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Text: Revelation 4

But what if I don’t want to sing forever?

That was my selfish thought as a new believer whenever I’d get adventurous enough to peak into the book of Revelation. The thought of worshipping forever from my human standpoint conjured up images of aching feet, hymns I’d surely forget the words to, and the feeling that surely I was missing something more fun.

As time has passed, my heart has shifted, and the only thing I really know about heaven and eternity is that I know nothing about heaven and eternity. I can’t imagine it and if I could, I don’t think it would be all that fantastic. If humans can describe, prescribe, dictate, or anticipate it — it surely can’t be God-sized.

And yet, Revelation gives us this glimpse. A sea of glass, winged creatures. Eyes all up on everything. White garments and elders. And all day and night, they’re falling before the throne crying – “Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord God Almighty..” (Rev 4:8 ESV) They cast their crowns down and say, “Worthy are you, our Lord and God, to receive glory and honor and power…” (Rev 4:11 ESV)

When it comes to eternity, when it comes to our ultimate fresh start – I can’t help but think we’re always asking the wrong questions. Where will we stay? Will we still be married? Will our knees hurt from constantly bowing? Will we be bored? Will we remember? Will we miss coffee? Will there be coffee?

When I read Revelation chapter four slowly, I’m sure of it – we’re asking all the wrong questions. And maybe, at least for me, I’m living with the wrong end in sight. Do I believe in a God this Holy? Do I talk to a God THIS Holy? Do I trust in a Redeemer who is worthy of my praise forever?

Father, you know we can’t live in Revelation 4. Not today, at least. But you can make Revelation 4 mean something in our hearts today – You can help us turn our eyes towards Yourself. You can help us ask the right questions and help us stop asking the wrong ones. We may not want to worship forever, but we sure want to want to worship forever. Open the eyes of our heart. In Jesus name.



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