Fresh Start 2013: Day

The breath of life


Today's Text: Genesis 2

Text: Genesis 2

Until now, the only name that has been used for God is “God”, or the Hebrew “Elohim”, which means “the God of power”. But in verse 4 of chapter 2, “Lord” or “Jehovah” is added, which means “the God of perfection.”

“The Lord God [Jehovah Elohim] made the earth and the heavens”. He is a God of both power and perfection, Maker of heaven and earth, the Lord of absolute completion.

And you know what I love? When the powerful and perfect God made man, he made something absolutely perfect out of something absolutely plain. He made man and woman, and he made them complete.

He – the great Jehovah Elohim – makes much out of little. He makes extraordinary out of the very, very ordinary. We’re talking dust into man here. And we’re talking you and me into new creations.

Yes, Adam is a perfect example of nothing to something, but he’s not the only one! Flip your Bibles to Ezekiel 37:1-14 and read – you’ll find God breathing the same breath of life into another unlikely subject there!

The Lord God takes the most basic thing of all – the dust of the earth – and he transforms it with the breath of his mouth and the touch of his glory and he makes it after His own image. Perfect. Complete.

Sisters, do you feel dry today? Do you feel ordinary, outcast, or rejected? Do you know that the same Lord God of power and perfection who breathed life into Adam and into that pile of dry bones can breathe new life into you? Do you know that this same God seeks out the despised and small and it is they that he chooses? It is they that He will exalt.

And he will make them – he will make you – perfect. Complete.

“Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come:The old has gone, the new is here!” 1 Cor 5:17


  • Ajah I am praying for you! Its one day at a time trusting and believing that the life you have now will be better than before.

  • imperfectlyimperfect

    God is good! I am praying for that renewal in my life. I love what someone said about the fact that God “spoke” everything I into existence, except man who he formed from the earth & breathed life into. We are all so special! I forget that sometimes & feel sorry for myself & situation, but I remind myself that God had placed me where I’m supposed to be. My experiences happen for a reason, & I may never see the big picture, but I must have faith in the plan HE has for me.

  • Ajah Grays

    A few days ago my husband if 6 years left me, we married young and he feels as though he wants to be single. I’m still in love with him and everyday I cry to myself just to get through the day we have two kids and every time I have to see him I become weak, and I break down. I have now chosen to place my weakness in the hands of God and I pray for his strength to help my children and I to transition through this as strong as possible. I pray that this bible plan will help me in the right direction of a new life. This scripture
    Really touched me today it was exactly what I needed to sleep tonight. Any one reading this please pray for me. “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come:The old has gone, the new is here!” 2 Cor 5:17

  • Joanne Sher

    Amazing what God can do with tiny, insignificant things. Sometime I need the reminder that I am insignificant without Him, and sometimes the reminder that He can use my paltry offerings. This reminded me of both. Thank you!

  • Jessiemegan

    I liked the reading this morning and being reminded that God can make something of nothing and that He breathes renewing life and strength into us when we turn o Him.
    I was a little confused though by the story in Ezekiel because here God resurrects an army from bones. I have always been told Jesus Christ was the only One to be resurrected. Obviously this passage was overlooked when I was told this. I want to know what the purpose was for God to resurrect that army. Was it a promise he had made to prove to these people that He is powerful ? And what happened after? Did they live out their lives or do we not know? Just curious… It's interesting

  • It is overwhelming to realize that God can and WANTS to use me- each of us, according to His purpose. Makes my every day complaints fade away and honk of myself in a different light.

  • Excellent Devotion.. . I thank GOD for the new me.. hes using me.. when I thought I was nothing.. he showed me greater is he that lives in me then he that’s in the world.

  • I too am starting fresh today. At 56, I find myself living alone, far away from family & a church that I love.. Although I’ m attending church & some Christian groups it is a struggle to feel like I’ m part of a loving community. However, I know that God can deliver me out of the sadness & lonely wilderness & I will embrace anything that He sends my way. Today is a new day! Thank you, Jesus!

  • Shannon Leger

    I am starting fresh today!

  • PamelaLee

    Fresh starts can be needed at any point in one's life. I too often see myself as simply dust. But I am so much more than that for God has breathed HIS breath – His Spirit – into me. As others have stated, I am made new. Thank you, Jesus!

  • God can make the most extraordinary out of the most ordinary. How freaking cool is that?!?! It means that He can take somebody like me and fulfill a divine purpose that He has for me. Sometimes I feel ordinary, less-than-worthy, and I struggle a lot with self-esteem at times. However, it is so beautiful that we have a God who not only loves us for who we are, but that we can be made EXTRAORDINARY for His good. So amazing.

  • Marrissia

    Thankful that God doesn’t see me as I see myself !

  • UNextraordinary. What do I have to offer…but god made astounding. Something that out of all creation made Adam and god say wow!

  • I saw two things reading…maybe just fyi…but Adam named woman and when he saw her he said finally. Now that can be taken with a sense of humor but also with a sense of wonder. Adam had seen everything on earth and nothing was suitable For him. But it was almost like god set it up. He said beforehand that man was not enough he needed something more. So he brought all the animals???? Knowing the little I know about god I would hardly believe he expected Adam to pick from the animals. It was a set up. When Adam saw woman he said finally! In awe wonder and I’m sure completion. I guess I liked that because like a lot of other women here I get caught up in this feeling of feeling extraordinary.

  • Lord, breathe new life into me, make me new and help me to appreciate and be thankful for the gifts you have given me. Please breathe new life into my marriage, help us to reconnect and refocus on You. Help us to rebuild our marriage just like you rebuilt the army that Ezekiel prophesied over. In Your holy and living name, amen.

  • This is beautiful. Sometimes I do feel rejected and feel like I am not extraordinary but the truth is I am and that with this new walk in christ I feel freedom and compassion bit fear at the same rime. That god xould take it away at any moment. Whwn you feel less just imagine that god is beeathing it in to you and u will feel alive and relief. You have a purpose.

  • Deanna4 Christ

    Dealing with bipolar and depression can make u feel like ur not normal but guess what I am normal bc God made me and he makes no mistakes!!! Please pray for me to keep the faith and to know I will be okay

  • I was struggling with depression while trying, unsuccessfully, to conceive a baby. It was during that time that I felt called to God. I was feeling lifeless, useless and like I was lacking purpose in this world. The Lord took my pile of bones and breathed life into them. He gave me my fresh start.

