Fresh Start 2013: Day

So that you may have life


Today's Text: John 4:1-29

Text: John 4:1-29

When I read the story of Jesus and the woman at the well, I see so much of myself in her.  I wish the woman had a name in this story, but I think it’s intentional that she doesn’t.  It is so easy to read these verses and have empathy for “this poor woman.”

But what if this woman was you.

What if the shame she wears, visible to all in her community, is your shame?

I often wonder if she chose her times at the well strategically: knowing when she would most likely be alone.

No judgment from a stranger.
No shame as she faces another.
No disgusted looks or rude comments.

What do you think went through her mind as she approached the well and saw Jesus sitting there?
I believe she wanted to continue hiding—hoping he wouldn’t take notice of her arrival at the well.
As we read on about her story, it’s clear that she is hiding, a prisoner of her shame.

Shame: a painful emotion caused by consciousness of guilt, shortcoming, or impropriety {source}
There is a big lie that accompanies the feeling of shame: it is a lie that one must remain silent and keep the guilt inside.

Don’t let people close.

Stay silent.

But what I love about Jesus is that He doesn’t allow these lies to continue.

He not only notices the woman, but he asks a pointed question that forces the woman to speak truth to her shame—for her silence to be no more.  [v. 16-17]
He replaces her shame with a fresh start.
He replaces her silence with truth.
He takes the temporary fixes—the water that quenches our immediate thirst—and replaces it with living water.

Jesus said to her, “Everyone who drinks of this water will be thirsty again, but whoever drinks of the water that I will give him will never be thirsty again. The water that I will give him will become in him a spring of water welling up to eternal life.” [V. 13-14, ESV]

Sisters, He wants to give you new life.  He hurts when He sees you–His cherished daughter–locked in the chains of shame.

Take time today to end the silence of whatever you’re carrying.  Speak truth and lay it at His feet: just as you are.

The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly. [John 10:10, ESV]

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  • It's is really good…..a fresh start…a life free of shame! Thank God for his living water that gives us fresh start…new life. Thank u Lord! Amen

  • imperfectlyimperfect

    Thank you Lord for taking me as I am. For I know my sins are great & my flesh is weak. Help me to control my feelings & impulses. & to make better choices. Amen.

  • Joanne Sher

    BeAutuful reminder of exactly how much He loves us. Letting go of the shame.

  • Today’s message has really hit me hard.

    It seems like everyday I get up, go to school, and don’t say a word. Of course I talk to some of my friends, but when I am around different kinds of situations or don’t have any friends to talk to I just clam up. I don’t have a bad past but I just don’t want to be hert, say something stupid, or do something I will later regret. I guess I judge myself to hard and that’s where the shame comes in. This semester I have done a little bit better job at bringing myself out, but I still have a lot of those awkward moments if you know what I mean….

  • The story of the woman at the well reminds me of myself. I was broken, bitter, and confused at one point in my life. I did somethings I was ashamed of and it haunted me. I isolated myself from people to not have to face the things I had done but I learned that if I didnt confess my sins I would be stuck in that spot that I was in. One great thing about it is all the time I was going through the things that I was going through, God was right there with me, he kept calling my name. I finally stopped running from my sins and from the Lord and answered his call and all I can say is: “Falling in Love with Jesus is the best thing I’ve ever done.” He shows me Love that I know that no other man can show me unless he is after Gods own heart.

  • nmcgee30

    (****cont'd***)When she opened up, Jesus literally had to room to prophesy what we would experience today. Non-Jews literally infused into the family and the chosen people of God who no longer worship only in Jerusalem, but in our homes, in our churches, ANYWHERE!

    Because she was transparent with Christ, He was in turn transparent with her, revealing to her that He is, in fact, the Messiah she spoke of. Jesus rarely does this in personal encounters, but this brings so much hope to me. When we are open and honest with Him, He shows us more of who HE is……

    Suffice it to say, this morning's devotion spoke LIFE to my dry bones!! THANK GOD!!

