Fresh Start 2013: Day

Paradise lost


Today's Text: Genesis 3

Text: Genesis 3

I can picture Eve walking in the garden that day. Unique and beautiful animals all around her, very Snow White-esque. Gold and topaz and diamonds scattered on the ground ala Cartier (Ezekiel 28:13), and glorious plants and food, an abundant furnishing for her world (I’m going with Whole Foods meets the Amazon rainforest here). Gracious provisions and so much more! It is paradise. Perfection.

I wish that was all there was to tell – that the story would end here.

But then comes chapter 3 verse 1 and the serpent enters the scene. The music gets low and ominous. Calamity is looming. The opponent of Christ, the deceiver of the brethren, a beast of the field, approaches Eve and all I want to do is shout as if in slow motion, “nooooooo!”.

And the story does continue.

The tempter speaks, “Did God actually say, ‘You shall not eat of any tree in the garden’?” Eve untwists his lie for him, but the evil one continues, “You will not surely die. For God knows that when you eat of it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.”

Like God?

At this thought all of the animals and gardens and precious stones are dull to her. She is no longer content among His plentiful provisions and only one thing now lights her eye. It is the one thing she is told she cannot have.

I want to blame Eve for what she does next. I want to be so mad at her! But friends, I stand today just as guilty as she. She knew and I know that there is only one God. And we both have everything we could possibly need in Him. But the thought of being in control – of being independent of my need for Him – and calling all of my own shots? Of being the god of my own life? I’m afraid to say I have taken a bite of that same life-condemning fruit. I have been discontent to trust the Lord God in the garden of provisions he has made for me.


And with Eve’s sin and Adam’s too, life as they know it is over. (Rom 5:12) Satan’s promise was an empty one. And life as we know it now includes death, pain, disease, sorrow, and a deep and apparent need for a Redeemer.

I may have wanted the story to end with Eden, but I’m sure grateful it doesn’t end here.

We are no longer in Eden, but we do have a Great Provider who will give us all we need when we need it (Matt 6:25-34).

And the serpent? The serpent is crafty now as ever. (2 Cor 11:3) And the Bible says that the thief still comes to steal and kill and destroy (Jn 10:10). But we need not fear him, for the doom of Satan has already been sealed. (Jn 16:11, Col 2:15, Rev 12:9 & 10, Rev 20:10)

And for us today? God’s Word is beautifully clear on that as well.

“Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.” James 4:7

“Put on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to stand against the schemes of the devil.” Ephesians 6:11

“You, dear children, are from God and have overcome them, because the one who is in you is greater than the one who is in the world.” 1 John 4:4


  • Wow. The enemy still uses the same tactics today, doesn't he? Trying to convince us that God is trying to keep something from us-what a lie. Something that really stood out to me this morning was that the serpent got Eve to do his dirty work and then abandoned her to face the consequences. God never does that….he never leaves us or forsakes us. God began right then to start to provide a way to clean up their mess. Thank you Heavenly Father for your provision! Forgive me for wanting to be my own god.

  • God I thank you for your blessed word because without it where would we be.

  • Amber Joi

    I never thought of it that way me trying to do Gods job or trying to be in controll… but it was and I find my self asking God to take that out of me because their is no room for that. I just want God to have his way in my life and he can’t if I have thing that do not please him

  • imperfectlyimperfect

    I’m so inspired by the comments I see posted here. I too have a tendency to try to control things. I know I have to work on giving control to God. Lord, help me to have faith & release control to you.

  • Ajah Grays

    We all have sinned and have fallen short of his glory. We sin and we fall into the devils trap every where we turn and it is not always the big things that gets us down but the small worldly things that start to transform our lives for the worst. I come to you ladies today to confess I am a sinner and I have fallen short of his glory and I ask you ladies to pray for me to have the strength that I need to make the right choices and walk in his light. Every one has a future and a purpose that God has invested in you but it’s up to you to know what’s invested in you. Remember ladies your purpose is always bigger then you. Don’t be afraid to stand up for what you believe and when you truly start to turn away from the things that makes you worldly, that’s when you will find peace with in. May God bless all of you ladies. Please pray for me as I will pray for you. Thank you Jesus. Amen!

  • Joanne Sher

    Oh boy did I need this reminder! Every time I am discontent and act on it, I'm Eve in the garden. Lord, help me to be content in what You have given me!

  • " I have been discontent to trust the Lord God in the garden of provisions he has made for me." This line really got me today. I struggle constantly, in spite of the fact that God has brought me an AMAZING husband (that I waited for for what felt like forever), a beautiful daughter 3 months ago (today!), enabled me to stay at home- and led us to live on my family's homestead, where we are looking forward to getting our feet dirty with farm work in the coming years… All my dreams are coming through, and yet I get disappointed when I look at the paint colors I don't like because we haven't had a chance to paint yet! :( Who am I to be disappointed when I am surrounded by my version of paradise? He is God, and I am not. Thank you for this humbling reminder today. We cannot receive a fresh start without remembering where our place is!

  • Marrissia

    I really enjoyed the devotion , it pierced my soul because I am guilty of doing these things wanting independence and wanted God to be apart if my plan . But I made a change i took a break from social networks because I spending too much time in getting lost in other people’s lives , coveting thier possessions and blessings ! This is was not a good place to be , but he word that Gid is saying balance and trust . We can put God first if we stay in constant communication with him , it’s hard but it will be worth it! Thank you autumn for that song! Beautiful words

  • This is my favorite part of the bible. I too used to blame eve for it all but she is just like you and me. We have all been in Eve’s position where good is made evil. We must use Good judgment and obey the voice of the Lord!

  • Patricia Hoover

    Good stuff! Who writes this study? It's a tad "Jen Hatmakerish" ! ! !

  • The NIV titled Genesis chapter 3 as “The Fall”. As I read this chapter, I want to be so mad at Eve. I want to yell at her and say ‘its a lie, the serpent…he’s lying to you’. But that’s only because I know what happens in the end. Eve on the other hand doesn’t know the rest of the story, she is in a place many of us have been before. That place where you are surrounded with so much blessing yet you want that one thing you know you can’t have. That place where the devil talk his talk to you and even though you know he’s wrong, for one second he sounds good. That place where you are no longer content and all that you have been blessed with means nothing. That place where you jeopardize everything you’ve ever known. The Bible says in Genesis 1:27 that In His image God created man and woman. If Eve knew this truth, maybe she would not have listened to the devil because he told her in Genesis 3:5 that if she eats from the fruit, she’ll be like God. Ummm she’s already like God. You and I are created in the image of God. But like I said I cannot be mad at Ms. Eve. She made a mistake, and even though God was mad at them for disobeying Him, justice was served to each individually. But the story didn’t end there, God didn’t just disown them and say ‘alright you on your own now’. The last verse in Genesis 3 states that there was a “flaming sword flashing back and forth to guard the way to the tree of life”. Maybe you are in that same place my girl Eve was in and you’re thinking ‘I should have known’, but it’s never too late because there is still hope because you are God’s image and He that is in you, is GREATER and MIGHTIER than the lies the devil is telling you (1John 4:4). So next time the devil comes at you with “his truth”, look at him and laugh because you know what the real deal is.

