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Hey ladies!

It was such a joy for us to walk through the Advent season with you all and we pray that you were able to draw nearer to Jesus as we followed the beautiful story of His great rescue plan for us. The new year is quickly approaching and we’re wondering if you’re craving a fresh start as much as we are.

As a team, we’ve really been seeking the Lord about what He wants from SheReadsTruth and how we can care well for the thousands of women who are committing to reading God’s Word together in 2013. We know that as a body of women we want to be not just readers of the truth, but women changed by truth and we’re praying that He will give us wisdom to lead this site in that direction only.

That being said, we’re really excited about a new way we’re doing our reading plans this year. We’re going to be digging into the Bible and not hopping around as much, verse-wise. We’ve brought on a few more writers to help round out our collective voice – women from different walks of life, with different stories, but the same passion for God’s Word. We may also take a few strategic breaks throughout the year where we read a pre-written plan together rather than publishing a new one ourselves, so that our writers and editors have time to really soak in God’s Word as well and not be in constant production mode. Our hope is that the community of women will be blessed by all these small shifts in the way we run this site and ministry.

We’re going to start our first plan of the year, A Fresh Start, on January 1st and we’d be so overjoyed to have you join us. The plan walks purposefully through God’s gifts of redemption, reconciliation, and recreation throughout many parts of the Bible – just like He works those themes so amazingly in many different parts of our lives. Our prayer is that rather than being a group of women who set out to make our own selves better through lists and half-hearted resolutions, we would come together and read the true story of the One who is always making things better, always giving us a fresh start. Let’s get to know Him and praise Him as we read about His redemptive power and respond to His Word as women who want to be made new daily.

The plan will be available on YouVersion, and don’t forget you can check out a quick video here to see how to join the plan on your phone, iPad, or laptop. Simply search YouVersion’s plans for “A Fresh Start” or “She Reads Truth” and you’ll be able to find it easily! And of course, every day’s devotional will be posted here for you to check in and interact with other women!

Tell your friends, sisters, moms, and daughters to join you as we seek Him and His truth together.

We’ll see you on the first of January!

The SheReads Truth team


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