Fresh Start 2013: Day

Weekly truth


Today's Text: Exodus 14:14

Today, as a body of women, let’s meditate on and memorize God’s word. Not for our own glory or honor, but for the joy of our Father and the growth of His Truth in our hearts.

“The Lord will fight for you, you need only to be still.” Exodus 14:14 NIV

Please feel free to download this lockscreen for your phone to help memorize! 


  • Erin Faye

    God will fight – he will protect us, guide us, watch over us, and send his Holy Spirit to cover us. We need to be still – still in atction, still in reaction, still our tongues and our tempers. We must first learn to look to him for his guidance and truth before we act on our own human impulses. There is no battle we can win on our own; especially if we desire to be a testimony in our daily lives, we need to be still and allow God to work.

  • imperfectlyimperfect

    This is such an amazing passage. & we have such an amazing Father. HE will fight for us! How much love he has for us. Even though I fall short (daily), he still loves me enough to fight for me.
    Thank you Lord for your unconditional love!

    & thank you ladies for being a part of this fantastic bible study. I get so much inspiration & comfort reading the messages you all post here. I’m struggling in many areas of my life & can relate to sooo many of the issues posted here. I have tried for many years to “fix” my problems myself…but I am trying to focus on my relationship with my Lord this year, & have faith that he will work my problems out…I just need to sit back & let him!

  • This was a breath of fresh air. I needed this. It’s so hard to let go and let God, but when I think about it, I know that when He fights the battle for me, it will be for His glory and my good. It sometimes (as I’ve had to learn the hard way) means dealing with disappointment, loss and pain, and the questions they bring. But God knows what is best, and will do what He knows will bring the greatest good, even if it means short-term pain.

  • This is a difficult passage for me to remember at times. I pray that The Lord God reminds me of this when I need to make the decision to be quiet and not open my mouth. I see that this is dated 1/6/13 but hope there are other women out there who are just going through this devotional now. I could use all of the support there is to offer. God Bless ~ Nic

  • It’s still true 8 months later! Perfect day for me to read this, as well as all of your comments.

  • Michelle

    Love this verse. My favorite one in the Bible. I think sometime we just talk and talk to God and never let Him talk back. A guest pastor at my youth group used the example of two people standing back to back. One person is constantly saying something. Asking questions, talking about themselves, saying something. They talked so much the other person didn’t Even have time to answer.

  • I tend to worry myself about my worries it’s such a honor to know that you have someone that loves you unconditionally God is a good God I’m starting to learn I can’t fight my battles because it leads to nothing but trouble I’m giving all my battles to The Lord he who strengthens me glory to God he is real and the more the days past I’m learning more and more Gods will in JESUS name.

  • Lamonita

    The word that sticks out to me is SILENT. I notice when I feel wronged, my first response is to run my mouth so people know whatever it was wasn’t my fault. I count in God to fight for me, but I must shut my mouth and TOTALLY let him fight for me. Amen- thanks be to God for his patience while I learn.

  • Lamonita

    Chalisa- if you have an iPhone, you can take a screencap of the picture by pushing the home button and the power button at the same time. This will take a picture of whatever is on your screen and you can use the picture as either wallpaper or your lick scree. I hope this helps- this verse is powerful!

  • SweetThunder

    To be still, means to not worry!! Worry is a form of worship to the enemy. It’s what he feeds on. God is telling us He got our backs. “If God be for me, who can be against me?”

    Thank you Lord!!

  • I am so thankful that I have God to fight for me. Too often I try to fight my own battles only to lose by a land slide. But in God there is victory!!!!

  • How do I download the verse and use on my phones lock screen? Thanks!

  • Taylor Griffin

    Before reading this devotion I asked The Lord to speak to my heart, open my mind, and give me a word that would nourish my soul in my current situation. The Lord did just that. I recently had a fall out with a very good friend that has ended up affecting me more than it has affected her. Her lack of care and acknowledgement at the loss of our friendship made me want to retaliate against her in petty and spiteful ways. In one verse the Lord cut off my desire for vengeance by telling me to be still and challenging to trust that he will take care of me. He will fight my battles in ways i cannot imagine. The verse also got me thinking about thinking outside of myself. Maybe the The Lord is telling me to be still because there is no battle that needs to be fought. I was put in my friends life for a reason and maybe this is a trial or test for her. Maybe God has bigger plans and bigger things coming out of the situation that are bigger than my emotions or feelings. I thank God for telling me to be still and reflect. Lord thank you for your word!

  • This is a song the pastor of my church taught the congregation at a prayer event we had a couple months ago (I know the tune will be lost over text but the words can still be appreciated):
    Egyptians are not God in my life.
    Egyptians are not God in my life!
    I have seen them before; I will see them no more.
    The Lord shall fight for me!
    I will see them no more.
    Egyptians are not God in my life.

