Fresh Start 2013: Day

God redeems moses | a personal fresh start


Today's Text: Exodus 2:1-22

Text: Exodus 2:1-22

The early life of Moses reads like the Oscar-winning screenplay it would one day become. Nicely packaged into a single chapter of Exodus, it may not seem like much at first glance. But take a closer look. Do you see Him? God is everywhere.

He is waiting in the reeds as a young mother pries open her hand and watches through tear-filled eyes as the basket slips down onto the riverbank. It is His invisible hand that brings to that same riverbank the daughter of Pharaoh himself – the very ruler who seeks to destroy this child and each male Hebrew baby like him. It is God who softens her heart to gather an abandoned slave baby into her arms and send for a woman of his own people to nurse him. And it is God’s specific and tender care that allows that nurse to be none other than his mother.

Oh, to hold the child you let go and feel with your own hands and see with your own eyes that he is alive and well. I can scarcely imagine.

This is the kind of fresh start the God of heaven gives.

A child born into slavery and under threat of death is raised in a palace and educated in the high court. The boy grows into a man, a man who sees the burden of his people and begins, almost instinctively, to fight for them well before he receives the Call.

Moses fought for them because it was who he was. It was who God made him to be.

You see, God’s redemption of Moses began long before he could prove himself worthy. It began when he was just a baby! There was no merit, no qualification; only the nearness and goodness of God. God’s plan of redemption for Moses was broad enough to span history and yet intimate enough to meet his most specific needs. It was a plan to redeem a man, a people, a world.

Sisters, the redemption God offers you is specific for today. It is offered regardless and in spite of your merit, your performance, your best laid plans. Receive it. Let’s walk in the freedom of God’s plan for our lives today.

  • imperfectlyimperfect

    God is everywhere! & he knows exactly what he’s doing. I pray that I do better at accepting that I am where I am in my life because HE wants me here. & that I will be blessing to those around me.

    Jeremiah 29:11 NLT

    For I know the plans I have for you,” says the L ord . “They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope.

  • Joanne Sher

    I love how specific and detailed God's plan for Moses was. Especially in the little details that seem to make no sense – or where it feels completely wrong and against his best interest. It reassured me that He is doing the same for me. My fresh start is in the works!

  • Elizabeth

    Even though this was meant to be a new years devotional, I needed a fresh start this week! Today my baby starts kindergarten. This story reminded me that God has a special life planned out for him. And my job is to raise him to love God, and love those around him and across the world. I struggle to understand my son and have to remind myself daily to rely on God for Wisdom, and not myself. Today I am giving my son to God again!

  • I have been falling behind constantly on my daily reading. I keep setting my app to catch me up and still failed to make time to read. All the while I have also been feeling more and more down in my spirit mind and in my heart bam trying to deal with my negative thoughts, uncertain relationships, finances, everything. And everyday I feel more and more guilty because I tell Gos that I wantvtivbe closer to him but yet I still find it so hard to let go of people and things that I am attached to because of the temporary comfort they bring me. Now I pick up today and resume my reading where I have been trying to resume for the past 3 weeks and it is exactly the encouragement I needed. Gods plan is definite even when I sidetrack myself, even when I constantly backtrack and so often fall short. While I’m beating myself up thinking God is tired of me asking Him for help but continuing to try to do my own thing, He still continues with His original plan. And because of that no matter how try to work thru things myself… The final outcome will always be exactly as He intends it to be. I am so thankful. Gid saves me even when I don’t deserve it.

  • God is a good God,, my fresh start started the day when I first begun reading this plan. God helps and is always there we should gracefully praise his name.

  • BettyBoop

    I have had new starts but I seem unable to understand God’s plan for my life. At 52 I feel alone and adrift. Work and chores and prayers and emptiness. Please God show me the way there has to be more to my life than this.

  • Arshella

    This is what I needed this morning! I am postpartum 6 weeks. This was my fourth child but by far the worst delivery. I was in the hospital for a week and suffered from several issues. Thank God the baby is fine and I got all of the set backs. I am praying for full recovery which includes my blood pressure coming back down to normal. I would like to start back homeschooling and my normal life. I have come a long way and thank God for all the help and prayers of family and friends.

  • Danielle J.

    It’s a blessing to be able to fellowship and read the posting of you ladies. My number one fresh start is to get into and remain in Gods word. This is my biggest struggle. I pray that God continues to work with me and through me to keep me focused.

