Fresh Start 2013: Day

God redeems the israelites | a continual fresh start


Today's Text: Exodus 14

Text: Exodus 14

“Why, God? Why are you taking us here? We were better off before! Why can’t you just leave us alone?” [v. 11-12, my paraphrase]

The Israelites had to be weary. Can you imagine? Centuries of slavery. An entire history of bondage. In light of God’s dramatic rescue, the lament in verses 11-12 sounds ungrateful, even hateful. But I hear more in their voices. I hear fear. Fatigue. Confusion.

O, God, why? After all we’ve been through, why this?

Friends, is this not us?

Each of us lives in a specific brokenness today, a place from which we cannot fathom freedom. Eventually, we learn our way around the darkness. There are times it feels so familiar we’d just as soon stay as venture into freedom’s light.

Our weariness sighs, Lord. Can’t you leave good enough alone?

The Israelites were terrified. As my pastor points out, they hadn’t seen the movie. They didn’t know what was coming. And in the Moses moments of our own lives – when we are asked to believe what we cannot see, to walk in a way that seems beyond impossible – we don’t know either.

This is where Redemption’s work is done. Right here, in our fear and helplessness. Right here, among the broken and weary.

If Moses were in the middle of our impossible mess with us today, he might say something like this:

“Don’t be afraid. Stand up and look! The Lord, He will work out your rescue, you just watch. He will fight the battle for you, and he always wins. You don’t have to say a word.” [v. 13-14, my paraphrase]

The Israelites’ doubt and forgetfulness did not disqualify them from God’s redemption and promise. Neither did their past sin – even their future sin! – keep them from God’s rescue. God wrote the story. They had only to walk in it.

How is God redeeming you today? How has he paved the way for your fresh start? Let’s not sabotage our Moses moment by touting our goodness or cowering in darkness. Let us quiet our hearts and watch as God, full of grace, fights daily for our hearts. And wins.

  • imperfectlyimperfect

    WOW! I needed to be reminded of this story. I’m so amazed every day that I read these devotions, but this lesson in particular hits home. I have been “cowering in the darkness” afraid to “venture into freedom’s light.” But God is with me, fighting the battles for me. There is nothing for me to fear.

    Thank you Lord, for fighting for me, for your mercy & love, & thank you for placing people & things in my path to remind me of your glory & power & compassion & unconditional love. Help me to dwell in your word & practice what I learn. Give me strength & courage & patience. Amen..

    If anyone is passionate about this passage of the bible & would like to explore it more, there is a book I was reading about this passage a few years ago called “The Red Sea Rules” by Robert J. Morgan. It is a powerful & encouraging perspective & helped me through some challenges in my life.

  • The most powerful part of this is that God just wants us to stand still ladies. He wants us to trust him, he knows we are scared we are afraid and alone but STAND STILL in Gods salvation and we will become whole again. We need to leave all of our troubles, depression, weakness, abuse, the bruise in the Red Sea, let God part our Red Sea and let us leave the bondage we are in there in the sea. The bondage is no longer who we are, we will be made whole and new again. So just stand still and allow him to bring you through your test, and trouble, he has not brought us this far to leave us here, his plan is far greater then anything this worldly earth can provide for you. Trust him. He knows you. He loves you. Thank you Jesus, for your mercy and love. Thank you father God, in your son Jesus name I pray for every one of you ladies going through any life struggle you may be battling remember this is just your test. In your son Jesus name I pray AMEN!!

  • Joanne Sher

    Its God's story. We just need to walk in it.

    Sooo true but easier said than done! I am realizing that trusting God doesn't mean you know when, where, or how He will act. And that makes it tough. Great lesson this morning!

  • I was really convicted by this particular devotional as I have recently undergone a period of heartbreak that I slowly realized had resulted from a time of distance from God. After sinning and letting my heart grow harder and harder to his Voice and urging, I began to view sin as being okay and allowable in certain circumstances. I could no longer distinguish between what was right or wrong, even with full knowledge of the law and commandments that I had grown up with for all of my life. Thanks be to God that I was able to free myself from heartache and darkness through his Grace and mercy! I’m slowly recovering but everyday I pray for a sensitive heart that is constantly yearning for Him and that I stand up for what I know to be right.