  • nmcgee30

    Couldnt go without commenting on this one! So many WONDERFUL things going through my mind this morning that I am almost CRYING out with gratefulness to God for His word and this story!!

    This woman didnt even realize how she was shaping and painting a picture of the things that would come about long after she was gone… How she didnt realize at first who she was talking to (9&10), How she asked questions to decipher the voice (vs 11 &12), How God will answer when we seek to know who HE is (vs 13 & 14), How His presence allows us to be free and admit out shortcomingss (vs 17), and then after we have been shown her faults she challenges the entire system of Judaism by stating how she too believes and worships. Even though she is living in sin, even though she has so many faults she is ashamed, even though she knows that God is the God of the Jews, she too, knows, believes, and WORSHIPS!!

  • Jesus knew the shame that was on the Samaritan woman's heart, but I believe He wanted her to acknowledge that shame herself. If we do not acknowledge the chains that bind us, whether shame or guilt or both, we don't even know how trapped we are in our own ways of thinking or patterns of behavior. I acknowledged my own shame to the Lord just now and it made me realize how locked up I am. So locked up that I have not been able to accept the gift of grace, not fully at least. Obviously, it will take me some time to feel free, but I think acknowledging those chains of shame that bind us is a huge step in and of itself. God already knows just what those chains are, but He needs us to acknowledge them so that we recognize how we imprison ourselves. And all so that we may seek the beautiful freedom of His love and grace. Another wonderful and well needed reading!!

  • Getting rid of the dead skeletons to have life!!!

  • Ellis G.

    This was such an amazing message. We are all so vulnerable as humans. So many of our stories are the same..looking for love..significance..and meaning in all the wrong places. I too was married and divorced a couple of times..and each time it takes apiece of you. But God is faithful promise keeper and He does restore the years the locust have eaten. Have faith my sisters and believe that He will do what he said.

  • I just want to thank all of SheReadsTruth woman! I am 13 and I love reading along with true Woman of God. I have grown in my faith with Jesus because of SheReadsTruth! Thank you so much!

  • I read this devotion this morning… And boy did it speak volumes to me!!
    The guilt and shame I have being carrying for a year began when I started an online affair with a man from my church. He and I had grown up together, had a lot in common, were both missing things in our marriages, and found a friend in each other. But it quickly spiraled into an affair of the heart. It only lasted two weeks, as our spouses discovered our betrayal and we all began picking up the pieces. Through God's grace, I received forgiveness from my husband and my family… And from HIS family! My husband and I started a journey of rebuilding that brought us closer together and closer to God.

    And although I received grace and forgiveness very quickly, I have spent the past year in a battle of shame and guilt. How could I– a person raised in the church, a leader in my church– get trapped by sin so easily? How could I do something that hurt so many people? I lost a lot of friends because of it… And although God has used me and what I have been through and learned many times, I fight the devil daily. I can say that I know God's grace is enough, but I worry over the thoughts and words of man. I hide my redemption behind my shame because I worry what people are saying about me or thinking about me. What I SHOULD be doing is showing my redemption and let people talk about the glorious transformation God has made in my life!!

    It is a daily struggle… It is still all so fresh and raw. But I know my redeemer lives. I know He bore my sins for me on the cross, that 2000 years ago he knew I would be sinning against him and he chose to die for me anyway. And even though I do not always feel like it, he has deemed me worthy of his grace and forgiveness… And I accept it!

  • To candace jo thank u. For the wsords of encouragement.the song had me tears. Thanks for listening and I ask that you keep me and familly in prayerr as I do the same for you my friend:-) god bless!