  • Monica Kelly

    God is absolutely wonderful, He never ceases to amaze me. He is the restorer of the breach, He breathes life into dead things, and makes ALL things new.

  • Lamonita

    Create in me a clean heart- pure like when when you breathed life into dust. My attempts to be pure are selfish and motivated by desires to look a certain way to my peers. Help me to stay focused of you and to keep Godliness my motivation for purity. Amen.

  • It’s funny how low we can feel about ourselves however after we read these verses and know that God has made is in his image, WOW, what an honor!! Thank you God for everything you do!

  • Gabrielle

    It’s amazing to serve a God who is faithful and make much out of little!! I see that and know that when I’m down and I’m worried about all sorts of things in my life, I have a God that I serve that will pull me out of that dry place and give me breath!!!!! I love him so!

  • As women it is so hard for us to truly believe that we are something special. It’s so funny because you can take the most simple man and he will have high self esteem but a woman who has it all together still feel inadequate at times. Being a child of the King makes me smile and I just have to continue telling myself I was made for so much more than this. I am a child of the most high King and not a person on this earth can take that away from me. Ladies lets always continue to press forward and continue to learn and believe that we are more than what we will ever know!!!! God Bless

  • Crazy to know we were made from dust! You learn something new everyday!

  • christina

    God you are the same yesterday, today and foreverver. Your creative and restoring power is amazing. You make flesh out of dirt… something of substance out of the ordinary and cast-aside, something useful out of death. You ARE the resurrection and the life.

    Breath your life into the dead and lifeless parts of my life and being. I prophesy to myself…you WILL stand up and live well. You WILL breathe

    You know the amazing thing is that the power that raised Christ from the dead lives in me- the same power that calls those things that are not as though they are.

    I speak life, health and wholeness to my flesh

  • Today is my first day to a new begin. I give thanks to God for leading me to this site for I was asking Him for help on how to start over and become whole as a woman n as a mother. I knew I needed a change in my life because although I believe n have faith in my God I wasn't exactly living up to the part. So again I'm thankful for Him leading me here to be able to see I'm not alone in this journey. God bless n pray for me.

  • Kimpossible

    I think it’s amazing and refreshing that God can breathe life into us. I know that for myself as of recent I needed some life breathed into me because I felt like I was going I circles. Like less going no where in my walk with Him. I had not realized that i was carrying so much deadweight until He opened my eyes and heart to the sin of heaviness and how it was truly destroying my life spiritually, mentally, relationally, and emotionally. Thankful God saw fit to give me the second wind I needed.

  • The Lord is awesome and All powerful! Reading sonríes such as the dry bones dices me hope that he can and will revive/ renew me and His relationship no matter that I have done. All things are made posibles through Christ

  • @Kay… God created you for purpose.. You are his creation.. He wants to show you his love and he wants you to know he loves you.. You don’t have to live and fell insecure.. He says draw close to me and renew your mind.. I would recommend power thoughts by Joyce Meyer.. Or even watch online.. The enemy try’s to deceive our minds into thinking we are not good enough.. But God says I see beauty and they are renewed by me.. They are my daughters and I have good plans for them.. Read the promises in the book of Jer. I will pray!

  • @SummerB423 God is good!! Keep praying for your husband.. I would highly recommend the book the power of praying wives by stormie Omartian.. It has changed my way of praying for my husband and our marriage.. 2day is our 2 yr anniversary and we have had many struggles and challenges throughout.. We tithe 2 full years and God has blessed us so much in our finances.. I pray God stirs your heart and puts a passion in it to get excited about him again and revels things to you, I also pray he gives you wisdom to deal with the challenges this week and through the year, God can fully restore your marriage to healthy successful one..Faith over Fear.. Pray and seek God! God loves you to much to let you live with only hopes.. He wants to change your life

  • Wow.. I’m just starting this Devotional.. I’m excited.. Reading all of you post really spoke to me and gave me hope and encouragement.. I seen that some of you are stay at home moms as well.. We are the teachers to our babies, they watch and see all that we do.. So I’m so glad I found this.. Gods word is alive! God bless everyone!

  • SummerB423

    Hum I have gone to church my whole life and to be honest its been over 6 months since I have been. Its hard to get back into church after so long and I never really read the bible regularly. I am saved just not devout. I know I need to be. I am married and struggling financially not sure if we can even get my husband to work tommorrow and this is the first job he has had since we have been married which is going on two years. I beg you please pray for me for I am the spiritual leader in my household, my husband because he needs to find his way back to God, my marriage for it is rocky, and our finances. Thank you and God Bless!

  • I am so grateful to have found this devotional. Please just know I am very thankful for it and very grateful to be able to go thru it with all you wonderful women :)

  • These days ive been so dry and so lost ib faith that i cant even grab a whole of the fact that he can and he will make me new. I just pray for that touch of God,where he simply just renews me…gives me that fresh start so i can experience his joy,peace and most of all his love again.
    And Shell i can totally relate…
    I accepted christ into my life almost 8 years ago and never really felt a change in my life. It now leaves me as a insecure christian. Not really knowing where i stand with Christ. I pray that both you and i can get through this with the guidance and leading of God so that we can tap into our new selves. That we can finally see ourselves the way Christ sees us.
    New. Perfect. Complete.
    Ps: someone pray for me please..i need it :)

  • I once felt like that, I have been in Christ for my whole life, but I dont feel the fire.. I went to some revival night and that night my life change.. God renewed my “first love”.. I was too busy with my daily life things that I do not notice that he’s there waiting for me.. I do not spend enough time daily with him.. but he still accepts me for who I am and not even butt in with the past mistakes.. ask God to renew your 1st love :)

  • I really need help understanding this “new creation” thing. I still feel gross and yucky and small and I’ve been a saved Christian for almost 4 years. I don’t feel new…I act new /different but then why hasn’t my quality in life improved if God has this great plan for me?

  • I love both readings …. Making something living breathing out of nothing! God did it for Adam & Eve in the beginning and breathed the same breath into us. So that we may give life to dead things. That we may start anew something forgotten and meaningless! This makes feel bold in my God! He gave his power to do his will!