  • YoursTruly

    I declare a fresh start…tried to do it alone and realized I couldnt do it along…i need to change people around me and im holding on to His word that I CAN DO ALL THINGS THROUGH CHRIST WHO STRENGHTENS ME and I know that soon I will be able to declare victory..

  • God does give fresh starts. I was 18 and for two years went down a path of destruction that consisted of physical/mental/emotional abuse from a bf, got addicted to cigs, had sex before marriage, underage drinking and getting wasted. My life was empty and I was dead. God took my hand and helped me get out of that unhealthy relationship, put down smoking, stop drinking and getting drunk, and having sex. He has fully restored me and I am better then I ever was. His will is being done in my life and I am blessed beyond blessed.

  • I'm in need of a fresh start. I'm working daily to open up my heart and really just trust God. Allow Him to do His will in me and thru me. Praise God for His grace and His mercy. Amen

  • Wow!!! What an amazing community of Christian women…this is my first time posting anything and i may be a little behind on thw devotional than some of you but I am so thankful for this devotional. I truely need a fresh start in just about every area of my life. Each day just seems to run with the other and Im ready to make each day its own…to forget about yesterday and not worry about tomorrow. Thankful for this forum.

  • This is so inspiring. I am striving to open up my heart and let Him lead the way.

  • courtney n

    God definitely works thru bad situations. I’m lookin forward to going where He leads me. You, sisters, as re all so wise. I am praying for you guys

  • It’s been a really tough year and I have made some very bad decisions. With God’s forgiveness and mercy I know I will get through it and become the person God wants me to be. Praise God for allowing me a fresh start!

  • Kathrine P

    I needed this devotion today. I am really struggling to understand God’s plan in my life right now. I know the faithfulness of God and I must stand by and watch as Miriam did to see what God will do.

  • This was a wonderful devotion. A reminder that God is in control and that my ways are not His ways. I’ve struggled for some time now about the plans that God has for my life. While I believe that His plans are good and they are meant to prosper me, I simply didn’t know or understand what God’s call on my life was. I finally stopped running long enough to hear what God was saying and I realized that I couldnt outrun God so I surrendered. This devotion helped me to realize that God can call ordinary people who are messed up, broken and bruised and use them for His glory! He used Moses and He can use me too. That’s good news!

  • I’m so happy that God is always around us. We may think that he is not when things go wrong around us. God is there with open arms. I praise the name of God right now. He is a on time god. He loves us more than we know. I thank God for loving me when I didn’t seem to love myself. He stepped in a showed me love and mercy. Thank You Father for your love.

  • My Christmas gift to Jesus was giving up the on control daily. This is very hard for me. I have caught myself at times taking back the control but then paused and given it back over to Christ,.i know that God has a great plan for me but it is. A matter of me simply getting out of the way on a daily basis to allow His will to be done. This is a great reminder of that! He is king and in absolute power and control!

  • “Sisters, the redemption God offers you is specific for today. It is offered regardless and in spite of your merit, your performance, your best laid plans. Receive it.”

    This really stuck out to me. We tend to think that God’s redemption of us begins after we have gone through a trial, overcome a difficult situation or struggle, or have successfully corrected what we have done wrong. But God says, no! That is not the case. While you are in the midst of your trial, while you are in the midst of your struggle, while you are in the middle of a situation that you think you can no longer bear, I am coming up with a master plan to redeem you and to show everyone that regardless of what you went through, It did not destroy you and you will be elevated to a higher position in me and in the world around you.

  • Something I struggle with often is God's plan for me. When things are going well, in the past, I have praised the Lord for them. Inevitably, some of these things have fallen through and I curse God for breaking what was so good. Then, when something else Good happens again, I'm reluctant to thank God out of some superstitious fear that He'll take it away from me again. Today's lesson shows me that I need to stop and remember that He has a plan for me. Yes, not everything is great and He giveth and taketh away, but there's obviously a reason for why He does these things. Both Pharaoh's daughter and Moses could have made much different decisions, but they somehow followed God's plan laid for them. I have to believe that they were both strongly convicted that there was, indeed, a plan for the hard roads they took that would lead them to His Glory. I pray that I can remember this, and rejoice in the fact that, even though I might not like some of the outcomes, God has a plan for me. That plan is new, fresh, redeeming, and full of His Love.

    • Jesyka

      Thank you for sharing your struggle…I don't think you are the only one that struggles with that. The Lord wants the best for us, but often our circumstances and experiences don't seem to point to that truth, and quite frankly, it sucks.
      BUT-He promises GOOD from those things that are bad…to work ALL things together for the good of those who love Him. Unfortunately, we can't always avoid the hard things, but it always helps me to remember that He WILL bring me through and promises that it won't be for nothing-there WILL be something good that comes from it.