  • I'm reading all of your previous comments, and tears come to my eyes, both tears of joy at Jesus' redemptive power over the LIES that Satan bombards us with, and tears at the heartbreak that many of us are living everyday. My prayer tonight is that Jesus continues to reveal Himself to each and every one of us daughters, and continues to heal our hearts…

  • This could not have come at a more fitting time in my life. There has been shame with words that I have spoken of another person. Something that was spoken out loud and the enemy took hold of my insecurities and manipulated my words into lies. The enemy tried to kill and steal and destroy the goodness in my life, but thank you Jesus for true friends in The Kingdom that recognized what the enemy was trying to do and did not receive the false words. Shame only allows the devil to be able to creep in and try to steal the Glory and Great God has already written for us. I encourage anyone to trust in Jesus and let Him guide Your life. It is amazing what he has in store.

  • This really hit me hard. I have shame a lot of shame my marriage is almost over I don’t have all my kids at home my family is torn apart I have been trying to hold it together and put everything back together but it just get worse prayers for me an my family I’m so glad Jesus loves me anyways

    • Candacejo

      Dear Lost, read this part again!
      He replaces her shame with a fresh start!
      He replaces her silence with truth!
      He takes the temporary fixes—the water that quenches our immediate thirst—and replaces it with living water.!
      Remember you cannot fix these things on your own and you cannot "get good" to "get God". You get God first and let Him doing the "fixing". :)
      Please lay your shame and guilt at the altar…I will join with you in prayer for your marriage and your children. Whatever happens keep your hand in the Master's hand and He will not fail you. Even if things do not work out as you want them to, He will walk WITH YOU and there is nothing more wonderful and comforting than a valley experience with The Lord.
      Much love to you today my friend! God is for you!

  • I too am filled with shame,pain and embarrsement.I can’t talk to anyone. becuz ppl doni’t have positive things to say pray for me and my family for strength please.I want to see jesus someday and live with him forever Psalm 25:16 KJV

    Turn thee unto me, and have mercy upon me; for I am desolate and afflicted.

    • Candacejo

      Monic, God is listening to your cry and wants to take your heavy burden from you today! Even when it seems no one else is there, Jesus never fails! Let Him carry you for He loves you so much. In His presence is fullness of joy and at His right hand are pleasures evermore. Keep reading His Word, become involved in a church that teaches truth and spend time with The Lord every day. This will be your strength! Here is a song that is a blessing to me and I just love to worship The Lord to! Let Him bless you and strengthen you as you listen to it! If my link doesn't work the song is Your Presence is Heaven to Me by Israel Houghton ad you can find it on YouTube. God bless you my friend!

  • Linda and Robin, I have prayed for you both. Godcan take any situation and use it for His glory. Believe that He still has a plan and purpose for you

  • TMichelle

    I fell behind on yesterday, so I am just reading this today. This passage is right on time. I love how it ties into a previous day when we spoke about Exodus 20 and playing "dress up" with our sins. Christ required the woman to be honest and then provided her the answer to her guilt and shame. We must confess with our mouth the areas of sin and disobedience, then receive forgiveness and exclaim God's mighty works.

  • There’s a song I’ve been listening to that talks about shame being undone. It’s a beautiful image. It’s called Holy Spirit. Various artists have covered it.

    “There is nothing worth more
    That will ever come close
    Nothing can compare
    You’re our Living Hope
    Your Presence

    I’ve tasted and I’ve seen
    Of the sweetest of loves
    Where my heart becomes free
    And my shame is undone

    Your presence Lord

    Holy Spirit You are welcome here
    Come flood this place and fill the atmosphere
    Your glory God is what our hearts long for
    To be overcome by Your presence Lord”

  • This verse truly touched my life. I to have been that woman at the well, at times I still war with feelings of shame, but then God reminds me that my sins are forgiven and in Christ Iam a new creature and I am the righteousness of God. Amen

  • lisabethjean

    Wow! Love what you wrote today:
    "There is a big lie that accompanies the feeling of shame: it is a lie that one must remain silent and keep the guilt inside."

    Oh, in so many ways, I AM that woman. It seems she wasn't quite clued in to what Jesus was telling her. She initially misunderstood what He was saying about Living Water… It wasn't until He revealed Himself as her Messiah that she ran & told her town. Many partook of the Living Water because of her testimony; and, I want to believe, her changed life.