  • J. Scott

    The scriptures in Ezekiel really convicted me. Not only have I been able to answer yes to those questions asked, but I’mcurrently living in a city requiring release from captivity. So glad for the guarantee of new life through Christ! #wonthedoit

  • So true, it’s like I find myself comparing my lives with others, wishing I were more exciting, my life wasn’t so dry, so plain because everyone else seems to be having fun, when all along I have the best of them all. One filled with Jesus Christ!

  • Dear God, my life is nothing without you and only you can make it into something perfect and complete. I need you in my life, as we all do.

  • God can breathe life (hope, rebirth, renewed) into a seemingly dead situation. That Bone yard of a marriage or relationship, that job that’s going nowhere, those children who are lost, the hopelessness of the situation….god says speak life to it in His name and those bones will be renewed. Speak life in the name of the Almighty and then All will know that He is God- the only One who can raise any thing from the dead!

  • Lashonda

    I need a group of Godly people to help me get back on track with my God. I want to live how my God want me 2 live happy more appreciative thankful just full of The Lord Great all mighty thanks for this from the bottom of heart

  • Lashonda

    Amen father God.

  • It still is crazy to me how The Lord God can just simply do wonderfully and amazing things. The fact that He gave spirits to dust makes menthinknto myself what can He do for me when I decide to meet Him halfway. There is so much He has planned for me, just me, God's creation. How lucky am I to be His.

  • jharvey2013

    On day 2, I'm still in awe of Genesis 1:1. How many times have I read that verse, quoted that verse and missed out on "God's spirit hovering over the waters." I picture this in my mind, the beauty and sound of this movement over the waters. This rustling in the beginning of time, God's spirit continues to hover over, around and through us.
    God creates the world out of nothing. As for man, I can see Him gently taking a handful soil into his hand. From all of his creation he chooses to collect dry dust from the ground. Some slips through is fingers as he begins to mold me in his image. My Father becomes a master potter and breathes life into his creation. In the image of God I am created. I choose to carry his presence in my life. My body is his home.
    Gn 2:25 When naked…i feel shame. lol.

  • It’s fascinating how God takes nothing and makes it into something. When I’m feeling dry spiritually I can count on God word to refresh my soul.

  • I'm going through a breakup and just last night, I was getting so frustrated with myself saying, 'Lord, it's been months, I don't want to feel like this any more'. I love that the God of perfection, of completion will restore me completely….but I also need to go through the process.

    • Tiffany

      I too am going through a breakup and I have the same feelings so I'm with you. We can pray for each other :)

  • Dana Herrington

    Lord thank you for loving me even when I didn’t love myself. Father help me to clean my life up and become the woman you desire for me to be.

  • This reading reminds me that God created so much out of so little, almost nothing. There are many days that I feel completely worthless and empty, but I do not call on God to breathe some life into me. I sit and feel sorry for myself and tell myself I have nothing to give. On those days, I'll remember this, and Ezekiel 37:1-14. Out of nothing, God gave life. Through Him, we all have something to give as well, even when we feel we don't. I pray that we all remember these gifts on those days we feel empty or dry. May God breathe new life into us, and may we open our hearts to it!

  • Breath of Life = God. God created meus and gave us life to be extraordinary! Lord, God breath into my life so that my faith is strengthen with your words your love for you created me.

  • I have felt so lost, dry, alone and empty. What great news that God uses those kinds of people for His great purpose. Maybe being “dry” is a blessing because it can only bring me closer to my God. God loves us just where we are, and He loves us so much that He won’t let us stay there… Prayers are welcomed :)

  • Anonymous

    The verse is 2 Corinthians 5:17, not 1 Corinthains. Not trying to be a downer cause i defonitely need God to breath fresh life into these dry bones. Just figured you may want to edit it on the post. Thanks for this encouraging reading plan.

  • Hello, I am new and really glad I joined. I use to be close to God but due to bad choices I feel so far. I am desperately seeking him and I know by joining I will get closer! It has already been an awesome start and I am really excited about this endless journey full of love, peace and many more!

  • Ezekiel 37:1-12 really touched me. I praying that God can breathe new life into me, I wanted to revive my spiritual life.

  • ShantaeDenay

    I started this devotional late (I’m only on day two) and already I am so encouraged by all you mighty and wonderful women of God. I have been made new!! I needed this push to keep going in my walk with the Father, I pray all you beautiful women have a blessed day!!

  • i have been blessed by todays devotion.i know the good Lord is speaking hope and restoration into every dry situation in our lives…greater glories ahead…aaaaaaarrrgggghhhhh i feel it in my bones…Haaalelujaaah!!!

  • Michelle

    Father create a clean heart in me. Prepare me to live like these dry bones!

  • I am very thankful that God took time to make so many somethings from nothing. I am facing many trials and learning to have patience for God has a plan for my life. I am very glad I have him to lean on.

  • Today I read day two and God is so mighty and powerful and his creations are perfect because of who he is. Lord help me to walk in who you created me to be and live out my purpose according to you will. I have to confess that I often get caught up in self. I don't desire to be that person. Deliver me Lord so that I may be that perfect creation.

  • Amanda Medlin

    The same God that breathed life into Adam and those dry bones can breathe new life into me!

    I have felt dry and weary as of late, and I am praying that the Spirit will breathe new life into me once again for this new year, new chapter, and new season.

    Thank you for this! It was much needed!

  • Everyone!

  • Thanks so much every for sharing your thoughts, your prayers, the videos, the verses! What a treasure all of you are! Sueso

  • Disappointment

    Dry bones is my life. Work home and marriage Depression is consealed from most I need a miracle in my life. Working To bring in the family income is beginning to take its toll

    • Vickie

      You and your family are in my prayers. God will bring you through this hard time He will fight for you, rest in him.

  • You know before I read my nightly reading I was feeling down and out but one thing I know is god is good and he will always lift us up when we our down. It’s amazing how one person testimony can feel like its talking to you and I just wanted to say how blessed I am and pray for each one of you tonight that god will guide you and help you in your darkest hour amen

  • Lord make me over…
    Help me especially as I parent our two kids to be as Christ to them, every hour of every day…

  • Mary in New Mexico (Miriam)

    thanks for sharing the video “He makes beautiful things” It was a blessing and so true.

  • Mary in New Mexico (Miriam)

    God (Adonai) is our Transformer.Any time we call on Him for help and direction. Jeremiah 33:1-3. He is so faithful. Jesus (Yeshua) loves you so much.