  • Day 3: such an eye opener… I’ve read these verses several times but today my eyes are open and are devouring what God is saying …

  • Monica Kelly

    Tis So Sweet To Trust In Jesus; Just To Take Him At His Word!!! We Are So Better Off To Be Obedient!!!

  • Just like Eve, we as humans have done or will do the same thing. We’re all sinners; we’ve all suffered from dealings of the devil (Satan). Eve knew what God had commanded of her and knew that it was wrong for her to eat off of the tree of knowledge but like humans she gave into temptation. This is why we have to continue to recite the Lord’s Prayer so that we can be delivered from these things.

  • I wish we lived longer and there was no sorrow and death

  • Noregrets73

    Whenever I read this verse I imagine the time frame. As the serpent is a represenation of temptation, he must have made several attempts to engage Eve, in a moment of weakness she huffs and says “ok how bad can it be If it makes me more like God”… this chapter is our first example of human nature and the first example of how our hearts are designed. This is a passage that reminds me that striving to reagain ones self begins with seeking God

  • YoursTruly

    I just started my journey to get to know God and live a life he approves of…yes like many others ive allowed man to get me to do things that I know are wrong and still to this day because I care to much about how others feel about me..but im slowly realizing that im living for others and will nrver have that glorious life I want doing this which is what brought me to want a better understanding of God..God I ask that you guide my footsteps each day as I embark on this journey….

  • Lord God I submit to you like many others that I to have been guilty of allowing man to come before you. I'm so sorry and thankful for your grace and mercy. I ask Father God that you help me to resist the evil temptations. Thank you for showing me one of my many faults and for been a God of a second chance…..I'm truly Blessed to have you as my awesome Father!

  • SummerB423

    I find extra hard to put my trust in some one else. I always have. I am a very strong independent woman. I was the sole provider for my family for two years which currently is the entirity ofvmy marriage but I must learn to trust God and give him full rain over my life

  • I enjoyed this reading, I found points to my life which are reflected in this passage. I have/can live my life with self-will, being my own God. Surrendering to my God and allowing him to take control, living through His will brings serenity. Blaming people, places and things for the choices I’ve made is just as Adam & Eve did. I am finding peace in my life now as I admit to my short comings, character defects and wrong doings and pray for God’s forgiveness and to remove those from my life. Beautiful.

  • To me, this passage emphasizes God ALWAYS giving us free will. From the beginning of time, He gave us a choice to follow him or to not do so. It shows that we have always been sinners because we are only human, and we will stumble and we will be deceived by Satan. These
    things are true to this day. So even if Adam and Eve had not tasted of the fruit, someone along the line would have I am sure for we all falter. That is why we needed Christ. I am thankful for God for offering me a chance of eternal life even though I do stumble and even though I have also made the wrong choices.

  • What I never understood was Everyone ALWAYS blames Eve and NEVER the serpent!? He put the thoughts in her head, He planted Evil, disobedience, wrong doing. Every other day b4 this she was content happy, loving in the garden. As I read more I see how powerful the enemy is and how you can’t let him get into your thoughts, mouths or heart. Bc he WILL “introduce” things you never knew or notice to distracted from God plan!

  • Mollie Grayson

    I appreciate the added help in resisting temptation. I know God is everything and all i need is him. Sometimes its hard to feel Him. Hard for that spiritual hole to get filled without doing something sinful, that i want to feel satisfied. Its hard to resist temptation when my mind and feelings are telling me thats exactly what i want. I already feel better this morning. Reminding myself that satan lies to me. And sinning always brings pain at some level. Thnx

  • I really enjoyed reading this. I didn’t realize I was Eve but I am. When I do my own thing I become god of my own life instead of allowing God to lead and be the head of my life. He certainly can provide everything that I need. Thankful that the story doesn’t end and that God continues to love me and grants me His amazing grace.

  • Glammydeb

    For sure reality sets in….. Eve knew the moment she tasted of the fruit…Then she went straight to Adam….One day we will get to have a converstation with her and her journey… One of these days!..

  • It's kind of crazy to realize that I am Eve. I have made decisions that I know are completely against everything I've been taught, but continue to do so. Granted, she only did one thing, but it did affect the whole human race. It gives me hope knowing that God understands me and everything I'm doing. That He doesn't expect more of me, and that He doesn't want me to worry. That last part is the best part. If the God of the universe doesn't want me to worry, why do I even do it?

  • Today i kept on worrying and begging the Lord to provide for me not giving thanks to wat he has given me. I didnt have any money in my pocket and i have such a large debt to pay by sunday but the Lord is teaching me to live one day at a time. Like now he has provided transport money for tomorrow. Am grateful and am learning to take it a day at a time.

  • Kathrine P

    I am feeling very humbled by this devotion. As a woman, I am so quick to judge Eve. But, I do the same thing when I look away from my blessings and look toward fleshly desires. It also reminds me that it’s a good idea to check in with God before “eating the fruit”.

  • We all plead guilty to this one. But discovering that God is the All Sufficient One for some takes a lifetime. I like what you said that life continued after Eden. Not the same but it still continues. That wrong devestating choices don’t automatically condemn us to damnation. There is life after Eden. If we could ever know how satisfying living This Life is when we live it in His love. “And the life that I now live in the flesh… I live by the faith of the son.” There is life after Eden. Gods love is still there after Eden.

  • Denisha Thomas

    I love today’s devotion. It definitely puts a new perspective on the fall of mankind. I know I have been guilty of blaming Adam and Eve for the state of mankind. But everyday I’m not a model of a grateful Christian. Thank you God for sending us the Redeemer, Jesus Christ, who is here for us despite our flaws. I love him so much for that.

