Fresh Start 2013: Day

It all has a point.


Today's Text: Matthew 24:29-31

Text: Matthew 24:29-31

He creates. He restores. He redeems.

We live these little patterns over and over and day in and day out. We prove to be human and fall away. He proves to be Good and Holy and Amazing and picks us up and gives us a fresh start. Again. And again. If we get caught up in the repetitive nature of life in Christ – I daresay that it could almost feel exhausting if we only see it from our small human view. But again, in His grace, He gives us a small picture of more.

In Matthew 24, we find Jesus and a group of disciples who are about to walk through one of the craziest events in the history of man. If we had the time to recap all of Matthew, it would be so beautiful and meaningful to watch the scene shift. A few chapters ago, he was walking with them – telling them parables, healing the sick, answering their questions. And now, the mood has changed and He is alone with his guys, on the Mount of Olives, and they’re wondering – “What’s really going to happen? How does this story end?”. Maybe it was that he’d predicted his death so many times by this point, or the fact that He’d just lamented publicly over Jerusalem – maybe it was because His words were getting weightier by the moment with the many “woe to you” and “Truly, I say..” type phrases. Something in those disciples was beginning to shift + connect and they were seeing – it’s not always going to be like this. This pattern of us not understanding, him explaining and setting us right has to have an ending place.

Do you feel it today too? I don’t think for a second we should lose the joyful, grateful response towards Him who is continually picking us up and setting us right. But – the continual redemption process has a purpose and it has an end. A beautiful one.

It isn’t a fairytale, just like what we believe happened in Genesis isn’t either. It isn’t a fable or a false promise or tall tale told to bolster our moral. Our Savior, the One who took us from death to life, the One who extended grace yesterday + today, the One we’re trusting for tomorrow – He is coming back. He’s going to come in power and glory, and He’s going to gather us up.

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  • imperfectlyimperfect

    It’s so bittersweet…I’m excited for the coming of our Lord, but there are so many people that I love that don’t have Jesus in HIS rightful place in their lives. Admittedly, I’m just coming back to him myself, but I want to be strong & faithful & lead them into Christ’s arms. I feel so hypocritical telling them what they are doing wrong. I’ve done a lot of things wrong in my life.

    Lord God, help me to be a good example for the people around me. Help me to be proud of my renewed relationship with you, & help me to take the opportunities that you offer & I’ve them for YOUR glory & honor. Amen.

  • Brittney

    I just found this website a few days ago and am already loving it! It's a great way to do my quiet time consistently. I love reading the comments of what other women have discovered through their "hanging out" with God. Thanks ladies!

  • It is refreshing to be reminded of Christ soon return…I just lost my grandmother and oh how wonderful it will be when we meet again!!!

  • JenniferH09

    What if we fall from Christ an never come back is our pupose to be an example?

  • Thank you.

  • Lord thx U 4 the love U so freely share. We r so blessed. Ur msg n love always picks me up. I been down for 2 (2yrs+) my Lord after this divorce (marriage 20). I need Ur unconditional love n strength 2 go on. Pls Lord continue 2 help me. I still have 2 smart, athletic, beautiful children 2 finish raising (14/16). Thx U Lord 4 everything U have given me n my fam I have not insight time or words 2 praise U n praise U 4 the rest of my life. Pls use me as U c fit.

  • As I think about the numerous times I’ve fallen, I’m grateful that God didn’t allow me to stay down. There was a point to my fall and that was for me to look up to Him for restoration. Thankful for the God of not just second but many chances. He continues to pick me up and set things right for me. So grateful!

  • This one is hard for me to comprehend. I guess I've gotten stuck in this repetitive, routine lifestyle that I sometimes stop wondering "What's the point?" out of fear. I get comfortable, not exhausted (well, not all the time). I pray that I can go outside of my comfort zone to explore the idea of His arrival. I pray for the strengthening of my faith to know that this day will come. And that it will be glorious.

  • There were times in the past when I used to want my life to be a fairy tale but it can never happen. I know that when I ever make it to Heaven, I will no longer have to worry about things in life. Heaven is a place of happiness and paradise. And its definitely a true and real fairy-tale to me.

