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Text: Luke 2:1-7

Seven verses. 5 about the census, 2 about His birth: parallels the quietness in which He came.

A baby.
A manger.
A stable.

Nothing that the world would refer to as King-like or royalty, but we know who this baby was and is.

He is the King of Kings.
He is the Lord of Lords.

Yet He was born in the quiet of the night: the most important night of all.

The following is a common Christmas carol, written in 1865 by William Chatterton Dix. Take time to read or sing these words, thanking God for His sovereign plan in sending His son, Jesus, to be born here on earth. Then dying for us—for me, for you—so that our brokenness is mended, and we are made new.

What child is this, who, laid to rest,
On Mary’s lap is sleeping,
Whom angels greet with anthems sweet
While shepherds watch are keeping?
This, this is Christ the King,
Whom shepherds guard and angels sing;
Haste, haste to bring Him laud,
The babe, the son of Mary!

Why lies He in such mean estate
Where ox and ass are feeding?
Good Christian, fear: for sinners here
The silent Word is pleading.
Nails, spear shall pierce him through,
The Cross be borne for me, for you;
Hail, hail the Word Made Flesh,
The babe, the son of Mary!

So bring Him incense, gold, and myrrh;
Come, peasant, king, to own Him!
The King of Kings salvation brings;
Let loving hearts enthrone Him!
Raise, raise the song on high!
The virgin sings her lullaby.
Joy! joy! for Christ is born,
The babe, the son of Mary!


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