesus Christ!! That you loved us so much! Thank you for your strong arms that hold me when I’m broken~ with you I am safe, and made whole again!! Praise God!!
    Blessings Sisters, til we meet again!! :)

  • Ellen MR

    I also hope that there will be another study! Real quick!! I feel like a little toddler that needs my hand held still- not ready to let go quite yet. Still need a guiding hand til I’m more confident in my walk with the Lord!! I HAVE been born again, and it was no accident that I found SRT!! You’ve been an unbelievable blessing to me, helping me to find my way around the Bible. And all of you Sisters- I’m honestly honored and grateful that so many of you took the time to answer questions or reassure me when I needed it! Your advice, testimonies and prayers have been invaluable to me and I Thank you. This community of women is something special, and I’ve no doubt that our Lord Jesus is working thru these ladies! I’m soo glad to be apart of it!! I understand so much more now, and i’m able to walk on with my Father, but I’d sure like my family to continue with me!!

  • Lovely ladies of SRT,
    What a blessing this trip has been! This was my first ever devo online, and I’m so glad that God led me here. What a beautiful way to connect with the word and people across his creation. I learned so much, found some great scripture & learned from all your great input.

    May God’s hand be upon all of you and his spirit comfort and guide us all, as we traverse this great adventure called life! Hugs and blessings
    to everyone xxx

    BTW, I will start SRT Ephisians on Monday. Hopefully, I’ ll find some of you there.


  • 'To him who is able to keep you from falling and to present you before his glorious presence without fault and with great joy– to the only God our Savior be glory, majesty, power and authority, through Jesus Christ our Lord, before all ages, now and forevermore! Amen.' Jude 24-25.

    I love this arrangement of 'In Christ Alone'. '10,000 Reasons' by Matt Redman has been on my mind and heart all day. How good is God!

    #Shereadstruth is such a blessing.

  • yes, i like others would like to know which devotion is on tap next!

  • harvestmissionblog

    Thanks for sharing your playlist ! very uplifting selection indeed

  • Bless you SHE READS and all the ladies that participate(d) in FRESH START for 2013!

    Worship with you and listening as I type to the YT links. Thanks for the good intention of passing on a free download of music! Glad you chose to honor God! Hard to do stuff by the book and have all things original! Bless the heart of the gifted team member and each of you! Thanks anyway!

    Were these the songs? GOOD CHOICES for the theme of a fresh start!

    What’s next?

    So I praise God! I thank Our Lord for “He makes it come alive” HE IS ALIVE! Greatly to be praised! “This is what You do! Hallelujah! We worship You! We exalt You! We glorify You! Thank You that the old has passed away! The new life is coming forth… even now! Hallelujah! Lord, breathe new life on us through Your Holy Spirit! Empower us!

    Father, Thank you so much for SheReads Truth!!! Bless each and every one! Continue to inspire them to encourage us to stay thirsting after You more, to be in Your Word, to come into Your Presence! You do make all things BEAUTIFUL! This place to come and read and share is beautiful! Pour out new, refreshing Truth and may we continue in You and Your Word! Standing in agreement with my new sisters in Christ online as You raise us up from “Bones” to ALIVE in YOU! Yes, O Yes, Only in Christ! In Christ alone! You are our all in all! Thank You that we can stand in the love of Christ! Thank You for my sisters in Christ! Meet each one today right where they are and spring forth anew every morning to breathe new life into us to PRESS ON and stay close to You, in Your Word! In Jesus’ precious name, I pray and worship…

  • Aneta Nina

    Thank you for encouraging and inspiring a time to give praise to our Father!

  • What a beautiful change of pace!! I needed this this morning, & my heart swelled with the spirit EVERY song. What a blessing!!

  • lisabethjean

    Thank you for the Fresh Start!
    ♥ Gungor.

  • Thanks you all so very much for being there ,sharing in prayers and in giving me support and enouragement during this life changing devotional. The Lord has indeed blessed us and He continues to love and protect us. My wish is for us to have a Spirit-filled journey as we keep our eyes and hearts fixed on eternity with our heavenly Father and His precious Son,Jesus Christ. Thanks SRT staff and blessings to all.

  • It has been a blessing and a pleasure to commune with each of you. Thank you for the music! I am praying that our path will cross again, be blessed.

  • How about She Reads The Truth:Ephesians Plan?

  • Good Morning Fresh Starters!

    I am thankful to have found this devo…nothing is done by accident and I believe that our Awesome God led me here because He knew what I needed!

    It’s one thing to read a devo, but it’s an even more rewarding experience when you can share it with wonderful Mighty Women of God like yourselves. Many of you may be miles away, but your testimonies and understanding of the daily devo makes us all close in spirit. I thanks God for all of you…like others, what’s next? This can’t be the end…let’s keep this going….

    Be Blessed My Fresh Start Sisters!

  • Thank you so much for these devotionals. I feel the Word working through me more and more. Blessed be the Lamb for his sacrifice and for the gift of Eternal Life.

  • It has been wonderful reading along each day, both with the devotional as well as the community! I look forward to the next devotional, when do we find out what that is?

  • Candacejo

    It has been so wonderful! Don't leave us, we need you!! :) I've already completed all of the other SRT studies. We will pray for you ladies that The Lord will bless you with time and wisdom to complete another wonderful study we can all do together soon.

  • Have been so blessed through this time in the Word with you. And like other comments. . .what are we doing next?

  • This plan was exactly what I needed. I am so thankful to a God that knows my needs & desires & shows me ways to better worship him. Life can be so draining & depressing if you get stuck with your blinders on showing you only this fallen world. This Fresh Atart has gotten my year off to a glorious start of praising Him, and standing in awe of His mercy & grace. That He loved me enough to send His perfect son to die that horrible death so that I would not only have eternal life but be co-heirs to the King. It’s just mind blowing!

    I pray for each if you ladies and where The Lord leads you with your fresh start.

  • Thanks for the music but I was wondering what plan do we read together next?

  • I am so grateful to have discovered the #Shereadstruth plans. Spending time in God's word has made SUCH a difference in my life. I am also so very grateful for all of your thoughtful & open comments. Thank you for sharing so honestly. So… what's everyone reading next? Blessings :)

  • rocknitat55

    God is not through blessing me!
    Ladies it has been a pleasure to journey thru Fresh Start with you. What an awesome way to begin again. A fresh start. Lord I give all honor praise and glory to you this morning.

  • He is the joy that springs forth in broken hearts~ only a miracle can do that Glory to God

  • Philippa

    May I thank you all for this Fresh Start devotional it has been what I need as GOD has literally turned my life upside down since the start of this new year. I know that this is what He had planned for me as I would not do what he had asked of me. I now have a fresh and new start in Him and I will follow. Thank you Lord.

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