  • As I read the devotional, I was convicted and thankful that there is an opportunity for change through Christ
    I was raised to be independent an in control of my life. I have struggled with letting go and letting God be the driving force. Well today’s reading has given mr new insight on why I’ve had repeated lessons about control! #freshstart #renewedvision

  • How powerful it is to think that I so desperately want, some times, for some magic cure-all, something to enlighten me and to bring me to a state of grace so easily, like Eve had in the fruit…even when I am surrounded by the infinite blessings God has given me. It's like kicking diamonds and gold and wonderful things with big selfish feet because I see something that might instantly make things better. I pray that I take stock of my blessings more often, and remember that when I want to call my own shots, or take that magic cure-all, that I am not in need of a cure. I am in need of nothing, but in want of so much. I pray I open my heart and my mind to the Lord filling those empty pockets of want, instead of things or other people.

  • There are so many 'fruitfull' things in life temptations we can say. Yet knowing that God is out Redemeer, our Life Giver, our Salvation, our EVERYTHING. All these 'things' arent needed because God is all we need. With Him our lifes journey will be okay because He is who wakls alongside us and has laid this path before us.

    Lord, God your way is the path I choose. My faith in you is what gives me strength. Your words heal my pain. When I astray from your path I know that I will be forgiven because you are my Salvation.

  • Ms. Michelle

    I thank God the story did not end there …. praise Him!!!

  • Charnise

    Thanks be to God for giving us a Redeemer. We often fall out grace but thank you Lord for being a forgiving God and bring us back into the fold. I thank God it wasn’t over at the garden of Eden. That he sent us a Savior to be the ultimate sacrifice.

  • Steffanie

    I love when God speaks to me. I have had a rough 3 months & could not feel his presence. This reading is the first feeling of him. To be in control of my own life is the hugest issue for me. I pray I can give it over to him & just be. Praying for all u ladies. God lives u & so do I.

  • Ps. I can't remember who wrote it, but someone said God made us lower than the animals. This is untrue, you must have misread the scripture,,,look again at the passage!

  • My life verse is 1John 4:4b …which I swear came to me when I was in the midst of a scary nightmare! It kept repeating over and over in my mind and suddenly I wasn't afraid any more! God has a perfect plan for our lives & He is there WITH us! The God of the Universe that can make man out of dust, is there inside of us, ready to help us, not hurt us!!! Father God, we don't understand it all. It's just too big for us! But we trust you and we thank you for your Word which is alive and sharper than a two edged sword. The more we study it, the more we know YOU. Thank you for my sisters here who want to know you more! Amen

  • Contentment is the big word for me, that’s what the garden was about , thinking What God provides is not enough or not what we need. How foolish that sounds to me reading it, yet doing it all the time. Lord forgive me for that! Also reading the greener grass conspiracy on contentment.. Very good reading!

  • So shes the reason for awful labor pains,,,
    I really wish she had not eaten that fruit,, i like how god says well” who told thee that you are naked lol,,

  • It hit me reading this that God’s response was so full of love. First, he reconciles them to himself and to each other by clothing them. Then, He banishes them from the garden keeping them from the tree of life. It occurred to me that this was just as loving because if they lived forever, they would live in this sin state. Instead, God would eventually let them die and be perfected once again. I wrote in my journal that death my be one of the greatest graces God gives…complete and eternal restoration to Him.

  • Brittany Girle

    So this led me a complete different direction. The scripture in Matthew that talks about God being our provider and not worrying about the clothes we wear or the food we eat brings up a lot of questions for me. I don’t know how to reconcile it in my mind with poverty. I am a missionary in Mexico. I just spent time in prayer crying and pleading for God to provide food for a starving family. In one way i can see His provision because i was able to cross their paths thAt day and give them the money i had for food, but I see people constantly without food to eat or clothes to wear. And people die from starvation constantly. If anyone has any insight from this scripture I’m missing I’d love to hear it because I struggle with my understanding of it and the world I see.

  • Christine

    Help me understand. Verses 16 – 18 seems like such a harsh ‘punishment’ on Adam and Eve. As a parent, when my child does there first wrong doing I do not cast my child out to fend for themselves.

    As The Lord is their Father… I almost feel he predisposed their choice in taking the apple by saying, ” dont eat from that tree”. As teenagers, know when a parent says, “don’t” they “do”. Especially when receiving peer pressure as in the snake.

    Would like to understand. Thank you.

    • ~ Grace & Peace

      I wondered about this, too.

      From the commentaries I've read, God sent them out because there was another tree in the garden, the Tree of Life. If they eat from that in their fallen state, they would live forever in sin. Then all of us would have been really doomed. So really, it was an act of mercy. (I wish I can remember where I read it. It's either Chuck Missler from Koinonia Institute or Jon Courson.)

      ~ Grace & Peace


    As I read through this passage, when it got to the part where Eve is eating the apple, I found my self raising my fist and thinking, "No, Eve…how could you do it?" The truth is, I do it everyday when I forget to die to myself and give into my flesh.

    I am a follower of Christ, but there are so many times that I put him in the passenger seat when He should be the one driving! God, help me to let you be the Lord of my life and teach me that I can not be my own God. Help me to drop my independent streak and solely rely on you.

  • Being satisfied with what God has given us is a very important lesson to learn. We seem to always be fascinated with what we do not have.

    We desire new things not realizing the true cost. All that glitters is not gold. Charm is deceitful and beauty is fading…Proverbs 31:30. What looks good is not always good for you.

    God knows what is best for us and His timing is perfect. We must learn to wait on God. He always has what is best for us but He can’t place it in our hand because we are holding on so tight to what we think is better.

  • Greetings my sisters in Christ. This is my first time posting and have truly been blessed so far. Have been reading all of the comments and all i can say is ditto! I have been in Tears today since reading today’s devotional! I have been guilty of complaining of not having enough and looking at what others have. I have also been guilty of not honoring my husband as i should! Father forgive me because there is still work to do and I can’t do it without You! God loves us so much!!! Another thing that stood out to me is When Adam and Eve saw where they messed up and then try to “cover themselves” with fig leaves and “hide from the presence” of God (l mean really?). It reminded me of how we try to cover up our sins by our good works. We try to fix our mess ups in our own strength. We get to a place where we think we mess up so bad that we are not worthy to come to God or be in His presence. “I will get myself together first and then i will go to God!” That is such a lie from satan!!! Thank You Jesus for opening my eyes. Thank You for your loving kindness and your Tender mercies. When Adam and Eve sinned God covered their guilt, the very first sacrifice! (3:21) Hallelujah. It wasn’t because of their good works. It was because of love!!! The love of God required that innocent animals be sacrificed to provide garments of skin as a COVERING for Adam and Eve!!! A foreshadow of this substitutionary atonement points toward the necessity of judgment upon the innocent to provide a covering for the guilty! Adam & Eve made a vein attempt with their own efforts, but God’s order provides covering by means of a sacrifice. Under the New Covenant, we are required to be clothed with Christ rather than with our good works! Thank You Jesus for THE BLOOD that covers our sins and cleanses us from all unrighteousness! Oh but for grace…Hallelujah He COVERS us!


