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Text: Luke 1:5-17
Sometimes we think we’ve been overlooked. We wonder if our unimpressive, unexciting life is all that God has called us to. And honestly, we sometimes wonder how on earth our daily living can be a true contribution to the Master Plan.Look at Zechariah. His life is honorable yet mundane. Childless and elderly, he and his wife Elizabeth expect to live out their days quietly in service to the Lord. Maybe this isn’t how they saw their lives playing out. Yet they standfast.But then, the Bible says Zechariah was chosen by lot to enter the temple that day. There were so many priests serving in the temple, that it wasn’t super likely that Zechariah would get many chances to serve in this way – maybe once in his life, maybe never. This high point in his priestly career came by “chance”. He would enter the Holy Place with other priests, but then they would all withdrawal, and he would be left alone to burn the incense as an offering to the Holy God. This was no small occasion!

And while everyone waited outside praying, Zechariah went in. And as surprised as he was to be the point man, imagine his shock (and fear!) when he saw an angel of the Lord standing there – right next to the altar of incense.

Then, the angel laid the message out. Zechariah gets the spoiler-alert, heads-up, sneak-peek of The Master Plan unfolding. He’s going to have a baby – a son. He and his barren wife, in their old age. And not just any son – one that “will turn many of the children of Israel to the Lord their God”.

We’ll talk about Zechariah’s response tomorrow (it’s worth it’s own day), but today, let’s go back to everything leading up to this grand moment – the old and childless couple, “walking blamelessly in all the commandments and statutes of the Lord”.

The moment in the temple wasn’t Zechariah’s one great chance to be a part of the Story. He and Elizabeth lived ready their whole lives – quiet, God-honoring lives that prepared them for this high calling, this grand honor.

Sisters, I encourage you today: Live righteously before God. Be blameless, ready for every good work that He calls you to! Live contented now to serve where you are called – your life is already a special assignment from the King!


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