    Thanks Lord for taking the frontlines for me.

  • So many times we forget who our father is!! I know I do….I must continue to tell myself that I’m a child of the KING!! He will do any and everything for me all I have to do is ask. It sounds so easy but yet so hard!!! Father thank you for being who you say you are even when I don’t listen. As I’m learning to dig deep into your word I will listen and be still as you do a great work. Thank you God!!!

  • I have fought with panic disorder and depression for nine years… I'm only 17. This verse has kept me strong so many times I can't even count…. Thank you for this incredible, beautiful reminder…

  • She always wanted someone to love her, fight for her, be right there by her side and never leave, but she never knew how she had all these things all she had to do was simply trust and believe……….thats me =(

  • This scripture highlights the importance of trusting God when he speaks and follow his instruction being obedient paying attention to what he specifies. He instructed Moses and specified exactly where he had to camp with the children of Israel. His trust and obedience was not changed by the murmur of the Israelites. He was obedient at this point. I am encouraged by God’s word and his faithfulness.

  • Divaswhopray

    It's funny while in the shower this morning, I was dwelling on a situation that I have been dealing with in my personal life and I was literally in my mind going over all the things I wanted to confront these people about….Then I read this! God will speak to you and convict you quickly won't He! Ha! But bottom line is Women of God stop making a battle plan for a battle He has already won. Just show up to the fight girded and He got the rest! Hallelujah that deserves a Glorious Praise!

  • Just on the others side of a long financial battle…thru the years of it God has reminded me that He is in control and not I! I now look back and see where He was leading me in trusting Him and leaning on Him I just pray that I will not forget the times He has held me and comforted me even though I did not think He did. So thankful for a God who does things in His time not our we would mess things us so bad! I hope I never again lean on my own understanding but wholly lean on God and remember to be Still and listen to His words.

  • If only I would remember this wisdom when I am in the heat of battle! So many times I use words as a weapon…but God tells me over and over that if I will hush then the quiet voice of the Holy Spirit can be heard more clearly…and His words do not return void!

  • Berenice

    I believe this verse is telling me the love and power of God is over me, blessing me, now I need to recognize it & be happy my soul can be calm & happy.

  • I came to this devotion late and I see why. I am facing hard times at work. Untrue things being said. I’ve been unhappy that I’ve not been allowed to have my say. Maybe I don’t need to. Same in a relationship I ended. God takes care of me…. I just need to be still and LET HIM! Amen

  • Amen ! This spoketo me.for a específica prayer need. So ….Im going to be silent and let the Lord fight for me!

  • prayergirl

    I lost my job and have been searching for a new one. I find myself getting more and more anxious with each day that passes. (Its been a few months now). The hardest thing for me to do is be still and trust God. I feel that I waited for Him to provide the husband that has not come yet and the children that I may now never have. I came across this devotion and have been blessed. I pray that as I go through it that God will bless all areas of my life and really teach me what it means to trust in God

  • Moreen Gauthier

    “Give us this day our daily bread” means that we pray for God to give us all we need to deal with whatever the day brings. Trust in The Lord and be still.

  • I've been reading along with She Reads Truth: Fresh Start for the past few days, I just never joined in the comments. But this one really touched my heart. I agree with all you lovely ladies… Moms and women in general, we tend to over-analyze things, worry about everything, plan out days ahead, make lists, run errands, etc… Our minds seem to always be going 100 miles a minutes. I'm guilty of all these things. Sometimes it's difficult to just sit down, take a breather, and let it all go. I think I need a daily reminder to be still, to calm down, and place all my trust in God. Everything I am, all I have done, and ever will do is His plan. I need to remember that. It was refreshing to read this today, and reflect on it. I look forward to sharing more & hearing from all you ladies. Thanks.

  • courtney n

    I LOVE this verse! It calmed my soul today:)

  • This was soooo needed! This passage alone is perfect to remember when things get tough or you feel lost. The Lord is always beside us and in those times of need he is there to carry us when we fall. His words are always there but there are so many times that our lives are filled with other 'noise' that we forget to listen for His words of wisdom.

  • To read these words when you are in the midst of a situation where it seems that so many people/things are coming against does several things.

    It immediately gives you confidence b/c you are reminded that God is on your side & if HE is for you, who can stand against HIM!

    It brings tears to you eyes (or at least it did to mine) b/c within those few words, u are instantly reminded of how much God loves you and that he will not let your enemies destroy you. God’s heart for you is revealed in those words.

    It gives you peace, b/c you are reminded that no matter how hard things may seem, God is with you and he is fighting for you.

    It gives you strength b/c u are reminded that u are not in this alone. God is w/ u every step of the way. All you have to do is put your faith and trust in him.