  • I love how refreshing His water is!
    It seems there are so many of you ladies, myself included of course, that can get stuck in the shame of things we have done. Maybe this has been a successful tool for the enemy? How amazing would it be if we all claimed the freedom from our sins that God has already given us? I have been praying for God to show me what it look likes to live a life of an overcomer. Many of my battles are internal, definitely in the things that stress me out and not measuring up to the standards I set for myself.
    So in trying to claim that victory, I am continuing to dive into scripture and include it in my internal dialogue. So like Holly, the first comment for today's reading said, thinking about God 5x for every negative thought. I just get excited at the thought of what that would look like if we all made that self discipline a reality. Think of all the things God could do with us then!

    • Valerie

      Becca – I feel you completely, sister! I am so stuck in the shame of what I've done that I don't even know it most times. In doing so, Satan wins out my mind more than God wins out my heart (because I let that happen). My battles, too, are mostly internal. If I can give God 5X the victory over the enemy in one mental match, He will have that much more of my heart as well. Thank you, for this and I pray that we can all conquer our internal battles as sisters together in Christ!

  • Hello and praise him ladies! I’m so happy after reading this devotional about the woman in the well. I thank God for His Living Water because without it I wouldn’t have life.

  • I love the part about replacing the shame with a fresh start and replacing the silence with truth. I've been challenged lately to focus on the solution not the problem. Fixating on the problem can keep you stuck there. We must focus on the Truth, fixing our eyes on Him.

  • Wow! I'm truly in awe of all of you! Like everyone, I too am ashamed. Ashamed that I'm not as successful as I dreamt to be, ashamed that I didn't go to medical school and become a doctor, ashamed that I didn't know my worth and entered into an abusive relationship, ashamed that I had to pick up the pieces financially and emotionally after ending this relationship. But God has yet to fail me. God has always had my back through it all. I often feel like I'm not "Christian" enough bc of the shame I carry. Verse 23 of the MSG version states “It’s who you are and the way you live that count before God. " Great reminder that God loves me despite the shame.

    • martina

      Bianca, your post moved me. I feel the strain of the things/events that have hurt or disappointed you. I am praying that you can more and more see yourself as God sees you. And that means He feels your pain with you and moves toward you always to bring life and healing. He LOVES you!

  • Thank you, Holly, for the Tim Keller thought. I, too, want and need to "do the math" of God's grace! Love it.

  • Ellen MR

    Wow! What an impact! Although I’m newly saved and confessed my sins, I still felt like something wasn’t right…today laid it all bare! Literally! I STILL was holding back my biggest shame(s). Reading the passage then the posts helped me to just be who I am, not who I thought I should be like or as one of you said try to clean it up first when I put it all out there for Him- of course He knows it all already, but was waiting for me to be open and honest, mostly for myself! I can’t hide from my shame any longer- no burying it or avoiding it, or trying to dress it up so it won’t seem so bad- its mine and today I own it. No more excuses… and Lord I’m soo sorry I’ve done the things I’ve done.
    Thank You for your grace and mercy, for accepting me even when I couldn’t. Your compassion and love truly is endless, and I hope to become who and what you plan for me to be! Thank You Father for sending your son to save me from myself !! I WILL praise your name, that You ARE the Truth and the Way!! AMEN

  • Holly, I’m going to let my hair down today! And Cynthia, your message hit home-great words!

    I would have liked to find out more of what happened to the woman at the well after meeting the son of God. Did she go on and become a great disciple to the Samarians? I want to thinlk so!
    I too, struggle with my own shame. My lack of distilling a good faith in my children has led to very little or no faith in them as adults(if only I could go back again!). I am learning to lay them at God’s feet, and letting his plan unfold, but I must also forgive myself. Jesus already has. That’s always the hard part…

  • This is one of my favorite passages of Scripture. Jesus purposely arranges to meet a person who thinks there is no better way. She goes about her routine, day in and day out thinking this is all.

