Fresh Start 2013: Day

Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God Almighty


Today's Text: Revelation 4

Text: Revelation 4

But what if I don’t want to sing forever?

That was my selfish thought as a new believer whenever I’d get adventurous enough to peak into the book of Revelation. The thought of worshipping forever from my human standpoint conjured up images of aching feet, hymns I’d surely forget the words to, and the feeling that surely I was missing something more fun.

As time has passed, my heart has shifted, and the only thing I really know about heaven and eternity is that I know nothing about heaven and eternity. I can’t imagine it and if I could, I don’t think it would be all that fantastic. If humans can describe, prescribe, dictate, or anticipate it — it surely can’t be God-sized.

And yet, Revelation gives us this glimpse. A sea of glass, winged creatures. Eyes all up on everything. White garments and elders. And all day and night, they’re falling before the throne crying – “Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord God Almighty..” (Rev 4:8 ESV) They cast their crowns down and say, “Worthy are you, our Lord and God, to receive glory and honor and power…” (Rev 4:11 ESV)

When it comes to eternity, when it comes to our ultimate fresh start – I can’t help but think we’re always asking the wrong questions. Where will we stay? Will we still be married? Will our knees hurt from constantly bowing? Will we be bored? Will we remember? Will we miss coffee? Will there be coffee?

When I read Revelation chapter four slowly, I’m sure of it – we’re asking all the wrong questions. And maybe, at least for me, I’m living with the wrong end in sight. Do I believe in a God this Holy? Do I talk to a God THIS Holy? Do I trust in a Redeemer who is worthy of my praise forever?

Father, you know we can’t live in Revelation 4. Not today, at least. But you can make Revelation 4 mean something in our hearts today – You can help us turn our eyes towards Yourself. You can help us ask the right questions and help us stop asking the wrong ones. We may not want to worship forever, but we sure want to want to worship forever. Open the eyes of our heart. In Jesus name.


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  • imperfectlyimperfect

    Sorry, for the finger flub…

    I’m grateful for the image of heaven described here & for the impression that it gives of a God that is worthy of being praised forever. I’m trying to change my ways, & every day is a constant struggle to control the impulses that keep me from living a life pleasing to HIM. It is I that is not worthy to be in HIS presence! My sinful nature would keep me from ever being close to God. But through Jesus’s blood I have been purified.

    Thank you, Lord for your saving grace that will allow us to someday join you in heaven. Amen.

  • imperfectlyimperfect


  • Catherine Pinneo

    Sometimes al we need to know is our Heavenly Father knows and has all for His children, that means US. You just need to know that you know that you know! Praise H

  • Stephanie

    I'm thankful to God for this devotional. It speaks right to my heart. It describes me where I am today. One thing is for sure is that God plans for me in heaven are bigger and greater than I can ever think of. I am grateful that he is peeling back layers of earthy thinking and allowing himself to be revealed. He continues to open my eyes and my heart and I am blessed that he is allowing me to see things from his perspective. Thank You Lord. Continue to work on me inside and out.

  • I love this insight to our future with our Heavenly Father! I pray My desire to lnow God grows daily. Thank you Lord for what we have to look forward to. It will be amazing to have an eternity of worship of this great Gof!

  • Joanne Sher

    I love the honesty of this devo. And I needed the reminder that I can't possibly imagine ANYTHING God-sized. Our eyes are earthly. Thank You, Lord, for being bigger.

  • Michelle McClure

    It occurred to me while reading this devotion that it may be like a day when you are so happy your body is light and your heart and soul is dancing and singing. Do you ever do that? Your body doesn’t have to be moving or producing any sound, but your heart is singing?

  • As i was reading this evil sure did want to intervene and make me want to question all i was reading. Thoughts came to my head about how I dont want to worship like that and why should we have too? God sure can be selfish of the worship… and I had to pray, HARD and Jesus and I fought it out. HE DIED FOR ME THATS WHY WE GIVE PRAISE! Its times like this when you realize how powerful Satan is and what he will do to come between u and God. I seem to forget that sometimes. When your in this relationship with God you become so involved with him that you forget about Satan and what he is capable of. Today was a reminder and how its a struggle but I had Jesus by my side and we got through it. GOD IS GOOD!

  • I was refreshed to read today’s devotion. How many times do we hear Christians say “when I get to Heaven I’m going to ask God such & such” it makes me shake my head and wonder where they come up with that idea? I always respond “no when you get to Heaven you’ll be praising God forever. There will be no other consideration ” and yep I think “wow aren’t we going to get bored?” But as you noted, we don’t think like God-we ‘ll understand then…

  • thank you and God Bless You!!! Amen.

