Advent 2012: Day

The fulfillment of the law through Christ


Today's Text: Romans 8:1-4

Text: Romans 8:1-4

We need to hear the Gospel. Every one of us. Every day. Over and over again. Because we are a sinful and forgetful people. We always have been. And no matter how many times and how many ways God’s love and Christ’s perfect sacrifice have been explained to us, we still forget it. I sure do.

I forget it when I sin.

I forget it when I believe that that sin has power over me.

I forget it when I seek first anything that is not Christ and his righteousness.

Sinful and forgetful, every one of us.

And yet, there is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.

Amen? Amen.

Over and over, God’s word tells us The Plan – in different ways and styles and tenses. And we must return to it daily to be reminded just how wide and deep and true and perfect the plan really is. Lest we forget. Because we will. And we mustn’t.

Read it again today, friends. In four short verses, the gospel plan is told.

“For God has done what the law, weakened by the flesh, could not do.”


Remember it, sisters. Thank Him for it. Walk according to the Spirit in confidence and in anticipation of the Plan completed on the Day of Jesus Christ!

  • flor Martell

    It’s not easy but not impossible!! Don’t forget He is with us:-)

  • I am nothing without YOU Lord. Fill me with you Spirit. Let your Spirit guide my heart. Forever & always.

  • CommonChick


  • Tahwahnah


  • Tahwahnah

    Lord help us to remember ALL that Jesus has done for us. Bring us to you everyday and help us to live in the spirit of your truth through the wonderful power of the Holy Spirit. We CAN’T do it without your strength, for we are NOTHING without you. It is only through you that these things can be accomplished. Thank you is just not enough. I am powerless.

  • Mimicslhoun

    For those who live according to the flesh set their minds on the things of the flesh, but those who live according to the Spirit set their minds on the things of the Spirit. For to set the mind on the flesh is death, but to set the mind on the Spirit is life and peace. For the mind that is set on the flesh is hostile to God, for it does not submit to God's law; indeed, it cannot. Those who are in the flesh cannot please God. You, however, are not in the flesh but in the Spirit, if in fact the Spirit of God dwells in you. Anyone who does not have the Spirit of Christ does not belong to him. But if Christ is in you, although the body is dead because of sin, the Spirit is life because of righteousness. If the Spirit of him who raised Jesus from the dead dwells in you, he who raised Christ Jesus from the dead will also give life to your mortal bodies through his Spirit who dwells in you. (Romans 8:5-11 ESV) More than forgetting, we choose how we walk! We either walk in the flesh or in the Spirit ~ a choice! These verses follow the ones in the reading for today and are the key as to why it appears we are forgetful. The fact is we make wrong choices, even when the Spirit who indwells us screams the right thing to do, we choose the wrong things that may appear as though they just couldn't hurt us ~ but they do because we are disobeying the Spirit God gave us to help us walk in His will! We must be aware every moment of the Spirit's working in our lives and not yield to the world, the flesh, nor the devil ~ all who desire to pull us away from our Lovimg Father!

  • Catherine

    Today I had a boy of 9 years old tell me that the real reason for Christmas is not to enjoy santa but because Jesus was born to save us and that he rose 3 days later. He told me he loved to read the bible,and that he loved Jesus. but he doesn't own one and his family don't go to church. I really felt at that time that God was working through him to me so I could "pass on" this beautiful conversation with his mum who is my employee and to encourage Jesus into their family.My heart was filled with Joy by the thought that Gods plan for his children can be achieved by my words of encouragement .we must try and take every opportunity presented to us and let the Spirit speak the words of love to all. Thank you Jesus.

  • Crystal, I saw your question about What is the best way to be consistent in Him. First we must be mediating on the Him and the scriptures day an night. And another sister pointed it out. In order to do that we have to be walking in the spirit, living a life worthy because if now flesh will take over and the daily routine will not include a consistent walk with The Lord. That means what we watch on tv has to line up with His word, what music and conversations we listen to… Etc. if you practice it it will become consistent and routine. I am still working on it myself but with God it is easier and He understands or human abilities cause sometimes we do forget and get caught up in the day. But he is faithful and just!!!

  • Terri V.

    We can take it back to scripture.;) god bless America;)

  • Terri V.

    All Glory and honor is yours Lord! Come to him in fasting! Weeping…for our father will forgive…we must go back to scripture and this devotion community of God fearing women is one way

  • Bernadette

    We have reminders written in calendars, that pop-up on our phones, and that are sent via via and other electronic media. Today's reading was the reminder I needed to see all over again and repent. God says so; that settles it for me. Lest we forget, ahh, again.