  • Charliie

    Praise Him!!! This is a verse to keep close at heart. In those difficult moments where you feel like your about to lose! Whether its your temper, your relationship, your job or anything you love. Keep calm and pray… Give it to our Lord and Savior , He will deliver you! We are so blessed to have the unmerited favor in our lives! Lets rejoice and be glad in it!!

  • That is so powerful too many times as women we use our words to express how we feel, especially if we’ve been wronged, but the scripture says the Lord will fight for us all we must do is be still be quiet be at peace and watch Him work!

  • 14 God will fight the battle for you.
    And you? You keep your mouths shut!”
    This version (message) is not as nice but I believe the harsh words have a bit of power . We need to actively close our mouths literally sometimes for God to be able to work .

  • Angila Mack

    Good Morning sweet ladies!
    This Fresh Start devo has already been a massive encouragement to myself and thus my household. I can see already how it directly affects my 5 month old son and my husband.
    I wanted to share this Exodus 14:14 commentary from Matthew Henry, as it has brought further knowledge of this truth to me.
    ""Stand still," think not to save yourselves either by fighting or flying; wait God's orders, and observe them. Compose yourselves, by confidence in God into peaceful thoughts of the great salvation God is about to work for you. If God brings his people into straits, he has found a way to bring them out.""

    When I face trials of any kind, it is my human nature to absolve them myself. How?
    -Out of control emotions
    It usually takes me a while to come to the realization that I need to only direct my thoughts, emotions, and will to the One who is willing to fight for me. That is when I quiet my heart and listen to The Holy Spirit as he carefully guides me out of the straits.

  • Wow! God just reaches down and breaths into Us! I was praying a friend before I read this. She was like a sister to me. I really want to show her love and talk about the bad choices she has made this past year, but my husband has told me not to speak to her. As in “she’s acting like a crazy person you will only get hurt, don’t do it. She has walked away, sometimes you have to let them.” In my translation this verse ends be silent. It spoke so much to me to trust God to fix it and stick with praying and silence.

  • I try very hard to be still even though sometimes I want to scream and shout but then I think why worry about it God has my back and he will not give me more than I can handle or deserve. The Lord is good all the time, all the time the Lord is good

  • This is a good verse to memorize and soak into my heart. I’m a freshman in college in a relationship with another Christian. Sometimes it can be so hard to follow the path you know you’re supposed to follow, and sin can come creeping in. Sometimes, when I deal with these issues I try to solve them myself because I’m ashamed and stubborn all at the same time. I pray that I let God take control and fight for me and continue to rest on Him as my foundation.

  • I needed this today. I am feeling the hatred and lack of sincerity of some of the people around me, and sometimes it's so very hard but I have to remember to be still and allow God to fight for me.

    I need to pray and remember, no matter how BIG the army might be, I've got The Lord fighting for me, and He is BIGGER.

  • My boyfriend’s ex wife filed a false police report on me and Wednesday I will be taking a lie detector test to prove my innocence. I want to lash out because I could have lost my job! But The Lord told mr today joy be silent speak the truth no more and no less and I will handle this!

  • As a busy college student, one of the hardest thugs for me can be to be still and be sure to spend time with God. The ironically funny thing is that when I do my days are better and things go a lot better in my life because my soul feels refreshed. Glad to share mornings with you ladies ;)

  • WoW this small verse has said so much. I think this is a verse I may need to read daily. I am always worrying, always pacing etc. I am learning to let go and let God. He has control!

  • mankadime

    He is the peace in the midst of the storm…i like how The lord reveals himself in the storm in the book of Mark 6v50.Jsus asked his disciples to cross over to the other side but he stayed behind.Somewhere in the midst of the sea the wind was against them….And Jesus came walking on the water toward them.When they saw him they were afraid thinking he is a ghost.Then he said to them…I like this…"Be of good cheer!It is I,do not be afraid."HE went into the boat with them and the wind ceased.This is wonderful news ladys.We need not be afraid…he is the peace in our storms.The wind blowing against us is only him.Let us not be afraid.Let us rejoice!We be still before him..when he gets into our boat the wind wil cease as we stand still before him.

  • mankadime

    Hi ladys it's great to be with you and fellowship with you in this forum.I read through your comments…all the struggles and the worries and it brings great comfort to me….and not because of your struggles but because the lord is with us in this place….where two or three of us are gathered there am I in the midst of you.I am also a woman with struggles but since I started this program I feel his presence in a mighty way…..but i never expected i will feel this way chatting away with you ladies…..this is amazing girls.I am loving this ladys….let us keep walking together searchin the sciptures and he shall reveal himself to us.

  • This was like a punch to the gut. Hardest thing for me to do is release control and let God lead.

  • As I child I constantly heard the phrase “God is not talking that much.” Contrary to that saying I hear Him all the time and when I find myself not listening He speaks to me through scripture. Thank you Lord.