      Be blessed!

      • Valerie

        Thank you Jesyka! That's a great reminder. Rarely have I gone through something hard or negative to not find something positive out of it. He has not brought me to and through difficult things for nothing. Such an important reminder!

  • I too have health struggles but I've come to realize that this Ida a time for me to relish Gods word with lots of time on my hands! Also I try to see ways God can still use me if its in my grandchildren's lives, or chatting on FB. Lord, if it in your will, please heal me, but if I am where you want me, no matter where it is, please use me for your glory. Amen

  • Deborah Poe

    It is so awesome how GOD uses the enemy’s camp to pamper and position Moses for his blessing and purpose to come. He also learned all the insider secrets before he needed it because of GOD’S process! It brings Romans 8:28 and Jeremiah 29:11 to mind ……

  • God-I pray You would always put me in the right place at the right time, like Moses'sister, and that I would listen and obey.

  • Kconley i really love your moms quote! What a beautiful picture! Praying for strength abd peace to climb our mountains! Reminds me that the Lord knows our trials and mistakes, but lovingly guides us through and past them to sanctify us. Great reminder for me right now!

  • Kconley i really love your moms quote! What a beautiful picture! Praying for strength abd peace to climb our mountains!

  • I am redeemed bought with a price; Jesus has changed my whole life! If anybody ask you just who I am; tell them that I am redeemed! Amen

  • Sometimes we say to ourselves (and we’ve all had moment), if I can just have a second chance to do it all again…

    Thank God for second chances. Just like we are granted new mercies day, God gives us opportunities time and time again. There are times in my life that I have thanked God for redemption. I am sure that there are more times to come that I will need His redeeming power.

    He knows me and He knows what is best for me. I thank Him for being who He is in my life and He is always there to even save me from myself.

  • Thank you KConley and EllenMR,
    It is beautiful how God clearly God has become our strength. And KConley, I love your mothers quote, ” faith isn’t always praying God will remove your mountain but that He will give you the strength and grace and peace as you climb it.” Love that. That you both for sharing. May God continue to be your strength.

  • "Sisters, the redemption God offers you is specific for today. It is offered regardless and in spite of your merit, your performance, your best laid plans. Receive it. Let’s walk in the freedom of God’s plan for our lives today."

    I love this quote from today's reading. Especially the idea of walking in the freedom of God's plan for our lives….receive it. Honestly, I've never thought of it that way – as being "free". It really makes sense. I want to grow my relationship with God so that I can better receive the life he has planned for me. I will still work hard, I will still do what I do to try and be prepared, be a better person, mother, daughter, friend…but I will be more OPEN to God and what he had planned for me. I will let him be in control because that will ultimately make me free!

  • Donna, perfect scripture for today. Thank all of you ladies for your insights and faith. God is certainly working in my life and allowing me a fresh start. My prayers are with you all!

  • I love this- how Moses parallels our own redemption! God rescued us from death before we were even conceived, and then he had mercy on us when we had turned away and sinned. So thankful and praising my Heavenly Father for redeeming us over and over.

  • Thank God for his grace and mercy. I gladly receive his plan of Redemption for my life.

  • I have been really struggling over the past few days of what it is exactly that I feel called to do – where I feel called to live, serve, and just be. I'm newly married (one year ago) and realize that it can't be just about my plans anymore but my husbands, as well. In trying to figure out these plans for the future, I cannot be selfish. I'm trying to focus on the goodness of where I am currently and pray that the Lord will show me the path that He has for me. It's hard being patient but I know that God will be there along the way – for he is a personal God!

    Thanks for the reminder and encouragement in this devotional today.

  • Ellen MR

    Andi , I can sooo relate! My medical issues are very similar, only I still can move about (Thank God!!) but am losing my mobility slowly but surely. I am so truly Thankful for God’s plan, that these medical issues brought me back to our Lord!! (It just took awhile for me to get it!) He has plans for each of us, and who knows what/where that may bring us!? Who or what we may be a part of?! And the ability to connect with like-minded people here and on blogs, etc. who knows what that may bring
    about? Today can be the start of something spectacular- especially because we have the Lord guiding us! His plan is in place, His hand is on us!!
    I praise Him and Thank Him, humble that He loves me. Thank you Jesus, for your gift of salvation and your Grand Plan for us all! Have a Blessed Day! :)

  • I love that this came out. The story of Moses takes on a whole new light. The princess could of drowned Moses, or called the guards to kill him. But instead, she wanted to take him and keep him as his own. But not only that, Moses' nature for justice made him go out to the wilderness to meet a Godly man, where he was shown God's ways. Growing up in the temple, I'm sure he wasn't exposed to anything about God, but knew that his people were the Jews. Only away from the temptations of the Pharaoh and slavery could God begin the biggest event in history. But it all started with God being there from the start. And just like that, we can do amazing things if we let Him.

