Advent 2012: Day

Mary visits elizabeth, the mother of john the baptist


Today's Text: Luke 1:39-56

Text: Luke 1:39-56

There is something incredible about a relationship with a close friend—I believe it’s one of the ways God is reflected in us, through our desire for deep and meaningful friendships. I love reading about the friendship between Elizabeth and Mary, so when I imagine this scene, I see two women who love each other deeply. I visualize happy tears and hugs and joy—and probably some hands on Elizabeth’s belly feeling that baby leaping for joy within her.

The joy in that room is so vivid to me, and it makes me want to go back in time and peer through a window, just so I can take part in this joyous celebration. Especially as Mary responds in verses 46-55—in what is often referred to as Mary’s Song. Can you imagine Mary singing these words in praise and awe to her Heavenly Father? I don’t think there would be a dry eye in the room, as she pours herself out in these words.

I’d love for each of us to get a little creative. Read through Mary’s Song in a few translations—even read it out loud or sing it if you’re feeling brave.

Now write your own song of praise. It doesn’t need to be fancy or technical—just write it from your heart.

You don’t need to share it with anyone, but if you do have an “Elizabeth” in your life, I encourage you to make yourself a little vulnerable and share your words with this person.

“Oh how my soul praises the Lord. How my spirit rejoices in God my Savior!” [v. 46-47, NLT]

  • Update for everyone who saw my prayer request yesterday. God answered in a mighty way. My proctor not only found the test, but found it while I was standing there. It was awesome. God is awesome. Thank you to everyone who prayed!

    Also, I really loved this reading today. Especially Elizabeth’s rejoicing.

  • StephanieR


    You help me glorify & magnify You!
    You teach me to give thanks to God who saved me!
    I am dancing to you my Savior!

    You took me–a nothing, a nobody–and made me something special!
    My future generations will remember God because I pointed in that direction!
    You showed compassion & kindness to me!
    Someone who was not worth it!
    Your love flows through me to my family for generations to come!

    With Your strong arm, You keep me safe!
    You deal with those around me who think they are so special.
    Even when they don't say it!
    Those around me who think they are better than I am-You bring down to the ground!
    When I am humble You life me high above them!

    When I am hungry for You, God–You fill me until I am satisfied!
    Those not hungry for You are left empty!

    You help me because I am your servant!
    You are so full of love & mercy for me–even tho I don't deserve it!

    From my parents, who love You, to my great great grandchildren–we will remember Your promises!

  • A beautiful song, "My Soul Will Magnify the Lord", based on Mary's (though there are many adaptations of it, this is particularly close to the Biblical text). It's written by Keith and Kristyn Getty and can be listened to here:
    May it encourage us today as we meditate on the words Mary sung with such heartfelt joy!

  • Blessed is she who believes that The Lord would fulfill His promises to her. vs. 45


    Carrying this with me today- and all days!

  • I read Mary’s song in four different versions (NLT, The Message, CEV & AMP). The Message was what actually brought out the meaning of this words of Mary’s worship to me. One thing that strikes out to me though is that GoD can’t stand the proud vs 51-52 says God strikes out the bluffing & braggarts. He knocks Tyrants off their high horses. So to me no matter what level we are in life we should never let it get to our head & make us proud before our Maker, the Holy one. God brings down the proud & at the same time lifts up the humble ones. Our God is worthy to be worshipped & honoured at all times.

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