  • This really speaks to me. No matter what obstacles come my way..I can rely on the fact that God has it already taken care of without me having to say or do anything!

  • This is exactly the right verse for a situation our family is going through right now. Every single day, there is something in this study that I need to hear/read in that moment. I am so thankful that God is using this to guide us through.
    Another thing I love about this verse is it is short enough for my kids to memorize as well.

  • This could not come at a more perfect time! The Lord always gives you just want you need and in the time that you need it! The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still.- Exdous 14:14! I love the Lord because He heard my cry and pitied every grown and as long as I live and trouble rise I will hasten to His thrown! Amen/. I will meditate on and remember for His glory! Much love ladies!!!!!!

  • This might be one of the most difficult verses for me to accept. At the same time, it is one of the most comforting. Why is it so difficult for us to simply be still? I know in my heart of hearts that God is the ultimate provider but I still want to do it all myself. THAT'S when I fail, that's when I am anxious and worried and upset. NOT when I lean on him.

  • Wow. This verse just kind of hits you. We are so busy in this world and anxious all the time, if we could only be still how much peace would we feel. This is definitely something I need to work for.

  • Tsalached


  • I trust in God for everything because he is my everything!

  • STILL: free from noise {of my own thoughts}: silent; free from commotion {of my external world/circumstances}: peaceful, tranquil, calm}
    It's amazing how a five-letter word can have so much meaning and relevance.

  • Realizing even in the past few days the Lord has been fighting my battles because I am leaning on him for His strength. greater is He!

    Choosing to be still and fix my eyes wholly on my King

  • jessicakiger

    be still my heart…

  • There use to be and sometimes still are times that I felt (feel) it necessary to defend and/or give an explanation. How can I explain something I know very little about. God sees and knows all and is sovereign.

    It is God I am learning daily to depend on; He knows far more than I can ever comprehend. I will listen for His direction; until then I will just be still.

  • 'I know who goes before me, i know who stands behind, the God of angel armies is always by my side' All i need to do is trust him and stay calm.
    I love how it says it in God's Word Translation , "The LORD is fighting for you! So be still!" In there it says IS, which means constantly. Also, in New Living Translation it says,The LORD himself will fight for you. "Just stay calm." and I love the stay calm part (:

  • Thank you. This a perfect for the new year. ~L

  • I needed this tonight! Im starting to work outside of the home tomorrow for the first time in 15 years. Im not going to worry. God has a plan!

  • Hello everyone! I just found this group today and read through the first several days to catch up. I am so excited to join this devotional to God's word and to gain insight through all of your comments and shared experiences. I am hungry to draw closer to God in the coming year. I am realizing I've neglected my relationship with him and am desiring to put him first each day. I like what one of you said about the quiet time with him each morning. Asking the question, Lord, how can I serve you today? I feel renewed and inspired to begin this journey with him again. Please join with me in faith that I will continue to stay the path. Lord bless each one of you.

    • mankadime

      I pray for you sister that the lord will sustain you and give you streghth as you continue to seek a closer relationship with him.I like the psalm of king david in Ps27 where he says…;one thing I ask of the lord…this i seek….that I may dwell in the house of the lord all the days of my life….to behold the beauty of the lord and to enquire in his temple.This is a great place of refreshing and to be immensed ourselves in the beauty of the lord.

      • Kim

        Thank you so much for your encouraging reply! I appreciate your prayer and LOVE the scripture you share with me. I thank God for you today. :)

  • I needed this today. Even if it was a short verse to remind me to be still.
    I’m not trying to conceive but Iau be pregnant. While I have been stressed this week I feel The Lord is telling me to be still and wait on Him.

    I am loud and busy and fail to sit and listen to His voice.

  • This is the verse that God has been speaking to my heart here lately. I lead an organization that recently came up against some rather large obstacles. When I went to this verse asking God, “I know you want me to be still so you can fight but do I move forward in stillness or just stay put?” The verses after this one said it all, “Quit crying an move forward.” (My paraphrase) This means so am not to give up, get whiney (like my three year old and say its too hard forget it. But rather KNOW that MY GOD fights for me. I do my part (moving onward) He does His. Since learning this those obstacles are seeming smaller because He’s called us into prayer and fasting. He is BIGGER than our obstacles even when they feel like mountains, but when we participate with him in freedom and not defeat, we see Him fight and do miracles like never before. Woohoo!!

  • Another verse for all with anxieties. Philippians 4:6-7. Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and petition, with Thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the PEACE OF GOD, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

    • cheri

      i hate when my finger hits the wrong button.

      I to struggle with anxiety. Thank everyone for your wonderful thoughts and encouragement. I love this series. Praise to God our Creator and Jesus our Redeemer.