  • I have been adjusting to an emptying nest. I have a son who is in college and one who just left for the Air Force. It's hard letting go and trusting God. As I read this story, my heart was turned for Jochabed. How difficult it must of been letting that baby boy go. Out into the waters. Trusting God. Not unlike we letting go and pleading the Blood of Jesus over our children. I believe in the Word I have instilled in my boys and I have one chickadee left. Also, I am not just turning them out to this world. I am still here, praying, giving my two cents when I can, and believing God to make them into the mighty men of valor he would have them to be. His Word does not return void.

  • Hello ladies. I was thinking about the greAt thing about Moses was no matter how high you are in your class, you never forget who your people are and where you come from. Moses stood up for his people when they were in slavery. He even stood up for midianite women who wanted to get water. We never forget where we all come from. Especially if we’ve had ancestors who were abused or in slavery. God bless!

  • How powerful to remember that when we think out lives are over and we are at the end, that God’s plan for us (from even before our births), it doesn’t change, it doesn’t stop. When it looks like the end, it is a fresh start on God’s continued plan that He has for each of our personal lives.
    The inspiration and encouragement that I so needed to hear having watched illness steal my life and career from my grasp this year. I have come to feel a burden on my husband and children as I was my life continue to slip away. In tears, I cried before our Heavenly Father, feeling I had lost purpose and life calling into the field He had placed me to minister to others. I can rarely even leave the house and I struggle to walk and there is not medical help insight to restore my hopes and dreams and return me to where He had placed me. How beautiful to see His answer that while this feels like my end, His plan is more than I can see and He has not finished with me yet. Thank you, Father God, for your mercies and love and your blessed renewal. Great is Your Faithfulness.

    • KConley

      Andi, I too have had struggles with illness this year. I left my job to work more flexible hours at home. I am a teacher and struggle with asthma. My illness is up and down, at this point not a hopeless prognosis but definitley effecting my quality of life. When my mother was suffering of pancreatic cancer, knowing she was sick "unto death" she said some of the wisest words that stuck with me. She said, people keep telling me to have faith. I suppose faith to be healed… do they think I don't have faith? I probably have more faith now than I ever have in my entire life. She said " faith isn't always praying God will remove your mountain but that He will give you the strength and grace and peace as you climb it. " This has stuck with me through many struggles, she was at peace with her passing and ministered to others who came to visit her. Wow, what a testimony. God is not through with you, and his ways are far above our ways.

  • Praise Good forfresh starts, we all need one.I love Gods word and how He reminds us through His word that He had His eye upon us at soul times and knows our needs before we do.He knows our hearts andthrough His word we can know His.I pray each day to know Gods heart and to be more like Jesus.I pray to let past hurts go and to stay each day with a forgiving heart.I pray we all learn to do just that and to trust God completely with our lives and future one day at a time.God bless and keep each one of you doing this devotional.have a blessed day. :)

  • How encouraging to see so many walking thru this devotional along with me. It strikes me again to not overlook or dismiss my personal life journey – how God’s hand has been upon me just like his hand was upon the life of Moses beginning with the actions of his Mother.

  • Wow this Is powerful! I deserve a fresh start and I know 2013 will bring this to pass for me. After the loss of my job in 2012 I know God has something better for me! Thank you Fathet for your goodness and mercy I receive all that you have for me in 2013.

    • martina

      I pray you experience the Lord as your generous Provider, Nina.

  • lisabethjean

    I love, love, LOVE the thought of this: ~"You see, God’s redemption of Moses began long before he could prove himself worthy. It began when he was just a baby!" ~

    Not only this, but Moses was part of the plan to redeem Israel from Egypt; and then that Jewish lineage was vital for the eternal plan to redeem US.

    Oh, how I love it when a plan comes together! :)

  • Ellis G.

    I am so blessed by all of your comments. I can identify w I have gotten ahead of myself in life and made some rash and damaging decisions. God is good and ever faithful and provides His roadmap for may take us thru deserts or palaces..we can be assured of the outcome..His abiding presence.

