Advent 2012: Day

Zacharias is struck dumb until the fulfillment of gabriel’s prophecy


Today's Text: Luke 1:13-25

Text: Luke 1:13-25
Yesterday we read about Zacharias and his life—a life that may not seem all that special in the world’s eyes.That might be how you feel about your life, and yesterday we ended the day praying that we would live ready to serve where, when and how He calls to serve.If an angel came to me and told me these promises of the future, I would probably respond with a question similar to Zacharias’s.

“How can I be sure of this?” [v. 18 NIV]

He went on to give a worldly reason as to why this promise must certainly be impossible:  “I am an old man and my wife is well along in years.” [v.  18, NIV]

I may not have a time in my life when I’ve told an angel God’s promises for my life are impossible, but I know I’ve told my heavenly father.  It’s so easy to say “I believe!  I’ll go where you call me to go!”

It’s harder to put those words into action.

Let us pray this verse in Mark 9:24 together today:

“Lord, I do believe; help me overcome my unbelief.”  [NIV]


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  • Cc I'm reading this on Friday as well. Trying to catch up. I am praying for you today.

  • cc I am reading this on Friday (I don’t know why I am behind from everyone else.) but God knows why and its His timing. Please know that I am praying for His peace to fill you now and His presence will be with you so powerfully today. I am asking Him to strengthen you for acceptance of what His will may be. And finally for your amazement at His power and grace when the results are negative! Praise His holy name! MERRY CHRISTMAS.

  • Jessica I

    I am praying for you CC. Remember that God is our strength.

  • rocknitat55

    CC. Prayn for u. Stephanie I love your post. God’s timing. After u have walked this way for a while u kinda figue it out. It took me a while but I got it. His time not mine, ours. The mastor moves when all the pieces are n place . What I like about God is that his answers are always more than I can imagine.

    LaTonya I too have a position of leadership at my church. I am over the women’s ministry. But I feel different about it. I do feel worthy. God has deposited gifts and talents within me to use for the kingdom. I trust him . With this position I exhort and empower women and young girls to believe n jesus and the God given gifts and talents that God has place inside of them.

    The Lord never makes mistakes. Latonya M continue to trust n God and allow him to bless others through u.

  • …But my words of a kind which will be fulfilled at the appointed and proper time-Luke 1:20b. Job also said “all the days of my appointed time will I wait till my change come.” Today’s passage has encourage me to keep on believing in God for what He has promised {through His angel, His word or His Spirit}, no matter how humanly impossible it sounds or looks like. Secondly, to be patient. Remembering that God is never too late but always on time keeps me going. Sisters, don’t give up easily on your situations, pray, believe & patiently wait like Zachariah and Elizabeth till your change comes.

  • Danielle

    AMEN!! well needed prayer for me.

  • I would appreciate prayer. I found a lump in my breast and I have to go for a mammogram on Friday. I’m having a hard time not being anxious about it.

    • Beverly

      praying for u CC

    • Heidiliz25

      CC you are in my prayers and thoughts. Just know that whatever happens, God's plans for us are always good. Even the ones that are hard for us to swallow. Know that and I pray for your anxiety to be replaced with feelings of His love for you.

      • Sheshe

        Continuing to keep you in prayer, CC. Hold fast your faith in God. He is your peace and strength.

    • Nicole

      Praying for you sister! Whatever happens is supposed to happen because there are no mistakes in this world. You must trust and believe whatever does happen, God will make it alright in the end. There is always a good in the bad, it may be hard to find, but you will find it!

  • LaTonya M

    Sometimes I find myself feeling unworthy to fulfill an assignment he bestows on me. I’m president of the praise dance ministry at my local church in which I find abit humorous that God saw fit to place me in that position when at times my Ms gets in the way I use to be discouraged but when church members come to me saying how much praise dancing blessed them I know I’m there in that position for a reason. I’m growing to prepare myself to be ready for his works I’m believing and trusting his will

  • Belief . . . don't we all need a booster shot of that today? Everywhere I turn people are shaking their fists and questioning. I am too. How can you not? But I can't help but see the flicker of light that comes from the selfless acts that have sprung from this tragedy. This weekend I prayed in a way I have not in a very long time, deliberately. I prayed to help me look for and see the light. And then I wrote about that, because it was the only way I could write about Friday. It speaks to me today that this devotion, written well before Friday's events, asks us to pray for belief.

  • I want to share this song by JJ Heller. It sums up how today’s study makes me feel :)

  • Geez, I have a hard enough time not bringing my worries to bed with me! I pray I can follow God's call better than I have been!

