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Text: Exodus 14

“Why, God? Why are you taking us here? We were better off before! Why can’t you just leave us alone?” [v. 11-12, my paraphrase]

The Israelites had to be weary. Can you imagine? Centuries of slavery. An entire history of bondage. In light of God’s dramatic rescue, the lament in verses 11-12 sounds ungrateful, even hateful. But I hear more in their voices. I hear fear. Fatigue. Confusion.

O, God, why? After all we’ve been through, why this?

Friends, is this not us?

Each of us lives in a specific brokenness today, a place from which we cannot fathom freedom. Eventually, we learn our way around the darkness. There are times it feels so familiar we’d just as soon stay as venture into freedom’s light.

Our weariness sighs, Lord. Can’t you leave good enough alone?

The Israelites were terrified. As my pastor points out, they hadn’t seen the movie. They didn’t know what was coming. And in the Moses moments of our own lives – when we are asked to believe what we cannot see, to walk in a way that seems beyond impossible – we don’t know either.

This is where Redemption’s work is done. Right here, in our fear and helplessness. Right here, among the broken and weary.

If Moses were in the middle of our impossible mess with us today, he might say something like this:

“Don’t be afraid. Stand up and look! The Lord, He will work out your rescue, you just watch. He will fight the battle for you, and he always wins. You don’t have to say a word.” [v. 13-14, my paraphrase]

The Israelites’ doubt and forgetfulness did not disqualify them from God’s redemption and promise. Neither did their past sin – even their future sin! – keep them from God’s rescue. God wrote the story. They had only to walk in it.

How is God redeeming you today? How has he paved the way for your fresh start? Let’s not sabotage our Moses moment by touting our goodness or cowering in darkness. Let us quiet our hearts and watch as God, full of grace, fights daily for our hearts. And wins.


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