  • I pray that God uses me to make a difference in this world. I really want to make a difference and move mountains. I truly believe that God created me to be extraordinary not ordinary. So I want to do BIG, AMAZING, things! I believe the same for you women to. We just need to continue to trust him.. :-)

  • joaniewright

    As I read about the Lord God, Elohim Jehovah, I was suddenly struck with praise as tears filled my eyes knowing that God made me complete and perfect despite how small and insignificant I feel. I thank God that He is the God of perfection and completeness and that through Him, I am renewed each day. Please breathe onto these dry bones dear Lord for I long to feel the life and vitality you willed for us.

  • Sarah Longing

    I read the Ezekiel passage out of the ESV and then out of the Message. I loved this line from the Message:
    "I'm bringing breath of life to you and you'll come alive and realize that I am God." What a prayer for this new year. Lord, bring fresh breath to us, make us more alive in You than we've ever been. Cause us to see a whole new perspective of your God-ness.

  • I love learning and hearing about the Lords names and the Greek version of them. I think it’s super encouraging to know that God takes an can take nothin and turn it into “beautiful things”…reminds me of that Gungor song!

  • TMichelle

    I found myself getting behind in my reading and devotion as I tended to other things. This morning I chose to "catch up" and this passage was right on time. I too felt dead spiritually. I felt that I was going through the motions. Ezekiel is a very familiar passage and reminded me of God's work in me. It confirmed that these dry bones can and will live. No matter my emotions God can do a new work and breathe life in areas that I feel are dead. I pray daily that as I draw closer to Him, He will revive and renew my passion for His word and relationship.

  • Loved the devotional and reading today! A beautiful reminder of how precious and amazing life is. We are made in HIS image out of dirt and carry HIS breath of life in us! May we never cease to lose wonder over this.

    And as I scrolled through the comments today, I hope you are continuing to be encouraged. This devo also reminded me of a song ‘Bones’ by Hillsong. Here’s a link that will hopefully work. My fave lyric from this song is this:

    ‘As I stand and sing, you’re breaking the chains off me’

    I hope and pray that however dry you feel, that you will always have a song to sing.

  • Not only did God create something out of nothing but He made what is known as the human body out of the dust of the Earth. Even when things appear to have no life in them as in “the valley of dry bones” in Ezekiel, God always sees deeper than what is apparent to the ordinary eye.

  • EXACTLY what I needed to read yesterday

  • Rejoicing in the new breath my Lord has breathed into me today. His mercies are new every morning!

  • Craftyfinds

    Today's devotional gives me a gentle reminder of the need to submit to my husband. God told Adam that he could eat from any tree in the garden except from the tree of good and evil. God instructed Adam of this. I pray that as me and my husband continue in this walk and both seek to do the will of God that we do not get in each others way. I pray that we allow God to use us as he sees fit, and to continue to support and encourage each other.

  • Elizabeth

    Oh how we need Him to breath his life into us. This world is beyond dry, sick, and twisted. Lord help me to receive your breath of life everyday!! For you are the wellspring of life.

  • I so needed this one. We had an absolutely terrible 2012, and 2013 NEEDS to be better. I need a fresh breath of life in me right now and prayed for this very same thing yesterday. No more bitterness, anger, resentment, cynicism… just time to move on and let His breath fill me up.

  • rebecca dunham

    Good morning ladies, yesterday was a hard day but today after i read this i feel like i can do this i can make it through this tough patch and make it better for me and my daughter.No matter how hard her dad makes it on me i will do this for us and i will not stop my walk with GOD…GOD made a miracle when he gave me her and it is my duty to give her the best life possible….

    Here is a link hope it works

  • This reminds me of a powerful song, if any of you get a chance please give it a listen! It’s, “beautiful things” by Gungor. It will enlighten and touch you!

  • Tsalached

    Wow powerful! Last year this time I was seriously emotionally detached, dry as those ones in the valley. I remembered the day the first wind of life came it hit me , I said Jesus and fell to my knees in prayer. As 2012 carried on more life came to me in various forms of winds. He really makes all things beautiful in its time.

  • How awesome to know that each new day, we are made new and get a brand new chance to do better than we did yesterday for our Lord, the Powerful and Mighty God! Thank You, Lord, for showing us that we are new every morning, and You love us enough to make us new in You! Amen!

  • Oh dear God, please complete me! Please wash away my sins, and help me to live the rich, full, joyful life you have planned for me.

  • So, I pondered this all day long yesterday. I also spent a good part of the day connecting some students with a zombie book.

    Ironically, the 2 are connected in my mind.

  • rejoice84

    good afternoon. I just finished reading the 2nd day of the she reads truth : fresh start and am so blessed. When the author asks , "do you feel dejected, an outcast"I can relate. I am staying in a different city from where i grew up and its been two years now. But I have managed to make only one friend. being my fiance, at work I do not have very close relations same applies to church. at first that was bothering me but now i know that God can breath life in my relationships so instead of feeling rejected and an outcast. I have God by my side and who can be againts me

  • God had the perfect plan in mind. He knew each and every one would fall at some point so he made us from dust to ascertain our resilience. Have you noticed how often we have to dust, and it just keeps coming back. Thank you God for making me resilient, for it is to you I will always run.

  • Kendolyn

    He created us from dust…and breathed Life into our nostrils..whew! That’s so amazing and awesome! We were created in His image…that is easy to forget but we must remember God didn’t make any mistakes when He created us and I love Him for that! This devotional is awesome so far! Much needed for me!

  • Just like many people – today's reading on Ezekiel reminded of this God's tube video – ….. Last year I felt just like these dry bones… After my ex ended our 3-year long relationship, I felt the my life and soul are being sucked out of me… I was devastated and angry.. couldn't understand why he could do such things and why this happened to me. After all, I thought this time, this round, this is it. I have found my life partner the one whom I will spend the rest of my life with… I turned to God's Word, Spirit and Love.. and to Jesus.. whose unconditional love, hold on to us steadfastly… and he never lets us go… I am grateful and thank you Lord for bringing me back to life from these dry bones…

  • This is my second day of taking part in She Reads Truth and once again this post was exactly what I needed. I have been feeling lost lately and discouraged about negativity around me. I need to remember that the only judge of me is him. I know he has a plan for me and I just need to trust in that.

