Advent 2012: Day

Righteousness by the law of faith through Christ


Today's Text: Romans 3:21-28

Text: Romans 3:21-28

“for there is no distinction”

As the Holidays approach, Lord – help us to remember that there is no distinction. We all need you, we all need the hope of a Savior. We all need grace. As activities increase or as days feel more noticeably empty, please help us to celebrate and freely share the joy we have because we needed you and you met our need.

As you think on the great gift of the gospel in your life, is there anyone you need to be praying for or showing a little extra love to? Remember the grace that has been heaped on you as a child of God and ask the Lord to help you lavish that same love on others.

  • Paula Mendez

    ;Awesomely put Operastevie. I am behind like Elb and trying to get caught up, but I had to say Amen to your whole post.

  • Patsy A Harger


  • Tahwahnah

    Bless you all. My prayers are with you. God is good all the time and he is able. May we all be blessed this Christmas season by knowing just what Jesus has truly done for us. It is true, he is the best gift of all.

  • Mirabelle

    Very inspirational.For the past 31 years of my life I have been looking at Christmas as a time of partying, dancing and just having fun. I am so grateful for what The Lord has been doing to me because now I am looking at it differently, waiting for our saviour and praying for others. I pray that my sisters in this community may continue to grow in faith.God give Grace each day so that we can be an inspiration to others.Help us to be contented with what we have.Above all let us share our love no matter who we meet or what people do to us.Heal us Father emotionally, spiritually and financially.This I ask in Jesus’ name AMEN !!!!

  • Terri V.

    Good evening ladies…praise the lord our GOD for he such a loving God, to give his only son…for us sinners…only asking in return for us to follow his word…And his love is so just he gives us free will; We praise you lord! In all your divine glory.

    May all of us in this group of women wake with your grace father to share your word And love i release this prayer in Jesus name, Amen.

  • I learned about this blog and "movement" through peasandthankyou. I have looked at this site off and on for literally the last couple months debating every day: should I do this? Should I commit to this? Sometimes I'm not sure what I believe in. But every time I visited Sarah's blog and saw her posts about shereadstruth, there was something immensely comforting about them. Even her "snapshot sundays" – treating the seventh day as the sabbath…which is what it should be….I believed in that.

    I've been lacking something lately in my life. Not sure if it's faith or not…but when I found myself sitting alone in my apartment after a long day of work – anxiously anticipating flying home in a week and a half to see my family – I got a text from my half-sister saying "I'm praying for you" and in that moment I decided to commit. I read all the devotionals so that I could catch up with you guys and here I am. Ready to read more, ready to share, ready to be at peace with myself and to share that peace with others.

    I will be the first to admit: I am WAY behind. I attended church regularly as a child and then did not. I went back for a little bit in high school and have not been back since. I don't really know anything about the bible, to be honest. But I want to learn. I want to believe.

    So I guess what I'm saying is….Thank you. I'm looking forward to beginning this journey and I am hoping, and praying, that I learn some things about myself and others along the way.

    • mkoentopp

      Welcome, Elb,

      I'm new too and so far and am enjoying myself and learning a lot.

      Praying that God blesses and enriches your life!


    • operastevie

      Elb, glad to have you're on board. I am loving this reading plan. I am also doing the Historical Plan of through the bible in a year. I listen to it. Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God. Don't get caught up on the fact of the seventh day is the Sabbath. Jesus is our Sabbath rest. In Galations 4 Paul talks about not being enslaved to days, months and years. We need to be born of the Spirit as it says in John 14:16-17 And I will pray the Father, and he shall give you another Comforter, that he may abide with you for ever; Even the Spirit of truth; whom the world cannot receive, because it see him not, neither knows him: but you know him; for he dwells with you, and shall be in you.
      Our faith is not a faith in our belief but a faith in who Jesus is and why he came to this earth that believing in him (Galations 2:20 My old self has been crucified with Christ. It is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me. So I live in this earthly body by trusting in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me) we are set free. You can have the seventh day as your Sabbath and that's fine but I believe the particular day isn't as important as believing that Jesus, God incarnate, came to this earth, died on the cross to pay the penalty for our sin of rejecting God, and rose from the dead to give us eternal life. May God richly bless you on your journey to learn more about your Savior?