  • Moreen G

    …there before me was a door standing open…and the voice I had first heard speaking to me…said, “Come up here and I will show you what must take place after this.”
    How many times has God called us to enter a door He had opened for us but because we didn’t understand (like we don’t understand heaven) we don’t cross the threshold or we actually close the door totally to what might have been a wonderful experience (heaven on earth) serving and praising God through His calling on our life. The next time God speaks, opens doors, even if you don’t understand walk through it anyways. He will explain things along the way and heaven when we get there will have its own explanation.

  • Today's devotional describes JUST what I was feeling after the last reading. I was thinking about our life with God after we die and it was honestly scaring me. The thought of doing ANYTHING forever is so daunting. The very concept of FOREVER is daunting. But I realized…maybe we weren't meant to understand that part. Maybe we're not supposed to ask that question. When I do dwell on that question too long, I see that my faith waivers. I start to think, "This can't be real, there's no way there's anything like that after we die." Which is the enemy encroaching on me. I pray that I stop trying to predict what Heaven will be like and start myself the right questions. I pray that I open my heart and my mind to a God that is truly, truly Holy.

  • Losing our oldest daughter in a car wreck, Gods gain, was so ver y difficult, as you can imagine. I had gone through the same thing 20 years before with my only sister. God became so real to me then when my sis died and He helped me so much…talk about grace and mercy! Then when our daughter died, HEAVEN became a whole different thing to me! I knew my daughter was saved! I knew she was enjoying all the pleasures of Heaven. Don't get me wrong, we mourned, and for at least a year I cried at least once a day usually as I went to bed at night. I MISSED her….but I had this assurance of Heaven and it was okay. Now I look forward to heaven to see Jesus face to face and I wonder what will it be like, what is my daughter enjoying right now?

  • Ellis G.

    I am so blessed by all your comments! I also believe that our future home is unfathomable. But He offers us glimpses of it here and now. When I have worshipped in higher plane here on earth.
    Its atiny look into heaven..when I have felt his healing touch..also. Lord thanks for reminding us of Who you are and where we are going!

  • Tsalached

    Open the eyes of my heart Lord, may I see.

  • Ellen MR

    There seems to be two schools of thought or belief I’ve found when I’ve asked people what they think of Heaven. One belief is that we will be spirit beings, with Heaven encompassing all the skies, space and the Universe. Kind of like being actually angel-like! The whole Universe to explore for an eternity while singing God’s praises with all other beings, delighting in each new discovery of what God’s Kingdom in Heaven truly is!!
    The other thought is that our Heaven will be quite literally “Heaven on Earth”, that the Earth will be back to its pristine condition that the Garden of Eden was like when God made it. That we will have our earthly bodies (of course in prime condition!) and will still live in much the same way but without all the negatives! (Coffee maybe? But only decaf? ;) But in joyous harmony, worshipping our Saviour!
    I think they’re both lovely thoughts, but as many of you have said, I just don’t think we really can wrap our minds around our Lord’s Eternal Heaven! When I first read this passage, I also thought this glimpse painted a kind of scary picture of thunder, many eyed beasts and a giant looking glass for them to watch us thru, and Elders shouting and throwing crowns around! How is THAT worship??
    Now it seems to me those beasts, Elders and such represent much more than my limited mind/knowledge understands at this point…I’m just going to trust I’ll know when I need to know, and that I’ll be so Thankful and happy to be in His presence that I’ll be GLAD to worship Him- Forever!!!
    Good night Ladies! May He watch over all of you!!

  • It is true that whenever we think about Heaven we do always think of what OUR lives will look like up there, but why wouldn't we think and only think of how it will be with God and being with Him and worshiping him for EVER. Thats the only thing we should be thinking about. It doesn't matter if we'll be married, or how we'll live, ect. We need to be so excited to just be with Him! We need to change our human minds and be in the right mind for every thought we have of Heaven. And man, when you do think about Heaven in the "right" way… How exciting!

