Advent 2012: Day

The verity of the prophecies are confirmed


Today's Text: Numbers 24:15-19, 2 Peter 1:19, Revelation 22:16

Text: Numbers 24:15-19, 2 Peter 1:19, Revelation 22:16

Imagine yourself in a dark room. You hold your hands out—you squint, trying hard to see what you know exists in front of you. You know there is more than the thick nothingness touching every part of you—yet you cannot see past it.

A small fire is created on the end of a wooden stick. This flame, smaller than your fingertip, provides enough light to push away that darkness.

That tiny flame of light casts out the darkness immediately.

Now imagine a darkness covering the entire earth.
Darkness that causes us to stumble.
Darkness we so desperately try to see past.
Darkness that separates us—keeping us isolated and on our own.
Darkness we try to remove with our own strength…

But removing that darkness is impossible without light. And light we create on our own will always burn out and run dry.

But Christ Jesus is our light that always has been and always will be. His light shines far brighter and farther than any light we can comprehend.

Are you letting His light shine bright within you, for the world to see?

  • Seentearkoe

    Thank you Lord for reminding me that guarding the fire in me is important ! Thank you for being the light and hope of this world!

  • It so true that our world is filled with darkness and that we can so easily slip into being consumed by it. It may not even be darkness in our own lives, but even the lives of others around us and our desire to support/help can lead our compassionate hearts into the darkness. But we should not go there without Jesus. Jesus IS the hope, the light, the response to the darkness. We should be sure to carry Him and His powerful Word into these places with us.

  • What an amazing devotion today! Great reminder of who our LIGHT is and that no darkness can EVER overshadow us- He is in control. <3

  • What strikes me is we can do none of this on our own. we can't get rid of the darkness within us by ourselves; Jesus needs to do that. let Him do this and then let His light shine through you.

  • I've been looking for new devotions and I just found She Reads Truth this morning and I'm really excited to start. I wish I had found this sooner… I just want to read, read, read! (the past ones, too!)

  • Shine,Jesus ,Shine!
    Heavenly Father,take away all that prevent me from seeing your light, today and always. Amen.

  • I was doing my normal quiet time this morning in Exodus 34 before reading the Advent passages and devotional. This passage discusses Moses' face shining from being in the presence of God and fellowshipping with Him. My heart was dwelling on that as I made my way to the Advent passages and thoughts. How they fit together was so beautiful! We are not the Light. Jesus is the Light that has come to penetrate the darkness and shine. How beautiful that He chooses to shine through us, sinful and dark as we are. I also have been struck at how God weaves His plan throughout all of Scripture. It is so intricate and detailed and everything truly does point to our Savior. May we look back in rverance and forward in expectation of our Savior who is coming again.

  • rocknitat55

    Oh Amanda, it was Him… it is him. Its funny how it is always the darkest before dawn! I want to say hold on to his unchanging hand but even if you don’t he’s got you. Brittany I love your song.

    This lesson made me reflect back on something that someone said to me earlier in the week when I was sharing my testimony. They said, wow you have really been through sooooo much. So much darkness. I was just thinking that with all I have been through I can’t remember it ever being completely dark. God’s light came in and overpowered the darkness.

    Jesus thank you for being the Light of the world!
    I pray that I allow your light to shine thru me.
    Ladies enjoy the weekend

  • This spoke to me today. The last few years have been full of darkness for me, both spiritually and emotionally. I've felt broken. But even through all of it something has pushed me forward. Every time I felt like the darkness was drowning some small flicker of hope (light) would break through. Hmmmm, just maybe it was Him, all this time guiding me through. Just maybe!

  • Hebrews 11:1 Faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.

  • Leah Jackson

    2 Peter 1:19 spoke to my heart today. May Christ the Morning Star shine in my heart today and everyday!! Lord

  • Brittany

    After today's devotional, all that came to mind was a song I heard once:

    The night was dark, the road was drear,
    But I could feel His presence near.
    The storm was high, the road was dark,
    But I had a light shining in my heart.

    Jesus is the eternal LIGHT of the world and that makes me feel extremely blessed!

  • These passages are a fantastic example of seeing God at work throughout the bible and being the ultimate promise keeper. I love the challenge in the study not to try and be the light, how could we? But to let Christ take control and shine through our lives. It reminded me of one of my favorite verses:

    Philippians 4:13 NLT
    For I can do everything through Christ, who gives me strength.

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