    Jesus introduces Himself by asking for that which He is. He does it not out of need for Himself – for He is selfless – but He does it to expose her – not her self-shame but…lack! He only does so because He need her to know what He sees.

    She had settled and He was introducing her to more, to better, to Him. A man who came to give; not take. A man like she had never met before. A man who truly only wanted what was best for her.

    He is still the same; He has not changed! Amen.

  • "As we read on about her story, it’s clear that she is hiding, a prisoner of her shame."

    I've noticed that over the past few days I keep seeing the word "hiding"…I believe God is trying to tell me something ;)

    I am the heaviest I have ever been. I seriously HATE mirrors and avoid them at all costs. I hate having my picture taken, etc. I feel shame about the fact that I have "let myself go" so to speak. I'm guilty of hiding because of it.

    Wow. This has not really hit me until I read this morning's devotion. Looks like I need to spend some time with God, asking for His perspective on this. I need to see myself as He sees me and take some action to get healthier and DUMP the shame.

    Thank you for this post.

    • Nancy W.

      Hang in there Amy. I continue praying for you. You are a beautiful person in God's eyes. It is good that you care about your weight. Focus on His love for you and continue doing the task He has set before us. Before you know it, we will see many, many blessings and surprises!!! Hugs::)))) Nancy

    • Christy

      I feel your pain. I would highly recommend Lysa Terkurst's book Made to Crave. I just started it and it focuses on the relationship between our relationship with God and our relationship with food. Convicting and encouraging.

  • Its amazing, John 10:10 was rolling around in my thoughts all yesterday and i am so thankful it was discussed today! I feel the burden of shame, as a victim of sexual abuse, i know its almost easier to live in quiet and shame, even though i was wronged i still carry it as my own burden, but praise be to our great Deliverer who gives us a voice of victory!

    • debsuds

      I hear you Steph…I have carried this burden for 45 years and never told anyone til this year,,,my spiritual mentor,,,,I accepted Christ as my saviour in January and felt the Holy Spirit so strongly I thought I was having an anxiety attack. It was too much longer after that I got the 3:00 a.m wake up call… A voice in my head telling me to tell her, she needs to know…you had to be broken before you would come to the light. She has been a rock for me…and after reading this I am ready to let it go…Steph I pray that you to find comfort in our lord and let it go! You Are enough in God's eyes…

  • Holly…I love the idea you shared from the Time Keller sermon. I’ll take it w/me and practice it…

    I’ve expressed my shame a few days ago…having a second child w/someone I love dearly, but we’re not married. Altho we live together, there’s some trouble in paradise…My shame is wanting it too look “shiny” to outsiders when there are so many flaws, disappointments, pain, misunderstanding…

    But God! He gives me strength to endure it, finish my masters program, and be the best mom to my almost 4 month old blessing.

    He Absolutely Meets Us Where We Are

    Be Blessed My Fresh Start Sisters!

    • Nance

      I love that: he meets us where we are totally and works with us and is closer than a brother!

  • Wow. Here’s my shame. Divorced after 28 years of marriage to a man who turns out to be gay. About a year after this I reconnect with an old high school crush and despite my resolve not to do this, end up in bed with him after two months. I feel guilt and shame. And pull away from Jesus. Finally we get married. I wanted to to make our relationship legitimate. Now a bit more than a year later we are divorcing. It was a horrible mistake based on the first sin I committed. And both if us as well as our respective families are hurt. Sin’s ripple effect. This week I finally laid all this at the Savior’s feet. I really didn’t realize u could fall so low after years of following Him. I still feel shame but today I felt as if the Samaritan woman is my sister.

    • Brandi

      And I'm your sister! My story is different from yours, but we all have one. And we are all covered by grace. And when the Father sees you He sees Christ's sacrifice! We have to repent and let go. This shame and guilt is a tool from Satan. Christ died to reconcile us to Himself. By His stripes we are healed. Thank You Jesus. Thank you Linda for sharing so we can let go of the shame and receive and cling to the Truth! Praying for you!