  • Throughout college I turned away from God and started to call my own shots, but now that I have turned back I feel happier and more free than I ever was before.

  • Katherine

    Just so blessed to see all my sisters' comments and thoughts-feel real unity here. The desire to be independent, to question God's wisdom, to believe Satan's lies. I also wonder at times, why did God set them up like that-knowing they would fail? His ways are higher than mine and I will trust that all He has done from the Garden on is perfect! It is a choice to believe but can only be acted on with the help of God the Holy Spirit. Need to lean on him so much more in my life. Have a great day all!

  • I was also struck by the fact that God made man more cursed than the animals. (3:14) This explains why man has so much capacity to be cruel to animals, and to fellow man. Never thought of it that way before. Love the posts y’all, really a blessing

    • Sueso

      Anne, God was speaking to the serpent not man, thank goodness. Check it out. :). He cursed Satan, not man to be lower than the animals…

  • Can I just say how happy and grateful I am to have this community of women? I've never commented much, but having women who are passionate about living and breathing God's word and applying it to life is such a blessing. I'm so excited to see what is to come!

  • TMichelle

    The god of myself! What a way to bring it home. Just as Eve made the decision to eat the fruit and come into her own knowledge, I become impatient and begin to make my own choices. I am living through that now. I truly thought it was what God wanted me to do; however, once the decision was made I quickly saw how it fell apart. That's not God! However, even in my bad choices God will breathe fresh life. He knew the path I would take just as Eve knew. He still guides me back to His original plan! My Redeemer!

  • God really spoke to me in this chapter.Somethings we like to blame others when we fall but in the book of James it say "When we are tempted ,do not say God tempted me because God cannot be tempted by evil and He himself does not tempt any one. But each one is carried away and enticed by his own lust and then when lust is conceived it gives birth to sin and when sin is accomplished it brings forth death. Do not be deceived my dear brethren (sisters "). It is not a sin to be tempted, it is only when we act on it. Eve was tempted by her own lust but only when she acted on it did she sin.

  • Amen ya’ll! What a great reminder?! I love how the serpent said “you will know good and evil” when “evil” wasn’t even something that was defined-eve probably didn’t even know what that word meant! Up until that moment “everything was good”! She was like “yeah, I want that evil thing”. It’s like how I can get so restless in life and take it out on everyone around me,yet when asked what would make me happy, I can’t even define that “thing” that would make me happier.

    Nicki, nothing, but God and your relationship with Him, is more important than your husband. My husband also suffers with depression-like symptoms from anxiety and ADHD. I too can get wrapped up in the social media scene- especially as an escape from the things going on in my life that I have no control over- like my husbands attitude/thoughts/etc. BUT our relationship ALWAYS suffers if one ear is open and one eye is scrolling through fb updates. They need and deserve our attention. You need and deserve someone non-judgemental to talk to about your feelings about his attitude. Love is patient….not easy sometimes but always true. Praying for you sister!!!

  • I am so like Adam and Eve! Everyday I have an opportunity to walk with God and have fellowship with Him and too many times I am distracted by something that seems so good and yet is so short of the joy and sweetness of spending time with Him. Just to think that the God of all creation desires to have us spend time in fellowship with Him is almost too much to take in. I love that even when they hid from God, He still came walking in the garden to fellowship with them. He longed to have unfettered fellowship with them! We are so blessed that when we confess our shortcomings, God is faithful to forgive and even covers our "nakedness". Lord, that we would delight to spend time in your presence where there is such sweetness and joy!

  • I love the parallel you made between your life and habit of being "discontent to trust the Lord God in the garden of provisions he has made for me." I had never really made that connection when reading this passage of Genesis before and feel closer to Eve than ever before. We are all certainly guilty of wanting to be and attempting to be "God of our own lives" and in some ways, it is encouraging to realize that this has been a struggle shared by every person on this Earth since the beginning of time. We know that we aren't alone in this particular struggle and that God understands it–not only that, but in this struggle a deeper need for God has been created.

    This is definitely a new concept I want to focus on praying about! Thank you!

    • Nance

      Yes we always think we are messing things up when God is so much bigger than anything we do or say. It is our total way of thinking we are "in" control. I love knowing that my Jesus has such big shoulders and he carries me all the time even when I'm not feeling it or receiving it by my own lack of understanding His enormous love for us!!!!

  • Lots of great comments ladies. So thankful for this study! The thing that stood out to me I today's reading was the necessity Adam and Eve felt to hide from God. How sad that makes me. They had lived every day in the Fathers presence with nothing to hide. No shame or guilt. What sweet fellowship. And He wants the same relationship with me. And how I long for that! I don't want to hide anymore. I want to live in full faced fellowship with the Father and He has provided the way for me to do that through Christ.

    Father, forgive me for allowing my pride, my misguided thoughts of self, self-sufficiency, my covetousness, my sin,my shame,. . .to separate us. I know You are truly always with me and seeking out. I just don't want to get myself in the position to want to hide. I love You! In Jesus Name. Amen.

  • As a college student, i feel like all i ever want is to be independent. Even though I attend a Christian university I am constantly being tempted and need to realize what is truly important. I will never come close to being like God so I should just let Him lead my life as He intended.

    Graduating in May has created great amounts of worry and anxiety in my life and I need to place all of my trust in Him rather than try to control it all myself.

  • Amber and Christina,

    I am so with you! I do not respect my husband at all like I should. He suffers from depression and like last night was very upset and negative about some things, and I just got impatient and wished he would get more positive. If he needs to talk to me, I need to listen, but instead, most of the time, i’d rather be doing something else. This morning, he made the comment, and he can be overly dramatic sometimes, but he said he no longer has a soul mate but instead a twitter and facebook addict. I am not ready to give them up yet, but I need to do something. I get afraido I will mi something or that a friend will post they need prayer or something and I need to read everything Prayers and tips would be appreciated. I need to streamline, need to know when to quit.