  • This was needed for me! The devil has been moving in my home church, starting with leaders and going down to the members. This scripture is what I need. I'm no longer attending that church, but the leaders are still trying to hurt me. I know that God will do what he needs to do, but only when I give it fully to him and be still. Thanks for the great scripture. Nothing like the word of God.

  • Be still and know that I am God… This is the verse that God gave to me after the death of my mother last June from complications ftom MS. It brought me healing, and it overwhelmed me with God’s almighty grace. Ladies, my prayers are with all of you with anxieties and/or depression. I almost lost my daughter to these same issues, and my heart holds you all in prayer.

  • Great news!

  • Tara salamone

    So many wonderful words of encouragement, and wisdom with different perspectives. Over the last 3 years I have also dealt with anxiety and depression, starting with our teen daughter diagnosed with cancer. His has seen her through so much, the difficult part for me has been to allow God to truly be in control of all. I need to be still – a wonderful devotion today.

  • Well, being ill today, this is an easy verse to apply ;). It's been 13 years tho chronic fatigue. It's been sugar and grains that have been killing me. After the loss of our precious son to an enlarged heart at the age of 28 I gave in to chocolate once again. But we usually do need to learn the hard way, so am on the couch. Am going back on the only thing that works ….meat and plants…(veggies and some fruit). Paleo it's called. Truthfully there should be a bible study on how to live without the crutch of sugar and processed foods ;). To not give in to which feels good at the moment and takes the pain away, but to rely on Him. So, my fresh start is to throw away the crutches and rely on Him. Ad His food, not the enemies. Who comes to destroy.

    • Colleen

      Emily, we have a few things in common. I have been suffering with chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia for 19 years. Though not quite the same, last December my granddaughter was born at 21.5 weeks and died shortly after. I have a sugar and carbohydrate addiction as well. I am finding these daily readings/meditations very helpful in getting me to focus on the important things in life and filter out all the negative stuff that has surrounded me. I wanted to reach out to you and say "I understand and you are not alone" because sometimes I feel like I am. Yes, I know God is with me but it helps to know another woman has similar issues. Good luck and keep the faith. Be well.

      • Emily

        Thank you. It is nice to know we are not alone. I am sorry for the loss of your granddaughter. The longer we live the more losses we all accumulate, yet it's probably an activity we are the most ill prepared to deal with. The sun set in his eyes for me, my mother would say. He is just the best kid i ever knew….And the sugar has got to go. I've done it before, but we moved back home (San Diego) to be with family, but miss my old life where we used to live. So, on the couch studying the paleo diet, pinning Recipies, So am ready to go.
        Thanks again,
        If you wish to meet Tim, google Tim Pittsford and his YouTube vid (it wont play on an ipad or iphone tho) and obit will come up ;)
        I have an email I send out about how The Lord brought him back ….through witnessing a hit and run, where he chased a guy through the streets of San Fran. But don't know if we're allowed to do that.

    • KimberlyRae

      I can't say that I deal with chronic fatique or fibromyalgia….. but I am an addict, previously in life that addiction was drugs and alcohol, managed to kick them to the curb, only to replace it with food…. prior to the holidays I had all but eliminated grain, with the exception of a bowl of oatmeal here or there…. but I allowed sugar and grain to make a grand entrance back into my regime and boy am I paying the price for it… tired, achy, crabby, just feel blah…. so for me, like you Emily, its back to Paleo!

      Makes me parallel in some ways with Moses…. while he thought no one realized or saw him kill the Egyptian, someone had….. while no one 'sees' me consume my drug (sugar and grains) in some ways they do because of how it effects me outwardly…. and bottom line is even if not a soul sees, God does….. I must turn to Him when I feel the need to let a momentary please take away stress….

      • Emily

        You are preaching to the choir. My children used to come home from school and inquire "had sugar today mom."?…. I can make a little bowl of chocolate frosting in 4 minutes..;). It's a STERB. Short Term Emotional Relief Behavior. I had suppressed memories come up, so am always trying to heal from those as I have a lot of triggers. But God is good, and keeps bringing me through the challenges He's given me. Even with the loss of Tim on earth I know it was for our benefit. You see our daughter lives a gay lifestyle and it has been challenging. But He took Tim to bring her back, I know it as He has told me so. It's just a matter of time. Our relationship is 1000% better and only continues to grow. Well….I could go on forever.
        Bt yes, we must turn to Him vs our drug of choice ;)

    • Cathy

      I van honestly say I know how you feel. I have interstitial cystitis and its killing me. All food is poison to me and its so hard not to eat the bad things. That's why I love this verse I don't have to fight for The Lord will do it for. I just have to be still. Thank you Jesus for this verse today!

  • This was quite timely for me as we’ll. I know God is there for me but just need to practice patience and align my will with His. Thanks, sisters. :)

  • Treasures of Healthy Living Bible Study is one that I have read about.

