Advent 2012: Day

The Lord has made known his salvation


Today's Text: Psalm 98

Text: Psalm 98

He has already won! Sisters, He is victorious! My heart beats a little faster with each sentence in this chapter—I’m an exclamation point girl. I love to use them when I write, so this chapter speaks my love language, if you will.

“The Lord has announced His victory!” [v. 2]
“Let the rivers clap their hands in glee!” [v. 8]
“For He has done marvelous things!” [v. 1]
“Sing praises to the Lord!” [v. 5]
“Let the sea roar…the world and those who dwell in it!” [v. 7]

He has won the battle for you, beloved. He’s not keeping a tally of your good deeds or measuring how hard you fight.

Let me say it again:

He is victorious. And He did that for you.

If the rivers and the sea and all of creation clap their hands because He is victorious, we need to clap our hands too! When was the last time you celebrated and rejoiced because of what the Father has done for you?

Take time to rejoice in what He has done.
Make a list of words to describe God and His character.
If you are not sure what it means to surrender your life to Christ, we’d love to hear from you.

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  • I want & need to surrender to Him.

  • The Lord is good. I struggle with depression and I don’t know how to let Him be my all. Please pray for me ladies, I’m feeling very low

  • I agree with you, Tahwahnah. The Lord is my “All!” What more can I say!

  • Tahwahnah

    You are my all, my Lord, my savior!

  • God is my Best Friend who I can talk to about everything, my Protector when I feel lonely or in danger, my Guidance Couselor in this game of life, my Savior, my Motivator, my Hero, my Mentor, my Life…I can see the spiritual battle more vividly these days. I am learning to rid my fears and find Victory over them. praise God that He is Victorious and that we have the honor and privilege to win souls. We are given the joy and experience to share Truth in this world.:)

    • Michelle

      Wow! You said it. Best friend to never leave me nor forsake me. Protector during times of uncertainty and and fear. Guidance counselor during times of trouble and confusion. Savior, motivator, hero, mentor,… I, too, see the spiritual battles more as I get older. I feel them a,d am forced to improve my skills of discernment with speed. It's hard with the pressures do life and family members. Thank you for sharing.

  • Ellen MR

    I love it Paula! That nasty worm is a fool!! Foolish to think he’ll win! We all know who wins in the end- Our Lord and Saviour!! While I praise God for His amazing gift, it is sad and terrible to witness all the heartbreak and insanity all around us. It just proves how great of a hold Satan has in this world! I felt a kind of heaviness this morning and reading these comments brings home the truth that by our praising the Lord REGARDLESS: will bring about many more believers in these perilous times!! I honestly believe SRT will be responsible for bringing untold numbers to Christ- what an awesome opportunity to work for the Lord!! I’m grateful to be a part of this, Thank you and Bless you Ladies!!

  • Also Susan, is that a book by C.S. Lewis that you read that from? Just curious for a reference. I’m always looking for a good read.

  • Susan, I am praying for you too!

  • My list of words to describe His character are faithful, loving, forgiving, generous, best friend, father, provider, selfless, motivator, protector, healer, mighty, awesome, worthy, Honest, dependable, these are just a few but he is truly so much more! Im so glad I serve a God like this.

  • Paula Mendez

    Dear Amanda, it is these terrible things in the world that remind us just how much we need him in our everyday life and mind and conversation. The praise of the Lord is what; keeps us from going crazy in this; crazy world. I thank God that I have the right mind to praise Him, cause I know it was the enemy’s plan to bring about this madness so that we would not praise our Lord. Don’t give that fool the satisfaction! Praise Jesus in the storm!

  • I'm both loving and struggling with this passage…. I am so blessed, and I am moved, when I think of my own life, to praise God. But I feel like the huge amounts of pain in the world make it hard for me to clap my hands and agree that God has already won. I'm trying to work out how to praise God while, at the same time, being mindful of those whose lives on earth, right now, are wracked by the effects of sin — victims of trafficking, parents who have lost their children, people suffering extreme poverty. I feel pulled towards praise, but how can I praise God without feeling like I'm ignoring these realities?

  • rocknitat55

    My God, my redeemer. Awesome God.

  • Julia, I struggle with surrender also. C. S. Lewis found it hard too; he just wanted to keep one little bit of himself to/for himself, but he knew that all of him belonged to God. Pray for my surrender, and I will pray for yours that we may both open our lives to all the blessings that God has for us. Amen.