  • Praying for you, Ingrid.

  • Thanks for the reminder to “receive” – such a passive word. I have nothing to do with making it happen. Implies sitting back, resting, and waiting for God to help me do what He wills for me today. Why is this so hard:-)?

  • ynannette

    Just as I am, Thou wilt receive,
    Wilt welcome, pardon, cleanse, relieve;
    Because Thy promise I believe,
    O Lamb of God, I come, I come!
    Fresh Start! Thanks again ladies for your wonderful insights!

  • snipsnsnaps

    Great post! I too new a fresh we start. Help me to Receive it fully, in Jesus' name. Amen

  • Autumn Dawn Leader

    "God’s plan of redemption for Moses was broad enough to span history and yet intimate enough to meet his most specific needs."

    I LOVE today's reading! So much!

    It's overwhelming – in a (very) good way – the DETAIL of God's individual plan for each of us. How great is His love for us. What strikes me about today's devotion is the point of Moses killing the Egyptian. I've always heard that being taught as how it was Moses getting ahead of God and how he (Moses) "missed it". It was nice to read something that pointed out that God knew exactly what he was getting when He chose Moses – and that he, indeed, chose him, NOT from the point of the burning bush, but rather back from the beginning of his life (really, from the foundation of the world – as Paul in Ephesians tells us we have been chosen). Yes, as we do, Moses had areas where he needed to submit his personality and natural tendencies to God, but God picked him – as He was – and used him in the framework of himself. That's liberating! That's encouraging! God has chosen me and has a personal, intimate, detailed plan – one that takes into account everything about me – including MY natural bends and twists – not (necessarily) DESPITE them.

    • Nance

      Thank you for your insight! Very cool!

    • Kinna

      Thank you for this explanation. These past two days I have had trouble seeing the connection between the reading and a Fresh Start.

    • martina

      Thank you, Autumn Dawn, for I, too, have always come to this story as Moses getting ahead of God, and then going on to interpret my own life with this lens. The idea that, as you put it, "God knew exactly what He was getting when He chose Moses" makes me smile. I feel something inside me release. I think there is a connection for me here wiith forgiveness. Applying God's 'knowing ' to others who have injured me in some way helps me let go /see their brokenness from God's viewpoint.. I will be praying on this.

  • God has a plan for us. And even though we don't always understand things that happen in our lives we have to trust the God is in control.

    Father, I thank you for working in my life. I thank you for the plan you have for me. I trust you. I am sorry that I try to play your part sometimes and think that I am in control; that I must bear my burdens and those of the people I care about. I thank you for the fresh start you have given as I turn from this sin. I pray for guidence in my life and for peace and healing for my family. It's in your name I pray. Amen.

  • TMichelle

    God is everywhere! That means that even when we mess up He is right there to forgive us. We need not worry or feel guilt. After we repent He says that each morning brings brand new mercies….a fresh start! I'm so thankful that I get to hit the reset button.

    • Janet

      "Reset button"! Ha! Love that:)

    • AMK

      If you mean guilt- the self-deprevating/ self-focus kind then yes ( :

      But God does desire our repentance. Guilt that we sinned against Lord is natural and should lead us to repentance. Repentance leads to change and a changed heart means we can throw away the reset button!

      • TMichelle

        Understand your point. However, I'm speaking of times when we feel guilt far beyond our repentance. I can only speak for me, but I've done it before. If you have repented for your sin or disobedience, then He has forgiven you and you are now able to hit that reset button and start fresh. I'm not perfect, so I'm glad that He is a merciful God! Thanks for your comment.

  • Great Word!! He is EVERYWHERE!!! What a great GOD!!!

  • Natasha Thomas

    What a blessing! Gods pan is broad and intimate to meet all needs…and not bc of our own merit but his goodness!!! We are blessed beyond words and I just want to shore the works how, blessed, we truly are! love love

  • Ingrid, am praying for you. I have had some sleep troubles too lately. Just know you do not struggle alone.7$

  • God is everywhere. Something I needed to hear today in the situations I am dealing with today. His hand is holding me up, and He is still in control. Praise Him! Lord, I thank You for my redemption today and receive it with gratitude.

  • Not been very focus the past day please pray for strength and to remain focus on God's word and spending time with him, been really tired not getting much sleep in the night. Please pray for his favor in my life. Thanks sister's.

    • Brandi

      Ingrid this is from a devotional I am reading right now – Faith To Faith by Kenneth and Gloria Copeland. Hope it helps.