  • I love that God has been creating something out of little or nothing since “in the beginning.”

  • What a wonderful start to the year!! So excited to be doing this study with you all! :)) after the study today about God turning dust into a new creation I was journaling and listening to pandora and this lovely song by Gungor called beautiful things. And it is basically an echo of our study today!! I'm too blessed already and it's only day two!!!

  • Ezekiel 37:1-14 was also on my plan today, I would encourage you all to read those verses and watch this video from Passion 2013. Louie Giglio's talk that he gives in this session 1 video goes right along with those verses. Amazing how God works in the moments when you pursue him. Completely connected everything I was learning about him through this plan and His plan! Check it out!!

  • God is AMAZING :-)
    “The same God that gave those dried up bones life, is the same God that can breathe new life into you”
    Sometimes days get hard, & you may feel like a bag of dry bones but keep the faith & remember God is perfect & able to breathe new life into you!

  • God you are so amazing am in awe of you LORD!!!!!!

  • The same Lord God of power and perfection who breathed life and breath into Adam and into that pile of dry bones can breathe new life into you and me. What an encouraging word! So often I feel like a pile of dried up bones and am convinced I'm hopeless. It is so freeing to remember that we have a powerful and perfect God who loves us and has made us new in Him. We need to declare this truth! Praise Him! He is the Spirit of life!

  • Hi ladies,

    Loved all the comments! Praying for all requests! I love the thought about speaking God’s Word into the dry bones. Praise God, right now, I feel closer to Him than ever before. I so treasure my time with Him each morning. But I so have felt that dry feeling. You know, one post made me realize this can refer to the physical too. I have so many health problems, but God can take care of those, too, if he chooses! Also, I just started a blog on WordPress, so if any of you want to follow meif you have it, feel free:

  • Christine

    Here I am at the start of 2013. The year opens out in front of me, yet only the Father knows what is in store. I can be at peace knowing that the sovereign Lord is breathing life into each day,loving, forgiving and guiding me each step of the way.

  • sigourney

    I loved the reading for today. Please pray for my strength in coming out of a bad relationship and a very dark place. Please pray that God brings peace and happiness over Me and my child’s life. Thank you

    • martina

      Sigourney, may the light of Christ-He is the Light of the world-chase your darkness away and fill you with extraordinary peace.

  • DammyStarr

    Thank you for this devotional! I am happy that God of perfection and completeness is not done with me yet. 2012 ends with me feeling inadequate and out of touch with God, I thank God that I can speak to those areas of my life and the Breath of God will make me whole again. God bless you sisters and do have a great year!

  • Ellen MR

    , It is sooo hard for me to believe the old is gone, and the new is here! When so much is habit that needs to change plus deep soul searching that actually impacts your character, to be truly made “new”, is overwhelming!! I WANT to be new, but with 4 kids (ages 20, boy/girl twins 12yrs old, and a 6 yr old) the absolute chaos seems to interfere with the changes I’m trying to make…I know it won’t happen overnight, but I’m sincerely rededicating myself to our Lord Jehovah. He is absolute perfection, which I’m absolutely NOT! I need to truly believe that He loves ME and that He will help me to make these changes! I so long to be a strong Christian woman, that reflects God’s goodness and love to those around me!
    My 12yr old son has been diagnosed with Aspergers and has enormous needs/issues that is consuming my time and attention. While I desire to be supportive of him, my other children need me also! We all are making changes to help him, and I’m doing my best to get him the help he needs. Please pray for my family during this time of transition! I’m praying for strength, stability and that we ALL be made new!
    Reading SRT and all your comments is the highlight of my day! This is when and where I feel the Holy Spirit at work in me. Where I draw strength and hope that I too, will be made new!
    Thank you Jesus for loving me- I don’t deserve it , yet here you are with open arms…THANK YOU !!!!

  • Lani Cook



  • Lani Cook

    Day #2!!! This devo spoke to me heaps! I needed to hear these verses and the devotional from the authors! Im so thirsty and hungry for God! So dry and empty…more like numb. Ive allowed myself to become paralyzed by fear and depression! Im so desperate to have new life breathed into me!

    • Nance

      Pray: Jesus thank You for your peaceful presence! Whisper His name lovingly all day long no matter how you are feeling! He will rescue you!

  • Provs31gal

    God is awesome!!!! Lord I ask that you shape me and mold me into the woman of God that you want me to be. Thank you for your grace and mercy daily!!!

  • Amen sisters! I thank God for giving us life and to allow us to praise and worship Him! We were created to worship Him.

  • Meredith

    This devotional is a great idea. I am 19 and in college, but I don’t have a group to do bible study with at the moment. I also love that I can hear from women of all ages.

    Anyway, this reading reminds me of a recent revelation I had in a class about the power of God to create and act and DO with just His words. He created the earth and all of us by speaking and His Son is the Word made flesh. The bible also tells us that we have the power to accomplish things with our words. Today I’m taking away from this that through our Lord, we have the power to accomplish what He has planned for us.

  • I love reading through all of these comments – such a comfort. To hear so many women facing some of the same challenges that I face helps me realize that I am not alone; of course, this study also reminds me that I am never, ever alone. God is with me always and its up to me as to how much I let him in. Today, I am going to try and notice the every day things that I usually take for granted – my daughter's laughter, my health, the sun shining, the sweet nuzzle I'll get from my dogs when I come home – all those simple things are so beautiful, they are small miracles that I want to notice and take joy in more often.

    • martina

      I loved your comments:) I will join you in noticing more and taking joy in what I notice! My new year's prayer is this: "In me, Lord Christ, let there be joy! " It occurs to me that part of how God might answer that prayer is stirring me up to take notice… let s both do it, in Jesus' name.

      • Nance

        I will join you in noticing God's remindings of all the beauty that surrounds us in the small joys in life!

  • cassidyrobinson

    Thankful for this devotional study! As a new mom, sometimes it can seem impossible to sit down with my journal, pen and bible in my favorite “organized” way. I needed something like this – that I can access on my phone. While nursing, rocking or holding my baby. I am so grateful for the reminder that God can give purpose to the plain. Thank you Jesus for that!