  • But we will be in our spiritual bodies and all the worldly concerns will be gone because we are in HEAVEN – I don't think we will want or miss coffee (evens die hard coffee drinker like me) . I love this post :-)

  • Christine

    Worship isn’t.just singing even though its what we often mean by it. When God is centreplace in pur lives and we live totally surrendered to God, every kindness we extend, every smile we give, every prayer uttered,, every moment we step into desiring to participate with God who is already there at work, is an act of worshp. Imagine your spirit so FULL with Gods love:, that is whatHeaven will be like. There’s no need to worry about inane things like singing songs we don’t like…. There’ll be no sense of time, no worry, no fear, no heartache, but joy overflowing….FOREVER!!!!!

  • jesusgirl71

    I love this: "We may not want to worship forever, but we want to want to worship forever." that's me, truly! Amen!

  • I liked what Ceil said about putting Heaven in an earthly context, but that’s all we know. That’s our frame of reference. Bottom line is: we don’t have a clue!! And that is what should create longing, knowing it is far better than we can imagine. And what we shouldn’t lose sight of and take for granted is: that very God mentioned in this passage in Revelation, is the same God we have the opportunity and privilege to worship today! That He should desire that… woe to me!

  • Reading today's devo causes me to consider: given what worship is like in heaven-continuous, passionate, glorious!-then when we worship here , on earth, we are a part of that same scene! It's all so much BIGGER than we realize:) And that makes me smile. And worship!

  • Open the eyes of my heart Lord. Amen!

  • lisabethjean

    hahaha! ~ "But what if I don’t want to sing forever?" :)

    Why the Holiest of all chased me down & paid for all my wrong doings is beyond my imagination. That He should desire my presence for all eternity is unfathomable.

    May I live my life today in praise of Him & testimony of His grace.

  • hahaha! ~ “But what if I don’t want to sing forever?” :)

    Why the Holiest of all chased me down & paid for all my wrong doings is beyond my imagination. That He should desire my presence for all eternity is unfathomable.

    May I live my life today in praise of Him & testimony of His grace.

  • Morning Sisters!

    Like a few of u mentioned, I was wondering, “where this devotional was going?”

    Was it to take the humanly side of us, which is pretty selfish, if u think about it and question “why will we, or will we have to worship Him all the time in heaven?”

    If u stop and think.about that question, u should also ask, “why not? After all I’ve done…I made it! Wow! God still loves me enough to see that I am worthy of a place in heaven!”

    The GOOD NEWS is that when we get to heaven, we won’t be our humanly selves…How awesome is God, to recreate us so that we won’t mind worshiping Him in a place my mind can’t even conceive…

    As a few of u mentioned, worship is how we get to know Him, and grow closer to Him. Prayer is also part of it…I want Him to KNOW my voice, for any and every situation I find myself in when I pray and worship Him, He smiles and says like a proud Father, “That’s my child, I hear…Here I Am!”

    Be Blessed My Fresh Start Sisters!

  • Wow! This devotional definitely answered a big question I was carrying – the beginning could have been written by me. Isn’t it funny how I was thinking in human terms, and not even considering the full spiritual meaning of worship. Cynthia & Lisa R – your words were inspiring. I am excited to worship in heaven
    It’s all about you, Lord.

  • My students are singing a piece, Sanctus, meaning holy, at their concert tomorrow night. They are bored with it, but too polite to tell me. I can't wait to have them read all of Revelation 4 in class this morning!

  • Interesting thoughts today. I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks about Heaven like wondering if there will be coffee, or books, or journals to write in or all the things I find enjoyment in here. It's certainly something to ponder! Interesting how we bring God to our level. Hard to fathom true holiness when I think about it after reading this. I appreciate you making me think!

  • Autumn Dawn Leader

    There is no tiredness in Heaven. And, the more we worship Him, the greater our revelation, the more we will, in awe, cry out 'HOLY!' As a worship leader, someone called to worship and lead other in worship, this is an area I am passionate about. All those things we wonder about (will there be coffee, chocolate, etc.) will be swallowed up in His overwhelming magnificence and we won't even consider such a thing. We need coffee here. We need those quick fixes in this limited dimension. There, we will need no such filler. He will be all-consuming. Bring it on. I, for one, find this life quite wearying. I can't wait to get to that much better place.

  • Wow! I am so excited. I am a worshipper. No credit to me, just created that way. I get so overwhelmed with excitement at the idea of worshipping forever. On occasion God has allowed we to worship into His very presence. Those occasions are enough to get me giddy with anticipation. Holy, Holy is He. He is beyond worthy of every praise.

  • rocknitat55

    KimberlyRae, I like that a student forever. Great concept.

