Advent 2012: Day

The shepherds go to the manger


Today's Text: Luke 2:15-20

Text: Luke 2:15-20

Lord, would you make us like the shepherds? Would you open our eyes and move aside our humanness long enough to let us leave your presence glorifying and praising God – astounding people as we go?

Bring us to you in worship, in reverence, in awe and send us away in praise, spurred to tell the world.

  • Marianne K. Trumbo

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  • What a wonderful devotional along with an amazing community of woman. Feeling so blessed to have come across this page. Wish there was a like button for all of these inspiring comments : )

  • Ellen MR

    Rocknitat55 I want you to know that your posts resonate with me, especially that he gives us peace and is with us in the “midst of hell and confusion” I need to draw on that! Changing the way I would normally react or function in frustrating situations will be challenging. I’ll look for peace, a way to bring Jesus to the forefront in my mind, so I’ll handle it differently!
    I’m praying to not be fearful also. It’s so easy to feel peaceful and confident at home but then to be out and about where some people are so hostile, how can I show the love and happiness that Jesus wants me to share in Him?
    Lord, help me to be secure in your ways, to walk with you always, to be full of the love you’ve given me, and the courage to share that love without worrying about what people may think of me! That I DO your will, not mine. Bless me with patience and understanding, as You patiently understand me! And please let me see You in everything I do and say, that You are with me in every second of every day! Amen!!

  • Tahwahnah

    God, you are so good. Thank you for being there for me no matter what might come my way.

  • rocknitat55

    Gena I praise God for your post. I also am an A personality and even though I am better than I use to be I have a ways to go. Sometime I still find myself trying to earn brownie points with God. I desire to rest n Him, to bathe in his grace. To just be… as he is just Him…
    No over or under achieving in my relationship with God.
    Thank you Lord for loving me just the way I am.

  • Ladies, thank you all for your beautiful words of encouragement. I want so much to surrender myself completely to Christ, but I find it so difficult. I’m trying to have a more personal relationship with Christ, but again I find it so difficult. I want so much to put Christ first in my life. Lord, I pray that your Holy Spirit will guide me to do your will.

  • Thank you Jesus for sisters i am so encouraged ladies by everyone comments and words of encouragement and prayers, continue to lift me up in prayer and i will be doing the same for you guys. What a friend we have in Jesus all our sins and grieve to bear what a privilege to carry everything to God in prayer.

  • At my church, our Pastor always speaks about how God's grace is never earned. If you doing something for grace, then it's anything but grace. As I am growing in my knowledge of Christ and reading this study, I felt like I wasn't good enough or trying enough to be close to God. But, then one day it was clear to me that I have a relationship with God and you can't over-achieve in relationships.

    God knows me completely, and my relationship is not like anyone else's relationship. I kept trying to compare myself and create these "shoulds" to be closer to God – that I had to be better, but then I realized that my relationship with God is my relationship – and he knows my heart.

    My relationship is to be present with him all day, to consult and talk to him all day long. I was feeling defeated so often, because I was comparing my efforts with others. It's amazing what insight in my faith I have gained through this web site and how much clearer my relationship with God has become. It's helped my type A personality relax and just praise and be with God so that I can patiently, joyfully wait for him to be with me as I am with him.

  • The Crafting Coop

    I too have been struggling with being closer to Him. Lord please hear my heart and make me more and more like you everyday.

  • Ellen MR

    Shana you and all these sisters in Christ have been and continue to be blessings to me and I’m sure for other women who may just read these comments w/o posting themselves (yet!). I did that myself for quite awhile until I felt compelled to praise Jesus and Thank. Him for my salvation! What a life changing study this has been and I’ll be forever grateful. Now comes the time to share my experience and by the grace of God, bring praise and glory to His Name! Please let me be like the Shepard’s of old, that boldly went forth telling all what they experienced! That I surrender myself so God may use me according to His will, not mine! Thank you Lord for guiding me to where I needed to be- Loving and trusting YOU!! Amen!