  • Lord some days I don't know even what to pray, but Your Spirit cries out for me in my moaning and groaning. Lift up my eyes to the hills for you are my Lord and savior and you are here with us all. Lord as our brothers and sisters and neighbors struggle this season with loss and grief and are nation lies in shock over the horrors of evil perpetrated on the innocent, let out hearts search diligently for You and Your truth, for You and Your comfort that only You can provide. Zturn the hearts of this nation back to You Lord.

  • Lord, help my unbelief. As I still myself to wait patiently for you to speak… Draw near to me and whisper to me. Open doors or close doors that align to your will Father. Please forgive my lack of self control and unbelief.

  • Zechariah was called to be the father of John, who heralded Jesus entrance to the world. God calls us to many different missions in our lives. Sometimes these missions are grander than we believe that we can accomplish, because we are weighed down by our earthly faults. We must rely on the Holy Spirit’s strength to accomplish God’s purposes. Most often, however, we are called to serve in ways that do not seem grand. We might be sweeping up the church after a big event, caring for an elderly parent,teaching a handicapped child. These are actually the greatest missions to which we can be called. While we should remain open to the call to do things that seem greater than ourselves, we should constantly practice humble service to the “least of these,”for Jesus recognizes this as the greatest mission of all.

  • StephanieR

    What I want to remember from this passage is the end part of verse 20, ….."which will come true at their proper time." We live in such an 'instant' society–we want results and, oh, yes! we want them now, please! Most likely Zechariah and Elisabeth were in their 40's, at that time, well beyond child bearing years. For at least 20 years they had been praying for a child (verse 13–your prayer has been heard) and they had not seen it answered! but they didn't give up! How long do I pray for people on my prayer list before they fall off my mind? I love that God rewarded them, not only by giving them a child but a special child that would do God's work and be a blessing to them!
    God, please remind me that your timing is not my timing! You are not the God of instant answers! I cannot see what your grand plan is but I am to pray, without doubt, until you answer!

    • Kacia

      at their proper time – I love that Stephanie!!

    • Katie

      "I cannot see what your grand plan is but I am to pray, without doubt, until you answer!" That's SO good. Doubt can so often creep in! I've been pulling out reminders in scripture like that for the last few weeks. A friend of mine recently told me that when it gets hard to keep the hope THAT is the true test of our faith in Him and His Word.

  • John the Baptist, born of Zacharias and Elizabeth, was a man of God, sent to ready the people for the One who could save them.
    Why was it necessary to have a forerunner to prepare the hearts of the people for Jesus?
    Would the people not believe in the Virgin Birth without Zacharias becoming deaf and dumb or without his son John’s radical call for the people to repentance?
    What are the signs we see today during the Advent season that herald the anticipation of our Saviour’s birth?
    What can we do, today, to make our hearts ready to celebrate this Christmas?
    Do we tell others the Good News today that Jesus came to bring forgiveness, life, and hope?
    Do we make it personal and reach out to those whose lives we come in contact with everyday?
    Or do we still leave it up to Elijah, John the Baptist, Zacharias, and Elizabeth?

  • I was really struck by the contrast between Elizabeth and Zechariah responses. One questions how he can know for sure what seems impossible and one with such joy and faith! I know that in the same situation I would be more likely to react like Zechariah so my prayer is that in the unknown I would not question, doubt or fear be able to speak like Elizabeth: Luke 1:25 NLT “How kind the Lord is!” she exclaimed.

  • I live my life by faith daily but there are times when I really have to step out on faith and only believe. I believe that our Father is usually watching in the background to see if we really do put all of our hope and trust in Him. So I am definitely a witness and will never lean on my own understanding. His way is the only way that ensures that everything will turn out like He alone intended.

  • Charliie

    Lord, I pray that you prepare our hearts. Prepare our hearts to believe and have faith. To believe in Your callings for each of us. Give us strength Lord to endure tough situations so that we may show Your favor in our lives! The world makes it hard for us to believe that some of those dreams You placed in our hearts are impossible, but We know they are possible! We are not of this world and the plans You have for us is beyond our imaginations!! When we live out our dreams it’s so much better than our imagination because what You have in store for us is much better than we can see. Lord, I pray that You bless, strengthen and prepare us all for The Purpose you have been preparing and molding us for ! Lord we join together on this thread to worship, thank and ask that you bless us if you are willing because we know you can. I Love You. And I thank You in advance for the doors that are opening and the things You are preparing! In the name of Jesus Christ, We Praise You Father. Amen!

  • Everlyne

    My prayer is for God to guide us, so that we can face each day with strength, so that we can believe and overcome the unbelief because with God everything is possible.

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