  • This is so what I needed today. The whole series so far has been a blessing. It’s so down to earth, and real. I can relate to everything that’s being said. I look forward to reading the other series. Thank you for sharing this Word!

  • My family might care, but they’d be fine, but no one else would care, on fact, they’d better better off if I were not here. Yes, I now God loves me and am saved and have been a faithful servant, maybe even liked in the past, but now totally alone.. my life will not be missed … Massive failure.

    • ACS

      Never underestimate the positive impact you may be having on someone else's life, even if it is unknown. Don't underestimate your impact in and on the world.

  • We don’t see Hod in our situations , but He’s always faithful when I remember that I can see my faith/ hope. I recently learned hope is not seen just believe and trust which is faith.

  • Patricia

    I have been following this blog 4 about a week now and i just wanted to say thank u 2 everyone! So often i feel like i’m alone the only person going through the attacks of the enemy but i no that my DAddy is with me. All ur transparency blesses and encourages me! There has been so much on my plate lately! I had an injury about 8years ago that halted my career path. Which has placed pressure on my husband to support our family. It seems that the enemy is trying to keep me depressed by attacking my family. My daughter is in an abusive relationship and the more i try to help her the more she pushes me away. My son is a witness in a murder trail involving gang members-which he has never been a, part of praise God. He has been dealing with death threats, and if that wasnt enouph, my husband has been fighting The spirit of addiction again. I am sharing this because todays reading takes place in the desert, im sure that all God’s people could see with thier natural eyes was desert, or shall i say that is what the enemy wanted them to see! I realized that is the lie that the enemy is trying to tell me! For about a year now he has tried to convince me that everything in my life was s waste land! But thank u Jesus for leading us through the desert to our promise land! I may not b able 2 c it in the natural but u can still hold on to his hands and enter into the promise land with my entire household! Again thank u everyone for sharing & blessing me so!

  • I Really needed to hear this today! Thank you so much for sharing TRUTH!

  • Everyday there are moments that the Lord is pulling us toward him. He is winning our hearts through his grace daily and all we have to do is have faith, believe and be still for his message to come through.

  • God please fight my battle for me today for I am weary. I know with you I will win!

  • The part that stood out to me was this: "This is where Redemption’s work is done. Right here, in our fear and helplessness. Right here, among the broken and weary." This made me think of my family since they are not saved. I know most of them go through struggles everyday, but I cannot wait for the day in which the only way out for them will be God. My family needs redemption. I too need redemption, everyday. In the times when I am angry, thinking a bad thought, or crying, that's when I ask God, please, get a hold of me and do not let me go. I try to not to just seek him when I need him, but I do definitely let Him put is arms around me when I need them. God you amaze all of us everyday. We love you and in your name we proclaim. :)

  • "A thought marinating in my mind.". What a perfect way to express what happens in my head!

  • P Karlyn

    Thank you for sharing your lives and heart today. It is so up lifting. I prayer for each one as we have victory in every inch of our lives. With our health , families, moves and our willingness to obey Gods word. Sometime its a challenge and I balk, but God is so funny in the outcome. When I read you testimonies, I have faith that I will overcome this desire to eat healthily and will be laughing at the enemy. I made excuses about my weight, but I know God only wants the best for me. I dont have to wander in circles but really listen to the words he speaks to me and not quiet that small voice.

  • Be still. Let God fight your battle. It is His plan. Be still. This is so hard. This valley seems so deep… so dark… so endless. I want to take control. I want to fix everything. I don’t understand why the comfortable had to become so uncomfortable. Be still. With God, all things are possible. Be still. Let God fight your battle. With God ALL things are possible. “God wrote the story. They had only to walk in it.” Be still.

