Advent 2012: Day

The birth of john the baptist is foretold to zechariah


Today's Text: Luke 1:5-17

Text: Luke 1:5-17
Sometimes we think we’ve been overlooked. We wonder if our unimpressive, unexciting life is all that God has called us to. And honestly, we sometimes wonder how on earth our daily living can be a true contribution to the Master Plan.Look at Zechariah. His life is honorable yet mundane. Childless and elderly, he and his wife Elizabeth expect to live out their days quietly in service to the Lord. Maybe this isn’t how they saw their lives playing out. Yet they standfast.But then, the Bible says Zechariah was chosen by lot to enter the temple that day. There were so many priests serving in the temple, that it wasn’t super likely that Zechariah would get many chances to serve in this way – maybe once in his life, maybe never. This high point in his priestly career came by “chance”. He would enter the Holy Place with other priests, but then they would all withdrawal, and he would be left alone to burn the incense as an offering to the Holy God. This was no small occasion!

And while everyone waited outside praying, Zechariah went in. And as surprised as he was to be the point man, imagine his shock (and fear!) when he saw an angel of the Lord standing there – right next to the altar of incense.

Then, the angel laid the message out. Zechariah gets the spoiler-alert, heads-up, sneak-peek of The Master Plan unfolding. He’s going to have a baby – a son. He and his barren wife, in their old age. And not just any son – one that “will turn many of the children of Israel to the Lord their God”.

We’ll talk about Zechariah’s response tomorrow (it’s worth it’s own day), but today, let’s go back to everything leading up to this grand moment – the old and childless couple, “walking blamelessly in all the commandments and statutes of the Lord”.

The moment in the temple wasn’t Zechariah’s one great chance to be a part of the Story. He and Elizabeth lived ready their whole lives – quiet, God-honoring lives that prepared them for this high calling, this grand honor.

Sisters, I encourage you today: Live righteously before God. Be blameless, ready for every good work that He calls you to! Live contented now to serve where you are called – your life is already a special assignment from the King!

  • Marshal Legazpi

    How important it is that we need to be ready for God to use us at all times. If we are devoted to Him and not our satisfaction, we will be blessed, as He uses us to bless others in the seemingly mundane day to day.

  • I am very happy to read your article and also suggest to my all friends read your article.
    Great written and easy to learn.
    Thanks for the posting.

  • Christina

    I recently had 2 miscarriages after having a Healthy baby girl. I’ve been so discontent and discouraged today after what happened worrying that I won’t ever have another baby and feeling so down. This was such a blessing and reminder that The Lord has me right where he wants me and I am to serve him without reservation and without questioning him. Just trusting in him. So thankful for this right now.

  • Please help me to be who you need me to Lord.

  • Tahwahnah

    Happy Birthday Jan! I also have a December B-Day and people are so involved in other things this time of year, but God gave you the best Birthday gift of all. His son. There is not a better B-Day gift then this. No human could match this one! Have a great year with many many blessings. Your Christian sis. :-)

  • operastevie

    God called Mary to be the mother of His one and only Son, our Lord Jesus. He has also called each one of us to the path he leads us to. I am learning day by day what He is calling me to and it has taken a long time for me to stop and listen. This reading plan has really helped me to listen to His voice. He just gave me this little verse and I am so thankful to our great and awesome Father.

    Thank you Lord for being in my life
    Thank you Lord that you have chosen me
    Your love for me is everlasting
    As each day of my life is passing

    Thank you Lord for friends and family
    Thank you Lord that you have chosen me
    To pass on this love everlasting
    That only Jesus our Lord can bring this eternal blessing

  • Patsy A Harger

    Just in time. Of course!

  • MY NEW FAVORITE VERSE … from Day 19
    Luke 1:45: "You are blessed because you believed that the Lord would do what he said.”

  • It crossed my mind that Zech & Eliz may have stopped praying for a child & thought it wasn’t God’s will for them to have a child, esp since they were past child-bearing ages. But God remembered their prayers, & answered in a way that gave Him even more glory.

  • Danielle

    Amen Charliie.
    Amen Stephanie.

    Great prayers I prayed them for myself and I pray that God touches you two and has His way with us all.