  • Emily and Colleen,
    Big Hugs and Prayers. I lost my first born son to heart problems. There are no words. The only comfort I have is knowing that the same Hands that Hold my son now, are the same Hands that still hold me. I also suffer from ongoing illness that leaves me weak, tired, unable to move too many days. God is my only strength anymore. I do remember my mother telling me that there was a study or book or something about eating the way God had intended us to eat to regain health, loose weight, and gain energy. Wish I remember what it was called. Maybe another lady here has heard of it and help. As for this moment, just rest in His arms, knowing that He didn’t just give us permission to rest and be still, He commands us. So rest. Be still and know He is God.

    • Emily

      I am so sorry. I think if everyone was honest, we would all admit to sugar being a problem. They may not know it, but it does nothing but damage. It's one component away from cocaine. Yet how much of it is at every church potluck ? I am looking at the paleo diet. Oddly enuf whenever I ask God what I should do He would say "just eat my food". Well, I kept thinking He was talking about NOT eating meat. But also, there have been times when I would go on it, what I would call "my diet" as I didn't know there was a name to it, and just eat meats and plants, and mostly veggies at that. Ad feel fantastic and live a full life. Well, the main name is paleo. Caveman is another. Now, if you get literal, was there ever a caveman? Man has only been here 6,000 years, and paleo man lived (supposedly) 200,000 years ago…so…not sure. But. Just know it has worked for me in the past, and this thinking that I can handle a little chocolate is NOT. Yes…we all love the rush. I get soooooo much done, and love everyone. Until the blood sugar drops and I want to slap someone ;). So… husband is more open to it, so hopefully that will help. And as I feel better I know I will be cooking more, so he won't have much of a choice. Not very submissive of me I know, but don't think we're supposed too submit to our addictions just for the sake of being obedient to our husbands…;). Cuz every time I submit to what he wants to eat, and he has health issues as well, I get sick. So it's time for a fresh start ;)

  • Laura W.

    I read 13:17-14:31 to have context. What struck me was how God kept telling the Israelites he was doing great things so the the EGYPTIANS might know He is God when the Israelites were having a crisis of faith (v. 10-12)!

    God uses all of his children for His Glory! Those of us who are great leaders (Moses, pastors, teachers) AND those of us doing the mundane or having a crisis of faith (Israelites, me, you).

    And HE fights for all of us (v. 14). Oh how I love Jesus!

  • Greetings, sisters in Christ! I am new in this study and today was drawn to your comments. What a wonderful group and I look forward to connecting with you. The verse I have absolutely claimed is " Be still and know that I am God" ~Psalm 4:6 it has been 10 years since I claimed it. My husband & I were dealing with a son completely out of control…drugs, alcohol…it made no sense to us! Why? We were a strong Christian family, he went to a private Christian school. We modeled a loving, respectful, devoted relationship to our boy's. We couldn't fathom his choices. One evening deep in my sorrow & pain for this child this verse kept off the page as I was looking to God's word for comfort. I meditated on it day and night. My best friend found a beautiful silver bracelet I wear that is engraved with this promise. My anxiety became less and my prayers became more purposeful. Through this extremely painful season in our lives we learned to, be still and know that God has it handled. We got our son the help he needed & by God's grace our son got healthy. I also learned that sometimes kids do and have problems that have nothing to do with you. As Mom's especially, we want to figure out what we did or could have done differently that may have contributed to their choices. But honestly, what I experienced the most was God's peace and grace when I turned it over to Him. God bless all of you sisters and may you all experience God's peace & strength when you know, The Lord will fight for you, you need only be still.

    • Brandi

      Thank you so much for your testimony. Still in this battle with my daughter. Have struggled with guilt and the "why's " but God is soo good and He is still a God of miracles. He is faithful and always in control! Realized that this is not my battle.

      • Margie

        Hang in there Brandi, I know it's hard. God has it covered. "For I know the plans I have for you declares The Lord. Plans to give you hope and a future" Jerimiah 29:11 God bless you.

    • mankadime

      thanks for sharing this powerful testimony.God bless you and your family!

  • Ellen MR

    Just a thought, or maybe it’s just the reality of seeing it written by so many of us, but WHY do you think so many of us are plagued with anxiety??!!
    I can honestly say reading the Devo’s and reading everyone’s comments sure helps me! Another Blessing from the Lord!! Thank you Jesus, for allowing me to be still in You!!
    Blessings to my sisters in Christ today! :)

  • Reading the verse in several versions made it even more powerful. It’s not just being still physically or waiting spiritually, but keeping my mouth shut. Letting God fight my battle and me not saying a word. No complaining, no gossiping, no running to my BFF to say ” You are not going to believe what so and so did or said to or about me” Just handing the entire situation over to God and letting go so HE can fight my battle. Sounds so much easier than it is. God give me the strength and your peace to show that I believe your promises and keep my tongue quiet and allow You to fight my battles. Thank you for Your promises.