  • Rnurse1977

    I have my own struggles and it is so hard for me to walk away. This devotional means a lot. God will fight my battle but I have to let him.

  • I am focusing on controling my thoughts. I struggle with controling situations and me meditating on my future, fears of the unknown, or past hurt is my way of taking charge, somehow thinking its going to help the situation when it only leaves me with anxiety and worry- and not trusting God. So I wrote down some scriptures of trusting God in those times and when I catch a thought marinating in my mind, I use those scriptures of truth to cast it down. Prayers are welcomed as this is something I am wanting victory in.

  • I really needed this. I’m so guilty of always trying to fix the problem or find the solution instead of being still. My prayer is that I don’t sabotage my moment
    That I allow God to fight my battle.

  • Babigirljay

    It so true were often take the stance of how ungrateful the Israelites were forgetting about their weariness. I have felt the same way many times on my life when I’ve had to say to God.. ‘Really!’ after everything this too? Lord help me to walk trusting that you have planned my path.
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  • i I find it is easy to cower in darkness and feel that
    there is no way out of a situation, so just letting it be
    and finding a way to make do is the best option, but
    God FIGHTS for us! Even when we don’t think we’re
    worth the effort-praise God!

  • In some of my times of struggle, I have backed away from God and my faith. Like the Israelites, I was tired and broken down and did not trust what the Lord had in store for me. Even still, God was standing there, just waiting for me to get my act together and realize that He will not bring me to harm, though things may seem scary. I pray that in my moments of reluctance, I remember today's passage and that God offers His gifts, not only in the bright light of a perfect morning, but in times when we're scared and angry and tired.

  • Christina

    Thank God for his word! !!! These daily devontions truly bless my soul! After reading today I realize that I do needto be grateful for the good & the bad & that I need to humble myself more.

  • Nickie
    Just yesterday I was telling my daughter of a time in my life that God asked me to trust Him. Isaiah 45 is an amazing chapter to see that He is God and there is no other. He is totally trustworthy. Hope this helps.

  • “She Reads the Truth” is so explosive!! I can’t hardly wait for the next day on my journey to discover what God has for me!! This has truly blessed me with my personal walk with God!! Thank you!!

  • How many times have I gotten upset or disappointed because things didn't go the way I wanted them too, only in the end to find it worked out for good just in God's way, not mine. I am learning everyday to wait and see how the Lord will turn my prayers into answered prayers HIS way.

    • Beverly

      How true! I've thought about posting my prayers and answered prayers to give myself a visual. Also, I started reading the book of Exodus last night. It is amazing how I had forgotten so many details of that story. I highly recommend! It is also comforting that even Moses doubted God several times in the beginning. And also how it parallels the story of Christ coming to save his people. Simple, but awesome ideas to ponder :)

  • Casey- I feel that way all the time, and I’m in a place in my life where i want very badly to be closer to God and to be a better Christian.

    I started this devotional as a way to try to learn more about God so I could understand Him better. I have a very hard time releasing control of my life to a God who has sat back and allowed so many terrible things to happen in my life. Does anyone have any advice on what I should do?

  • Ill be honest there have been times when i had fear God would take away his plans for me or stop helping me achieve my dreams., because i would start getting weary , doubtful , and very scarred this things might not happen for me. But due to this devotional it let me know i can relax and ignore the devils lies , because he loves me and is patient. As long as i trust in Him, regardless of my feelings im on the right path

  • Awesome.. Exactly what I needed to hear today

  • It never ceases to amaze me how God can speak to us from the same old passages we have read over and over, by opening our eyes to see one more nugget of truth from his word. For the first time I notice how the Angel of the Lord left the frontline from where He was guiding the people and went behind them to watch their back, to make sure the enemy did not touch them, and it made me think, when I have felt that I am getting no guidance, no direccion, or al least I think so, He is behind me, watching my back, protecting me from enemies I dont even know. I am reminded again one more time, that I need to trust Him, I need to believe that He is working in my life and leading me to victory and freedom. Forgive me Lord, for the times that I question You and my heart doubts and I cry out like the Israeltes, how long will you forsake me? May my heart be truly renewed to walk in confidence and thankfulness that my path is in the hands of the Almighty and powerful God!