    • robin

      Hi linda my name is robin ,I felt lke u divorce felt lonely meet a man on a dating site for 2ys with him started skipping church only to find out he was a waste of my time using me fpr sex and money,what a shame I felt but now I do,nt look back,and ,I know god is about 2nd chances and I,m getting mine. Luv u in jesus name.

  • I’m taking time today to end the silence of what I’m carrying!!!

  • rocknitat55

    Oops my fingers r all over the place… Anyway Ladies I pray that u have a woman at the well experience soon… and when u do what a wonderful community we have for u to come back and share your experience. Remember this sister became so excited and burdenless that she had to run and tell everyone.

    *just a small note, in our relationships both personal and ministerial let us meet people where they are not where we think they should be!
    God bless u everyone.

    • Ceil

      I needed this reminder today as I think of the abuse that a friend shared with me. I have known her for 3 years and knew there was some difficult history but did not know any specifics. She shared in detail the horrors this week and I was mortified that anyone would be so unprotected as a child and young adult. I thought about how damaged she was and wanted to draw away from her but then a feeling came over me that Jesus had sent her to me for love and acceptance. I felt honored that she trusted me enough to share her story with me. I love her as she is and admire her resilience and search for healing.

  • Bethlynn

    My boyfriend is a counselor. He told me to write shame on a rock and throw it in the lake. I did. In Christ, I am forgiven and my shame is washed in his eternal waters.

  • rocknitat55

    What always sticks out for me in this scripture is, ” And he must needs go through Samaria.” Jesus met this woman where she was! He didn’t wait for her to change, he didn’t wait on her deliverence he was her deliverance… He purposefully came for this sister. Just as Christ came for us!

    Ladies right now! This morning, today! Whenever u read this, HE is there. Meeting u in your realtime situations. You don’t have to wait til u fix it, or clean it up, or make it better. U know what we do ladies:) Admit it and quit it cause if we could have fixed it
    By now it would have been done. In our own strength we can do nothing.

  • I often don't feel like I deserve a second chance or fresh start, but I am so grateful for it. Here I am Lord. Thank you for loving me, just as I am.

    • Candacejo

      So true that is where grace comes in Julia! Thank goodness it isn't based on our merits or on whether we deserve His blessings or mercies! That I why it is called grace. He does love us just as we are and will continually mold us into what He wants us to be if we are clay in the Potter's hands. Thank you for that thought today!

  • Practice praising God in every situation! I mean even when you don't feel like it! And if you don't succeed practice the next day and keep practicing until praising God in EVERYTHING (the good the bad and the ugly) becomes a habit! Because your bad could be God's good! We are not to judge cause we don't know but God's words tell us to praise Him in all situations even if you're depressed praise God for you're situation. I know this sounds so weird and different because you feel so horrible when you are depressed! I have been there many times, but I started praising God in every situation and blessing those who persecute me.( Like you know those people who
    judge you for decisions you had to make and like to talk to others about it. ) the more I practice praising God in every situation the more He blesses me! I can testify to this daily! Since I began Fresh Start I have been practicing Praising God in some very difficult situations and the situation has not changed, but He has changed my heart about it! He has Big Plans for those who Love Him, Praise Him in all situations, Glorify His Holy Name! Just look what happened to Saul and the woman at the well. We are all those two at times and countless others in the bible. We have been put on this Earth to learn to Love God. He knows His sheep and His sheep know him. Jn 10:14

    • jezzemae

      Agreed! When my focus is on God I also realize that situations around me may not have changed, but my heart and my attitude has, and that is when I can feel His spirit working through me. Amazing!

      • jesusgirl71

        See, this is what I truly need to work on. I try os hard to focus on Christ, but I find myself all too often focusing on the situation. but your experience encourages me: I need to focus on Him and it truly does work. to hear how it truly does work in someone's life truly helps.