  • Christine

    Anxiety/worriers: read At Last A Life by Paul David

    It has helped me deal w anxiety and constant worrying.

    Oprah believes a half hour in the morning spent w God thru quiet meditation, journaling and asking God ” how may I serve you today” sets her day on the right path. Recently I started this. And it has worked for me. Its when I was still. I was worried about some financial struggles recently (especially during Christmas) and my prayers were answered and struggles were eased. I realized that God’s got this. Just trust in him.

  • Ladies, I am grateful to God for all of you and the wise words you type. :) I love these devotionals but even more I love the openness and different perspectives you each bring to the table. I too struggle with anxiety and live that God gives us solutions to all our problems: HIM. Being still is hard, especially when I’m anxious about something but I just need to remember this verse! I’m so thankful for the screen download because I’m always on my phone! Either “busy” doing nothing or finding new things to stress over. Perhaps this will help remind me of another promise He gave us…. :)

  • What a wonderful group this is, I am so grateful. I love the notion of reminding myself every day that the fight is Gods job, the being still is mine. He’s got it! Just let Him!
    Dawn, I suffer from anxiety too, only I’m just learning what to call it and how to deal with it. Remembering these verses does help and I’m so glad to have discovered this one today. God does not want us to worry, he wants us to know what it is like to quiet our heads and be still in Him, to cultivate joy rather than stress. This verse has helped me when I’m feeling anxious, too: “Come with me by yourself to a quiet place and get some rest” Mark 6:30
    I struggle to remember that prayer, and being still with Him, is also how God guides us and restores us. I’m praying for moments of stillness in which to know God for all of us today!

  • Being still this time has meant actually sitting very still for about thirty or so minutes in the morning, not saying or thinking anything,well, I do say Jesus thank you for your peaceful presence and I get still. Oh my is this really challenging. Wow some beautiful things happen during the day because then when things get rough and crazy I can go to my quiet place and rest in God's presence even while chaos is going on and He is able to bring calm to the storms of life. I am so Thankful to God for this devo group!

  • This verse is very timely as my husband and I had a huge fight last night. I feel the need to hurry and fix things, but I feel this is God telling me to be still and wait for his guidance.

  • Bethlynn

    How grateful I am to wake to the company of you women each morning in 2013. As the pressures of my stressful job and trying to raise teenagers press upon me, I will try to be still and trust. My fears pile up and frankly I am terrified but I will trust God’s protection even though I physically feel sick with anxiety. God please lift my anxiety and the anxieties of the other women on this message board. My heart especially goes out to young mothers at odds with the men meant to protect their babies and them. Give them time and wisdom and strength be still while you take on their battles. Still our tongues when we want to fight. Still our fears and calm us. Ladies, please know I pray for each of you as I read through your posts.

    • mankadime

      Yes…We thank the Lord that we have a place in prayer where we can gather together and stand in prayer lifting all our cares and burdens unto Him for He cares.For me prayer is a place I go to and i am immediately surrounded with the peace of God that surpasses all understanding.I like psalm 27 where king David says…one thing i desire of the lord …one thing I seek is to stand in the house of the lord that i may behold the beauty of the Lord and inquire in his temple… I pray for you and all the women that the peace of God will mount garrison your heart and mind…..that Gods peace will surround you and your families like a wall of fire surronding Jerusalem…..As our Lord Jesus Christ says "My peace I give unto you not according to this world but my peace'
      The Lord's peace be with you all amen.

    • Nat

      Thank you for your prayer. I needed it! Be blessed!

  • I have been hearing a lot about spiritual warfare lately and I have been researching the topic in my bible. I have been experiencing a lot of aniexty over the past few weeks and I feel defeated. This verse reminds me that God is always with me, standing with me, fighting my battles. All I need to do is be still and know that He is in control!

  • TMichelle

    This is the most challenging thing for me. Psalm 46 and this verse really challenging my faith. It's one thing to "know" to have faith and be still. It's another thing to "activate" the faith. Continuing to stress. worry, be busy….about the same thing you have put before God is futile. He said BE STILL!! I need to put Psalm 46 and this scripture on sticky notes around my house as a constant reminder. This was a stark reminder!

  • Awesome! As much as we go through, busying ourselves with “stuff” and “things” we can’t hear or see God! And He just wants is to STOP and be STILL! He already got the outcome in contro, we just have to let Him be God. I love this passage! Such a blessing!

  • This verse makes me think of Psalm 46:10 be still and know that I am God. I suffer from anxiety and overthinking and worrying. It sometimes is like a battle within myself. Then I remember that no matter what I can hold onto God and he calms the storm. I just need to be still and God fights for me.