  • Ellen MR

    My Lord is gracious. Kind and loving. Thoughtful. Forgiving. Amazing! Generous! Absolutely Magnificent is my Saviour, Jesus Christ!!
    I do praise him, I will continue to praise His name, for without Him I would be lost! I don’t EVER want to be lost again, so I will praise Him for His amazing sacrifice , that I will have eternal life because of his selfless act for ALL who believe in His name! Thank You Jesus! For loving us so much and for your forgiveness, I am so humbled! Praise the Lord! Today and everyday!! I pray I’ll always feel this excited to read His word, that I don’t become passive or lukewarm as I have in the past. Please pray for me, that I don’t stumble or fall back into old ways! That I continue to draw closer to God, therefore my children will. I have one daughter in Christ (thank God!) with two more (12 & 6yrs old) to go, along with my 12yr old son! I feel as tho it’s a crucial time to bring them to Christ! I know they see and feel my fire, my commitment … with the Lord’s help and lots of prayer, we’ll see it thru!
    A huge Thank you to Charlie and Sueso for their encouragement and thoughtful words. I so enjoy their posts and all the different perspectives I draw from this study. Congratulations for creating such a wonderful environment for women to open up and truly speak what’s on their minds, what they are going thru and the chance to really learn from one another!
    Praise and Thanksgiving for Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour!!! AMEN!!!

  • So that last sentence resonates with me the most – about giving my life over. I am a new believer. New. I love this community though I mostly lurk. I have so much anxiety about surrendering it all to HIM.

  • I have such a difficult time surrendering a lot to the Lord. Mostly my anxiety. One thing we all said before we opened gifts yesterday was, “what are you giving to the Lord?” my answer: Surrendering! I pray that I learn how to do this and lay it all on the Lord and I pray for all of you who have this same issue as me! It’s a difficult one but when you do lay it on the Lord a burden is lifted up off your shoulders. Thank you Lord!

  • Through this advent season I kept coming back to the truth that our God is our Redeemer! We are a redeemed people, bought with a price to gain salvation! I will certainly sing to that!

  • Praise You God for all of the ways You are working in my life…I am so undeserving yet you continue to love me, bless me, guide me, and whisper to me even when my ears aren’t always keen to the sound of Your voice. You are magnificent, gracious, unchanging, redeeming, merciful. There is life and truth and beauty at the sound of Your name and in the name of Jesus. I choose to take up my cross today.

  • Charliie

    Our God is Present; He is faithful; He is forgiving; He is Patient; He is Perfect; He is caring; He is Loving; He comforts; He Guides; He allows us to choose ! Our God is a Mighty God ! I can’t imagine where I would be without Him and I don’t want to ! I am thankful and filled with Thanksgiving because I know my God is always there and available ! He gives me strength and He keeps me in good company! Even when I was alone this Holiday season I did not feel alone because I had My God to talk to and hang with :-). It’s such blessing knowing He is always there and available ! I am thankful! Thankful for the famil, friends, women in this community, and the strangers I come Into contact with daily! Every day isn’t always perfect but there is something amazing in everyday! I am thankful and humbled! And I pray The Lord continue to allow us to serve and worship Him! To know He is not focused on my work but on my faith makes me fall in love with Him everytime ! I am thankful! I am Loved and I am filled with Purpose! Amen ! Amen! Amen! Blessings to you all! I love you :-).

    • Brooke

      Love this post, Charliie! It is so beautifully written. God bless you!

    • Michelle

      I love this. Thank you. I am comforted when I remember that even when I'm alone, or feel so alone, He is still with me. I love the thought that when I go running, God meets me out on the road with His running shoes on. That always puts a smile on my face and makes me hurry up so I can meet Him!

  • Praising God for the gift of a new song as each season in our life passes into the next. So grateful to serve a risen Lord, a faithful God that reveals His plan – and His victory! – to us and gives us such incredible hope.

  • "You Did That For Me" is the title of a Sara Groves song.So many reasons to celebrate!

  • Our God is amazing, wonderful, merciful, loving, caring, powerful, accepting, all-knowing, perfect, graceful, giving, forgiving, mighty God. I don’t praise his name as much as I should. He deserves my full devotion! Thank you God for your victory and for my life!

  • Praise and honor and glory and thanksgiving to God the Father, God the Savior, and God the Holy Spirit!!!!!

  • God is love, peace, truth, provider, grace, mercy, faith, faithful, rest, and healer. God is my everything! He is my joy! If I had a thousand tongues, I would use them ALL to praise my GOD; Alpha and Omega! The Beginning and the End! Glory!

    • Michelle

      That's really good. Everything I have my heart. Thank you for sharing.

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