    • TMichelle

      I went back and read this passage again today. Your comments truly blessed me and gave the same reminder you have posted. I, too, will walk in confidence and thankfulness that my path is in the hands of God. I truly needed that reminder today.

  • Lani Cook

    God has definitely spoken directly to me in this one! By far the most personal and big one for me! Every word that was in today’s reading was just a response to everything Ive been feeling and saying for the past few days! Wow God always makes me in awe of Him and shocks me, I dont know why Im surprised all the time but He just gets me everytime! Thank you Lord for speaking to me and answering all my questions and replying to my thoughts in the crazy amazing way that you do through word and devotion! Thank you to the authors for allowing God to speak through you and writing exactly what you did!

    I want to believe now help me with my unbelief Lord!!!


    I gotta say, I love this study. My favorite quote: " God wrote the story; they only had to walk in it." This applies to me soo much right now. God, help me remember that yes, you wrote my story. Help me to walk as you see fit .

  • rebecca dunham

    This helped me as I winded down my day see that God is here with me and to not be afraid. Also to keep my prayers going over my situation even when I feel like there is no hope BC GOD will help get me through all my situations.

  • Tsalached

    We are so forgetful…we quickly & easily forgets what The Lord has done for us in the past, just like the Isrealites. I funked a job interview and felt disappointed but then I decided to trust The Lord. Today's devotion however reminds me of 3 years ago the Lords words to me "I've never seen the righteous suffer or His seed begging for bread". Thank u Father

  • "The Lord will fight for you, you need only to be still." Meditating on these words REALLY got me through my day. Thank you!!!

  • Butterfly98

    To God be the Glory. This comes at a time in my life where I’ve had and lost and still feel defeated from so many angles of my life, career, financies, and most importantly marriage. However God is a Redeemer and a Way Maker. I am committed to letting God fight my battles. He knows what He is doing and is in control. Amen

  • This is perfect for me today! I need to remember these words, "He will fight the battle for you, and he always wins." That is when I am truly at peace – when I trust in him not in myself. Yes, Lord!

  • I am thankful that God is not finished with me. Even when I feel like giving up, He continually ignites a flame in me to keep me going.

    Whether it is sending someone across my path who needs to be minister to or allowing me to complete something I may have failed at several times prior. He reminds me there is still something within which can be used to bring glory to the Kingdom!

  • I love this post! I have recently started on a new journey for myself and restoring my faith and commitment to God and this couldn't have explained it better! I feel like I have a fresh start because I trust in God.

  • Crystalyn

    I have struggled with health problems for almost 3 years now. I’m only a junior in high school. You can only imagine how much health has affected my schooling. I can’t exaplaine the journey God has had me fight through already. But I truly thank him for all of it. He has shown me the full power of his love and grace through it all. Still however I doubt him and his power everyday. Today was very tough for me but in the moment I was crying out to God I ened up reading this. Truly God has everything planned out already and He keeps fighting for our love and trust in him everyday. God has wrote the story we only have to walk in it. We just have to put our full trust in Gods plan and hold his and and walk as his child. Thank you Lord, Abba father, we love you. Amen.

    • martina

      Thank you for your post, Crystalyn. You strike me as a young woman with a vibrant faith! Know that HE holds you with strength, and smiles when you hold His hand through your tough times.

  • We are definitely going through a Moses moment, a desert right now. I am so grateful for His never ending grace. I will now hold on to Exodus 14:14 as my battle cry. He is fighting for me! All I have to do is stay still. Lord, help me to stay still.

  • Casey, you need to read the full account of the Israelites and their enslavement and suffering. The Egyptians were given many chances, Moses came before Pharoah many times asking for freedom, and each time Pharoah vasillated back and forth, & then stubbornly refused Moses, the mouthpiece of God. My belief is that Pharoah believed himself above God…and God and became angry.