  • This lesson is a great reminder of how The Lord has already perfected us, even when we feel inadequate or incomplete! This reminds me of the scripture Ps 86:11 so that my heart will line up with what God has already done.
    Teach me Your way, O Lord, that I may walk and live in Your truth; direct and unite my heart [solely, reverently] to fear and honor Your name. (Psalm 86:11 AMP)

  • What a blessing am I finding here. I love knowing that our Lord God is perfect power and yet made and shaped us, making ordinary into extraordinary. Breathe in us, on us & surrounding us with your power and perfection , Lord God almighty. Amen.

  • Good Morning! This is my first time here and following a study with you girls and I’m super excited for it and in need of starting fresh and I know the best way to start that is by being in His word daily. The entire time I read yesterday and today’s passages I kept hearing the Gungor song Beautiful Things playing…
    you make beautiful things
    you make beautiful things out of dust
    you make beautiful things
    you make beautiful things out of us
    Anyhow, it’s day 2 and they have both been blessings for me and helped direct my days and refocus me on Him. Which is right where I need to be. I was blessed today in the devotional by the passage of 1 Cor 5:17… “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old is gone, the new is here!” I dont know about you, but I dont hold on tight to this like I should. I find that I listen to the enemy’s lies about me more often then I stand strong on the fact that I belong to God and I have been made new and am forgiven. And that He knows all of me, and all my plans even the ones I don’t know, He can see the entire path and where I end, and He loves me through it all. One of the things I had decided to focus on in the new year is just that, the truth of God’s love for me and being able to view me through His eyes, not my own and definitely not the lies of the enemy. That is my hope and prayer. Im so happy for She Reads Truth and the fact that I’m finally joining in on a study. I hope you all have a wonderful day.

    • Nance

      Praise God all day long and Thank Him for His peaceful Presence regardless of your feelings! He will rescue you from the lies of the enemy!

  • I think what may be just as important as remembering, knowing, & believing that God made us beautifully & wonderfully- definitely not simply…! Is that we are called to breathe life into others… When we are in plenty & when we are dry. God calls us too!!!! “Breathe life into this valley of dry bones.” As I look around me I see a huge valley of dry bones that need to hear Truth from The Lord. In Jeremiah 20:11 it says “Your Word is a fire in my heart; a fire shut up in my bones- I am weary of holding it in, indeed I cannot.” I pray that His Word would be burning within us so we can speak Truth to our neighbors! As we receive Truth from the Word and this Devo we need to encourage others to pursue a fresh start in their lives!!!!

  • Natasha Thomas

    Hey Ladies , Today spoke to me in an amazing way. I had to just stop reading, and thanks the Lord for using us as vessels. In the scripture here he told this person to do something( not in their own powered in his) The same instructions he gives us” Do it and I will take care of the rest. We just have to be willing sacrifices! The fact alone that he uses us to further the ministry makes me feel incredibly special:) His power, and perfection is all we have to rely on Thanks you Lord! Have a blessed day ladies!!

  • Teach0306

    I love knowing that no matter where I am at God can change me. God's power and perfection inspires me.

  • In love the passage from Ezekiel and have prayed it often for my daughter. She ran away from home at 16 and is currently living a homosexual lifestyle. So, obviously Im still praying! Still standing on His promises and knowing he is a God if power, of miracles and Able to make all things new! He is my hope and my strength!

    • Emily

      Brandi, my daughter too. So glad you said it the way I was taught to say it. "My daughter lives a gay lifestyle" is my phrase. I refuse to say she is gay as that is giving into what the enemy wants. Our son died two years ago, and I know it was partly to bring her back. It's on it's way as we three left behind have made great strides. Nice to know someone else has faith that they will come back. Yea God !!!!!

    • Sueso

      I have a grandson exploring that lifestyle too. He comes from good Christian family but it seems to be rather a "fad" in school these days. I pray for his protection and his faith…these are the things that make us prayer, God is good all the time!

  • My prayer this morning is for the Lord to make me strong again, for I had allowed this beast of depression and anxiety to take over. Lord, I truly believe now that these old bones can live. Though these last few months have been difficult, I see that it was only to bring me back you this moment again where I confess that you are sovereign and you are the creater, oh Lord I want so passionately to be made whole again. Please stand with me so that I can be a better daughter, mother, sister, and friend; so that I only speak of your love and live more like Christ. Today, I confess all my sins to be made new.

    “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come:The old has gone, the new is here!” 1 Cor 5:17

    Thank you Lord!

  • My bones are old And achy . Yet He can make me new. Lord, this year, breathe new life into me. You have started a new thing as I face year two of unprepared by man, but prepared by God , widowhood. You have a plan and you are my husband in a new way and I trust that this year with this devotional will draw me closer in my walk with you and lead me on your path that I will enter with joy and praise on this next phase and complete my time here honoring you in all I do.

  • Can’t wait to add that to my Hebrew section of my Bible Study notebook.

  • Awesome devotional for this morning! Wanted to point out that at the end, that verse is second Corinthians 5:17 not first Corinthians. Not sure if anyone else noticed* really enjoying this.

  • Bobbie Fawcett

    I have been in a dry place for a couple of months. This devotion is already become an instrument that God is using to bring me out of this place. Thank you Father for your never ending grace and mercy and your willingness to woo me back when I have become complacent.

  • This is a good way to start off the year! Can these bones live? Speaking life into dead situations. I think it’s time we know who we are & whose we are! To be constantly reminded of His love is the perfect fit to any day! I pray all of you find simple reminders each day to let you know how much God adores you! Have a great New Year!

  • BloomLifeCoach

    You got it.

  • Would appreciate prayers today…feeling distant and just discouraged in my walk. Have been struggling with a recurring sin and just am feeling hopeless and need to be reminded of my significance and worth in Him. Thank you, ladies! You are a blessing.

    • Nance

      Praying for you sister! Just remember He loves you unconditionally no matter what! You are washed clean from all your sins! Tenth Avenue North has some beautiful music that brought Jesus ' message of hope to me

    • Rosie

      I can identify with feeling distant and discouraged. But how sweet is that fellowshiip when we turn from our sins and seek Him again. He's so faithful to reveal Himself to anyone who searches for Him.

      "But I have trusted in Your mercy;
      My heart shall rejoice in Your salvation.
      I will sing to the Lord,
      Because He has dealt bountifully with me."
      ~Psalm 13:5-6 NKJV

      Reminds me of a song, Redeemed by Big Daddy Weave. Listen to it on YouTube. Tenth Avenue North, as Nance suggested, is amazing, too. :)

    • rebecca dunham

      praying for you..and that you make it through the day…take it one day at a time..