  • Amanda Snow

    As I was reading this chapter, I was thinking in the back of my mind: "where in the world are they going with this." As usual, you're devotional writing was perfect. As Holly said above, we really are called to worship ALL THE TIME and this is a perfect example of it. Such a great image to start my morning. Thanks!

  • rocknitat55

    I have been following SRT for awhile now and love this community. I normally don’t chat but I find myself drawn to this community. This morning’s devotion kinda created a ? In my mind and a frown on my face. But then I began to pray. I forget that rhese devotions are to generate dialog. Perception, age, life experiences surly frame responses.

    As a person n their mid 50’s I grew up in an age where all people studied and talked about was heaven. Life and service was geared toward our heavenly reward. I have watched over the decade how our focus changed, to what happens with this life only.
    I am sure that Jesus never intended it to be one or the other for he is an all encompansing God

    I guess u can say that the dev is honest but it kinda made me sad. Maybe its just the controler in me (forgive me).

    When I think about heaven I never see it as boring, or worshiping as a chore. I see it as a reward. Like Sue I approach it with longing and relief!

    Ceil u r so right, I think that it is comforing to us to wanna put God on our level to wanna put him in a box. I am satified to trust that whatever is there is exceedingly, abundantly more than I can imagine.

    Thank u Cynthia…. Worship. Worship. If that’s all I had to do in heaven, or for the rest of my life …. I desire to worship him… sometime when I am in worship I don’t want it to end… home, church… Because when I am n his presence there is joy… peace… I loose myself! I never think about my feet, or my arthertic knees…

    LisaR I love what your husband said, we serve a big God I don’t ever expect to be bored.

    Dear Lord. Thank u for todays dialog. That thru our discussions we turn our hearts toward you. We love you Lord, we desire a deeper relationship with u. Amen

  • KimberlyRae

    I was on FB chatting w/a friend, nothing related to God, but the fact that I LOVE to learn, and if money were no object, I'd be a student forever. College was a struggle because I didn't go till my 30's and at that point I wasn't fortunate enough to live at home with mom/dad and have them paying for my education… I worked full time, went to school full time at night, but I LOVED learning, new concepts, new ideas, etc…..So while I can't even begin to imagine what heaven will be like, the idea of spending eternity learning about God, knowing Him more…. it just makes the perpetual student in my giddy with excitement….

  • I agree with everyone 100%! It is funny because I felt the SAME way about heaven….sitting in a dress and those thick, red tights everyone wore in the 80's (was it just me)?

    And then I realized that heaven is about WORSHIP and we are called to worship ALL THE TIME. I see a lot of God in nature, and I wonder if that beauty is just a glimpse of heaven.

    This post gave me courage, today. It is SO true. If God is big enough to "invent" eternity- imagine the amazing plans he has for us…before he even brings us home. :)

  • So many passages describe Heaven as "the new heavens and new earth" – I've found that Scriptural truth to be very significant in my imaginings of Heaven. It will be far more "earthly" than we realize I think, but rather Earth redeemed! (By this I'm considering the life of a Believer upon the return of Christ, as in our final, final destination.) Just think that those things which are wrought with sin and tainted now with be seen in their original perfection. Even creation will be made new again. Living without the sin that we can't ever escape now makes me want to praise the Lord! Thinking of living life as we were intended in perfect communion with our Father is wonderful.

    Dr. Don Whitney in "Simplify Your Spiritual Life" encourages believers to think upon Heaven as a spiritual discipline. He encourages us to rightly imagine Heaven as only Believers can, 1. a holy Heaven (rather than only a restful one) 2. holy relationships not nostalgic ones 3. holy Jesus – all from our text today, especially vs 8

    Jonathan Edwards said "Pilgrims become like the what they hope to attain." and also that "Pilgrims ponder what we pursue." John Piper says, "If you are not acquainted with it, you will not be likely to spend your life as a journey tither. You will not be sensible of its worth, nor will you long for it. Unless you are much conversant in your mind with a better good, it will be exceeding difficult to have your hearts loose from these things.

    The trappings of the world, sin, greed, discontentment as far easier to combat when we have joy in the God's plans for our eternity with him! Be encouraged by John 3:2 as well!

    I hope this encourages some, sorry for such length!

  • We are made in God's image,,,we are made to depend on Him,to love and worship. Him…but earthly "stuff"—sin gets in the way and we remove ourselves from His Holy presence..Just as how our body is wonderfully made to function and survive , I do believe that we are made to be with Him as His children, and we will demonstrate our love in the way He made us! It will all be made know to us , in the fullness of God's time. I pray for us to be faithful ,through His Son Jesus, our Saviour, so that God will find us worthy to be with Him in eternity.

