Advent 2012: Day

The humility of Christ


Today's Text: Philippians 2:5-11

Text: Philippians 2:5-11

There are some things about God and His ways that will likely be a mystery to us for as long as we carry our earthly bodies. But, He has graciously revealed many things to us in His Word so that we might understand His love for us. The “how” of the incarnation of Christ is indeed a challenging concept, but it is our great privilege to study and grasp the “what” and the “why”. And not only can we study it, we should!

Here is what the Bible tells us: Jesus is a person in the Godhead – the three-in-one Trinity, along with the Father and the Holy Spirit. They have been and will be for eternity – no beginning, no end (see Matthew 3:16-17, John 16:13-15 & Matthew 28).

Christ came to earth, all-God and all-man. And the Bible says in Philippians he humbled himself -he made himself nothing. No one else had the power to make him nothing. He did that. He went from the Throne Room to a manger of his own volition. In obedience to the Father.

“Incarnation” means becoming human. God was human. He felt human pain – hunger, grief, insult and betrayal.

And he was without fault. Sinless. Innocent. He had the human capacity to sin and he did not.

And they hated him – the people he came to save. And they accused him of things – even knowing he wasn’t guilty.

And innocent, he gave himself to a humiliating death on a cross. No one else could make him do that either.

Once in the Throne Room, then in the manger, hungry and mocked, all-God and all-man, He hung on a tree – a tree that He created.

He allowed it all. He submitted himself to humiliation. Because it was the only way.

We can’t understand how this is possible. But the Holy Spirit did inspire an entire Book to tell us why.

Why did he leave his place in Heaven? Love.

Why did he take on human likeness? Love.

Why did he hang on that tree? Love.

That’s why.

“Therefore God has highly exalted him and bestowed on him the name that is above every name, so that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, in heaven and on earth and under the earth, and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.”

Amen, sisters. Amen.

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  • Do all things in love. Do all things in His name.

  • This study has surely been a joy for me! I really looked forward to reading each one’s comment each day. What really stood out for me in today’s scripture passage was the fact that someday “…every knee will bow & every tongue confess that Jesus is Lord!” What a comfort it is to me knowing that someday all the atheists, followers of Islam, Buddhists, Hindus, etc, all the unbelievers who have scoffed at Christians & made fun of us will bow at Jesus feet & confess Him as their Lord! Oh, what a Glorious day that I look forward to!

  • Ellen MR

    Charlie, I’m so glad that although you were physically alone for the Holiday, you weren’t lonely! That you actually felt joy and happiness I have no doubt because your joy absolutely shines thru in your beautiful posts!! I hope to one day feel such amazing joy, regardless of whatever situations I may find myself in. Our journeys are indeed our own- I just hope I can handle mine with such courage and faith!! (•;
    I have such a loong way to go….

  • I am so enjoying( emphasis on joy) this writing! So full of the Spirit, God be praised! I cannot find the ( human ) author’s name. Can this be supplied? I would like to thank you for my advent experience!

  • Cont- asked Jesus to come into my life and make me new was when I was able to be content within myself. His presence in my life has given me a peace I never knew. It allows me to freely give of myself without needing anything in return. I am just in awe of Gods grace and how he is able to forgive us for all of our indiscretions. A love like this is the most beautiful love one could ever experience and this is why I am a believer. He loves us even when we are unable to love ourselves.

  • He truly does love us so much. We will never understand that type of sacrifice. That’s why it’s my hearts joy to praise Him! I take pleasure in magnifying his name. It is because of the love he has shown me that I am able to freely live others. Before Christ I definitely lived a selfish life focus on only would I could do to make me happier, yet I never felt fulfilled. It wasn’t until I asked Hesus to come into my life a make me new

  • As I read the devotion for today and the wonderful comments, I can’t help thinking about how God’s love should influence pur relationships with others. In a loving relationship based on Christ, both people are equal but both should serve each other as Christ served us. Reading this devotion has taught me to be humble and look to God’s love and devotion as an example of how I should love. Our Lord is everything we should strive to be even though we are not perfect. Thank you Lord for your love and grace!

  • Ellen MR

    What speaks to me is that he also came here and went thru all of the heartache and despair in OBEDIENCE to the Father!! That it was the only way to bring us back to our Father , who loves us THAT MUCH!!
    Obedience and incredible Love!,
    A Love so deep and true, an undying Love!
    Lord, help me to be obedient to your ways, to be filled with your love! That all I do, I do it with the love you’ve shown me!

  • Aneta Nina

    Thank you for this post today! I truly enjoy reading the devotionals. They motivate me to search my heart. I'm far from perfect and sin…but I am driven by Christ to do all things with great love – to be humble – to accept my faults and to perform heart checks regularly. I want to be a God-fearing woman.