  • This readingplan ,and all your comments lift me up bringing me closer to our lord. Thank you sisters!! I will pray for this community, and all of us.

  • What a beautiful reminder of the One in whom our hope rests – only He can breathe life and spirit. Beautifully written.

  • A few days ago I had this moment where I felt complete conviction that over the past few weeks, I had gotten so caught up in life that I had become dry and dead inside spiritually, reading my bible wasn't appealing to me, spending time with Christ was being done out of obligation not the desire to be close to my creator and I recently became alive again.

    This mornings reading in Ezekiel 37:1-14 was such a powerful reminder that God can work miracles in us even when we are a "pile of bones" even when we're dead and even when we feel like we can't do it anymore. This was such a perfect timely reminder for me!

    • Stacy

      I totally agree. What a wonderful reminder that God can work miracles in us even when we are a "pile of bones."

      Father God, awake in me a new spirit, breathe new life into this pile of bones. Put your spirit in me so that I may live a life for you, with you, and in you! Thank you father for your everlasting love, your grace and your comfort! You make things extraordinary. Mold me, use me so that my life in you is extraordinary too!

  • jasmine harris

    recently i read an awesome book…i really recommend it to everyone its very powerful the title is the harbinger. the topic this morning has given me hope that during my trials i can have hope through faith knowing that i serve an almighty god that will breath new breath into my life when i feel like i cant do it…because i alone cannot…it is only with him that i am able to put one foot infront of the other to serve him with a new breath. praise GOD! thank you ladys so much for everything this morning.. what a blessing we have this tool to be able to connect with each other and share in his word!

  • lisabethjean

    ~“The Lord God [Jehovah Elohim] made the earth and the heavens”. He is a God of both power and perfection, Maker of heaven and earth, the Lord of absolute completion.~

    My goal for 2013 is that I complete the many projects I start. Craft projects, home improvement projects, spiritual improvement projects, physical improvement projects…

  • I sit here crying while reading all of these wonderful thoughts. Thank you God for helping me find this devotional. You,God, are the perfect and powerful One. May our Lord make all of your lives perfect today.

  • All of your ladies comments this morning speak to me as does this message!!! I’m a new mom staying at home w a husband who works a lot and is deployed a lot! I strive for perfection and often feel the same as the other moms a bit cut off Nd sometimes trapped. I find myself failing at the smallest things these days and not able to please my family and my photography clients. Im not able to be everything to everyone. But I realize now its just the Lords way of saying you need me. I created you to be perfect with me. You need me to breath life into you and you can not go it with out me!!! You are perfectly imperfect because I created you to need me in order to be whole! That is beautiful!

  • Great devotional but its Second Corinthians not first Corinthians. (it’s my favorite verse so i kno). Wonderful plan! Enjoying it along with Kay Arthur’s “How To Study the Bible in 28 days”.

  • Wow what a message this morning! :) I love that The Lord God is a God of power AND perfection. When he breathed life into us from way back in Genesis 2 he made us complete and perfect. I am standing on the promise that just like the dry bones in the desert he can breathe new life into me. That he may show me those areas and renew me. Just like Ezekiel I am going to start speaking the word of God to those dry areas :) Honestly, part of me has been striving to kinda make me perfect…this happen to anyone? It's like I want to get it right and I FAIL all the time…refreshing that its not me but HIM who creates in me something perfect and complete :) Lord God I trust in you.

  • I'm a mom of a 1 year old and 4m old. I love them desperately and am so blessed to be home with them. There are some days, however, I feel don't feel like I have anything new to offer the world. Its mostly just me and my babies home since my husband works a lot. I can almost feel cut off from the rest of the world sometimes. But reading Zekiel made me realize that it is God's breath that gives life… not this world. And I am renewed once again!

    Praise God, for he gives answers to some of my questions so quickly! I just asked God to help me feel less trapped. And thank you ladies! Your comments are beautiful! Happy New Years!

    • Nannette

      You have the most wonderful job in the world Caitlin, and yet I remember those days home with my boys. You DO have so much to offer the world because you are raising the next generation of Christians and instilling Godly morals in your precious little ones. And possibly you have a little more time on your hands to devote to prayer even if it is while you are changing diapers…I said possibly, ha! But do not let the enemy make you feel worthless, you are so blessed to be home with them! I never regretted it and counted it an honor. Today my three grown sons thank me for being there when they got home from school and for being the home in the neighborhood where all the ball games were played. All three of them are serving God today! God bless you and encourage you as you walk with Him this year!

      • AChic72

        Caitlin — you do have the most wonderful job in the world! I am a single working mother and while envious of your ability to stay at home, I can relate to what you are feeling. There are days were I feel like my life is similar to one of those little hamster wheels! I think its easy to have that "what am I here to do other than just keeping things functioning in my household" kind of feeling if you are working outside of the home or not. I'm hoping that taking more time to get closer to God will help me with this frustration. The reading today, for me, will help me focus on the ordinary things that I so easily overlook and celebrate how magnificent God's creation is. Remember to take some time for yourself – love yourself, know that God loves you all the time no matter what – and he wants you to take some time to cherish yourself.

        • Nance

          My two babies are 19.3/4 and 22 and I remember the days as yesterday and feeling isolated from the world. Take heart they grow before you know it. I am so thankful I was there when they were little and was able to see all those firsts. Praise Jesus all day long and He will bring you what you need whatever it is! That is His promise to us!

  • jasmine harris

    thank you jesus for a new day!! right now i am going through many trials and many life changing events that i know is for his greater good. i pray today that i may have the strength to expect miracles! please pray for me and my family as god starts this new and unknown(to me) chapter in our lifes. i will be praying for all of you today in jesus name!

    • Caitlin

      Prayers sent your way for a successful day and a better year for you. Hope you get through your trials stronger, better and a more content you!! Hugs sister and good luck!

  • What a great day starter. God has made us perfect and complete. That word plus the scripture of the day: ” Love God with all your heart… Deuteronomy 6:5″ makes me realize I shouldn’t keep trying to give my heart away to the wrong person.

  • Portrait

    Thank you for your words of encouragement, all is not loss and once again God is showing me thar he can breathe life and revive any areas of barrenness in my life, revive my hopes and dreams that I thought were dead and lost. The word truly is spirit and life.