  • Like many of you, I have too been struck by the message yesterday and today. I am in deeply dark season in my life currently. My husband and I have been married for four years, but separated for the past two. We have remained living together and still do now. However, this last week he sat me down to go over the paperwork for a divorce. I have been fighting to save my husband and our marriage for the last two plus years. Talk about a difficult road, especially when you feel you are the only one fighting. I love my husband deeply and truly believe we can make our marriage work. I find so much encouragement in the story of the Israelites. I know now that I am not the only one fighting for his heart. God is fighting for me and for him. Our marriage is in darkness and we are wondering around lost and confused. I believe this, like today's message, that this is where redemption is at work. In our brokenness, in our fear, and in our pain. Lord please give me the strength to walk through this and know that you only have goodness in our future. You are the great redeemer Lord and I pray that you may redeem our marriage. Help us find our way back to your amazing love and back to each other. Soften our hearts so that we may become still to hear your word and see where you are leading us. I am so thankful to put my faith in a God that gives Grace a Love unconditionally.

    • Ingrid

      Hannah i pray for God divine intervention right now for your marriage his will be done. In Jesus mighty name amen. God bless.

    • mcmilljb

      Hannah: I am praying for you and your husband ~ love in Christ … Joanne

    • Emily

      Oh dear, I am so sorry for what you are going through. I will be praying for you and your husband to come together as one..;'-)

    • martina

      Hannah, know that you are surrounded by a band of sisters in Christ who are praying for you!

  • mcmilljb

    I can't say how many times I have read this passage over my lifetime and thought "those selfish Israelites! God was trying to bless them!" But now I can understand so easily that I have had that "desert mentality" myself: I have felt alone, disconnected, angry, helpless and confused … sometimes I have not known how to pray other than to simply say, "Help me, Lord." Am I homeless, terminally ill, or without food? No, I just feel overwhelmed by the things of this world. God has always been with us and always will be … but the enemy will always send things to take our eyes off of Him.

  • Christine

    In the face of impossible situations, may I stand firm in the strength of God, walk forward in the confidence of God’s abiding presence and be assured that The Lord is fighting for me…indeed already has the victory.

  • I love today's passage and the wonderful reminder it provides. But does anyone else struggle a little bit with God manipulating Pharaoh, and every single one of the Egyptians dying? Surely they weren't all evil/in oppositiion to God? I struggle to understand and am growing closer to God, but passages like this truly make God sound unloving (toward the Egyptians obviously, not the Israelites). For all of the Egyptians to die for His glory…I know we can't understand everything, but…does anyone have any insight on this?

    • Emily

      I do too. I look at it this way. Have you ever been around someone that because they know you're a Christian they treat you badly? Now if I've done something I want to be accountable, but Jesus Himself says that He offends. I think that God just being there hardened their hearts. Darkness does not like the light as it exposes the nooks and crannies we hide in. That's my take on it anyway. As God wants all to be saved.

  • I can't even begin to tell you how much I'm enjoying this "fresh start!" And everytime I post about it on my blog or Instagram I get messages/comments from other women with questions and excitement for God's Word. You rock! Thanks for being faithful. :)

  • Just started this study and really hoping to jump on board to my faith again. I have just been going through life feeling so busy and unconnected to anyone but my family. Hoping to feel connected to some of you woman of faith while I read comments and do this study.

  • aliceatthemoon

    I was so inspired to share after reading today's chapter. I love how current and timely this was for me!

  • Has anyone replaced "Egypt/Egyptians" with something along the lines of "darkness?" Read v. 13-14 with the word replacement:

    "But Moses told the people, 'Don't be afraid. Just stand still and let the Lord rescue you today. The [darkness] you see today will never be seen again. The Lord himself will fight for you. Just stay calm." (NLT)

    Thanks, Lord, for taking me to the other side of the sea, for allowing me to turn around and see all of my sins drowned. Because of You, I am able to breathe again. Amen

  • I think the lord has redeemed me when I was lost and my life wasn’t lining up with His Word. I am so thankful I didn’t feel like I needed Jesus when I had what I needed. I would never ever feel like I don’t need him when I’m doing good. God can give it and he can take it away. Be blessed ladies!