  • This devotional today was much needed. I find myself DAILY forgetting who I am and who I belong to. An AMAZING GOD who LOVES His people.

    It reminds me of something my pastor always reminds us: Every soul matters to God.

    Thank you Jesus for loving me, a poor, wretched sinner.

    Amen and amen!

  • Heidiliz25

    Gail, I too am struggling with work. I have been out since Oct b/c of health related issues and I went to visit yesterday. So many people are stressed out with current procedures, lesson planning, everything really. Having this time off, healing my body from open heart surgery, has opened my heart to God more than I ever knew it could. I came back to a place where their is negativity in the air and I am sad for my coworkers. I am sad for myself to be returning to an environment swarming in stress. I pray for my coworkers and for all of us who let stress hang on us, shutting out what matters most. I pray that we can all overcome obstacles that may hinder our abilities to stay positive. I pray that we go to God first and foremost with our struggles rather than gossiping about them with others.

    Thank you to all of my sisters in this community and around me in my own community.

    • claire

      Will be praying for you. I recently went back to work (also at a school) after time off for illness and couldn’t believe the change in atmosphere it was horrible. So much pain and anger at each other. Every day I go in and try and bring about change, small things that can make a big difference. Making people feel valued and that they are doing a good job, helping them when I can. It’s my little way to spread Gods love to them and see the difference he can make. He has an no doubt will continue to answer both our prayers.

      • Heidiliz25

        thank for sharing this, Claire. Glad you're doing well and that God is working through you!

  • After falling out the habit of reading for about a month or so, I'm finally caught back up! I'm so glad and it feels so nice to be back here in this community!

    Growing up in church, verse 23 is one that has been ingrained into my mind for as long as I can remember, but I never really noticed the verse before it until now. The second half especially stuck out: "…And we all can be saved in this same way, no matter who we are or what we have done." Like it was said in the devotion…we ALL need God, we ALL need the hope of a Savior, and we ALL need grace. It's such an important reminder to me that I need to be praying for EVERYONE to find that grace and be looking for ways to show God's love to EVERYONE.

    I'm thankful for you ladies and will be praying for you all today!

  • Nurse Frugal

    Hi! I'm totally new here….trying to just get started! I've been clicking on the link to "new here" and it's not working on my computer. I downloaded the Advent, You version, of "She Reads Truth." Now how do I get started? Is there a special format for the journaling that you try to adhere to?

    • Erin

      Hi! Welcome! Try clicking on the "How?" tab at the top of the page. It should take you to the same place as the "New Here?" button.

      I think everyone just does what works best for them as far as journaling goes. Sometimes there are suggestions about what to write down/think about in the devotion part of the reading. Hope that helps!

  • This is SO the message I needed this morning. Thanks for being here ladies :)

  • Yvonne Rinehart

    Everyday of reading this Advent plan has been so incredible. There is much thanks to God’s sovereignty for putting it before my eyes ans thanks to him for the work of the people at YouVersion Apps.i read this plan every morning and share it, but today i sensed the need to find out what thus community thing was all about. It is about the Good News in the lives of sisters that i have and don’t know, how cool is this! I thank God for you and your faith and calling in and to or Savior. Glory to God in the highest.

  • "The free gift of God's grace makes all of us right with Him. Christ Jesus paid the price to set us free." And that dear friends, is THE BEST Christmas present of ALL!!

  • Gail… Thank I for sharing… Loving from afar is sometimes the only thing u can do and be in control of. I’ll be prayin for u. Thank u ladies fr what u have shared…this season really is a reminder of kindness and compassion reflecting what the Lord has done…I just want to continue to remember that as we go into the new year

  • Thank you all for your comments this morning. They are all great reminders of what Advent is really about. We are waiting on Jesus. I have to remember that this is not a season of crafts, cookies and classroom parties. It is a season to anticipate the coming of a Messiah. A Messiah born in a manger to a woman I’d like to be a little bit like. Thank you for this season of Advent devotionals. Thank you for giving me a way to share it with my family, that is not about chocolate hidden behind 25 little doors. She Reads Truth has been a blessing to me.