  • iheartvegetables

    I just starting following She Reads Truth, and I have to say, this is EXACTLY what I needed to hear!


    Thank you Lord for letting me start each day anew!

  • I love what you wrote yesterday, Ellis.
    Jesusgirl, you asked if anyone has trouble imagining heaven when we get so caught up in what is here in this life. Yes, I guess I can’t really imagine it. But sometimes I struggle almost with the opposite issue – I can’t wait for Jesus to return and make all things new because this world is so broken that it will be a wonderful day when we are with Him forever.

    • jesusgirl71

      Yes, when things are looking bad, I have that approach too sometimes, wanting Him to come. I guess I go back and forth.

  • Yes heaven and Jesus's return may be overwhelming at times to comprehend! But that is our goal, to be in God's presence, praising Him and Him only. When going on vacation, or planning a wedding or other big event in our lives, we focus daily, and put our everything into it……we tell everyone and we are consumed with the daily duties/tasks/ plans for this glorious event. Our purpose, our "glorious event" is to see God and be with Him in Eternity. God is directing us and I pray that we will follow Him and Him only as we journey. Eternity is our goal, but we need to walk and talk with God and be His ambassodors, on a DAILY basis. Blessings to all.

  • Katherine

    Amazing how He rewards our every foray into His Word. Reading Hosea 6 this morning about the Lord's constant faithfulness to Israel and his wounding and binding up of those He loves and then this mornings devotional reminding us of new mercies and the constancy of God's care-thank you, Lord and thank you faithful sisters in Christ for this devotional!

  • I agree jesusgirl71, elusive is a good word here. Its hard to invision anything more than what we know. The scripture brought both joy and sorrow. I guess I too am still a little fuzzy after yesterdays reading, maybe thats where the sorrow feeling's coming from. I think I need to dig a little deeper to try to find answers to some of my questions.

  • jesusgirl71

    You know, when heaven iss brought to my attention, when the future is brought up in devotionals or plans like this, I feel joy about it, but it's hard to think about on a daily basis. it's hard to imagine, because this seems to be all there is, all there has been, all we know. I do try, but remembering the joy of the future glory can be elusive sometimes. any of you other sisters find that to be the case?

  • “I can do all things through him who loves me…”

    I forget the exact verse…but I claim it today. Through this life we will face hard challenges, as is God’s plan, but our faith in Jesus will sustain us, making the path so much easier. Even maneurvering through the last days, he will be with us. And I praise him for the beauty of that. He will sustain us!

  • Ellen MR

    Emily, I know you’ve responded to my cries for help, know I’m praying for you! I also definitely believe end tines are upon us. I dont know that I’m
    a total conspiracy theorist, but I have watched things on you tube about end times and fallen angels, etc. I’m sorry to say I don’t put anything past our govt anymore – Satan is most definitely at work, all over this planet!! That is why we do need to keep our eyes and hearts on the Lord, that his plan comes to fruition!! There’s our only hope, in a world going mad…. Thank you Jesus! I say that with complete and total gratitude, that you sacrificed everything for us!! I’m ready to do whatever it is You have planned for me, to surrender and trust, knowing all my questions will be answered and revealed in due time. May the Holy Spirit work in me and thru me, for Your Glory!!
    Have a Blessed day ladies!!

    • Emily

      You mean the nephillians…yeah I get it. It's the only explanation for such evil that is being done. Try sandy hook exposed on YouTube. It's what I sent her that started a good debate.
      And thank you, wish we could really talk ….I I hope your doing well,
      Love ya,

    • Gail

      Emily, yes evil is out there, but God has already accounted for you, your daughter and everyone of us in His plan. You cannot out plan the Master planner ! Conspiracy has always been there and God knows about them. Let us all focus on Him , surround ourselves in His love and accept His grace. Fear will destroy us! Fear is the enemy ! Surrender your daughter, the conspiracies and all your concerns to God,—complete surrender, be still and listen for His word. God is faithful and He loves both you and your daughter. He has surrounded her with angels and will use others, someone……it may not be you directly … make her see and experience the love and grace of God.We will continue to pray for you and daughter Stay strong,accept grace , pray for all those conspiritors and leave God to do His work. Blessings,Emily .