    • Darcy

      Nicki, I completely can relate to the Facebook thing. Maybe you could made a commitment to not be on for a few days, kind of like fasting, only it isn't food. You could post on your wall that you are taking a sabbatical from FB, but you can let them know that if they need prayer you can still be contacted by phone, email or whatever means works best for you. Just a thought. :) Praying it goes well for you:)

  • Ellen MR

    I understand what you’re saying AChic72! It is difficult. Where is the point if we didn’t have our eyes opened? How could any choice be made if we didn’t or couldn’t see both sides or the good and the bad?? Of course then, that it was meant to be! As its been pointed out – the process!! The often PAINFUL process that WE bring about, because of our need to be in control that’s been a need /temptation from the very beginning!! Didn’t God create us with that curiosity? He KNEW we’d want to know! Thus begins our journey….
    Thank you Nance for your words and suggestions! I too, am VERY hesitant to bring up our Lord in conversations, that sooo many people are leery at the mention of Jesus!! It’s sad that folks think you’re trying to “convert” them immediately. Our Lord will use us to subtlety to do his work! Now I look at it as a test of my endurance and faith. To bring up my beliefs in front of people that may laugh at me for “believing in fairy tails” or be out right insulting or rude, is such a tiny price to pay for my salvation!! Just think of the persecution that has been endured in the past, and the persecution to come!! That’s another reason I’m grateful for this site, that we have one another in times of trial and tribulation! Thank you Almighty Father, for this Christian Sisterhood!! That we do your work with blessing and conviction, that we unknowingly touch someone’s life and that brings them to YOU, OUR SAVIOUR!!
    Thank you Jesus, for the immense love you give, that I’m so incredibly Blessed to FEEL and receive!! I’ m just feeling so much right now-wow!! A real light-bulb moment when it all just clicks!!! Thanks Sisters for your insights, and listening to my rambling thoughts… I’m just so Thankful!! :) Have a Blessed Day!!

    • Nance

      Amen I too have been Wowed all day! Thank you for your comments! So thankful for Jesus leading me to this group!

    • KimberlyRae

      i used to be this way… how can I believe in something I can't see, feel, touch, see…. but God kept putting people in my path that shared their beliefs…. then He started showing me Himself….. Granted I got some of it wrong, or well the wrong message in some ways…. but I sat in church with my Christian friend…. still not really sure… I mean I guess I believed in God but didn't follow him…. but on 3 seperate Sundays, sitting in church, words I'd spoke the day before church or before the church service, were repeated in the sermon, almost verbatim, or in one gals testimony…. I just sat there the 3rd Sunday with tears streaming down my face…. my friend wasn't sure what was wrong, then we spoke after church…. __and while even since then, that time in 2009, I've stumbled, I've messed up, I've gotten it wrong…. I've come to believe in something I can't see, feel, touch, etc….. so Ellen MR PLEASE don't stop sharing you never know what seed you may plant that one day sprouts….__so when others ask me now about all this…. I say you know what… I'd rather believe in God and the Bible and be wrong, then NOT believe and be wrong :-)

  • seriously so much goodness today. I really needed this encouragement!!

  • I too am guilty of not being satisfied in God's love. He has blessed me time and time again, but yet I walk away from Him. To want more, to be more, to know more, to do more. I just need to to be still and know he is God.

    To be content in Jesus, is my prayer. Let You be more than enough in my life. I pray that I crave after You. Give me a longing for You, to crave Your word and to know You more. Shew me thy ways, O Lord; teach me thy paths. Lead me in thy truth, and teach me: for thou art God of my salvation; on thee do I wait all day. (Psalms 25:4-5). Amen

    • Crystal

      Missy your line “He has blessed me time and time again, but yet I walk away from Him.” Wow brought me to tears. That is so very true. I’m so blessed and that our Lord every night and most morning for all he has blessed me with and yet I forget so easily. I too long to find that contentment.

  • Ok, Wow, so much to write as I think about today's reading. I am so full of myself all the time! A prayer has been answered and glory be to God. I will try to put into words the prayer answered. I have been struggling with my faith and beliefs and logic and being a know it all at times and oh so disobedient and wanting to do "it" my way. I guess the word submissive to God a good way to describe how I have not been. I can remember wanting to do "it" my way from a very early age. I am the youngest of five and I have just turned 50 and feel 39. The next sibling next to me is turning 58 in about 18 days and it goes up from there. So when reading Gn 3 I was brought back down Again and my struggle was brought to the Light of Jesus Christ and that being my Best Friend has stood by me, listened to my groanings,thoughts, and words about how "I know better" and He would wait for me, call to me gently, and let me fall and would catch me in His loving arms every time and I mean EVERYTIME "I think I know better! "The most excellent news of all is that Jesus will be here for us throughout eternity and His Love is there Everyday for us personally because He knows EVERYTHING about us and He knows what we need, but will never pressure us into anything because Love is patient and Love is kind. And OH SO PATIENT AND OH SO KIND is OUR JESUS to us! My prayer answered is I have a Wonderful Counselor MightyGod,Holy One,Who never let's me go even when I think I am alone in this world struggling and the operative word is "I". Cause when I don't see Jesus first and only me, I struggle and there is no need to struggle just the need to submit to His Love and Jesus will Love us through all our mistakes, all our self righteousness, all our disobedience, and all of our everything's! We matter to God, Jesus, and He sends His Holy Spirit to guide and comfort us. All we need to do is Let Jesus in when he softly appears at the door of our heart,mind,spirit,and soul. Just until recently I felt embarrassed to speak of Jesus in front of anyone for fear of being looked at in a freakish way. I have spoke of Jesus freely now at my workplace this year and Wow Jesus loves me so much! And I am so thankful for all you ladies and being led here to She Reads Truth. I am not embarrassed any more. Wow what a glorious life that lies ahead of me knowing Jesus is my Best Everything!

  • I can say is there’s no way in the world that I would be my own god depending on myself. It will not work and my life and situations in it would completely fail and fall apart. You need guidance a day strength. That’s what we need our Heavenly Father. God bless ladies!

    • martina

      Good morning, LaToya! I laughed out loud when I read your post:) because it's true…there is NO WAY it would work for me to be in charge. The situations and challenges I face are often too complicated/messy for me to untangle. Praise God He knits it all together in His perfect design.

  • Jessica @ PL

    So true!!! Thanks for your persective!

    God bless,
    Jessica @

  • What a great devotion with this passage! It really helped me see how I am an Eve and I had't looked at it that way. I love so much how God's Word is so alive…I mean, I have read this chapter I don't even know how many times and yet today, I read it anew. My eyes have tears of guilt and joy knowing our great, magnificent, creative, patient, loving, forgiving, almighty God hears my repentant voice and sees my heart and forgives me.

  • snipsnsnaps

    I have such a hard time letting go of the need to have complete control of my life, of doing it all perfectly, of trying to be perfect. This passage is a great reminder that only God is God and that only He is Perfect, and knows what is best for me, for all of us.

    • Kayla

      I am the same way! The song "Control" by JJ Heller really opened up my eyes to how I was letting control and perfectionism get in the way of my relationship with God and my peace.