  • If I ever need to remember anything…it is this teaching. I get lost in his miraculous creation and love so much so that I want to run hither and thither experiencing the most of it and trying to live the life he wants me to live that I sometimes forget to slow down and BE STILL.

  • Autumn Dawn Leader

    Dear God, help us to be still and let you be God in our lives.

  • I remember the very first time I read that scripture….especially in the message version. Phew. So good!! Powerful. He will fight for me! That is the love He has for me! But I have to trust and believe in Him and be still….that’s my part.

    So thankful for that!

  • Gosh this hit home! Especially that first comment. I have a 6 month old and like many moms struggle to sit still. I worry all the time and like many others find I am butting heads w my husband. We struggled and fought to have our son he truly is a miracle gift from God! Yet we lose sight of that sometimes in the daily grind and I need to remember to sit still give my anxiety and worry to The Lord. Remember he has plans to prosper me not to harm me. Remember to honor and encourage my husband and sometimes when it gets tough to walk away find some space and get quite w The Lord so I might pray…take comfort in Him! Let Him do His work!

    • DivasWhoPray

      Woman of God please always remember that devils very tactic is to cause confusion and doubt. The very thing he wants is for you and your husband to be divided at such a glorious momentous occasion as having your sweet precious baby. Don't even allow him to get through the cracks! Take your husband , get on your knees and pray. Study the word together and communicate all of your feelings even the ones you might be embarrassed about. Cast your cares on The Lord woman of God! For His yoke is easy and His burden is light! Love you and praying mightily with you.

    • Martha

      That is so insightful and seems like Gog has revealed to you how to handle the situation with your husband. To honor and encourage him, to give your anxiety and worry to The Lord and to walk away and pray to The Lord when you need to. I think this is something that all of us could do to benefits our relationships including me. I' going pray to The Lord to help me put it into practice today Thank you Martha

  • lisabethjean

    My paraphrase of this verse is "IF there needs to be a fight, be still & let God handle it."

    In the context of the chapter, there was no fighting necessary. God just drowned all the bad guys before they could harm His people. :)

    Too many times I make a fight where there really is none…

  • We are fighting some financial battles right now, and this is an awesome and timely reminder.

    • Nat

      Trust in The Lord and He will provide all of your needs. God doesn't want you to worry about a thing. Let go, and let God take care of you. I know He will because He takes care of me. God will take care of all of your needs according to His riches and glory by Christ Jesus. Just let Him. Stop worrying, stop fighting the financial battles, and pray to The Lord every time a negative thought or doubt enters your mind. Seek ye first the Kingdom of God. Remember, this battle is not yours, it's the Lord's. The blessing is that all you have to the is put on the whole armour of God. God has a plan for you. Be still. Be blessed.

  • 3.The God of my strength, in whom I will trust;
    My shield and the horn of my salvation,
    My stronghold and my refuge;
    My Savior, You save me from violence.
    4 I will call upon the Lord, who is worthy to be praised;
    So shall I be saved from my enemies. ( 2 SAMUEL 22: 3-4) NKJV.

  • Being still is a CHALLENGE…I have a 3 month old, and the father and I have bumped heads. It stings, because my baby was not a mistake, we wanted him! But life has made things a but complicated between us over the past few days.

    I don’t believe I suffer from postpartum depression, but I get the blues…and even more since my boyfriend and I started bumping heads.

    I pray constantly, and when I get antsy I pray more, which is why todays devotional speaks to my heart.

    • Marisa

      Praying for you this afternoon sister!

    • Taylor

      I know exactly how you feel and what you are going through. My boyfriend and I have been together for three years. We planned my son who is now two as well as my daughter who is due any day. Here lately we have been discussing splitting up and it has been so difficult to put a smile on for our toddler and await the arrival of our daughter (which is supposed to be a happy time) while this constant battle rages. God speaks when we choose to listen. I needed these words tonight.

    • Danielle

      Hey there. My husband and I have been together almost 15 years, 10 of those married. Kids make you bump heads. They make you have the blues when they are 9 years old, lol. I have a 9, 7, 4, and 2 year old. Stay strong. You 2 are re-learning each other now that you have a kid and are having to learn to make compromises again. Hang onto this scripture and to God's word. My husband and I left the Lord for awhile and to be honest it was only the Lord that kept us. He will be your strength. Hang in there and it will come together.

    • Trish

      I pray that the devil does not break this family apart, and i claim that in the blood of Christ. So long as God's will is being done not your's, mine or the devil's, may your family be bonded together and sealed by the Lord's love, mercy, and grace!….AMEN!

  • Hit home! "Be STILL". I find myself in constant battle. Either a battle with myself or battle with my Father, maybe even a battle with the devil. I need to learn to TRUST in the LORD. But if I would only be STILL (not placing my worries in places that aren't needed) He will help. He will clear my heart and ignite a fire in my soul!

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