  • jesusgirl71

    the answer to the question at the end of this devotion. the financial situation I mentioned a couple days ago? My husband was panicked that we wouldn't have enough to make it because of this surprise bill we received. Well in going over everything, we are going to be ok, even with this unexpected expense. god is taking care of and delivering us. Still worried more surprises will come next month because of this situation, but I need to remember that God is going to fight this battle for us, as he has been doing. I read a verse, and now I can't remember which one, in the Message, earlier today, that said, and I am probably even myself paraphrasing this, if we trust god, we will never regret it. Seems so obvious, but just hearing it made me think! BTW, I have posted in the past as Nicki, but since I now have a WordPress blog, I can post using my WordPress, so you will see this different username, but it's me. don't post every day, but want to actually start doing so more.

  • I can really relate to the Israelites… they had periods of darkness and not having any faith, but also periods of much faith and closeness to God. I'm so thankful that I have their example to learn from, and to choose to walk closely with the Lord and have faith even in the times when I can't see what he is doing. He was faithful to them, and he will be faithful to me!

  • What perfect timing of this devotional! Just last night my Husband and I were watching the 3rd Narnia movie after reading several of C.S. Lewis’ books about Christianity and realized his children’s movies echoed the Bible. In the end of the movie is a portrayal of Moses and this chapter – the youngest daughter pulls out her itty bitty knife and stands still on the other side of the river as The Lion fights for her and kills the army chasing them with water in almost the same way that happened in the story of Moses! Incredible imagery to think of while reading this passage.

    God has led my Husband and I out of the desert (literally haha we were stuck in Las Vegas!) and have been in a foreign and scary land that we were beginning to ask ourselves why we have come here. Just now are we beginning to see Gods great plan for us being revealed and the reasoning and prosperity for us during this great transition time in our lives. Forever grateful!

    Thankful for this community and devotional! :)

    • Beverly

      Rachel, thanks for sharing your story – it is encouraging to me. My Husband and I recently moved across the country – thousands of miles from our old life, routine, and family & friends. It has been quite an adjustment, but I know that God is working through our transition. For me, it has been a matter of realizing to let go of our past life and accept where we are now in THIS season of our life. I pray that I can see God's great plan for our lives here – {SO happy that yours is unfolding!} Until then, I'm trusting God, remembering His goodness, and focusing on moving forward. I know that His timing is perfect!

  • I have been going through a season of struggle for the past few months, and I was considering making a move out of desperation, just wanting things to be better. I prayed for direction from God over whether or not I SHOULDN'T make the move, and this morning I read both yesterday's reading and today's reading. Even though I want to do something, I need to be still and let God. This was right on time. Not what I want to hear, but what I need to hear. Isn't that always how it works?

  • Just a little applicable….we lived in the desert for 22 years when The Lord rescued us and brought us back to San Diego. Many times I want my old life back, great friends, my husband was a principal. My son is now gone, and I get to put up with a narsiscit SIL…And I am not kidding. I am sure being in my pajamas for 3 days now is not helping, or is the other way around. So…time to be convicted to thank The Lord for bringing me out of the desert as I always wanted to get out of there. Very appropriate lesson for me ;)

  • MacKenzie

    This hit me between the eyes today! So much of the time I feel too marred with sin and mistakes to let myself believe that He really still hears and loves me- that is a lie. It does not matter what I've done or will do, He loves me, hears me, and has this amazing plan for me. He wants to grip my heart, take my face in His hands and say, "I love you more than you could possibly imagine. Cling to me!"

    I'm clinging to Him today! Thank you of this study!