      O God,thou art my God; early will I seek thee. . .I will remember thee upon my bed, and meditate on thee in the night watches. Ps 63:1,6
      If you're going to live in divine health, there are going to be times when you'll have to be downright extreme about the Word of God. Times when you may be facing a sickness so severe that you need more than just a few moments in the Word and a quick prayer to receive your healing. I want to tell you, in very practical terms, what I would do in a situation like that. The moment I woke up in the morning, before I did anything else, I'd take communion. I'd say "Lord, I dedicate my body all day today to the service of my Lord Jesus Christ. I take Jesus' pure blood shed for me.". Then I'd put the devil in his place. I'd say, "I rebuke you, Satan. You're not going to put any sickness and disease on me today. Regardless of the symptoms,regardless of what my body thinks about it, by the power of Jesus through His Spirit, I have overcome this sickness because He that is within me is greater than he that is in the world." Then, all day long, I'd thank God for my healing. I'd choose some teaching tapes that would fill my mind and spirit with the anointed Word of God, and I'd listen to them throughout the day. In the afternoon, I'd praise God and receive Communion again to remind myself that the blood of Jesus is in my veins, that I'm a part of God's family. You don't have to wait until the second Sunday of each month or whatever to receive Communion. Jesus just said, "As often as you do this, do in remembrance of Me." And if you're facing a serious attack of the devil, you need to remember Him all day and all night. You need to consider Jesus until thoughts of Him push the thoughts of that sickness right out of your mind. That night before bed I'd receive Communion again, then I'd praise myself to sleep. If I woke up in the night, I'd reach over and get my Bible and read all the healing scriptures and make the devil sorry woke me. When the devil launches a serious attack against your body, don't mess around. Get serious about the Word. Put yourself under it's constant care and it will take good care of you. Heb 4:9-16

      Hope this is as helpful to you as it is to me! Love in Christ!

    • Emily

      Sorry to interject, but Kenneth Copland is someone to stay away from. You can search him in false prophets if you want to know what he is truly about. Probably best if we don't give others suggestions and allow God to work things out in each other.

      • Nance

        Where in the world is there a list of false prophets to search from? From what I read from Brandi this message was based on scripture.

      • Brandi

        Sorry if I have offended anyone. I think God does use each of us to minister to others. But I also agree with you. We often get in His way.

    • Donna

      I pray Num 6:24-26 May the God of Redemption bless you and keep you, May his face shine upon you, and be gracious unto you. May the Lord lift up his countenance upon you, and give you peace. Be encouraged.

  • The freedom of God's intimate plan for us! Yes and Amen!

    Earlier this year I made a misjudged decision which resulted in me missing out on an opportunity to meet an hugely influential person working in the industry I wanted to get into.
    But praise God for His grace! It didn't matter that I had stumbled in the wrong direction, He used it to reveal Himself to me and teach me to simply trust in His higher ways.

    And wow, since then I've been accepted into the university that directly links with what I dream to do as my future job. Praise God for His personal faithfulness and matchless love!

    "God is everywhere" – So simple, but isn't it an incredible reminder?

    • Nance

      Wow, congratulations, Kaitlin! Our God is an Awesome God and He reigns from Heaven above and uses our stumblings so we can live in complete dependence on Him and Praise and give God glory for the blessings and victories He bestows upon us!

      • Kaitlin

        Thanks so much Nance! I love that! So true!
        Admitting how we need God puts us in a powerful place :)
        Blessings to you! x

  • ……..No qualification nor merit. Only God’s Goodness and Nearness saw him tru. God I knw u still have D̶̲̥̅̊ same plan for us dis new year. We’ll be patient cos it must surely come to pass ‘ΛMƐИ’

  • @Mirabelle, condolences on the loss of your father. God’s plan also included him!

    I love this line from today’s devotional: “God’s plan of redemption for Moses was broad enough to span history and yet intimate enough to meet his most specific needs.” Our God is a personal God! He has great plans for each one of us. Praise His name!

  • I need and desire a fresh start.

    • Desiree

      God is faithful and true and when we humbly seek Him, He is there with open arms to reveal Himself to us! He will give you the desire of your heart as you delight in Him (Psalm 37:4).

  • Mirabelle

    We all need a fresh start. 2012 has not been easy for me and my family epecially the lost of my father, but I still give God the glory.I pray that The Lord will renew our minds and spirit, that no matter the trials and tribulations this year will be a fresh start to my sisters in this forum. Amen!

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