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Text: Luke 1:67-80

Zechariah has been mute for roughly nine months – since his surprise visit from the angel Gabriel in the temple. He doubted the angel’s promise of a son, and yet there he was, a new father of a promised child in his old age. And the moment he wrote the boy’s name on the tablet, his tongue was loosed and “he spoke, blessing God”, prophesying about the Messiah that was to come and about his infant son’s life work that lay ahead.

Verses 76-79 of chapter 1 are Zechariah’s prophecy spoken specifically to his son, John the Baptist – what he will do with the days he is given. Sisters, read the content of this promise. How appropriate, John’s calling during this Advent season! It is our calling as well. John the Baptist was born to prepare the world for the coming Messiah.

Are our lives in this Advent season preparing the world for the coming Messiah? Are they preparing ourselves for Him?

The day we celebrate our Savior’s birth is mere days away. And yet, the closer we get to Christmas, the busier our days become. I urge you sisters: listen. be quiet. truly.

Set aside everything and make time for quiet introspection and repentance. The best way to prepare for the Advent (or arrival) of the Lord is to make straight His pathway in our own hearts. Make ready to receive your King!

Joy to the world, the Lord is come!
Let earth receive her King;
Let every heart prepare Him room,
And heaven and nature sing.
Joy to the World, Isaac Watts


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