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Text: Numbers 24:15-19, 2 Peter 1:19, Revelation 22:16

Imagine yourself in a dark room. You hold your hands out—you squint, trying hard to see what you know exists in front of you. You know there is more than the thick nothingness touching every part of you—yet you cannot see past it.

A small fire is created on the end of a wooden stick. This flame, smaller than your fingertip, provides enough light to push away that darkness.

That tiny flame of light casts out the darkness immediately.

Now imagine a darkness covering the entire earth.
Darkness that causes us to stumble.
Darkness we so desperately try to see past.
Darkness that separates us—keeping us isolated and on our own.
Darkness we try to remove with our own strength…

But removing that darkness is impossible without light. And light we create on our own will always burn out and run dry.

But Christ Jesus is our light that always has been and always will be. His light shines far brighter and farther than any light we can comprehend.

Are you letting His light shine bright within you, for the world to see?


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