  • It is such a blessing and amazing feeling that God is with us every second of every day, but it is so easy to forget about him. Such a crazy thought that we forget about the All Mighty God, the one who controls our life and created us. We must make an effort every single minute of the day to include Him, talk with Him and allow Him in our life every day. We much show our God as much love as He shows us!

  • Amen amen. We have to stay prayed up ladies. These are the last and evil days we must pray and ask God daily for forgiveness.

  • Christa Jean: I believe if you are reading the NIV not on YouVersion but with an actual paperback Bible, it says the part you mention being omitted. But it’s at the bottom of the page, where there are little notes about uncertainties in the translation. I know it’s like that in my Bible anyway.

  • Cinnamon Wolfe

    I read these every day and hardly comment, but hallelujia and amen to this!! I have to remind myself daily. Grace…gives me chills when I think about it. Praise the Lord.

  • It is my intention to walk in the Spirit. Lord help me!!

  • christa jean

    Please, please do not read this verse in the NIV or NLT and a few others. They leave a VERY important part of the verse out and people have been confused/ deceived/ comdemned for decades now. Read it in NKJV and you will see that, indeed “There is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus, WHO DO NOT WALK AFTER THE FLESH, BUT AFTER THE SPIRIT.” (Rom 8:1). The sentence in bold is the part that is left out… If we are walking in the flesh, then there WILL be condemnation, until we repent, and confess. When we walk in the Spirit, THEN there is no room for condemnation in our life.

    There was a man who left his wife for a woman he had committed adultery with. He asked the pastor, “If there is no condemnation for us who are in Christ Jesus, why do I feel such guilt?” The pastor inquired what version the man was reading, when he learned it was NIV, he told the man, “Sir, you are reading the wrong version. You followed after the lust of the flesh and now the guilt and condemnation will rule you, until you make the wrong that you have done, right.”

    I grew up reading the NIV, it wasn’t til a couple of years ago that I noticed some verses were “left out” when I would read my husband’s Bible. You will be astonished when you learn all of the verses that the translators took out. And the NIV is the number one version sold? So sad.

    • Barbara

      Right. We must read verses 4 and 12-14 to find the same concept omitted from verse 1 in modern translations. As in all misconceptions, the problems arise when folks take a verse out of context as did the man in Christa Jean's anecdote. I still read my NIV and ESV but will never give up my KJV for comparison and especially for memorizing.

  • Mimicalhoun

    The flesh is so very needy! Until we come to the realization that all our needs are met in Christ, we shall still feel that neediness! Lord, keep me focused on Your provision to meet all my needs, and thank You for even giving me some of my "wants" as well! You are so faithful to me who once was a sinner but now am a child of the King! Help me not to have spiritual amnesia, forgetting who I truly am in You!

  • Kathleen

    I love how matter-of-factly it states in verse 4 that we walk according to the Spirit and not the flesh. I don’t always feel that way, and yet it’s true – I am freed from sin. I want to expect the best from myself just as God does, because He has given me the power to be that person.

  • One thing, and it’s a big thing, to remember is that our tongues are likened to a bridle that controls all of our body, so we better watch what we say! Keep Proverbs 18:21 in mind: Death and life are in the power of the tongue, And those who love it will eat its fruit. (NKJV)

    Ask God to remind you, seek Him to change your outlook, your words and your life. Consciously think about how many times you may say, “I just never remember the scripture I read this morning.” Or, “I am just so forgetful.” Friends, you’re eating your own fruit. God will change you, ask Him and see what happens. Ask the Holy Spirit to put a watch on your mouth and reminders in your heart. In no time, God will be the first in all you do. I speak from experience! I am NOT forgetful of His word and it is embedded in my heart and from the overflow of my heart, my mouth speaks! To God be the glory!

    • mkoentopp


      I do this often. "I just forgot to. I will do it later…." yet, it never happens. This place has become a great place of accountability for me. I shouldn't have to trudge through the day dreading sitting with my Bible. I should be excited and can't WAIT to see what God has in store. Being around people like this has changed my mind set and is helping me seeing it that way. How can i worship a god that i am not even truly in love with? This place has helped me!

      Thank you for your post!


  • I am really loving this study bc it is making me look past the typical advent passages that I read every year ( Don’t get me wrong, I love those passages too). Christmas is so much more than just the baby in the manger but what that baby came to do. Jesus came to be the perfect sacrifice. To do what we could never do on our own. He paid my debt in full, and bc of that and bc I believe in him, I am no longer condemned but have been set free! What greater gift for him to offer and for me to receive this Christmas?!

  • Thank you Claire for your post it really did help.