  • Nicholette

    I understand how Eve fell to temptation , because it is the same way I can fall to my everyday temptations, blinded by the worldly things instead of staying focused on the things of God , my prayer is that I learn to keep my eyes on God instead of the worldly temptations in my life .

  • I am so encouraged by this today. Our willingness to sin is hard to understand when we’ve been offered the best of the best in Christ. I think about my own sin and how sometimes I am too lazy to even struggle with it, and it just kind I sits with me, which is suh a shame because it is the very reason Christ died for me! I was praying though this and came to psalm 51:10… Create in me a pure heart, O god, and renew a right spirit within me… Uphold me with a willing spirit.” I want to shout “yes please!” We are not defeated. He has already conquered our willfull sin-filled hearts, we just need His spirit to renew and uphold it! What a relief that he saves us from ourselves.

  • Sorry, didn’t mean to push publish yet. I pray that God will continue to refine me and use my words for his good. Psalms 19:14 : May the wordd of my mouth and the meditations of my heart be pleasing in your sight.

  • mkoentopp

    What a wake up call today.

    Thank goodness God loves me through all my wickedness. I get upset so many times when I want my way. I want it now. Right there and then. I've let myself be the god of my own life. Not sitting back and being quiet waiting to see what God wants for me to do. I want to have the upper hand and have complete control.

    Lord, I let go of the rope. My life is (and has always been) in Your hands.


  • I have found it interesting that in Genesis 2:16 God tells man to not eat of the tree, but when Eve is being questioned by the serpent, she replies in Genesis 3:2 that she has been instructed to not only not eat, but to not touch the tree. How often do we embellish or even gossip to puff ourselves up, and cause harm

  • This was a difficult reading for me. I have always had lots of questions when it comes to this one. Why did God put the tree there and make such a big deal about it, why was it Eve that was the first to eat of the tree, why the test/temptation/evil tree of knowledge if everything was created perfectly and beautifully? I understand the idea of the test of temptation and being obedient, but this is the Garden of Eden, a safe haven, right? I also totally get the lesson here and that this was part of God's plan. I also agree with everyone's comments, especially the one about trying to be our own god, know everything and control everything in our own lives as opposed to letting God direct us. I still just have questions about this passage. Will do some more in depth studying about my "why's" as I think they are a bit more philosophical in their nature.

    • claire

      I can understand your why…here is my perspective. We live with free will- we choose to love, worship and honour God. If we didn’t have this choice we would be like robots who are programmed to love God. Therefore would our praise be meaningful? In the same way Adam and Eve had free will. They were put in this amazing garden, in relationship with God but they had a choice. In order for their relationship to be meaningful they had to choose to listen to God and obey his commands- don’t eat from the tree. Sadly they made the wrong choice, as we often do as well. Luckily that isn’t the end and God still loved them however our relationship was changed forever. I hope that helps (even if only a little bit) x

  • Thanks for all the comments and for sharing your thoughts. I'm new here and it's been awhile since I've been in the Word. I've learned so much already and it's comforting to know that others struggle with the same things I do. Our God is gracious and compassionate and has provided for us in every way. Thank God for his mercy and grace.

  • This is my first time commenting, but I felt compelled to because the devotional and the reading really struck a cord with me. Especially one verse. I was almost as if I had a revelation and suddenly it clicked. I know it's not directly related to the reading, but I really need to share!

    In Gen 3:3, Eve makes a reference to God telling her at they must not eat from the tree or touch it or they will die. Now surely God did not lie to her to keep her from eating, because Adam and Eve certainly do die a spiritual death when the eat from the tree. They are no longer provided all their needs through the Lord God and must fend for themselves. They no longer walk together with God in the safety and orotection of the Garden of Eden all the days of their lives. 

    But truly, our salvation comes when Jesus gives us LIFE through baptism and the forgiveness of sins.

    "Very truly I tell you, whoever hears my word and believes him who sent me has eternal life and will not be judged but has crossed over from death to life. (John 5:24 NIV)

    WE CROSS OVER FROM DEATH TO LIFE! We cross back over out of death into LIFE and we are once again living as Adam and Eve lived in the garden. How amazing is it that through our faith and our love and desire for Jesus, we are able to once again lean on the Lord for all our needs. We are even given the secret of the kingdom of God (Mark 4:11) through out faith in Christ Jesus and the Lord God.

    I may be completely off the mark, but even though this chapter of Genesis is not generally a hope-filled reading, today I found hope in the fact that we are given a new life in Jesus through our faith. And that really speaks to me!

    • Nance

      Oh yes I agree so much! God sees us through Jesus' eyes. We are clothed in white without stain. Jesus has taken the burden of our sin upon Him so we can have new life and life in abundance! I am in love with Jesus Christ and thank God everyday for sacrificing His ONE and ONLY SON to save us from ourselves and our sinful nature! God knows our nature and knows in order for us to be truly whole we must rely on Him for Everything! Thanks for posting Catie!

    • Meredith

      I too have a hard time with this reading. I always feel so burdened that many people have made this passage out as an indication that women are automatically temptresses even though Adam was guilty as well. The comments here have showed me that I must remember that I am just as guilty as Eve.

      Anyway, I liked your comment because it is so true that we have been given new hope through Christ. I wanted to share the last bit of this reading because I thought it matched your point here.

      “You, dear children, are from God and have overcome them, because the one who is in you is greater than the one who is in the world.” 1 John 4:4

      This reminds me that Jesus is within me and all of us ladies, and we don't have to fear the enemy and his deception because God is greater.

  • Oh how I’m so much like Eve!! I have wanted to be independent and in control. Thank goodness I am not because I would screw it all up…and His plan is way better than I can ever imagine. So thankful for this today. Truly blessed me and truly reminds me of how much I NEED Him always in all things—but that I also have to surrender!

  • Natasha Thomas

    Thanks you Lord for the great reminder to submit ourselves to you and the devil will flee. How easy it is to get trapped I his wiles, and the temptation he throws our way. It is when we hide your word in our hearts that we can truly resist that temptation bc we have fully putour trust in you! Thanks you LORD I LOVE YOU!

  • I submit myself to you Lord God. Please help me to resist evil temptation, and to be fulfilled by You alone. I am so very grateful for all of the blessings in my life. All by the grace of God.

  • I agree with the comments made here already. Wow I feel sooo humbled and repentant this morning before my Father God. How I have strayed and messed up just like Eve…how much I can see my sinful state played out the same. Thank you lord for saving me and redeeming me!