  • I need this devotional and don’t want it to end. I am struggling with my faith, struggling with joylessness and how to growth in faith when I feel like so many things are pointless. Thank you to everyone who has shared struggles here – it helps to remind me I’m not alone and others of faith have questions too.

    • jesusgirl71

      Tricia, yes, I too am appreciating others sharing their struggles. will pray for you. You know, once this plan ends, another one will start, so we will move on and still be active as a community; never fear.

  • The timing of this is incredible. I have been sharing truths with my daughter regarding the end of times. You see I am a conspiracy theorist. And one thing that binds my daughter and I is she is open to what and why I believe what I do. Well, we've been talking about sandy hook, and ultimately she was talking about her gay lifestyle. So I sent her a link on the hidden agenda of the lgbt I think it's called. So right now, while she is in Thailand she is reading the article along with other things. The end of times are open us ladies. We are about to go through some amazingly bad times. When rapture will come, only God knows. By these times are nothing to sneeze at. I am sorry to get this way, I try and be light, I really do. But my gifts are prophesy. I didn't get the pretty ones like hostess…but of finding the truth. So….am in tears praying so hard for my child to return to The Lord. Sending her angels and guarding against the darkness.

    • jesusgirl71

      Emily, will pray for you and your daughter. What a sad lifestyle! I hope she sees the light. also, I am like you. I truly believe the time is close for Christ's return. things are just getting worse and worse, I do believe.

      • Emily

        Thank you Jesus Girl,
        I appreciate that. So far I haven't heard from her, which is good. She is thinking before she reacts. And yes they are…getting worse everyday. Our son died two plus years ago which adds to the drama with our daughter. But can't wait to see him for sure ;)

    • Ingrid

      Your tears are languages, God understand you are sowing in tears, but you will reap the reward with joy God will never turn a deaf ear to the cry of his children. God will deliver your daughter the devil is a lier. .

      • Emily

        I love that, that tears are languages. Lovely thought. Thank you for your kind words. I just can't wait, it's been a crazy journey for sure,

  • All these testimonies are such a wonderful reminder to me of who and why I'm really here.I spend so much time worrying about things like the budget,the house work,the praise that I am or I am not getting,my health ,my marriage and just about anything I can let my mind wander too. Listening to you all makes me stop and think of the scorn Jesus gives us in Matthew saying "are not the lilys of the field clothed more beautifully than even king Solomon himself?" and again "seek first the kingdom of heaven and then all these things shall be added to you" I'm always so caught up in the moment that I forget the real rewards aren't here on earth.Remembering my salvation should be my first and foremost goal every day.As my pastor says "we are here to make God famous!".Thanks for all your contributions ladies the Lord truly does speak to us through his people! Have a blesed day all!

    • martina

      I love and agree with the words of your pastor: we are here to make God famous! Thank you for that!

    • Sudi

      I've not thought about us being here to "make God famous", but if we are to be His witnesses that is exactly what we are supposed to be doing. Thanks for sharing.

  • lisabethjean

    Yes! Come quickly, Lord Jesus!
    Thank you all for the reminder of the big picture, this masterpiece tapestry He's been weaving since time began. This glorious work of art that we can now only view from the bottom side — we only see the missing stitches, the loose threads, the ugly knots…

    Lord Jesus, in light of Your coming Glory, may my today be a witness to those I encounter.

  • Good Morning Ladies! This has been a rough week for me and it’s only Tuesday…todays devo and your responses is a great reminder of His hope for me…

    Robin mentioned that He is there every morning to pick us up! I thank Him for that and for each and everyone of you. The devil is busy, But God is still in control!

    Be Blessed Fresh Start Sisters!

    • martina

      Be encouraged, Dea. When you said it's been a rough week, the words of Isaiah 40 came to my mind immediately. I'll pray God makes your rough places a plain:)

  • Maranatha!

  • Brittany

    Praise the Lord, for his mercies are new each and every morning!

  • Awesome reflection today. I am gulty of focusing on all the minutia of our little lives. I even criticize my own teenage kids that think only of themselves and don't remember to ask "how are you doing Mom". But I am just as bad, My prayers reflect my tiny little world and I fail to see that he has such a greater purpose and future for me, for all of us. The story doesn't end here, he has an amazing adventure and plan for us – to bless all of those who come in contact with our little lives and transform our "little worlds" into His Big Plan.