    • Jessica

      Amen! I'm exactly the same way – too often I forget to give myself the same kind of grace that He gives me every day. Praise God that he never tires of teaching us this lesson. :)

  • I am so thankful for this devotional, Fresh Start! Although my trials are continuous, He blessed me with a fresh start every morning!

    The most amazing part is, in spite of my fear, forgetfulness, sins, I am NOT disqualified from his redemption, love, and promises! Thanks Father!

  • lisabethjean

    When I was younger I would read this passage and be sooooooo puzzled by the way I thought God was "double-dealing" — He hardened Pharaoh's heart to do this, He hardened Pharaoh's heart to do that…
    Now I realize just how all-powerful & in-charge God is of any situation. He can work through WHOMEVER He chooses, WHENEVER He chooses.

    • jesusgirl71

      You know, I have wondered and thought the same thing. and at first, your explanation didn't make sense because I thought, "Ok, yes, god is in control, but still, why harden hearts?" Then, I read it again. he can work through and use whomever He wants. so He did it to use that person to show His power! thanks for this. maybe I am taking too many liberties with what you said, but somehow, I don't think so, and if it turns out I am, ai appologize now.

      • lisabethjean

        Nope — that's exactly what I meant!
        We saw that happen all during the plagues, too. Seems like Pharaoh was on the verge of turning & then boom — God hardens his heart again.

        I'm sure God was teaching me a lesson while teaching Israel a lesson while teaching Egypt a lesson…

  • lisabethjean

    That part really hit me today, too! The asking God, "Why?"

  • Candacejo

    Another powerful message this morning! I have been so guilty of asking God, but not out loud, why I was going through this wilderness when I had given up so much to follow Him! But they hit the nail on the head today, "This is where Redemption's work is done! Right here in our fear and helplessness-among the broken and weary." It is always in the valley where I find Him most near and if I will let Him He will not only restore but He will TEACH me and I will be able to help my broken sister.

  • Stephenie

    It is so easy and common to look down on the Israelites when we read their story in the OT, but I am so very much like them! That's why God gives us these stories, so we can learn about our own nature through them. I am guilty of being in that comfortable place and not wanting to step into God's freedom. I thank God that He leads me there anyway…Father, thank you for your grace that you have lavished on me. Help me to lavish grace on those around me!

  • These words from the blog really shook me today: "Each of us lives in a specific brokenness today, a place from which we cannot fathom freedom."

    I have been struggling the past few months and I have felt so discouraged lately. I feel like this time of suffering is not going to end–that it will be the norm for the rest of my life.

    But today's message was really encouraging. God does have a plan for my life. Even if I don't always see it or understand how all the pieces fit together — He is working!

    • martina

      Sarah, I , too, was really struck by that same phrase. I want to encourage you. In my case, it 's another person's brokenness that has been creating pain in my life, as human relationships are such a complex web. It can sometimes feel endless, and there is a lot I have no control over. Enter:God! He absolutely excels in these very situations, and I am growing to trust and know that deep in my soul, a little bit more each day.. May you find this to be true, too, sister in Christ. I'm praying for you.

  • Exodus 14:14 was very powerful yesterday and reading the whole chapter today was just what I needed! I am learning to let God fight my battles and to just concentrate on staying calm, being still and knowing that God is in control…He is not leaving my side!

    • Cari

      Just what I was going to say, Laurie. Why are we so quick to forget and so quick to try and fight our own battles? It's when he is in control that I feel truly free.

    • Cheri Z

      Laurie, I felt exactly the same way. I have been feeling very frightened and hopeless lately due to certain situations in my life that feel beyond my control. This scripture helped to remind me that I don't have to be in control, because God is … and He is going to take care of me. Like you, I am reminding myself that He is by my side.

  • This is such a great story. I can think of a time even recently when I prayed for something to happen, was open to it happening, took steps for it to happen. And God made it all come together. Then the fear started and I was plagued with doubt and wondered why did I ever want this situation? I had already forgotten, like the Israelites, about all the times God walked with me in the past through my fear and how everything turned out great! I don’t blame the Israelites for grumbling and complaining when they were pursued by a powerful army! Even though God had done miracles to get them out of Egypt, it would only be human for them to be terrified in this new situation.