  • I do believe " there is no distinctions". BUT it is sometimes very difficult for me to act out this belief by showing a little kindness, a little love when dealing with specific co-workers……..yes, those who cheat,lie, spread gossip, and do all kinds of evil. I work in a hostile environment, where something or someone to tear down is ALWAYS going on. I do pray before entering that building every morning, and continue praying all day. I do avoid these co-workers, yes I do….I pray for them….love them from afar. I don't want to be like them,..I am not hateful or vindictive.How can I even be seen with them!,,,, It is all about Me. BUT. "there is no distiinction". I am a child of God, and yes, Grace, Mercy love and forgiveness I have received….this devotion has made my heart receptive ! I can actually SHOW kindness and love to those who are so difficult to love, and I will continue to pray for us all. This is the perfect time ,Advent, for me to start living as Jesus taught us. He demonstrated love, love in ACTION…to the outcasts, the prostitutes, the poor, the sick, the un-loved. Pray for me as I take this giant step by showing genuine kindness and love to ALL, not just those I can relate to or have a good working-relationship with. With your support,prayers,courage , patience, love,the Holy Spirit….yes I am equipped . Everyone needs a Savior. Everyone needs love ! There is no distinction.!

    • Brandi

      Awesome brave and bold step in faith! Will pray for strength and a servant's heart!

  • rocknitat55

    No distinction, we all need a savior. Needed that word this morning. Charlie thank u for praying for us, me. So many things I can relate to. Especially about not sharing. We have not because u ask not.
    Ladies God bless u each and every one.

  • rocknitat55

    No distinction, we all need a savior. Needed that word this morning. Charlie thank u for praying for us, me. So many things I can relate to. Especially about not sharing. We have not because u ask not.
    Ladies God bless u each and every one.

  • Madeleine

    I love the simple and life changing truth in this passage, we all fall short – no matter where we have been, what we have accomplished, who we know, or how we struggle to love. The good news is that His love and kindness never fail. I love Charlie’s prayer, we can lift each other up constantly, we know He is waiting for our invitation to come anew this Advent and Christmas.
    I pray that He is born anew in all of our hearts today.

  • Charliie

    These verses are right on time ! It’s so refreshing to be reminded that my actions have nothing to do with God’s faithfulness. My faith and belief on what and why Jesus Paid for our sins at Calvary, is enough. The Lord wants us to have faith and believe. He wants to deliver us from the pain, heartache and other wordly things. knowing who we would be and the things we would do, He choose us! I am thankful! I want to take this time to pray to for those who are overseas defending our country, not being able to spend the holidays with their family. I pray for my family and friends who are experiencing hard times and have become to proud or “private” to share. Lord may You bless us all. To each women and their family apart of the community of the advent devotion, may You bless us. Fix our hearts to accept all that you have planned for us. Comfort us during hard times. Take away our worries, financial, stability, children, family or marriage troubles! Lord release us from worrying about things we have no control over. Lord you said if we come to You and ask, we shall receive. And I know You will always supply everything we need. Lord I thank You for where I am and where I am going. May You bless us all during this holiday season and in the days to come. I Love You! In the Name of Jesus Christ, I release this prayer to you. Amen.

    • Holly

      ^ Thank you for that prayer! I really needed that this morning. Praying the same for you.

      I LOVE this community! :)

      Praise His name!

    • Glenda

      Amen! God bless you, also

    • Melissa

      Beautiful prayer….thank you for putting it in words for all of us to share. God's
      blessings on you too, Charlie

    • Valerie

      AMEN!!!!! thank you for your powerful & encouraging words this morning. many blessings to you!

    • DammyStarr

      Amen! I really that prayer more because I allowed myself to be distracted by what I’m going through. So I have not been praying nor studying my bible. Thank you ladies for prayers!

    • Deneen

      Amen. Thank you, Charlie, for praying such a beautiful prayer! Many are touched and blessed by your gracious willingness to pray for us all. Have a beautifully blessed Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year, and may the sweet spirit of this season with Jesus as the focus continue with us all throughout the new year.

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