    The main portion of scripture that hit me was vs 16b Your desire shall be for your husband, and he shall rule over you. I may not be married yet but I have had relationships and I felt God was showing me the root of my problems. The root and stumbling block is my desire to find a mate (or when in relationship) I get to desire it more than God. I know I faultered and had prayed about this but this has given me the reasons WHY! I don’t intentionally do it and I hate that my focus can be distracted. Lord forgive me, Lord let my heart follow and seek after only you!

    I want God to be my primary reference point. Not the husband he give me! In this time of preparation I thank you Lord for showing me this. Lord I know my value, significance and security comes from you and you alone!!! Lord help me be submissive to you at all times and not try to push ahead in my own independence. Forgive me for times I have struggled against obedience or even the thought of a man ruling over me. Remove the lies of the enemy that have infected this world regarding feminism, remove them from me. And fill me with your love and knowledge of my life as a woman of Christ, willing and a servant heart. To you and future spouse.

  • lisabethjean

    argh! Me too, me too! This the source of my sins, the reason for my discontent:

    "She knew and I know that there is only one God. And we both have everything we could possibly need in Him. But the thought of being in control – of being independent of my need for Him – and calling all of my own shots? Of being the god of my own life? I’m afraid to say I have taken a bite of that same life-condemning fruit. I have been discontent to trust the Lord God in the garden of provisions he has made for me."

    I must relinquish the desire for control of my life — I must decrease, but He must increase.
    Thank you for today's thoughts!

  • Grace, grace, God’s grace. Grace that is greater than ALL my sin. Thank you Lord for your amazing grace that picks me up each time I fall.

  • JoyLeane

    When we allow what we don't/can't have to replace our joy with what we have, we fall prey to Satan's lies. Praying I am fully aware today of all God has blessed me with.

    • Jolene

      Wow,that's an area I have been struggling with. I am so blessed in my own life I certainly don't need to worry about what others have that I don't . I have Christ as my savior and the Certain hope of eternal life with Him! I need to keep my mind set on things above. Thanks for commenting!

  • Reminders from Gen 3
    1. Don't have conversations with the devil.
    2. Don't have unwanted / unnecessary conversations.
    3. Beware of adding my own embellishments to God's word; it can land me in trouble!
    4. God's so amazing & so full of love; even as He declared the punishment, He announced a way out. What a great parenting lesson!
    5. I don't have to fear the attack of the evil one because I have ben given weapons to fight (James 4:7, Eph 6:11, 1 John 4:4)
    6. God loved me enough to create a plan to restore me even before I was created in my mother's womb!

    • Nannette

      Thank you Janet! That was amazing and worth journaling if you don't mind!

      • Janet

        :) Sure, Nannette! That was such an amazing reading this morning that the thoughts / responses just flowed! Glad you were blessed!

    • Vickie

      Such good reminders! Thank you for sharing.

    • sashaa

      Love it Janet… btw I am janet too.. i am journaling it down as well.. it is funny how I always ed up having a conversation with the devil and gave in… learning how not to converse with the devil is so important.. also not to embellish god's words! Well said.

    • nmcgee30

      I really like the point about parenting.. God is such an AWESOME example of how we should treat our own children, and we essentially introduce them to Him by how we parent. Thanks for the insight!

    • Rosa

      Thank you so much for this insight! I'm working on a fresh start for 2014!

  • Caroline

    V.2&3. Starting out so sure of where she stood with God and what his plan was for her and where her boundaries are than she chose to question and be convinced that there was something better…..reminds me too much of me….I today am putting on the full armor of God- going to fight, fight, fight for TRUTH!

  • Oh God am so grateful for your word .Hebrews 4:12 For the word of God is alive and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart. Help me LORD to desire your word as my necessary food.

  • This was so powerful I must admit guilt in wanting to call my own shots in certain situations in life. My prayer is that I learn to depend and trust God fully- no matter what my circumstances look like around me!

  • This has really struck a cord with me. It is so easy to blame Eve, but in reality, God knew it would happen. He had a divine plan and a purpose all along. I constantly need to remind myself to die to my flesh daily and stay focused on Him. A person cannot serve two masters… keeps ringing in my mind. You can't serve God and try and be the god of yourself at the same time. Thank you God for your forgiveness and your grace!!!

    • Melida

      …you can't serve God and try and be the to god of yourself at the same time. That is powerful Natalie. Man cannot serve two masters. Thank you for that perspective.

  • Wow, just wow. I think every time I’ve read that chapter I think “How could Eve do it?” And the simple answer is that I do it too. Had it been I in the garden surely the same thing would have happened, maybe sooner. Each dry I have to surrender to Him. Each day I have to tell myself that He is enough when the world tells me that there is more.

    • hooleywithaz

      i feel like this a lot. i feel like i am always looking for what is missing from my life, when He is always right there. and things will fall into place when He knows i am ready for them. and the lack of people or things or events i feel there are in my life are things that i perceive that i am lacking, not that truly are lacking. just as eve was already created in the image of God, but thought she needed to become more like Him through her own action.

  • KimberlyRae

    How often the human race acts like Adam and Eve… ashamed of what we've done but instead of facing up to it, we hide…. I know in myself that 'hiding' comes in many forms… anger, lashing out, silence, its not just avoidance… what else stuck out to me was when questioned Adam blamed Eve, and Eve blamed the serpent…. how often do we still blame others for OUR choices we make? How often do I blame my past, my childhood, my lot in life???

  • I realized something new when reading today. The enemy tempted Eve with the same desire ‘to be like God’ that got him exiled from heaven. Once she was deceived, mankind was also exiled from his dwelling place. Thank God redemption gave us the second chance to enjoy the presence of God. I see why the enemy resents us so. We were merely dust and God saw fit to redeem us and give us a second chance.

    • Mariana

      Reading your comment brought tears to my eyes… I never thought of it in that way before. "We are merely dust and God saw it fit to redeem us and give us a second chance." Thanks for sharing!

  • Kristina

    Amber, I realized the same thing about my husband. I don’t respect him or encourage him as The Lord would have me do. I love the Lord but I disobey in this area in so many ways. It is effecting my marriage and our relationship. Lord help me to respect and encourage and edify my husband by my words and deeds that he may see You operating through me. Help me to love him the way You love him, Lord. I pray this prayer for you too, Amber. God bless!

    • mkoentopp

      Amber and Kristina,

      I am not married but I do the same thing with my boyfriend, and have caused many many arguements because of it. And then claimed that I was "not wrong". I wanted my own way. And what did it really get me? Nothing but heartache. I have not respected him either as I should. If I want to spend the rest of my life with him, if he is the one God chose for me, then I'm doing a horrible job at it.

      Today was a wake up call. Seriously.

