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Text: Psalm 98

He has already won! Sisters, He is victorious! My heart beats a little faster with each sentence in this chapter—I’m an exclamation point girl. I love to use them when I write, so this chapter speaks my love language, if you will.

“The Lord has announced His victory!” [v. 2]
“Let the rivers clap their hands in glee!” [v. 8]
“For He has done marvelous things!” [v. 1]
“Sing praises to the Lord!” [v. 5]
“Let the sea roar…the world and those who dwell in it!” [v. 7]

He has won the battle for you, beloved. He’s not keeping a tally of your good deeds or measuring how hard you fight.

Let me say it again:

He is victorious. And He did that for you.

If the rivers and the sea and all of creation clap their hands because He is victorious, we need to clap our hands too! When was the last time you celebrated and rejoiced because of what the Father has done for you?

Take time to rejoice in what He has done.
Make a list of words to describe God and His character.
If you are not sure what it means to surrender your life to Christ, we’d love to hear from you.


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