  • Sheyeurs1118

    Can you imagine being a Shepard when Jesus was born. How glorious! But at the same time what amazing faith!! I can only pray that we can be like the Shepard's of then. Lord me and my sisters here be humble, loving and God seeking so that we can be as faithful as those Shepard's that were seeking you that night Jesus was born!!

  • This is my constant prayer…for The Lord to make me more like Him. My desire is to have a heart of God. To give more of myself as well as my efforts to His kingdom. There is no way I could repay Him for saving my life. He has carried me through so much and kept me going when I didn’t know how I would get through it, but if I could just serve Him and be a blessing to someone else I feel like I am walking in my purpose. So Lord I desire your spirit to walk in me daily. Not just on Sundays when Im in church but everyday all day help me to be more like you, and I will give you all the honor and the glory! The Lord is calling for our surrender….give yourself to Him!

  • Paula Mendez

    Yes!!!! Ingrid, you are prayed up, now I ask for that same prayer ladies. I am scared that my marriage is failing. I am thanking Him now for what I am praying for, but I like, Ingrid are struggling with that special fellowship with Christ. I call upon the same Holy Spirit that lead those sheppards to the feet of Jesus. Even after the aftermath of many deaths of little blessings. That is what I am going through. Thank you ladies. Thank GOD!

    • Apryll

      Paula, I am praying for you and your marriage. I pray for restoration and abounding love. Keep calling out to Him, sister. He will guide your path.

  • rocknitat55

    Ingrid u r a blessed woman among women. Gods power is strong in your, our weaknesses. For it is when we are weak he is made strong. Continue to worship and expect the impossible. There is nothing to hard for God. U R N my prayers…
    God bless U.

  • Cookie1950

    I am learning that God is concerned about every detail off our lives. The shepherds, those who examined the lambs for sacrifice, saw Jesus and examined Him. The message from the Angel was so powerful and encouraging they ran to see Jesus. The Angels pointed Him out. The shepherds confirmed, he is perfect in every way. God cares about us. This Advent study is inspiring and gives hope to the women of God. Continue this good work.
    In His Name

  • Bernadette

    Thank you Jen for such a great idea. As the new year approaches and I make resolutions this is an awesome one! I have recently become so hungry for his word and feel my heart growing. This is going at the top of the list. I pray that every day I will die a bit more of myself. I pray that I will have courage to share Him every chance I have. I pray that I will love like He loves.
    Bless you all

  • harvestmissionblog

    I came across a wonderful sermon by Pete Briscoe where he talked about the shepherds who saw the saviour baby Jesus in the manger might also have witnessed the mass murder of children under two on the orders of Herod. It is the holding on to the faith in times of trouble that is most Important. May the Lord help us to remember the good news always.

  • Running to Jesus and telling everyone they saw… Oh that would be a great New Year's resolution! I am going to live my year running to Jesus more and telling more people about Him. Dear LORD, teach me to be more like the shepherds!

  • Charliie

    I will continue to lift you in prayer. Stay patient ! The spirit will work in you to allow you to willingly with reservations, surrender yourself to The Lord ! Somethings don’t happen over night but it will happen! Continue to feed the spirit and worship The Lord. As we continue to pray for you. :-) Be Blessed Sister in Christ <3

  • Oh, Ingrid! I am so right there with you. I want to completely surrender everything to our Lord, but i’m so weak. God’s gift of Jesus Christ is so awesome! How can I not live every minute for Him. But I don’t…..Lord please help me to walk in obedience and love each and every minute of every day for the rest of my life.

  • Oh God teach me to surrender my all to you, and fill my heart with a desire to love you more and more each day that i may grow and drawn closer to you and further away from the things that drive me far from you, i need to know you more i need to know how to completely surrender every area of my life to you, i am weak Lord i need your strength each day. Pls sister’s pray for me that i may walk in obedience each day to my father. Thank you and God bless you all.