  • Mirabelle

    I am really grateful because God loves us no matter what.I am always forgetful, sometimes trying to fix things.It important to know that God is there at all times.I surrender all to Him.I know I can’t face anything without His Grace.I pray for all my sisters even those who can’t call on you today Lord, that may you by your Grace always draw us closer to you.Help us to mediate on your words day and night so as not to forget your wonderful promises.Give us the Grace to share your promises this Christmas season with our families and friends.I ask all this through your only son Jesus who died for us AMEN!!!

  • Today, I feel so overwhelmed and grateful for the unconditional love and GRACE that God has for us. I am truly thankful that HE loves us soooo much. When I think families dont get along, mothers and daughters, brothers and sisters, I just realise HOW MUCH God loves us that I dont have to pretend I can just be who I am. Thank you Jesus that YOU love me so much. Thank you that I can be ME, the sinful me, and YOU still love me. O, how I love YOU. I love YOU so much, Jesus. Thank you Father God in Heaven that YOU loved us from the beginning and had a plan for us, GRACE…. Jesus is our GRACE, no longer do I have to hide, but I can invite Jesus into my deepest soul and HE loves me. I am a really grateful daughter of Jesus today!!

  • Charliie

    I believe we lose control of ourselves, too quick to react and have control. We lose and become forgetful because we forget we are not in control, God is! We want to fix things, create things, be able to react and fix things at a moment notice. But we need to learn to take a moment , count to three and think before we act. And at that time we can remember God’s promises. Recall the word and then apply it! But God knew we would and could never keep the law 100%. But we should surely do our part as much as possible. Believe it’s more important to be a great example of what a Christian is and with that we have to react and act In such a way that those around us see us as an example to follow. I am a work in progress and I thank God for that. I am trying to discipline myself and I pray that the spirit helps me because I know this is not a task I can do on my own. But we can try and stay consistent by feeding our spirit daily, I believe devotions is a very good way to start and end your day. Definitely self reflection where we take time to be thankful before getting out of bed even if its just 3 minutes in the morning. This is just some ideas to helps us all grow and discipline ourselves. It not easy, oh don’t I know it, but we can try. And try and try. We fall seven times and get up eight, right? :-). Blessings to you all :).

  • Crystal H.

    How can we become or what is the best way to become consistent in God everyday? I know we must discipline ourselves and our flesh, but I do admit it's hard sometimes when we fall in routine of things in our daily lives.

    • StephanieR

      Two thoughts came to me when I read your post and how we become consistent in God–one, almost all of us get up and take showers everyday (some times at night and some even take two showers a day!) We never forget this because we live believing we have to be clean on the outside. However, we don't allow time for God to "clean" us on the inside everyday! Letting the warm Spirit falling over me is one of the best ways I can stay consistent–it is getting up at whatever time and spending time with God. Second, reading the Bible (the whole thing) keeps us grounded and seeing the whole picture of God. My dad became a Christian at 25 years of age. He decided he would read through the whole Bible every year–he is now 83 and has read through the Bible consistently for all those years! It is amazing to me when I call and ask him questions and he can quote where verses are found without hesitation! That is, at least, 83 times he has read God word–he is saturated in it!
      Just a couple ways to become consistent–when we are constantly in the word it cannot help but pour from us and help us steer a straight course!

      • StephanieR

        Okay! so my math is awful and it cannot be eighty three times! but more than 50 times! It is still a lot!

        • Vivian

          I hit the wrong thumb it was a thumbs up because it was funny and even I can make a mistake see.

        • Vivian

          PS, we so need to read the bible, Christian 60 years and have read the Bible through one time and that was just 2 years ago. We just do not understand how important the Word of God is for each of us personaly.

      • Crystal H.

        Thanks StephanieR!!

      • Sueso

        I so love reading the whole Bible! This is my 4th time and its been so much fun using the One Year Bible on YouVersion. (Which is where I found this study!) if you can only do it ONE year, it will be so worth it to you! I've read it in 4 different versions, this time The New Living…first time was KJ. Love them both! I wasn't going to read it in 2013 but now I'm starting to realize that I don't want to quit! I'm 65 now, gave my life to The Lord completely in January, 1980. It never gets old! Love your post StephanieR…TY

  • I totally agree we are forgetful and need to come once more to Christ each and every day anew. I was really struck by verse 1 and how we explain what having no condemnation in Christ really means (wrote about it here if it helps anyone else) just so amazing this time at advent to remember what God has done for us!

  • Why are we so forgetful? Keeping our hearts close to God is our pursuit but we fade during the stress of the day. I want His closeness constantly.

    • Nicole

      Its such a crazy struggle that Christians go through. Why can't we be thinking about God every second of every day, instead of going about our own lives and not including HIm in the life HE gave US.

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