  • Maggie Shores

    IT’S AMAZING how Jesus demonstrated the perfect love for us. Honestly, thinking about it I can’t wrap my full thoughts around the fact, but it gives me chills which is the holy spirit that God promised would live in those who seek him. I find it completely astonishing that despite our flaws and sins God continues to love which is grace. This Christmas I felt God work in my house as a peace maker. So, my sister passed away 5 years ago and she was a baby, my mom has us little symbols and she is the dragonfly. I bought my parents a dragonfly ornament to remember her this season. I started tearing up as I gave them the gift, despite the hardships we’ve faced such as issues between my relationship with my dad, we all hugged each other with grace. My personal story is just one example of true love. I pray all you as my brothers and sisters in christ live, feel, and demonstrate God’s love and grace.

  • I think Michael Card said it best in one of his songs ~ "Could it be that You'd really rather die than live without us?" Praise be that the answer is a resounding YES! He loves us that much!

  • Charliie

    Reading the bible and coming to a relationship with Christ has allowed me to see what true love is ! True love has no rules , it does not keep a tally of all it has done for you; it protects you; it makes you want to be and do better; it forgives; it feels pain and still keeps loving; it comforts you! Our Lord and Savior is Love and all those things I mentioned He has done ! Love ! What a powerful and uplifting feeling ! I am so thankful for all The Lord has done for us ! Over these couple of weeks I have gotten to read so many stories and posts about many women ! Women I may never meet, but I felt like I knew them! This Christmas I was alone yet reading the post and the bible I felt like I was in so much company! I was happy, I felt love and joy! It was a Christmas that gave a new meaning to the holiday season ! I thank you ladies and will continue to keep you in my prayers because you all have been such a blessing to me ! For many who opened their hearts and talked about their challenges I realized and thought more about how Our Father have designed a journey and path specific for us! Many of us was in different places in our lives yet all of us was seeking The Lord … We are more alike than we are different, but we have to accept and understand our journey is OURS. Specifically designed for us individual because our Father knew what blessings and skills we could bring to this world ! Everything that happened at Calvary has allowed us to live a very blessed and joyful life ! We may have some down days but who hasn’t? Even out Lord and Savior had a rough day… But with that rough day bought many happy moments! So as we give thanks and pray without season lets keep in mind that He is not done with us Yet! Love you ladies and many blessings to you!

  • When I think of the love of God, I realize it is really hard for me to fully comprehend. I can only relate to love as I understand it. I don’t experience love in my life, nor do I express love easily.But thank God His love is not based on human love and what I know of it. There is nothing to compare it to. As the readings remind us, what Jesus did for us, is the ultimate expression of love. His love is the true gauge. If my mind can’t comprehend love, maybe I’m looking for love “in all the wrong places.” God is love and He cannot change…He has to become our source to find and understand love. Imperfect humans are incapable of expressing perfect love. Look to Jesus…He proved His love. And He will never fail.

  • Leslie, I also have believed in God all of my life, but with family, work, and everything else going on, it is as if I have placed God at the back of the line, neglecting him, neglecting his Word. I have begun to read and study the Word, but i am not where i need to be. I want God to be the center of my life. I want to have that special relationship with Him. Ladies, your daily postings have truly inspired and encouraged me! Thank you all!

  • rocknitat55

    God bless you leslie as you journey. Christ’s love will be there guiding u thru.
    Donna I like what u said. I’ve known Christ all my life, I know the story. I guess I have never pondered what my life would be like if he would have said no. It makes the gift all that more special. Lord I praise you for the ultimate gift…

  • Leslie Bryan

    I Have always believed in God but never really knew much about him. I happened to download a Bible apparently and I haven’t been able to get eneough.Yea there are days when I don’t read or Stockton my plans but I do play catch up when I miss a few days. I’m at the point where I truly want a relaionship with God I think this womeng reading is going to help me just fine. MAY GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!

    • Connie

      Wonderful Leslie! Keep on reading and may God bless you and fill you with Joy.

    • Pam K

      Want you to know that it thrilled me today to read your post. God's word is powerful and He uses it to speak to us, and teach us. He also uses it to draw us to Him. He wants a relationship with us! It is sometimes hard to believe, but it is True. He loves You and is showing you that. Praying for you as you read and learn of His grace.

  • We know all that Jesus came to do and did for our sakes, and we know why. But have you ever stopped to wonder what it would be like if Jesus had decided to take the easy way out, If he had decided we weren't worth the pain. I had never pondered that thought before, and after thinking on it , it makes me more grateful than ever, it has made a change in my spirit. A much deeper longing for his presence in my life. Thank you for all you great postings that have brought me to this place by the Power of the Holy Spirit.

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