  • Lord help me to think eternally, to walk on each road You lead me knowing with Heaven in my heart. Thank You Lord, that where You are, sin is not. And that soon we will be with You too.

  • Today’s devotion is awesome and honest…when I first became a believer–and really entered into a relationship with My Father, I did think “forever”? I will be doing this forever? And now He is the air I breath and the beauty and love I see all around enough! The beauty He puts here on earth that are His creations—I find absolutely breathtaking–how much more awesome will Heaven be! I love revelation 11:4 also because, as someone who struggles with self-worth/value…. It reminds me that yes…He thought of me. Even me, He created intentionally. Holy, holy, holy Lord, God Almighty.

  • Today’s devotion is awesome and honest…when I first became a believer–and really entered into a relationship with My Father, I did think “forever”? I will be doing this forever? And now He is the air I breath and the beauty and love I see all around me and suddenly forever doesn’t seem long enough! The beauty He puts here on earth that are His creations—I find absolutely breathtaking–how much more awesome will Heaven be! I love revelation 11:4 also because, as someone who struggles with self-worth/value…. It reminds me that yes…He thought of me. Even me, He created intentionally. Holy, holy, holy Lord, God Almighty.

  • Today's topic is surely giving me some food for thought! Normally when I think of heaven it is with longing and relief. Just think no more tears or pain and sorrow! But I love Lisa R's comment about getting to know our God inside and out! Hallelujah…praise our heavenly father !

  • Open the eyes of my heart that I may praise You, now and forever.

  • We seem to want to put heaven in an earthly context and it just doesn't work for us. This is not surprising at all. i think we have many assurances of the joy and peace we will find there but we are not privy to the specifics God has in store for us. i am content and satisfied that whatever God has in store for us will be wonderful and better than we ever imagined while on this earth. Rejoice, Sisters and enjoy another day with our Lord beside you in all that you do.

  • How well do we know God? Do we ever take time to really get to know Him? That happens in His presence…Worship is how we get there!

    Why Worship? Worship is how we get to know Him; it is when we spend time with Him. We focus on Him and who is He. He already knows us…and He still loves us? WOW!

    We don’t have to Worship…that is looking at it wrong. WE DESIRE TO WORSHIP! If not, then is it truly Worship? I want it to be so much a part of me that I am like the twenty-four elders (it become a part of me – automatic).

    One of the ways Worship is defined is “walk”. I want to walk worthy of the calling God placed upon my life. I don’t want to think about it, I don’t want to have to, I just want to do it…AUTOMATIC like walking.

    Father, help me to KNOW You. Teach me about You and who You are. I want to Worship (walk with) You. I love and want to love You as much as You love me…knowing ALL and in spite of still LOVE! Thank You for being You and help me get to know You better so I can love You more.

  • Ha, I chuckled when I read the title of today’s devotional. We talked about the same.exact.thing. on Sunday. My husband teaches bible to middle school & high school and he came home one day last week so excited about heaven! We started talking about it and he said that his students thought they would get bored worshipping God the whole time. To be honest, I’ve had the same thoughts go through my mind also. But my husband said something like this, “we’re not going to be in heaven twiddling our thumbs waiting for the next worship song to start. No, we’re not going to to think, ‘man, we just sang that song’ or ‘I think I’ve praised God enough, I know He’s a big God, i know Hes all knowing, lets move on.’ No!!! God is inifinit!! We think know God and know all about His greatness but our human minds can’t fully understand God on earth. We serve an infinit God and we will spend an ETERNITY getting to KNOW God! We’re not going to get bored praising Him b/c were going to be discovering, be humbled, being blown away by how great and mighty and powerful our God is!!!” This totally blew my mind. I’m going to spend an eternity getting to know my Father and Savior inside out!



  • What amazes me is that in all His glorious splendor, he came to earth to create us, THEN, sent his son to redeem us. His ways really are past finding out. Wow.

  • Thank you for today’s devotional! Heaven will be unfathomably exciting.

  • I have always struggled to picture heaven. I just know it will be perfect but the more I try and visualise revelation and the concept of a new earth it is to much for me to take in. I try just to let it go but I know God wants to motivate me more with this amazing image of heaven. I struggle because despite the pain and suffering of this world I am so blessed and love life. I am praying for God to reveal more of his plans for heaven to me- the ultimate fresh start.

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