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Text: Malachi 4:1-3

“For behold, the day is coming.”

Sisters, He keeps his promises. Oh, He is good. The “Sun of Righteousness” – He came.

Right on time.

And He did just exactly what he said he would do.

You know what it’s like to have a friend who doesn’t keep their promises, right? They said they’ll meet you at a certain time or help you with a certain favor. And when they don’t deliver as promised, you start to not count on them any more. It doesn’t mean you can’t be friends, but you have to adjust your expectations. They’re less trustworthy.

I hope you also know the joy of a friend on whom you can completely depend. Their word is good. Solid. Maybe they are slower to make promises, but time after time they come through as promised – even if it costs them a little extra to be sure their word is good.

The Bible is one big, very long and true story. There’s a beginning – with character development from the get-go – and the conflict comes just three chapters in. There’s a climax with resolution (it’s so good you get to read it from four different perspectives!), and a beautiful conclusion that spurs us to action. There is an antagonist and a protagonist. It’s full of all the good literary elements – foreshadowing, irony, poetry and parable.

But, so often we take it in pieces – just one book or chapter or verse at a time. And sometimes that means we miss the big picture. And without the big picture, all the little pieces cannot be fully understood.

When we talk about God’s story, the character development cannot be overlooked. The promises He gives His people in the Old Testament are fulfilled in the New Testament. Perfectly. Again and again. And because of this, we learn about what kind of a God he is. We see his faithful, loving character. And we learn to trust Him, like that very trustworthy friend -but better! So that when He makes new promises in the New Testament, we know that we know that His Word is good.

Read His promises today through the prophet Malachi. Read them with confidence. With surety. He is the friend on whom you can rely. His track record is perfect. His story is real. And because of this, we can trust Him all the more. He is the best Promise-Keeper of all!


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