      • Susan

        Amber, Kristina, and Mkowntopp-Have you girls ever read For Women ONly ( i think that is the title) by Shaunti Feldham? That book was an eye-opener for me as far as my husband is concerned and really changed the way I view him. Her research boils down to this very scriptural desire respect and women desire love. If you long for a better marriage, treat your husband with respect, which will lead to him showing you ore of the love you crave. My husband and I have been married for 37 years and it just keeps getting better. I think every woman should read this book!

  • ouch. Independence, the pride of life. Thank you Lord for coming to redeem me! Help me to stay satisfied in you.

    • Nance

      Wow, that word Independence, oh my when I was 18 and thought I knew it all! Thank God He loves me like He does and walks with me all day and is at my side all night protecting me with His Everlasting Love!

  • Desiring to control my husband and being ruled over by him instead stuck out to me when I was reading Gen. 3 this morning. Oh how I fail to give him the respect he deserves and the respect God requires me to give. I realize now where it originates from, and like all my other sins and temptations, how it must be fought with the divine intervention of a Righteous and Holy God!

    • Tsalached

      May god' s grace be yours sis

    • Tsalached

      Revive Our Hearts a radio program hosted by Nancy Leigh Demoss helps many women in this area through the word of God. Got on her website am sure you will find the topic in the archives. Many ladies have testified how her teachings have helped to save their marriage.

      Keep blessed

  • Very convicted over the description of eve walking through paradise, having everything provided for her and then some, then how easily dissastisfied she became as soon as she was tempted. I stumble like that so often, literally walking through my blessings and when i am tempted i seem to forget my blessings all together. Praying Jesus leads me to a better knowledge of where our true satisfaction comes from, a life lived in Him and for Him.

    • Katherine

      This is beautifully said and blesses me this morning! I was thinking earlier today that the only threat to my happiness is my own sin and prayerlessness-praying this is a year of less of the former and more of the latter :)

    • Valerie

      Thank you for pointing this out. I have so much to be thankful for, but when I am tempted, I forget all of those blessings and want what I want when I want it. I do not surrender control to the Lord at those times when I most often should. Praying that I can remember what I've been given by God, and the amazing gift of life he's given me.

  • Philippa

    I’d recently been made aware about how my dissatisfaction with God has caused me to miss what He’s been doing in my life. And reading this post I felt a lot like Eve who was living in paradise yet took it for granted. I am so grateful that He doesn’t get dissatisfied with but loves me lavishly!

  • Autumn Dawn Leader

    “You, dear children, are from God and have overcome them, because the one who is in you is greater than the one who is in the world.” 1 John 4:4

    Thanks be to God that He is greater than depression; His encouragement overwhelms the overwhelming discouragement and despair, the disappointment and all the 'downers' of life. By the grace of God, I WILL overcome! As I meditated further on today's devotion, this song I wrote came to me again:… Thank you, Father, for Your assurance and comfort, for peace that passes ALL understanding!

    Ageless One, I want to spend some time with You
    In Your presence I'm renewed

    You are my Light
    The darkness falls away
    The gloom, the doom
    The game depression plays
    In Your presence I am changed
    You remain

    Ageless One, I want to spend some time with You
    In Your presence I'm renewed

    You are my Rock
    The grains of life, like sand
    The shift and turn of plans
    That overwhelm and mock
    Yet, in Your presence I stand
    Assured, secure, forevermore

    Ageless One
    My Light, My Rock, My Salvation

    You are my Hope
    When despair is all I feel
    In Your presence I will kneel
    You help me to cope

    When I come undone
    You help me overcome
    When I come undone
    You help me overcome

    I'll overcome

    I'll overcome

    • Cathy

      Autumn, your song is beautiful – thank you for your willingness to be transparent this morning. What a wondrous thing that God brings light out of our darkest moments. In Him, none of it is wasted. He uses our trials and our tears to bring us closer to Him, to be a blessing to others, and to bring Glory to Himself. Praying that you find joy in His Presence today, my sister. Thank you for being a blessing to me!

    • Melissa

      Autumn, the lyrics to your song are beautiful and a prayer I will keep in my journal to reflect on in hard days. Thanks for sharing with us. God bless and hope this morning brings new light and joy to you.

  • Autumn Dawn Leader

    When I read this account, I always wonder if Eve had any idea there was an "enemy". At least we are all informed that Satan is at war with us and is always trying to tempt us and trip us up by lying to us – and, we are all aware that he is very crafty about it. Did Eve know that there was a deceiver out there to tempt her to disobey her God? Not that it excuses the disobedience any… but, it's just a question I have.

    I am not feeling very well this morning, very weepy and weary and generally 'blah'. But God! He is rich in mercy, and his grace is sufficient for me. No matter how I am feeling, I will trust God is working, and am thankful for the encouragement and comfort I find in His Word.

    • martina

      You have been blessed with a lovely name, Autumn Dawn! The Lord delights in calling you by name:) May your vulnerability be a new ability to hearing His voice today in a fresh way.

    • TMichelle

      Keep moving forward! Stay faithful to your devotion and He will do a good work in you as you remain obedient!

    • Melida

      Adam and Eve knew there was a tempter. God told them. Just think, if God is telling us today through his word and he told the disciples in the flesh, he told Adam and Eve whom he walked with and talked to daily. Take notice where Satan was. The one place God commanded they not go, eat from. He wasn't roaming freely around the garden. He was in the one place God said was off limites to them. This goes to show us that all God asks is our obidience. He will supply the rest.

  • James 4vs 7. I need Gods grace to enable me resist the devil forever. Especially now we’re into 2013

  • Wow! I never though of it as ‘being the God of me’ when I go my own way, but that’s exactly what it is, isn’t it? May God help me to turn my rebellious nature over to Him.

    • Nance

      I am right there with you. I can think of so many times of wanting to do it my way and it turned out well you know… Now I can see that God's way is the way to Love,Joy, Peace, Prosperity! Wow what a Love we have from our Father in Heaven! I have so much to learn!

    • mazmagi54

      Me, too Abi. In fact, I struggled with that most of my life, even knowing Jesus, trying to shake off that rebellious spirit in me. I had to stop and give pause to those words also "being the god of my own life" and also, thinking I can control or change others. The "guilty" is under the blood of Jesus, because He came to set us free and surrender our control to Him, "not by might, nor by power, but by His Spirit" we must live.

      Yes, Lord, each and every day, may I surrender that desire in me, learn to obey right away and stop trying to control.

      Thanks Abi, for and SRT author for being so honest, after all that is the Truth that sets us free. It's good when our eyes are open to His Truth (better earlier than like me). Amen…as we turn our rebellious nature over to Him!

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