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Text: Exodus 2:1-22

The early life of Moses reads like the Oscar-winning screenplay it would one day become. Nicely packaged into a single chapter of Exodus, it may not seem like much at first glance. But take a closer look. Do you see Him? God is everywhere.

He is waiting in the reeds as a young mother pries open her hand and watches through tear-filled eyes as the basket slips down onto the riverbank. It is His invisible hand that brings to that same riverbank the daughter of Pharaoh himself – the very ruler who seeks to destroy this child and each male Hebrew baby like him. It is God who softens her heart to gather an abandoned slave baby into her arms and send for a woman of his own people to nurse him. And it is God’s specific and tender care that allows that nurse to be none other than his mother.

Oh, to hold the child you let go and feel with your own hands and see with your own eyes that he is alive and well. I can scarcely imagine.

This is the kind of fresh start the God of heaven gives.

A child born into slavery and under threat of death is raised in a palace and educated in the high court. The boy grows into a man, a man who sees the burden of his people and begins, almost instinctively, to fight for them well before he receives the Call.

Moses fought for them because it was who he was. It was who God made him to be.

You see, God’s redemption of Moses began long before he could prove himself worthy. It began when he was just a baby! There was no merit, no qualification; only the nearness and goodness of God. God’s plan of redemption for Moses was broad enough to span history and yet intimate enough to meet his most specific needs. It was a plan to redeem a man, a people, a world.

Sisters, the redemption God offers you is specific for today. It is offered regardless and in spite of your merit, your performance, your best laid plans. Receive it. Let’s walk in the freedom of God’s plan for our lives today.


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