  • Good morning ladies!! This is beautifully written and praise God for His redemptive heart and work. I know I so desperately need it. Over and over again as you mentioned. This reminds me of Hebrews 11:1-2 in that we are running a race. A beautiful race for Him and that’s exactly where our eyes need to be fixed…on Him.

    • Carlajanz

      Amen to that. Today's reading is what keeps me going, when I feel there is no purpose to my day, I am reminded that Jesus is my purpose, that whatever I place my hand to it is all for His Glory. I want to receive my prize at the end of my race, to see my Savior's face!

  • So grateful for this mornings devo! I often wonder what is my purpose in life and this reminds me I don't have to know the reason. I just need to remember to follow Jesus daily and he knows what my purpose is.

    • Gail

      Sorry, Sue, I touched touch the wrong button…………I totally agree with you ! We all have different gifts/purpose designed specifically for each and everyone of us…..some may seem ,throught our human eyes to be great, others big, small, not important or even not having any. God made us all and we are ALL vital to Him. That is the reason for the cross,for the Holy Spirit and grace.
      When we follow Jesus, that is our purpose and as we are varied, so are our gifts and we are ALL precious to HIM…….ALL. children of GOD…….All heirs.. " Come Lord Jesus, COME."

  • It’s so incredible to think about our deepest and truest longing being fulfilled when we are gathered to him. That there will be no more striving & falling! Amazing.

    I pray that my testimony and my witness will share His grace so that others can take part in this GREAT hope! Amen, Lord.

  • So thankful that the story’s been written, and our ending is a happy one securely set in the blood of Jesus! Hope everyone has a blessed day!

  • So grateful for His redemption. Over and over and over again.

  • Speak to Jesus what is on your heart and He will hear you! I love You, Jesus,with my whole heart, mind, body, soul, and spirit! You have given me so many surprises everyday and I get to unwrap them and store them up as treasures in heaven. Ladies, this week starting on Sunday Jesus has been right next to me in some scary things I had to take care of! I spoke honestly to the person I needed to and Jesus was and is right there next to me, healing the relationship and the person, and me! Wow, what a best friend we have in Jesus, I can testify!

    • Dea

      Thank you for sharing Nance…I’m faced with a mound of thoughts that I need to get off my chest, and I so desperately need Jesus right beside me. Feelings of abahndonment, hurt, anger, frustration, have hijacked my spirit. I am encouraged by your testimony…and may God continue to bless you!

  • Madeleine

    Good morning to all, great devo! There is so much more to life that what we can see, that is a challenge to remember at times. I am living with some questions right now, would like answers yesterday, but am reminded the only answer I need is in the heart of Christ. I need to be true to Him, that is where I want the future to be.

  • Praise the Lord! It’s so exciting to know that there’s a point and this life is not “it.” I pray that God will help us focus on Him and His plan, not the craziness around us. Have a fabulously blessed day, ladies!

    • Conne

      As I watched the "story" of Jesus ending in his dying on the cross last night on TV, I cried as I am sure many others dd. I am thankful to live in a country where we have had numerous chances to watch the true Easter Story for several weeks. I am thankful that I became a Christian when I was 11 years old and read my Bible and learned from previous Sunday School teachers and Bible teaching preachers the true history of the Bible. I noted some liberties the TV producers/writers took with the story but all in all it blesses my heart that these shows are on and being widely viewed in the hopes that The Holy Spirit will speak to others who may not already know Jesus as their Savior and they too will be saved! I sin and make mistakes everyday and wonder how God could possibly still love me but when I see the boundless love of Jesus for sinners and saved alike, I realize that I am already forgiven through the blood that Jesus shed for me and everyone on Calvary! Amen and amen, I will try to be a better witness for him this day in everything I do and may I be reminded daily of his amazing grace and love for me!!!

  • Good morning ladies it good to know god is there to pick us up each and everyday when we need a fresh boost ,just keep our mind stayed on him as we go though each and eveyday,have a good day ladies.

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