  • I thank our Lord God for second chances!

  • That was awesome Holly!
    I struggle a lot with feeling that I don’t do things well enough, that I’m not adequate. But Jesus wants us to have so much more grace!

  • Um…are you writing these only with ME in mind? ;) It seems that during every reading, I'm thinking, "YES! Ok! That's it! Exactly!"

    I always have the misconception that I need to constantly be trying harder. Be more responsible. Keep a cleaner house. Stay later at work to get things finished, etc. Because, heaven forbid, I just "do the best I can" and be pleased with that. That's not what "Good Christians" do.


    It's never enough…and there is "shame" that accompanies those anxieties.

    I listened to a sermon by Tim Keller, and he said that every time you think of your past sin/inadequacies, you need to think- 5 times- of your Savior. That can be a lot of work- but oh so worth it.

    The closer I get to Jesus, the more I realize how MUCH Satan just wants us to be depressed, discouraged, anxious, guilty, filled with shame, etc.

    Ladies, today is Friday. Let your hair down a little.

    Let's not let *him* win. :)

    • robin

      Good morning ladies'blless frday' shame is how I felt now going through a divorce feeling it my fault,that is how the devil wants me to walk around feeling'but u r a liar'. After my reading longer with prayer and faith I will take t up my cross and bury this and look to the hills which comeith my help-prayer my strength ladies.

      • Nance

        Being divorced twice I have felt the same way and the man I am with is not my husband, but ya know what I know for a fact God loves me anyway because my Father God sees me through Jesus. ( I just got this about a week ago.)So I am new to this mindset that God has given me. I know God has big plans for me, plans He has set into motion once I make my requests known to God and praise Him for His wonderful timing. i can tell you countless prayers that have been answered. one prayer was answered just this year that I requested 14 years ago. So never fear my sisters God has Big Plans for you! All you have to do is

        practice what God tells us to do in His word. Practice is the best word That was put on my heart this morning because we all stumble, we make mistakes and its okay because God loves us even more than we could ever dream of loving our own family members whether they be children or adults

        because we are all God's children in this world that is full of temptations and God knows this. He just wants us to praise Him for everything cause He knows the plans He has for us! So much better to practice llove, forgivesness, and compassion for those we share our
        lives with that to practice the opposite. That leads to a life of struggle which I have practiced way too long! I'm gonna practice, get hurt, God's going to heal me, we are going to grow in our relationship because I trust Him with my life! God has never let me down, ever! I may have to wait years for prayers to be answered because He is developing and shaping me into the person He needs me to be for Him! And I absolutely Love God for this!
        Thanks for listening :)

        • Emily

          So what you are saying is that you are now living with a man that is not your husband? If so sweetheart, Jesus also says to go and sin no more to the woman who was about to be stoned. He set us free so we can walk away from our sins with grace and forgiveness, but walk away all the same. I know we all want to be politically correct, but if this is so most likely Jesus does not want you to continue living that way. Please pray about it at least. ;)

      • Ingrid

        Stay strong sister the LORD is with you he promise never to leave us nether to forsake us. God bless.

    • jesusgirl71

      Wow Holly! this was great! In my job, I do technical support, which involves solving problems for people, computer problems. If I don't have a solution right away, I panic and feel like oh what if I can't solve this? I feel like when I fail it's always *my* fault and like I can never measure up or be or do enough. this was great!

    • AChic72

      Um, Holly, you are awesome! Thanks so much for this post. I think tons of women can relate. Another thing I have tried that is working for me is when I feel those anxieties creeping up, especially around my raising my daughter (am I doing it right?!?), financial worries, my job, my house which will never be clean all at once – I actually put my hands on my heart and breathe deep and say "God has given me all that I need – I have everything that I need" – almost like a chant type prayer – and it helps. I think pressing pause when the anxiety hits and remembering that God loves us all the time no matter what and that we really do have what we need in him, is really helpful.

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