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  • As I read this I am moved to prayer. It is difficult to remain distant from the Lord God, when he plainly states he will fight for you. Which has been his movement in my life since my birth. ..oh how I must grieve Him. Humbuled by his continual pursuit. Thank you Lord
    Joyce, you are in my prayers, praying that God will meet your needs.

  • Catherine

    Oh Lord, how many times will I need to learn this????
    Thankyou God that I can breathe and stop striving. Thankyou that you have everything in your hands and that you love me so much. Thank you that I have a Dad who will fight for me!!!!

  • Danielle J.

    simple and to the point. This has been a hard task for me. Lord, I ask that you continue to assist me in this area.

    • joyce

      Hi my name is Joyce and I also pray and ask God to help me in this area of my life as well. It seens like I am being attacked on every side. Please me in your prayers

  • Hope J. Williams

    Words I will live by.

  • Antoinette

    What an awesome message.” Be still and know that I am GOD”. One of my favorites and I can testify that GOD does speak to you in those moments. Sometimes a word for the future to help prepare you sometimes a word of encouragement. He provides what you need in all things! Just open your hearts and be still. What an amazing feeling!

  • This scripture has given me much revelation on things that are actually going on in my life. The enemy will try and take your JOY and he almost had me trapped but I am a OVERCOMER and a CAN DOER of the word! I have to be STILL and get in the presence of the almighty GOD and trust that he will fight my battles. I myself can not and will fight in my flesh but I will purpose to let GOD fight my battles for me… GLORY TO GOD!

  • In my church today we started a series about writing your story and understanding/discovering/praying for the story that God wants us each to have. During the sermon I really struggled with this – what is the story that God wants for me? I was trying to hard to figure it out right then and there – which direction, what goal, what habit can I start/stop? I immediately went to the "hat can I control and do" to get where God wants me to be. Today's reading is perfect for me because what I really need to do is just be still – mentally and physically and pray for God to guide me, not for me to guide me, not for me to write me story. Another thing that today's reading makes me remember – and there was another comment similar to this – is that rather than praying for what I want or think I need every morning, I want to ask God what I can do for him and for his creation everyday. Again, being still, letting him fight my battles; letting him guide me down the path that he created just for me.

    • Carrie

      Our church had a similar message today! I am praying I allow Him to make every day a fresh story where I am not the main character but that He is through me!

    • Tracie

      with y with you so much my life has been a series of tragedies disappointment and setbacks my friends and family keep comparing my life 2 jobs I I love this scripture Exodus 14:14.

  • I love that in the verse 13 it says "Fear ye not, stand still, and see the salvation of the Lord, which he will shew to you to day…" Our God is awesome , we truly need not fear nor move in uncertainty when all we need to is hold our peace, wait and trust him, walk in obedience. He has His best waiting for us today…not tomorrow, or next year, but today!

    • Laura

      Tonya, I accidentally clicked the vote down button instead of vote up, I'm sorry!
      I just wanted you to know I agree with and like what you said. :)

  • How do I get the picture to become my home screen?

    • Laura

      If you have an iPhone, just hold your finger on the image and an option to save image will show up. Click that and then find it in your photos app where you can make it your lock screen. (Make sure you're in safari looking at this webpage)

  • What a powerful message: God will take on my battles for me and all I have to do is trust Him to do it! Who better to be on our side? Lord, please help me to be willing to do nothing, so you can fight on my behalf today.

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