  • Thank you Ingrid for reminding me of Psalm 51. It has contained my life verses for many years. God gave it to me at a very painful time in my life. But I don’t feel the pain or anger of that time or even remember it. I only remember and feel the warmth of His promise to restore in me the joy of His salvation. He is breathing on these dry bones again. Thank you Father!

  • Autumn Dawn Leader

    Today's reading – especially Ezekiel 37:1-14 – reminds me of the song 'Breathe On Me' from Hillsong …and this is my prayer – for myself and for all of us ladies on this journey, that God would breathe on us and bring life where there is death and we would rise up and be an army of passionate Women of God, with His Word in our hearts and on our lips. Breathe on us, change us, renew us, heal us, O God! Make us free in every area so we can be who and what and ALL you re-created us in Christ to be. Breathe on us. Breathe on me. In Jesus' name. Amen!

  • Good morning ladies! What an amazing fresh start :) to know that God specializes in making something amazing out of nothing! To know that He does the same with all of us is absolutely breath taking. I pray that you may all have a blessed day in the Lord. Knowing that we are His workmanship, beautifully and wonderfully made! Love you all in the love of our Lord who connects us! <3

  • God is worthy to be praised. We have to start believing what The Lord says about is and not what the devil says. By being saved we are a new creation and we change who we were and forsake that old self. Have a new mindset get out of the old ways ur mind may go back into and start telling ur self that YOU are a child of the King!

  • Wow what a great way to start my morning! I was feeling a little anxious to get back in the swing if things after the holidays but God has given me a new focus.Thanks for your encouragement sisters.

  • God makes ordinary EXTRAORDINARY! I love how we can just be ourselves, do the work God calls us to do, and watch how He makes our lives work for the extraordinary goodness of all. Thank you for this daily reminder to live simply; I don’t have to force myself to be extraordinary because God takes care of that. Love this!

    • martina

      Loved your phrase: "I don't have to force myself to be extraordinary because God will take care of that" Sounds like trust to me:) How free we are when we lean into His care…

  • Good morning Ladies. Day 2 of this beautiful new walk at life & God’s wonderful work. I hope you ladies received a great feeling from today’s reading. Just a simple sigh of relief to have seen another day, as well as to know how easily our Lord has put breath into our bodies for another day filled with great tasks to complete. Even with the pain of a slight headache & still recovering from a stone in my Salivary gland for a little over 2 weeks i am happy He kept my lungs going. =) Ladies i pray & hope we all dont give up our fight against the enemy & keep our faith & trust in the Lord. Enjoy your entire January 2nd. Love you all my sisters.

  • jerramye

    Notice how God “simply” speaks the world, indeed all His creation into existance except for man? To make man, God stopped and got His hands dirty. He shaped us from the dust and then breathed life into us. He didn’t have to do it that way. I’m sure He had the power He had the power & ability to “simply” speak us into existance as he did with tye stars & gaexies. It’s humbling and yet uplifting to think that the One True God made man with His two hands! He breathed life into us and made us in His image! THAT is truly awesome.

  • My prayer is that God will breath on my dry and dusty life. My desire is to a vessel of honor for his glory.

  • Create in me a pure heart, O God,
    and renew a steadfast spirit within me.
    11 Do not cast me from your presence
    or take your Holy Spirit from me.
    12 Restore to me the joy of your salvation
    and grant me a willing spirit, to sustain me. PSALM 51:10-12

    • Craftyfinds

      God's word is a beautiful thing!

    • Katherine

      Yes, Ingrid! I love this passage. So many days, I feel distant from God and spiritually sleepy. I need to pray this every morning-thanks for the reminder

    • Marlene


    • Jesslin

      It warms my heart to hear so many ladies echoing what is in my heart, God is so good to provide this for us, God bless you all

  • Heather, I’m praying for you, too. The God of perfection can create anything out of nothing, and do it so very well! How exciting that this same God wants to make me new!

  • "When the powerful and perfect God made man, he made something absolutely perfect out of something absolutely plain."

    I love that.
    I love how we can live out greatness every day simply because we're relying on God's greatness.
    It's such a strong reminder for me especially when I find myself trying to achieve greatness on my own. Imagine what God will do with our "plain" parts, attitudes etc if we allow Him to breathe new life into us!

    I pray that I won't forget to rely on God's complete perfection to shape me instead of attempting to attain it on my own.

    Bless all of you wonderful women of God!

  • Heather I will be praying for you God is stronger and more powerful than anything on this earth. I loved reading both the scriptures alongside each other this morning. Seeing the power of Gods life giving spirit at work. The verse that most spoke to me though was Ezekiel 37:3 NIV

    He asked me, “Son of man, can these bones live?”

    I said, “Sovereign Lord , you alone know.”

    I want to have faith that strong, faith to move mountains. Faith that knows no limits. Lord let you spirit rest in us today as we trust in you.

    • Nance

      I put a mustard seed in the front of my bible to remind me that even if your faith be as small as a mustard seed it is still faith. Take heart my friend, pray Jesus, Thank you for your peaceful presence. (No matter how you are feeling) and whisper his name lovingly all day and night and He will bring you from the depths into His Peaceful Presence!

    • BRoseTaylor

      No limits is the theme this year! I too desire to have faith in God that knows no limits, knows no boundaries. Like many others, I struggle believing that He sees and cares for little ole me. I'm not a minister or a preacher, I haven't done anything great but the scripture in Ezekial tells me that He loves me! Regardless of how I feel about myself, God still loves me! Hallelujah!

  • Heathervr

    Father make me complete. Help me overcome my depression and obstacles. Make me new.
    What I mighty God we serve.
    I cant wait for each new days devotion.

    • Autumn Dawn Leader

      Heather, I, too, suffer with depression. It's difficult (some days really very rough), but God recently reminded me of a great promise from 2 Corinthians 7:6, which says that our God is the God Who comforts, encourages, refreshes and cheers the depressed and sinking. I am holding onto this. This word keeps hope alive in me in those times when I feel I am "sinking" into despair. Our God IS great and mighty – stronger and more powerful than depression!

    • Patricia

      Heather I pray that God can heal your depression. I am 52 and never ever battled with depression or sadness until a year ago. Now I am faithfully holding on to God's promises, but some days it is all I can do to hold on to any kind of hope. Patricia

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