  • Madeleine

    We have such a loving God, wow. The patience He has with us is awesome. I so see my story here, being delivered from darkness then complaining that the light is too bright! I am so grateful that no matter the battle, He goes before me as He did the chosen people and calls me to follow in gratitude and obedience. Wonderful insights we have today!

  • Thank You Lord God for EVERYTHING! The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly. Because our Lord God is so powerful and bigger than Everything that make us stumble. And it is in our stumbling and grumbling He loves us the most because he knows the outcome. His mighty love worked in my life this way yesterday. I didn't want to leave the comfort of my cozy home and go to the store,but I went and I grumbled the whole way and maybe stomped my feet a bit in the truck as I drove to town. I'm telling you I felt something though like even when I did not want to go God had something planned, so here I am in the store and a lady looked at me and tried to remember my name and I surely did not recognize her,but she did me. I said my name to her and then I looked closer and it was a friend who I was told was on deaths door and the last time I saw her she looked so worn and things were not very positive in her life. She told me that Jesus saved her life through prayer and a hard uphill climb. Ladies, I cannot tell you how she glowed!!! And all the while I was grumbling, God was smiling cause He knew the surprise He had waiting for me! We talked for at least 40 minutes and I am telling you seeing her in her beautiful sweater and skirt and how her life has changed a nd how God has blessed her is just one of many testimonies of God's Awesomeness!!! Wow!

    • jesusgirl71

      Nance! wow! You know, in one of my devos I did today from Youversion, the "Drawing Near" plan, it said to thank god even for the tragedies because they bring us closer to Him. guess that can also mean thanking Him for the inconveniences, like your going to the store and then seeing that friend, which was such a blessing.

    • GC1994

      Thank you so much for sharing. It's crazy how God works everything for our own good. Our step is to just let Him bless us and know that He is a good God. I am young and have not lived so long, but I most certainly experienced this in many circumstances. Its such a blessing to see God's presence in other people's lives though. God is amazing!

  • Read Exd. 14 yesterday and was floored by the whole picture of fear, faith, trust, & promises kept…. Loved that we stayed here another day today. How will my day look different TODAY if I lived with the full knowledge & confidence that I can trust God & He has a good plan for my life?!?! Oh how differently I would do SO many things!! Lets start now…. Today!

  • Anne-Marie

    God is good it is his story

  • Wow! So powerful this morning!

  • I cannot explain how much I love this and how much this applies to my life RIGHT NOW!! It's just amazing.

    "God wrote the story. They had only to walk in it." :)

  • Lewclar86


  • I love this quote from today’s reading: “The Israelites’ doubt and forgetfulness did not disqualify them from God’s redemption and promise. Neither did their past sin – even their future sin! – keep them from God’s rescue.”

    God’s redemption is already there for me to grasp hold of–nothing will change that. If the Israelites had not walked forward, the would still be lost, even though redemption and salvation were there. Dear God, please help me to walk forward into your great plan for my life!

    • Vickie

      I loved that quote too! Such a wonderful reminder to know that God is going before us! Lord, that we would follow you today without questioning or fear.

    • Naomi

      I love this quote, too. Such a powerful message to hold onto when we feel we are being kept from favor because of our sins. This was right on time for me!

    • Katherine

      So true!!!! I find myself trying to be "better" in order for God to act in my life. I know it is all grace-just wonderful to have it put this way. God redeems us! His plan, His person, His way :)

    • Sue G

      I not replying specifically to Abi, and I have not started this study at the beginning of the new year, I think every day can be a new beginning.
      I know God is all powerful, and he is working in my life!
      Recently, my friends have received another miracle from God this year!
      The second miracle this year! God is awesome!!
      Praise God!
      I am trying to not grumble like the Israelites, I am waiting in author for things to change. My God is awesome!!

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