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Text: Genesis 2

Until now, the only name that has been used for God is “God”, or the Hebrew “Elohim”, which means “the God of power”. But in verse 4 of chapter 2, “Lord” or “Jehovah” is added, which means “the God of perfection.”

“The Lord God [Jehovah Elohim] made the earth and the heavens”. He is a God of both power and perfection, Maker of heaven and earth, the Lord of absolute completion.

And you know what I love? When the powerful and perfect God made man, he made something absolutely perfect out of something absolutely plain. He made man and woman, and he made them complete.

He – the great Jehovah Elohim – makes much out of little. He makes extraordinary out of the very, very ordinary. We’re talking dust into man here. And we’re talking you and me into new creations.

Yes, Adam is a perfect example of nothing to something, but he’s not the only one! Flip your Bibles to Ezekiel 37:1-14 and read – you’ll find God breathing the same breath of life into another unlikely subject there!

The Lord God takes the most basic thing of all – the dust of the earth – and he transforms it with the breath of his mouth and the touch of his glory and he makes it after His own image. Perfect. Complete.

Sisters, do you feel dry today? Do you feel ordinary, outcast, or rejected? Do you know that the same Lord God of power and perfection who breathed life into Adam and into that pile of dry bones can breathe new life into you? Do you know that this same God seeks out the despised and small and it is they that he chooses? It is they that He will exalt.

And he will make them – he will make you – perfect. Complete.

“Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come:The old has gone, the new is here!” 1 Cor 5:17



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