  • LaTonya M

    Often times I think how I use to live and walk, God wouldn’t expect much out of me. After being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis at the age of 14 I first assumed I was being punished. But as years went by I became humbled and understood the thorn in my flesh isn’t punishment but a blessing. I’ve grown so much my outlook towards life changed drastically understanding in my weakness he’s my strength knowing others will see his light shining as I smile through the good and the bad..I’m ready to be utilized more than ever ready to seek him more ready to grow spiritually than before use me Lord!#growth

  • The part of the passage where the angel tells him that his prayer has been heard really stood out to me. The Lord has been working on my prayer life…consistency, patience, etc. How long must he and his wife have prayed for a child? Especially a son? Culturally, having a child/children was ESSENTIAL. And FINALLY-"your prayer has been heard."
    It was a long time coming, but it came. Good reminder for me as I'm learning to be disciplined in the area of prayer. Keep going!

  • Danielle

    Happy belated birthday Jan!!

    Lord, THANK YOU for just being you!! As several other ladies from SRT Advent Study have sated: ALLOW ME TO BE READY & LIVE ACCORDING TO YOUR WILL AT ALL TIMES!

    Excellent read, definitely enjoyed and needed this!

  • mommiestone

    So what I needed to hear. Thanks for the reminder that what I do matters all the time and I need to live accordingly.

  • Charliie

    Lord, help me to live READY! Allow me to pay attention to those God winks and whispers. Thank you for the doors of opportunity you have already opened Lord. Preparing me for the Will You have set for me. Continue to prepare my path. I accept open hearted the changes and opportunities to do Your will! I am Yours Lord. Use me !!! Allow me to be mindful when it is my time! When it is my opportunity and when You are personally calling me for duty! In the name of Jesus Christ, may you bless the women of the Advent Community. We are Yours ! Amen

  • Thank you for today's reading. As someone who celebrated a birthday yesterday and had only 5 people remember to wish her, i couldn't help but relate to the 1st paragraph. What a great reminder & encouragement the rest of this reading was! Thank you!!!

    • Jesyka

      Happy Birthday, Jan! It's late, but it's heartfelt. Thanks for sharing!

    • Connie

      Happy birthday Jan! May this coming year in your life be filled with moments that will bless and sustain through though your entire life.

    • KKR

      I'm a fellow December birthday (13th). It's a tough time to have a birthday, especially when it falls on a weekend. Many years the day just sort of passed by. Jan, you are a special creation. God created only one YOU. May you rejoice in that. While only 5 remembered. God remembered and was loving the YOU He made. Happy belated birthday.

  • Courtney

    Happy Sunday!!!
    We talked all about this at church last week!!!
    There are two kinda of people.
    Those who will never have enough evidence to just believe and those who believe through faith. Sure, the latter may seek clarification from God, but that is biblically sound.
    Zechariah is the former. I can’t wait to read tomorrows study!
    Mary, on the other hand is the latter. The same angel visited her and her response is QUITE different than Zech’s.
    Good stuff ladies!!!
    <3 Courtney

  • Will SRT be doing weekly truth memory verses for this Advent plan?

    • Raechel

      Hey Mabe,
      We aren’t doing memory verses for this plan, just because we want every day to be an advent devotional, but we will definitely pick back up with memory verses with the “Fresh Start” plan in January, lock screen and all! :)

  • I agree wholeheartedly! How often we get caught up in the mundane, always seeking for something new, never looking around for the opportunities that are present. I know I am guilty of that. How important it is that we need to be ready for God to use us at all times. If we are devoted to Him and not our satisfaction, we will be blessed, as He uses us to bless others in the seemingly mundane day to day. It’s hard to stay focused and be content in the little things, but God uses the insignificant to reach the lost.

  • Father, help me to live ready! Today and and evey day!

  • …by lot…
    Zechariah was chosen, by lot, to burn the incense offering in the Temple that day. By chance. Ready, in season and out. Could it have easily been another Priest who served God lovingly and completely? I think so. Just as in our lives. We need to be ready for God to use us at any time, all the time. Ready, working, watching, praying, hoping. Sounds like the Advent Season. Makes me smile to think of the promise God has given me and you.

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