  • rocknitat55

    Dear Lord when I study the lesson today it makes me consider how blessed we are as believers as partakers of Jesus Christ. Many of us just as the shepherds did have had a supernatural experience with you! You have saved our lives, not just literatly, but in actuality as u did mine as an intruder held a gun to my head! You have healed us, given us peace in the midst of hell and confusion. You renew our spirits just at the mention of your name. We have become shepherds. Grazing in your presence, captivated by the very thought and essence of your being.

    I can imagine that’s how it was for the sheperds. They had heard the stories, received the promise. Now behold the Lamb of God in all his glory. In his presence is fullness of joy, peace,deliverance. Oh they could have stayed there forever!

    But at some point being blessed with the experience, the knowledge, full of the love of Christ they had to raise up off of bended knee and go out and tell what they saw, share the love of God , acknowledge that the promise had become flesh.

    I was thinking that many of us are so blessed with this same experience. In our homes, our places of worship. We are filled. We love. We have encounters with God.
    There is no better feeling than being in the presence of God! But we must get up!
    Help us not to become so comfortable. Or fearful. U did not give us a spirit of fear!

    Lord help us to rise up! Knowing that we never leave your presence. Go out into a dying world; one neighbor at a time, one coworker, one friend, one relative, one stranger at a time. Contrary to popular beliefs PRAISE! Is contagious.

    Like now I could post all morning, I could just bust talking about my Jesus. I so look forward to posting and reading what the other ladies have to say. I am at peace here in this place. Oh but I must rise up and go outside and share Jesus. Praise Him. Praise Him! I’m off….. God bless u all.

  • Lord I am so in need of this passage right now. Help me to put you first, to lean on you and accept that I can do nothing without your power and strength.

  • Charliie

    Lord, not until I learned to Love You did I truly find acceptance and love for myself ! You said we should love You with all our heart and soul! As well as Love out neighbors as I love myself! And that’s exactly what happened ! I first Loved you, then I learned to love and fully accept myself and at that point I was able to love others very openly and without reservation! I praise You so openly and I tell my testimony every chance I get because You loved me enough to use me ! The pain I endured was not for me but for all those individuals who paths I would cross who needed to know that You heal! Many needed just a testimony that would help them believe ! And Lord I pray that I can continue to be a blessing to those I come into contact with! That my testimony and move those and allow them to be aware of Your love, forgiveness and presence! It is by Your favor I am able to humbly tell about my journey! I will praise You until my last breath! You took this broken and bruised heart and You cleansed it and made it whole again! I surrender myself to You Lord! Use me for Your will! Prepare me for my purpose !

    I pray that You continue to guide us all on our journey . Allow us to continue to grow in fellowship with You father ! Many of us are still filled with questions and wonder how to surrender ourselves fully to You! Lord, You know the needs of each of us individual, Lord please settle our hearts! Guide us and help us grow in You! Give us the strength to release every worry, pain, past experience, doubt and heartache to You, father . Deliver us of the negativity and cleanse each of our hearts so that we can be renewed in Your name ! I didn’t mention any women individual Father because I know You know exactly which each of us is suffering and having difficulty with and I did not want to miss anyone ! Lord please continue to bless us and guide us ! Prepare us to share Your word ! Praying for each family member and friend of the advent community! In the name of Jesus Christ! Amen :-). I Love You all! Be Blessed.

    • Sheyeurs1118

      Thank you Charliie…I needed that as I'm sure we all do. I too long to release it all…let go and let God, right? I think sometimes for woman that can be especially hard when we A&E in charge of so much. But my prayer is the same as you.

      Be blessed!

  • Sandrine

    In humble adoration, we bow before Your throne
    As we come before Your presence, we honor You alone
    So we lift up our voices, as trumpets heralding You
    You are the King of glory, so this is what we do:
    We worship You today!

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